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My name is Roger, and I grew up in central California with my mom Karen and dad Charles, year and a half older sister Susan, and three year younger brother Scott.

Dad was in real estate, was doing pretty well, and mom worked in the office with him. Susan and I were two completely different types: she was stunningly beautiful, outgoing, confident, made friends easily, and seemed to be sure of herself in practically any situation.

I, on the other hand, was average looking, at least if you asked me, shy to the point of being introverted, lacked confidence in any social setting, had few friends, and was unsure of what to say or do in pretty much any situation. I liked her but rarely demonstrated it in any substantial way, and she largely ignored me. I, however, had a very rich sexual fantasy life with her at the forefront, but had long ago resigned myself to the impossibility of anything actually happening between us.

That is until one day when I had to go to the bathroom, the door was slightly ajar and I walked right in without paying much attention, sat down to do my business, and only then heard the shower running. Understand that the layout of the bathroom was unusual: it was "L" shaped with the toilet just inside the door, and the sink and shower around the corner of the L. As soon as I finished I looked around the corner and saw her in the shower.

The curtain was transparent and it was a hot day so she didn't have the hot water on too much. She had her back to me at first, and her body was a real revelation! Long firmly muscled legs, nice ass, lumbar dimples to die for, slim waist, and the smoothest tanned skin I had ever seen. She started to turn around so I hid behind the corner so she wouldn't see me.

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Her front was much better than her back, with the best pair of (I'd say) firm and round B cup breasts that seemed to defy gravity, dark areolas as big as half dollars, and nipples standing proud in the cool water. Her pussy was practically hairless, and I could see almost everything down there. My cock was painfully hard as I drank in her beauty, but then she did something I will never forget -- took her round handled hairbrush and put the handle in her mouth!

Wondering what she was doing, I couldn't look away. She took it out of her mouth and reaching down she slowly started pushing it into her pussy, moaning as it entered her! Once she had the six inch handle in as far as it would go she started to fuck herself with it with her firm tits bouncing in time! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I took out my cock and started stroking it in time with her, and as her attention was directed elsewhere she didn't notice me. As I was watching she threw her head back, shoved the brush in as far as it could go, and gave a deep groan as she climaxed.

Determined not to get caught, I put my cock away and slipped out of the bathroom before she knew what I had seen, went to my room, closed the door, and finished beating off with visions of her naked body dancing against my closed eyes.

It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced by far. From then on I fantasized about replacing that brush with my penis, and delighted in jerking off many times with the images of her fucking herself behind my eyes as if I was seeing them for the first time. I never saw her naked after that, but all I needed to do whenever I saw her was remember what I had seen and I would have to excuse myself and jerk off again.

I was too shy to get anywhere with girls, so consoled myself with fantasizing about her. A few years after I saw Sue in the shower dad bought a two hundred acre property in southern Oregon that had a ranch house and horses, and he took us all up there for a long summer vacation. The ranch house had several attached bunkhouses with ten bunk beds in each and we kids were all in one of them.

Every night Susan would go to the bathroom to change and come in to the bunkhouse wearing only a filmy nightgown that did little to hide her well developed tits, but she would go directly to bed, so I would see very little. That is until one morning when Scott woke up early, got dressed, and left to visit the horses. She woke soon thereafter, got up, and went over to the window to see what the weather was doing.

From my viewpoint from an upper bunk I saw the light from the window was behind her, and I could see her otherwise naked body in silhouette through the nightgown!

Her body had filled out nicely, with shapely calves, muscled thighs without being too bulky blending into a slightly boyish tight ass, wasp waist, and C cup breasts that still seemed to defy gravity. I feigned sleep as I drank in the vision of her.

She stayed there for a couple of minutes, and then leaned forward and rested her elbows on the small writing desk in front of the window, the gown draping away from her body, improving the view. When I made a slight noise she turned her head toward me, "Good morning. It's beautiful out there.", without rising from her elbows.

"Is it? I like the view from here too." "What view? You can't see anything from up there." "Oh, yes I can -- you." She smiled, unaware of what I was talking about, thinking I was just being complimentary. "A vision of beauty! In fact, I can see your body right through the gown.

I really like what I see too!" "You can not!" "Okay, but I can." "Prove it." as she worked her left arm into the nightgown, reached up, started to massage one of her breasts, and asked, "What do you see now?" "Your left hand on your breast." Instead of throwing something, she smiled and said, "Want a better view?

Come down here." Not believing she just said that, I climbed out of the bunk, walked over, pulled the chair away from the desk, sat down, and indeed the view got much better! "Wow -- you are more beautiful than I realized! The hottest body I've ever seen!" "Thank you." She cooed. "But how many times have you seen a girl's body?" "I found one of dad's magazines with pictures of naked women doing things with guys, and stories about what they were doing." "I've seen those too.

Compared to those women I must look like a little girl!" "If you ask me they couldn't hold a candle to you. They look, well, artificial, and not just their breasts, but … I can't really explain it. While they may be considered sexy, the fact that they will do practically anything with anyone for pay lowers my opinion of them from pretty to prostitute.

In fact, when I am looking at the magazines I have come to automatically replace them with you especially while reading the stories. Oh shit! I shouldn't have said that!" Turning her head with a smile on her face, "Don't worry about it. I took it as it was intended -- a compliment. I know you masturbate while reading and looking at the pictures, even putting me in their place, but everyone does it, so why get upset over it? I have noticed that since you sat down you haven't taken your eyes off of my breasts." Of course as soon as she said that I looked away from them, but my eyes seemed to have a mind of their own and went right back.

She saw this and laughed, "Typical guy! As often as you've seen tits, boobs, knockers, or whatever else they're called, you just can't get enough." "Give me a break! Those are all ink on paper." then pointing at hers, and almost touching the right one in the process, "These are flesh, part of your very sexy body, and they move when you do." "You mean like this?", while she took her breast back in her hand and firmly massaged it, then grasped the nipple and using it as a handle shook it, sending her breast wobbling on her chest.

"Now you're just teasing me!", then, thinking about what I just said, "Not that I'm complaining. I love the view." "I'm sorry. That wasn't my intention, I was just playing around. Let me make it up to you -- would you like to feel them?" Astounded, and strangely angry at the same time, "Do you honestly think I would say no? Are you serious?" She hesitated for a couple seconds, got an earnest look on her face, and locked her eyes on mine, "Yes I am. I want you to feel my breasts." Immediately upon hearing that I reached over and took one in my hand through her gown.

She sighed a little, reached to my hand, and firmly pushed it against her breast, squashing it against her chest. "Like what you feel?' as she rubbed my hand firmly over her nipple.

"Oh my god! It feels better than I imagined by far!" "Want to see more?" "Sue, I will look at whatever you want to show me. Your, no … our choice." She took my hand off her breast and began to pull the nightgown up past her rear, over her waist, and past her breasts. I was aghast at this, but was certainly not complaining. Finally before me was what I had been fantasizing about for years: a perfect view of her whole body, with surprisingly defined abdominal muscles tapering out to her ribcage with defined musculature as well, an artifact of her gymnastics and cheerleading, a pair of perfect C cup breasts Isaac Newton would have marveled at for their ability to defy gravity, and unblemished skin showing no tan lines.

I had to wonder when she had the opportunity to sunbathe in the nude, but let it pass for the moment. "Well, what do you think?" "I can't believe you are doing this! Why …" Still leaned over, she turned toward me, smiled, and said " You may not know it, but I noticed you when I was in the shower years ago, and decided to give you a show with my brush. Did you like it?" "LIKE IT???

Are you kidding? I jerked off over that a bunch of times!" I shouted. "Why didn't you tell me?", with a puzzled look on my face.

"The emotional wall your shyness builds around you didn't bear up to close examination, and I saw something in your nature that was very attractive to me. I know it's not something you like to talk about, but do you remember the fairy tale 'The little match girl'?" "Oh my god! I haven't thought about that story in a long time!", starting to mist up, "From the first time I heard it I wanted to take that abused barefoot little girl forced to sell matches on the street in winter by her alcoholic father in my arms, wrap my jacket around her, take her to my home, sit her down in front of a crackling fire, feed her, give her a warm bed to sleep in, tuck her in, kiss her on the forehead and show her there is love in the world she never got to see since her mother died, before she froze to death while desperately lighting matches trying to stay alive." I was a blubbering mess by the time I finished.

Sue stood up, dropped her gown to the floor, and gathered me tenderly into her arms, "I'm sorry … I'm sorry. Please forgive me, but it's that gentle yet tremendously strong protective nature of yours that makes me feel that as long as I'm with you nothing bad will ever happen to me. I've never found that in anyone else, and it's why I want you to be my first lover -- to show you that there is someone who cares for you and appreciates who and what you are and not just attracted to a smooth nature and slick pickup lines.

I am sure you will never intentionally do me harm, nor let any harm come to me even if it means sacrificing everything to prevent it, and that is incredibly attractive in so many ways.

I decided this vacation was the perfect time to let you know how I felt." She kissed my cheeks to help dry my tears, we started to kiss in earnest, and astounded by what she had just said, I responded by taking her breast in my hand again and massaging it firmly, and reached out with my other hand and started to feel her firm ass. She sighed contentedly, leaned back down on the desk in front of me, I took in the view of her perfect body and my hand on her butt strayed in between her cheeks, encountering a wet spot I had not expected: her pussy!

