Tattooed teen and mature licking each other in lesbian scene

Tattooed teen and mature licking each other in lesbian scene
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Learning To Eat Cum 3 It was Saturday morning; I woke up next to Lynne in her bed. My mind wondered back to the previous evening. Lynne had collected my spunk in a jar and poured it all over my food for me to eat. And then she'd taken me back home, pulled my legs over my head and wanked my cock whilst finger fucking my arse and made me shoot my cum into my mouth to swallow, even the bit that had messed she had scooped up and fed me!

My cock started to grow hard. Lynne stirred, turned to me and smiled. She could feel my cock press against her.

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She put her hand round it and moved her fingers down to my balls. 'You were wonderful last night' she said, 'Your spunk that was in here went into your mouth and down into your belly' and as she said this she moved her finger from my balls to my mouth and traced her finger down my body to rest on my stomach, showing the path my spunk had taken.

She saw my cock twitch again. 'I love the fact you like to eat your spunk, it gets me so hot' and she returned to rubbing my cock. I then remembered her last comment of the previous evening, about tasting someone elses spunk. As though she read my mind she said 'So, I get really hot when I see you eat your spunk; just think how hot I'd get if I knew you were eating another blokes cum.I can tell your thinking about it, your cocks getting harder.

Aren't you interested in finding out if another bloke tastes as good as you do?' I was thinking about it; with her hand rubbing my cock I was like putty in her hands, willing to try what she wanted. 'Ok I agreed 'but how do we go about this, I don't fancy blowing a guy at the moment but I guess I'd be willing to eat spunk out of your pussy'.

Mmmmmmm, I like the idea of that' she whisperey sexily; and she rubbed my cock a little more. 'Who can we get to do this' I asked. 'I'm sure my last boyfriend would willingly fuck me again, and his cum does taste pretty good' she replied, I had met Pete, her last boyfriend, he was an ok sort of guy, Lynne had been with him before so it wasn't as though I was going to get jealous.

'Ok I said, 'I agree, but I don't think I'm up to watching you get fucked yet'. 'Fair enough' she said, 'but how about you listening to it.

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You've got to know when he's come inside me so you can get back here and eat it out of me whilst it's still fresh'. So we concocted a plan whereby I would be parked down the road. She would leave the phone land line open for me to listen in on and as soon Pete had come inside her I would phone her mobile to indicate I would be home in 5 minutes, giving him just enough time to leave before I arrived.

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I couldn't believe I was agreeing to this, but I felt so horny. Lynne wanked me faster and I shot my load all over our bodies.

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She licked the cum that had landed on me into her mouth, collecting it, before kissing me, feeding my cum to me again. And then she said 'My stomach is covered with your spunk, clean it off with your tongue, ever last drop. Remember that taste and compare it with Pete's tonight'.

2 minutes later I'd finished cleaning her body. The day rushed by. Lynne had spoken to Pete, had said I would be out for an hour between 5.00 and 6.00 and needed him to give her a good fucking.

Not surprisingly he agreed! So, as planned I left just before 5.00 and parked down the road. Pete drove by exactly on 5.00; he wasn't going to miss out on a minute of the hour he was to have with Lynne. I had already set the phone up in the bedroom and waited with anticipation to hear them enter the room. It didn't take long, I heard their voices 'I want you now' I heard Pete say, 'Let me play with you first she said; I'll start by sucking your cock' Lynne replied.

And with that I could hear the sound of their clothes being removed followed by a series of moans and groans.

I imagined Lynne sucking his cock and Pete licking her nipples and cunt; them both exploring each others bodies. It was torture but as the time slowly ticked round to 6.00 my excitement grew.

'You're great Pete' Lynne said, 'Now stick your cock in me'. And I heard her groan out loud as he must have been pushing his large cock inside her. 'That's it' Lynne said 'Fuck me hard, fill me with your thick hot cum' Pete moaned 'I'm going to come' and with that he grunted, shooting his seed into her. I was rock hard and almost forgot to phone but I rang her mobile.

'That'll be Tony', I heard Lynne say, 'quick, you better leave', and I heard Pete fumbling around trying to get dressed quickly to leave. Pete drove by me as I arrived. I let myself in and went up the stairs to Lynne's bedroom. She lay on her back, her pussy raised, no doubt to keep Pete's spunk from dripping out. The room smelt of sex and Lynne had the glow of someone who had just been fucked. I went over to her and kissed her.

Her mouth tasted of cock, cum and pussy juice - she must have licked Pete clean before he left. 'My cunt's full of another blokes spunk, what are you going to do about it' she demanded. 'Eat it out' I whispered. 'Yes' she moaned', 'eat Pete's spunk, clean me out and then fill me with your spunk and then you can eat that out as well'.

It was time for me to go gown on her, taste cum from another man's cock.

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I was past caring; I was so turned on. I kissed her neck, moved down to her breasts, sucked her tits, she moaned and arched her body, and I kissed all the way down to the top of her pubic area.

I could smell her pussy, her sexual aroma mixed with Pete's cum. I kissed her dark pubes and moved down. Lynne groaned in extacy as I licked up and down her slit; I stuck my tongue in her freshly fucked hole and got my first taste of Pete's cum. It tasted better than I thought it would and I licked deeper, searching out all his spunk, it went down my tongue, into my mouth and I swallowed. Lynne moaned; she knew I was enjoying eating her out, cleaning another man's cum from her and she moaned again and came.

An explosion of juices flowed down her cunt bringing a wad of Pete's spunk with it. I opened my mouth wide and swallowed it all. My cock was about to explode, I climbed on top of Lynne and thrust my hard cock deep inside her pussy.

We kissed; she sucked my mouth, trying to find traces of Pete's spunk, but I had done a good job of swallowing it. She held me tight as I pushed hard into her. 'I'm going to come' I cried out. 'Yes' she said, 'I want your sperm in me' and then I shot my come deep inside her just as she had another orgasm. 'Wow, you are so hot' she said 'How much spunk has my little cum-eater eaten over the last 24 hours?

Well, one more load to go', I pulled out of her and she lay me on my back. She gave my cock a lick before moving up my body and placing her spunk filled pussy on my mouth.


I recognised the now familiar taste of my own cum as it went down my throat and one final huge orgasm from Lynne forced the last of the spunk out of her and into my mouth. This last lot tasted slightly different, it must have been both Pete's and my spunk mixed together.

Lynne climbed off me.


'Good?' she asked. 'Yes' I replied, 'The best'.

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'So who's tasted better?' To be honest Pete's had tasted better than mine but I didn't want to admit to it. 'Not sure' I replied. 'Interesting' she said, 'Perhaps you ought to taste some other men to come to a better conclusion'. I couldn't believe I was turned on again by her saying this; Lynne was turning me into a hungry cum-eater!