Horny german slut needs a big dick

Horny german slut needs a big dick
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As Sarah spread her legs, she pulled Gail's face to her sopping cunt, pressing Gail's tits against the toilet bowl.

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Sarah had never been this aroused, and this wet before having sex, and her heart was beating faster and faster. The whole visual of what Sarah had done to this older woman the night before flashed through her mind, and today, forcing her to strip and masturbate in a gas station bathroom, then crawl across the floor to worship her pussy, then surprising her little pet by pissing all over the older woman's face.

Now this beaten woman is burying her face into her pussy, with her head halfway in the bowl of a dirty toilet. As Gail's lips pressed against Sarah's pussy, and her tongue entered her cunt, Sarah pulled Gail's into her cunt and exploded in one of the most intense, wet, pulsing orgasms she had ever had. As she ground her cunt into Gail's face, Gail's tits were kept rubbing against the outer edge of the toilet, transferring the yellow stains of piss from the toilet to her tits.

Sarah's cunt began convulsing, squirted cum all over Gail's face and hair. As the orgasm was subsiding, Sarah used Gail's face as a rag to smear her cum on, then placed both hands on Gail's forehead and pushed her backwards onto the he dirty bathroom floor. Gail was but a dirty sticky, humiliated mess in the middle of the bathroom floor, and she still had no idea that this whole episode was being captured on a video camera.


In a final act of humiliation, Sarah rose from the toilet, pulled her pants back on, washed her hands, walked over to the paper towel dispenser and picked up the camera. She looked down at Gail who had a horrified look on her face, and said, "Wow, you are quite the slut aren't you?


This is good footage!" Gail was stunned, and could only muster a blank, open mouthed stare back at Sarah. Leaving Gail beaten and sobbing, on the bathroom floor, she said, "take a good look at yourself in the mirror, you're quite a site!", and walked out the door.

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Gail picked herself up off the floor and leaned over the sink to look into the mirror. She saw splotches of white creamy stuff on her face and in her hair, she saw a yellow smear across her tits, and the words "Cunt Eater" written on her tits echoed in her brain. She just stared into the mirror, wondering what could go wrong next.

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Luckily for Gail, nobody came in the unlocked door, giving her a chance rinse the most noticeable stuff off her face and hair and get dressed.

As she stared into the scratched bathroom mirror, she puzzled about whether to go home or go to her friend Judy's house to sort things out. After her encounter with her husband Jack that morning, she thought better of going home and drove over to Judy's.

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Judy answered the door in a tennis skirt and bikini top, and said, "Hey Gail, I was just doing some work around the house, didn't dress for company, what's&hellip." and she stopped in mid sentence. Looking at her old friend in astonishment, she said, "What the fuck happened to you?" Gail could only mumble something nonsensical and asked to come in.

As they walked into the kitchen together, Gail looked at her friend with her bloodshot wet eyes and asked if she could take a shower. Judy nodded in agreement, and let her friend into the master bathroom giving her a clean set of towels.

After 10 or 15 minutes, Gail wanted to make sure her friend was ok and walked in the bathroom. She saw Gail sitting on the floor of the shower, with her knees up, leaning against the back of the shower, and the water pouring down on her head in a very saddened state.

Judy couldn't help but noticed her clean shaven pussy and words where her pubic hair used to be. When she focused on the words, "Sarah's Cunt", her jaw dropped, and her nipples hardened instantly.

Gail noticed Judy through the glass door and looked up in a rather defeated way, giving Judy yet another surprise, when she saw the word, "Cunt" on Gail's right tit, and the word "eater" written on the other. This was a very curious moment for Judy, as her pussy began to moisten. Judy reached in and turned off the water, looking at her friend, she asked if she wanted to talk about it.

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Gail nodded, and Judy draped the towel over her friends shoulders and helped her dry off. Friend or not, Judy was getting a bit aroused by the site and disposition of her friend. She pulled out her bathrobe from behind the door and helped Gail get in on.

They went into the bedroom and sat on Judy's bed.

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With her head on Judy's shoulder, Gail told her story of woe in explicit detail. The story started with her waking up with Ginny's pussy covering her face, and Mary eating her out. As the story moved on to Gail's personal encounter with Sarah in the bathroom down the hall, it got more and more enticing, Judy tugged quietly at the end of the robe's cloth belt causing it to become undone.

As the rest of the story unfolded, the front of the robe opened up, and with every motion, the opening got wider and wider, until Gail's tits were in plain view. At about the time Gail was getting to part about her masturbating in her own bathroom Judy was tugging on the bottom edge of the robe, causing it to separate, exposing Gail's legs and new pussy art.