I slid my fingers up and down there, saying "I have wanted to do this for years! How far do you want to go?" "As far as you want.


I am still a virgin -- even though I started dating pretty early, no guys I've gone out with treated me with respect, they just wanted to get in my pants.

That's a major downside to being as beautiful as I'm told I am, and I'm tired of it! The most I would do is make out, but as soon as they reached for my tits, and they almost always did, I'd stop it then and there. Invariably they would get mad and accuse me of leading them on. Finally, I gave up on dating.", as she started to cry softly while standing up again. I moved my hand up her back, drew her naked body to mine, and kissed the tears away as she did for me. Brightening up, she leaned down again, "I liked where your hand was back there.

Feel it more! Show me your strength!" I moved my hand back to her butt, fingering her pussy lips and squeezing her ass while fondling her right tit for what seemed to be hours, then took my hand off her butt, reached over and took the other breast in my hand and started massaging them, then grasped both protruding nipples and pulled them toward the desk, stretching her breasts into cone shapes.

She spread her elbows until both tits were touching the desk, then I pushed her nipples against the wood and rubbed them around. I loved it when I let go and saw them bounce back, and couldn't resist doing it several more times. She moaned every time, and started breathing harder. "Ooohhh, I have played with my tits lots of times, but this feels soooo much better!

Go ahead and suck them. I know you want to." Leaning in, I pulled one breast toward me none too gently, took it on my mouth, and started sucking on it while flicking the nipple with my tongue. It seemed the rougher I got the more she liked it, so I suddenly pulled my head away while sucking with all my might. Her tit was pulled out to the side quite a bit, slid out of my mouth with a loud POP!, rebounded, slapping against the other one, setting them both bobbing and shaking before returning to their original shape.

"Oww! That hurt! Do it again!" Panting, I said "Okay!", and did it several more times, with her enthusiastic moans and gasps egging me on. "I've wanted to do this for a long time! What else will you let me do?" She sighed and said "My body is yours to explore. Do as you wish." Armed with this knowledge, I stood her up and leaned in for a kiss. She responded with a full on Frenching and picking up on it I enthusiastically joined in, exploring her mouth with my tongue while mauling her tits.

She pulled me to her, trapping my hands against her breasts (awwww) and kept up the kiss. When we finally pulled back she took off my pajama top in one smooth motion as I pushed my pants down. We were both naked now, and I ran my hands over her back all the way down to her butt where I paused and fingered her pussy lips for a time, then back up to her waist, around to her sides, and up across her tits, paused and massaged again, then further up to the back of her head and pulled her in for another sensuous kiss.

With our bodies fully together my hardon was between her legs -- she reached around her back, grasped my cock, and pushed it against her wet pussy then brought her legs together, trapping it there.

I started pushing it back and forth, rubbing her pussy lips. She broke free from the kiss, backed up a step, kneeled down, took my six inch cock (Well, five and three quarter inch. Sue me!) in her hand and stroked it, lubricated with her pussy juice. "This is the first penis I've ever felt -- it's nice … hard and soft at the same time. One thing: it needs to be wetter!", then licked the whole length of it and took the head into her mouth.

The feeling of her warm, wet mouth surrounding my cock was fantastic, and I took her head in my hands and started pushing it in and out a little. Starting slowly, she started sucking and bobbing back and forth on my dick until I felt it hit the back of her throat. She pulled back and said "I want to get it in my throat if I can. I hope I can keep from gagging. I saw the girls in the magazine doing it, and it looked like fun!" "You're certainly welcome to try." "Okay." and back in it went.

I grasped the back of her head with both hands and started fucking her mouth, going deeper each time. For the first dozen strokes she coughed and gagged, but it lessened slightly every time until I felt the head of my cock enter a tight place: her throat.

"I think you're getting the hang of it!" I gasped, and she pulled her head back and panting said, "Me too! Keep going!" and back in it went, all the way until I felt her nose hit my pelvis.

I reached around her neck and thought I felt the head of my cock in her throat, so I pulled back a little to be sure, and I was right! The feeling was amazing! I massaged it through her neck, saying "It's all the way in! You're a great cocksucker!" It seemed she was turned on by my dirty talk, and she left it there for what seemed to be forever, then pulled back only far enough to let her breathe through her nose, then right back down she went.

I started stroking it in and out of her throat accompanied by wet SPLUCK!, SPLUCK! sounds, and we settled into a rhythm of a several deep thrusts followed by withdrawal far enough to allow her to breathe, then back in. I knew I couldn't last very long like this, and sure enough I felt the beginnings of an orgasm.

I gasped "I'm going to cum!!". Pulling back, she gasped "Do it on my face and tits! Shoot it all over me!" Obligingly, I pulled back, grabbed my dick, wanked it twice, started cumming, and the first shot was all over her face and in her hair, followed by several more down her neck and onto her breasts. I reached down and rubbed it all over her tits, reveling in the slippery feel. "Wow, that was a big one!" she said, "Though I must admit my experience is a bit limited." "You could have fooled me!" I said.

She playfully swatted my butt, stood up, and proceeded to wipe the sperm off her face with a nearby towel. She went back to the desk, spread the towel over it, laid down on her back, opened her legs wide, and asked "Would you like to play with my pussy?" This was the first time I got a close up look at it, and because her legs were in that position it was fully exposed to me. Without a word I reached down and rubbed her pussy, gently at first, then with more conviction as she indicated genuine pleasure at my touch.

She took my hand in hers and guided my index finger to a small firm spot, saying: "More here -- that's my clitoris. It's very sensitive so take it easy, well, at least at first.

Here, let's get some lube for you", and moved my finger down into her vagina, gasping as it entered her. She let go of my hand and I dipped the full length of my finger into her and starting to stroke it in and out. Remembering where she wanted me to be, I went back to her clit and rubbed with a bit more force. "Brother, you do catch on fast, don't you?" "I've wanted to do this since I saw you in the shower!

And a lot more of course." I kept at it for a couple minutes when she asked me to switch it up a bit, saying: "Put two fingers in my pussy and rub my clit with your thumb. You can even pinch it against your fingers if you want." I had already arrived in heaven, she wanted more, and who was I to deny her?

I did as she asked, and she squealed as my fingers entered her love tunnel none to gently, then I started to stroke them in her while flicking her clit with my thumb, slowly increasing the tempo and force until she begged me to squeeze her hard. I started to move my thumb toward my fingers until I had her clit trapped between them, and watching her face I firmly smashed it and held it there, rubbing it firmly. "OWWWWWW!! IT HURTS!! STOOO &hellip. P!" &hellip.

"DON"T STOP!! OHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!" And she arched her back with her face contorted and arms flailing as her pussy clamped and pulsed on my fingers and pouring out love juice all over my hand and onto the towel as a massive orgasm took her over. As I felt the muscles in her cunt start to relax a little I firmly rubbed her clit between my thumb and fingers and pulled it roughly toward me until she clamped down again, and I kept it up as she continued to climax.

This went on for near three minutes when her arms dropped to the desk, her legs flopped down, she let out a long sigh, and passed out. Frightened by this turn of events, I pulled my fingers out of her and watched, thinking I had killed her.

Upon seeing she was still breathing I took the opportunity to slap her tits, marveling at their ability to jiggle and bounce then return to their original shape, then when she didn't react I lifted her legs back up until they were on my shoulders, reached down with both hands and spread her pussy lips as far apart as I could, placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her fuck hole, and slowly pushed it into her incredibly tight vagina until I felt my balls touch her ass, greatly enjoying the view of my penis disappearing into her body.

Finally I was where I had wanted to be since I saw her naked in the shower, and started fucking her while watching her tits bounce back and forth in time to my thrusts, firmly grabbed both of her nipples, and stretched her tits straight away from her chest as she slowly regained consciousness. As her eyelids started to open I let her nipples go, sending her incredibly luscious tits flying back to their accustomed place on her chest, flopping obscenely before finally settling down, pulled my engorged man(boy?)hood almost all the way out, grabbed her tits, and using them as handles thrust back in quickly, fucking her with the energy of years of frustration and pent up sexual urges driving me on.

She locked her beautiful hazel eyes on mine, smiled, and said "You do know … UNHHhhh … I didn't say you could do that yet. That's … OHHhhh … rape!" Pulling my cock almost all the way out, I said: "Well … my cock was stiff, your tight little pussy was sopping wet and right there waiting for me, you certainly didn't say 'NO!' and it just seemed to be the thing to do!", punctuated by a particularly hard thrust into her.

She grunted at the thrust "UNNghhh! Don't get me wrong: I'm not complaining. It was … OHHHHHHHHHhhhh! … a bit of a surprise to wake up to being fuuu.uUUUCKed" pant, pant, "That's all." I arched my back to be able to get a good mouthful of breast, bit down just enough to keep it there and kept fucking her for another couple of minutes, dragging it up and down her chest in time with my thrusts, with my animal grunts and her squealing and moaning as I deeply fucked her pussy.

Letting go of her breast, I reached up and grabbed her neck, squeezed firmly enough to make her tongue stick out, and using this handhold slid her body back and forth on my penis while her face turned an interesting shade of pink. She grasped both my wrists but didn't try to stop me from squeezing her neck as I continued to force her back and forth on my cock accompanied by her strangled yips, squeals, moans, and assorted animal sounds.

