Mother Tells Daughters BF To Strip

Mother Tells Daughters BF To Strip
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Proudly presenting my third work! It's the sequel to my first story 'What comes around, goes around…' Yes, indeed: Alex hasn't seen the last of Ryan just yet. This story contains violence, rape and certain other themes (which I can't disclose to protect the surprise elements in the story) which might be offensive to people.

People who write spend a lot of time, creativity and energy in their stories. Please do not tear it down if you morally do not agree with its content. It is fiction! This story became much longer than intended and I have gotten criticism on the first story that I should break it up in parts.

I didn't. To keep that tradition I consciously chose not to break this one up either. Too long for you lazy bastards? Simple. No sequel for you. Enjoy! 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life' "Alex, where's my coffee?" Ryan asked with a strict tone when he heard her tease a colleague and not him- in the office.

Within seconds, the laughter stopped and Alex slowly stepped inside the office she only knew too well. The first time he had forced himself upon her was only a few months ago and the memories were still fresh.

Luckily, the wounds she had sustained were not; they properly healed in time. Only a small, nearly undetectable scar just above her right breast remained as the sole witness of what happened that night. This was mostly fortunate for Ryan, who wanted to keep her smooth milky-white skin intact and evidence of what he had done to her to a minimum.

Today she dressed provocatively, showing a very decent amount of naked skin. She wore a thin pink blouse and an exceptionally tight and short pencil skirt on top of a pair of black stockings.

Her outfit was topped off by a pair of high heels which would terrify an experienced catwalk model. Exactly what he told her to wear the day before. His shoulder bore a somewhat larger scar from the metal opener she used on him as a futile attempt to get away back then. That night, as he came home, he quickly ran past the living room to avoid his wife and kids. They would notice the bloody blouse he wore instantly.

"Honey, what.?" his wife yelled at him questioningly, but Ryan had already sprinted up the stairs. Instead of trying to clean the blouse, a very expensive one Liz his wife- gave him for his birthday a year ago, he simply decided to throw it away the next day. As a punishment for destroying his clothes he had slapped Alex in the face roughly when she timidly walked by a few days after the incident.

It amused him that it took her fifteen minutes to get out of the toilet after that, either because she was fighting tears or tried to cool down the red handprint on her cheek. His wife, the sweet little thing, obviously worried when she saw the wound Ryan tried to hide, but was content with his explanation that he had an accident using his bicycle. He used the bike more often nowadays. Actually, many things had changed since that particular night.

He felt like a new man since that night with his little colleague. He got more aggressive at work, making a real reputation towards the better for himself. Likewise, he became much more aggressive at home. This wasn't as appreciated as it was at the office. One day, when he tried to force himself upon his wife in the kitchen, she had screamed and stepped back terrified. He realized she would never be like he wanted her to be.

She was too frail and too dull for that. Ryan realized he'd have to save his strength for his newly acquired pet. As Alex put down the mug, containing the hot black liquid her boss had asked her for, Ryan turned towards her. "One of the reports seems to have an odd difference in its totals I can't quite understand. Or no, let me rephrase that.

I do not have time to go through this nonsense…" Alex still stood in front of him, looking at the wall and then his desk. Anything to avoid eye contact with the man she felt both fear and fury for. As she scanned past the maps in his cabinet, the one he smashed her head against several times before, she noticed the silly fact they weren't in alphabetical order like the rest of the materials in the office. She broke her concentration on the maps and turned her head to face forward towards him again.

However, he now suddenly stood right in front of her. Alex stepped back in a reflex and nearly lost her balance if it wasn't for Ryan grabbing her upper arm harshly. "What did I just tell you?" Alex realized she hadn't been listening and tried to take another step back, but Ryan did not let go. Instead he held her by her chin with his other hand and tilted her head up.

"You weren't listening, were you?" She remained quiet, knowing either way she was in trouble. "Sit down and fix these numbers, now" he commanded her coldly as he let go of her and sat down in his luxurious desk chair, turning towards his PC again. Holding her like that for too long was risky. He knew he was too much in view of the other colleagues for that. Alex sat down beside him on a much cheaper version of the same desk chair. Since that night she got what she wanted.

He took her in as his trainee, giving her the opportunity to get introduced to the function she wanted so badly the day she tried to blackmail him. However, it didn't quite work out the way she wanted to. Being his trainee also meant spending a fair amount of time with him in his office. As she started to recalculate the numbers under his watchful eye, she leaned away as he stroked his fingers along her jaw line. Anything he'd do to her on that side of her body was unseen by the rest of the office as they sat sideways towards the door.

After about an hour and many more indecent strokes from her boss later, she finally found the mistake. The first numbers of three amounts following each other were completely off. She closed her eyes in frustration. That couldn't have been a coincidence. He just wanted her in his office a bit longer. "I'm done" she said coldly as she shoved the papers back to him and stood up. "Where do you think you're going?" he purred at her as she was ready to leave. "Like I said, I'm done.

I have more to do at my own desk" she repeated as she took another step towards the door. "You're not done yet" he taunted her, without giving further explanation. "Check the fucking paper, the totals are correct!" she hissed.

"Oh yes, I saw that. But I'm not done yet" Ryan smiled. Alex felt a cold shiver creeping up her spine. He couldn't. Not here. Not in the middle of a full office at 3 pm. She glanced outside Ryan's private office; her colleagues were either staring blankly at their screens or entertaining each other with shallow office chit-chat.

There was no way he could fuck her now and no one would notice. She smiled without noticing, comforted by this fact. Ryan, reading her thoughts, smiled as well. "You know I wouldn't be that stupid, kid" he comforted her.

The silence which followed made her equally anxious again. "Can I leave now.?" she asked timidly as she took another step towards the door. "No" he replied and shoved his chair away from the desk.

As he did so, he pulled a lever, lowering himself. As he assessed the height of the chair by shoving back against his desk - his legs dissapearing under the surface - Alex whimpered. She finally understood what he wanted from her.

"Ryan, you can't do this. People will find out!" she pleaded, hoping he'd change his mind. "It's Mr. Stoker, bitch" he hissed back as he shoved his chair back again. "Now get under there and suck me off. Don't make me hurt you again, Alex." Alex felt immobilized, but when she saw Ryan make a move to get up she complied.

Before she disappeared under the table completely she uttered a last 'please', but he pushed her under roughly. He knew they'd be safe. First of all, everyone was too busy doing whatever they were doing to notice where Alex went.

Secondly, a large block-shaped cabinet, containing drawers for his office supplies, blocked off the view under the desk entirely. He contently waited while he felt her undo his belt and pants. He could feel her hands tremble. Ryan wasn't afraid she'd bite. He made sure last time that she'd never be that foolish again. Meanwhile Alex was struggling to do what her boss told her to in the confined space under the desk.

The only positive aspect of her situation now was that she did not have to bear her weight on those painful heels. As she finally unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers, she revealed his semi-hard penis.

She felt him shock the moment she wrapped her tiny hands around the hardening piece of meat. She knew hesitating would only make the torture last longer, so she immediately shoved the entire thing in her mouth with such force that she had to suppress a gag. Ryan let out a soft groan and dropped the pen he used to write remarks on the piece of paper Alex just handed him.

He regained his posture quickly and continued what he was doing for as long as his body would allow him to concentrate. Under the desk the petite girl sucked as a pro, stimulating him to cum as quickly as physically possible. To aid her oral pleasuring, she used her hands to deftly massage his scrotum. From the corner of her eye she saw his left leg jerk every time she'd squeeze just a little bit too hard.

The lack of both space and air started to have a claustrophobic effect on her as she picked up her speed. "Where's Alex?" Immediately she froze up. She recognized the voice from Eliza, who sat on the opposite of her desk.

Ryan kicked her on her side with his heel, like a cowboy spurring his horse to get a move on. She slowly picked up her pace again, while trying not to make any slurping sound as she bobbed her head up and down vigorously.

"I don't know. Did you check Sales?" Ryan answered indifferently while continuing to read through the papers. "I called them, they said she wasn't there" the colleague replied sheepishly in the doorway. "Well, maybe she was walking down the stairs the moment you called" Ryan replied irritated. "I'm busy." The colleague mumbled a 'sorry' and went back to her desk. Alex closed her eyes in thankfulness that they weren't discovered. Although she'd love everyone to find out what a vile son of a bitch her boss was, she didn't want to jeopardize her employment, which was imminent if she'd tell on Ryan.

Next to that, he was right. This traineeship raised her chance on getting a management function in another company. But more importantly, if anyone ever found out what he did to her, he'd kill her. He promised her so. Another kick followed and she got back to work even harder, deep-throating his rockhard cock to invoke the orgasm.

Ryan felt it wouldn't take long. He never experienced any woman sucking him with so much passion. At moments it was if she tried to suck the very essence out of him. He tried to keep a stabile voice through his hasty breathing. "When I cum, I want you to keep me in your mouth and walk through the office towards the toilet. There you can spit it out if you want. If I notice you swallowed it before that time, I will make you do this every day until you do it right." Alex nodded even though he wasn't able to see and kept going at it like an experienced sex worker.

Finally she felt the throbbing dick swell up and she braced herself for impact. Ryan clawed her hair under his desk as he used all his discipline not to groan out as he shot streams of seed into the beautiful girl's mouth.

"Clean it" he whispered as he sat back to enjoy the post-orgasm bliss. Alex suckled softly and flicked her tongue all around the sensitive head to get every drop of semen off. Then she let him slide out of her mouth gently.

He waited a minute or so to move his chair, grinning at what he imagined would be Alex's face right now. He reached down his desk and put his flaccid dick back into his pants, zipping it up and redoing his belt. As he shoved backwards, Alex shot out from under the desk and hurried towards the door. "Remember what I said" he warned her as she left. She wanted to run, she wanted to get the warm gooey liquid out of her mouth but if she did so, she'd raise suspicion amongst the other colleagues.

