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Teen lady man permeated amp_ creamed
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Brian had just gotten home from work, just stepped into the door, when he heard his phone ringing. He set his bag on the floor and dashed over to pick it up. "Hi." He said eagerly after looking at the caller I.D. "Hi honey, how's it going?" Said a womans voice on the other end. "It's fine, I still have quite a bit of unpacking to do. I just got back from orientation." He replied, as he glanced around his small apartment, realizing he would have a lot of work to do.

"So the trip there was fine? Me and your father were a little bit worried about you that we didn't hear from you last night." Said his mother. "I know, the trip up here was exhausting. I ended up not staying at a hotel, and finished the trip in just under twenty six hours." Brian replied, realizing he still didn't get enough rest last night.

"It's okay sweety, we were just a little worried. I'll let you go, cause I am sure you have plenty of to do.

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Give me a call in a few days and let me know how things are going." "I will, say hi to Dad for me." "I will, bye honey." "Bye." And with that Brian hung up the phone. He walked over to his chair and flopped himself down.

He surveyed the room. The apartment was furnished. He guessed that the school did that to help students save money, so that they wouldn't have to buy their own furniture, even though Brian did bring with the chair he was sitting in.

His dad had a Dodge pick-up truck that he said he could use to bring his stuff up here, but when he had a break from school, that he wanted him to bring it back home, and take a bus back up here. He slowly drifted asleep, letting his head fall back and his arms hang off the arm rests of the chair. It was Saturday, and Brian woke up to the sound of a dog barking outside. He got up and stretched, immeaditely regretting falling asleep in the chair. He cracked his elbows and his knees, then his back.

He walked to the kitchen and opened up the fridge. He had stopped at the store the night before, and had gathered some essentials for the morning. He loved to make omeletes. He went back into the living room, searching for the box labeled 'kitchen supplies.' He found it, opened it up, quickly put things away, and then got what he needed.

After about twenty minutes he had his breakfast made, and he was quickly inhaling it in. He cleaned up the kitchen, and got right to work. He started arranging the bedroom first. Got all of his cloths out, hung them up, made the bed, set up several pictures of his family and friends around the room.

He then moved on to what would be his study room. They already had a nice computer desk there, so he got his computer and set it up. The building he was in offered high speed cable internet at only an additonal five dollars to the rent. Brian was happy about this, he just couldn't live without his computer, and was already starting to have computer withdrawls.

After everything was hooked up, he got on and got himself connected to the internet.

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He checked his mail and his buddy lists, but no one was on, which wasn't uncommon for his friends for a Saturday, most of them had school during the week, and worked on the weekends, it was only a matter of time before Brian fell to the same fate. He was just about to get up when he recieved an instant message.

CuteChicagoBunny: Hi Brian didn't know this person, but decided to reply back. OneCreativeSoul: Hi, how are you? CuteChicagoBunny: I'm good, how are you? OneCreativeSoul: I'm fine.

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CuteChicagoBunny: That's good. OneCreativeSoul: I don't mean to be rude, but, do I know you? CuteChicagoBunny: No, that isn't rude, and no you don't, I saw your profile on Plentyoffish.com, and you had your IM listed.

Brian couldn't believe it, he had set up that profile months ago, but never got any positive feedback yet. OneCreativeSoul: Oh ok, did you ad me, cause I just signed on. CuteChicago Bunny: Yeah I did, I hope you don't mind. I really loved your profile. You said something about starting school soon, what school are you going to? OneCreativeSoul: The Illinois Institute of Art. CuteChicagoBunny: No way! Are you at the Chicago campus or Schaumburg campus.

OneCreativeSoul: The Schaumburg one, housing was just too expensive in Chicago when I looked, I needed something that I could afford. CuteChicagoBunny: Wow, this is amazing, I'm gonna be transfering there in about two months, same kind of situation for me. My roommate is gonna be leaving at the end of the month, so I need to find a place out there, and I already have something lined up. Brian was begining to think positive. He decided to check her profile, though, there wasn't much of anything there.

OneCreativeSoul: That's awesome.

What are you majoring in? CuteChicagoBunny: Fashion design. I hope to design some stuff like Just Cavalli. I went to a fashion show in New York a few years ago, that is where I am from originally, and I saw some many of the worlds top fashion designers. That is what got me to want to go into fashion. What are you majoring in. OneCreativeSoul: Photography. I love taking photos. CuteChicagoBunny: I'd love to pose for you sometime, maybe in one of my dresses that I made.

OneCreativeSoul: That'd be cool, good way to start a portfolio. They talked for a for another hour, when CuteChicagoBunny had to go. OneCreativeSoul: Before you go, my names Brian, what's yours? CuteChicagoBunny: Chelsea. It was great talking with you Brian, hope to talk to you again soon. She signed off and Brian just let out a long sigh. See Brian isn't your typical guy. He is short for his age, and a little chunky around the mid section, but other then that, he is a very handsome guy. He had a few dates in high school, but because of misfortune, he got a bad reputation thrown around the school, and no girl would go out with him anymore.

There was definately apart of him that wanted to get laid, but he also wanted to find the right person. He wasn't sure if Chelsea was right, but he sure thought that they had hit it off rather well. Brian got the rest of his apartment in order and went to bed early that night.

