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Big boobs woman gets her pussy banged by nasty pawn man reality and blowjob
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Jamie had been such a good boy lately. His attitude had improved.


His grades had improved. His room was spotless. My Sister's advice had worked. I was running a little late at work so I text Jamie to tell him I was able to pick him up from school. It couldn't have worked out better because I had dressed very sexy for the office and had wanted to give him one of his rewards today. My nude, patent leather heels applied the brake on the car as I pulled into a parking space facing the front of the school. I turned off the car and waited for Jamie to appear.

I was wearing a short, plaid tan skirt that had rode up my slender thighs to reveal my stocking tops. My stockings were glossy nudes with a plain top held up by a white suspender belt, the bumps of which were clearly visible at times through the tight skirt. Up top I was wearing a tight white blouse with plenty of buttons undone.


My push up bra was working wonders today as there was plenty of cleavage on show. I saw my son Jamie approaching and pressed the car horn to let him know I was there. He looked quite tired and sluggish as he approached the car, I assume it must have been a long day for him.

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"Hi Mom." he said as he jumped in the passenger seat and threw his bag on the back seat. "Hi baby, you look like you've had a rough day?" I enquired. "Yeah, it's not been the greatest." he exclaimed.

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I felt bad for him. "Well I know something that will cheer you up!" I said as I reached over and started caressing his inner thighs through his school trousers. "Mom you can't do that, someone might see!" his face was full of panic as his eyes darted around the busy car park.

"Nonsense, no one is looking." I said as I started to undo the zip on his trousers. "Besides, I'm just a Mother who is helping her Son after a long, hard day at school. I over emphasised the words 'long' and 'hard' just to tease him. His penis was hard as soon as I fished it out of his underwear. "Didn't I tell you that you shouldn't keep your cock all bunched up in your underwear when it gets all hard like this?!" His cock was standing at full attention now.

"Here, let's you get you a little more comfortable." I reached up slowly and teasingly undid his belt buckle and popped his button open. "Scoot your little bum up." I said as I put my hands on either side of his hips.

With one swift tug his trousers and underwear were around his knees. "There now, isn't that better? Just let your cock stand free. It doesn't feel uncomfortable any more does it?" I said. "But Mom, what if someone sees me?" He said and nervously put his hands over his penis. "Don't worry, just relax. Put your hands at your side and let Momma look at you." I told him. He did as he was told as I looked on at all of his glory.

His testicles were held tightly by his scrotum underneath his penis that was standing straight up in the air. I lightly caressed his inner thighs and watched his hard cock twitch in anticipation of what was to come.

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When I tickled his balls he started to squirm and his legs tensed. "Baby, your balls feel full. I think I need to empty them for you and relieve the stresses of your day." I teasingly said as I put my hand around his hard cock. "Here? But Mom, people might see." he protested.

I doubt that anyone actually could see his cock, but the possibility that someone might see it must have been torturous for him. I'm sure a keen eyed voyeur would have noticed me leant over him with my arm rhythmically moving in his lap. My thumb and forefinger had created a ring that I was teasing just under the head of his cock.

To me it was so exciting the thought of getting caught. But what would I say? How would I react to being caught manipulating my Son's hard shaft only yards away from his place of learning? 'Oh please do excuse me, my Son just needed some relief after a HARD day at school!' I said to myself. "Just sit back and relax, enjoy yourself honey." I told him.

"Do you like my work attire today honey?" I think with all the panic and anxiety, he hadn't even noticed what I was wearing up until that point. "Wow Mom. you. look incredible!" He said through heavy breaths. My skirt had rode up even higher and my stocking clad legs were on full display for him. I'm not sure if he could see my white lacy knickers, but I am sure that they had become damp with my excitement.

"I thought you might like it baby. The guys at work really appreciated it. I have teased them all day, bending over in front of them, giving them sneaky peaks at things they shouldn't be looking at. I'm sure there were a few hard cocks in the office today!" I started to fist his cock with wanton abandon. Harder and faster I pulled his foreskin back and forth over his knob. "I am sure they would all love it if I played with their cocks like I play with yours!".

I teased his balls with my other hand. "But this is Mommie's special treatment for her Son, and her Son only." I told him. His head was back and his eyes closed, he was now surrendering to my lustful control. And it was control. I could probably get him to do anything I wanted him to do while I was giving him his expert handjob. Just then I noticed a woman who I presumed was a teacher, leaving the school building.

A smart looking mature woman that seemed to ooze confidence, ooze sex appeal. Dressed in a professional skirt suit with a powerful stride that screamed respect. This woman had my full attention because she had a beautiful, sexy presence. I slowed my stroking of Jamie's cock and asked him "Who is that woman over there baby?" He was too lost in his pleasure to either hear or fully comprehend my question.

"Huh?" he said with a dazed, blissful look on his face. "That woman there, who is she? Is she one of the teachers?" I pointed with my free hand all the while keeping a slow, steady pace on his cock with my dominant hand.

