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Young girl for older coock
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"Mom, I don't want to go to bed. I'm 18, I can make my own bedtime." I sat stubbornly on the couch waiting for her to give in. "Mickey, this is not under discussion. You live in my house you do as I say. I'm still your mother. I don't care what age you are." She snapped. I stood from the couch and went to leave the room. Bed is better than sitting by and get yelled at. I'll just stay awake in there for a bit.

"Actually. You're not my mother." I mean legally she is my mother. But I am adopted. My "mom's" husband passed when I was 10. Three years later she adopted me. She got a large settlement check for some lawsuit that had taken place because of the hospital making a mistake and causing the death of her husband. I went to turn to leave the room but I heard chuckling.

I turned back around and saw Mike. Her dead husband's brother. So basically my uncle. He was about 35, he had strong arms and a tan that was just perfectly golden. His hair was a golden brown and he had the bluest eyes id ever seen.

He was tall too, i was 5'5" and he was 6'4" so almost a foot taller han me. He hasn't married anyone, ever. So he likes to have fun.


When I was little he used to tell me stories about going to clubs and drinking. He once told me a story about this girl he had shagged.

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I was 16 when he told me that story. I remember getting so hit and horny that I had to excuse.myself and go masturbate. I came so hard at the thought if a man touching me the way Uncle Mike described.

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I remember trying to cum that way again and again but I never could. But he hasn't done that in a while because he has been out of the country for business. I shriek and run back towards him and throw my arms around him. He hasn't been here in a year. "Hey, Baby girl." I laughed and hugged him harder. I picked me up and my legs flew around his waist. I didn't realize it before but I wasn't wearing a bra and my nipples were erect from the cold wind of running. I was pressed into him and all he was wearing was a T-shirt.

I know he could feel them. And on top of that he had a boner. His cock was hard as rock. I could feel it pressing into my the bottom of my butt. I felt my cheeks flush red because I realized I was turned on by this. He set me back on the ground and for a second I thought I saw his eyes flash a lusty gaze at my breasts. I smiled and glanced at his crotch. I felt my mouth slightly fall open at the possible size of him. I could see the outline in his pants and I felt my lower, inner walls clinch.

I pressed my thighs together to numb my horniness. I need to release fast. "Well, goodnight. Love you. I'll talk to y'all tomorrow." I turned to leave but Uncle Mike stopped me with his hand grabbing my arm.

He turned me around and gives me another hug. This time he purposefully presses his manhood into my clit. I was on my tiptoes to hug him, so our pelvices were perfectly lined up.

I heard a soft moan leave my lips at the pressure. "I've been gone a year and all you say is goodnight.

Don't I get a goodnight kiss?" I felt chills run down my back at the thought. I turned my head and pressed a kiss on his cheek. I felt him grab my back and press into me harder, his cock rubbed against my swollen clit and I gasped in shock.

He let me go for the second time. And I all but ran to my bedroom. I stripped the thin cotton tank top off my body and rubbed my sore nipples. I let a soft moan escape my lips. I tore my sweat pants from my lower half and my panties, and I immediately rubbed my clit.

I pictured Uncle Mike grinning at me, his hand buried into my hot, wet folds.

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I imagined him massaging my tits, and pulling my tight, hard nipples. I felt a loud moan escape and I opened my eyes in astonishment.

I felt my release over take me, I lost control. My knees buckled and I fell on my bed. I squirted my juices all of my floor. And I moamed in ecstacy. When I came back down from my cumming high I heard a soft chuckle from outside my bedroom door.

I had left my lights on in the rush to get undressed and apparently I hadn't shut the door all the way. Id know that chuckle anywhere. Uncle Mike.

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I smiled to myslef, knowing be knew that I was turned on by him. A sexy man. He was the hottest man I'd ever seen. I stood from my bed and slipped my clothes back on.


I went to my door and pulled it open, no one was there but I heard footsteps leaving my hallway. I felt giddy. I went into the restroom that was close to my bedroom and peed.

Then I went back downstairs. " Mickey, is that you?" My mom yelled from the living room. I grabbed my glass of water from the counter and went in there. "Yeah, I was thirsty." I glanced at Uncle Mike and was shocked. He was tense, and he had an expression on his face that I had never seen.

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I looked at his crotch and realized his zipper was undone. I looked away quickly and looked back at my mom. I said goodnight again and returned to my room.

I sat my glass of water on my desk and sat on my bed after turning the lights off. I know they are fooling around down there. I know it. Im going to have to have a peek.

But right now all I can think about is my orgasm. I had never cum like that on my own. But tonight I did, all because of Uncle Mike.