I cant wait to get a taste of your big hard cock

I cant wait to get a taste of your big hard cock
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This is story of Rocky This story dates in the month of December around the time of Christmas. It was our last excursion trip of our school life and we were going to a Wildlife sanctuary, which included 2 full night bus trips, 1 night stay at a resort near the sanctuary there and site seeing for the rest of the time, but we ended up seeing ourselves only and exploring new depths.

So everything was set, we were all ready to go, around 80 students from both the sections. We took two Volvo buses, one for each section. Each bus was accompanied with 2 teachers. The journey started with a small cake cutting ceremony, which no one ended up eating as everyone was busy smashing cake at each other's faces.

Then everyone settled in their respective buses with guys fighting for the last seats and girls for the front ones.

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There was one more couple in our class and we had already done our master planning about our approach. So, we took the middle seats. As usual the girls were at the front and we boys took the last seats. The journey started at around 10 pm and it would take us about 8 hours to reach our destination. We had brought some good songs along with us, so once the music started playing, everyone was there in the alley between the seats and we started dancing.

The teachers were least bothered of what we were doing; they were busy talking among themselves sitting in the first seats. There was a strict order given to us that guys and girls will not sit together in any case. But we had to break that order inorder to do something. So while dancing, we asked some friends of ours to help us with the seating arrangement, and they agreed. Though initially we were slightly sigh to ask them for their help, but eventually we did it and the results were fruitful.

So, after an hour of shouting and dancing, guys started feeling tired and sleepy. Now, we took the last seat from the girls side and first from the boys side.

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The other couple in the class did the same with the adjacent row. I had exchanged seats with the other girl of that couple so that I can sit with my love. And if sirs come behind, which we were pretty sure they won't, and then we will somehow manage to shift our positions back. So, now we were together in the bus, no parents around, lights are dimmed, we can just see shadows of each other, and sometimes the brightness inside the bus will increase because of the street lights.

We took a blanket and covered each other and then the games began. It started with an initial kiss to her eyes, which is one place I always kiss her first because I feel those eyes are very sexy. I love staring at her eyes for hours, just blankly staring. Then we started kissing each other's lips. We were not making much sound so as not to get attraction from the back, but I am very sure guys at the back will be listening to whatever we say and whatever minimum sound we make, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone was masturbating just behind our seat thinking about what these two couples are doing, because seeing us even they started.

We kept on kissing each other till we were out of air, it was more like me pumping my air into her and she doing to same with me. Our mouths were filled with each other's saliva and my cock was fighting to come out of the trousers. She broke the kiss after 4-5 mins and started kissing the other parts of my face.


My hands started going inside her top which was very very loose. Actually we all were wearing loose clothes as it was an 8 hr long journey. In no time I was pressing her boobs one my one over her bra. I took my hand to her back and unhooked her bra, she was slightly shocked as she was not expecting me to do that, but she continued kissing me.

She was licking my neck, cheeks, eyes, biting my ears, almost everything that was up for her grab. I was busy pressing her boobs, playing with the nipples, kissing her sometimes, it was just so pleasurable as our fun had lot of love in it.

There was a moment when we stopped kissing, my hands were still holding her boobs and we were just staring at each other. It felt as if the time had stopped. We kept on staring till finally I pinched her in her nipples, to which she responded by pressing my cock over my trousers.

Now, we totally turned facing each other, made ourselves comfortable by adjusting the seat and again started our fun. She put her hands inside my trousers while I was still busy playing with her cute little boobs.

She started pressing my cock over my jockeys and started teasing me and my cock. She loved playing with my cock over my jockeys and she continued it for some time. In the mean time we again started kissing each other. I was getting irritated by her just playing with my dick like that.

I took my one hand of her boobs, took her near my cock, took my cock out and asked to play with it now. She said "oh hu can't control haan and that was true, I was not able to, if it was safe to fuck her there I would have even done that, but both of knew the problems hanging around us…our classmates, our teachers.

She started rubbing my dick harder, I removed my hand from her boobs and took it behind her, near her ass. I started poking her ass. She stopped for a moment and then said "this time we will try that", such a comment from her side was very unexpected. I started inserting my finger inside her ass and was trying to make the hole bigger, but it was very difficult. She was busy moving up and down my dick. She asked me to stop fingering her ass.

She adjusted herself and took her mouth near my cock and within moments, my whole cock was in her mouth. That felt so warm. She covered herself and her face with the shawl that we had. I could see nothing going down there but could feel my dick being inserted in her mouth in and out.

She continued sucking my dick for 5-10 mins. I was at the peak of my pleasure. What else does guy needs, a good blowjob with the best girl in the campus who also loves him, that is all a guy needs to satisfy himself fully?

I told her that I was about to cum, she increased her force from her mouth on my cock a bit more. That was it, whatever stuff I had been carrying for the last week or so, erupted like a volcano in her mouth.

She gulped each and every bit of it and sucked it dry. She continued her blowjob for a minute after the eruption with my limp dick.

