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Floppy marangos get played with
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"Wait, both of them? I guess that shouldn't be an issue if it's just a couple of days. They'll have to share the room of course. It's just got the one queen bed." Cal was on the phone to his sister who was asking him to take in his niece and her friend for a weekend.

They were going to check out the university where he lived, and he could let them stay in his guest bedroom. Both his niece Stephanie, a senior, and her childhood friend Vicky, a junior, were being recruited as athletes, so the University would be taking care of most of the details: getting them from the airport, giving them tours, even most of the meals.

All he'd have to do was let them crash at his place, and he probably wouldn't even see them that much. As favors go, it would be a pretty easy way to score some points. He had always been a favorite uncle with his nieces and nephews.

Even though he didn't get to see them but once a year during the holidays and the occasional family vacation or visit, he always got along well with them. Stephanie was the second oldest of his older sister, and she'd grown up with Vicky from the time they were three.

He'd met her several times over the years, as the two girls were virtually inseparable, but he had to think a minute to recall the last time he'd seen her; probably three or four years back at least. So two weeks after the phone call they arrived on his doorstep late Friday evening.

He lived alone in a three-bedroom house in a quite little neighborhood a few minutes from the campus area, so the university shuttle driver was willing to go a bit out of his way to drop them off, especially for the ten dollar tip he'd suggested they offer him for his trouble. Instead of knocking they just let themselves in.

Cal got up from the sofa when he heard the door opening and went to greet them. He'd seen Steph a few months back, but the last time he'd seen Vicky she was an awkward eighth grader. She'd since she'd grown into an attractive young woman like his niece had, but having missed the gradual process, he was somewhat shocked at the change.

Now she was fully 5'6", probably weighing a fit 140lbs or so, and had subtle tomboy curves and petite little b-sized breasts. Both girls had their hair back in ponytails, Steph's straight and blonde, Vicky's in tight brown curls. They both beamed when he approached. "Uncle Cal!" they chorused gleefully, both giving him a hug simultaneously.

Steph kissed his cheek, and to his surprise Vicky did as well. "Hey, whoa. I had no idea I was so popular. Welcome to my humble abode, girlies. How was the flight?" He put their bags by the hallway leading to the bedrooms and led them back through the kitchen to the room where he'd been watching TV. "Oh, you know, just a flight. Not bad," Steph said.

"It's fun traveling without mom and dad, you know. Much more liberating this way." "Kinda the point, I suspect," he said. "You want anything to drink or eat? I don't have too much, but there's some stuff in the cupboard if you want to poke around." He sat back down on the sofa as they wandered into the kitchen. He heard them looking through the fridge and cupboards, then the distinct sound of wine glasses and a cork being popped.

"Your folks ok with you hitting the sauce at such a tender age?" he said, mostly jokingly. Vicky poked her head around through the doorway. "How is it that grown-ups always know the minute teenagers are up to something?

It's like you have sixth sense about it," she said, giving him a little wink. "Hm, well, maybe it's because you're always up to something. The odds are slightly in our favor on that one." The girls trotted back in to the living room with two glasses of wine and a bag of chips. "No thanks, I'm good," he continued, "but thanks for offering." Steph giggled at his little joke.

"Oops, sorry. Want me to get you some?" "No, no, I'm fine. Glad to see you're feeling at home already." They chatted for a bit about school and whatnot; where they were thinking of applying and which had the better programs.

Since Vicky was only a junior she had two more years to think about it—a lifetime to someone her age—but Stephanie had to decide pretty soon.

She confessed that she wasn't really interested in the place they were looking at tomorrow, but it was fun for them to get away as a pair and come see him for a bit, however little they might actually see him in the next two days. It was ten thirty when the girls eventually got up to go to bed. "We should probably hit it," Steph said. "I'm kinda burnt from the trip, and they've got a ton of stuff for me to do tomorrow." "Yeah, lucky.

I gotta kill, what, three hours in the afternoon while you "tour the facilities?" Vicky said, turning to Cal. "Is there anything to do here in town, or should I just come back here early when I'm done?" "There's a bus line that puts you on the end of this block if you want, but there's a bunch of stuff around campus for bumming around.

I'm sure you'll find something to do." He didn't really like the idea of having to entertain a sixteen-year-old girl for three hours on a Saturday afternoon that should otherwise be spent in front of the TV.

