Metendo na boceta rosada da esposa

Metendo na boceta rosada da esposa
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"I can see it in your eyes." My mother said. "Something's wrong." My mother had this uncanny way, of being able to see through any fasade, that I might show. "Mom, I don't know what to do." I joined my mother on her sofa.

"I know Steve is more know, when it comes to sex. I just don't know if I can satisfy him. "JoLyn, you're a new bride.

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You're placing alot of pressure on yourself. So, start from the beginning and tell me what's bothering you. If I can, I'll help you." "Well, Steve is asking me to do certain things. I know he's experienced these things with other women. And well, I'm not sure if I can compete." "JoLyn. Honey, what you're talking's not a competition. Before we go any further, tell me what Steve is asking you to do." "Mom, it's too embarrassing to discuss." "Nonsense.

You're here because something is troubling you. I can't help you, if you don't open up to me. Now.what's bothering you?" I had to sort through my thoughts. I sat back in the couch. I took a few long minutes to think of a way, whereas, I could explain myself to my mother, without causing me alot of embarrassment. "You have to promise me. That whatever I say to stays between you and I." "JoLyn, anything you say to me, it will always stay close to my heart.

Now, what is Steve asking you to do, that's making you feel uncomfortable? And before you say anything.please remember, I won't be offended by your language." My emotions were running in circles. Finally, I just blurted it out. "Steve wants me to suck his penis. And he wants to lick my vagina. And.well, he wants to put his penis in my bottom." Just like that, a weight had been removed.the burden had been lifted; I was now close to tears.

My mother sat close to me and placed her arm around my shoulder. "JoLyn.honey, first of all, you shoul regard Steve's his cock." Hearing my mother use the word cock.well, it caused me to look into her eyes.

"The only time I expect to hear the word when I visit my doctor." She held the side of my face in her hand when she said. "It becomes a very erotic and sensual moment, when you lover refers to your being his pussy.his cunt." My mouth dropped to the floor.

I couldn't believe my mother's language! "On Steve's behalf.what he's asking you to do.well, you should be willing to suck his cock. Equally, he should be able to lick your pussy. As for the other request. Are you telling me that Steve would like to fuck your ass? All I could do, was nod my head. "Are you offended by what Steve is asking you to do?" "Mom, I don't know.

I'm so confused. Before my wedding day, I read a few books on the subject of sex. The things he's asking me to do? I read about them.but, I didn't think he would ever ask me to do those things. Now, I'm afraid that I'll disappoint him." "Are you saying.that you've never sucked a cock before?" I could only nod my head. "Long before your father passed away, I told him that we should have "the talk" with you.

But, he never wanted to broach the subject. You know it as well as I do.your father was very conservative. Anyways, it's never to late to teach you, the things you need to know, in order to make your man happy." "What do you mean, by saying, in order to make him happy?" "Honey, just because your father and I led a rather conservative didn't mean that we didn't enjoy sex." And so, my mother and I settled back on the couch and to be perfectly hoenst with you, I couldn't believe where our conversation was leading us.

"How often did you and dad have sex?" I asked. "Again, your father and I loved sex. Four, maybe five times a week. We especially enjoyed the times when you would leave the house. Your father and I would literally run upstairs to our bedroom. There were alot of times, when we didn't use our bed." "What.what do you mean? You didn't use a bed?" "JoLyn, I can't count the number of times, your father fucked me, while I was bent over the arm of this sofa." As my mother spoke, she patted the arm of the sofa.

"The same holds true for alot of the furniture in the include, the dining room table. Even this coffee table" Sure, mother pointed to the coffee table. "Your father fucked me in every include, your bedroom." "My bedroom!!" "JoLyn, don't take this the wrong way. But your father loved to fuck me in your bed." "I can't believe, that you're telling me this!" "Well, it's time that you learned a few things.

I feel like I'm partially at fault, for how you're feeling. I should have sat down with you.well, when you were in high school. After you left for college, your father became ill and well.I thought you had learned everything that you needed to know. When we heard about your engagement.I had to believe that you and Steve.well, you know.that you and he were fucking.


"Mom, we never had sex. You always told me that I should save myself for my honeymoon. "Oh JoLyn, I feel like I've let you down.

I'm so sorry. "Don't be sorry mom. I just need your help. I want to make Steve happy." "Ok. This is going to be seen, like a crash course in sex. From listening to you, it would seem as if you have alot to learn.

Are you willing to do everything that I say?" "Absolutely! I'll do whatever you tell me to do." "Ok. You need to call Steve. In fact, we'll call him from my bedroom. I want you to tell him that you're going to spend the night with me. Say, that I'm sick and you're concerned about me. Keep it simple, so he doesn't get suspicious. You and I have alot to discuss." There was a phone within my reach. But, my mother wanted me to use the telephone in her bedroom.

I wondered why? But, I didn't ask. When my mother got up from the couch, I simply followed her upstairs to her bedroom. Once I walked into my mother's bedroom, I placed the call to Steve. My mother and Steve.what can I say, they really liked each other. As it turned out, Steve was only interested in my mother's well-being.

He had no issues with me staying the night. I told him that I loved him and that I would see him the next day. Turning my attention to my mother, I said. "Steve had no problems with me staying the night." My mother was laying on her bed. She motioned for me to climb up onto her bed. In a matter of seconds, we laid back on the pillows and stared up at the ceiling. When she rolled her body to face me, I emulated her movements; I was now facing her.