All this time, Gail was oblivious to the subtle undressing. At about the part where Jack pumping his cock down her throat that morning, Judy guided her friends hand to rest on the inside of her thigh, patting it as if in sympathy, but steering it under her skirt. When the part about the gas station bathroom abuse started, Judy had placed her hand on the inside of Gail's thigh, and was quietly coaxing Gail's legs apart.

As if by instinct, Gail allowed her legs to part, and Judy's fingers found Gail's now wet pussy at about the same time in the story that Sarah pissed on her face. As the story got to Sarah cumming on Gail's face, Judy's fingers had parted Gail's cunt lips and pushed two fingers into Gail's steamy cunt.

Gail began breathing a little harder and as the story finished, Gail looked up at her friend with tears in her eyes, and before she could get another word out, Judy grabbed the back of Gail's head and pressed their lips together and the same time, wedged 4 fingers in her cunt. As Judy's fingers pumped her friend's cunt, her tongue invaded Gail's mouth.

Judy was in total control as her friend laid back on the bed, spread her legs, and let Judy have her way. Judy removed her now sticky fingers from Gail's cunt, and presented them to Gail's mouth to lick off. In complete compliance, Gail opened her mouth and Gail stuck all four fingers in her waiting mouth. This site, pushed Judy over the edge, as she sat up on the edge of the bed, untied her top revealing her large tits to her beaten friend, then stood up, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and skirt, and dropped them to the floor.

Staring down at her compliant friend, she said, "You want this don't you?" Gail nodded in agreement, as tears welled up in her eyes. "Well, you're going to have to earn the right to cum in my house, do you understand?" Gail's now perverted mind began to run wild. Judy extended her hand to Gail, and said, "Follow me." They went back into the bathroom, "Get in the shower Gail and sit on the floor facing the bench." Gail complied, and Judy followed her in and sat on the bench facing Gail with her knees on either side of Gail's head.

This is where you show me how good of a toilet you are. It seems you got your first taste with Sarah, now you get to prove yourself. Gail looked at Judy in disbelief, and began to shake her head no, but Judy guided her head closer to her cunt and said, you know you'll do it, you know you want to do it, don't worry, you can wash off in the shower if you get any on you. Judy parted her cunt lips as Gail's mouth neared her pussy, and once Gail's lips met Judy's cunt, Judy wrapped her hands around the back of Gail's head to hold her in place, and she began to let out a slow stream of steamy piss.

The acidic taste, and the sharp smell almost made Gail vomit, but as the piss streamed into her mouth, most began to dribble down her chin, but then little by little, some and then more of the golden pee began to go down her throat.

As the volume of pee increased, Gail began to gulp as Judy pressed her mouth against her pussy harder, leaving little room for pee to dribble down her chin. Near the end of Judy's pee, she pulled Gail's face away from her cunt, and finished her pee on Gail's face and tits.

Looking down at the beaten Gail, Judy said, "You are a very nice toilet, a little messy, and we'll need to work on that, but not a bad start.

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It made you horny didn't it?" Gail nodded in embarrassment. "Do you want to masturbate for me Gail?" Again Gail nodded, but as she reached between her legs, Judy slapped her across the face. "I didn't say you could!


You made me real horny just now, and I want to cum first, come with me." "You said I could wash off if I got any on me," Gail said. "Later", replied Judy, "Maybe next time you'll swallow more." Judy laid down a bath towel on the marble floor, spread her legs and said, "Come pet, come eat your friend's pussy." With that, Gail assumed a now familiar position between a woman's legs.

As she lowered her head to begin her task, she could feel the piss that covered the upper half of her body accumulate on the end of her nipples and drip on the floor.

She was almost at Judy's cunt, when Judy stopped her, rolled over, and said, "I changed my mind. I want you to tongue my ass." Gail was astonished, and began to mumble something, when Judy turned quickly and slapped her across the face again, and said, "Do it." Again, Gail was beaten, and really had nowhere to turn, she faced her shame, lowered her head, spread her friends ass cheeks and began tonguing her asshole. "Get in there nice and deep," demanded Gail.

As first, Gail could taste the remnants of things that passed that hole on the way out, but after a little while, it was like eating a very tight pussy. Gail was a good ass licker, and Judy raised her ass higher, giving Gail easier access to her puckered hole.

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Judy was in heaven, but she wanted more. All she had to do was think!