Sex toy porn in bondage clip

Sex toy porn in bondage clip
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Chapter 2: A New Beginning CHAPTER 2 I woke up ready, tired and underprepared to say the least. I felt around trying to find where Sam was, but she was not there. The sun wasn't completly out I looked at my watch ,7:30 an hour and a half before the movement. I rose from bed and put some clothes on. Breathing seemed harder than before as if something was eating away at my lungs. Outside taunted me, the sun provided a light that made the day almost seem normal.

I guess this day will become normal, for all I know today could be my last or it can be the first among disaster and death. "What are you gonna do?" the voice was on the brink of crying. "Sam I know it's you now come back in." she threw herself at me and began to cry. "I know what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna survive and see your shining face when I get to the safezone." "What if you die?" "I won't." I couldn't think of anything better to say, how could I.

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I didn't know what seperated us from the school other than 3 miles of road. "I know what will make you wanna make it through for sure.""I know what will make you wanna survive this trip for sure." With that evil little smile I became hard. "Oh I see you're ready!" Another smile came across her face as she guided her hand down my shaft.

It made my spine shiver. She grabbed ahold of my pants and dragged them off my legs. Then she started to tease me, slowly dispersing clothes amongst my bunk, makeing her body look even sexier than before. I grabbed her and brought her close, I then began to kiss her enjoying her lips and the sweet taste.

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"I'd be careful, you keep doing that and you might not be able to walk for a couple days!" I said with a wink. "Doesn't sound so bad." she answered with a wink As I embraced her agian we began to strip eachother.

She pushed me down on the bed and removed the rest of our clothing. She then brought her face close to mine as she slid her bare ass across my dick. She began to kiss me agressively. "Owen? are you in there?" Another female voice said quietly. You got to be kidding me, just as things were getting good. I reluctantly pulled my lips from Sam's and picked my shirt off the bed and began to put it on. "Yeah Who is it?" I asked as Sam brought her head down to my dick. "It's Sam. Sam Cylar." Sam Clyar is a 10th grader, 5'5 blonde and a nice ass.

Her face isn't all that to write home about but she was one of the girls who hovered over the slut catergory in high school. She was known for short flings with alot of guys and never coming home clean. Her latest fling was a clasmate of mine Noah Granger.

"Yeah what do you need?" I said fighting the urge to moan as Sammy's mouth wrapped around my dick, her tounge licking all over my dick. "I need to talk to you" Sounding quite depressed. "Ok, um can you give me a minute?" "Sure, Ill be in my bunk." Now with her gone I could focus all my attention on Sammy D.

I looked down to see her still working furiously. I could only chuckle as I pulled her off. I picked her up above me and laid her on the bed. Her spread eagle position was so sexy.

I slowly entered the familiar felling of her vagina. I had already been in her but god it was still so tight. I grabbed onto her hips as I picked up my speed, at the same time she wrapped her hands around me and kissed me once again. It took me about 5 minutes until I heard Sam whispering to me to go harder and that she was cumming. Her nails dug into me as she bucked underneath me. Even though she was spent I continued to pump more and more.

She lost control of her body, her body was like a rag doll. However her vagina was still squeezing my dick as she came once more. I finnaly bucked and let go inside her womb. I let Sam fall asleep on my bed as I put on my clothes to see what Sam.C wanted.

I looked at my watch 8:30! Holy Shit! I was at it for an hour, it didn't seem that long. I hope whatever Sam wants goes fast. I approached Sam.C's bunk and knocked on the wooden placement where the curtain hung from.

"Who is it?" "Owen." "Come on in." I walked in as Sam was changing shirts, I looked tentively as I could only see the edge of her boobs. As she turned I looked away. "It's okay. you can look now." she said I turned back to see her shirt gripping her body harder than any person could.

"What did you need me for?" I said struggling to contain myself from getting a boner. "Well you know my boyfriend Noah? Well I want him to make it back alive ." "Of coarse so what is it that you want me to do?" "Protect him, and make sure he comes back in one piece." "So what do I get for retourning your "Precious Cargo"?" I would have done it either way but I wanted to see if I coulld push this farther. "I'll fuck your brains out when you get there." not sounding very convincing "How bout I get some of that now to make sure we have a deal?" Hoping I ccould get past the last line of defense.

"Fine but only a blowjob." "Sure." I said with a wicked smle I watched Sam drop to her knees as I moved closer to her waiting mouth. I pulled out my dick and rubbed it across her face. Eventually she got the hint and opened her mouth. I watched her toy with my dick, licking all around.