Suddenly, she put both her hands on my stomach and slowly pushed me away until my cock dripping with her juices flopped out of her pussy, saying: "We better stop -- if Scotty walked in on us there will be hell to pay.

You know how he likes to rat either of us out whenever he can." Disappointed, but seeing the validity of what she said, I backed up, "It figures. Just when things were getting really good! Damn!" Walking around to her head, I pulled her toward me until her head was off the desk, bent her head down until her mouth was in the perfect position to receive my achingly stiff cock, placed it against her lips and said: "Here, finish me off with your mouth!" She opened wide and I roughly shoved it in until I felt her nose against my balls, running her tongue all over it to get all her juices off.

I grabbed two hands full of her breasts, and was so close to orgasm when I started it only took a half dozen strokes while watching her throat bulge around my cock to feel my juices rise, and told her, "I'm cumming!!

Swallow it all!" as I unloaded down her throat. Her throat grasped and massaged my cock while she swallowed, and as soon as I was sure I had finished I pulled it out so she could breathe.

After a minute of gasping and panting to catch her breath she said, "Hmmm -- I taste good! And so does your sperm. I never imagined how good." "And you feel good too! I can't wait to get back inside you." "Don't worry, I want your cock inside me -- when I'm awake. And often." as she wiped off the most obvious evidence of our debauchery and started getting dressed. "You had better get dressed too." Sure enough Scott walked in about ten seconds after I finished buttoning up.

I have never figured out how she did that, but was sure glad she could! He chirped: "Hi. What's up?" Sue groaned and said "Look out! It's a cheerful person before breakfast. He must be up to something." "Okay, I'm cheerful, but I have had breakfast unlike you slugabeds.

Why does it smell funny in here?" I jerked when he said this, and thinking quickly, I opined: "Must be the four bowls of chili I had last night." "Take my advice bro, stay away from that chili … and open the window!" "Got it.

Whatcha got going today?" "Having Hank saddle up Annabelle for a ride. Thinking of having mom pack me a lunch and heading up to the tableland to have a look around that old homestead. Anyone wanna go with me?" Sue chimed up with: "Naah. We were just going to hang around here and be grateful there's no school for another couple of months." eyeing me lasciviously.

"Have a good ride." I added, "And don't get bit by a rattler -- it may not survive the encounter. Got your .22?" "Fuuuunny! And, yes, I do." Pulling the Colt Woodsman semi auto pistol out of its holster and checking to be sure there was a full clip and nothing in the chamber, then reholstered it, "All oiled up and ready. See ya later." As soon as he left I turned to Sue, took her in my arms, kissed her briefly, and said: "Thanks for saving our butts!

How do you do that?" "Like I know. It just comes to me that something is going to happen, and I have learned to listen and act on it. How do you think I knew you were looking at me in the shower? I certainly didn't see you." "For all you knew I could have been a serial killer out to cut you into little pieces and spread your body across three states. Keeping your severed tits for souvenirs of course." "Then you would have been greeted with both eyes full of fingernails and a crotch full of knee." "Remind me not to get you angry." "Okay.

But if you wanted to kidnap me, tie me up in an old rundown homestead cabin, and rape me for, oh, say three straight days or so I think my clairvoyance may develop a short circuit in advance." "I'll keep that in mind, but correct me if I'm wrong -- it isn't rape if you want it to happen, is it?" "A girl can have a fantasy life, can't she?" "So can a guy.", firmly grabbing her breasts through her shirt, "But my fantasies didn't come anywhere near reality, at least so far, so I much prefer the real thing, don't you?" Reaching down to feel my still stiff cock "Yes, I think I do too.

In fact I want you to fuck me to unconsciousness, this time with your prick, and as often as possible. Oh my god that was unbelievable! How did you do that?" "I'm not really sure. I guess I was riffing off your reactions and going with the flow, as it were. Carefully studying the magazines for years helped as well." "If that's your superpower you'll have girls throwing themselves at you! In fact, you already have one who wants to as soon as possible." Whirling around, I said "Where?

I'll tear her clothes off and have my way with her! Several times!" Sue rolled her eyes, turned me back toward her, pulled me in for a long French kiss, and as soon as we returned to reality said "She's right here, and is hungry in more ways than one as I am sure you are. Let's have some breakfast and make plans for the day. I need to get you in my pussy, mouth, ass, hands, feet, between my legs, between my tits, in my mind, everything.

I love you, brother." "I love you too. Just didn't realize how much until now. And I want to be in your pussy, mouth, ass, you really want it in your ass?

Between your tits, hands, feet, hell anywhere I can get it. Let's eat!" ****************************************** 2 *********************************** We had a marvelous breakfast -- at least that's what everyone else was saying, but I guess I was too preoccupied to tell. All I could think about was getting Sue naked again, this time with less possibility of interruption by a snot nosed little brother, and suck and fuck each other for as long as we can.

As it happens Sue was way ahead of me, had already discussed it with mom while leaving out the finer points, and got an admonition about getting back before dark. All that was left was to get a meal and drinks together plus the usual picnic supplies, with as it turns out some extras Sue packed ahead of time, and we headed out with me on Brutus, a surprisingly tractable stallion, and Sue on Passion Flower: a strawberry roan we got from Thailand.

The horses were loping along as we took in the scenery and pointed out interesting trees, rocks, and whatever came along, as I enjoyed watching her fine ass bouncing in the saddle.

She pulled her horse up, stood up in the saddle, looked around, and said, "I remember a grown over side trail somewhere around here, but can't seem … ah, there it is!", pointing to our right.

"I don't see anything." "That's because you're on horseback. Dismount and look again." Sure enough, there it was, leading gently down the slope for a couple hundred feet. She dismounted and we led our horses through the brush and into a completely secluded clearing with a fallen tree off to one side. Sue began setting out the picnic on the double sized beach towel she packed as I was busy tying the horses near a small stream with plenty of forage for them. She was bending over to retrieve a bottle that had fallen over when I looked her way to see that tight ass pointed right at me.

The view of her smokin' hot body gave me an idea. I walked toward her and said, "I want to kiss, caress, fondle, and manhandle any and all skin you care to reveal to me. We have the whole day to fool around." "Oooohhh, that sounds like fun! Here … " as she slowly started unbuttoning her plaid shirt and pulled it off her shoulders, revealing some excellent cleavage. "How's that for a start?" "Excellent!

Uh, are you wearing a bra? I don't see any straps. I wish I knew that while we were riding -- I'd have ridden ahead, turned around, and watched your tits bounce." as I approached her while unbuttoning my shirt, reached out, and started feeling at her shoulders with both hands while gently pulling her toward me.

I leaned down and began licking at her cleavage while my hands moved to her neck. She grasped my head and guided me to her neck with my tongue tracing a path up her skin, saying, "That feels so nice. You really know how to make a girl feel special. I encircled her neck with my hands and started to squeeze just a little, then pushed her head back with my thumbs and nipped at her throat and on to her chin. She was starting to pant and sigh as I did this, and pulled her shirt down further, stopping just short of the nipples.

I didn't notice this right away, and kept moving toward her mouth, brushing against her lips with mine. She opened her mouth and started tracing her tongue across my lips, and I emulated her movements with my tongue.

We started kissing, shallowly brushing our lips together at first, then as our lips started to get a bit dry, with the tips of our tongues barely touching the other's lips. I took her head in my hands and began to kiss every inch of her face, eventually getting back to her mouth. She had started to breath more heavily as I kissed her somewhat more forcefully, then as if scripted we both opened out mouths and felt the tips of our tongues touch.

Soon we had our tongues intertwined and were exploring each other's mouths, and I forgot where we were, or even if the rest of the world existed. All I knew is we were kissing, at it was quite enough for me. We pressed our bodies together and it became apparent there was more skin down there, so I grasped her head, gently pushed it back, and ran my mouth back down her chest to her breasts, and started licking and biting them. I felt her reach down and pull her shirt over her belt, undo the last buttons, and let it fall where it may.

I immediately latched onto a nipple and sucked almost her entire right breast into my mouth while my hands were exploring her naked back. It was obvious she was getting thoroughly turned on, and I bit down on the breast until she groaned in a combination of pain and pleasure, then let I it slip past my teeth until only the nipple was still in my mouth. She reached up and grabbed her left breast and stretched it out as far as it would go, and said, "The other one is feeling left out!", brought her mouth down and started sucking the nipple, then as soon as she had as much of her tit in her mouth as she could get, bit down firmly and raised her head, stretching it as far as it would go.

Seeing a great opportunity, I let go of the tit in my mouth and licked the underside of the other one to her enthusiastic moans and muffled grunts. She released it from her mouth and it flopped against my face. I brought my hands around her waist and up until I had both tits cupped, pushed them together until the nipples met, took them in my mouth and bit down fairly hard then slid my hands down her body, unbuckled her belt, unzipped her pants, moved my hands around to her back, and pushed her pants slowly past her butt while squeezing and massaging every bit of skin along the way.

By now it was apparent that she was not wearing underwear either top or bottom, and I reached down and cupped her pussy while making obscene sloppy sounds sucking on her tits.

Finally we mutually decided that this standing up stuff was for the birds, and went over to the towel while I shucked off what remained of my clothes, laid down, and began petting in earnest. "I want you to eat my pussy! Turn around.", she panted, and grabbed my head, pulled it off the breast I was busy with, I obediently turned around until her pussy was right in front of me, and gave it good long lick from her pubic hair all the way to her asshole, which I pushed my tongue into slightly.