Too late. One of her colleagues she knew him by the name Ben- already walked towards her. "Sheesh, you move fast, lady. Hey listen…" Alex wanted to walk past him, but she couldn't do so as he blocked her way. She knew she wasn't able to answer him either. She fiercely hoped there was no cum trickling down her mouth. Apparantly not, as the colleague kept yapping away at her. "…you got that balance sheet yet?" Alex shook her head and tried to pass him, but he grabbed her arm.

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"Hey, you okay?" he asked worried. Alex nodded and shook her arm loose, hurrying towards the door.


Suspicion was definitely raised but what else could she have done? She'd fix it later. By the time she got to the toilet, she got so nauseous by the goo residing in her mouth so long that she almost vomited it out. Alex suppressed some sniffs and wiped her eyes to get rid of the beads forming in the corners.

She'd pay him back for this someday. She thoroughly washed her mouth and checked the mirror to fix her hair. When she was convinced there were no traces of recent events anymore, she left the toilet. Before entering the office, she took a deep breath and put up a well-acted smile.

"Who's gonna get me a cup of coffee? I need one!" she sung as she walked back to her desk. Ben smiled at her as she made eyecontact with him. Ryan smiled behind his desk. "Good girl." Two weeks passed by without Ryan making a move on the young girl again. However, Alex grew increasingly anxious knowing it wouldn't take long. On a Friday like any other, she entered the main office with the usual alertness she accustomed herself to since he slapped her for ruining his shirt.

Today she was even wearier as she wore jeans. He told her to come in her little blue dress today -he knew all her clothes by now- but she forgot to wash it. 'Maybe he won't notice' she thought hopefully. "Alex. In my office!" "Fuck." Alex tiptoed in and remained in the doorway.

"Yes?" Ryan beckoned her to come in further, which she did reluctantly. "What the fuck are you wearing? I told you to wear your dress today" he hissed at her. "It's in the laundry" she replied in her defense. "I don't care, you wear what I tell you to" he hissed again, having trouble keeping his voice low in the crowded office.

"Sure, I'll just magically make a clean dress appear next time" she sighed irritated and turned to make her exit from his office space. Before she made the full turn he already had her waist in a tight lock, swinging her back and away from view, causing her to fall against him. Ryan took a handful of hair and flipped her around, harshly tugging at her skull. "Don't you ever speak to me like that again" he whispered menacingly at her while he let his free hand roam down to cup a breast over her shirt.

Alex struggled to get loose; she felt her cranium starting to sting when Ryan kept tugging at her hair in a painful way. Suddenly a loud crying broke the relative silence in the rest of the office. Both Alex and Ryan were distracted for a moment by the noise which did not belong to a regular office. Suddenly Ryan shoved Alex back so roughly that she stumbled to keep her balance.

"Get out!" he commanded her aggressively as he straightened his tie and rushed back to sit in his chair. Alex, confused by his sudden change of heart, didn't have to think twice and immediately left the CEO's office. She bumped into a tall, skinny woman on her way out. "Oh, hello! …Alex, wasn't it?" the woman said cheerfully, holding her baby-free arm out to shake her hand.

"H-hi Mrs. Stoker" she replied timidly before speeding past her back to her desk. She had met her once before at a barbeque organized by the office. "Hi honey, what a surprise!" she heard Ryan greet his wife and young child happily. A lot of chatter followed, none which Alex could understand properly because it was too far away. However, it was sure the Mrs. was happy about something.

Ryan left her for a moment, presumably to get her a cup of coffee and glared at his pet as he walked by. Alex avoided eye contact and concentrated on her work. About half an hour later, Mrs.

Stoker was on her way to leave the company again. "Don't forget to pick up my gown at the dry cleaner, I need to be at Ann's by seven tonight and at Laura's by eleven tomorrow morning" she reminded him.

"Will do, will do" Ryan confirmed. The day went on as usual, but Alex was smart enough to stay clear from her boss. It wasn't until a few minutes before five he called her to him again. Rather, she'd run to get her coat and leave the office. But if she did so, he'd sure punish her next week. She sighed and slumped into his office. "Yeah" she replied indifferently. "It seems I have a party to attend to Saturday evening. Isn't that lovely?" he informed her as he locked his eyes on her.

Alex, unsure why he shared this bit of information with her, nodded carefully. "But we can't just leave the baby at home. My boys are out for the weekend so they can't babysit. Taking the baby with is also out of the question…" he pondered out loud. "What to do, what to do…" "No. Fuck no. I'm not taking care of your bloody kid, I got plans of my own!" she yelled more aggressively than she should have.

Luckily, the colleagues who sat near Ryan's office were already gone for the day. "I don't care much about your own plans. You will take care of the baby Saturday evening" he smiled at her, knowing she had little choice. "Would you be so kind to explain that to my boyfriend then?

He's expecting me to stay over for the weekend. We have tickets to a show which we paid good money for! I will stay at his this weekend" she said with vast determination. Before Ryan could reply, she had turned around and left the office.

Fuck him! Fuck his arrogance! He might have fucked her, but she would not allow him to fuck over her life as well. As she closed the door of her car with a loud bang a mere five minutes later, she sighed deeply to calm her nerves and took off.

Instead of going home first, she decided to go straight towards Jonathan. Alex still got those familiar butterflies whenever she went to see him. They had been dating for years now and it wasn't going to end any time soon. Jonathan had even brought up the subject of living together soon which she was very much looking forward to. As she pulled up at the appartment her boyfriend lived in, the nerves from that day had entirely left her body and when he met her with a warm hug, she forgot about her boss entirely.

They weren't planning on staying at his place for long. The show they were going to something Alex had been looking forward to for weeks- started early so they had to hurry. While Jonathan fixed his tie, Alex sat on the side of the couch smiling at him.

He looked so handsome all dressed up. She was a lucky girl. They left the house a short ten minutes later. Alex felt a shiver, it was cold tonight. The coat she wanted to wear that night was still in Jonathan's car. "I parked the car around the corner… will you be okay or shall I fetch it?" Jonathan asked her. Alex looked at him questioningly. "Why would I stay here?" she laughed. "Well… I wouldn't be too happy prancing around on those things" he laughed back as he nodded at her high heels.

"Oh…" Alex replied. A short flashback reminded her of the heels her boss made her wear today which were at least three inches higher. But to encourage his chivalrous behavior she nodded gratefully.

While Jonathan dissapeared into the night to get the car, she looked up at the sky. It was a bright night, a full moon and a starry sky gave the finishing touch to what would surely become a perfect night. Alex nearly lost her balance when she heard a loud scream coming from the direction Jonathan had walked. Another muffled scream followed a second later. Alex immediately sprinted towards the scream to find Jonathan on the floor, protectively holding his arms over his head as a larger figure, hovering over his body on its knees, attempted to punch his fists at Jonathan's face.

For a moment Alex felt immobilized, reality hadn't hit her just yet. But as the shadowy figure turned around reality hit her like a runaway freight train. Ryan smiled wickedly as he saw her standing there in her prettiest dress, in shock by what was happening to her dearest boyfriend. This only motivated him to punch harder. Jonathan, who also became aware that his girlfriend arrived at the scene, opened his mouth to tell her to run from the what he figured was a- mugger. Alex had never told him about Ryan.

She wanted to spare him the pain. Unfortunately for Jonathan that one moment of distraction allowed his attacker to hit him on the head.

The boy slowly slipped out of consciousness. However, this didn't stop Ryan from making sure he wasn't going to come to any time soon. He continued bashing Jonathan's head, chest, neck and at any place he could reach. "Stop it! I said stop it!!!" Alex screamed as she jumped onto Ryan's back to protect her beloved, latching her nails into his neck and skull.

He had no trouble throwing her off, making her land painfully on the cold ground. He stood up from a bloodied Jonathan and turned towards Alex. "You shouldn't have rejected me, Alex," he whispered at her coldly, "you know I don't like competition. Especially not from a kid." Alex, fighting tears, looked at her boyfriend who lay sprawled out on the pavement, blood trickling down his what surely was a- broken nose.

Ryan smiled and turned to glance at his victory. "So, tomorrow at 1 p.m. I expect you to be at my house. I have some plans for us" he said in an akwardly cheerful voice. "Understood?" Alex looked at him. Her eyes, glistening with tears, showed a mixture of pain and fury.

Her mouth, however, remained still. "Suit yourself" he shrugged. Before Alex was able to open her mouth he gave a forceful kick onto Jonathan's chest. If anyone would have passed by, they would have definitely heard the crackling. "Stop! Please stop! I'll come!" Alex pleaded as she crawled towards her boyfriend. As she held his hand and tried to wake him up, Ryan took his cellpone out of his pocket. After switching off number recognition, he dialed the alarm number anonymously.

He just wanted to punish her for her insolence towards him. He didn't intend to kill the poor kid. "Yes. I'd like to report an incident. A young boy is laying here on the street, I was passing by.

He seems to have taken a fair beating from a man who just ran away. Yes, there is blood. No, he is unconcious…" he reported to the person on the other side of the phone. Alex ignored him while stroking Jonathan's head. She whispered "I'm sorry" over and over again. ".please arrive fast, the boy was accompanied by a girl, but the man took her with. It didn't seem too voluntarily. Yes, I think she might have been abducted. Thank you." Alex' eyes shot up as she saw her boss hang up the phone.

Apparantly he had changed his mind. Before she got up to her feet and could even make so much as a movement betraying her attempt to escape, Ryan had already locked his hand around her arm. Alex opened her mouth to scream but the sound died off as Ryan pressed her face against his chest harshly. "Stop screaming, bitch" he hissed at her while Alex started to panick because of the lack of oxygen.

Ryan waited a few seconds longer. "I'm going to let you go now. If you scream, I'll make sure Jonathan won't live for long. It shouldn't be difficult finding out which hospital he's been taken to." He let go of her head and allowed her a moment to take in a few gulps of fresh evening air.

