Amazing twinks As you reminisce the last time we saw Jacob is when I

Amazing twinks As you reminisce the last time we saw Jacob is when I
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My name is Eva. I'm 18 by now but I am fantasizing about perverted things for years. Let me start with me. I am 5'8 tall with a weight of 122lbs. I have short red hair and deep-brown almost black eyes. My figure is very sportive because I play volleyball and beach-volleyball. This also is the starting point of my story. I am trainer for a girl group of 9 10-12 y.o. girls. I know them far well because I do this job for two years now.

But it is disgusting for me. These pretty little chicks seem to be little toys of their parents. All the way they talk about fashion and music. Sports is only a favor for their fashion requirements and their daddies. The only thing I really enjoy is each shower after the training session. My eyes eat each babyish pussy and everytime my pussy becomes rather wet dreaming about a 69 with the girls.

I love their perky nipples and this tremendously hot pussis with little pubic hair. The wetness of their bodies. The unwilled touch of one. Each evening after a training session I need at last a cock, a pussi or one of my toys to please my shaved cunt. After one training session I suggested a training camp during summer vacation. As I hoped only 6 have shown interest. And it was my dream crew. Maria, Lara, Anna are the richest girls of my team. They are very snobistic and think about herself being centre of universe.

Debbie and Sophie are brave little girls. Nothing special but brave and innocent. They still don't have any pubic hair on their little cunts, but also being 10 years old each. Zoe is my little favourite. She is twelve and already has b cup tits. I know she shaves her ankles, because of the almost black hair.

She already has full pussy hair. Moreover her eyes always sneak over to my everytime fresh shaved cunt. Before we could go to the summer camp I had to do a lot of preparation.

I have found a camp within "nowhereland". Next village is more than 4 miles away. It is close to a lake and it has only three houses to live in. Via internet I got contact to some pretty pervert guys. Within my first contacts they all told me to willingly fuck young little ladies and drive them to fuck and cum bitches.

Which is my plan for this cute little girls. So I made 10 of them booking the two houses and pretending being a soccer team on training camp. Knowing that they come 3 days later so I had 3 days to make them open for what I was horny about. I bought a lot of required things like alcohol, cigarettes, grass, cocaine, sex toys and so on.

It was a full load of. On a sunny saturday morning in hot july weeks I took the girls with a big van and drove with them to the summer camp. All the girls wore pretty hot clothes as e.g. Maria and Anna wore hot pants with tank tops. Only Debbie wore blue jeans and a sweater.

I had a black micro-mini and a white blouse with only two buttons closed so that everyone had a glance on my 34C tits. Therefore I decided not to wear a bra. I hate undies. To torture Debbie I pretended the climate automatic being failed. After a hour she was wet for sweat.

And after 3 hours - 1 hour to go - she screamt for a pause to cool down. I claimed not to do so and told her to undress her sweat-shirt.

After some murmuring she did and she wore a tiny white undie below. I saw her perky nips and a lot of sweat on the white shirt. Her nipples peaked through it and I had to concentrate on the road.

My pussi was wet and became wetter each minute and mile closer to my "education centre". Also because Zoe also wears a mini sitting next to me and the seat belt ran through her fantastic tits. After exact 59 minutes we arrived at "nowhereland". We unpacked the van and came together at the kitchen after half a hour. I suggested taking a bath in the lake and later on have some training session.

The girls agreed and everyone changed to bikini or swimsuit. I wore an extra tiny bikini with thongs. I nearly covered anything. Even not my pussi hair which I haven't shaved for three weeks.

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After some minutes playing in the water with the girls I went outside and laid down on my towel. I unzipped the bikini top and revealed my breasts to a hot summer day. The girls played ball in the water and I enjoyed watching them and moreover thinking about what will come up next days. To be honest I have longtime thought about realising it.

But each time I tried to let my brain win over my pussi I failed.


I am a horny looser. Until I was thinking about being pretty pervy my nipples got rather hard. Getting me off my thoughts becuase Zoe came up to me and laid beside me.

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"Nice warm sun, isn't it," I asked. "Yes." Then for some minutes anyone said a word. "Why don't you unzip your top? You will get stripes on our body." "Because.," she hesitated.

"Well. No one can see us and all of you folks have seen me naked before. She got up and unzipped her top. Her little b cup tits fell down a bit.

"Here we even could sunbath completely naked," I said. "Would you mind?" Big eyes fixed me. Then she grinned and faster than me she was completely naked. For several minutes nothing happened except sun is shining and the birds are singing. "May I ask you a question," Zoe turned to side and looked at me.

While I glanced at her tits only a yard beside. My eyes even flashed to her bushy pussi. "Whatever you want to, Zoe." "It's quite personel. You mustn't answer." "Come on, sweetie." "Ok," she hesitates and deeply breathes in. "Why didn't you shave your hair down there in the last time?" "Do you think it's more beautiful when it's blank?" "Oh." Zoe gulps. "Well.It's unusual.for you." "You didn't answer my question," I replied.

"To be honest. Yes." "So why don't you shave it DOWN THERE, too?" It happened better than expected. Within half an hour the first girl started to talk personel and sexual.

A light flash runs through my body as if I would have touched my clit for a second. "My mom wouldn't allow." "Your mom is not here." "And I don't know how." "Would you like to learn," I asked. Phase 1 becomes realization, I thought.

She looked down first. After some seconds she looked right into my eyes and nodded. "OK," I told her. "Wait a second". I stood up and went to my room. My shaver and all the required items were a top of my "nasty" bag. As I came back. Anna was laying beside Zoe. She also was completely naked. If she knows what she was doing? I suggested she only wanted to become neatless brown. But she exposed her cunt and titties to me.