Eventually she took my dick in her mouth and began to suck. She was obviously skilled her mouth seemed to be constricting as her tounge danced among my cock. After a little bit I took of her shirt, I then twisted her nipples. She let a huge moan out and almost made me cum right there. I grabbed the back of her hair and thrusted my dick to the back of her throat and began to give her a throatfuck.

I couldn't hold any more as I let out a huge blast of cum. She couldn't swallow it all as it spirt from her mouth and nostrils down her chin and on to her C-cup Boobs. I pushed her over and put my dick in between her melons. She was still trying to recover and failed to notice that I was Titfucking her. The soft mounds were softer than feathers and were as warm as her mouth had been. It didn't take me long to finsh all over her face.


I stood up feeling pretty good. I looked down at my latest fuck to see a wet spot in between her thighs. I ripped off her pants and placed my dick to her entrance when I heard.

"I said only a blowjob." "Oh C'mon you know you want it." She didn't respond as I entered her pussy. The rumors were true she was loose, extremley loose. I wasn't getting any pleasure, but somehow she was bucking off the walls, orgasming left and right. I started to become soft when I figured my solution.

With Sam completly spent that left an oppritunity. I picked her up, flipped her around and place her on the bed. I lifted her bare ass up and shoved my dick into her ass. Defenitly a virgin. It was so tight but so enjoyable, and apparently it was for her to as she began to orasm again.

It didn't take long for me to unload my cum into her ass. I looked at my watch to check the time 8:55 Enough fooling around, I walked to the doors and began my final speech. "Survivors, today we stand 3 miles from long term safety. All supplies have been packed into the cars. You need to get your car number and some rest of the supplies and pack the cars fast. Walkers will provide cover make sure there are no casulties, when they're in we regroup here.

All walkers need the following, food but no meats, we dont need to attract the mother fuckers, long clothing, the less chance for a cut will keep us in good shape, flashlights we dont know how long we'll be, medical supplies like bandages just in case and guns with atleast 6 clips of ammo. We leave once the sun comes up." echoing oks came from the crowd. One last hugs were exchanged all over, I walked over to my quarters and sat there and went through my gameplan checking for any flaws.

Derek came in and checked it with me as we discussed battle plans. It was time to go, Provide cover make sure there are no casulties, when they're in we regroup here. All walkers need the following, food but no meats, we dont need to attract the mother fuckers, long clothing, the less chance for a cut will keep us in good shape, flashlights we dont know how long we'll be, medical supplies like bandages just in case and guns with atleast 6 clips of ammo.

We leave once the sun comes up." echoing oks came from the crowd. One last hugs were exchanged all over, I walked over to my quarters and sat there and went through my gameplan checking for any flaws. Derek came in and checked it with me as we discussed battle plans. It was time to go, I gave one last hug to Derek and Sam as the groups stacked up on the doors. The walkers led first bursting through the doors checking for any threats.

Nothin. We signaled everyone to follow and they loaded the cars with people and supplies.

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As the cars departed we saw the grouping zombies come towards the road. "Shit!, get in formation and follow me!" We set up in the flying v formation as I took lead. Zombies took over the road when the cars left. I knew that this could be a 3 day trip if we didnt move right and with little food it could be risky. We moved for the woods but still insight from the road. We moved slowly, I spotted a zombie and we all hit the ground. I Turned and counted only 9. "shit wheres kyle, noah and satchell?" "I don't know?" Dumpy replied.

"keep moving we can't stop, they'll have to survive on there own." We knew this would happen so we felt no sorrow, like most humans we predicted the worst to come and we almost got it.

We got up and moved to the street once more and walked slowly along the edge of the road. My watch showed 12:30, we'd already been moving for 3 ad a half hours and we havent even reached a mile down the road.

I turned to my group, still 9.good. I signaled and we moved foreward for about 10 minutes on the road, it had been awhile since we last saw a zombie. I turned the corner for our uphill route towards the school and there they were over 100 zombies conjointed on the road eating some roadkill. "Don't risk it we'll find a different route." Shit! This threw the plan out the window we now had to travel through the woods. We entered the woods and we stacked up, I already lost 3 I wasn't about to lose more especially my friends.

Most of the kids with me Swon,Nate,Jared,Bonze and Dumpy were pretty much the nerds of the school but where physically fit. Swon or Addison is about 6'3 and slim but very agile. Nate is 6'1 and though uncoordinated can can be intelligent and fast reacting. Jared is 6'2 and is pretty calm and collective but hand him a gun and he could be crazy.