Then he harshly dragged her with him. "W-where are we going?" she asked him as she struggled between resisting his forceful tugs and allowing him to tug her in order to protect further harm to Jonathan.

"You'll see" is all he uttered.

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Honestly, Ryan had no clue what to do next. He didn't think this far ahead yet. He simply figured that waiting for her to show up the next day was a bad idea. As he left the office that afternoon, shadowing his pet, he was driven by fury. She was his now. His property. He'd make sure no one touched her without him saying so. After that first night at the office, he became an obsessed man. Instead of quenching his thirst for her now that he had possessed her, it had only grown more.

There was something about her that fascinated Ryan. It made the situation thus the harder for him, in more than one way. He opened the door to his car and pushed her in. As he did, she fell over on the seat, her short dress falling indecently over her body, revealing one of her ass cheeks. She wore a very thin, lacey, red undergarment. She definitely planned on having sex tonight. Why else would one wear such provocative underwear?

His doubts dissapeared about what happened. Surely he left behind traces which could lead back to him, but then again, no murder was committed. The ambulance personel wouldn't bother checking for shoeprints to catch a perp. Ryan felt glad. He intervened before that kid got his juvenile hands all over her precious body. He grabbed himself a handful of her ass, causing her to whimper and climb further into the car to avoid more touches.

He joined her, closed the door, locked the car from the inside-out and took off. The car hummed as he drove through the streets in a low speed. He was clueless what he'd do next. Obviously, he couldn't take her home. Unless… Liz would leave the house early that next day. She had decided to take a spa day to prepare for the upcoming gala.

He remembered her casually mentioning she'd drop the boys off at their friends, with whom they would spend the weekend camping. Suddenly he picked up the speed and the car shot off into the darkness. Alex had curled up into a fetal position against the car door, as far away from him as she could. He didn't bother reaching out for her now; he'd have her all to himself tomorrow. As they drove up to a row of mansion-like houses he stopped the car and turned off the engine.

Before he could continue his plan, he had to make some preparations. He left the car Alex still didn't move- and locked it. He went inside one of the mansions a bit further up ahead. Five minutes later he returned. Alex held her head up to see what exactly was in store for her next. Ryan opened the door but paused. "If you make any sound… I'll break both your arms. Yes?" Alex nodded. She was still half in shock, haunted by the memory of a bloody Jonathan bruised up on the cold pavement.

He reached in and stroked her head to comfort her somewhat. He pulled out a thick scarf he had taken with along with several others, presumably from Liz, and tied it around her head to serve as a gag. A second scarf of a sturdier material made sure her hands were tied together. "Come" he beckoned her. When she didn't move he growled in irritation and tugged her out in one go by her hair.

Alex yelped in pain but the sound was muffled by the scarf. He held her by the back of her neck as he steered her around the mansions into a dark alley. Alex simply moved, she didn't want him to hurt her more. "In here" he whispered as they entered a door which led into a large garden. Instead of crossing it, he swung her to the left, almost making her trip over her own feet.

Alex could distinguish the contours of a shack, somewhat hidden in a corner of the garden and surrounded by bushes. He pushed her in.

Alex finally started to come to her senses and struggled to stay outside the dirty old shack. He couldn't possible lock her up in here the rest of the night! She turned around his grip wasn't too tight and launched at him, hoping to body slam him out of the shack. Instead, she bounced back herself and fell to the floor. Ryan laughed out loud.

"What the hell was that?" he mocked her futile attempt. As he leaned over, Alex curled up, protecting her face from a possible assault. "I'm not hurting you, don't worry. You have to stay nice and undamaged for tomorrow" he comforted her as he took another scarf and used it to bind her tied up wrists to a chain in the shack.

The Stokers had put their dog in there when he'd cause too much havoc inside the house. Last but not least, he took the last scarf and tied up her ankles to immobilize her completely. He looked as happy as a kid in a candy store. Alex took another shot to resist and started to spasm her body around trying to get loose from the colourful scarfs. Ryan watched her in amusement.

As she moved around, the dress started to shift, causing her breasts to become more and more visible. Alex immediately held still, but Ryan had already noticed. "I never saw this dress before, is it new?" he asked her in honest curiosity but not looking at her face to find out the answer.

He dropped to his knees and slid the thin straps off her shoulders. Judging by the single pair or straps, she wasn't wearing a bra tonight. "Bad girl" he grinned. Alex, letting out nearly inaudible sounds of refusal, tried to twist her body away but it was hardly possible due to her immobilized state.

He shoved the dress down, revealing her breasts to the cold night air. Her nipples quickly went solid thanks to the switch of temperature. Without hesitation he reached down and took the left one in his mouth, squeezing each breast with his rough hands. More sounds of protest followed, but he ignored them.

By now his cock already gained more blood than his brains did. He wanted to unzip his pants and let it free. Shove it in her mouth. Let her suckle on him a little bit before he'd go inside. Maybe he could squeeze those beautiful big tits together and fuck her in between them for a while.

But he realized he had to discipline himself until tomorrow. Ryan was kind enough to put the dress back on her breasts before getting up. He got an old dirty blanket from a shelf and spread it out on top of her. Giving her the flu wouldn't improve the situation. He kissed her good night on her forehead and left the shack. Alex heard the clicking of the lock and the sound of footsteps fainting in the distance.

Fortunately enough, Alex was able to fall asleep despite the cold. The evening had exhausted her and when she opened her eyes, rays of sunlight protruded through the cracks of the shack. She heard excited screams coming from the house. Ryan's sons were getting ready for their trip.

After an hour, it became quiet and shortly after she heard footsteps coming towards her. After the lock clicked open she saw the contours of a man standing in the burning sunlight. "Good morning!" he sang as he entered the shack. "Did you sleep well?" he snickered as he untied her ankles and wrists. Alex took out the gag herself and coughed. Her mouth was painfully dry. He tugged her arm, beckoning her to come with him and she somehow happily obliged, even though her limbs were stiff and hardly cooperating.

Anything to get out of that dirty shack. He led her inside the house and even though Alex was terrified, she couldn't help but look around curiously. Her boss had a really nice house.

One could immediately see he -or his wife- had a fine taste. "Look at you, you look horrible. We should fix you up before we head out." Alex didn't bother asking what he meant by 'going out', the first chance she'd have she would try to escape. Before she could figure out an escape route he suddenly picked her up. She yelped in surprise and, afraid to fall, locked her arms around his neck.

He carried her upstairs into the bathroom in an almost romantic fashion. The Stoker's bathroom was huge. He could afford both a kingsize bath tub and a separate shower and not waste too much space. Ryan put his little pet down after locking the door- and turned on the shower, testing the temperature of the water with his hand.

"What are you waiting for? Undress" he commanded her without checking whether she did what he told her to. She hesitated. The door was only a few feet away; if she could unlock it and swing the door open she could make a run for it. "Don't even think about it… I caught you before you can so much as look at that door" he hissed at her aggressively as he kept an eye on her, the softness in his voice instantly gone.

She took her chances. Instead of running at the door immediately she first pushed Ryan forward with all the force she could collect. Fortunately for Alex, he did not expect this sudden ambush and fell over into the shower which was - fortunately for Ryan - not as hot as before anymore.

However, the walls got slippery by the water and as he tried to block his fall by holding himself up against the wall his hands slipped away causing him to fall down entirely. By this time, Alex had unlocked the door, which swung open towards the inside making Alex lose precious time- and ran towards the stairs.

She heard Ryan scream in frustration and anger as he exited the bathroom himself. Knowing he locked the back door with a key, her only chance was to search for the front door. Passing two more halls she finally found a larger door which was unmistakenbly the door she was looking for. The moment she reached out for the doorhandle, she got smashed against the door which such force the air got squeezed out of her lungs. The blow disorientated her and she would have fallen to her knees if she didn't get picked up.

As he dragged her back upstairs, he kept squeezing her so hard she had trouble breathing. "Bitch! You fucking cunt! This is how you repay my care of you?" he screamed in her ear. He went back into the shower, which was still running and nearly threw her inside with her clothes still on. Ryan blocked the entrance with his own body. "Take your fucking clothes off, now!" he yelled at her but again he did not wait for her to take action. He entered the shower as well it was easily big enough for the both of them and ripped the dress apart in one rough tug.

Removing the shreds of what used to be a very pretty dress, he commanded her to take off her lacey underwear. When she refused to do so by spitting at him, he picked her up by her neck and held the exceptionally strong beam of water at her face. "I'm waiting" he laughed as her coughs, meant to keep the water out of her lungs, only caused larger amounts of the liquid to enter her system. When he noticed that panick took the better of her he removed the water and while she finally coughed with success, he removed the underwear himself.

Then a plan sprung to mind, something to punish her for her disobedience. A punishment she'd hate more than anything else he had done to her today.


Alex hated losing control. So that was exactly what Ryan would do; taking control. He picked her up again and shoved her upwards against the wall. He quickly positioned his left arm under her right leg and did the same with the other limb. Spreading her legs was easy and before waiting for her next attack he shoved his face into her sex. Alex simply screamed. Not because it hurt but because that was just like Ryan foresaw- the most frustrating thing he could do to her.

She had always hated receiving oral sex, simply because she hated the thought of any man giving her an orgasm. Not being able to control the bodily spasms and shudders an orgasm invoked.

She knew her body would eventually beg for more against her will, it would buckle with his movement, pleading for that explosive bliss. Her body would be completely enslaved by him, even though she was not. Ryan smiled as he shoved his tongue deep inside the moist slit. He felt her nails digging into his skull as a protest but this only turned him on thus the more. Frantically he lapped away over her labia, suckling on the precious bud as he came across it.

"Let go of me, damnit! Let go!" she screamed at him furiously as she slammed her lower body into his face more, which was the only thing she could do.