Hoping to dismiss the option he moved on. "So, I've got the bed made up in the middle room there, and laid out some towels for you.

I'm assuming you're ok with sharing the bed, right?" "Oh my god, no way," Vicky said sarcastically, "I'm not sharing a bed with her. She totally snores!" "Shut up, loser, I do not! We're fine, Cal, don't sweat it," Stephanie said, staring her friend down like she was fixing to fight.

Then they both burst out laughing at something that was obviously much more funny than anything that had been said. He chalked it up to the absurdity of the teenage sense of humor and just rolled his eyes. "Right, wierdos, if you think of anything you need, either just go look for it or knock on my door. Ah, but not in the middle of the night, if you please. How are you getting there tomorrow anyway?" he asked, hoping this also was not his responsibility.

"They're coming to get us at 9:45 I think, but we can wake ourselves up," Steph said. "I'll be up by then, so I'll see you in the morning. Night-night." The two girls went back to the hall to grab their bags, then headed off to their room while Cal resumed his late evening viewing.

Once in their room Vicky threw down her bag and grabbed Stephanie, giving her a big kiss fully on the lips. "Oh my god, I'm so hot for you right now I can't stand it!" "Hey, hey, hey!

No, no, no!!" Steph whispered, pushing her back. "We talked about this, duh! Nothing goes on here. He can't find out about us, please." "I know, I know. But look, we get to spend the whole night in the same bed together. I'm so fucking horny I can't stand it!" She grabbed her friend's shirt and started pulling it over her head. Allowing her shirt to come off but still protesting, Steph pushed the door shut gently, then whispered again.

"Sweetie, please, no! I have to keep this a secret. Maybe we can play in bed quietly, but just, relax, until then, ok??" "Ok, ok, but at least give me a kiss," Vicky said, leaning forward playfully with puckered lips. Steph gave in and kissed her, upon which she was immediately enveloped by Vicky's arms, and they quietly held themselves together for a lingering smooch. It had the effect of calming them both down, and they were able to go about the business of unpacking and getting ready for bed.

Vicky got into her pjs, consisting of a pair of red cotton boy shorts and matching tank top, and scooted off to the bathroom first while Steph unpacked and changed. When she was done, Steph came in as she was leaving, and she took the opportunity to while her friend was occupied to walk down the hall back into the living room to talk to Cal. She'd always had a puppy love crush on her friend's uncle since as long as she could remember.

He was pretty fit for his age, and not at all unattractive, and the fact that they were all now spending the weekend together away from anyone else had planted the seeds of misbehavior in her head. She knew she'd be getting some girl-play in a few minutes, but now she wanted to set up her big prize for later in the weekend.

She came walking around the corner in her pjs like it was the most commonplace thing in the world. Cal had been watching some random sports program, so she sat herself right beside him on the couch.

"Hey, Cal, thanks for putting us up for the weekend. It's saving my folks a tone of dough, and they really appreciate it." Instinctively Cal got a bit uncomfortable with this scantily clad girl placing herself so close to him, and he naturally leaned away a bit.

"Hey, you know, it's no big deal. I'm happy to help you guys out. I mean, you're practically family, right?" He managed to get that far without stumbling, but he was thinking 'Holy Christ, this girl has really blossomed.

And look at those fucking jammies, wtf. Think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts.' "My mom said I should try to help out with things while I'm here to say thank you, so, you know, let me know if there's stuff I can do for you," she said with just a hint of innuendo.

By now he was getting downright suspicious, but to play it off he said, "Hey, great. When you get back tomorrow you can clean the place up, then maybe wash my car. That'd be nice, thanks!" "Yeah, right. And I'll put on a little maid outfit, too. Get real." She put on her best indifference, but was ruthless when she wanted to seduce someone. "But, really," she said, putting her hand on his knee, "let me know if I can help, since you're being so nice about letting me stay and all.

And thank you, again." Then she gave him a quick peck on the cheek, bounced up off the couch, and strutted her cute little butt out of the room, leaving him reeling. He spent the next hour trying to convince himself it wasn't what he thought, and had nearly dispelled the notion by the time he went to bed. But as he walked down the hallway past their room, he slowed and could swear her heard muffled moans.

Inside, Vicky was between Stephanie's thighs trying to get her off, but mostly just enjoying the taste of her wonderful snatch. Stephanie, however, was far too nervous about getting found out to come anywhere near orgasm, and was just letting her girl work if out of her system. When she heard Cal's footsteps, then heard them stop, she held Vicky's head fast in her hands until she heard him move on, a gesture which Vicky only thought was an act of intensity, and increased her efforts in vain to get her lover off.

