Gozando nas tetas do meu amor

Gozando nas tetas do meu amor
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BELLE RETURNS Sunlight awakened me. Brilliant beams of early morning light streaming through tall windows irritated my eyes. It took a few seconds for my mind to become acclimated to my surroundings. I was in the master bedroom suite of a newly-restored antebellum mansion. My Great-grandfather Pan had left this majestic house and two-hundred acre bluegrass horse farm to my sister Wendy and me. I turned away from the irritating sunlight and found myself face to face with my sister in a big, four-poster bed.

She was still sleeping soundly. The girl's mop of light brown hair was cut short and framed her head with ringlets of natural curls. I'd always thought my young sister's face had the look of one of those innocent, angelic little cherubs.

She looked alluringly pretty this morning. Her effervescent beauty brightened the bedroom. I wanted to kiss her awake. But no, I couldn't do it. I was a man of 30 years in age and she was only 16. Mom, Dad, and Wendy lived in a townhouse in the city. Our parents had dropped my sister at my house when they left for a well-deserved vacation. I was told to 'take care' of the girl. They had told me to make sure she got to school and did her homework.

I was told to make sure she ate right and stayed safe and happy. Goddamn me, I was not told to fuck her! Yet, fuck her I did! With a guilty conscience, I climbed out of the bed. My head began shaking and my voice was muttering, "What the hell have I done, what the hell have I done?" Turning from the bed, I headed for the bathroom. I had to pee.

My hand was on the bathroom door when I heard a precocious teen voice speak seductively, "Hey Mister, where do you think you're going? Come here a minute, please. There's something I want to do." There I was caught bare-assed naked! When the girl spoke, my cock jumped to rigid attention. It was pointing straight as an arrow in the direction of the sexy young lady in my bed. I spoke a little more harshly than I intended, "Wendy, I can't stop now. I've got to pee. Just hold your horses!" The girl responded insistently, "Mister, it's not 'my' horse I want to hold.

It's your big stud I need! Now, you can wait just a minute, can't you? Come over here." This time, I firmly protested, "Hell girl, I said I've got to pee! Maybe you can get up and get dressed while I do." My sister was a sweet, easy-going girl, yet she had a seldom used temper which could explode unexpectedly.

It exploded now. She spoke irritably, "Mister, I have no intentions of leaving this bed until I get fucked! And, since there's no school on Saturday, I might just stay undressed all day long.

Wouldn't you like that, big brother?" I had a temper, too. I was trying hard to contain it. My voice spoke with a ring of authority, "Listen girl, we can't be doing this. Hell, Mom and Dad wanted me to take care of you. They specifically told me to keep the boys away from you.

They didn't want the boys to get their horny hands on their virginal daughter!" Wendy wasn't easily thwarted. The girl responded petulantly, "Ha, it's too late now. You should have thought of that before you fucked me yesterday afternoon, and again yesterday evening, and then again last night!" Before I could respond, she continued, "Besides, you're not a 'boy'.

You are a 'man'. Boys don't have a nice, big, beautiful cock like you have. And speaking of cocks, Mister I think I told you to get your ass over here!" Magnetic temptation propelled me forward. When I was within reach, Wendy's hand closed over my cock with a firm grip. The slim fingers of her small hand were not quite long enough to completely encircle my meaty manhood.

The girl scooted around and took a two-handed grip on my swollen shaft. She leaned forward and kissed my throbbing hardness. She looked up at me with a mischievous twinkle in her eye and said, "Brother, I'm going be a nice sister and help you with your peeing predicament.


I've heard it said that guys can't pee when they've got a hard on. I'm going to see if I can do something to relieve the pressure in your beautiful cock. Peter, don't you think I'm a nice sister to help you like this?" My hands reached out.

My fingers became entwined in her curly hair. I answered her sternly, "Hell girl, I wouldn't be hard at all if you weren't trying to seduce me!" The sexy young lady giggled merrily. She spoke teasingly, "Oh, my poor 'old' helpless brother.