"You seem to have missed the mark, brother." Raising my head, I said, "No, I didn't. Think of it as a preview of coming attractions.", immediately diving back down, this time to her pussy, reached down with both hands, pulled her lips wide open, and started tongue fucking her while flicking her clit with my thumb. While I was at that, she maneuvered her body under mine, took my stiff cock in her hand, guided it into her mouth, drawing from her experience earlier took it all the way down to her throat, and I cooperated by stroking it in and out.

We stayed that way for quite a while, pleasuring each other while the rest of the world patiently looked the other way. On a whim, I forced my cock as deep in her mouth as I could, sucked her clit deeply into my mouth and bit down, gently at first, but increasing pressure until she started to bite my cock in response.

It felt good and painful at the same time as her body jerked and trembled as she struggled to breathe and tried to push me away to no avail. Finally her biting got to be too painful, I pulled my cock from her mouth, and let go of her clit. Panting, she said, "At least let me breathe occasionally." "You seem to like it rough, or am I wrong?" "A bit forceful is okay, but I do want to survive!" "Oh, you're so old fashioned!", as I pushed a finger into her wet pussy, then withdrew it and started to work it into her ass slowly while holding her legs open with my shoulders.

"Pervert! That should be considered 'Exit only'." "Not for me! My cock may fit in there, at least I saw a couple of pictures of girls with a cocks in their asses, and they seemed to be enjoying it. Besides, you did say you wanted it, didn't you?", while pushing my finger and wiggling it around in there. Finally I had it in as far as I could, and began stroking it slightly to her initial complaints which ceased as I felt her ass begin to relax.

"Just stick to my pussy for the time being. We'll get there eventually.", and took my cock back into her mouth. "Okay. Here I go!" And I inserted my thumb into her cunt, then brought my finger and thumb together, rubbing them through the thin membranes while lapping at her clit hungrily.

She moaned and arched her back as I manipulated her pussy and ass at the same time, seemingly getting used to the invasion and liking it. I disengaged my mouth from her pussy and said, "Too bad we didn't bring any rope with us. I want to tie you to that fallen tree and have my way with you as often as I want." "Don't assume anything -- look in the pack we brought.

There's about 20 feet of good strong rope in there, and I expect you to make good use of it, and then me as soon as I can't stop you." "You certainly thought of everything, didn't you?", bending down to continue eating her pussy.

"And I'm not even a Boy Scout. Take your mouth off of my cunt and stick your cock in there.", spreading her legs wide. What could I say? I turned around, took careful aim, and skewered her with my penis, slowly burying it completely inside her. "OHHhhhh my god that feels so good! I'm one lucky girl to have a good stiff cock to play with." I thought about that while fucking her with long, slow strokes and said, "Lucky?

I'm the lucky one to have a sister with a smoking hot body and tight pussy to fuck!" "As often as you want. Could you do me a favor? Pull it almost all the way out, wait ten seconds to let me tighten up, then shove it back in as deep as you can." "Okay" as I withdrew, "Won't that hurt?" "Oh, maybe a little. Wait for it … Impale me with your stiff cock!

NOW!" and I forced it back onto her as quickly as I could to her scream / grunt. She was right: her pussy had nearly closed up completely, and it took a determined effort to force my penis back into her. She made an animal noise when I bottomed out in her, and I wasn't about to let up one little bit as I repeatedly forced my way into her.

Amazingly, it was like the very first penetration -- wet, tight, almost but not quite resistant followed by gradual surrender to the inevitable -- every time. Again and again. Just as I began to hope that this would never end, She looked me in the eye and said, "Go all the way in and stay there! Fuck me like I was a dog!", while somehow turning around under me with my cock acting as an axle to her pussy's bearing.

Don't ask me how she did it … it just happened. Now with her butt to me, she started to lift me with her body, and as soon as I figured out what she had in mind I joined in and she became my red hot bitch. I had seen dogs fucking before, so decided that was the best approach I began to fuck her as fast as I could like a dog, but that soon got too tiring, and settled into a somewhat more leisurely pace with my hands all over her body pinching, rubbing, kissing, biting at her shoulders and neck, a slow mutual feline full body caress with her breasts being the main attraction while my engorged penis plumbed the depths of her passion.

I was as close to becoming one with another person as I ever had been, and it was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. I was making dog like sounds while fucking her with long slow strokes while she made her own version of animal noises, then slowly lowered her shoulders until her head was on the towel, reached back, and started pinching and stroking her clit while my penis repeatedly speared her and her breasts rubbed against the towel in time to my thrusts.

As for me, I slid my left hand down across her firm abs down to her pussy, removed her hand from her clit and replaced it with mine with more in mind than just rubbing it.

Instead, I firmly grabbed it and pressed it against the underside of my penis, and on the next push in it was dragged down and disappeared into her vagina. She jerked at this and made a guttural sound that surprised and pleased me no end, and I kept her clit firmly in contact with my cock as I picked up the pace, feeling the beginning fluttering of the muscles in her pussy as an orgasm began to wash over her accompanied by her grunts, moans, and screams, which I muffled by stuffing some of the towel in her mouth, "Can't have you making too much noise, can we?" At this her pussy clamped down on my cock, her body went rigid, and she gave herself over to a huge orgasm.

Her spasming muscles squeezed and massaged my penis while I went with short deep penetrations while holding her clit inside her. Every time I felt her muscles begin to relax I pulled her clit out, gave it a firm squeeze / twist, and roughly shoved it back into her against my cock, extending her orgasm.

Finally, this became too much for me, and with a final deep spearing I shot a huge amount of seed into her womb for what seemed like hours. Feeling this, she screamed through the towel, her arms flailed about for a short time, and she went limp beneath me. I collapsed against her body, totally spent, but with my slowly softening cock still deep within her. She turned her head, spitting out the towel, "OH MY GOD!!

I almost passed out again!" "All part of the service ma'am. Get it?

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Service?" She rewarded that lame joke with a slap to my leg. "You certainly serviced me admirably. I can't imagine it ever getting better, but am willing to try." "No pressure, right?" "None at all. How did you know to do all this?" "Some of the stories in dad's magazines are pretty graphic, and I have jerked off to them often, replacing the girls in the stories with you. I never thought I'd actually get you to do any of them, that is without getting you drunk, tying you up, and forcing myself on you." Finally, my cock flopped out of her pussy followed by a seemingly endless gusher of semen and feminine juices, I rolled over, laid down, gathered her beautiful naked body to me, and gently massaged her while we both basked in a wonderful afterglow.

Sue started to rise, heard Brutus whinny, looked over to him, and beheld his massive penis dangling from between his legs. He was downwind from us, had smelled our activities, and was nuzzling Passion Flower's flanks as his penis got hard. She was having none of it, neighing and bucking to get away from him. "Oh, poor Brutus." Sue said. "It would seem she isn't in the mood." "Wow!

Look at the size of his cock! I wish I had one that big!" "I don't! Something that size would tear me apart inside. Not a very good way to die." "I can think of worse ways to go. Hmmm … fucked to death. Interesting sound to it. Tell you what: let's get all this picnic stuff off of the towel, pad the log, lay you down on your back, bring Brutus over to you, tie your hands to the saddle horn and your legs across his rump to hold you in the perfect position to get his cock into your pussy, and slowly insert it into you as far as it can go." said with a leering smile.

"Then I'll saddle up and go for a nice long ride with you underneath, slowly being impaled with his entire cock. When he comes I'd expect it to shoot out of your mouth!" "After which I'd expect you to cut my dead body into little pieces and spread them across several states, keeping my severed tits as souvenirs, right?" "Atta girl! Now you're getting the idea!" "Pervert! But since you mentioned it, getting tied to the log and forced to endure the tortures your obviously twisted imagination could dream up sounds interesting.

But first, I'm hungry as I am sure you are, so let's have some lunch while you think up appropriate torments for me." "Works for me!" and I tucked into a marvelous P B, B &J (Peanut Butter, Bacon, and Jelly). Stricken with a sudden inspiration, I took the top slice of bread off the sandwich and smeared the contents all over her breasts, saying: "Oh, how clumsy of me!

Here, let me get that off of you." and I leaned down, grasped her right breast, and started licking the mess off, carefully making sure it was all gone, egged on by her giggling and sighing. Ten minutes later her breasts were clean, though very wet. "I love it when you get playful like that!" And took her sandwich and smeared it over my rapidly stiffening cock, "Fair's fair. My turn to clean you up!" Leaning down, she started licking my dick, then took it in her mouth to be sure she got it all.

"It's on my balls. Clean it all up." "Yes sir!" and she buried my cock in her mouth, reached out with her tongue, and licked them clean as well. "There." pant gasp, "All clean." "You do a marvelous job of cleaning for such a dirty girl.

Oops, there's some jelly on your chin. Here -- I'll get it.", licking her chin, then on to her lips, and we spent the next eternity making out. Then it struck me -- there she was, giving her permission to do pretty much anything, and all I wanted to do was sit up, scooch over a little, and just enjoy the view of her naked body highlighted with the sunlight filtered through leaves while taking occasional pulls on a beer she managed to sneak into the basket, rendering a surreal vibe with constantly changing patterns scanning across her body stretched out on the towel was the most peaceful feeling I ever had, and at the moment all she needed to do is lay there and allow me to gaze at her and know she didn't have one bit of self consciousness with being completely naked in front of me, exuded an air of trust, and liked to have me stare at the rise and fall of her stomach as she breathed, the subtle play of abdominal muscles when she moves a little, she looks at me with a Mona Lisa smile with a bit of Sodom thrown into the mix lighting up her face and my world, with a goofy grin on my face.