Unfortunately for Stephanie, she knew Vicky wouldn't rest until she'd had at lest one good orgasm, and she actually was turned on enough to want to take her there.

But she also knew Vicky wasn't the most quiet of mistresses, and try as she might when she finally got her off with her tongue, the hand over her mouth was not enough to stifle the scream that just once erupted from her throat. Down the hall as he was just dozing off, Cal heard the unmistakable sound of passion, but was easily tired enough to still fall asleep.

--------- The next morning he was up and about before the girls, and was getting his second cup of coffee when Stephanie stumbled sleepily in to the kitchen.

"Hey, sleepyhead," Cal said as she walked past him. "There's some java there if you like, cups are in the cupboard right over it. You guys sleep ok?" He tried to watch her out of the corner of his eye to gauge her response, but she managed to keep her back to him, fumbling with the coffee. "Oh, fine, great, thanks," she said, somewhat hurriedly. He leaned against the doorway, watching her as she maneuvered over to the fridge, keeping her back to him. "It's a nice bed, and we both fell right to sleep, you know." Once she'd got the cream and sugar, still doing her best to avoid eye contact, she said, "well, probably my turn in the bathroom," and darted back down the hall.

Cal went back to the living room and read the paper while the girls got ready. After about ten minutes Vicky came padding in, her curly hair hanging damp and limp just past her shoulders. She was wrapped only in a towel that just barely extended below her butt, and was holding a bottle of lotion in her hand. He looked up, trying to hide his surprise, then waited for her to ask what he thought would be a quick question. Instead she came right up to him again and sat down on the edge of the sofa, placing the bottle down on the coffee table and pressing some into her palm.

"Morning!" she said cheerfully and casually. "That bed is great, we slept so good once we finally fell asleep. Oooh, I hope there's more coffee!" She lifted one leg up onto the table and began rubbing the lotion into her calves. "Uh, yeah, want me to get you a cup?" From his reclined position he couldn't see, but he was hoping to God she had some underwear on. "Oh, that would be awesome. Just a little cream, please.

You don't make it too strong do you?" She looked him straight in the eye as she continued to get more lotion, then rubbed it further up her leg under the towel. As he got up, her eyes, locked on his, kept him from investigating beneath the towel, so he quickly looked off.

"Steph said you guys fell right asleep," he said, probing for more information as he went into the kitchen. "Hm? Oh yeah, I guess. We talked for a while in bed, though, you know how girls are.

We get together like that and we just can't help ourselves." When he came back into the room she was ready for him, and dropped her leg after catching him looking, but kept it up long enough to make sure he'd seen the crotch of her sheer white panties.

She put her best innocent smile on her face and again locked his eyes, reaching out for the coffee. "Oh, yum, gimme that, I need it bad." She grabbed the cup with both hands and took a big sip. "Mmmm, perfect, thanks." She put it back down and proceeded to moisturize her other leg, making sure the towel opened up just enough to both show some extra thigh as well as give him a glimpse of her abdomen. She watched her legs as she did so, giving him the opportunity to look as long as he wanted while he sat back down, this time a little further away on the sofa.

When he didn't pick the newspaper back up, she knew she had his attention. "So, what do you think we should do today?" she asked, keeping him off guard. "Excuse me?" "Oh. I guess I mean what should I do today. You know, in the afternoon while she's still with the university people. Should I hang out by campus, or come back and wash your car?" She looked up and smiled at him, certain he'd been checking her out. "Ha, right. Um, yeah, there's a bunch of little shops down there you can browse about, and a coffee shop every fifteen feet to hang out in.

There's huge bookstore, too. I bet you can fill the time." He returned awkwardly to his paper, not reading a word of it. She finished her legs and sat up tall, placing her hands on her knees matter-of-factly.

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"Ok, great. I'll find something to do, since, as you say, we're always up to something, right?" She got up, leaving her coffee and the lotion on the table, and made her way out of the room.

As she got to the doorway she removed her towel and brought it up to her hair, assuring that he'd get an excellent view of her bum through her transparent panties, and perhaps a glimpse of breast as she rounded the corner out of sight. Once again he found himself wrestling with his thoughts. Is this girl trying to seduce him, or is he just being a pervert and misinterpreting her innocent teenage actions. Either way, it was trouble for him.