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She liked playing with my limp dick as it was very rare that my dick is in her mouth and is limp for more than 10 seconds. She licked the last possible drop of the cum from my cock. Then she put my dick inside my pants, and started asking my dick itself if it was happy by patting on it.

She came up, put the shawl down and started kissing me again for some time. Now it was my time for me to go down on her. I told her that I will actually sit on the floor of the bus and then play with your pussy. Since I was sitting on the window side, it was easy. I went down and sat on the floor on my knees and she adjusted herself positioning her pussy just near my mouth.

Then she took the shawl and put it over my head. I went blank.

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I could not see anything. I asked her to give my mobile phone. Initially she thought I was taking a photo of her, but I said that I can see nothing, so give the phone. I took the phone, placed it over her thighs and started pressing her pussy from over her trousers. I started teasing her with my hand movements. Then I just pulled her trousers down to have a proper access to her pussy.

She was wearing a pink pussy which was glowing even more in that dim light of the phone. I just moved her panties sideways to give myself full view of her pussy. There was the thing that I liked the most, her clean shaved pink pussy. I started biting her clit and at the same time fingering her a bit. I kept on sucking her vaginal walls. She was getting hornier and hornier and started pressing my head more strongly over her pussy.

I continued licking her pussy and started fingering her with 2 fingers. She started moaning a bit which I had to ask her to control.

I got an idea and asked her to call my cell.

She understood what I was upto and she immediately did. The cell was on vibration, so I just put it over her vagina and she was out of control to the maxwithin two minutes she was out, she said "I am cumming". I removed my cell and started licking her pussy rigorously. I always liked drinking her juices. They make me wild. She gave a slight moan and then all the heavenly juices started flowing towards me. I drank every single precious drop of it. I continued licking her pussy and pressing her thigh muscles.

She was I heaven. She asked me to continue eating her pussy for some more time and I obliged. I will never say no to anything like that. After two minutes, I came up, we adjusted ourselves. We didn't want to take any more chances for that night. Kissed each other passionately for some more time, then we decided to sleep just holding each other's arm under the shawl. It was such a warm feeling to sleep with her.

It was almost 1 am; we were very satisfied & slept off. There were no more adventures for us, but I am sure for one thing, there were girls ahead of us and guys behind us in the seats, they would have definitely slept unsatisfied because how much ever we controlled our voice, they were bound to hear.

We were just laughing at their pity condition. Many would have jerked off thinking about us… We reached our destination in the morning. There was 1 room allotted for every 2 persons. Again we had the same plan. We took the room along with the other couple ie we two guys took the same room and the girls did the same.

Even though our rooms were at different floors, we knew that movement was not going to be a problem. We reached our rooms, slept for some more time. We were told that we would be going into the wildlife reserve by 10 am.

We set our routine accordingly, slept till 9, then got up, took a shower, cleaned of the materials of the previous night and then we were all set to go. The day went very uneventful in the context of the story, but as the night started to fall, the cock started to rise. In the dinner time, all of us met each other and we planned our strategy. Since by 9 we had been ordered to sleep, we decided that I will come to her room by 10 pm, and then the other girl can leave for my room.10 pm came and it was action time, everything went according to the plan and no one had seen us plan was successful.

But the actual plan for today had a lot of things planned more. For the first time, we had a whole room to us. That was new to us. We had never done in a comfortable and risk less place, but today was our night. We knew that this opportunity was not going to come again soon as we will be leaving next night and in our home town, it was just not possible. We had already taken a long nap in the afternoon preparing ourselves for the night. We had also decided that we will try the ass this time, and also try with condoms and all, but ended up never using condoms.

After the girl had gone, the first thing I asked her was "please, give me a blow job". She asked "why are you so anxious, we have the whole night to ourselves". I said," that's the deal, I am very horny and I won't last long for even half of your session, so first do this". She didn't hesitate. We switched off the main light, and switched on the two night lamps we had in the room, so that no one doubts anything from outside and comes in to check what is happening.

She took my already hard cock in her hand, peeled of my skin and started licking the tip of my cock. She was trying to blow air inside my penis throw the small hole that we have. It was kind of a cooling sensation and at the same time making me more hot. I told her "I won't last even 5 minutes now", she smiled and said, "last the next time, that will do for me". She inserted my whole cock inside her mouth and started rubbing my cock with her lips.

Every time my cock would go in, I felt as if she will cut my cock with her teeth. But the feeling was awesome. After some time, she stopped; I asked "why, what happened? she said let me get undressed also. I helped her undressing.

Now we both were nude.


She told me to put my cock in between her boobs and start rubbing. I was almost at my peak. That was one different experience, in vagina u get a hot feeling, in the mouth you get a salivary and horny feeling and when your cock is caught in between the boobs you get a tickling and hot sensation. She pressed her boobs very tightly and I started moving my cock in and out of the gap.