"Let me get this straight. When you and Steve left for your were a virgin?" "Yes." "You seem to think that Steve has alot of experience, when it comes to sex and sexual pleasure?" "Well.he told me a few things about his sexual past.

I mean, he didn't elaborate on everything.but, I know a few things." "I want to know what those few things are.

I need to order to help you." "Mom, Steve told me this in strict confidence." "JoLyn, you need to tell me everything. Knowing Steve as I do, I don't think he'll become upset with you.

In the end, if anything.he's going to be very pleased with the outcome." "This isn't easy for me to say. You have to promise me, that you won't get mad or upset at Steve. You have to realize.this is the way, he was raised." "JoLyn, I promise you.I won't get upset.

"When I told you that he's experienced. Well, part of his experience.came from his mother." There was a long pause. My mother was in deep thought.

Finally, she said. "Well.that explains alot." "What do you explains alot?" "You mentioned Steve's mother. I'm going to assume.that they were having sex?" "Mom.please, he doesn't want anyone to know. I promised him, that I would never repeat what he had told me." "Steve isn't the type of man, that would take advantage of his mother. So, I will assume that his mother was teaching him the joys of sex. Perhaps too, she was educating him.on the various ways, to satisfy a woman." " assumed right." I said.

I then explained to my mother, a situation that Steve had encountered, while he was dating this one specific girl in high school. "This was the first girl that he really liked. The problem was.he didn't know how to satisfy her. You know.sexually. Anyways, he was planning to ask her to go steady with him. On that night in question; she dumped him. she was a little more advanced, in the sex department. He didn't feel as if he was making her know, sexually.

One particular night, he was going to ask her to go steady with him. As it turned it.she dumped him. That night when he got home, his mother saw how upset he was. When Steve got into bed, his mother visited him.and one thing led to another.and well, she offered her nipple to him. Before he knew what he was doing.he told me that he was sucking his mother's nipple. That's how it started. From that moment forward, his mother taught him everything he needed to know, about sex." After my little story, my mother became very quiet.

As time went by, my mother's smile came into view.

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"I think Steve was a very lucky young man. It would appear as if Steve has a huge advantage on you. He's been involved in a few sexual relationships. But too, his mother taught him how to pleasure a woman. So, my question to you is simple.

Does he please you?" "I don't know." Truth be known, I was telling my mother the truth. "When he touches me in certain areas.well, I get kinda scared." "I think I understand. And so, the first thing you need to to relax. I'm going to teach you how to relax, when you're having sex." "How are you going to teach me that?" I asked. "The first thing that you're going to get undressed." "What?" "You heard me.

I can't teach you in your clothes. Remember, I said this was going to be a crash course. We only have tonight." My marriage, my relationship with Steve was very important to me. I wanted to make Steve happy. Without questioning my mother's motives, I got up and started to remove my clothes.

I kicked off my shoes and unzipped my skirt; it fell to the floor. I then quickly removed my blouse and pantyhose. When I got back onto my mother's bed, she looked at me and smiled. "JoLyn, I thought I told you to undress. That need to remove everything." "My bra and panties??" I said. My mother kept smiling; her head bobbled up and down. I reached behind my back and a moment later, my 32B cup breasts came into view. I took a few deep breaths before I slipped my panties off.

It was a very strange moment. My mother was looking at my naked form. Her eyes were slowly traveling down and then, back up the length of my body. Finally, she said. "Well…I think we need to start with your pussy." "We need to start there? What's wrong with it?" I asked. "JoLyn.your pussy is something that should be seen.

Not hidden. If Steve is anything like your father, he doesn't want to see alot of pubic hair.

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Let's go to the bathroom." I was naked. It wasn't the time to argue, I simply followed my mother into her bathroom. Once we were in my mother bathroom, she looked into my eyes and said. "You look confused." "I guess I just don't understand. What's wrong with my pubic hair?" I asked.

Without another word being said, my mother started to get undressed. I wasn't expecting this.then again, I wasn't expecting to be standing in her bathroom; naked. When my mother removed her top, I was surprised to see, that she wasn't wearing a bra. When she slipped off her pants, I stood attentive; my mother wasn't wearing any panties.

My mother and I could have been so many ways, our bodies were similiar. Standing only a few short feet away from where I was standing, my mother said. "This is what a shaved pussy looks like." I couldn't look down. I just stared at my mother's eyes. "Go ahead JoLyn.look at your mama's pussy." I then found myself staring at my mother's shaved pussy.

"On our honeymoon, your father shaved my pussy. From that night forward, he never allowed me to have any pubic hair." I then looked up into my mother's eyes. "Your father owned my pussy. In his memory, I still keep my pussy shaven. When I masturbate.I think of your dad." "Mom! masturbate?" "Of course I do. It's how I start off my day. It's how I end my evenings." I felt as if my mother was able to see my confused look.

"Honey, don't you masturbate?" Standing naked in my mother's bathroom.a mother and her daughter were now talking about masturbation. "Well, I used to rub myself at night. But, I always got kinda scared and so, I stopped." "JoLyn, you and I have a lot to talk about.

The first thing we need to do? We need to shave your pussy." "We need to what?" Without another word being said, my mother ran some hot water. She reached into the medicine cabinet and retrieved a razor and some shaving cream. She motioned me over to the tub. When I sat down, using her hands; my mother spread my legs wide apart. An instant later, my mother had covered my entire pubic area.

