Gay algerian loves arabian dicks

Gay algerian loves arabian dicks
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The day was glorious - sunny and bright and I was going to be stuck at the University planning for a conference. On my way into the city on the train I wondered how Ali's day would go.

She was planning to sunbath and work on a tan. She had a short workout and a little steam and drug out the sun lounger from the shed and set it up in the sun. It was a hand-made wooden affair from the local trees. We have had two of them for years. She laid out her nice and plush bath towel and oiled herself up and laid down for the sun. We are not overlooked as we are at the top of the hill with both neighbours down the hillside from us.

Ali locked the side gates so anyone calling would have to ring the bell and couldn't just walk in on her. She took these precautions because she was nude and wanted to get a tan without any tan marks so she could wear her more revealing tops. Before long she was nice and warm and began playing with her pussy spreading the lips and rubbing her clit. She had been there about an hour and felt like a tea and opened her eyes and was about to get up when she saw a figure towering over her next to the lounger.

"I see you still use the lounger I made for you." It was the Romany gypsy named Alf who had coppiced the woods around us a few years ago. They came around every few years to work the woods. Ali realised she was nude at this point and tried to cover up her breasts. "How long have you been here Alf?" "A few minutes that's all." Long enough for him to have a good look and see Ali playing with her pussy. "We are camped down at the bottom like always is okay?" "Yes of course.

Can I get you anything?" Ali normally gave them a little food during the week they were here. Alf just kept staring directly at Ali's pussy. She figured what the hell and put her arms back up on the chair arms.

Allowing her breasts to stand alone. Her nipples were hard and standing at attention for him to see - glistening in the sun with oil and little beads of sweat. It was obvious she was turned on exposing herself to this burly man. She put her hand back down to her pussy. Alf sat down next to her on the edge of the lounger. "I see you lose weight look very nice." Alf was never a man of too many words.

He cupped one of her breasts. "Very nice." He pinched her nipple and then he stood up. "No we don't need anything." Ali was taken aback that he didn't go further or linger on her breast and nipple.


"How's your wife?" Ali could only stammer at this point with lust in her voice. "Wife passed on two years now." "Oh I am so sorry to hear that and your son?" "He is with me at camp." Ali remembered his son Bret a strapping six foot lad of 18 he'd be 21 or 22 by now.

"Maybe I'll drop down later do you still have the caravan?" "No wagon we sell and horses have motorhome now too many regulations from government make gypsy life hard." Alf was a traditional Romany gypsy or tinker as they were known in the old days. Not to be confused with the modern day Pikey or traveller. He worked for his living - not taking hand-outs from the welfare state.

They would coppice the woods, burn wood to make charcoal to sell for BBQs and make furniture, which they sold at the local market.

In a week they would be gone on to the next woodland. Everyone local benefited from the renewed woodland. They hadn't been for a while and the woods were getting over grown. Ali couldn't help think about how forward Alf had been in touching her breasts and pinching her nipple. Probably with his wife gone the poor man was horny. She would have to do something about that later. She lay there for another half an hour and worked her pussy into a nice orgasm.

The she showered and went to her dressing room to choose an appropriate outfit. Nothing that screamed fuck me Alf but something that would let him know she was available.


She decided on a lovely cream coloured knee length linen skirt with an elasticated waist band. She put on a matching string strap top in nice light cotton.

No bra and definitely no panties. The material was not quite see through - but enough to show her assets off and give the right message. The thought of Alf fucking her made her pussy tingle. He was a stout man with well-defined muscles. Not overly tall but very athletic and thick in his arms and legs. He looked like a rugby player and man was he hairy.

He smelled woody and musty her nipples were hard thinking of Alf on top of her pumping his cock deep in her womb.

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She thought for a second that she was being predatory and that made a smile come across her face. Ali made her way down the slope to their usual camp location. Because of the rains the paths were all wiped out but she could see a small vehicle up the opposite hill. Some motorhome it was actually a converted delivery van with a chimney sticking out the top.

There was smoke coming from the chimney Alf was in. She walked up the hill to the van and knocked on the door. "Come in." Alf usually got straight to the point. Ali opened the door and stepped up into the van.

She stood with her legs separated because she knew the light coming from behind her would show through her thin skirt showing her legs and more importantly her pussy, which by now was aching. "What do you want Mrs?" He was never good with names.

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"I came down to see your new home and bring you some tea. I know you used to enjoy my Royal blend." Alf was sitting in a small wooden chair only in his boxer shorts probably he had made it years ago. She figured he came back to his motor home and got undressed and awaited her arrival.