The sight of her perfect young butt instantly gave rise to his shorts, and he had to sit with the paper for a moment to let it subside. But the more he thought about it, the harder it got, and he was praying Stephanie wouldn't come back in the room for a few more minutes.

Back in the bedroom, Stephanie heard Vicky come in as she was putting on her make up. "Oh my god, I think he heard us last night," she said getting a glimpse of her topless friend in the mirror. "What the fuck, tell me he didn't see you like that?" "Relax, of course not. He's fine. I don't think he has any idea," she lied. "Besides, he seems cool. What difference does it make to him if he knows?" "Come on, Vick. What if he told my mom? I totally don't want to deal with her on this.

You so do not know what she'd be like if she knew we were fooling around. I'm so close to getting out of the house, I just don't want anymore hassle with her. So please tell me you're going to be cool about it this weekend." "Ok, damn, just calm down, you're so wound up about it.

That alone is going to clue him in, you know? I'll be good, but you gotta start acting like yourself again, girl." Steph gave her a long look, then turned to finish her make up while Vicky dried her hair and got dressed in a jean skirt and clingy tee.

Stephanie dressed a bit more conservatively in jeans and buttoned shirt.

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They packed their shoulder bags and went down the hall to wait for their ride. Vicky wanted to give her friend a reassuring hug, but figured that would just make her more tense, so she let it go. Steph made a pretense of cleaning up the kitchen a little to further avoid Cal, but Vicky went back in and sat down across from him in an armchair.

He kept reading the paper, so she didn't start a conversation, but rather sat there with her knees slightly apart, staring out the window to the back yard. Whether he looked or not was his decision, she'd already done her damage for the morning. At nine-fifty the doorbell rang, and the girls said goodbye and left with little fanfare, leaving a much-relieved Cal to go about his day off undisturbed.

--------- He spent his time doing the short list of chores he needed to get done, then ran a few errands before returning around three to settle in for a few good hours on the couch watching baseball.

As he was pulling up the drive he noticed the skies getting darker and wondered if the girls' plans were going to be affected by what looked like imminent rain.

Which is to say, he wondered whether Vicky was going to come home and continue to torture him. That girl was driving him crazy, and he really didn't want to deal with her on his own.

He finally settled in front of the TV with some chips and a beer, stretched out and watched the game for a few innings before dozing off. He was awakened an indeterminate amount of time later to the sound of what had to be Vicky coming through the front door. "Cal? I'm home!" She appeared a moment later in the kitchen doorway. "Oops, did I wake someone from their nap?" she cooed in baby talk.

He just blinked at her in response, heavy with sleep and unsure what to say. "Man, have you seen it out there? It's totally going to rain. I'm lucky I got home before it hits, that bus takes forever." She spun around and disappeared down the hall for about five minutes, then came back into the kitchen, by which time Cal was more alert and able to converse.

"Does this mean Steph's coming home soon too?" he asked, trying not to sound annoyed. 'Or am I blessed with your vixen self all afternoon,' he wanted to add sarcastically.

"Dunno," she said, coming in with a glass of wine and sitting down in the chair at the foot end of his couch. "Oh wait, I'm supposed to be your helper," she said looking at his empty beer. "Lemme get you another one." She scooped up the bottle and darted off to the kitchen, returning with a new one, for which he thanked her.

"Whatcha watchin'?" she chirped, sitting back down. Seriously, did he need to respond to that? It was quite obviously baseball. "Hockey," he said in a deadpan voice, "perhaps you've heard of it?" Upon giving her a closer look, it appeared she'd removed the bra from beneath her tight fitting t-shirt, either that or she'd been dressed completely inappropriately for her visit with the school.

Her delicate nipples were clearly visible atop the soft rise of her small breasts. "Ha, ha," she droned. "I just didn't look closely, sports fan. Can I have some chips?" "Help yourself," he said, making no effort to pass them. The bag was on the opposite end of the coffee table from her, so to reach them she moved forward on the chair, allowing herself to slide down until she was sitting on the floor.

In the process her denim skirt bunched up around her hips, revealing everything beneath. From his vantage point he could clearly see her entire thigh, but the table hid the rest. "Oopsy," she said slowly, making a half-hearted effort to cover herself back up. "You can just pretend you didn't see that." He was beyond the point of caring about propriety, and just said, "You already showed that to me this morning, remember?" "What?