I reached out to stroke her stomach and she stretched languidly, looking for all the world like a Siamese cat just waking up, and I decided she desperately needed petting, so I did, missing nothing, and swatting her leg to turn her over and start again.

Oh, those lumbar dimples! I have a thing about them, and hers are awesome. No inch left unfelt, right down to her toes, and back up to her butt. Oh, that firm, smooth butt! "Hmmm, I think something needs to be kissed in the worst way!", turned her over again, spread her legs, and went down gently, tracing a sinuous path through all the tissues down there, and flicking her clit occasionally.

To mix things up a bit, I traced a path across her abs with my tongue, right up the middle between her breasts, to her neck, chin, and finally her lips, and while she was enjoying that I shoved my cock into her incredibly tight cunt, stroking three times and pulling out, continue licking her body down and back up, then another cock blitzkreig until she was starting to complain.

"Sheesh! Are you going to fuck me or not?" "Sure I am, but we have all day, and I'm wondering what else you decided was indispensable for a proper picnic / day of lovemaking ." Smiling, I went over to the picnic pack with my rock hard cock swaying with every step and started to rummage through it.

When I took out the rope I got a surprise: under it was an eight inch long dildo that was much bigger around than my cock and a bottle of K-Y lube.

I took them out, held the dildo up for her to see, and asked: "Jesus … didn't you think I was big enough for you?" "Frankly, I was in a hurry and grabbed it without looking. I don't know if it will fit in me or not." "Let's find out.", and I brought it over to her. "Here, wet it down.", as I offered it to her mouth while inserting two fingers in her pussy as deep as I could get them.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could, saying; "… Okay, but I don't kno … mfffg." as I pushed it into her mouth and started stroking it deeply, slowly twisting it into her throat while she made gurgling sounds and tried to push me away with her hands.

Pulling the dildo out, I set it down on the towel, went back to the pack for some rope and over to Brutus for one of the saddlebags, saying: "None of that -- you don't have a choice at the moment." I tied her wrists together, then looped and tied the rope around her slim waist to keep her from preventing me from doing whatever I wanted, "Pick up your ass.", she did, and placed the saddlebag under her to put her ass at the proper height to do what I had in mind, reinserted the dildo in her mouth until it bulged her throat accompanied by her grunts and gasps, and started stroking it deeply.

Finally, I pushed it back in, left it there while her chest heaved in a vain attempt to breathe, grasped her throat, and massaged the dildo through her skin. "This feels sooo good!" Figuring it was wet enough, I slowly pulled it out of her mouth, saying: "There: it seems to fit pretty well! Now for your pussy." repositioning myself, I pushed my cock into her throat to keep her from complaining, reached down across her body, pausing briefly at her luscious tits for a quick mauling, then down to her pussy to open it as wide as I could with both hands while she writhed and choked on my penis.

Figuring she was as ready as she would ever be, I firmly grasped the dildo by its base and forced the first five inches of it into her pussy. She tried to scream around my penis, but only succeeded in vibrating it, which felt really great by the way, and I pushed another inch into her. "Only another two inches to go. Do you think it will all fit in you?" while withdrawing my cock from her mouth.

Gasp, pant, cough, "I don't know. It feels close to hitting my cervix. Keep going until I tell you to stop." "Okay, but if I can't hear you tell me to stop I'll keep pushing until it disappears into your pussy completely.", reaching over with my free hand to grab a sock to gag her with and stuffing it into her mouth until she could only make gurgling sounds as I twisted and pushed at her pussy with the dildo, slowly going deeper, leaving about a half inch to go.

By her arched back and kinked wrists trying futiley to escape from the ropes I figured it had, indeed bottomed out, so I started to fuck her with long deep strokes accompanied by her grunts, moans, and muffled screams every time it bottomed out inside her.

Finally I saw it was getting close to being fully inserted in her soaking wet cunt, so I continued to fuck her with it until it was in far enough for her pussy to close around the end of it, saying "Wow! It's all the way in! Good girl! Brutus is looking more likely now!" with a leering smile on my face. Pulling the gag out of her mouth, I leaned down and began to kiss and explore her mouth while she struggled against the rope holding her hands, obviously trying to get to her pussy, though I wasn't sure if she wanted to pull out the dildo or do … something else.

Curious, I untied her hands to see what she had in mind, and she immediately went to her stretched pussy and reached in to grasp the end of the dildo, pulling it almost all the way out, then started fucking herself with it. While I was thoroughly enjoying the show I covered two fingers with the K-Y, and gently at first pushed and rotated both fingers into her ass until I was as far in as I could go, saying: "And I thought your pussy was tight!

Your ass is even tighter! I wonder if the dildo will fit in there. Here, let's see if my cock will fit first." "No! Not yet … I'm not ready to … glaggmmf." as I stuffed the sock back into her mouth and retied her hands, this time to her ankles to hold her legs out of the way. Pulling the dildo out quickly to her muffled scream, and surprised by seeing some of her pussy protruding from her body then disappearing back in, I shoved my fingers back into her ass and rotated them back and forth until I felt her sphincter start to relax, pulled my fingers out, applied a generous amount of lube to my cock, then placed the tip at her puckered little star and gently at first pushed forward just enough to bury the head in her.

She arched her back while trying to spit out the gag, but I was not about to stop until I was buried to the hilt in her ass. Slowly, my cock invaded her asshole inch by tantalizing inch while she shook her head in slowly weakening protest as I felt her body begin to accept the penetration. Holding it about halfway in, I said: "Your ass is so incredibly tight! You do realize I'm going to bury my penis in there whether you like it or not, don't you?" She reluctantly nodded her head in assent, and I continued my assault on her ass until I was indeed balls deep.

"I'll just leave it in there while you get used to the idea of being my sex slave, so just resign yourself to being ass fucked as long as I want." With that, I started to pull out most of the way, then slowly back in all the way. Her eyes watered and seemed to lose focus, and seeing that I took it as resignation to her fate, and started to fuck her ass deeply.

Surprisingly, it did not seem to be getting much looser as I fucked her, and the tightness was going to make me cum much sooner than I wanted to, so I pulled out, grabbed the empty beer bottle, and roughly shoved the neck of it in her ass to keep her used to the stretching. To mix things up a bit I pushed the dildo back into her pussy about halfway while she moaned and screamed, enabling an effortless double fuck. I grasped both of them and started to stroke them in her simultaneously for a couple minutes.

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Finally I was ready to continue fucking her ass and pulled out the bottle, quickly replacing it with my cock stroking in and out while leaving the dildo sticking out of her pussy. Every time I thrust into her ass I'd hit the dildo, forcing it deeper in each time until she was truly being double fucked completely while she was making muffled "UHh … Urf" noises around the gag.

Feeling her ass start to pulsate around my cock and the muscles around her pussy as well through the dildo I knew there was another orgasm coming, I pulled both my cock and the dildo nearly all the way out, quickly counted to five, and forced both back in as far as I could, felt, heard, and saw her tremble and shake in the throes of yet another huge orgasm which took me over the edge yet again, and I came in her bowel while she was convulsing.

Admittedly, there was little sperm left in me, so my orgasm was a shadow of the previous ones, but the sight of her body coming down from an orgasmic peak was more than enough compensation. I gently pulled my now completely soft penis from her ass while slowly removing the dildo from her pussy -- which stayed wide open for a surprising time.

I couldn't believe how far into her body I could see, and marveled in the vista while it lasted. Moving off of her, I untied her hands from her ankles and pulled the gag out, then started kissing her gently, hoping I had not hurt her so much that she would never let me touch her again. Fortunately, she kissed me back and I was transported to heaven from a self imposed purgatory. "Roger … that was amazing! My wildest rape fantasies didn't begin to match our real thing, and I get the feeling that we will be doing this for a long time, that is if we are lucky.

One thing's sure: I'm very sore down there, so it would seem that we are through for the day." "Well, yes and no." as I laid down next to her and gently moved my fingertips across her body, satisfied with the feel of her skin against mine.

She purred softly as I felt her, and we must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew the sun was going down and we had to get dressed, pack up and head back to the real world. ****************************************** 3 *********************************** For the next week Sue and I did the usual vacation things, confident in the knowledge that there was plenty of time to continue the consummation of our new found relationship.

Sure, we took many opportunities to feel each other up, kiss, and generally pet, but the urgency had abated to the point that we were satisfied with finding an hour for a languid lovemaking session behind one of the outbuildings, or once in the rundown homestead cabin for several hours.

Scotty was the first to notice our changed dynamic, but seemed not to be overly curious about the why of it, preferring to take rides to the tableland on his favorite horse. One day dad, Scott, and I gathered or weapons of choice and lots of ammunition for a day of target shooting: for me my favorite -- a 1917 Eddystone .303 bolt action rifle rechambered to 30-06 with 200 rounds of 220 grain full metal jacket Korean war surplus rounds in five stack stripper clips and a 1911 .45 ACP pistol my grandfather was issued in WWI, Scott brought his beloved Woodsman with four magazines and three bricks of ammo and a Winchester 30-30 lever action, and dad insisted on bringing his Ruger .44 magnum carbine that kicked like an angry Army mule, a Colt .45 revolver, and a Moisin-Nagant 7.62x54 with enough ten stack stripper clips to start (and end) WWIII, and lots of paper targets and stands.

