Nubiles Porno College Teen melkt harten Schwanz

Nubiles Porno College Teen melkt harten Schwanz
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Summer Sex Camp When dad told Courtney and I that we were going to spend the entire summer at camp we were not pleased. Ten weeks of misquote bites, sunburn, and poison ivy. What a load of crap! My sister Courtney pleaded with mom, "Mom don't let daddy send me to some prison in the woods! Please!" Mom said, "It's out of my hands dear!

You father has made up his mind! You will do as you're told!" I knew better than to try to change dad's mind. Besides this way Courtney got on dad's bad side and I came out clean. Cool!

Courtney wanted to know, "When do we go?" Dad said, "First thing in the morning!" Courtney repeated, "First thing in the morning! I have to pack!


That doesn't leave me much time!" Dad said, "You don't need to pack a thing! Everything you need will be provided!" Courtney looked at mom but knew that it was no use so she kept her mouth shut and stormed off to her room.

Dad told mom and I to sit down then he told me that he expected me to do an outstanding job this summer. I was to participate in every event, do my very best, and to come home a man.

Mom had a small smile on her face as dad talked then finally he told me to take extra special care of my sister. Dad said that if I did a really good job this summer that I would be rewarded for the rest of my life. He made it sound like I would become the President someday if I did a good enough job. I told him that I would do my best.

That night at bedtime mom brought me a nice cup of hot chocolate, my favorite! She had another cup for Courtney. Little did we know that it was drugged. I woke up on a mat in a gymnasium. At first I could just stare up at the ceiling and finally I was able to move and sit up.

A counselor told me to sit back against the wall. All of the counselors were women. They were only wearing bras and panties that were all the same color. I on the other hand was naked. So were all of the other boys. I counted twelve us in all. We were all about the same age too. Once all of us boys were awake and somewhat functional one of the women said, "I am Miss Cindy!

You will refer to me as Miss Cindy or suffer the consequences! Is that clear!" I shouted out, "Yes! Miss Cindy!" loud and clear. Everyone else just kind of mumbled her name.

They were ordered to go to a waist high bench, reach over the other side, and using both hands reach into in the holes they found. When their hands were in place, Miss Cindy stepped on a handle that apparently locked all of their wrists in place.

Then Miss Cindy told the other counselors to apply ten whacks. I watched as the other eleven boys received ten good hits from the paddles the counselors had in their hands. I guess that was lesson one. While they were still held in place Miss Cindy went down the line feeling their cocks and balls.

She let the other counselors do the same. Then she turned to me and reached out to cup my balls. I moved my foot over to give her easier access.

She smiled. I must have done well. Then Miss Cindy stroked my cock. It didn't take long for me to get hard. Miss Cindy let the other two counselors fondle me too.

I almost cum but I didn't think I was supposed to so I held it back. The other boys were released and told to get in line alongside me. Miss Cindy said, "Well! You do not know it but you are in a sex camp for the next ten weeks! Your fathers sent you here to learn how to please women and yourselves.

Part of the requirement was to send your sisters along with you! After all you need something to practice on! Don't you!" This time when I said, "Yes!

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Miss Cindy" everyone else did too! Miss Cindy smiled at me and said, "Young man! I'm putting you in charge of the boys!" I said, "Thank you Miss Cindy!" We were told that during the seventy-two day sex camp that we would get to have each girl for a full day five times. I couldn't figure out how that added up to seventy-two but I didn't argue with her. During that period we were to build up our sexual experience and our physical abilities. We would learn several ways to please a girl and have her please us weather or not she wanted too.

Our sisters would learn to please a boy in many ways and learn discipline. Miss Cindy stressed the word discipline. In the process the girls would become very cooperative and make some guy a wonderful wife and lover.

Miss Cindy said, "Well boys! First off today we are going to humiliate the girls in any way we can! We are going to bring in your sisters!

You are going to stare at them, all of them, for a few minutes.


Then you will walk around to all of the girls, get right up close, and inspect their tits, their pussies, and their asses. You can smell them but you can't touch them for now. When I clap my hands you will get in front of your own sister, face her, and wait. When I clap my hands again you will reach out and play with her tits, pinch her nipples, finger her pussy, and rub her clit! Is there anyone who doesn't know where her clit is?" No one said anything. Miss Cindy and the two counselors removed their bras and panties.