When?" she said in a shocked voice. "You mean as I was leaving the room this morning? Cal, you dirty old man, were you checking me out?" The seriousness of her tone made him doubt himself again, and he blushed, not knowing what to say. "Oh my god, you're blushing! You were checking me out. Shame on you, mister." She now made an extra display of lowering her hem again, but with little success. She let the awkward silence hang there as she munched the chips and drank her wine.

After several minutes of watching the game in silence, she said, "What's that one guy there between the other two?" That was unexpected. "What, the short stop?" "Maybe?" "The second baseman?" he said, incredulously. "Do you mean to tell me that you're here as a prospective athlete and you don't even know a thing about baseball?!" She drew herself up and put her hands on her waist.

"First, I'm a soccer player, duh. And second, I'm only here to spend the weekend with my girlfriend. I could really care less about this place. The school I mean, not your house. I like your house just fine, actually." Then she did something else unexpected.

She got to her hands and knees and crawled across the floor to the TV, leaving her skirt somewhat bunched and giving him a clear view of her backside through her see-through panties.

When she got to the screen, she pointed to the player in question. "This guy," she said, looking back over her shoulder. She met his eyes which quickly shifted to meet hers, knowing full well what he was seeing, but making no effort to hide it. "Who's this guy?" as innocent as could be. "He's, he's the runner on second," he managed to say, his throat catching. She turned back to the TV, letting him get another good look at her ass and smooth pussy through the fabric, then slowly sat back down on her heels.

"Then why's he so far from the base?" "He's leading off?" "Hm, ok. I'm gonna get some more wine.

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You want anything? I'm your little helper, remember?" She said this with a bit more sultriness to her voice. "No? Nothing?" looking him in the eyes again. She stood up and collected her glass, then went off to the kitchen to fill it.

Outside the skies darkened and it began to rain, slowly at first but then steadily as thunder rolled in the distance. As he lay on the couch he was thankful at least to be wearing jeans, because the bulge in his pants would otherwise have been quite apparent.

However, there was little he could do to conceal it now, save to place a pillow over it, so he took a deep cleansing breath and waited to see what happened next. She came back in, this time coming all the way around the coffee table, and sat down sideways on the floor in front of where his legs were, facing him as he lay.

"Okay, Cal. I've tried to be nice about it. But if you're not going to give me anything to do around here, I'm just going to have to start doing things for you on my own." She reached for his jeans and began undoing them.

"Now let your little helper see what you've been hiding from her all day. He reached for her hands to stop her, but she swatted him away. "Ah, ah, ah! You had your chance. Besides, you shouldn't worry. I'm not going to tell, and no one's going to find out." With that she pulled his pants and shorts down a bit over his hips until his nearly erect cock sprang up.

"He-hey, sports fan! That is one big, beautiful dick." She held it in both hands, squeezing it gently before leaning forward to take him in her mouth. With one hand reaching in for his balls and the other grasping his shaft, she pulled him deeper into her warm inviting mouth, letting her tongue roll about, collecting the flowing precum he'd been working up.

"Oh my god, you taste so fucking delicious. And it feels so perfect in my mouth, don't you think?" She drew him back in as he lay there moaning. Nearly overwhelmed by her incredible talent, her began to rethink what was happening.

"Wait, wait," he said, not exactly stopping her. "Stephanie could be here any minute." "She can't say anything because I've already got something on her," she said holding him. "She and I have been sleeping together for years now. I tried to make you aware of that last night, didn't you hear?" He stiffened in her hand at the confirmation of his suspicions, a reaction not lost of Vicky. "Oh, ho, so you did know, and liked it too, I see." She gently spat some her saliva onto his head and began stroking him while she continued.

"Did you like hearing me cum last night, while your pretty little niece sucked me off?" He stiffened further. "Oh yeah, baby, I bet you did." She popped him back in her mouth and pumped him hard into her for a few good strokes. "She's a good little cunt licker, and I've got a really cute pussy for it, too. You saw it, though, what do you think? Did you like staring a my cute pantied pussy back there?" Back into her mouth he went, and his moans became more intense.

She worked him expertly for several minutes, bringing him up and back down, but not letting him cum or really even get close to it. She jerked him hard and fast to desensitize him, then loosened her grip and let her wet fingers glide softly along his shaft, all the while holding the head of his wonderful cock in the grip of her soft tongue and lips. After about ten minutes of this her neck and jaw began to get stiff so she changed her tack.