We packed a good sized lunch and a six pack of beer, saddled up our horses and headed out for a particular canyon a few miles away where we had previously set up a one foot square piece of quarter inch thick steel at 300 yards, set up the paper targets at 30, 50, and 100 yards, and had a wonderful day of blowing holes in things. While we were out: "Mom, can we talk?" "Sure Susan. What's on your mind?" "I'm not sure how to tell you this …" "Come on -- you know we can talk about anything, right?

You're not pregnant are you?" "NO! You know I'm on the pill, and besides …" "Yes dear, but nothing is a hundred percent. Out with it!" "Well, uh, Roger and me have been fooling around some." "Define 'some'." "We have kissed, petted, seen each other naked, and … had sex.", Sue said with her lower lip trembling.

Karen sighed, and said, "Let's go in our bedroom to discuss this.", taking Sue's hand and leading her there. They entered, Karen softly closed the door, sat down on the bed, reached out and patted the mattress next to her. "Sit down and give me as much detail as you are comfortable with." Sue did as she was told, and slowly at first described how it started: "You know how shy he is, and it hurt to see him avoid social situations, so I decided to try to bring him out of his shell.", from there she gave her mom a pretty detailed description of our relationship, starting with the show in the shower, continuing to our first time in the bunkhouse and the picnic the same day.

As she went on it all started to come tumbling out, and she spent the better part of half and hour chronicling what we did and how she felt about it all with our mom patiently listening, and starting to get turned on, surreptitiously rubbing her thighs together, as Sue went into more detail. When Sue had run out of things to tell, Karen turned to her and kissed her on the forehead. "Thank you for telling me. The question now is do you want to continue this or was it just a vacation thing?" Astonished by her mom's response, Sue reluctantly said: "He …… was firm and assertive, even forceful at times, which surprised me quite a bit, but also gentle when it was called for.

He not only seemed to know exactly what I did and did not want to do with him, but also how to be attentive, loving, and sensual. He's also a great kisser, though I have no idea why: he says he's never been with a girl before." "It's not that unusual -- reserved normally, but aggressive in bed, or … wherever. As to the kissing, you probably taught him without realizing it by your reactions to what he was doing. It's not that uncommon if the guy is more concerned with pleasing you rather than just himself." "I'm quite sure he will want to continue our relationship and frankly I do as well." "I have noticed how differently you two are acting whenever you're together since shortly after we got here, was curious about the why of it, though I suspected I already knew.

Now I have a story to tell you. I lost my virginity to my brother -- your uncle Dave, when I was about a year younger than you are now. It started innocently enough, some kissing and petting, but we both realized how we felt about each other and it just escalated to the point where we fucked as often as possible, though it was not as intense as you two, at least from your description.

We never got caught and it went on for a year or so, in fact it ended by mutual agreement when I met Charles. He knows all about it, by the way.", while openly rubbing her pussy through her jeans with a wet spot in the fabric starting to show. "My god! I'm so horny thinking about what we did and from your graphic description of you and Roger going at it!

If you'll excuse me I've got to go to the bathroom to masturbate." Sue was mildly shocked by the dirty language and also by her mom rubbing herself right in front of her. Deciding to go with the flow, she started to rub herself and squeeze a breast as well, reached to her mom and gently took her hand, "Don't go." and started to unbutton her shirt, "I'm horny too thinking about your brother fucking you and what Roger and I did.

Stay here and do what you need to do. I think I want to as well.", taking her shirt off and unhooking her bra. By now Karen was too turned on to argue, and she started to undress as well until both of them were naked. Being the first time in a long time Sue had seen her mom naked, and certainly the first time in this context, she took a good look and really liked what she saw.

Long lean legs, an impressive ass, slim waist, nice barely sagged 36 C+ cup breasts, full lips, a face that would be the envy of any model, and striking blue eyes. If this was a preview of what she would look like in twenty years she was in for a nice long beautiful life. Karen started fingering her pussy and Sue soon joined in urgently masturbating right in front of her mom, both arranging pillows so they could each watch the other rubbing off.

After a short time Karen became aware it just wasn't working, "Damn! This just isn't enough! I wish your father was here! I need a cock in me! Ah well, any port in the storm.", reached over to the bedside cabinet, opened the drawer, and pulled out a fourteen inch long double ended dildo and a bottle of lube.

"Isn't that a lesbian thing? Why do you have it?", Sue asked, intrigued. "It was a gag gift from a coworker at the office. I like the size and have used it, but have never had the opportunity to use both ends at once. It won't bend far enough to put it in my ass while it's in my pussy." She smeared some lube on it, laid down on the bed, pushed it into her pussy, and started to fuck herself with it.

By now Sue was very turned on as well, and seeing it disappearing in her mom's pussy decided to take it to the next level by taking her mom's hand off the dildo and firmly grasping it began to fuck her with it, and shortly thereafter grabbing a breast and fondling it.

Remembering what we had done, she grasped Karen's clit and pushed it down into her cunt, dragging it into her with the next stroke of the dildo. Karen reacted by throwing her head back and letting out a long moan, grabbed her other breast, and rubbed it in time with Sue's stroking her pussy.

They kept at it for a time until Sue said, "Unless you have another one I'm going to use the other end!", reached for the lube, smeared it on the exposed end, positioned herself to insert it in her pussy, and in one smooth, quick movement impaled herself on it until she felt her mom's pussy lips against hers.

They looked at each other for a moment, then both of them started to move back and forth, occasionally stopping when their pussies touched to just rub their clits together, then continue wantonly fucking each other simultaneously.

Thankfully there was nobody in the house at the time or they would have heard the two of them moaning, grunting, and occasionally screaming when either of them bottomed out, usually in Karen's pussy. Some five minutes later Karen gave herself over to a huge orgasm accompanied by lots of high volume moaning and screaming, and Sue pulled back slightly, reached down to her mom's pussy, and grabbed her clit and twisted / pulled it to extend her orgasm.

It worked, and Karen kept cumming for well over a minute. When it finally abated she flopped back and completely relaxed. Sue had not finished yet, so she grasped the dildo and moved back until it fell out of Karen's pussy, then began to fuck herself deeply with it.

Karen looked at Sue, sat up, grabbed the dildo, and continued to fuck her daughter with it, then bent over to lick her clit and reached up with her other hand to fondle her breasts. This sent Sue over the edge into an orgasm, and Karen bit down on her clit while yanking on her left nipple until Sue finally finished cumming.

Spent, they both sat up, Sue pulled out the dildo, leaned toward her mother, gently grasped her head, brought their lips together for a quick peck that turned into a long and very undaughterly French kiss while each fondled the other's breasts, pulled back and said: "Well, there's another taboo out of the way, wouldn't you say?" With a satisfied grin on her face, Karen said, "Definitely!

It was also the first Lesbian experience I've ever had, and it was wonderful! Thank you so much." "My … well, our pleasure.", leaning in for another long kiss.

"Speaking of taboos, are you going to do it with Roger?" "Might as well keep it in the family!" "Only if you let your dad fuck you at the same time, though I can't say if he would be willing to do it.

I think you would like a cock as big as his in your pussy.", as Sue was sucking on one of her mom's nipples. Raising her head while dragging her tongue over a firm motherly breast, "How big is he?

It's an interesting idea, but I think I'd like to break Scott in first. Or would you prefer to take his cherry, so to speak?" "My god, you're really getting into this, aren't you?", as she picked up the dildo and slowly slid her hand down it, saying, "he's about this big", stopping her hand leaving eight inches of it exposed, "a little smaller around, and he really knows how to use it too. I wonder if Scott would like to fuck you first.

He's all yours if he's willing to go for it. I'll settle for sloppy seconds.", and went back to sucking her daughter's breasts while feeling her body all over and started to finger her pussy. Grabbing her mom's head and mashing her face into the tit she was sucking on, "OOOooohhh, that feels incredible, keep going!

I'm pretty sure he'd like to fuck me -- he is, after all, a guy. Bite the nipple hard!", which Karen did, then Sue grasped her mother's head and pushed it away, stretching her breast away from her chest until the pain almost got to be too much, then shook her mom's head to jiggle her tit. Karen picked up on it and continued to torture Sue's breast until it popped out of her mouth, whereupon she went for the other one and did the same thing.

Sue leaned back while Karen was playing with her body, "I guess we are going to want to do this more often, right?" "Without a doubt! I get the feeling that our family will never be the same." "Not the same -- better!" Sue said while fondling her mother's tight body. They leaned in for another kiss that turned into a long makeout session with literally no holes barred.

"I just remembered I was going to make a pot roast for dinner tonight." said Karen, panting while Sue was licking her feet. "Let's head to the kitchen and start prepping the veggies." "Okay. Do we have to get dressed?", while licking up her mom's right leg toward her pussy. "Hank's in Portland for a week and the guys will be having too much fun to be back before sunset, so we have at least six hours. I think aprons only will be sufficient." "Wouldn't it be neat to have them come home and see us just wearing aprons with our asses showing?" "Maybe next time.