Bonze or Tony is 6'1 fast and crazy when he wanted to. Then there was Dumpy or Jake, he is strong very muscular but can move faster than most track sprinters. These were my main 5 guys that I could trust to be able to get us out of any situations. The other 3 Paul, Andy and Josh were less noticable and Less trusted.

As we walked through what seemed to be the last of the zombie group I looked at my watch 3:26 shit we're moving too slow. "Ok double time!" I whispered We were only at about the 1 and a half mile mark and we'd barely gotten anywhere. We arose on the streets, hustleing trying to cover as much ground before dark.

"Targets flanking from the right hit the woods!" Dumpy yelled from behind. I sprinted into the woods sliding down into a ditch following was Nate,Jared,Bonze,Swon, Dumpy and Paul. We all sneaked a peak and found the zombies devouring Josh and Andy. Paul raised his gun to shoot. "No, we'll all die!" It didn't stop him he ran out charging at the zombies.

He began to fire and eventually we watched as zombies over ran him and eventually killed him. "Emotions get yourself killed, and now they've delayed us. It's too risky to move, we'll stay here until we can move without comotion." I got nods all around, they knew that we lost vital time because of stupidy and Emotions.

We sat for almost 2 hours it was now 5:14 and it looked like the zombies were distancing themselves from us. I woke up swon and we got moving. We were making better time, we stuck to the woods and kept moving. Finally we reached the two mile mark and the watch only read 6:57. We were almost there just on last mile to get through.

Unfortunatly our cover of the woods ended, this last mile would be in the open. We began to move in a deformed square formation. We slowly moved taking our time. We had to manuever small zombie groups but we really faced nothing strong and the night fell upon us faster than we thought. We took looked ahead and through the darkness to see the lights of the school. We kept to the fields, trying not to comfront something we don't want to.

8:00 we now stand about 300 yards from the school sitting in a ditch. Unfortunatly the same number of zombies surrounded the tall barbwired fence and its door. "Get some rest we'll rush them in the morning, I'll keep Guard." My group fell asleep as I stood watch. I couldn't sleep, knowing that we were so close from protection, from safety.

I sat there surveying each zombie, see if there was anyone I knew, not any faces I could see in the dark. Hours passed and eventually the sun rose completly. I woke up everyone, and prepared for the final sprint. We planned our route and I counted down the seconds 3.2.1.go! I yelled as we started a rush towards the dammed creatures.

We fired our ways through the crowd and got to the other side and slammed the gate door closed behind us. "Everyone good?" "yep." we walked into the actual school where we were met by families and friends.

Paul,Andy and Josh's parents weeped tears of pain while my group's parents cried tears of joy that we were alive. As I walked through the crowd I walked to the MS Gym where are resting quarters would be. I searched and found the name tag Nix.O. There to my amusement was a blonde girl still sleeping in my shirt from our first meeting Man for a girl that just lost her boyfriend she really did take a likeing to me.

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I went to snuggle against her when she woke up and threw herself against me. "I thought you weren't gonna come back!" "Well with the sex I got yesterday there was no way I was going to die without another visit to you." "Maybe we should continue!" she said with a smile.

She was obviously tired because all she did was lay back down and jiggle her ass in the air. I ripped her clothes off and procceded to fuck my beauty to a state of uncounciousness again. I let her body lay there in my bed as I watched the cum flow from her pussy. After some great action I decided to walk around and find where everything was. The band and chorus room was made into an armory, the auditorium showed movies, the 3 gyms were resting quarters, the pool was a pool and all locker rooms were now showering areas/ laundry rooms.

I figured I might as well take a shower after a long day. That vision would be short lived when my friend Bradley M. stopped me. "Come with me." He said. I followed him to one of the class rooms where there was another 10 kids sitting there. "Welcome we are the clan leaders." One of them said.

"What does this have to do with me?" I asked obviously with no patience "We are all clan leaders of the kids here in the school.

Those who follow our beliefs join our clan and follow our minor decisions, like who they can communicate with. However all major decisions are made here in the council and we are all appointed seperate jobs. When we find problems we send it to the elders." "Ok not getting to the point here." Again letting my inpatience get to me "Ok so you will lead your own clan, most likely the group you came here with and you will be our commander for all missions outside of our borders." "Got it, so may I know who everyone else is?" now curosity taking over inpatience "Certainly, the leaders are: Bradley M.: Zombie expert, Renae G.: Food and water rations over watch, Jake R.: Internal mechanical problems, Manny C.: Communications, Greg.