"Would you like to see my little pussy again, Cal?" She stood up and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall away to reveal her panties, now wet with her own anticipation. She placed her knee over his body towards the back of the couch, and straddled his chest. "Here you go, take a nice look at it." She reached for his hand and placed it to her crotch. "Oh, yeah, rub my pretty kitty through my panties, please.

Ohhh, yessss, just like that.

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Hm, you're so good at that…" Now it was her turn to simply moan as the pleasure moved up through her body. She lowered herself down to him and pressed herself onto his face. "Mmm, lick me through the fabric.

It's already so nicely wet. Taste my juice through my sopping panties." She enjoyed the warmth of his tongue and his breath as the fabric kept the sensation at bay. Finally she wanted more and reached down, pulling them aside so he could get to the smooth skin beneath. Cal knew a thing or two about how to please a girl, and now finally had the upper hand. He held her to him as he grasped thighs just beneath her ass.

His tongue moved easily in and out of her truly wet, completely smooth pussy, but he gave most of his attention to her firm, protruding clit.

As he sucked on her nearly pea-size button, he suspected its large size was the root cause of the unbridled lust she'd been displaying for the past twenty-four hours. Whether or not it was true, she was very appreciative of his skills and was eager to express it both verbally and physically.

"Oh, shit, Cal, you're so fucking good at that. Mmm, and to think I waited a whole day before jumping you. What the fuck was I thinking.


Oh, GOD, right there, yes, yes!" In what seemed like only moments he had worked her to the brink of orgasm, and flirted with leaving her on the edge only momentarily before letting her cum on his face as she became vocally incoherent. He continued to hold her slight ass in his hands as she fucked him hard throughout its duration. Finally she relaxed enough to speak, and looked down again at his face between her thighs and smiled. "You are a dirty old man, aren't you? How about I help that nice big cock of yours get into my sweet, tight sixteen-year-old pussy?

Hm, can I help you do that, mister?" She stood up and whipped her panties off, then pulled his jeans and shorts completely off before climbing back onto him. She held herself up on her knees while she tugged at his slightly softened member. "Aw," she cooed, "let your little helper make you big and strong again. Yes, there, that's it!" She felt him firm up instantly as she spoke to him. As soon as she got him where she wanted him, she dropped her head and looked down as she guided herself down onto him.

His head pierced her lips just slightly as she let out a deep moan, followed by a long slow exhale as she dropped down, fully enveloping his cock. "Oh, fuck!" they both shouted at the same time.

"Jesus, Vicky, you are so fucking velvety tight. Oh, god, don't move, you'll fucking make me blow it right here!!" "She smiled hugely at him and mercifully sat still, but kept grinding her hips in small circles as he tried to regain his composure. After a bit she'd begun moving her hips forward and back against him, far enough to start moving his cock in and out slightly as she shifted her weight. He was going to need a few more minutes of cooperation if he'd be able to give her a decent fucking, but the point became moot as Vicky suddenly looked up and saw Stephanie standing in the kitchen, wet from the rain.

"Oh. My. God!! You're fucking my uncle! What the hell are you two doing??" "Hi, Steph. I'm his little helper!!" completely ignoring the condition she was in, or her shock for that matter. "Come here, you have got to see this cock!" Cal's face went white, and his dick immediately shrank at least three sizes, much to Vicky's chagrin.

"Hey, no fair, you made him shrivel up, dammit!" She jumped up off him, letting his slick dick fall back flat against his stomach. Despite her shock at the scene, Stephanie involuntarily was drawn to his large handsome cock, even if it was merely semi-erect.

"Come here, really, and look at it," she continued to urge her friend, before getting up a racing across the room. Steph still stood there frozen as Vicky grabbed her hand and drew her to the sofa, at which point Cal sat up to protest. Then things really took another sharp turn. Vicky spun around fast on him placing her hand on his chest. "Not so fast, Cal. You're going to do what I say or everyone finds out about what we were just doing.

And you," she said turning back to a still uncomfortable Steph, "you're also going to behave or they all find out about us, too." The were both mute at the prospect of discovery, and literally shocked at the boldness of this young girl. "Everybody cool?" she asked, giving them both a good look, "Good, cause I'm still way horny, and this is going to be a lot of fun, trust me." She got back onto the sofa, kneeling between Cal's legs while she stroked his soft cock back to life.