The shaving cream was placed aside.another moment later, my mother held the razor in her hand. Little by little, she shaved away all of my pubic hair.

My eyes grew very wide, my breathing became heavy; I remained motionless. I sat in awe, when my mother used her fingers to part the lips to my vagina.

She had told me that every hair, would be removed. I braced myself on the tub.I wasn't expecting my mother to run her fingers up and down, along my vagina. By the time my mother had finished shaving my vagina.we were both well aware, of how my wetness.

When my mother placed the razor on the vanity, she said. "JoLyn.your pussy is so beautiful." My mother was still on her knees. Her eyes were looking directly at my exposed and cleanly shaven pussy. In a soft voice, I said.

" you really think it's beautiful?" Without looking up into my eyes, my mother said. "Honey, you have a very beautiful pussy." My mother then looked up into my eyes and said. "Steve is going to love.the new you!" The shaving clinic didn't stop.

My mother motioned for me to turn around. I followed her instructions. I blushed when my mother said. "Honey, you have a beautiful ass. Your skin is so soft." With her words being said; my mother began to caress my ass cheeks.

My heart skipped a beat, when she spread my ass cheeks apart. "Your anus is so beautiful.and so small. I'm going to teach you.the joys of anal sex." I almost fell forward into the tub. I could feel my mother's breath. My mother kissed my ass cheeks.her finger touched my anus. I couldn't move.I couldn't find the strength to say anything; I remained motionless.

I felt my knees mother's tongue came into contact with my anus. A wave of pleasure.rocked my body; I heard myself moan. I then heard my mother say, "Those few little hairs.have to go." Again, my mother applied the shaving cream to my most intimate area.

Those fine hairs that she had mentioned.that she had covered with her saliva; she had shaved them away. When my mother had completed my shaving.I had never been so turned on in my life. My pussy was pulsating and my nipples were hard. When I stood up, we were side by side in front of the mirror. I was just trying to stand knees were still shaking. Finally, my mother said. "What do you think.of your new look?" I couldn't believe what I saw!

My pussy lips were glistening. I was in awe! On impulse, I touched myself. I began to trace my finger's, along the outer folds of my pussy; a rush of pleasure swept through my entire body. "Mom, it looks.great! Thankyou!" I couldn't help but wonder, what Steve's thoughts would be. My mother knelt down on her knees. I thought she was admiring her work.

But then she said. "JoLyn.your pussy is so sexy. Like I said, it looks good enough to eat." My mother had said that! Yikes!! I've never heard my mother say such words before.

She removed my hand. I stood motionless, as my mother parted the lips to my pussy. In such a slow and loving way, my mother began to run her fingers up and down, along the inside of my pussy lips. I was so wet! With every passing moment, as I was trying to steady myself.I came to the realization that my pussy was becoming wetter and wetter. All at once, I heard my "Gasp!" My mother had pushed her middle finger, deep within my pussy.

I looked down the length of my body an watched my mother; she continued to finger fuck my pussy. Her face was only inches away from my newly shaved pussy. At that moment, I wanted my mother to taste my pussy. I wanted to feel her tongue against my clit. But she didn't. Instead, she withdrew her finger from my pussy.she looked up into my eyes and I watched her bring her finger to her lips. "I think we need to have our talk." My mother got up and left the bathroom.

As she walked towards her bed, she was still licking her finger. I stood motionless. When was the last time.or for that matter, any time prior.of being able to see my mother's bare bottom.

I found myself following her to her bed and with every step taken, my eyes were glued to my mother's ass cheeks. In a rather quick moment, my mother and I were laying on her bed, rolled onto our sides as before. She reached out and began to caress my face. Finally, the silence was broken. My mother said. "I'm going to do the talking and for the time being, you're going to listen." I could only nod, my understanding.

My heart was beating a mile a minute. "Good. Steve has mentioned, that he would like for suck his cock. Tell me something. Is his cock large or small? I had to think. How was I supposed to describe to my mother.the size of Steve's cock? In my eyes, his cock was quite large. Then again, I could have been wrong. Steve's cock could in fact, be considered small. Finally, I said. "Ummmm&hellip.I don't know. Mom, It's the only one, that I've ever seen." "Ok. Using your hands, show me how big or small, it is." And so, there I hands were in motion.

Between my hands, there was other words, I was conveying to my mother, just how large or small, Steve's cock was. I was satisfied with the distance. I heard myself say, "This is about right." "You're a very lucky girl.

I would say that Steve's cock is about 8" long. Now, I want you to show me how big around, he is." "How big around!" My mother had to explain herself to me.

Once I understood her meaning, I used my fingers and measured what I considered to be, 2 inches. "Excellent!" My mother said. "I've never seen Steve's cock.

But if your description is remotely dear, you are a very lucky woman. Trust me when I say're going to love sucking Steve's cock. The size of a man's cock is very important. Still, what's more important is your technique. Based on the description you gave me, you'll be able to use your hands, your mouth.and even your throat. "My throat!?" Did my mother, just mention my throat?

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"Ok mom, I understand the concept. I mean, it makes sense, that it should be able to fit into my mouth. The question is, how do I do it?" "Honey, that's a very good question." My mother rolled over to her night table.

She pulled out what looked like a cock. If I had to guess, it was close to Steve's size. Maybe, just a tad smaller. She handed it to me. "This is what's called a dildo." My mother explained. "This is the head and it is very sensitive, so you have to be careful not to scrape it with your teeth. Along the shaft, to the bottom.these are his balls. Trust me, they're very sensitive. Go ahead.put it in your mouth." "Mom!!" "Go ahead. It's clean. I used it this morning and your just going to have to believe me; I cleaned it after I used it." My eyes grew wide.