"That's Mrs Wilson. She is one of my teachers." he said rather dreamily. "Wow, she's beautiful. I bet you have a hard time concentrating in her class?" again I over emphasised the word 'hard'.

"Does she excite you? Look at her sexy body, the way her breasts bounce when she walks." I teasingly said as I stroked his hard cock. "Does she come to your desk and lean in close to you? Does the smell of her perfume get you hard? Does she rub her breasts into your shoulder as she looks over your shoulder to look at your work?" I asked playfully as I myself had leaned into him and whispered seductively in his ear.

"I bet she makes you hard all of the time. Has she ever noticed your hard cock in your pants?" I asked. "God. yeah. she makes me hard all of the time. I don't think she's ever noticed though." again his heavy breathing was interrupting his reply. "I'm sure she has noticed. A woman like that knows when there's a hard cock nearby. I'm sure she knows that she makes all the boys hard in her classes. I bet she loves it!" "If she hasn't noticed it before, I think she might notice it now.

She's coming this way." I told him. The lust and pleasure on his face was swapped instantly with fear. "Oh no. You can't let her see me like this, she will think I am a pervert or something!" he said. He started to squirm in discomfort, all the time I was still leant over him with my right hand stroking his hard meat. I had to pin him back into the seat with my left arm.

"Hi Mrs Wilson." I shouted through my Son's open window as I waved at her. She looked over and obviously didn't recognise this woman that was beckoning her. Then her face locked on to Jaime's and a look of familiarity washed over her and she smiled. It was at this point she started to make her way over to the open passenger window. "Oh look, your sexy teacher is coming this way. I wonder what she will make of your cock?" I whispered into his ear.

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"Oh Mom you can't. You wouldn't would you?" he asked me in sheer panic. This whole time I had not stopped playing with his penis. It had not lost any of it's hardness. Just before Mrs Wilson had gotten to the window, I casually draped Jaime's jacket over his lap to cover him.

I'm sure if this sexy woman had looked close enough though she would have noticed his underwear around his knees. I kept a firm grasp of my Son's cock but I had slowed my stroking. I was ever so delicately teasing just the head now. "Hello Mrs Wilson, I'm Jaime's Mother. Jamie has told me all about you." I said. I leaned even further across my Son to offer my spare hand to greet this lady, a had that had only moments ago been on my Son's hard penis. "Why hello Mrs Thompkins. It's very nice to meet you." she replied.

As Mrs Wilson bent down to look inside the car, I noticed that I could see right down her blouse. I am sure that my son could see also but was probably too scared to look. "Jamie was just telling me that you are his favourite teacher. Isn't that right Jamie?" I teased. "Er. er, yes. Yes that's right Miss." he struggled to reply.

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His voice croaked. His face was flushed red with embarrassment. I could feel his cock throbbing. I had sped up my teasing fingers and was using the leaking precum to stimulate his frenulum.

He was squirming just a few feet away from this gorgeous woman. I could only imagine the pleasure I was giving to his cock. "Well that's very nice to hear.

Thank you Jamie." she replied. "I must say, I have noticed a marked improvement in Jamie the last few weeks." His breathing increased. I noticed his cock was pulsing like crazy. I'm sure he was on the verge of cumming. "Yes, I should hope so. It's an arrangement we have where I give him rewards for his good behaviour." I said.

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"Well he has been very well behaved lately. His grades have vastly improved as well, so I assume he is getting plenty of rewards?" she asked. "Oh yes. He gets rewarded a lot these days! I will have to tell you all about our little arrangement at the next Parent's Evening." I said, knowing that it would scare poor Jamie.

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And scare him it did, he shot me a terrified look. I gave him a cheeky wink as I continued my teasing of his sensitive spot. "Well that sounds great. I'll look forward to it." she glanced down towards Jamie's lap but I didn't stop my teasing. "I must be going now. Again, it was nice to meet you Mrs Thompkins. And I'll see you tomorrow young man." she said with a delightful smile on her face. Jamie just sat there frozen. Scared to make a sound. Scared to make a move as if any such move would give him away.

"It was really nice to meet you Mrs Wilson. Enjoy your evening." I said as she turned to leave. As soon as her back was turned I whipped Jamie's jacket out of the way and fisted his cock like there was no tomorrow. Within seconds he exploded all over the dashboard of the car.

There was so much cum, ropes and ropes. It must have felt amazing for him. He let out a huge sigh and fell back into the car seat, exhausted. His balls were well and truly drained. "Well, I'm sure you enjoyed that didn't you?!" "Wow Mom, that was incredible!" he said under baited breaths.

"How was you sure that she wouldn't notice what you were doing?" "I wasn't. I'm not actually sure that she didn't notice." I said. "She probably noticed that my hand was in your lap the whole time, under your jacket.

She must have noticed my skimpy attire. Maybe she knew exactly what I was doing?" "That was the best handjob ever Mom. I love you so much!" he exclaimed. "Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it. We will have to think of where else we can play our little saucy game!" I said teasingly with a wink. "Now let's get you home, you probably need a nap after all that excitement!" I said.