Again, this only worked as a motivation for Ryan to eat her out more aggressively. He felt his cock rage against his soaked pants as he nearly lost himself in oblivia by the jolts of adrenaline and horniness coursing through his body while tasting her sweetness. Alex felt her body starting to react to the stimuli and even though she tried hard to keep control, she felt her hips ride up against him, inviting the orgasm openly.

"I'll fucking… kill you. Let go!" she yelled without being able to put real threat into her voice. She felt her breath become hasty as she grew tired from her own screams and closer to that orgasm she so hated. Why didn't her body obey her? Why did it seem like such an autonomous betraying piece of meat to her now? Suddenly he let go of her, just before the orgasm was about to hit her. Alex sighed in relief that his timing was so poor.

He must have thought orgasm had already hit her. However, as she opened her eyes and looked into his, she knew that wasn't the case. His pupils were dialated and his gaze was nearly animalistic. His breath was hard and irregular. Ryan wanted to give her that orgasm badly, simply to convince her of his dominance, but he couldn't hold on any longer.

He had to have her now, before his dick was going to explode. He slid her carefully back down the wall until she was on her feet again. However, this meant he had to get his raging hard-on out of his pants first. He grabbed a handful of wet hair and pushed her head down. "Take it out" he growled at her.

Alex looked upwards and glared back at him. She placed her hands in a tight lock behind her back. "Make me…" she hissed back. Hell, she was in trouble either way. Ryan had a serious dilemma by now. Letting go of her meant she could try to escape again. Smashing her head against the wall would damage her which would be a serious impairment for what he had in store for her later.

Alex smiled. She figured it out already, even though she had no clue what his plans were. "You don't want to damage me… do you?" She leaned back against the shower wall as much as his grip allowed her to.

Aggrevated, he let go of her skull and stepped out of the shower. For a moment he figured he'd just let it go. He'd get his way later today. But he was already too angry. She will bow down to him. She must bow down to him, the little bitch. He turned around and smiled.

Alex felt a hint of panick, there was something in that grin which freightened her. Ryan stepped back into the shower and took hold of her neck.

Again he pinned her against the wall. "Suck me off or I'll fuck your face until you bleed for me" he growled softly as a last attempt to force her without having to rely on more violent measures. "No!" she yelled back at him with determinism. Ryan knew he tried his best. She'd have to feel in order to oblige.

"So be it." He adjusted the beam of water and aimed it at her chest, somewhere between her breasts and neck. Then his hand reached out for the handle which regulated the temperature of the for now- nice and soothing warm water. Alex, even before he changed the temperature, let out a terrifying scream. "No! No, please!!' Ryan wasn't much in the mood to hear her apologies now.

He switched the handle completely upwards. Steam and screams filled the cabinet. Searing hot water attacked her milky-white skin viciously and flowed down her stomach and legs. Alex locked her legs to avoid the inferno reaching the delicate genitalia.

Mercilessly Ryan looked upon the tortured girl. He didn't even try to top her voice with his. "Say you want to suck me. Say: 'Please let me suck you, Mr. Stoker'" The first time, Alex did not hear him. She was too busy spasming and screaming. She felt her skin burn, as if it melted off her body. Ryan repeated the same sentence. "Yes. Please. I'll suck. I will. Stop. Just. Please. Turn it off!" Alex was no longer able to form a coherent sentence.

It took her all the effort to remember the words which translated that which was in her mind. Finally, Ryan turned the water off. Alex couldn't do anything but cry. Her skin closely resembled a map of the Amazon now; a broad stripe of red became divided in several small strips of red flows downwards. "Alex, I'm talking to you. Repeat what I just said or I will put the water back on" he calmly commanded her.

"No!' she immediately protested. However, after a few seconds she gave in and uttered "Please let me suck you, Mr. Stoker" with a low defeated voice. Ryan smiled. It gave him a shiver, hearing her say what he wanted her to say.

He wanted to play the game a little longer. "Say: 'You're the best fuck I ever had'" he smiled. She looked at him poisonously.

"You're fucking childish…" she mumbled. "You're the best fuck I ever had!" she yelled as his hand reached for the handle again. "Let's practice some more for the future, shall we? Say: 'I am your possession. You are my owner. If I want to be loved, it will be by my Master.

If I want to be fucked, I will be fucked by my Master. If I choose to betray him, I will die by the hand of my Master.'" Alex didn't struggle, but he felt her tremble in his grip. "I-I am your possession. You are my o-owner. If I want to be…" she tried to remember. "Loved" he reminded her. "If I want to be loved, it will be by my." she hesitated. "Say it…" Ryan growled. He knew she knew the words. "Master" she said while looking down. Ryan forced her on her knees but continued pushing her even lower.

"Lay down" he told her. She obeyed, lying down on her back in the large shower. Ryan mounted her, sitting on his knees above her chest. He looked at her, stroking her face.

"Now look at me. And repeat the rest." Alex took a deep breath and glared into Ryan's icey blue eyes. "If I want to be fucked, I will be fucked by my Master. If I want…want…" Alex stumbled.

"Your memory is really deteriorating, isn't it? If I choose…" Ryan sighed irritated "If I choose to betray my Master, I will…" Another hesitation followed. "Die" he whispered as he took hold of his erection. "I will die by the hand of my Master" Alex repeated. With that last confirmation, Ryan leaned over and positioned his cock above her lips.

"Take it in, baby…" he told her, his voice hoarse by horniness now. He saw her lips tremble, reluctant to allow him in. He moved one hand back and squeezed her right breast hard. He remembered this one was most affected by the hot water. As he squeezed Alex yelled. Her skin burned as if he held a burning match near it. Ryan took advantage of the yell by pushing his cock inside her mouth. Alex groaned in protest but didn't struggle. "Smart girl" he stroked her face while he let his shaft sink in further.

He positioned his hands on either side and just above her head and hoovered above her. Slowly he started to buck his hips in a vast rhythm. "No teeth" he warned her. She felt as good as the day when she went under his desk. Her mouth was hot and moist and her tongue, even though she probably did not do it intentionally, flicked around chaotically, giving him that little bit extra.

"Suck harder" he moaned at her. Alex knew that resisting wouldn't work in her advantage anymore and she did as she was told. Ryan started to ride her rougher. His entire shaft dissapeared in the small orifice with every thrust, causing Alex to gag. "Yesssss&hellip." Ryan hissed at nothing in particular as he tried to dissapear even deeper inside the girl's throat.

Furiously slamming, he forgot about not hurting her. All he wanted now was that release he craved for so badly. Alex felt his hips slam into her face and it started to hurt. Out of protest she tried to scream but all the sound was muffled.

However, the vibrations of her voice on his throbbing dick were exactly what Ryan needed to finish off. He felt hot tingles coming from every corner of his body and slowly move to bundle at the tip of his cock. She also felt him swelling up and knew she couldn't do anything but wait. With a loud moan he felt his semen shoot out of him and straight into her throat.

Still, Alex waited. A minute later Ryan had stood up and looked down at his precious little pet. Alex was still lying on the floor, looking up at him in disgust. He took a moment to take in her red-stained body.

He loved the curves of her hips. Then he exited the shower, a lot more satisfied than the last time he did so. He walked straight into their bedroom and before getting clothes for himself he found a summerdress he remembered to be too short for Liz's taste. It should be just fine for Alex. When he came back into the bathroom Alex sat up straight but remained motionless in the shower. "Put this on and get decent, I want to eat something and leave in thirty minutes" he told her as he put the dress on the edge of the bathtub.

When he finished dressing he went downstairs, prepared a small bite in the kitchen and placed a bottle of water and a sandwich on the dinnertable situated at the back of the living room.

It took a short ten minutes before Alex came downstairs. Ryan was surprised at how pretty she looked in the dress which didn't really flatter his wife's body; it was very tight and therefore accentuated a curvacious figure. Liz didn't have one. She didn't spreak and avoided all eyecontact as she came closer to the table. "Sit down, I made you something to eat" he beckoned her towards a chair. Alex was in no rush to get near him but she felt her stomach ache by hunger.

Last time she ate was an apple before she met up with Jonathan after work the day before. Timidly she took place across Ryan, took the sandwich gratefully and nibbled while staring downwards. Her skin still burned, even though she cooled it off with cold water after Ryan had left.

Luckily most of the redness had gone. Ryan kept his eye on her and smiled at how tiny she now seemed. After she finished the sandwich entirely -Ryan ate three of them himself- she glanced at Ryan for the first time since she entered the room.

His smile almost seemed kind as he observed her quietly. "Satiated?" he asked. Alex nodded. "Then let's go." Ryan got up and walked towards the front door. Alex followed timidly. As soon as he'd open the door, she'd make a run for it. Find out where Jonathan was and stay with him, with a set of knives hidden in her coat if she had to.

She anxiously watched her boss' hand as he reached for the door handle. However, he did not open the door. Instead, he turned around and faced the silent girl. "How do I know you're not going to make a run for it?" he asked her coldly. Alex started to feel tired that he was one step ahead of her again, but wasn't about to give in to him yet.

"You don't. So you're just going to have to try" she replied daringly.

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Ryan smiled and walked back into the room. As he passed Alex he grabbed her arm roughly and dragged her with, back into the living room, in case she was up to no good. "Let's see… where did I leave it?" he pondered as he roamed through an immense closet in one of the corners of the room. He let go of Alex to grab something higher up.

"Ha!" he yelled euphorically as he took a small box from one of the top drawers. As he wiped the dust off the top he opened it carefully with both hands. Alex didn't move. She knew he'd catch her if she'd make a run for it now. In the box a shiny metal band appeared. It was too large to be a bracelet, but it didn't seem like a necklace either.