For … OOOohhhhh …" Sue arrived at her pussy and started tongue fucking Karen, "… now I think more or less dre … EEEEkkkk!", Sue trapped her clit between her upper teeth and her tongue, "What was I saying? Oh yeah, dressed would be preferable." "Darn! It would be interesting to see the look on their faces when they saw us!" They kissed deeply for a couple minutes, then got up, walked naked to the kitchen, put on aprons, and started making dinner.

Rummaging through the refrigerator while Sue rubbed her ass, "Where the hell did I put the celery?" "Right here. I already got it out." "Thanks. One thing's sure -- your dad's going to have a very horny wife to fuck tonight!

After our third time I'll bring up your romps with Roger and see what he thinks about the whole situation. The way he has been conspicuously not looking at you in your bikini lately makes me think it may not take too much encouragement to get him to fill up your pussy with daddy semen." "Really?

I hadn't noticed, but like the idea. Maybe we could get Roger to fuck my throat at the same time. It seems I'm a pretty good cocksucker. Awwww … you're crying.

Too emotional at the moment?" "Damn onions. With your pussy and mouth busy would you let Scott fuck your ass too?" "If he wants to fuck me I would prefer it to be one on one for the first half dozen times. After that we'll see. Besides, with all of the guys busy with me what will you be doing? Getting fucked by the Parker's dog? How many mushrooms do you want?" "A dozen or so should do. Why would I settle for an Australian Shepherd when Brutus is right over there in the corral?" "Mom!

I know you have had three kids, but even taking that into consideration he would split you wide open. I don't remember -- did I mention what Roger said he would do with Brutus and me?" "Yes dear, and if I ever get a terminal disease I'd have Charles do it to me.

After fucking me for the last time of course. Hopefully they would find my head impaled mouth first on a fencepost in Idaho." "And not find your tits in our freezer." "Good point. When we get the pot roast in the oven let's not get dressed and go out and jerk off Brutus." "Ooooo, that sounds like fun!

I see where Roger gets his perverted proclivities." "All in the family dear, all in the family." When they finished in the kitchen they put on shoes only, went out to the corral, kneeled down on both sides of him, and played with his sheath until his cock was fully out and hard. Karen reached out and tentatively touched it, "My god, it's huge! This is the first one I've seen close up." Both of them took it in their hands and started licking it, then Sue pulled it toward her chest and began rubbing it against her breasts.

Seeing this Karen leaned in and did the same, and they got into a rhythm rubbing it between their mashed together breasts. He stayed where he was while they rubbed him until his cock started to jerk and pulse.

Feeling that, Karen squealed, "He's going to cum!", and got right into the line of fire. He shot what seemed like gallons of spunk all over her.

When he was finished Karen laid down on a convenient horse blanket and Sue laid on top of her to share the horse spunk, then using his semen as a lube Sue slowly pushed her right hand into her mom's pussy well past her wrist and fist fucked her while Karen ate out her pussy until they both came like Atlas boosters lifting astronauts into orbit. Afterward they took a good long squirmy feely bubble bath while the house filled with the wonderful smell of pot roast cooking, and did some cutting and sewing on some old clothes they found in a dresser.

When we got home we were pleasantly astounded to see both of them in very short shorts revealing butt cheeks and camel toes, tank tops cut high enough to show most of the underside of their firm breasts almost to the nipples, spike heel shoes that mom had inexplicably brought, and nothing else. Occasionally while setting the dinner out nipples would appear accompanied by a jokingly embarrassed exclamation and tugging of tops back into place.

I don't think Scott blinked for five minutes. All of us guys put napkins on our laps to hide uncomfortably tumescent penises. Frankly, I don't remember a thing about the pot roast other than it was what we had for dinner. Sue told me later that it was delicious. After dinner we kids cleaned the kitchen and mom and dad disappeared into their bedroom, warning us that they were not to be disturbed unless the house was on fire.

We knew exactly what was going on, and left them to do their thing for as long as they wanted. ****************************************** 4 *********************************** "Okay, not that I'm complaining, but … why the skimpy clothes?" while Charles hurriedly shucked off his clothes and helped Karen out of what little she was wearing. "While we had the place to ourselves Sue and I had a long frank conversation about sex. No, not the one you're thinking about.

Much more intimate. Frankly it got us so worked up we ended up making lezzy love on the bed. I sure as hell wished you were available, but since you weren't, we had to improvise." "With, I assume, that silly dildo Jan gave you?

That's so hot! Now I wish I was here! Give me the blow by blow with you and Sue while we make love." "Make love later. Fuck me hard right now! We can take it slow for the next dozen times, but FUCK ME NOW!", laying on her back and beckoning him to violate her body. Chas spread Karen's legs and with no preamble buried all of his rock hard cock in her sopping pussy in a single quick thrust while Karen desperately tried to tell him everything between strokes.

Finally she gave up and they concentrated on pure animal rutting. Starting in the missionary position he pounded her pussy hard accompanied by the bed squeaking and rattling and Karen moaning and grunting. "Be my bitch!", he grunted, their code word for doggie style, and she got on her knees and was immediately stuffed by eight inches of Chas' penis.

She loved it when he essentially spanked her with his hips slamming into her ass, and they kept at it until, "Smash my clit against you cock! Force it inside me", Slap!, " OOOfff!" He laid down against her back, reached around to her pussy, grasped her clit, and pushed it inside her, roughly grinding his cock against it while holding it in there with two fingers.

She screamed, "I'm cumming! OOOOfffh" slap … slap, "Keep it in there un … AARrrfG … til I finish!" slap, slap "AAAAAAAAAAAAaaa", slap … slap, "AAAAAAAAAHHhhhh!!!!", slap…slap, "OH MY GOD!!!!" SLAP!!! Charles couldn't hold back any longer, shooting a huge load into her. He stayed right where he was while her head hit the mattress, withdrew his fingers from her pussy, pulling her clit with them, and fell against her back, totally spent for the moment.

As his cock slowly deflated, "When did you think up that trick with your clit? That was new, well to me anyway." Pant, pant … "I didn't." as his cock flopped out of her.

She maneuvered herself until his prick was right in front of her face, "Here, lay back and I'll suck on you for a while." As Karen went down on him, "HHmmmm … I'm still waiting for an answer." "MMphhh", raising her mouth off his penis, "Only when your cock is back in me." Glag … Spluck. "At this rate it won't be long." while she sucked for all she was worth. A couple of minutes of determined sucking later he was hard again and she began to deep throat him.

Holding her head in his hands, "I'm ready. Let's do the Splitting Bamboo position." "OOoohh -- I like that one.", laying her down on her side, he straddled her left leg, put her other leg over his shoulder, and slowly inserted his penis into her until he was deep inside.

The view of her naked body was great, and he started to slowly stroke it in and out while fondling her breasts. She purred like a contented cat as her breasts moved over her chest under his hands. "Okay, tell me where you learned that trick." "From Susan. She described it to me, and demonstrated it with the dildo." "That begs the question: where did she learn it?" "Bury yourself in me and suck on a tit.

I will tell you only as long as you keep sucking tit and fucking pussy." "Works for me!" as he did as she asked. She grasped his head to hold him there, and started talking. "She learned it from … Roger." holding his head as he choked for a second and speared her deeply in surprise, then settled down. "Nice control. He did it to her several times while they were making love." He suddenly let go of her breast, "ROGER???! When did they …" "Remember our deal.

Back to a tit … NOW!" Thoroughly turned on by the thought of Sue being fucked at all, much less by her brother, he returned to sucking on her breast and passionately stroking his cock in her. "That's better! They have, OOOfff, been fucking since about a week after we got, Nnghhh … here, and Sue says they are going to keep MNNmmmn, at it as long as they want. Frankly, I'm wondering where he learned that -- maybe it's, OOOooohh, from one of our books -- possibly 'Kinky Sluts', though I don't remember anything like that in there." Leaving his cock where it was at the moment, Charles let go of her tit, "Or more likely it was racial memory: like father like son." "You wish!

Remember I had to teach you quite a bit when we first got together." "True, but you had been going at it with your brother for a year before we did it. You had more experience, but you will have to admit I learned pretty quickly." "Granted. The question now is what if anything are we going to do?" "At the moment we can keep fucking.", reaching down to her pussy and rubbing it gently around his cock.

With a lascivious look on her face, "Have you heard of the 'Flying W' position?" "No. Lets give it a go! Where do you want me?" Karen laid down on her back and folded her legs against her chest, "Pick my ass up until I'm at a balance point on my shoulders, straddle me and push your cock straight down into my ass while fucking my pussy with a dildo. Keep me in position with your leg." "Where did you learn that? It sounds painfully wonderful." "I didn't learn it, actually I'll be making it up as we go.", Chas oiled up his cock and his fingers, then inserting two fingers in her ass to prepare her for a reaming.

She seemed to be ready, and he slowly penetrated her a little bit at a time until half of his cock disappeared in her shitter, firmly gripped the eight inch dildo I had used on Sue and pushed it in her pussy until it closed around the end, then started to slowly stroke his cock in her ass. She was grunting and biting her lower lip to keep from screaming from the pain / pleasure while he drove his cock into her.

As soon as he felt her sphincter relax he reached into her pussy, took hold of the dildo, pulled it out until it was near the root of his cock, and began to fuck her with long strokes while matching his motion with the dildo.

