Golden Night Of Married Indian Couple Reenu Sachin

Golden Night Of Married Indian Couple Reenu Sachin
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It was my one year anniversary with the most beautiful girl I have ever dated.

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Her name was Kayla. A senior in high school. 6 foot, brunette, memorizing blue eyes, flat stomach, tight ass and the roundest breast in school, a pair of 36C's.

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Looking at them was like staring at two halves of the globe. The kind of girl you dream about at night. Her parents didn't like the idea of us dating so every thing we did was on the down low. They cough us kissing once and that lost all of Kayla's parents trust with me. But tonight was special. It was our anniversary! So I had to plan something special for us… this is my night I pulled up to her house in my WRX STI all black on black with a system at about 7:00. I start walking up to the door when she runs out of her house telling me to hurry back to the car.

So I run back confused as hell we jump in the car and take off. I turn to her and ask her "what's going on?" she replies with an evil kind of smile "I wanted to be with you I'm sooo fucking horny right now I want to fuck you right now!" I look at her surprised as this is unusual for her to act this way I tell her "hold on I have a plan for tonight well talk about it over dinner." "but I cant wait that long" she whimpers.

I could see it in her eyes she wasn't joking around " just hold on!" I whisper and turn up the music. After a few moments I feel her hand on my thigh right above my knee.

Her hand slowly moving up my leg. Soon to be caressing my waist. Poking her fingers down my pants moving from side to side. I think in my head damn I wish she'll give me a hand job before dinner. And as if she was a mind reader my button unsnaps and her hand slowly moves my balls out for a breather. Her hand warm with enthusiasm starts to move up and down my 8'' shaft slow at first but as she moves faster and faster I fell my ball tensing up and I tell her "either stop or drink up!" she looks at me and whispers "I think ill wait till later." Right before we get to the restaurant we smoked weed, a fat blunt in fact.

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So dinner would be more enjoyable. At dinner I order a steak and Kayla ordered a salad as we are awaiting for our dinner I tell her my mighty plan for the night witch consist of a magic "love potion" a digital camera, and lots of hardcore fucking. she agrees to everything I say but asks me what's in the "potion" I tell her "just trust me It will make your night amazing!

it will make you fell like you have never have before! You just have to take it 30 minutes before I get there tonight" she just agrees with me and stops asking questions After we eat dinner and dessert we walk back to my car. Drive about half way to her house when she tells me to pull over.

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"I really want you in me" she murmurs "I want this night to be unforgettable. make out with me so I have something to look forward to later!" she almost dives on top of me and jams her tongue in my mouth I move my hand up her shirt and to my surprise no bra was preventing me from grabbing the firm gorges breast that I love to grab.

I could start to feel her clit to get warm even through her pants.


Her hips started to dry hump me I knew she knew I was horny too 'cause my dick got hard faster than you could run down a flight of stairs "I love you Kayla and your turning me on so much right now but you need to get home your parents wanted you home by 9:00 and its 8:48" she stops reluctantly and sits on her side of the car.

Not wanting to stop she unzips her pants showing the top of her perfectly shaved pussy as her hands start to rub her tits exposing them to anyone who wanted to look over at her "don't you care if someone looks?" she just looks at me and smiles and takes her shirt off squeezing her melons together really had me going then she pulls her pants down a little bit more showing the rest of her very moist slit she asks me "do you like what you see?" playing with herself "oh yes I do!" "well then I did a good job" she said she gets dressed right before we turn down her street it was 9:10 when she walked through the door.

I call Kayla about 11 o'clock on her cell phone she tells me she has been really busy since I dropped her off getting ready for tonight cleaning and putting lotion on every inch of her body she said "I was almost temped to finger my self in the shower but I didn't!

I wanted you to play with me and I wanted your hard dick ramming me from behind in and out furiously till I squirt all over your cock…" she paused "oh god just thinking about you makes me want to cum!" "oh yeah" I say "you want me fucking you doggy style?