Alex immediately stepped back. "Here. Now." he commanded her. She didn't move. However, as Ryan made a move towards her she immediately stepped forward. Ryan smiled. Apparantly she started to fear him, even though she tried not to show it. "Hair up" he told her. Slowly Alex did as he asked. He took the band and opened it by taking out a little pin which he also took out of the box. Ryan gently put it around her neck and closed it again through the same witty device.

The click confirmed Alex it was locked in some sort of way. "Gorgeous" he praised his own work. It could easily pass for a slick, modern necklace. Suddenly Alex shot back to reality. "The fuck?!" she yelled as she tried to get the collar-like necklace off her neck. "Take it off!" Ryan simply smiled. "No. You will wear this at all time. You'll find out in time what it's for." Alex opened her mouth to protest but got a flat hand in the face stopping her in her attempt.

She stepped back, bumping into a seat. They silently watched each other for a minute, but it was Alex who spoke first. "So, Mr. Genius, how do you suggest this thing…" she took hold of the collar, "…will stop me from making a run for it?" Alex took on a triumphant smile, which left her face as soon as it came as Ryan answered her smile with the same triumphant look.

"Oh, that was not meant to stop you. This just shows you know who you belong to." He opened another large drawer in the same closet, exposing a cabinet full of liquor bottles. He scanned past the content and took out a bottle of what Alex presumed was- wine.

He grinned. "Duck" he said with an amused tone in his voice. Before Alex knew what he was on about he threw the bottle at her feet. Fortunately for her, she could jump up on the seat before the bottle shattered to pieces, causing the liquor to stream over the expensive wooden floor. "What the hell was that for?" she hissed aggressively at him.

"Take your shoes off" he ordered her as he walked towards her. The closer he came to the seat she was on, the more he heard the glass crush into smaller pieces under his own shoes.

Just like he expected -and somewhat hoped for- she kept her shoes on. "No?" he asked her for confirmation. Alex shook her head stubbornly.

"Good" he smiled. He shot his arm forward, roughly pulling the girl off the seat causing her to fall on the glass and liquor covered floor. He squatted down in front of her. "Lick it up" he whispered. Alex looked at him with wide eyes. "You… cannot… be serious" she breathed inaudible. "Isn't that what girls your age do? Get all boozed up?" he laughed as he grabbed a hand full of hair. Alex knew he wasn't going to stop until he got his way with her.

"Fuck. You." she hissed back at him. Ryan smashed her skull on the floor; full force and face first. Miraculously her face avoided most of the glass shards.

"I want to see you lick. Just think about what you did this morning. That should give you some inspiration" he told her as he kept a tight grip on her skull. His voice grew darker. There was no doubt that he was after breaking her. Alex shrieked and held as still as possible to avoid further damage from the glass.

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"Start licking, little bitch" he told her while reaching out for a larger glass shard. Alex flicked her tongue at the floor to satisfy him and pulled a sour face. She had no idea what kind of liquor it was, but it definitely wasn't wine. It was much stronger than that and she didn't like it. "Now, I am offering you two options. Either you take off your shoes he pointed at her sling-back high heels- or you can suck every last drop off the floor.

Your choice" he shrugged. It didn't take long before she reached her hands down to take off the heels. "Good girl" he stroked her face which was practically undamaged even though the floor was full of glass. He made sure he removed the glass from that patch of floor with his shoe before he pulled her down. Visible cuts wouldn't be a good idea for their afternoon activity.

Not to mention, it would be a terrible waste of such a pretty face. He lifted her up by her hair- causing Alex to shriek and hoisted her back on the seat. He took her heels and put them next to each other on the floor in front of him. Ryan then carefully collected a handful of glass he had crushed under his shoes and put the contents in the both shoes. "Put them back on." Alex turned pale. She didn't seem too eager to oblige.

"Kid, I'm starting to get real tired of having to ask everything several times…" he growled as he reached for another large shard. While she felt beads of warm tears form in the corner of her eyes, she slowly put the shoes back on. "Get up" Ryan smiled while still holding the shard. Alex got up, feeling the glass sting into her feet, but she was too determined not to show him how much it hurt.

She looked at him vigorously. "I suggest you don't make a run for it… It would be a terrible waste to slice up your feet. Although you will probably be just as attractive in a wheel chair" he complimented her mockingly. He steered her by the neck towards the door, hearing her squeak with every step.

She got into his car without further protest. Alex kept a straight face towards the window as they drove on and on, looking at the people flash by, none of them whom were able to take her out of this nightmare. "Where are we going?" she asked in a low voice. "You'll see" he answered. Shortly after, he started to whistle a tune while steering the car into a parking lot.

Alex didn't recognize the area itself, but could tell from the setting that they had arrived at a shopping mall. As they got out the car, Alex let out a painful groan from the stings in her feet. Ryan smiled. He suddenly felt a jolt shooting through his loins when she made her pain clearly audible for the first time. Suddenly his pants seemed to be too tight for his own good. It still surprised him every now and then how much he enjoyed inflicting pain, especially upon Alex.

He closed his coat to hide the small bulge he had grown and kept a close eye on his pet as they walked towards the entrance. Ryan pondered where he'd take her. Or better yet, what he wanted her to wear that night. A dress and some lingerie should do the trick.

After all, she wouldn't keep it on for long anyway. Suddenly he changed his mind. Why should she wear underwear? He'd rather keep her naked as the fuckslut she was.

She didn't deserve to wear underwear. This way she was available whenever he pleased. "A dress it is then" he confirmed to an unaware Alex who had trouble keeping a straight face.

The searing pain jolted through her body. Ryan equally felt the jolts, but his had a very different cause. They walked through the mall Alex utmost careful- until he steered her into an expensive looking clothing store.

A chubby sales woman approached them. "How may I help you?" she kindly addressed the most probable money-maker, in this case the adult male. "I'd like a dress for her" Ryan answered in a business-like fashion. "Do you have anything in mind?" she asked while scouting past the clothing racks in the store.

"Something red would be nice. Or perhaps black." Ryan thought out loud. "I have just the thing. I will be right back!" the lady assured him without further questioning the preferred fabric or shape. While she disappeared out of sight Ryan started to scout through the store himself. As he passed more clothing racks, he became more and more irritated. Most dresses were too fucking… prude. Either they were too long, had an ugly print or the fabric was horrible. Alex still stood at the place they entered.

She avoided walking as much as possible. Suddenly she discovered a small bench in the corner of the store. Slowly -but as fast as her feet allowed her to- she moved towards the bench. "What do you think you're doing?" a menacing voice whispered in her ear from behind.

Alex got startled by the sudden return of her boss and jumped skittishly, making her land on the glass harder than usual. She shrieked but Ryan muffled it with his hand. "You do not sit down until I allow you to, bitch!" he hissed.

"Understood?" Alex, near to crying, nodded as she nervously bit her lower lip to lessen the pain. When Ryan turned around to continue his search he noticed the mannequin glamouring the shopping window of the brightly lit store. A beautiful white cocktail dress presented itself in full glory in the spotlights.

It was exactly what Ryan was looking for. The color wasn't quite what he had in mind, but, then again, white had a symbolic irony to it. It should look lovely on her, especially seen as Alex had much more curves than the mannequin.

The sales woman returned with yet another dull dress just like the ones Ryan saw before. Before she could speak Ryan interrupted her. "We like this dress. Do you have it in a size 36?" The sales woman, trained to obey -unlike Alex- nodded and walked to the back of the store without even showing the dress she had looked for for the past ten minutes.

Ryan beckoned Alex to join him to the dressing rooms. Alex squeaked tormented as she followed her boss. The woman came back with the requested item and gave it to Alex who disappeared in one of the dressing rooms.

Ryan stopped her before she could close the curtain. "Don't take off your shoes?" he warned her, then pushed her in roughly and closed the curtain himself. He strategically sat on the chair facing the specific room. It took a short five minutes before Alex came out of the room again. Ryan now had real trouble controlling his pants. She looked absolutely stunning. The dress, as he expected, closed around her body tightly to keep her curves in control.

It also was much shorter than he expected. The white color matched her light skin, making her appear nearly angelic. "Oh dear…" the sales woman said when she appeared to check her customers. "Is that really a suitable dress for your daughter to go out in?" she asked Ryan worryingly.

Alex seemed a lot more shocked by the fact that the woman made a wrong estimation about their relationship than Ryan was.

He silenced her with a glare. "She's a young adult now. I think we have to give our children the freedom to express themselves the way they want to" Ryan replied kindly to the woman as if it was Alex who insisted on the white dress while she was in the back of the store. "Next to that, my angel here is well accustomed to the attention of boys. My wife and I try to raise her decently, but still she comes home with a different boy almost every week.

Can you believe it?" Ryan laughed. Alex shot him the most poisonous of looks for humiliating her so openly while the sales woman smiled nervously due to the awkward conversation. Alex felt even increasingly uncomfortable as she felt her breasts bulge in the exceptionally tight dress. The strapless dress hugged her bosom so tight that she wondered if it would stay in place for long.

"We'll take it" Ryan smiled as he gestured Alex to get back in the dressing room. Another short five minutes later Ryan used cash to pay for the dress, in case his wife would check his credit card bill. Alex gasped as he gave the woman over 700 euros for such a flimsy piece of cloth. She never had a dress which was this expensive.

"Mission accomplished, I'd say" he smiled at the girl in awe by his side. When they arrived back at what Alex now recognized as Ryan's street, he stopped the car roughly.

Ryan recognized the white BMW standing in the driveway in front of his house. Liz was home. "Showtime" he sighed. He turned to Alex.

"Now let's go over this once. My wife is home and is probably getting ready for that stupid party I have to attend to tonight. I told her you offered to babysit when I asked you at the office." Alex still stared out the window, uninterested in what her boss had to say to her. "Look at me when I'm talking to you, slut!" Ryan hissed as he yanked her towards him by her neck. She didn't make a sound but looked at him poisonously. "I'm listening." Ryan glanced outside at the shiny vehicle again as if he expected Liz to pop outside any moment.