Is your little sister bothering you? Do you want the bad little girl to quit playing with your cock?" Shit, this young cockteaser was going too far!

She had me so hard and horny I was going crazy! I answered her vehemently, "Damnit girl, finish what you started! If you stop now, I'll spank your pretty little ass!" Wendy wasn't yet through with her teasing banter. She said, "Oh, Peter that might be fun! Let's try it sometime soon. But for now, I have a job to do. Mister, you just hang onto your balls because I'm dying to give you a blowjob!" The girl's hands pulled my cock to her mouth.

Tender, soft lips trailed kisses up and down the length of my shaft. Her moisturized tongue flicked out and licked my bulging cock head. She licked in slow lazy circles.

The tip of her tongue tickled and teased my pee hole. Suddenly, this girl's mouth opened wide and she captured my pulsating meat between her teeth. Her saliva coated my flesh with slippery wetness. Her head lowered and half of my elongated shaft disappeared inside her hot oral tunnel. Goddamnit, pee wasn't the only thing now begging to get out of my swollen cock!

My testicle juices were bubbling and boiling. This sister of mine had never touched a cock until yesterday. Yet, in less than twenty four hours she had become an accomplished cock-hungry cocksucker! God, that girl could really suck cock! My eyes stared at my sister as her head bobbed up and down on my shaft in a cock-sucking frenzy. Wendy was a little waif of a girl, perhaps only five feet tall. She probably weighed barely ninety pounds. But, man-o-man, the girl had feminine curves that could drive a man wild!

This time yesterday I had no idea about the curves hidden inside the bulky clothes the girl always wore. I guess brothers can sometimes be a little dense when it comes to noticing the maturing bodies of their little sisters.

Before yesterday was over, my mind was saying, "Little sister, my ass! Whaaay, there wasn't anything little about Wendy's breasts! For a girl of 16, she was amazingly stacked with beautiful, full-bodied tits! This must be what the 'big-jugged' country music singer Dolly Parton looked like as a teen!" My sister's beautiful breasts were now bouncing around like jiggly mammary pendulums. Her head was bobbing erratically.

My spit-lubricated cock was plunging deeper and deeper into the girl's deep-throated mouth. My cock cream had reached a point of pressurized eruption. I had no intention of withdrawing my shaft from Wendy's mouth. Hell, if the girl wants to eat my cock meat then she can swallow the gravy with it! The head of my cock was deep inside my sister's throat when I started cumming.

My grip on her curly head tightened as I fucked her mouth viciously. Orgasms caused my body to shudder. Thick, milky cream spurted into Wendy's mouth and throat. The girl sputtered and choked, but she gulped and swallowed every drop. Slowly, I withdrew my empty cock from Wendy's mouth. Several errant drops of seminal cream dripped from the tip of my shaft and the corners of her mouth. God, that was a good orgasm I had! Damn, that's a fine cock-sucking sister I have!

The two of us heard the fluttering sound of wings. No, we were not hearing angels. This was much, much better. Wendy and I looked at each other and exclaimed in unison, "Belle is back!" And, indeed she was. The fluttery wings came into view. Belle landed at the foot of the bed. She was a tiny, wispy sprite dressed in a short-short, lime-green dress that fit so tight and revealed so much that there was no doubt as to her feminine gender. I'd made the mistake yesterday of calling Belle a mythical creature.

She had irately corrected me. She had angrily told me, "I'm not 'mythical' and I'm not a 'creature'! I'm a fairy. More precisely, since I'm a teenager, I'm technically a 'pixie'." Furthermore, I'd found out that 'Belle' was not exactly her name. Belle was a name she preferred over her full given name of Tinker Bell. So, my Belle was back. I called her 'my' Belle because she chose me to appear to in human form.

Wendy had caught me fucking Belle, so the two of us began sharing our magical pixie. This tiny pixie fairy began shaking her blond, pony-tailed hair.