I couldn't believe that my mother had this device.let alone, that she had used this device, to pleasure herself. As ackward as it appeared.for the next hour or so, my mother showed me her techniques, when it came to sucking a cock. By the end of the hour, I was able to take her "toy" partly down my throat.without gagging. I have to admit.not only did I feel good about what I had learned; my pussy was very wet.

" JoLyn," my mother said. "When you get home tomorrow, Steve is going to be a very happy camper!" "Mom, knowing Steve as I do, he's going to wonder where I learned to suck cock." "JoLyn, look Steve in the eye and tell him the truth.

Tell him, that I taught you.and be sure to tell him, from this moment forward, you're going to need his help and guidance." My mother became quite serious and said. "Now, Steve also said that he wants to lick your pussy?" "Well.yeah." "In order for you to enjoy having your pussy licked, you need to know a few things. I want you to look at my pussy." A moment later, my mother rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide apart.

She then pulled her knees up. "JoLyn, you can't see everything from over there. Sit between my legs." What seemed like an eternity, I eventually positioned myself between my moher's legs. " pussy isn't going to bite you. Get a little closer, so you can see everything clearly." I followed my mother's instructions.

In no time at all, I was looking right into my mother's wet pussy. Without wasting a moment, my mother started to show me her pussy.


Every part of the female anatomy had been explained. I listned to her every word. Aside from listening, I was watching her fingers as they ran up and down the length of her pussy. I was amazed, how wet she had become. One thing that became apparently clear to me, I found myself being drawn to the odor of her pussy.

I became keenly aware of my state of arousal. She encouraged me to come closer and when my face was only a few inches away from her opening; she pushed two of her fingers deep within her cunt. Hearing my mother moan.she slowly began to finger fuck herself. Well, it proved to be too much for me to handle. I sat upright. "JoLyn, are you alright?" "I'm fine mom.

It's just.well, what you're able to do.well, it was beautiful. do I know, if I can do it?" "You're asking all the right questions. Now, It's now your turn. Go ahead honey. Touch your mother's's not going to hurt you." Taking a deep breath, I reached out and touch my mother's cunt. The moment I did, my mother's pussy, her entire body reacted to my touch. It was a fascinating moment, as I allowed my fingers to run up and down her dripping wet pussy.

Taking the initiative, I worked one of my fingers into her cunt. Then, I began to finger fuck my mother, with two of my fingers. My wrist was moving slowly and I stood attentive in how my mother was responding. My mother's moans were genuine; she was enjoying the moment. "JoLyn, your fingers are perfect! Now.I want you to taste your fingers.

I want you to lick your fingers clean. Steve wants to lick your pussy and so, it's very important for you to know, what a pussy tastes like." My mother was asking me to taste her pussy; to lick my fingers clean. I should have been outraged. Instead, I simply followed her instructions.

I placed my fingers into my mouth, a seal was formed and my tongue licked away, any remaining juuices from my mother's cunt. It was an incredible moment! "Watching you clean your fingers with your mouth.knowing that you were tasting my juices. Honey, we'll never forget this moment." My mother couldn't have been more if I was going to forget this moment.

My mother's next instruction, caught me by surprise. "JoLyn, I want you to lick my pussy." I was taken back, by her request. The more I remained in my position.the more I continued to look at my mother's exposed pussy, the more curious I became. I leaned my head forward and as I was doing this; I stuck my tongue out. When my tongue came into contact with my mother's pussy; I closed my eyes.

The taste was incredible! Instead of using my finger's, I began to run my tongue from the top of her pussy to the bottom. As soon as my tongue touched my mother's pussy, her moans were heard. "Ohhh yeah baby, that's it.lick your mamas's pussy. You're making me feel so good!" I was enjoying the moment. With each passing minute, I became more and more comfortable, in what I was doing. I was laying flat on my face was planted between my mother's legs; my tongue was fucking my mother's cunt.

I felt her hands on my head, her finger's were playing with my hair; I felt so loved. I had spread her pussy lips wide apart.I was in awe of it's different colors.

In a leisurely path, I explored my mother's cunt and all the while; my mother moaned in pleasure. I didn't care that it was my mother.I was beyond the point of caring; I was savoring her bodies flavor. At one point, my mother used her finger to show me her clit. "Cover your lips over my clit and gently suck.flick your tongue against it, all around it." When I did, my mother raised her hips off from the bed; she moaned in pleasure. I have no idea how long I had been licking and enjoying my mom's pussy.but, all at once; she stopped me.

"Honey, that was incredible!" I have no idea if my mother had reached her orgasm. I have no idea why she had stopped me. I didn't question her. "I think it's time for you to learn about your pussy. I want you to lay back and relax. I'm going to show you how it feels, when someone licks your pussy." Though I was nervous, we switched places on the bed. I knew it was time.I wanted to learn something.anything, about my sexuality.

When I was laying down, with my head in the pillow; I allowed my mother to spread my legs apart. My knees were drawn up.a moment later, my mother had positioned herself between my legs. "Honey, when someone licks your should be a meaningful moment for you. Take your finger's and open your lips up. That's just lay back and relax.

