Porno spiele deutsch

Porno spiele deutsch
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I suppose this is a part of beginning of it all. My sexual adventure that is. She worked for my father, part of the church and shit as a choir minister.but damn what a pair of hooters.


When you're 15, jesus, anything over a 32B is a gift from god himself and all you can think about is doing the motorboat. You want to bury yourself in a huge pair of them and die a happy man. It's the way of the world and hasn't changed for a thousand years. The only problem was.she had a fatass too, FUCK! the dilemmas, where do I want to go down into the depths of womanhood.ass or titties? Yes, another neverending debate of mankind.

I'm well aware.

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One which was eventually decided in this case. She honestly suggested it, yeah, she wanted to give me voice lessons. Ok, ok, I was into singing with the youth and all. But this suggestion surprised me, more likely the attention did. I readily accepted and, of course, my parents thought it a "blessing" or some other kind of horseshit.

It started with skirts.those jean skirts that they wear, short and you occasionally get a glimpse of of a pair of panties, just enough to get the cock hard but thats it. I swear, everything is a fucking cocktease. Who the hell ever came up with this shit? They should just make women walk naked everywhere, it'd make life easier and definitely lower the level of premature asshole I have to deal with when it comes to a vagina.

Anyway, I'm horrible about tangents, let's get back on topic: She just undressed me.with her eyes of course. Every voice lesson I caught her staring at my crotch or licking her lips, its almost as if she viewed me as the evening meal and was wondering what temperature to set the oven. The next step came from the her house, it was within walking distance of mine and she just wanted to watch a movie.

Harmless right?

My arrival and her appearance only sealed the deal. Her tits about came out and smacked me from her tank top, and my boxers were longer than the pair of shorts she had on.


Yet again, I'm getting ahead of myself, at 5'7'' and 150lbs, she was a bit thick, but she made up for it with 38DD tits and solid piece of ass.

Her smile is what would ensnare you, you'd never be able to escape. The movie progressed and I remember her hand inching toward my crouch.FUCK, she just had to touch my arm and I had a hardon like the statue of liberty. She only smiled as I she caressed the outlined of my cock in my shorts.

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I was, of course, the typical male and went straight for those titties like jugs of water in a desert. They were soon removed from their tank top and in the possession of some serious sucking.

Her tugs and pulls on my cock increased with the slow moaning as I continued my resurrection of the titanc on her tits with that amount of sucking.admit it, when you're 15.tits are the fucking savior.

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She slowly pushed me back and just quietly grinned as she began to unbutton my pants. I could only stare. When my, obviously hard, cock sprang free, she began to slowly stroke it up and down. "'re a good little boy for me aren't you?" "You want me to play with your fat cock?" She continued to speak as her two hands manipulated my organ like a fucking piano, playing a concerto for all to head was definitely back singing and moaning the tenor and alto section. Then, just as suddenly, she stopped, and squeezed my balls.

My ever increasing orgasm sank faster than a Lindsay Lohan album. I grimaced in pain as she looked into my eyes and stood up. "What the fuck.?" Came out of my mouth before it was quickly followed by "Sweet jesus." as her pants and panties hit the floor. As she lay back down and spread her legs, the intoxicating smell of a woman quickly entered the room.

Her excitement from earlier spread to my nostrils like a kid in a candy store and I dived for that pussy as if I was snorkeling for gold.

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Her swift swipe to my head cleared any delusions of buried treasure though, and she quickly followed with instructions on how to properly please a women. I began at her feet.slowly licking and suckling up to the lips of her vagina before stopping, and then began again at the other foot.slowly biting and nibbling towards her honeycomb. As I placed my mouth over her cunt, I listened to her advice, and did not insert my tongue inside her.

In fact, I didn't even lick, I only blew air.right on her clit. The moans escaping her were evolved into pleading for a tongue fucking in a no time.which I quickly obliged.after all, I am a gentleman? The inches the good Lord didn't give my cock, he gave my tongue, and at 3" it could assault a girls cunny like fucking D-Day. She ripped through her first of three orgasms in less than 60 seconds as my tongue began.what I like to call.the "Uzi" technique (email for more details :D ) The moaning only further continued with an added finger and.from her begging, a second finger followed soon after.

As I finger fucked and sucked her clit through two more orgasms, my cock barely could contain itself.

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I was honestly surprised I had lasted another 20 minutes through all the pussy eating without erupting like the pathetic amateur I was known to be. Her quick shove of my face away from her cunt told me that she was finished.she was too sensitive to continue. I slowly stood up over her, and as she began to stroke my cock, I knew I wouldn't last long. You always hear of eruptions, but this rip of cum could have punched a hole through a destroyer.glad to know the shields of 38D boobies were ready to catch a load like no other.

And damn, what a load. It was the first time I couldn't control myself during an orgasm, nothing like masturbating, I had ropes of cum streaming out and saw black spots upon my eyes and she stroked me, I thought I'd left the world for a moment.and maybe I had. Then I looked down at her cum covered tits and voice dad's employee.and I knew it would be good times to cum.come.god dammit