Pixie dust began falling and a blinding radiance of light blurred sight. When the light faded, Belle's form had changed to that of a teenaged human girl.

Her exact age was indeterminate, but she looked to be a little bit older than Wendy. The pixie girl named Tinker Bell said, "Hello, Miss Wendy. How are you, Mister Peter Pan? It looks to me like you two are having a good time. Do you mind if I join you?" Wendy threw her arms around Belle's neck and hugged her. Yesterday, the two had quickly become friends. They shared a special bond of lust and love. They loved to spread their legs and welcome my cock into their pussies.

They had even timidly experimented with girl-to-girl fondling and kissing. Belle wrapped her arms around my sister's nude body. She pulled back for a second and stripped her dress off. She wore no bra or panties. The two naked girls embraced again. Their lips met in an unexpected kiss. Their hands began fondling and exploring exposed feminine flesh. Holy shit, my shrinking shaft began coming back to life like Lazarus rising from the dead!

The sight of these two girls kissing and touching was enough to raise a dead man's cock! Miraculously, the muscular meat between my legs was swelling fast! I saw the girls' tongues darting in and out through luscious, wet lips. The two were kissing and mouth-fucking passionately. Belle suddenly pulled back and said, "Hey Wendy, I can taste your brother's sweet cock cream inside your mouth. It really tastes good. I'd like to get some for myself.

We'll get back to this later. Ok?" The impish pixie girl threw herself into my arms. Her moistened mouth was transferred from Wendy's to mine. I tasted the saliva from both girls. I also tasted the tangy tartness of some of my seminal fluid. Damn, that stuff sure was getting around! First, it was inside my cock. Then, I'd shot it inside my sister's mouth. Wendy and Belle's tongues had stirred it up between them.

Now this pixie was kissing me and putting some of the cream back into my bloodstream. Belle's breasts were pressed tightly against my chest. This pixie's tits were only about half the size of Wendy's gorgeous boobs. Yet, there wasn't a more perfectly shaped pair of tits than these in this whole world! The horny young fairy spoke seductively, "Peter, I love kissing you and Wendy.

But Sir, I want to get a mouthful of the same cock cream you gave to your sister! Mister, you taught me about cock sucking and I surely love doing it!" Belle leaned over and grabbed my cock. Unbelievably, I began objecting. I spoke testily, "You horny young ladies have got to leave my cock alone for a few minutes! Hell Belle, I told Wendy that I have to pee! I'm going to bust a gut if I don't pee pretty damn soon!

Let me go water my horse and then you can suck all you want to. But girl, you won't be getting any cream. I shot my load into Wendy's mouth." The pixie girl looked at me quizzically. She said, "What horse? Peter, I don't see any horses. All I see is a big, beautiful cock. I want it in my mouth right now! You can wait to pee. And, don't you worry about having cream. I'll fix that problem right now!" Pixie dust from Belle's shaking head fell onto the skin of my cock.

The girl's magical golden flakes caused my shaft to become engorged and swollen to its full erectness. My body's seminal fluids were completely replenished. Belle leaned farther over, grabbed my meat with her lips, and plopped it into her hot, wet mouth. This cock-loving pixie began giving me my second blowjob of the morning.

God, what a wonderful way to start a day! The cock-sucking girl's blond head bobbed up and down vigorously.

The girl was on her knees on the bed. She was leaning over precariously. Her head was between my legs, but her shapely ass was pointing back towards Wendy. My sister was on her knees also. Suddenly, Wendy slapped the pretty ass staring her in the face. She then kissed the place she'd slapped. She began spanking the irresistibly enticing ass with stinging strokes of her hand. Her lips followed up by kissing the smooth, reddening skin. My cock was throbbing with erotic excitement. Not only was I getting a cock sucking, but I was watching a teen girl spanking and kissing another teen girl's ass!

Goddamn, my testicle juices were gurgling with orgasmic anticipation! Wendy's sex-hungry voice spoke wantonly, "Belle, your ass is so beautiful!