After a minute or two I cum. I cummed on her boobs itself with some of the cum going up to her neck region. I was relieved and all ready for the big games to begin.

She started rubbing my cum all over her breasts and neck. She was encircling her nipples with her fingers dipped in my semen and I was just watching her do that. Our plan was to be awake till 3 am in the morning and do whatever is possible to do till then. No limits today. She said "now what?"I said "pussy time". She said," let your cock grow a bit and then fuck my brains out, only with your cock, no fingers, no tongues required".

Normally whenever we start, we start with me licking her pussy, followed by some fingering and then followed by fucking, but today she wanted me to drain me out of my whole energy I guess.

We waited for some time, during which she was busy playing with my numb cock, pressing it, squeezing it and at the same time we entered into a passionate kiss. My cock was on and so was the game.

I placed her in a missionary position, inserted a pillow below her bums to bring it to the appropriate height, and then guided my cock into her pink shaved pussy. It was so warm. I pounded her for 5-7 minutes as hard as I could. There were all sorts of sounds coming, my balls hitting her vaginal walls, she was shouting to fuck hard, Fuck me, Fuck me harder, Hit me, fuck me like a bitch, whatever was coming in her mind, was in her mouth.

She had lost control of her words. I was tired. So as my speed decreased, she asked me to lie down and she climbed over me in the bed. I am very sure, the bed would have lost have its strength after we had completed our whole night. She climbed over me, facing towards the wall, guided my cock into her pussy herself, placed herself properly and started moving up and down.

Everytime she would fall on my cock, my balls will make a very huge sound and my cock will go to her deepest vaginal depths. This continued for some time. She took a rest for some seconds in between. Then I started pounding her from below. I cupped her breast for a little support and then started.

My movements were more like vibrations, moving in and out almost 5-6 times a second. I did it for around 2 mins, enough to shake her brains out. Both of us were in no mood of stopping. My cock had been in her for almost 20 mins now and there were no signs of either her cumming or mine. Again she started jumping over me. It was a very different type of ride. We were almost drained out of energy, but there were no signs of stopping.

She said, do for 2 more mins…I will be out by then. I turned her around with whatever energy I had and started my last dip. Inserted my cock in and started fucking her. Both of us were making horny noises by that time. She shouted she is cumming, and she shivered and suddenly her walls constricted and she shot a lot of her lovely juices out. I was still not done, and because of her juices, the movement became very slippery inside her walls. I increased my rhythm and within a minute, I climaxed over her and my whole cum was in her pussy.

She was in her safe period, so there was no risk at all. I don't know how much cum I would have shot, it won't be much as I had already shot once 30 40 mins or so back, but it felt so so so good. I fell over her with my limp dick still in her flooded pussy. There was a mixture of juices flowing from her, my and her love juices. I had no energy left and neither did she. We just embraced ourselves in each other's arms and took rest for some time.


We were all dirty and the bed sheet was all wet because of our love juices here and there and because of the excessive sweat coming out. Our bodies were glowing in the dim light because of the amount of sweat that came out.

It was around 11 by then. We decided to take a hot water shower together. The idea was not to clean, but to refresh ourselves with some hot steam. It will take our tiredness a bit. Before bathing, we threw the bed sheet and changed it with a better one preparing for the next time in the ass.

Then we headed forward in the shower. We soaped each other well with the hot water falling on us. That water was very energizing. I soaped her breasts and she was soaping my cock.

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I asked her to turn around; I soaped her full back and then started soaping her ass. I inserted the small soap into her ass just to give her a feel of what is going to come. That time it was very easy. It was already slippery and moreover it was a small soap.

I cleaned her ass as deep as I could making enough room for my cock later. She started stroking my cock which was already up and ready for the action again. But she stopped after some initial movements. We cleaned ourselves fully with the shower water, and then came out of the shower.

She said, she always wanted to do this, but we never got a chance, it felt so nice and passionate". It was just 11 30 that time, I will narrate the rest of my experience in the story to follow.

It includes breaking the virginity of her ass, even though there is nothing called as ass virgin and then finally taking a nude swim in the hotel pool in the night, with some under water actions and then returning back to our home sweet home in the bus.

That was our last chance when we got full privacy and that is where the whole problem lies. We never got a chance again to be together in a room, and that hurts. Even after four years, we were thinking that we might bet together some day, but 2 months back we decided that the chances of us getting together are just not possible any more. We have decided to break up and try finding love somewhere else.

But again, the problem is are we ready and will we find it? and to say the truth, presently I am not ready and neither is she. We still talk a lot over the phone. Friendship and our moments that we spent together is the only thing that is keeping us going. Even though we didn't have sex with each other nearly for the last 4 years, we never had any intentions of having it with someone else also.

But now looks like it's time for some more experience gaining. Let's see what can be done… I am here at Coimbatore for this whole year. And she completed her studies and has gone back to her own house with her parents. Now even our talking will decrease a lot, thanks to her parents. to be contd.if you want to