I'm going to take care of you, in the same way that Steve's mother, took care of him." I Looked down the length of my body. With my heart beating a mile a minute; my mother moved herself.her face, closer to my cunt. As soon as my mother's tongue touched my opened pussy, a tremendous wave of pleasure enveloped my entire body. If this is what an orgasm felt like.I found myself wanting more!

i couldn't believe how intense, the sensation was! "Ahhhhh&hellip.Oh mama that feels so good!" I didn't care that it was my mother who was between my legs. I didn't care about the line that we had crossed; my body was experiencing something, that it had never felt before.

Instinctively, I cupped my breasts with my hands.I could feel my nipples harden. I had never thought about pinching them before, but became the most natural thing to do and the sensation was overwhelming. My mother started to fuck my pussy with her she did, she also drew my clit into her mouth. As she sucked my clit, as her finger was working its's as if I wasn't able to control myself; I began to buck my hips.

I also reached out and grabbed my mother's head.I knew that I was fucking my mother's face. "Ohhhh mom!!

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It feel so good! Please.please don't stop! Something.something is happening!!! I&hellip.I'm gonna cum!!" My mother had slipped another finger into my cunt. As she plunged her fingers into the far reaches of my cunt, her lips were sealed around my clit; her tongue was in constant motion.

My mother's bedroom was filled with my screams of pleasure. "Ahhhhh, don't stop mommy!! Ahhhh.don't stop fucking me!!" Even in my thrones of pleasure, I realized that I had never used that word before, but at the time, it seemed to be the most appropriate word to say.

My body seemed to erupt. It was the first time in my life.I had reached an orgasm. My body tensed up.every muscle in my body contracted.

I didn't want this moment to end. As much as I enjoyed having Steve's cock in my pussy.the intensity of that moment, just didn't compare. I didn't think that this type of pleasure.was possible. After my orgasm had sub-sided, my mother removed her head from between my legs. It took a few moments for me to settle down. "Honey," My mother said. "Was that your first orgasm?" All I could say, was the truth.

"Yes." "Your body language is telling me, that it won't be your last." It's true.I already knew that I wanted to re-live that moment, over and over again. I wanted Steve to be the reason for my orgasm'. When my mother laid by my side, when she brought her lips to my lips; I welcomed her tongue into my mouth.

The lasting flavor became an intoxicating flavor. I realized that I was tasting my own juuices, from my mother's mouth. When our kiss ended, my mother said. "I know you enjoyed your lesson. But, we have more to discuss. You said, that Steve wants to fuck you in your ass. If you're anything like me.well, you're going to enjoy this lesson." A moment later, my mother had reached over and grabbed the fake cock. "Before you have anal sex, it's very important to prepare yourself." My mother than rolled over on her back.

She parted her legs and began to run the cock up and down her pussy. Your body.your mind needs to be properly prepared. If you're too tense.well, it can prove to be painful. You just have to relax." I sat bedside my mother and watched in awe. The head of the cock, slowly made it's way into my mother's pussy.

Little by little, she gently pushed the entire toy into her cunt. In the same method, she withdrew it. Along the shaft, I could see my mother's juices. My mother looked to where I sat and said.

"Make sure your pussy is good and wet. When your pussy is aroused.feeling a cock in your ass, it can be one of the most wonderful experiences, you'll ever feel." As my mother continued to fuck herself with the toy, I asked my mother.perhaps, a foolish question.

"Mom, did dad fuck you in your ass?" My mother's response? "Yes. All the time. Everytime he did.I loved it!" My mother than asked me to get the lubrication out from her night table.

"You need to make sure that your asshole is well lubricated. Aside from your asshole, make sure you lubricate Steve's cock. You want the experience to be pleasureable. Your father never wanted to hurt me and I'm sure Steve wouldn't want to harm you in any way. The idea is to allow Steve with an easy access, into your asshole." I had the tube of lubrication in my hand.

My mother quickly, got on her hands and knees. Her legs were spread apart.she reached behind and spread her ass cheeks apart; I couldn't believe that I was looking at my mother's rectum! "This is my favorite position to be in.when I'm getting fucked in the ass." I was nervous.

More to the point, I was scared. I had to take many deep breaths before my mother's instructions made any sense. "Just take your time and spread the lubrication over my ass cheeks." Her face was pinned against the pillows, but her smile captured my attention.

My mother was at ease with herself. That alone, allowed my confidence to soar. I somehow found myself.complying to my mother's instructions. "That's a good girl. Make sure you apply alot of the lubrication on my asshole." I settled back behind my mother, and took in the view.

My mother was still smiling. "Honey, your not quite done," she said. "Lubricate your middle finger. I want you to slowly slide your finger into my ass." Why stop now? I followed my mother's instructions. "Be careful not to stab me with your fingernail." My finger was poised to enter my mother's asshole. At the pussy was throbbing. "Take your time honey." Our eyes had met, and the instant when my fingernail had entered into the depths of my mother's asshole; her rectum tightened itself around my finger.

My mother seemed to be at peace with herself. "That's it.slide it right up into your mama's rectum. A little deeper.ohhhh, yes.that feels so good!" I had watched my finger slip into my mother's bottom. The lubrication had middle finger had easily slid into my mother's rectum. "Ok honey, take your time.slowly take your finger out, but not completely out.then slide it back into my asshole." And so, that's exactly what I did.

My finger began to work its way out and then, back inside it went. I was amazed that I didn't have to apply any pressure to my arm, or to my wrist. My mother's rectum.over time, had become relaxed; her asshole became more loose. As if my mother could read my mind, she said. "Ok, now I want you to use two of your fingers." When I withdrew my finger, I was glad to see that it was clean. Putting two of my finger's together.I slowly pushed them into my mother's rear end. "Easy honey," my mother said.