Or fucking you with your legs high and spread ?" "both!" she said in a kind of moaning voice "I want you to lick every inch of my body" Kayla continues "including my tits witch are pointing at everything, my ass after a good spanking and especially my pussy witch is soooo tinder even blowing on it makes my shiver!" she goes on seducing me over the phone until it was about 11:30 when I stopped her and told her I have to go get ready also "before I go though you have to drink your love potion!" she says ok and blows me a phone kiss and says in the sexist voice she could "good buy see you soon!" I park down the street and walk up to her yard where she was sitting on the curb waiting for me wearing a robe "did you get your dads keys to the trailer?'' "of course!

do you think I'm an idiot?" she says at me "ok fine" lets go we get in to the trailer where I find lit candles, lotion, lube, digital camera, extra lingerie, light music, and a can of whipped cream! "wow this is what you did the whole time?" I ask but there was no answer I turn around to find Kayla standing there with out her robe in only a micro thong and what I guess would be a top but there wasn't much of it.

My jaw just dropped looking at the most beautiful girl I have ever seen ! She gives a little giggle and pulls the camera of the shelf and takes the first photo of me looking dumber than ever with my jaw dropped but she hands me the camera and I know exactly what to do with it! The poses Kayla does are some of the sexiest pictures I have ever took! After we take some pictures Kayla starts to feel funny "what was in that love potion?" she asks me "have you ever tried XTC before?" I say "oh my god you drugged me?" now thinking that slipping her some x was stupid she says "oh god I'm soooo horny!

fuck all these pictures! Lets get to it" By now with all the picture Kayla is completely naked I lay her on her back kissing her neck moving down slowly to her full breast licking and kissing every inch of her chest.


Her cute little nipples harden with every lick. I can feel her trying to hump me wile I'm on top of her. the warmth of her pussy is starting to really heat me up. With my right hand I grab firmly of her clit and start to message it "Ohhhh" she moans "eat me out" as my tongue moves south my lips can feel the heat of her lips like drinking hot coffee my tongue starts from the clit moving from side to side I can feel her whole body start to shake a little when I moved down a little more she grabs my hair and whispers "there!&hellip.

Oooo" now really having at her hole she starts humping my face faster and faster I can feel her start to cum on my face loads of it all on her new sheets after I lap up all I can Kayla rolls over and gets on her knees bending over exposing both her holes with the pink one still dripping with her love juices. She start to feel her self.

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I grab the camera and take some more pictures of her swollen pussy as she posses some more she find my hard dick and starts to lick it I get undressed and now she really is having a good time with my dick " your dick looks and feels so much bigger than last time" she says "well you have me sprung like never before!" "oh I see well if I move my ass right hear and let you fuck me like a dirty slut you would like that?" Kayla now has me speechless moving her tight ass up and down my crotch like a stripper I finally take hold of her hips and position my dick just at the tip of her hole "FUCK ME!" she yells.

And like that I start fucking her like a dirty little slut slow at first but she doesn't want it slow she starts setting the speed a fast hard pounding "ohhhh god I never knew you could fuck me like this!&hellip.

Oh oh oh OH OH OH! OH!!


OH!!!" after about 10 minutes of nonstop Cumming on my dick I feel my load start to well up and before I can pull out I shoot a truck load of cum inside of her!

I have never cummed in side of her like that and I guess the new sensation of hot cum in side of her excited her even more she starts to ride me even harder finlly she pulls out and starts squirting all over my chest and crotch "OHHHHHH GOD!


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SHIT! OHHHH FUCK!!!!!" surprised by this display of Cumming and screaming I shoot another load on her back! After she calms down and I smoke a sig she says "oh my god I'm so embarrassed what was that?'' "well I have read that squirting is the most enjoyable way to orgasm!" "damn right is was!" she moans again This night was the most fun I have ever had