Then he turned back towards Alex. "I want you to…" he started but then interrupted his sentence. He knew that he had to physically separate himself from her for a little while. Liz could become suspicious if he came inside with Alex. But if he cut her loose in order to make her ring the bell ten minutes later she could make a run for it. He wouldn't be able to chase her as Liz expected him to go to the gala with her. By the time he'd be able to fake any kind of sickness to leave the party, Alex could be miles away, possibly probably- with Jonathan by her side.

Ryan cursed. Alex, accustomed to her new status, immediately shot back in her seat to avoid any kind of punishment for whatever she did or didn't do. He had to think of something fast. As he scouted through the car he noticed two scarves which he left there yesterday evening, when he used several others to tie her petite frame up. One of them was definitely meant for summer days. It was thin and silky, in an earthy color. "This is going to be tricky… If anything fails, you'll pay for it.

Understood?" Alex nodded slowly; even though she had no clue what the hell he was on about. "Follow me to the front door. Make sure you stay behind me and stay out of view from the front window" he commanded her as he parked the car a fair few meters before his own lawn and stepped out. Alex got out from her side of the car and joined Ryan to his house.

When they reached his residence, he carefully took a look at the window but couldn't detect Liz. He couldn't resist misbehaving again, knowing he could get caught any moment. With a violent shove he threw Alex against the wall next to the front door. He didn't worry about neighbors spotting them; hedges covered both sides of the perfectly kept- lawn. While trying to catch her fall with her hands, Alex felt a sharp sting jolt through her right shoulder.

A rain-pipe ran alongside the wall, blocking her fall before she was able to react. Ryan covered her mouth with his hand to avoid her cry. He followed her forward, pushing his body against hers, not caring about whether cars passed by.

Even though they were both clothed, the thought alone that he was dry-fucking a beautiful young girl right in front of his house where his wife currently was, nearly drove him mad with lust.

He took a deep sigh to take control over himself again. Patience… Your time will come, he told himself in his head. He took out the sandy-colored scarf and took hold of Alex' left hand, which he carefully tied to the rain-pipe in a series of complicated knots. It should keep her busy for a while. "Ring the bell in about ten minutes, I'll open up.

Understood?" He didn't wait for a reply but passionately kissed her. Alex turned her head to the wall to avoid him. Ryan lifted his hand but knew he couldn't slap her now. "Ten minutes… Don't make a sound or I'll slit your throat" he sneered at her just before he entered the house.

He heard his wife yell down from the first floor: "Hi honey! I'm upstairs. Are you coming to get dressed too? We need to leave in about an hour. - Oh, where did I leave my earrings…?

Ah, there they are Did you arrange a babysitter?" Her head popped around the corner. She smiled at her husband. "Yes, I did. She should be here any moment" he reassured her and motioned her to continue her beauty session. He went upstairs into the bed room, but stayed near the door.

He knew he had to get to the door first, but he didn't worry much. His wife was putting on make-up and judging by the amount of products sprawled out on the dressoir she wasn't done any time soon. She did take a moment to hug her lover and kiss the mouth which had kissed a much younger girl only minutes earlier. "I love you" Liz said lovingly and went back to the dressoir. Instead of feeling guilt, Ryan felt a rush by his little wifey devoting to him so severely while he was about to fuck someone else's brains out.

He smiled at how disturbed he really was. But he loved it. They were feelings he never felt before, stronger than anything he ever felt before. Ryan slowly picked out a suit to wear that night. As he looked for 'the ideal pair of socks' to wear with the suit he had to delay changing until the doorbell rang he eventually chose a pair that seemed fine. His wife wore a very decent purple dress for the night.

It looked like one of those designs he saw hanging on the clothing racks at the store he took Alex to that afternoon; dull and prudent. It made him look forward to the night even more. He glanced at his wife who did her utmost best to look as pretty as possible. Ryan walked towards her and held her by her shoulders, leaning in to view her face in the mirror. She meant very little to him anymore.

Both the lust and the love for her were long gone. He just didn't feel love at all anymore. Lust had become more important, together with another feeling he couldn't quite define.

And both of those feelings were for now- entirely directed at little Alex. "You look gorgeous, darling" he confirmed to his wife when she looked at him in the mirror for approval. His frame shot up when the familiar jingle, announcing a visitor, sounded. "I'll take it" he told her as he immediately went for the door. As he opened the door, he grinned at the girl tied up to the rain-pipe.

He had taken the scissors from the kitchen and instead of undoing the knots, he simply cut the entire scarf loose. He hid the scarf behind a pile of papers near the door. Allowing a defeated Alex to walk past him, Liz came downstairs with a broad smile. "You remember my colleague Alex, honey?" he asked sheepishly.

"Of course! Thank you so much for taking care of our child tonight" she said in such a cheerful voice that Alex as opposed to her boss immediately felt sorry for her. "No problem…" she said so depressed that Ryan gave her a hateful look, so piercing that she added a much happier "I'm happy to help!" to her first reply.

Ryan nodded approvingly at her quick change of tone. "Honey, please, change. We'll be late" Liz urged Ryan timidly. Before he went up the stairs he held a finger in front of his pouted lips, silencing Alex for the time he would be absent. While he changed, Liz gave Alex a small tour of the house Alex already knew. She told her where she could find snacks and drinks, but also where to find emergency numbers Alex sighed at the irony of the situation- and how to tuck the baby in.

"He's asleep right now, the little angel. He won't be much trouble, I'm sure" she winked at a quiet Alex. "Wouldn't you like to take off your coat?" she continued. "No thank you, Mrs. Stoker. It's rather cold here." Liz frowned. "Oh… I wasn't aware of that. Feel free to change the settings of the radiator if you like" she apologized. Alex felt increasingly bad. She was such a sweet and sincere woman. How could she have married such a pig?

Ryan came downstairs, wearing a black suit, a lavender shirt and a dark purple tie, matching his wife's dress. It was the first time Alex was glad he was near her. The past few minutes she had been avoiding all of Liz's personal questions. "Oh!" Liz cried out in awe "Honey, you look wonderful!" Ryan smiled at his wife and kissed her while stroking her arm tenderly. Alex felt a hot sting of anger at him for misleading his wife so badly.

She didn't seem like a woman who deserved to be backstabbed like that. Liz pulled away from her husband and with a hint of a blush on her cheeks she looked at Alex, somewhat embarrassed for the intimate scene in front of her lover's colleague.

"Will you be alright?" she asked for the fourth time that evening. Alex nodded. "Don't worry, Mrs. Stoker. I got everything under control." As she articulated the last words very clearly she looked at Ryan challenging.

This war wasn't over just yet. Liz nodded approvingly and left the room, heading towards the front door. Ryan simply nodded at Alex. He couldn't say much with his wife still within hearing range. Alex mockingly waved goodbye as Ryan left the house together with his powdered-up wife by his side. When the door slammed closed, Alex sank back into one of the comfortable couches in the living room. She stared at the wall blankly for several minutes.

Suddenly she remembered the agonizing stadium her feet were in. She removed her shoes slowly and felt the bottom of her feet carefully. They went numb by the amount of pain she had endured during the day. Another flare of anger emanated within her body. Slowly Alex started picking out the pieces of glasses from her feet. The smaller ones she'd have to do with tweezers. It took a small hour until she felt somewhat certain every piece of glass was removed from her blood-stained feet.

She emptied the remainder of the glass which still covered the soles of her shoes on the floor. The blood slightly stained the carpet in the living room as did her footprints when she walked up the stairs. Alex couldn't care less at this point. She entered the baby room quietly, not wanting to wake up the infant.

Alex looked at the child, which she guessed was perhaps a little over one year old. She couldn't imagine Ryan was the father of the sweet little thing which seemed to be far away in dreamland. She immediately felt sorry for the poor baby.

Luckily it was a he. God knows what Ryan would have done to him at later age if he would've been a girl. Alex wouldn't be much surprised. She reached in to tuck the child in a bit extra before she left the room to explore the house.

She contemplated whether she'd make a run for it, but his words kept haunting her. He knew that if she did so, he would come after her.

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She'd never be able to show her face at the office again. She'd never be able to walk, eat or sleep in peace not knowing whether he found her. It was not the future she wanted. Next to that, she couldn't leave the baby alone. What if something would happen to him? The baby did not have to suffer for his father's behavior. No.


She would face her boss. And she would be ready for him. However, it wouldn't hurt to face her boss prepared. As she walked around discovering the upper floor she avoided the bath room- she thought of the possibilities. If she took a few knives, she would surely be able to hide them somewhere in her dress.

On second though, that option made her anxious as well. In the tight dress Ryan ordered her to wear she might cut herself, if the blade was turned towards her body, or the expensive dress, if turned to the outside.

She wasn't sure for which cut Ryan would punish her harder for if her plan failed. She shivered in horror while continuing her search for something anything- useful in the master bed room Suddenly she froze up. This was almost too good to be true.

From a small black box under the marital bed she pulled out a gun. Alex heard herself giggle for a moment. Seriously, a gun? The stupid fuck left a gun for her to find? Finally fortune seemed to turn towards her side. However, she didn't cheer just yet. What if he kept it unloaded? Checking the content of the black box she couldn't find any bullets.

Please let it be loaded, please let it be loaded… she pleaded with the metal object as she sought a way to open it up.

She never held a real gun before. It was heavy and cold. Not to mention damn complex when your hands are trembling. It all seemed so easy when you watch it on tv. Finally it seemed to click open. Her heart skipped a beat. There were two bullets in. She could even miss one time and obviously that was going to happen- and still injure the bastard.

Two anxious hours later Alex sat on the living room couch again. The white dress she put on was so tight that sitting made breathing difficult. The gun was too big to hide in the dress so she sat on it for the time being.