I can see the slit of your pretty pussy through your legs. Girl, I wish I had a cock. If I did, I'd stick it inside your cunt and I'd fuck you like crazy!" Belle's mouth came off my stimulated cock. She twisted her head around and looked at the other naked girl on the bed. The pixie girl smiled and ran a hand through her hair.

With golden pixie dust covering her fingers, she reached between Wendy's legs and grabbed her pussy. She gently massaged the puffy, feminine flesh. I watched in astonished wonder as the pixie magic began working. Wendy and I stared in disbelief as her pussy began taking on the shape of an erect cock!

I suppose Belle had only seen one human cock. My sister's cock began looking like a mirror image of mine! What the hell…? My sister's cock…? Why, sisters don't have cocks! Yet, there was one now between my sister's legs!

Belle's voice explained, "Wendy, I gave you what you wished for. You had better hurry up and fuck me with it because it will turn back into a pussy in about ten minutes!" The horny young pixie turned back to me and resumed her cock sucking adventure. Her saliva-lubricated mouth hungrily attacked my meat. She ate with a ravenous appetite.

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Wendy recovered from shock. She scooted over and positioned herself on her knees behind Belle. She guided her 'cock' to the entrance of a pretty pixie pussy. She pushed gently.

Her hardened shaft slipped into the dripping wet hole and penetrated deep. She pulled back, but then pushed back in. My sister was fucking the girl that was sucking my cock. Wendy was pumping hard. Her beautiful big boobs were dancing in front of me. I reached out and grabbed one with each hand. I decided that I'd better hang on to the dolls before the girl hurt herself with the bucking and bouncing breasts. Ten magical minutes began. The three of us were in cock and cunt heaven.

Belle kept on sucking and Wendy kept of fucking. A slippery cock was in a pixie mouth and another was in a pixie pussy.

We three became a rhythmic trio of suckers and fuckers. The real magic happened when our orgasms began. I was cumming so hard, I couldn't believe it! My cock began to spasm as orgasms rocked my masculine body. The pixie girl's mouth began to fill with sticky, hot cock cream. Belle licked, sucked, and swallowed greedily.

At the other end of this feminine body, Belle's pixie pussy was filling with additional sticky, hot cream. Wendy's orgasms had also begun. She too was cumming hard as her cock shaft was spurting seminal juices. Belle's body joined in on the celebration of orgasmic glee. She was cumming. Waves of orgasms raced throughout her young pixie girl body. She felt the seminal fire enter at each end of her femininity.

Our orgasms continued with no end in sight. After an eternity, they began to slowly subside. But, Belle's lust was not yet satisfied. She shouted, "No, no, not yet!" Belle tossed her head vehemently. Flakes of pixie dust flew from her hair. Several flakes touched mine and Wendy's shrinking cocks. They sprang erect and began erupting with renewed streams of cock cream.

I began fucking Belle's mouth again and my sister began fucking the girl's pixie pussy. I was cumming, Wendy was cumming, and Belle was cumming. Our orgasms were so intense we could not speak, we could not scream, we could not squeal. We hung on as blissful ecstasy swept through our conjoined bodies.

Finally, I was spent and could take no more. My knees weakened and I fell to the carpeted floor. Belle tumbled off the bed and landed atop me. Wendy tumbled atop the giggling pixie girl. The three of us began wrestling, tickling, and teasing. We kissed, groped, and fondled excitedly. Wendy sprang up from the floor. She exclaimed, "Hey, looky here, my pussy is back! I'm glad to have it back, but oh I loved my cock while I had it! Peter, I now know why you guys love your cocks so much!" My sister could be a mischievous little wench at times.

She chose now to be so. She looked at me and mockingly said, "Boy-o-boy, I sure do have to pee. Didn't I hear someone say something about peeing?

I call dibs on the commode." Wendy sprinted for the bathroom door. I jumped up and ran after her. Belle sprang up too, followed me, and said, "I've got to pee, too." My sister was already squatting on the commode when I entered the bathroom. Her water was tinkling in the toilet bowl. Well hell, two can play this game of mischievous teasing!