Sunday came and went. Brian awoke to his alarm clock on Monday morning, realizing he had his first day of college.

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He left his building and walked to the bus stop. When the bus arrived, he payed the fare, and made his way to the back of the bus.

Once they arrived at the school he got off the bus and made his way to the building. He walked in and was yanked to the side. He stared into a pair of the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen in his entire life.

"Hi Brian!" Said the girl with great enthusiasm. Brian was speechless. Her eyes had put him under a trance. "Brian.it's me, Chelsea!" She said, trying to bring him back to reality. He shook his head and looked into her face. Chelsea was several inches taller then him, but just below the average height for women.

Her skin was nicely tanned. She had a very slender face, her cheeks angled so that they almost made a point on her chin. She had long dirty blonde hair that was loosely curled. She had on a white t-shirt that was sporting the Power Puff Girls, and faded pink jean shorts. Even though her shirt wasn't tight, you could see the curves that she had.

The jeans accented her butt nicely too. "Cute Chicago Bunny?" He asked. "The one and only baby." She said in a seductive voice. She leaned up to him and pressed her lips to his. Brian's senses were going wild. He had been kissed before, the the electricity that this woman had was unlike anything he had experienced before. She slid her tongue into his mouth, coaxing his tounge to come out and play. While she was doing this she reached down to his crotch and gave it a small squeeze as she broke the kiss.


"What time are you done with school?" She asked. "School, what school, I don't have school." He replied, thinking that if he didn't act on this, it might not be there later. "Don't worry sexy, you'll get yours, I'll make sure your first time is perfect. What time do your classes end?" She said, reassuring him. "One o'clock." "What is your address, I'll be waiting there for you." He gave her his adress, and as she began to leave, she ran up to him and gave him another passionate kiss.

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He wondered how she knew he was still a virgin. He also didn't ask her how she got here and if she was staying. So many questions were racing through his head. He made his way to his first class and only class today.

Five hour classes he thought, much different then high school.


The class lagged on and on. What was only supposed to be five hours seemed like thirty. He kept looking at the clock every five minutes, and a few times he could have sworn that the clock went backwards. "Ok class, your first lesson is over." The Professor said, giving out what homework was needed for the next class. Brian bolted out of the school and headed home. When he arrived, he was disappointed in that he didn't see her. He knew it was too good to be true.

He got out his keys to open his door, when it swung open, and there Chelsea stood, in some sexy piece of langeria from Victoria's Secret. Brian's eyes just popped out and his jaw hit the floor.

"Hee hee," She giggled, "I'll take that to mean you like the outfit." All Brian could do was nod his head up and down. "Ok, lets get you out of this hallway and into your appartment." She grabbed his hand and seductively led him in.

"Here, sit down." He did as she told. "How did you get in?" He was finally able to say something, but knew right away, he didn't care about the answer. He stared at her. She was wearing a red teddy, that very much so accented her curves nicely. He got a botter shot of what size her bosom was.

"Your landlady, I told her I wanted to surprise you, and seeing that I didn't have much with me, she allowed it, but you and I both know that you don't care about that." She got on her knees and unzipped his jeans. "What are you doing?" He said, regreting it right away. "Giving you a blowjob silly, your gonna enjoy this!" She said enthusiastically.

She undid his jeans, he kicked off his shoes, and she helped him out of them, she removed his boxes, and there it was. Not to big, but standing at attention, being seven inches tall. Chelsea wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and begin to jerk him off slowly. All Brian could do was let out a few moans of pleasure.

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Sure, he had done that a million times with his own hand, but when someone else did it.lets just say fireworks were going off in his mind.

"Don't cum yet, I want to taste you." At those words Brian almost did cum, but he calmed himself down. "That's right baby. Now get ready." She stuck her tounge out and licked the head of his cock. Moving her tongue around the head, making swirl motions, she could hear Brian's breath quickening, and she slowed down. She licked up and down his shaft, moving her hand up to gently squeeze his balls.

She could feel his cock get even harder.

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That's when she slid just the head of his dick into her mouth. "Oh my god." Brian said, in almost a drunken state. Chelsea let out a moan of approval. She just sucked on his head for the moment, sucking on it like it was a sucker, every once in awhile, licking the head.


She then slid more of his cock into her mouth. She began bobbing up and down, working the whole thing into her mouth. She could her Brian's moans of pleasure, and that just drove her wild.

She could feel her pussy getting very wet. She took one of her hands and began rubbing her jeans. As she did that, the quicker she bobbed her head up and down, until she was able to take his whole length into his mouth.

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She just held it there, letting her throat milk his cock. She could taste his pre cum, and that made her squeeze his balls even harder, coaxing the cum to come out. "I'm gonna cu." His words were replaced with moans. His body became tense and he began to shoot load after load of his cum down her mouth, his body jerking with each shot. Chelsea went into a sucking frenzy as he did, and she sucked him dry, making sure not to waste and ounce of his cum. Brian was in a daze, he had never felt anything like that before.

"That.that.that.felt sooooooooo good." He finally got out. "Oh if you think that felt good, just you wait." She got him up from the chair, led him into his bedroom, and pushed him on the bed. She seductively took off her under garments, and stood there in front of him, stark naked. TO BE CONTINUED.