Miss Cindy stood directly in front of me and the other two stood before two other boys. She said, "Do us!" I reached out and played with her tits. They were very nice.

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Then I played with her nipples. I tried to out guess what I was supposed to do to my sister so I got just a little rougher pinching her nipples then squeezed her breasts harder. I reached down and slipped a finger into her pussy lips. I reached lower and forced two fingers into her pussy hole to get them wet then I came up to her clit and started working it on for real.

I was determined to give her an orgasm. She let me! Then Miss Cindy moved to the next boy and the other counselors did too. The three women let four boys each play with them. A few of the boys needed instructions then were sent to the waist high bench. They got their ten whacks and got felt up again. Finally satisfied with our knowledge Miss Cindy continued, "Okay now! You're feeling your sister up! When I clap you will move to the next girl and feel her up!

You are to humiliate each girl! You are to give her an orgasm if you can! You get extra points for making her cry out in pain when you pinch her nipples or if you can drop her to her knees during an orgasm!

Now when I tell you too I want you to stand on the blue X in front of your sister! Is that clear?" Everyone said, "Yes! Miss Cindy!" Soon a door opened and a man entered. He was followed by twelve girls, my sister was one of them!

Courtney looked scared. She was naked too but she wasn't trying to cover herself. Behind the girls were two more men in jockey shorts like the first man was.

The head man pointed and the girls went to the middle of the gym and stood on their pink X facing us. Not a word was said and their hands were tight to their sides. We were in the staring at phase. Soon Miss Cindy nodded to me and I knew it was time for the up close and personal look. I started with my sister Courtney. I looked her right in the eyes, I looked so close at her tits that I though my nose would touch her nipples, and then I got on my knees and got right up to her pussy.

I could tell that it had been recently shaved bald. I could smell her fragrance. It was much better than sniffing her panties in the dirty clothes hamper like I had done in the past. I went around to inspect her ass too. When Miss Cindy clapped her hands I went to the next girl and inspected her. I was comparing her to Courtney.

As I went from girl to girl I compared them all to my sister. I quickly realized that not all girls were created equal. After my inspection was over I took my place back in front of my sister.

At the clap I reached out and pinched Courtney's right nipple and tried to twist it off. She let out a scream and Miss Cindy smiled at me. Courtney glared at me as I pinched the other one just as hard with the same results. She never once tried to pull away, stop me, or cover up. When I reached for her pussy Courtney moved one foot over to give me better access.

I reached into Courtney's pussy lips and found that they were wet. She had gotten excited even if she hadn't wanted too. I fingered her hole with one finger then with two fingers and went after her clit. I rubbed it hard as I held her toward me with my other hand on her lower back.

I worked her into a frenzy until her knees buckled. I held her a little and let her go to her knees easily then I gave it to her even more. Courtney eventually cried out in orgasm. We were the first couple to succeed so I kept it up and gave her another one. No one else had an orgasm before I heard the clap.

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I attacked the next girl just like I had my sister. She tried to resist by clamping her jaw shut so that she wouldn't scream out but when I got to working on her clit she didn't stand a chance in hell.

Maybe her brother had done most of the work getting her excited but I got the payoff. She went down like a sack of potatoes and cried out "Oh God" a half a dozen times before the next clap. I didn't pick her up I just rushed to my next girl. The guy behind me could waist his time getting her back up to her feet. Besides he should be used to it by now, he had to left Courtney up when I left her on the floor. So one by one I gave each girl an orgasm.

I felt like a hero. One girl was pretty tall and two were pretty short. A couple of the girls were younger than Courtney but the rest were older. One was at least eighteen years old, I think. One was Spanish and one was Oriental. I really liked the Oriental girl she was very shy and turned red as soon as I touched her. It hadn't helped that she could tell that it was becoming her turn soon, as the girls next her were dropping to their knees as I attacked their clits.

The Oriental girl was older than Courtney but had the tiniest tits in the bunch. However her nipples were the darkest and the longest. Her clit was the most sensitive because she had gone to her knees twice before I got to her.

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She just stared at me as I reached out with both hands at the same time, grabbed her nipples with my fingers, and twisted them until she screamed out in pain. Then when I went toward her clit she cringed and tried to get away. I grabbed her and forced my fingers up her pussy then grabbed her clit. I couldn't believe that it was big enough to grab. I rubbed that thing raw or maybe it was a few of the boys before me but she went down to her knees and then down on her back.