I knelt in front of the naked girl and spread her legs. I grabbed the shaft of my cock and aimed it at a spot just above her pussy. I let my pee flow. My amber-yellow stream of pressurized pee coated the girl's abdomen and pussy. I peed on her all the way up her belly and then back down to her pussy. Wendy's pussy was void of hair. Yesterday, Belle used her pixie magic and had permanently removed this girl's pubic hair. The pixie girl had now knelt down beside the commode. Inspiration hit me.

I wasn't yet through with these two naked girls. I pulled my sister's hips out to the edge of the commode and pushed her back. I grabbed Belle's hands and placed them on Wendy's breasts. I said, "Here, play with these. I've got something I want to do." Without asking permission, I ran my fingers through Belle's shimmering blond hair.

My hands came away coated with pixie dust. I sprinkled some on my cock and some on Wendy's pussy. My shaft sprang to erect stiffness and my sister's pussy began dripping with vaginal wetness. Blowjobs are fine. Hell, I'd had two really fine ones this morning! But, blowjobs are not as nice as a good piece of pussy!

I was a 'pussy' man. I needed to dip my cock into a warm, wet pussy!

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And damnit, I need it right now! My hard, muscular shaft drove deep into Wendy's hot cunt. I began pumping with energetic enthusiasm. My meat pounded into the girl's sweltering hot hole. My hands tightly grabbed her ass and steadied her body as I attacked it with savage thrusts. Belle's hands were playing with Wendy's tits. The two girls began kissing again. Tongues and mouths were twisting and twirling. Damn, I loved watching those girls kiss!

I wanted to join in. I pulled Belle's hair and forcefully pulled her head towards mine. My mouth smashed against hers. Her slippery lips kissed me with the passion of inflamed lust and love. My cock was still sliding in and out of Wendy's pussy.

Wendy's hand gripped my neck and she pulled herself up. She head-butted the pixie girl and forced her to lose her lip lock on my mouth.

My sister began kissing me. She kissed with the zest of a woman possessed.


Her lips smothered me to the point where I could hardly breathe. This girl's lips pulled away from mine. With her other hand, Wendy pulled Belle's head towards her. The girls kissed each other. Feminine lips dueled and teased. The two then turned towards me. Taking turns, each kissed me again and again. I kissed Belle and then I kissed Wendy. Belle kissed me and then she kissed Wendy. Wendy kissed me and then she kissed Belle. Slick saliva coated our mouths and faces.

My kiss-hungry lips were so busily working away that I almost forgot about the cock pounding into my sister's vaginal wetness. I was reminded about the hard shaft pretty damn quick when my cunt-hungry meat began cumming! A fresh load of semen and sperm were ejaculated into Wendy's wetness. Blissful orgasms became my reward for persistent pussy penetration. Wendy was cumming, too.

Her pussy began to spasm with orgasms as sticky, hot cock cream was added to the meat filling her young female body. She fell back and allowed waves of orgasms to sweep over her. Glorious orgasms joined masculine and feminine minds, hearts, and bodies. The explosive excitement slowly died.

Through a haze of orgasmic afterglow, Wendy and I heard Belle saying, "Hey, it's my turn to get fucked by Peter. But first, I have to pee." Wendy jumped off the commode. Before Belle could take her seat on the pot, I sprang up and sat there instead. I grabbed the nude pixie girl and sat her in my lap with her legs straddling me and her perky pink-nippled tits pressed to my chest.

I spoke teasingly, "Girl, you go right ahead and pee!" The pixie girl knew I was teasing. But, the girl also knew that I was not. I had peed on Wendy, so Belle presumed that it would be okay if she peed on me.

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The girl allowed her floodgates to open and let her pee flow freely. Warm wetness bathed my pubic area and ran down the length of my shrinking, empty cock. Erotic stimulation stopped my shaft's downward spiral. Belle's full bladder emptied. She shook her head and allowed several flakes of pixie dust to gently touch my cock. My shaft sprang erect so quickly that it slapped against the pixie girl's ass. I grabbed her sweet ass, lifted her, and dropped her back into my lap.