"It'ds been awhile since I've had anything in my bottom." In a short amount of time, my mother began to shift her's as if she was trying to encourage me, to finger fuck her, in a harder and deeper way.

I came to the realization, that I was enjoying myself. At one point, my mother broke the spell. She said. "Honey, you can take your fingers out of my ass." When I heard my mother's voice.I realized that my free hand had been playing with my pussy. She had to repeat herself. I quickly applied some of the lubrication to the head of the cock.I then began to stroke the cock with my hand. "That looks good honey. Now, put it against my asshole and gently push it inside." I eagerly followed my mother's instructions.

When the head of the cock slipped into my mother's asshole; she moaned. My mother buried her face into the pillow. In a soft voice she said. "Honey.go very slow.I need to get used to the size." Little by little, without having to apply much pressure; my mother's rectum widened; she accepted the cock into her ass. I had pushed every inch of the cock into my mother's asshole, the balls were resting against the opening to her ass.

She told me to leave it in place.a second later, her hand was between her legs; she began to masturbate.

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with every passing moment, she became more relaxed. As for myself; I was impressed! "Oh honey, I can feel every precious inch of that cock." My mother was breathing hard.

"On me when I say feels so good!" My mother's fingers continued to play with her cunt.

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"JoLyn, slowly.I want you to fuck my ass with the cock. Just like I did with your pussy.instead of using finger's; I want you to fuck me with the toy." And in a slow and yet, progressive way.I began to fuck my mother's asshole.

All the while, her finger's remained active. As the cock began to slip out and back into my mother's asshole, she grunted, she moaned; she was enjoying herself. "That's it baby.fuck your mama nice and slow.

It feels so's been to long since I've last been fucked in my ass." After awhile, my mother was encouraging me to go faster.deeper and faster. It was just an amazing moment. My mother's asshole appeared to be so small and yet, it had opened up.

I was able to thrust the toy, with relative ease, deep within her bowels.allowing her to feel every inch, and a more rapid rate of speed. I was amazed when my mother began to beg for more of the cock. "Faster and hard! Fuck me hard!" Then an unusual request was made.

"JoLyn, lick my pussy while you fuck my ass!" It really wasn't a request. More to the point, my mother had told me to lick her pussy.

As soon as I had heard her request; my mother had spread her legs, even wider apart. I quickly got onto my back and scooted my face closer to my mother's cunt. As is she knew that I was in position, she lowered her cunt to my face. Immediately, my tongue became active; I savored her flavor.

My wrist was still in constant motion.I was still feeding my mother's asshole with the cock. My tongue swirled around and eventually, I found my mother's clit. I started to suck on it and still. The cock was still, sliding into my mother asshole with relative ease. Every precious inch was being pushed into her rectum.

All at once, my mother's body tensed up. She began to push her cunt into my face.her hips were seemingly, bucking my face. I could sense that she was close to reaching her orgasm. "Ohhhhh baby! That's it.keep doing it honey! Yeah.keep fucking mommy! Ohhhh baby, I'm going to cum!

Ohhhh baby.I'm cumming!" My mother's voice seemed to bounce off the bedroom walls; she was in a state of pure pleasure. And just like that, I witnessed my mother's orgasm. It was much more than I had expected. My mother's pussy was flooding me with her cum. In fact, her cum was squirting out from her pussy.

In a quick instant, my face and tits were covered with my mother's juices. The moment at hand was so erotic. I wanted to prolong the moment.all I wanted to do, was taste my mother's juices. I kept my face between my mother's legs and I made sure that my hand was in constant motion. I continued to plunge the cock into my mother's asshole; my tongue was in constant motion.

Once again, my mother's voice was raised; her body convulsed; she was reaching another orgasm. "Ohhhh fuck! I'm cumming again! Honey.ohhhhh baby, you're making mommy cum again!" Another rush of my mother's cum squirted out from her cunt.

This time, I was ready; my mouth captured every precious drop. I thought I was going to cum, just from having sucked my mother's cunt. It was a glorious moment, I swallowed as much as I was able to. When my mother's body began to settle down, I came to the realization that my tonsils had been covered in my mother's juices. My mother's orgasm had been intense and long.

I could easily see, just how exhausted she had become. This had been an amazing moment.a moment that I should never wish to forget. I was so horny. All I wanted to do, was cum. There was no denying what my mind was thinking of.I wanted my mother to fuck my ass with the same cock. "I'm sorry honey. I should have told you that I sometimes squirt.

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I just didn't think, that I would cum that hard. It's been a long time since I've done that." "Mom.that was so beautiful! I never knew that a woman could cum like that! You taste so good!! Do you think it's possible that I might cum like that?" My mother's breathing was back to being normal. "I don't know the answer to that.

But honey, with practice.comes pleasure. And I hope you'll allow yourself to indulge in alot of sex." "So mom.will you fuck me in my ass now? I want to learn to take Steve's cock in my ass." "Of course honey." My mother said. "Just remember, we have to take things slow." "I want to feel what you felt. I feel like.well, I'm ready to try it." My mother got off from the bed.