"Look at it Steph, touch it. She reached out and grabbed her hand, pulling her down to her knees and placing it on his dick, holding it there with her own. "That's it, isn't it wonderful?

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Keep stroking like that and don't let go." For both Cal and Steph, the fear of the trap they'd gotten themselves into started to take a back seat as their arousal for each other emerged. While she stroked his hardening dick, and really began to enjoy it, Vicky began to remove first her wet jeans then her shirt, leaving her in her panties and bra, before pressing things to the next level.

"Suck it, Steph.


It feels magnificent in your mouth." When she hesitated Vicky grabbed her by her straight blonde hair and forced her head down to his erection.

"I said 'suck it,' you little slut." She grabbed his dick with her free hand and held it while she forced it into her mouth. "There you go, good girl. See? Isn't that nice?" Steph relaxed her throat and jaw and just let her friend pump her face onto his substantial cock, taking it in as far as it would go before gagging a little on it.

For Cal, the sight of his pretty niece getting a forced face fuck from him was an enormous turn on, and his dick was back to its full glory as she alternately choked on it and gasped for air. Whenever she caught her breath, strings of her saliva and his precum ran from her chin to his dick, and dripped onto his balls. He caught her eye at one point and saw her smile a little as she tried to wipe her face. Vicky sensed their acquiescence and loosened her grip.

"There, now, is everyone willing to cooperate? You keep sucking that dick for me young lady, and I'll give you a nice reward." She hopped off the sofa and got down behind her, pulling her panties off and down to her knees. She then buried her face in her lover's ass, licking the length of her already wet pussy lips.

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"Hmmm, so you like it after all, don't you. How about you, Cal. Are you enjoying the company of your two little high school helpers?" He couldn't bring himself to say anything, so he just moaned heavily at the pleasure he was receiving. By now he was fully aroused, and Stephanie was giving him a fantastic blowjob, using both hands and paying full attention to every part of his manhood, from sucking on his balls to licking along his length before plunging him deep down into her throat.

For her part she was also beginning to become seriously aroused at the combination of giving some great head while having her filthy-minded girlfriend suck her clit and lick her ass. Eventually it became too much and she released Cal from her mouth and just stroked him while she started to cum, pressing back onto Vicky's face.

Seeing his niece cum so pretty with her face shut so tight in the throes of passion made him cum as well into her delicate little hand, and as she noticed him cumming with her she tried to suck what was left of his ejaculation, catching a small spurt of it on her cheek.

Vicky sat up from behind her friend, her face shiny with her sex, and smiled at the two of them. "Well now, there are no secrets among us any longer. Anyone feel the lesser for it?" Steph and Cal looked at each other sheepishly before letting their smiles broaden across their faces. Cal was the first to speak, wiping his cum of her face with his thumb. "Nope, and since we've broken these first taboos, why not break some more of them." "Huh, yeah, it's funny you should say that," Stephanie said.

"I decided there's really nothing at the university I'm interested in, and I was worried that you'd be upset when I came home and told you we'd be spending the rest of the weekend together." Laughing, Vicky got up to pee and get them all some wine.

"Goodie, now we can both play helper." While she was out Steph confessed that she really did have a crush on him, and he confessed that he'd be more than happy to both see it further and keep everything he knew about her a secret.

By the time Vicky got back she found Steph back on top of him in the same position she'd originally caught them in. She was holding his big limp cock up against her pussy with both hands, rubbing herself against him to get him hard enough to slip inside him. Vicky jumped up on the sofa behind her and spooned up against her body the best she could, removing her bra and her own shirt before reaching around to cup her breasts as she pressed her own up against her back.

Looking over her shoulder down at Cal, who was now firm enough and had actually slipped into his niece's warm, wet slit, she said, "You can fuck each other for a bit, but we're going to take turns on him before he blows his load again. There's no way I'm going to waste any more time in this house without getting as much of that big succulent cock as possible. And they did just that. Steph rode him for a while before climbing off and scooching forward so sit down onto his face while Vicky came forward to ride him as well.

She fingered herself while she fucked him hard, desperately wanting to cum on his firm rod, and did so with an orgasm proportionate to his size. When she finished, she came around the front of Stephanie to face her while she rode his cock and her friend his face. This was finally all Cal could take, and as Stephanie came hard on him, he released himself into her while staring at the cute little pussy and ass of his happy and eager little helper.