Her dripping wet pixie pussy was impaled on my swollen, rigid rod. This pixie girl and I began fucking. The girl was a virgin when I met her yesterday. She'd never even seen a human cock. She had discovered quickly that she loved cocks. She loved sucking on one, but she loved getting fucked with one even better. Belle bounced merrily on my meaty manhood. Her tits were flopping up and down against my chest.

Wendy knelt between my legs and encircled Belle's body. She grabbed the bouncing boobs, got them under control, and played with them. A thought came to my mind as Belle continued bounding up and down on my cunt-lubricated cock, "I sure hope nobody has a yeast or urine infection.

If one of us does then all three of us will have it." I might worry about simple infections, but at least I didn't have to worry about pregnancy. Belle had said her pixie dust would keep me from getting my sister pregnant. She'd also said that pixies couldn't get impregnated by humans. Pixie girls might not be able to get pregnant by human men, but they sure could fuck like a human girl. Belle was as horny-wild as Wendy when it came to fucking. This pixie girl was fucking me with unrestrained wanton passion.

Orgasms hit us both at nearly the same time. Once again, I unloaded semen and sperm into a hot, wet pussy. Pixie magic made me cum and cum.

Belle's pussy became so full of seminal cream that it overflowed and dripped into the toilet bowl. The girl's feminine body released a river of vaginal moisture which flowed down the length of my shaft and joined my juices in the commode. Belle bounced higher and harder as orgasms rocked her young fairy body. She shuddered and gasped for breath. I shot one more spurt into her pussy and she began cumming again.

Once again, Belle, Wendy, and I ended up on the floor giggling and laughing. Our loins and our hearts were celebrating orgasmic satisfaction and happiness. We three took a hot shower together. Our hands tickled and teased.

We groped, grabbed, and played. We toweled each other dry and I said, "Hey, I'm hungry. Wendy, didn't you say something about staying undressed all day?

Sounds good to me, let's go eat breakfast." The three of us scampered down the long, winding staircase. There wasn't a stitch of clothing on any of us. I scooped Belle into my arms. Wendy jumped on my back for a 'piggyback' ride. My muscular form easily carried the two petite teen girls. I headed for the kitchen. When I stepped in through the kitchen door, I stopped dead in my tracks.

Two women were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. Aunt Bonnie and Aunt Brenda were Mom's sisters. My meddlesome aunts had a key to the back door. They often stopped by to check on the house or to fix me a meal. There on the table was a breakfast I assumed they'd fixed for me and Wendy. Both aunts were in their mid 40's in age. Mom called her sisters 'the old-maid girls'. Neither one had ever been married.

They had never even dated anyone. Mom has said that they were 'church-going', 'bible-thumping' virgins with no intentions of ever being touched by a man!

The two women jumped up as if they had spring-propelled asses. They both stared at the sight before them with incredulous eyes. Aunt Brenda's voice shrieked, "Saints alive have mercy! What kind of devilment is going on here? Peter, you are a mature man of 30 years!

Your sister is just a child! And, so is this other girl! Please explain this.this wickedness! Oh god, just wait until your mother finds out about this!" I held tightly to Belle.

My elongated cock was slapping against her nude ass. The pixie girl was confused, but she knew enough to be embarrassed. She buried her face in my shoulder. Wendy slid off my back and hid herself behind me. The two naked girls were quivering with mortified fear. Goddamn those meddling, self-righteous old biddies! How dare they scare the shit out of my two sweet teenage lovers! I don't have to explain a goddamn thing to them! I'll just teach them a lesson they'll never forget.

They won't be threatening to tell Mom anything when I get through with them. I sat Belle on a flattop kitchen counter. I lifted Wendy up beside her.