Taking my hand in her hand, she led me into the bathroom. "I think we should clean ourselves. Speaking for myself, I need to rest a bit. Remember, we have all night." I never would have thought, that one mother and I would step into a shower together. As the hot water sprayed down upon our bodies.once again, my mother kissed me. I didn't hesitate; I returned my mother's kiss. Our tongues were dancing together and too, our hands were touching each other's bodies.

It was a beautiful moment. We washed each other's hair. We took turns and washing each other's tits. Looking at my mother's nipples.I was drawn to suck them. One by one, I gently took her nipples into my mother; my mother head my head against her chest. At one point, my mother was standing in back of me. She had been kissing my neck, my ear lobes.her hands had been caressing my breasts.

She slowly began to lower herself on the floor of the shower.and then finally, she was on her knees.

I looked over my shoulder and I saw her looking at my ass cheeks. She then placed her hand on my if she was inviting me to bend over at the waist. I then felt my mother's hands on my ass cheeks.a moment later, I knew my anus had become visible. All at once, my mother buried her face in-between my ass cheeks.

Her tongue began to wash my anus.the intense pleasure that filled my mind, heart and body, was so pleasing. More and more, my mother forced my ass cheeks apart.and I found myself bending over more; I wanted my mother to have access to my asshole.

At some point, I could have sworn; I had felt my mother's tongue in my asshole. Her face was fucking me, her tongue had found it's way inside my anus; I was in a state of divine pleasure. Instinctively, I moved my hand down the length of my body; my fingers began to play with my clit.

My orgasm was so intense. When I had reached my fingers were swirling around my clit, my back was arched; I held my mother's face to my ass. When my mother got up from the floor.not caring where her tongue had been; our tongues were dancing together.

It was such an erotic and sensual moment. Before we stepped out of the shower, my mother said. "Your asshole tasted so nice.I hope I can enjoy it again and again." I found myself saying, "That was amazing!! Mom.anytime, anywhere; you can have my asshole!!" We stepped out of the shower and began to dry ourselves off.

"Well, Steve might not agree with what you just said. But, the invitations sounds great!" Before leaving the bathroom, my mother continued to talk, "I'm glad that you were able to appreciate my tongue against your asshole. In a slow way, we'll introduce my finger to your asshole. Taking baby steps, we'll work that beautiful toy into your asshole. And finally, maybe one day, you'll be able to handle Steve's cock." With that being said, my mother took my hand in hers and led me out of her bedroom.

She told me that she needed a refreshment. We walked downstairs to the kitchen. At some point, it dawned on me.we were both naked. It became one of the most relaxing moments in my life. My mother made some hot chocolate and together, we walked out onto her deck and sat down on the swinging chair. The air was cool and crisp, but it didn't matter; I felt warm inside; I was with my mother. As we sipped our drinks, my mind was running in circles. I had so many questions to ask.

And so, I heard myself say, "Mom, tell me more about you and dad. You know.some of the sexual things you did together." My question had caused my mother to become quiet. She took a sip of her drink and said. "Honey, your father and I loved sex. We didn't think that sex or sexual pleasure, shold be considered dirty or nasty." A very long moment went by, before my mother said. "I was your father's submissive." "What does that mean?" I asked. My mother turned and faced me and said.

"We did alot of role playing. I always took the submissive role.because well.emotionally and physically, it's what I craved." We then sat quietly, side by side.

Again, my mother broke the silence. "This was your father's fantasy. He would have loved to be here.with us. Whenever we made love in your your bed; your father always thought of you." I couldn't belileve what my mother was saying to me. "Are.are you saying, that daddy wanted to fuck me?" "Honey, I don't want you to become upset.

I don't want you to think of your father as some sort or animal, or sexual deviant. He loved you.and well, he always wanted to show you, just how much he loved you. But of course, that never happened. We were afraid to pursue, what our minds considered." " just said. wanted to make love to me.too?" "Honey.this was both of our fantasies. And now.having shared my sexuality with you.'s so meaningful to me. Again, I wish your father could have been here with us." I held my mother close to me.she began to cry. My mind was traveling in circles.I didn't know what to say. When my mother regained herself, she continued to talk.

"Do you remember being spanked?" She asked. "Well.yeah.kinda." Was my reply. "Your father loved to spank you. Sometimes, he would find any foolish reason to spank you. It was the only way, he was able to see you naked.or at the very least, naked from the waist down." The images of being spanked by my father flooded my brain. My spankings always occured after dinner and before my bedtime. My mother and I would clean up the kitchen.she would then lead me out into the living room, past where my father was seated in his chair.

Once in my bedroom, I always had to change into my pajama's. My mother would then lead me to a corner, where I remained until my father called my name. Hearing my father's voice, "JoLyn.come over and stand to my side." I always had tears in my eyes. With great trepidition, I would slither over to the side of my bed, where my father was waiting for me. Standing to his right side.yes, I was able to remember!

He always lowered my pajama bottoms.followed by my panties. Before he placed me over his lap.yes, I remember; he always looked at my vagina.

At some point, he would bring me across his lap.but the spankings didn't immediately start. He would always caress my bottom and thighs with his hand. The implement that my father would use.aslways depended upon the infraction, that I had committed. Mostly, he always spanked me with his hand. As I was thinking of those spankings, my mother brought me back to earth. She said. "Your father loved to spank you with his hand.

It made the moment.more personable." And that's when I started to cry. I had no idea, that my father thought of me in that way. If only, I could have turned back the hands of time. When I had settled down and stopped crying; my mother was holding me in her arms. It was truly a magical moment.2 women, sitting side by side on the swinger; naked. A burning question had to be asked. "Did daddy spank you mom?" "All the time. I loved being spanked by your father. He would spank me in the same way, that he spanked you.