She had turned the television on to kill time. The movie, some action flick, didn't interest her though. Her mind was occupied with all the possible scenarios she could face when Ryan would return. Funny enough she didn't feel afraid. Nor did she feel angry or sad anymore. She just felt empty and blank and emotionless. To shake off the negative feelings she went back upstairs to check on the baby boy.

He was still asleep when she glanced inside the little bed. Alex leaned on the edge and looked upon the little being for a while. For some reason the innocence of the sleeping child comforted her. Suddenly she heard a soft thump, nearly inaudible and coming from downstairs. Alex felt a cold shiver creeping down her spine.

Did he come home? She listened closely. A few moments later she heard footsteps on the wooden stairs. Her breathing became louder as she grew increasingly nervous. Silently she took a step towards the little cabinet in the back of the room.

She curled her fingers around the solid metal of the gun and lifted it slowly off the piece of furniture, aiming it at the door with both hands. She couldn't keep her hands steady, which betrayed her state of fear. "Oh Aaaalex…?" a male voice sang teasingly as Ryan came closer to the baby room. "Where did you run off to, sugar?" Judging by his voice she knew he hadn't suffered from a lack of alcoholic beverages to kill time at that formal gala. Finally he appeared in the doorway.

His tie was loosened, the knot now hung loosely onto his partially bare chest. He unbuttoned the first three buttons of his blouse, although he had not taken the effort to take off his jacket yet. His hair, which was so slick and orderly when he left, now seemed a bit bewildered, as did his eyes as he locked his with Alex's. His smile left as soon as hers appeared. "Surprise, bastard" she hissed as she kept the gun aimed at his chest.

She didn't try to aim for his head, his chest was a bigger target so she had a bigger chance of hitting him in case he was up to no good.

He didn't speak and glanced at the girl holding his own weapon. "Seriously, you left a gun for me to find under your bed? What a dumbass move to make.

You don't make a good kidnapper, you know that?" she mocked him. He regained his posture and smiled. "What makes you think I'm afraid of you, baby girl? You don't even know how to wield such a dangerous object…" Alex just smiled right back at him. "Think again, asshole" she replied coldly as she toggled the safety pin. "I've seen enough movies where people were stupid enough not to remember the safety pin. Gotta love the information us… 'kids' receive from mass media, nowadays." "Good girl" he soothed her as he took a careful step forward, entering the room.

"Stay the fuck back!" she yelled at him agressively while she also took a step forward to intimidate him. The baby stirred by the yelling. Alex and Ryan locked eyes for a full minute as they remained like a pair of statues, waiting for the other to make a move. Alex felt increasingly uncomfortable. Even though she was in control of the situation, she didn't feel good at all.

It suddenly occurred to her that she was about to hurt or even worse, kill- a person. Her stomach flipped over and she felt nausea flush her body. Again, Ryan read her like a book and smiled. "Not easy pointing a gun at someone, huh kid? You think you got the guts for it?" Alex kept her finger firmly on the trigger.

"Shut up!" she hissed.

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Ryan started to move in. Alex felt as if she was about to puke. She didn't want to kill someone. She never hurt anyone before. "Go on. Fire the gun. Kill the man you're so eager to destroy.

Release all that anger inside of you." Ryan provoked her as he was now only a few feet away from the girl. The pressure became so hard to handle that she felt herself nearly black out. She didn't want to kill. Let alone the father of the child in the same room. Finally she made a choice, concluding she had none.

Alex took a deep breath, closed her eyes and without thinking again, she pulled the trigger. A loud bang filled the room. Alex, startled by the sound itself, jumped back in horror. The child immediately started to scream, terrified by the noise in his safe environment.

A moment later she opened her eyes. Her jaw fell to the floor. There stood Ryan, unharmed and smiling with his arms contently resting on his hips. Instead of feeling nauseated and scared, she felt an intense fury rise from within.

Her doubts were instantly gone. "Fucking die already!" she screamed as she pulled the trigger again, now with open eyes and carefully aimed. Another loud bang now complemented her voice. The baby started screaming even louder after the second bang went off. But again, nothing happened. No blood. No scream. No nothing. "No." Alex gasped in confusion as she dropped the gun to the floor. The only sound louder than the baby's terrified cries was Ryan's laughter.

"Christ, you should have seen your own face. That was one fucking hilarious sight." Alex held on to the ledge of the cabinet as she felt her limbs become heavy. "How…" she whispered as she stumbled on her legs. "Surely you watched enough tv to recognize blanks?

You don't think I keep a loaded gun in a house with a frail wife and three children, do you?" he reassured her as his laughter started to lessen. He took a moment to remove the tears from the intense laughter, then took on a more serious attitude. "Enough fooling around.

Let's get to business, shall we? We have a busy night ahead of us" He made a move towards Alex, reaching out his arm to grab hold of her. Alex instinctively did the only thing she could think of to protect herself. She, carefully yet fast, grabbed the screaming infant from his bed and held him up in front of her. The baby hovered right between Alex and Ryan as a human shield. By now, Ryan was less than humored. "Put the baby away, I'm not up for playing around anymore" he warned her.

"No. If you come near me, I'll&hellip. I'll fucking drop him. I'll babyshake him to death!" she threatened back with a trembling voice. "I'll do it. I swear!" Instead of further negotiation, Ryan launched forward. He roughly took the boy out of Alex's hands and -to Alex's horror- tossed him back into the cradle like a ragdoll. The child now started to cry even louder. "You fucking idiot!" was all that Alex could scream at him as she instinctively bolted towards the cradle to see if the child was alright.

The way he landed, Ryan could have snapped his arm. Or break his neck, for fuck sake. Ryan caught her midway.

"Enough!" he yelled as he tossed her against the cabinet harshly. He didn't look at the child once. He didn't care about it. If it wasn't for Liz' maternal instincts kicking in again he never would have had a third kid. He squatted down in front of Alex, who sat on the floor dazed. Curling his fingers around the frail neck he held his face inches away from hers.

"Are you really going to keep this up for much longer, kid? You know I'll have it my way sooner or later" He meant what he said and he had the time for it as well. While trying to come up with the ideal excuse to get away from the party earlier, Liz ran into a woman called Lulu Ashton or was it Ashley Lewton?- who appearanyly was some wealthy upperclass snob, most influential amongst the ladies of the 'better' society.

Liz was thrilled when Lulu or Ashley whomever - invited her to one of her late night tea parties with a few other women that night. The way she spoke about it made it difficult for Ryan not to burst out into laughter. It was as if Jesus himself would appear to them that night and bless them with immortality, when all they did was gossip about those who were not among them. Liz was completely fascinated and insisted upon joining which gave Ryan an excuse to ditch her and leave for home as soon as possible.

Alex, recovering from her dazed state, looked at Ryan with a face that would break any regular man's heart. Her eyes were watering, knowing she had no way of escaping whatever he had in store for her next. "Behave yourself and I'll be gentle with you, understood?" To his surprise, Alex nodded. He broke her again, just like first time on his desk. There was no resistance in her eyes anymore. He caressed her face in such a gentle way it surprised her.

At the same time it confirmed her that she was better off not fighting. Slowly, continuously checking whether he approved of her action, she got up.

Ignoring the still frantic baby, she wanted to walk past him to find a more suitable place for their intimate rendez-vous. Ryan softly pushed her back against the cabinet. "This will do just fine" Normally, Alex would protest to protect the infant from the traumatic experience to see his father have sex with someone other than his mother right in front of them, but then again, Ryan's decision was probably final.

The child was too young to understand what happened anyway. To show her boss a sign of good will, she elevated herself onto the cabinet. He smiled, kindly this time, not wickedly like before. His hands reached for her face, tilting it up to look at him. Then he slid them downwards past her jawline, neck and shoulders.With both hands he simultaneously traced the curves of her body in the tight white dress downwards. Ryan pushed her upper torso back softly to tilt her body just enough so he could scoot the dress upwards.

He deftly massaged the insides of her thigh as he spread her legs as wide as they could on the small cabinet. To his surprise her labia already glistened with moist. He grinned, bearing his teeth like a wild animal. "Well, well… what a pleasant surprise" he said to Alex, who looked at him questioningly, unaware of what he was talking about.

"Does violence turn you on? Is that it?" he continued, closing his face to hers. Alex drew hers back in intimidation. He now towered over her frame, pushing his clothed groint into her sex. Alex now understood what he meant. She felt how the fabric of his pants rubbed over the sensitive and already engorging flesh of her labia.

She was, for reasons she couldn't understand, aroused and her genitalia betrayed her. Alex tried to keep a strict face nonetheless, but Ryan seemed determined to uncover her little secret. After screaming some obscenities towards the still agonized infant next to them, he continued his focus on his pet.

Softly he started to rub his also partially engorged dick against her vulva. Even though the fabric between their bodies frustrated him, the thought of having her at his mercy was enough to satisfy him for now. Alex felt her face flush. Even though she knew fighting would only work in her disadvantage, she had no intention of letting Ryan continue this game he was playing.

Meanwhile, he kept on going with humiliating remarks to fuel the resistance he wanted from her more than her submission. "Actually, I wouldn't be surprised it's not so much the violence you're into. It's who violates you, isn't it? You want me to fuck you, even though you try so hard to deny yourself. Isn't that right, bitch?" "Stop it!" she hissed when she felt she could no longer lay there in his service.

She raised her torso up again, pushing Ryan back. "Just shut up already!" Ryan smiled. "As you wish" he obliged gladly. He now focused on his fingers roaming closer to the inside of her thighs. He locked his eyes on hers as he pushed two fingers in, which went smoothly thanks to the abundant wetness.

Alex gasped but kept perfectly still as he moved his fingers in and out of her slit. Ryan didn't satisfy himself for a long time this way. He felt his cock grow in his pants, eager to get out and get in somewhere else. "I guess I won't be needing this then" he stated as he put the bottle of baby oil, which stood on the cabinet next to Alex, back in a drawer. Alex hadn't notice him take it out.