"Put on the sink please." He pointed to the end of the van past where he was sitting. As she walked past him - he reached under her skirt and placed his hand on her ass.

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"You look real nice now." No subtlety from him. She stopped and let him explore her ass and then his other hand reached up her skirt and he began to finger her pussy.

"How is husband?" "He's fine had a cancer operation a few years ago." Alf was sitting in his underwear and Ali reached down and felt his semi hard cock. "It doesn't work anymore never hard again." Alf nodded. "Ah does husband know." "Yes he does and it's okay." In just a few short questions and answers Alf knew that we had an open relationship and that Ali was free to have sex. He pulled her to his lap as he dug a finger into her pussy.

Alf had huge hands a woodsman's hands scared and knarled from years working in wood and steel. Ali put her arm around his massive hairy shoulders and leaned in to give him a kiss.

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They kissed and he immediately began to explore her mouth with his tongue. He continued to finger fuck her and she could feel his cock getting hard and pushing against her leg. Alf's cock was like the rest of his body not overly long but thick. Ali slipped down between his legs and reached into his boxer shorts to find his cock. She was rewarded with a 7 inch cock that was easily 8 inches around the circumference.

His cock head was like a fist and try as hard as she could there was no way to get it in her mouth. Ever inventive she spit on it and began licking and stroking it. The Ali picked her up almost by her pussy and ass and laid her on the bed nest to the chair. It was a hand carved dark wooden sledge bed with an old but firm tick mattress.

Everything smelled of the woods wonderful pine, oak and various brushes. "We no play anymore." That was the end of foreplay for Alf - he wanted to get right to it. He laid her on her back and Ali spread her legs wide as her skirt rode up her legs.

Alf pulled his boxer shorts down as his cock sprang almost straight out he was impressive. He slipped between her legs and she reached out for his cock to guide it to her waiting pussy. She was wet and ready. It took a little effort to get his cock head between the lips and into her pussy.

Once in he let it slid all the way to the hilt. Ali couldn't help but think that men worried too much about how long their cocks were - when they should be worried about how wide they were.

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This man was perfectly formed and built for stamina. She could feel the veins in his cock as he thrust in and out. The mattress hardly gave at all. It was better than her very expensive memory foam. He held his thrust and rolled over to have her on top. She pulled her knees up and began to ride his cock bottoming out with each stroke.

As she began to climax Alf said something in Romany. She leaned forward to kiss his black beard and felt her dress being pulled up over her hips. It was Alf's son Bret who had come in the back door un-noticed.

"What a nice ass Mrs Ali." She turned her head around to see Bret starting to take his boxer short off. As he did a cock just a bit smaller than his father's sprang out from the waistband.

He leaned over and kissed her on the ass cheek and started to feel her asshole with his finger and then with his tongue. As she was climaxing she bounced to high and Alf's cock came out. Bret immediately bent down and licked at her pussy before grabbing his father's cock and putting it back in her pussy. He stepped on to the bed behind Ali and she could hear his spitting and then she felt his spit on her asshole. He rubbed a finger around her hole and then plunged his middle finger in her ass.

As he pulled it out he stuck two fingers back in to his last knuckle. Then he pulled his fingers out and placed his cock head at the entrance to her ass and pushed until the head popped in. He then spit again and pushed more cock into her asshole. Ali couldn't believe the feeling of having two thick cocks in her at the same time. She could feel one playing against the other and knew that the two men must have been feeling the same thing.

As she bounced on Alf's cock Bret's cock was thrusting deep into her ass. She climaxed again and then again. She felt like passing out with the pleasure and then she felt Alf start to cum. My God she thought this man can cum like no man before. It was running out of her pussy all down his groin. Then Bret began to cum as well and the feeling was extraordinarily blissful being filled with cum in both holes.


As Bret pulled out his cum ran down her thighs and onto Alf's cock. Bret stepped off the bed and came around to the side and offered up his cock to Ali's mouth.

The smell of his cock was intoxicating and she eagerly slid his cock head in her mouth. It didn't feel like it was going soft and he rammed a few more inches down her throat. As it began to soften he pushed more in her throat. When she had completely licked him clean he withdrew and returned to his father's chair. Alf was starting to soften as well and she slid backwards on to Alf's legs and placed her lips on his cock head and finally was able to get the head in her mouth.

She sucked for a few seconds and then began to lick him clean. It was a heady mix of all three of their juices. "I think we make you a nice table for garden." This was Alf's gypsy way of saying thank you leaving no debt.

I am sitting at the table now writing this story. A lovely oak table but a lovelier story.