Alot of the times, I stood in that very same corner, that you did. He would call me over to where he was sitting.which, was always on your bed. After my spankings, he would always make love to me, in your bed." A simple thought crossed my mind. And so, I blurted out the suggestion and said. "Mom, will you take me back to your bed.and make love to me." Together, my mother and I walked back into the house.

When we were climbing the stairs to her bedroom, I asked her. "Was daddy's cock big?" "Your father was well endowed. His cock was rather thick.better yet, fat.

I loved feeling his cock in my pussy. As much as I loved to feel his cock in my ass.well, it took alot of practice before I was able to handle something that large. I loved the flavor of your daddy's sperm." "How big was daddy?" "The way you described Steve's cock.well, I would venture to say, he's close to your father's size." We were back in my mother's bedroom.

Both of us were sitting on my mother's bed. "So what you're saying is that in time and with alot of practice.I should be able to handle Steve's cock in my ass?" "Honey, practice makes perfect. Both you and Steve have to be patient.

You have to learn to relax and Steve has to be gentle." My mother then got up and went over to her closet. "I have something that you might enjoy." A second later, she brought over a shoe box. Inside it.when she brought it out, I heard myself gasp. I had seen one of these in the sex books, and yet, I couldn't believe that my mother owned one. She carefully displayed in her hands.a strap-on. Before she got back into bed, she placed the straps around her waist and thighs.

What appeared to be a large and yet, slender cock was put through a ring of sorts.too, she had inserted something into her pussy. Alas, she was standing by her bed.her smile was radiant; she was ready to fuck her daughter. When she got on the bed, she took a more dominant role. She told me to lay on my back and when I followed her instructions, she knelt by my face. The cock between her legs was pointed straight to my face and without thinking twice, I opened my mouth.

The cock that protruded from my mother's groin was nothing like Steve's cock.too, it wasn't like the cock, that I had practiced on. The head was smalled, the shaft was very slender and yet, when I tried to take it into my throat; I gagged. My mother quickly reminded me, that I was in the beginning stages of learning how to suck a cock. What was on my mind, appeared to be on my mother's mind.

The foreplay was done. She had positioned herself between my for myself, my legs were spread wide apart; I wanted to feel my mother inside me.

My mother put alot of lubrication on her fake cock.a second later, just as Steve had done; she aligned the head of the cock to my opening. A quick thrust later, my mother pushed the dildo, that beautiful fake cock.deep within my cunt. I heard my gasp! The weight of my mother was upon legs folded themselves around her waist. This was the moment, when my mother's tongue slipped into my mouth.

We kissed each other with such passion. When our lips broke free, my mother raised herself up.the cock almost slipped out of my cunt. A second later, she slammed it back into my cunt. Steve had always taken the gentle approach. My mother was fucking me as hard as she could. Amidst her heavy breathing, my mother said. "Play with your clit baby." Instantly, I brought my hand down to my pussy. My clit was out from its hiding finger's began to circle it.I began to rub it in a frantic way; my moans of pleasure filled the air.

When my orgasm was mother simply stopped. My state of passion was greeted with her wamring smile. My mother had pulled her cock out from my cunt.I came to the realization, that she was teasing me.tormenting me; I wanted her so badly. "Honey, I want you on all fours." She helped me get into position. I will admit, I became a bit nervous. When Steve wanted to fuck me in this position, I abrubtly turned him down.

Now, my mother was behind me. She didn't waste anytime. Once my mother had aligned the head to my opening; she thrust it to it's limit; the head was deep within my womb.

Her hips began to move in a frantic state and my breath, was seemingly.taken away. My mother was able to speak, "Ohhhh feel so good. Your cunt is so tight!" As for myself, all could do was moan.

The pressure that was building in my body was so intense. I didn't need any encouragement from my mother. My head was buried in the pillow, one arm was bracing my body against my mother's other hand; my finger's were massaging my clit.

At one point, I began to beg. "Mommy.please, please don't stop. Fuck my cunt mommy!!" Over and over again, I was begging my mother to fuck me. At one point, the begging ceased. Instead, I was telling my mother to fuck me.

"That feels so good! Keep fucking me mom!! Hard and deep.faster and deeper!" I screamed into my pillow. From being on all fours, my body collapsed onto the bed. The weight of my mother's body was against me; on top of me. She was kissing my neck, my ears.

Over and over again, she was saying, "Oh baby.that was so beautiful!" When she lifted herself off from I felt the cock slip out of my cunt; I scrambled to kiss her. I wanted to hold her in my arms; I wanted to feel the warmth of her arms around me. After our breathing returned to being normal, my mother got up from the bed.

She motioned for me to follow her into her bathroom. Together, we cleaned the cock that had pleasured me. We were like two school girls.giggling together. Before we left the bathroom, my mother sat on the toilet. I stood before her and watched her urinate. I could hear the stream of urine hitting the water in the toilet.

It became another magical moment.and when I quickly knelt down between her legs.I opened her legs up; I wanted to see everything. I have no idea what made me do it.but, I reached for the toilet tissue; I wiped my mother clean. We then left her bathroom and got into bed. We kissed each other.we touched each other; I was no longer afraid; I wanted to experience my sexuality. Before we drifted off to sleep, I asked my mother if she would fuck my ass in the morning.

Seeing her smile.I knew that I was in for a treat.