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Heyguys, I'm Brandon and this is the story me and James. BEEP.

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My alarmed screamed at me to get up and begin my day. Normally, I would be pretty irritated but today was different. It was the last day of school and it was a half day. Most students would be taking a Final that day, but not me. My three classes of the day had either already taken the final or didn't have one. It was party central that day. The first two classes were a bore except for James. James was a guy I had met this year he was in every one of my even numbered classes.

We had become quite good friends over the school year and we were going to go to summer camp together too. He was, in my opinion, the cutest guy in school. He was 17, about 5'8" and incredibly lean. He had dark chocolate brown eyes and his hair was short and a deep rich golden brown that glowed heavenly when the light hit it.

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I was similar. I was the same age, but I was taller at 6'3" and my hair was short and black. I was a little less muscular than James, but not by much. I sat and thought about how, though we had only known each other for a short time, we had grown really close and had spent lots of time over at each other's houses. We would normally just talk, play video games, and watch movies, and YouTube videos. One day we had been hanging out with some of our friends.

It was a hot day and so we had gone down to Wal-Mart to get some water balloons and some water guns. We were going to have an all-out war.

We ran out just as it was starting to cool down so everyone went home except for James. He had called his parents who told him that they would be on their way. They never came. About an hour later his dad called him and told him that he wasn't going to pick up because his mom had gone into labor. He began to argue with his dad about what he was supposed to do. He couldn't just walk home it was already Eight-thirty at night then and he lived two hours away.

My parents couldn't take him because they were out of town for the weekend. He told his dad he would think of something and hung up. "Dude, you can stay here if you want man", I offered.

"Really? That would be awesome!" he said. He shivered his clothes still soaking wet. "You're gonna get sick man", I said, "You should go take a shower." He claimed he had nothing to wear, but I told him not to worry, I would lend him something to wear. He thanked me and we walked to my room so I could get him something to wear. I picked out a white tee, and some bikini briefs that I had. I tried to find some pajama pants he could wear, but I was all out of clean ones. I grabbed a towel for him and folded everything up and place the towel on top of the clothes.

I told him that I was out of pajama pants and asked him if that was ok or if he wanted to borrow some of my dad's. He assured me it was fine.

He got in the shower. I had already showered earlier and so I pulled out my phone and ordered a large pepperoni pizza. I plopped down on the sofa and grabbed my laptop which was connected to my TV and logged onto Facebook and checked my notifications. Nothing more than a few likes and game requests so I closed the window and looked through my movie collection. I heard the shower turn off. I expected him to come out rather quickly, but he took quite a while. When he finally came out dressed in the white tee which looked a little tight on him, but I outlined all of his muscles and the briefs which were bulging with his massive package.

I couldn't believe my eyes. He looked so hot.

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I started getting hard. "What?" he asked. I hadn't realized it at first, but I had been staring at him. "Huh? Oh, nothing. Hey, I ordered pizza." I said changing the subject. "Is that alright?" "Yeah, man, I'm starved!" We sat around waiting for the pizza to arrive.


We talked like we normally did, but it was so much harder since I was trying not to stare at him. He made it even harder since he kept drawing attention to his bulge.

Whether or not it was intentional, I don't know, but if I had to guess I would have to say that it was. The pizza finally had shown up and helped me cool down a bit. We watched a few movies and eventually we were getting tired so we got up and went to bed.

I had a king sized bed in my room so I didn't bother making a separate bed set up for him. After enough sleep overs he was cool with it so we didn't even say anything we just got into bed and passed out.

Around two in the morning I woke up and felt James arm around me and his dick pressed up against my ass. I was instantly hard. I heard him mumbling. I listened closely to see if I could understand what he was saying. "I love you Brandon." I was shocked I didn't know what to do.

I couldn't believe that he had just said he loved me. And to make it even worse/better (I still don't know which) he started to kiss my neck. I was on heaven.

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I let out an accidental moan. He stopped and so did I. I didn't move. I didn't breath. "James?" I said. At first there was no answer, but then he replied, "Yeah?" "Are you gay?" I asked after a few moments of silence.



No!" He responded. He jumped out of bed as I turned around to face him. "James! Come here. It's Okay!" I assured him. He hesitated, but he came back over. He sat down with me on the edge of the bed. He didn't look at me. He just kept repeating "I'm sorry" and "I'm so stupid".

"Hey!" I said. "You're not stupid!" He still wouldn't look at me. I placed my hand under his chin and turned he head towards me.

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I stared deeply into his eyes as the moonlight poured into the room from the skylight. I leaned in and kissed him. Softly at first, but it quickly grew with passion. In no time at all I was taking off his shirt and kissing his neck. I kissed him all the way down his torso, only stopping to lick his nipples on the way down. When I reached the grey bikini briefs, they were already soaked with pre-cum. I swiftly pulled them off and released his large 8 in dick. It was rock hard. I didn't even hesitate.

I opened my mouth and took it in. I bobbed up and down each time taking a bit more of his dick into my mouth. Eventually reaching the base of uncut cock. I pulled back and began licking the tip of his dick as he let out loud moans that I'm sure could be heard around the neighborhood.

I kept sucking him off and his hips started thrusting matching my rhythm. "Ugh! I'm gonna cum", he warned, but I kept my ground and continued sucking him off. He shot rope after rope after rope of cum straight into my mouth. I struggled, but I managed to swallow it all. He was breathing hard, but he smiled. "Your turn." I laid down on the bed and he took grabbed my pajama pants and pulled him down along with my briefs.

He took my dick into his mouth and began to suck me off.

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He sucked me off until I was about to cum. He stopped and said. "Fuck me." He leaned over my desk and I got up behind him. I kneeled and spat on his hole until it was nice and wet. I stood back up and guided my dick into his ass. He winced, but he seemed pretty used to getting fucked. I started thrusting slowly at first, but begin to pick up momentum.

It didn't take too long before I was about to cum.

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"I'm gonna cum", I said. "Cum inside me", he told me. I kept thrusting and came at last. I shot about 8 rope of cum into his ass. We got cleaned up and laid back in bed together. I told him I loved him and he said he loved me too. I couldn't believe it, but I was too tired to think about it.

So I simply fell asleep. Ok if I get a positive response I'll post up part two of this story.