I laid on the floor next to her and grabbed her wrists forcing them over her head as I continued working on her clit. She cried out three times in orgasm before I heard the counselor clap.

I was totally exhausted when I had finished with the last girl. I laid on my back on the floor. Courtney lay down next to me. I cuddled her into my side and we rested.

We were allowed to stay in that position for about a half-hour before we were told to get up. We were ordered into the huge shower and told that brother and sister had to wash each other. We were told to do a very good job too. Then we were taken to lunch, I think. There were no clocks to be seen. We were allowed to eat as much peanut butter as we wanted too. Brother and sister were to eat it off each other. I was only allowed to put it on the head of my cock and Courtney was required to lick it all off and suck my cock clean before I gave her any more.

I could only lick the peanut butter off from her clit and then lick her pussy clean. Each couple was given a new jar of peanut butter. Courtney and I got into a sixty-nine and each ate at the same time, applied more peanut butter, and kept eating.

We emptied our jar and asked for another one. I cum in Courtney's mouth twice and made her orgasm five times. It was incredible. We were sent back to the shower but this time I got to pick my little Oriental girl Joy. She got to wash me and I got to wash her.

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I licked her clit and gave her a much more gentle orgasm this time right there in the shower in front of her brother. After the shower we were divided by sex and the girls were taken away.

The boys were sent to the gym where we ran, did pushups, and played basketball. We were getting into training for some strenuous exercise. The girls were taken to another area and started training to do splits, put their ankles behind their heads while sitting, and to put their heads between their legs while standing and bending over.

We only found this out at dinner. At dinner we had hotdogs that had been in the girl's pussies for thirty minutes each, two at a time. Courtney had three pair of hotdogs in her pussy for an hour and a half before they got grilled.

Of course no one knew who's pussy the hotdogs had been in but they ate them anyway. Even Miss Cindy and the two counselors kept hotdogs in their pussies. After dinner we were very tired. It had been a long day. However we were not done yet.

We had to fuck our sisters, deposit a load of cum in their pussies, and have them inspected afterwards. A plug got inserted into their pussy holes and we were allowed to sleep together. Courtney and I had both been virgins. Many of the other kids had been virgins too. In fact only three of the girls and four of the boys had ever had sex before.

The eighteen-year-old girl was not a virgin. We were awakened very early in the morning. I was assigned my girl for the day. It was Joy the pretty Oriental girl. After all of us boys had been matched up Miss Cindy had Joy remove Courtney's pussy plug and lick it and Courtney clean while everyone watched her do it. Then Courtney had to clean the eighteen-year-old girl out.

It was pretty exciting to watch the girls eat one another out. Then we all got to watch one another pee in the shower and start our day. Breakfast was eaten off each other's bodies then we exercised in the same gym but in different ways. The girls practiced their sexual contortionist exercises while we boys built up our stamina.

Every hour or so we had a chance to fell up our girl, take showers, and eat one another out. I got to fuck Joy three times during the day and then once more before bed. Joy got a plug inserted and we fell asleep. In the morning I was assigned to the eighteen-year old, Betty.

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She had to pop Joy's plug and eat out my night old cum and then lick her pussy clean while everyone watched her. As we watched the girls do their thing I noticed that a few were still very self-conscious about licking another girl and having people watch her.

We started out our third day with breakfast, a quick fuck, and some exercise. Then we were introduced to bondage. We boys were shown how to tie our girls up so that they had very little discomfort or movement. We were also shown how to inflect pain too if that became required. Betty had to stay in a tight ball on her knees with her forehead on the floor for an hour.

As soon as she was released I turned her onto her back, forced her knees into her chest, and fucked her right there on the floor like I was told to do. Joy was the girl that stood out the most for not trying very hard when she was told to eat out another girl so she was told to clean all of the cocks and all of the cunts as we were done fucking.

When Miss Cindy was satisfied with Joy's performance she told her to eat her and her counselors next. Then Joy got to give the three men counselors blowjobs while we all watched and cheered her on. Next on the agenda for the girls was to get fucked by a dozen dogs.

It was just another way to humiliate the reluctant girls further and introduce us all to another aspect of sex camp. Betty was asked to go first. Miss Cindy explained a little bit about bestiality and got Betty in position on her back with her knees up. Betty patted her bare pussy and one of the handlers released the biggest dog. King went right to her, sniffed around, and started licking her pussy. Betty told us that his tongue was soft, that he had found her clit, and then that his tongue was going really far up inside her pussy.