T: Foreign Affairs, Sara C.: Health, Devin G.: Agriculture, Nicole B.: Survey Security. Jamar G.: Boarder Protection, Bradley B,: Building Shelters and Escape routes, you and me Alyssa B.: Elite Leader." "Ok if you don't mind I'd like to go take a shower now." "Of coarse but first please take these blankets your clan." I dropped of the blankets and entered the locker room. I stripped myself of my clothes and walked to the showers when I saw Renae, one of the council Members naked.

Oh boy she was annoying but her round ass and beautiful hips were begging to get fucked. I walked up behind her rapped my arms around her and made her ass rub against my dick. "I guess I owe you for saving me don't I?" she asked as if turned on "yes you do." With this she completly submitted, giving her body to me.

I began to kiss her body, while i massage her tits and fingered her pussy. I dragged her into the shower where she eventually came. She turned around got on her knees and began to suck my dick.


Her tounge rapped around my dick and she played with my balls. I watched as she tried to deepthroat me but failed miserably. So I grabbed the back off her head and thrusted my dick into the back of her throat. I continue this motion until I sent a load of cum down her throat.

She stood back up and showed me the cum and swallowed it. She then procceded to kiss me as we got eachother off with our hands. Eventually I told her to bend over. Her ass was tight and her pussy lips showed that she wasn't A virgin but it would still be a tight fit.

I slowly entered her listening to her moans of ecstasy. I began to pump until I got to the point where our genitles were on fire and begging for release. I pulled out in time and sprayed my load on her face. I then picked her up and put her against the shower wall and began to pump once more. After she came twice I sent another load onto her chest and face. Without dropping her I pushed my dick against her ass, waiting to see what her reaction would be.

"Do it!" she moaned. I pushed slowly into her anus and the feeling was enough to make me burst right there. I regained control and began to pump slowly.

It took less than 2 minutes for Renae to climax and it was enough for me to pump even faster. After about 10 minutes of vigurous pumping I unloaded into her ass as she came for the 6th time.

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I let her down as we both collapsed allowing the warm water to wash our bodies as we shared a kiss once more. This was gonna be the life for me! This was quite the life, already fucked four girls today after a long stressful day. What I didn't expect was the day to get more stressful.

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I walked out of the locker room fully dressed. "Where the fuck is he?" Oh shit not her. "He ditched us at the start." "I told you to protect him!" She was so angry as she swung her fist towards my head.

I eaisly stooped it and grabbed her by her shoulders. "There was nothing I could've done Sam, He ditched us as soon as the cars left!" I was holding the rage back She went to throw another angry comment but before she could she broke down infront of me. I attempted to soothe her as I picked her up in my arms. "You wanna go for a swim?" I asked She nodded as she already had the bathing suit under her clothes. We switched out of our clothes and headed for the pool room.

As we entered we saw some small children and Tara, a 10th grade 5'6 religous burnette with C-cup boobs and a tight ass. She was like the burnette version of Sam C only better. We jumped in near Tara and relaxed, we all chatted and swam a little bit when Tara suggested we play Marco Polo. Tara led off and caught Sam without any effort.

Next round Sam walked around aimlously when I felt a hand slide down my shorts. It was Tara and it was eventually met by a second hand. a familiar hand. It was Sam's. I ripped both off their clothes off as we began to kiss as we handled each other. After about 5 mins I watch Tara go under water and begin to suck my dick. She played with my dick blowwing bubbles all over my dick. I finnaly came as the water turned a little white where I was standing.

I scopped the water out as Sam took her turn. I began to furiously made out with Tara until I filled Sam's mouth as well. We picked up our clothes and sprinted for the showers.

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Once we got in the showers I laid Tara out on the shower floor and had Sam position herself doggy style on top of her. I turned on the water and got behind the two girls.

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I thrusted my dick into Tara's hot box as I fingured both of Sam's holes. They both moaned like louder and louder each time. Both were making out as I filled Tara's deflowered pussy with my dick. It constantly squeesed my dick harder and harder. At the same time all three of us cam and rolled across the floor spent from the fuck. Tara and Sam both moved down and took turns giving me head until I came all over them.

I walked out the room where I was met by Manny. "It's the neighboring town of Warsaw they're in danger. They have supplies and offered exchange for safety." he said in panic "Deal, call any able skilled body and prepare for the search and rescue tommorow at 600 hours." As he nodded and walked in the other direction I looked out and saw they misleading peaceful sun disappear among the horizon.

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