Big failure. I fetched some water again. Anna did not recognize me. As I was ready I opened my legs and put the foam on my pussi hair. Zoe kneels right before me and watched my pussi intensively. As I looked up I see the girls stopped playing. Even Anna watched me. Before I took the first shave all the girls were around me and watched me.

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I took some time for me to become blank again. But all the girls admired my bare pussi. "Zoe, would you like me to shave you, too?" She hesitated, but Maria and Lara almost forced her to do.


So I came first time rather close to her pussi. Softly I distributed the foam over her pussi hair and rubbed it in longer than required. My fingers even runs through her pussi lips and over her clit. Ever her anus I touched for a milli-second just as if it was an accident.

My pussi now almost is flooded. It some some minutes but after revealing her bare pussi from the last foam I got a little climax. It was so hot to see her fresh shaven cunt. She sat there on the camping table and every girl was closely watching her fresh shaven cunt. Then I took some soft aftershave and explained the function to the girls. Then I rub the aftershave intensively on her skin. Especially the pussi lips and the clit are important I explained them in a medical tone.

As I spread her cunt lips I saw some white liquid.

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As I looked up I saw her stiff nipples and her closed eyes. She enjoyed it very much. Then Maria came next to me and said: "Do me, too." Zoe opened her eyes being pretty red in her face. First for horniness now being a bit ashamed. She didn't anything and to my mind was pretty lucky that Maria was in focus of attention now.

Maria had less hair than Zoe but enough to be worth for shaving. I did it same way to Maria and while rubbing the aftershave at her pussi skin she curiously looked at me. She didn't enjoy it as Zoe did. But her nipples also were harder than normal. Laura and Anna were dissatisfied because there was nothing worth for shaving at their pussis. While shaving Maria Debbie and Sophie went back to the lake and went on playing ball.

Maria, Laura, Anna and Zoe were laying into the sun. Anna and Zoe naked. Laura in a suit and Maria wore a red bikini.


I went to the house and wetched my Drum's. I went in front of the girls and started to build a cigarette which I enjoyed. Secretly I watched the girls through my sunglasses. I caught Laura's eyes sometimes spend an eye.

I let them lay there, as I stood up and ordered a training session. As the girls came I didn't believe what Zoe was saying. "Hey, why don't we all play naked, too. Then we all could become brown neatlessly." As always in our team everything was accepted by majority voting.

Only Debbie and Sophie were against but also undressed as Laura and Anna. For the first training item I chose bridging the balls in pairs. Maria and Zoe was team 1, Debbie and Sophie team 2. I watched them and enjoyed their bare asses and long legs in the sand.

Everytime one of the girls bend over to get a ball I peaked at their anusses and everytime then another drop of pussi juice ran out of my cunt. It even ran down my legs a bit.

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In order to improve the girls' technique I came close to them. I showed them the right moves and lead her hands, arms and legs.

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As I was at Zoe I realized that she was playing pretty bad today and that she was pressing her body to mine. I recognized her eyes catching my body. After some other gymnastics we played half an hour 3:3. It was very funny. As the training session was over I had to please my pussi.

I sent the girls for some spare time and went back to the house. I opened the nasty bag and took a dildo. Rapidly I put it on my cunt and shove it in. I hammered my soaking cunt with this purple red dildo. Within a pause I suddenly felt a hand on my back. Softly two hands ran over my back down to my ass. Over my body to my tits.

Lips kissed my back. I stood there, enjoyed, and thought about who would this be. Then I saw this tiny ring on the left hand small finger. It was zoe. Slowly I turned around and put the dildo on the desk.

Zoe stood there, looking at me with lust and anxiety in her eyes. "Do you mind," she asked carefully and almost loudlessly. "No," I replied. "May I kiss you?" I bend down and softly our lips touched. Faster than I thought she opened her lips and I felt her tongue on mine.

Our hands ran over our bodies as if we had down this several times before. Then she got off my lips and started to kiss my neck, went down to my breasts and kissed the nipples until they were hard as stone.

I led her to my bed and she laid down on her belly.

I kneeled over her and kissed all her body. She opened her legs to give me better access to her cunt. First only my fingers run through her ass cheeks to her pussi. This I did with my tongue, too. Before I first contacted her pussi with my tongue I kissed and licked her ass hole.

She replied with moans of excitement. I turned her around and started to lick her fresh shaved cunt. I had her close to orgasm when she said: "Let's do a 69." I positioned my cunt over her face and she immediately started to lick my cunt. She even licked my anus, too. It was obvious that she has done this before. I didn't take long to have us both an intensive orgasm. I laid next to her and we kissed a while. "You have some experience," I asked. She nodded with a big grin on her face.

"With whom?" "A girl friend from school. Since we are 10 we are quite active with lesbian games." "Are you lesbian?" "No. But it's good." A little pause occured. I waited for her to tell me more. "What do you have in mind with us," she asked. "What?" "Hey, I'm not stupid. You are horny for us girls, I know it. And it's okay for me," she grinned. Frantically I thought about telling her everything.

"Will we have some sex fun," she asked. "In what way?" "Will you bring some guys to have us sex, too. Play with us." "Would you mind?" She grinned. No. It was my goal for these days to lick all your cunts here. Yours at first, what I managed. A soul sister. I've found a soul sister. Then I told her everything about my plannings and Zoe was rather excited. Without hesitation she agreed to help me to get the girls ready for sex, cum and everything I have planned.

Part 2 will follow