Miss Cindy told Betty to get in the doggy position and she did. Then King got up on her and humped around trying to get it in.

Betty reached between her legs and helped him. Soon King was humping into Betty with a mission. Betty was no virgin and had been very willing to do whatever was asked of her. When King started to really thrust into her Betty said, "Oh King! You're bigger than Rex is! I love it!" Apparently Betty had been fucking her family dog.

Then King shoved his knot into her. That made her jump a little and then they were locked together. Betty relaxed and King turned around so that they were butt to butt. Everyone got to go up close and look at the junction between them. The girls were required to slip under Betty in the sixty-nine position and lick her clit and the dog's fur before coming back out. Courtney was picked to be second.

I watched her intently as a medium size dog was released. Courtney tried to do everything that Betty had done. The dog fucked Courtney real well but he didn't get his knot trapped in her. By then Betty was free and King had gone back to his trainer. The dogs each fucked a girl that day. They would get to fuck them again every other day too. That evening after dinner a name was drawn. It was Courtney. She was the subject of our first gangbang.

I got at the end of the line on purpose. When it was finally my turn I whispered in Courtney's ear, "How are you doing?" Courtney whispered, "Not too bad considering that you took my virginity three days ago, a dog fucked me, and now I'm being gang banged!" I whispered back, "So you're enjoying yourself?" Courtney smiled and whispered, "Yes, I think I am!

I really do! Shouldn't you be fucking me harder?" So I started showing her how my pushups were working out. She in turn showed me how she could put her feet behind her head for me. Miss Cindy pointed out how well we were doing. Then I got to take Betty to bed and fuck the same hole the dog did. That night the girls got a plug inserted in their ass to loosen them up a little. The next day I got to be the first boy to try anal sex with my girl. Jill was sixteen years old and the tiniest girl of all but she didn't seem to mind having my cock in her butt.

She said it was her first so I tried to make it enjoyable. Courtney got a big cock shoved up her ass and it hurt her a lot even with the K-Y Jelly. One of the men counselors held onto Courtney so that the boy could finish fucking her ass.


Miss Cindy told Courtney that she would get used to it before she left sex camp. After that day whatever girl that was assigned to me got fucked in her pussy, mouth, and in her ass every day. That was a requirement then I could put it in any hole that I wanted too after that if I could get it up again.

For the next few weeks we got into a regular routine where we boys got to fuck our girls all day long, gangbang one every night, and watch the dogs fuck them every other day. We got better at spanking them, tying them up, and giving them orgasms. They got very good at their contortions, satisfying the other girls, and themselves too.

Courtney became able to deep throat me and she got used to have a cock up her ass too. Then for the last twelve days our parents joined us. That first day the boys were assigned to their own mothers and the girls were assigned to their fathers.

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It was also doggy day so mom not only had my cock in her pussy and up her ass but King got to fuck mom's pussy too. Later King got to fuck Courtney's pussy as well and dad loved it! That night after dinner Mom and Courtney were chosen for the gangbang girls. The boys all fucked my mother and the fathers all fucked my sister.

Mom sucked my cock at bedtime just to finish off her three holes. Was she ever tired! In the morning I was assigned Joy's mother. She was a petite little Oriental woman and she was even smaller than her daughter. She was a thrill to fuck too. Really! She was already trained to please her man whoever that might be. After I had fucked her pussy and ass the dogs were brought back in. The dogs were an every day event now.

While she was getting doggy cock she was sucking mine cock. Once again my woman was the subject of the gangbang too. Joy became the fathers gangbang girl too. Then before bedtime my petite little Oriental woman begged me to butt fuck her again.

It was my pleasure. On our final day in sex camp Miss Cindy traded places with my assigned woman. It was my treat for being her star pupil. I got to fuck her pussy, ass, and mouth before the dogs came in. Then later all of us boys got a chance to fuck her during the gangbang. Right after that it was time to leave. It was the first time that Courtney or I had clothes on since we had arrived.

On the ride home dad said that I could sleep with mom because he wanted to sleep with Courtney. Then we would trade every day. Since I was already in the backseat with mom I decided to get started. Mom sucked my cock the whole way home. I only cum once but I sure enjoyed it. Courtney was much better trained at sex than mom was. Maybe dad should send mom to that camp next summer.

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