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Somehow she was repulsed by the idea that he would use baby oil the same substance which Liz used to take care of the baby boy- as lubricant for to fuck her. Ryan drew his fingers back out and, to Alex's disgust, suckled them off vigourously, clearly enjoying the taste. By now she long understood it wasn't simply his aim to fuck her. He wanted to make it as humiliating and horrible for her possible.

Ryan figured he toyed enough. "Get to work" he ordered her as he stoked the rim of his pants to give her a clue. Alex hesitated. "Don't make me ask you twice, woman" he growled. Still, Alex didn't move. Despite the difficult situation she was in, it took her by surprise that for the first time since they became more than boss and employee, he had called her 'woman' as opposed to 'kid'.

This gave her resistance a whole new boost. She raised her head and glared. "No" she said with newly acquired determination. Ryan smiled and raised his hand, ready to hit her right back into submission. Suddenly a bang, coming from downstairs, took them both by surprise. Alex immediately recognized it as the sound of the front door. Hope took the better of her. Had Liz come home? But if Liz had arrived from the party, then why didn't Ryan panick?

She analyzed his face, which was turned towards the door. Ryan seemed… angry. Suddenly Alex feared for Liz. Would he hurt her for caughting his faux-pas with her? He sighed "Impeccable timing, as always" he sneered at the direction where the sound came from. He stroked Alex's bare legs and to her surprise, he told her to adjust her dress. Alex noticed him taking a good look at the collar around her neck he put on her that morning and adjusted it.

He nodded approvingly. He held her face with one hand and played around with her hair. Alex started to feel anxious by his change of heart. Suddenly, he let go of her, turned around and walked towards the door. "Come with me" he said in a still friendly, yet strict tone. Alex sighed in relief. No sex in front of baby. She got off the cabinet and followed her boss timidly and slowly. Even though it was she who was in trouble, she feared for Liz. When she reached the stairs, Ryan had already reached the bottom floor.

"She's on her way" he said to someone directed towards the living room. Alex froze midway the stairs. Who was he talking to?

Ryan had entered the living room and dissapeared out of her sight. "Alex, come here" he said strictly. She slowly moved forward again, peering sideways from the stairs, trying to see who was with Ryan in the room. "Alex!" he said again, his voice definetely sounded impatient now. She figured she rather not made him and the certain other?- wait. Timidly she turned around the corner. She froze in shock. On the couch sat Ben. Ben, her colleague. Ben from the office sitting two desks to the right of her.

Alex stood in the doorway, her lower jaw hanging down in disbelief. "W-what are you…" she started a sentence directed at the mystery guest, but he interrupted her by turning to Ryan. "She looks gorgeous. You really know how to present them well" he complimented him.

"Thank you" he replied in turn. "Although you caught me in the middle of a last check-up…" he continued, somewhat irritated, but Ben interrupted him, "I'm not paying you to fuck them senseless over and over again." Ben now took one a more serious attitude.

"What's her physical state?" he asked Ryan as he looked at Alex, taking her in from head to toe.

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"Her feet are not unspoilt. Had to use glass to keep her near me. She's been a lot of trouble." Ben smiled. "Genitals? Breasts?" "Completely intact and unharmed, as agreed" Ryan stated. "Perhaps you can." "What the fuck is going on?" Alex screamed right through the conversation. "What the hell are you doing here? What are you talking about?" She felt her face flush in anger and fear. She hadn't expected this at all. "Quiet!" Ben agressively hushed her.

"She has quite a mouth, doesn't she? I expected she wasn't entirely submissive, but that she'd be trouble." he said to Ryan as they both got up and walked towards the girl.

"Fuck no!" Alex yelled and bolted back towards the stairs. Ryan already expected such a reaction and sped after her. He was able to run up the stairs taking four steps at a time as opposed to little Alex, who only ran half as fast.

On top of the stairs he caught her by the waist. "Back downstairs with you, kid" he snarled as he dragged her down. Ryan came back into the living room, hardly capable of holding on to the clawing, kicking and screaming girl.

"Calm down!" he yelled as Ben closed in. He grabbed both of Alex's wrists, which wasn't too difficult for him as her clawing was directed at the man behind her, making her wrists easily accesible to him.

Ryan, thankful for his cooperation to take control of the wildcat in front of him, took over the wrists and locked them behind her back. Because of the size of her tiny wrists, he was able to hold them both with one hand. His right hand held a firm grip on her neck. "Got her" he confirmed to Ben. "Move it to that big trap of hers" he corrected Ryan. Ryan obeyed, moving his hand from her neck towards her mouth, holding such a tight grip Alex was afraid her jaw might crack. "Much better, I don't need to hear her anymore." Ben nodded.

Alex was ready to spam a new wave of objections but more than a high-pitched muffled mumbling didn't escape her mouth. "Now to continue our conversation before we got rudely interrupted…" he gave Alex a foul look "…has she been used much?" Ryan laughed.

"Hardly. She's as tight as a virgin, in any hole." More protesting growls followed. "The only one she had was her boyfriend, some skinny kid who couldn't have been very…" he paused a moment and squeezed her wrists to taunt her "…impressing." Ben continued in a monotone fashion.

"What about her breasts?" It was not so much the questions her colleague asked that frightened Alex, it was the way he asked them. They were so emotionless, as if he read them off a paper. It fed her fear that this meeting wasn't a coinsedence at all, but something which had been planned for a longer time than she wished to believe. "I think they will do. Of course I'm not familiar with the preferences of your clients, but…" Ryan interrupted his sentence to keep a firm grip on the girl, who began trashing around the moment the word 'clients' was pronounced "they will do." Ben, not entirely convinced, closed in on the girl.

He reached out for the zipper of the dress, only half undoing it. Before Alex could so much as protest again, he yanked the top of the strapless dress down, revealing her breasts. He took hold of them, squeezing them, following the curves.

Ben even took the time to stimulate her nipples to see what they would look like in their hardened state. Alex burst out into tears, humiliated by her random colleague groping her like that.

She wanted to fight, but she started to tire. She had trouble breathing through her nose all the time as Ryan kept a tight grip on her mouth. She felt dizzy and confused by everything that happened. How did she wind up in this kind of situation?

She hadn't done anything wrong. Silently she prayed, hoped, wished, anything that could save her from this nightmare. In her head she promised whatever deity existed out there that she'd never tease or provoke anyone ever again. She would go back to school and find an honest job, working her way up the socio-economical ladder through her own efforts.

Through watery eyes she glanced at Ben, who carefully placed an expensive looking suitcase on the table. As he opened it, Alex burst out into tears.

It was filled with unfolded neat stacks of bills. It was no mystery anymore what was happening. A sale was about to take place and she was the purchased merchandise. Her boss sold her to Ben, her colleague Ben who was so worried about her the day he forced her to perform fellatio under his desk. That he approached her that day probably was not a coinsedence either. "You're the only one who still works with cash payments, you know that?

Our friends in Russia and America have accounts over on the Cayman's. You should try it." Ben chit-chatted as he showed Ryan exact how many stacks were in. "I'm old-fashioned. I rather not leave any trails leading back to me" he shrugged. As Ben glared at Alex his eyes were cold, unaffected by her tears- taking her in from head to toe once again, he mentioned: "You know I can't offer you the normal rate for this one.

I'm not sure if she's worth the money, seen as I haven't picked her out myself. The quality is lower than my preference." Ryan smiled. "She's worth it, trust me." He flipped the girl around roughly and locked eyes with the terrified creature in front of him.

Ben, in the mean time, adjusted the dress around her breasts and zipped her up. "If it wasn't for your little attempt to blaickmail me, I probably wouldn't even have noticed what a gem you were" he now spoke directly to Alex. He felt her tremble in his grip, partially from fear, partially from the crying she still so desperately tried to avoid. She eyed him with mixed feelings, a mingling of shame and anger.

Again that determinism appeared in her eyes. Ryan was impressed. Even now, when she had no chance of escaping whatever fate Ben had for her in store, she stood her ground.

It was the only moment that Ryan felt remorse. Not for his actions though. In the past years he delivered several girls to Ben or others in the network. He did exactly what he was supposed to do. Find them, capture them, break them in, tame them and present them to the buyer.

However, Alex had never been a conscious choice from the start. It was sheer coinsedence she presented herself to him. She was special to him. He loved her fierceness, her nearly unbreakable spirit and unruly ways of doing. If it wasn't for the fact that he needed the money for this job badly it had been a while since he delivered his last package- he would've considered keeping her as his own.

Perhaps he should consider finding a personal pet soon. "Is she reserved?" he asked with a hint of curiosity. He normally didn't ask where the girls would end up, but as a final act of dominance over his little colleague. Ben looked at his surprised, until he realized Ryan spoke out of his own interest. "Yes. I got an order from Japan which is going to make me a very rich man as soon as I am done with her.

Don't even think about buying her off, you couldn't afford what they will pay me" he laughed eventually. "It's sheer luck that she fits the profile, else I wouldn't have bothered to put her on the market." Alex started to cry again, unable to grasp reality.

There was no way she could end up being some Japanese bastard's sex slave or pet or servant or dinner or furniture or fuck knows what she was meant for. "Please…" she pleaded with Ryan for the last time, locking eyes with him for a final time. She realized life as she knew it was over. She would never see Jonathan, the office, her apartment, her parents or her friends again.

Ryan released his grip over her mouth and instantly a cloth with a strong intoxicating smell was held over her mouth. Ryan kissed her, the first and onlt object of his affection and desire, goodbye on the forehead as she slowly slipped into unconsciousness. In her last moments of awareness she looked up at a lamp hanging in the room, which began to grow brighter and brighter until it filled her entire vision with a white haze before slowly fading into the black nothingness.

In the final moment she heard Ben's voice somewhere in the distance "Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Welcome to my world, baby."