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I ran both of my hands through the pixie girl's wavy blond hair and gathered out hands full of mystical magical pixie dust. My eye winked at the naked young ladies and I said, "You two just sit here and watch the show." I turned back to face my aunts, stepped close to them, and flicked a few flakes of golden dust into their eyes.

My voice sang seductively, "Hi ladies. I sure am glad you are here. You're right about these girls being nothing but children. I was really hoping for a couple of mature women to come by and play with my cock. Don't you think I've got a nice big fella here between my legs?" As soon as the pixie dust touched their skin the self-righteous indignity disappeared from the women's faces.

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Their eyes took on a glow of wanton lust. When they answered my question their words tripped over each other. Aunt Bonnie said,in remembrance, "Oh yes, Peter, you do have a really nice cock! We've thought so ever since you were a boy. Don't you remember how much we loved giving you a bath when you visited us?

I think you were pleased when Brenda and I first put you in our bathtub and washed your little manhood. We giggled and laughed as your little penis became hard. I think you liked it best when I stroked you and played with your balls." Aunt Brenda angrily retorted, "No sister, he liked it best when I played with him! I was the first one to put his penis in my mouth and suck on it. I think he really liked the way I sucked on him." Aunt Bonnie sharply responded, "But, I was the first one to make his little penis shoot out some of that tasty white milk!

Brenda, don't you remember how good his watery milk tasted? Didn't we have lots of fun playing with him?" Aunt Brenda smiled and said, "Oh yes sister, we had lots and lots of fun! And yes, his milk was really good. I just wish his father had never stopped him from spending the night at our house. Do you think he suspected something?" My voice interrupted the bickering women, "You two can stop fussing.

I want to tell you how I feel about what you did. I'm not going to judge you too harshly. I guess I liked what you did to me. But, I was a little too young to know any better." My eyes saw no hint of repentant remorse in the face of the women.

I spoke sternly, "However willing I was, you took advantage of my innocence. I'm now going to do the same to you. Mom says that you are virgins. I'm going to take that innocence away from you. I'm going to fuck you both and you're going to damn-well like it!" I knew my aunts were 'under-the-influence' of pixie magic, but hell they deserved to get fucked! I stripped off their clothes, slapped their asses, and sat them upon the sturdy kitchen table.

One after another, I spread thick, hairy bushes apart and pushed my cock into vaginal holes. With hard thrusts I ripped virginal hymens to shreds. Virginal cunts were filled with semen and sperm. Shrieks of pain were replaced with screams of orgasmic delight. I found out that Aunt Brenda and Aunt Bonnie were both 'screamers'.

I grunted and groaned as I punished these women and their pussies with violent jackhammer poundings and deep penetrations. When the pounding punishment was over, Aunt Brenda and Aunt Bonnie pulled on their clothes.

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Their panties became stained with virginal blood and vaginal juices mixed with thick cock cream. I escorted my aunts to the door and thanked them for the breakfast they'd made.

I instructed them to call before they came over uninvited. The screen door closed behind the two women, but they turned and boldly said, "Peter, why don't you come visit us sometime soon?

We'd like to get you in a bathtub again. Your big, beautiful cock is so much better than the little one we used to play with! Please say you'll come, will you?" A smile came to my face. Wickedness was aroused in my loins. I opened the door and stepped out on the porch. I kissed my two aunts the way a man kisses a woman. I whispered and told them I would come if they would make me 'cum'.

They giggled like schoolgirls. They each one knelt and gave my cock a goodbye kiss and then said, "See you soon!" I was thinking as I turned back toward the kitchen, "Why, it might be fun! These aunts were now sexually liberated females who were horny and hungry for a cock. They might be up for all kinds of sexual adventures. Hell, a man can never have too many pussies!" Speaking of pussies, I entered the house where I had two hot, young ones waiting. Belle, Wendy, and I ate the breakfast laid out on the table.

Our morning sex romp had built up quite an appetite in all of us. Perhaps some pixie magic could help us find something tantalizingly sweet for dessert.