Karen was grunting as he double fucked her, as full as she had ever been. She reached up, took his hand off the dildo, and took hold of the silicone invader to fuck herself while he reamed her ass. Finally he was fully buried in her and picked up the pace while she began to fuck herself in opposition to his motion. They kept at it for what seemed to be forever, with Karen really getting into it, fantasizing that the dildo was actually Roger fucking her pussy while Chas did her ass, then expanded it to include Susan French kissing her while being doggie fucked by Scott.

Feeling she was about to come, she rammed the dildo all the way into her pussy, grabbed her clit and mashed it against the end of it and roughly rubbed it there, and it took her over the edge into a huge orgasm. Chas, already close to cumming, felt her ass squeeze his cock, drove it down into her deeply and came, pumping his seed into her colon.

Both of them completely spent for the moment, he slowly withdrew his softening prick from her ass, gently helped her down to the bed, reached into her pussy to grasp the dildo and withdrew it, and flopped down next to her as they slowly regained their senses.

Turning his head to gaze lovingly at his wife, "So that's a Flying W! We've got to remember that one!" "I don't think we will forget that anytime soon!", while she was enjoying his gently running his fingertips across her body for quite a while. Reaching over for a couple of wet wipes, he thoroughly cleaned up his penis, asking, "Would you like to finish cleaning me with your mouth?" Karen turned toward him, "No problem.", took his limp dick all the way into her mouth and made sure he was nice and clean.

They kissed and fondled each other for a half hour, then Karen noticed he was on the way to another erection. "You're getting hard again! My god you've got a lot of stamina tonight!" Maneuvering herself into position under him, "Let's 69." Then she slowly took his revived penis into her mouth while moving her tongue over every bit of cock it could reach while he lowered his face onto her pussy.

Chas began gently tonguing her outer lips, occasionally flicking her clit. Holding his hips with her hands and taking her time, she took his manhood past her lips glacially while controlling her breathing: in through her mouth to draw cool air over his wet penis, then out through her nose. Chas groaned at this, partially because he loved it when she did that, but also to vibrate her clit, which she loved. He let her go at a pace she preferred as she advanced his cock closer to her tonsils while occasionally dragging her teeth over his shaft to give things a sense of danger.

When he felt that he gently bit down on her clit then hummed through his teeth, vibrating it. She jumped slightly and bit a little harder until he stopped humming, pulled her clit out slightly, wrapped his lips around it, and spit it past his teeth and out of his mouth, eliciting a muffled Eeeekkk!

from her around his prick. Finally the mushroom head reached the entrance of her throat and she paused briefly, exhaled completely, moved down his shaft enough to block her throat, and tried valiantly to inhale, drawing his penis into her throat instead of air.

This told Chas all he needed to know: she was close to orgasm and was in an asphyxiation mood. He learned long ago that he better go along with it or there would be hell to pay later. Smiling, he sat up, reached down and inserted two fingers into her pussy and applied his thumb to her clit, and very slowly pushed his cock further down her throat as she continued to try to inhale.

She arched her back and started to try to push him away as she felt an increasing urgency to breathe, but he knew what to do now: force the rest of his penis down her throat while she struggled, and keep finger fucking her. She screamed around his dick as her self preservation instincts tried to override her arousal, but Chas was having none of it, and expectantly waited for her to start to pass out.

When her hands stopped pushing against him and instead started to flail about he inserted another finger in her pussy, felt the muscles contract in a combination of orgasm and misfiring impulses from her oxygen deprived brain, then every muscle in her body went into spasm as a massive orgasm peaked / consciousness left her.

At the exact right moment he yanked his penis out of her mouth, trailing a long stream of semen from his orgasm brought about by her neck muscles massaging his cock, as her musculi masticatorii went into spasm and her jaw clamped shut. Timed wrong, she could have bitten right through his penis. Finally, she went completely limp, her eyes rolled back, and she passed out.

Panting from the exertion, Chas checked her breathing, kissed her, tenderly rearranged her arms and legs into more comfortable positions, sucked both of her nipples, climbed over her body to lay down beside her, and contented himself with running his fingers all over her firm breasts while she breathed, still unconscious. A couple of minutes later she began to regain her senses, the orgasm that started as she passed out reasserted itself, she groaned and thrashed as it washed over her and subsided, then took several deep breaths and reached out to her husband.

Panting, "Am I dead?" "No dear, but it was touch and go there for a while. And, look," while holding up his flaccid dick, "it's all still there." "Thank goodness!

How close was it?" "Almost too close for comfort. Was it worth it?" "Worth it? If I never have another orgasm for the rest of my life I'd die happy! You have to be the most considerate husband, and the best lover, any woman ever had." They kissed and petted for most of an hour, reveling in their love, until his cock revived, got into the Lotus Blossom position, placed the head of his manhood at her entrance, moved toward each other merging her sex with his, and made Tantric love while nibbling on her neck until achieving mutual Satori.

Looking each other in the eyes, thankful that they were both sexual connoisseurs but aware that they had learned something new from their children, they tacitly agreed it was enough for now, took a shower together and flopped into bed. Both of them fell asleep within seconds of naked spooning.

When morning dawned they awoke, kissed passionately, and Chas, knowing she liked a brief penetration to jump start the day, pushed his morning wood into her pussy for a dozen strokes or so, pulled out, and they went about the usual getting ready for the day things. Having taken care of that they sat down on the bed and discussed what, if anything, they would do about Sue and me. Given her history, Karen was all for letting us continue what we were doing, "I did the same thing and it didn't affect my ability to find a relationship outside my family.

We are as committed a couple as any I have encountered." "I'll give you that.", kissing her, "But how can we be sure it will work out as well for them?" "We can't be sure of anything, but prohibiting it wouldn't work at all.

They are going to keep it up regardless of what we say, so I think surrendering to the inevitable is our only alternative at this point." "You're probably right, but I still think we need to discuss it with them.

Let's hash it out for a couple days to be sure we're on the same page, or at least the same chapter, and have a sit down." "Agreed." ****************************************** 5 *********************************** When we got up the next morning and Scott was off doing whatever he wanted Sue took her nightgown off, I started to kiss her naked body all over while she gave me an overview of her talk with mom including what they did afterward, really turning both of us on, and with her enthusiastic approval I plunged my cock into her right there in her bed, not worrying about being caught at all.

We fuckedin the missionary position for a good, actually fantastic, half hour, and both came within seconds of each other. "Now that's the way to properly start the day!", she gasped.

"No argument from me. Let's get some breakfast -- I'm starved!" Now that the cat was out of the bag we got a bit more open with our relationship.


It was hard to read dad at the breakfast table -- he was looking at Sue differently: after he saw her in practically nothing he was more comfortable with looking at her instead of averting his eyes.

As for me -- I couldn't tell what he was thinking. Inevitably we would have to sit down and have a good long talk. In the meantime Sue and I kept fucking at every opportunity except when Scott was around, not a problem before, but since he had seen her breasts, well most of her breasts, he had taken to hanging around her, probably in hopes of seeing more. It was getting to be a pain! Nevertheless, we still found time to do it, though not as much as we wanted. This changed when dad wanted to sit down with us, and mom insisted that Scott be there too, thinking it would be better if he found out on purpose now rather than accidentally later.

Seeing her logic Chas agreed, but still had his doubts. A couple of days later, "Everyone in the living room!", dad's baritone reverberated through the house. "Family meeting!" We came in and sat down, Sue and I close together on one end of the couch, and Scott in the recliner he favored.

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Sue took my hand and I could feel her trembling. Mom sat on the other side of the couch, but dad stayed standing.

He cleared his throat, "Lets get this out in the open." taking a deep breath and looking directly at us, "We know that you, Susan and you, Roger are having sex … Scott, sit down! And have decided that as long as both of you know that while we have reservations about it there is little we can do short of sending both of you to schools on opposite sides of the country, which would be irreparably destructive to our family.

We want you two to know that we have decided to condone it without necessarily approving. The question now is how far do you intend to take this?" &hellip. "Either of you? … Nothing?" Still holding her hand, I turned to looked at Sue only to see she was already looking at me, so I soldiered ahead, "We haven't really thought about it that much.

Sure, we are having a great time, and I love her more than I can say, but as to the long term … I don't think we intend to get married and raise a family, if that's what you want to know. All I can say is I want her to be happy. If her happiness is in another man's arms I will be very glad for her, just as she would be glad for me when I find a woman to share my life with.

In the same way that you, Charles," Turning my head to look at mom, "And you, Karen, are happy together regardless of what may have happened before you met.", deciding that Scott didn't need to know about mom's history just yet. Mom tensed up, then relaxed and smiled as soon as I had finished.

Dad, however, pressed it further. "And if either of you doesn't like whomever the other chooses? What then?" I looked back at Sue as she was turning to look at dad, "We would voice any concerns we may have and talk it out, but in the end trust the judgment of the other.", while squeezing my hand.

"Or I'd kill him, cut his body into little pieces, and spread them over several states.", with a big grin on my face. Mom, Sue, and I broke into laughter while dad and Scott looked an interesting combination of shocked and bewildered.

"Ooookaayyyy, wherever that came from, Scott, do you have anything to say?" "I suspected something was going on between you, but didn't think it had gone that far.", Getting up, he walked over to us, held out his hands and we took them, "I'm happy for both of you, but Sue, it's not going to change my fantasies involving you." "I wouldn't expect it to. In fact, I think this may add a layer or two." With everything out in the open, we kissed passionately to demonstrate our affection toward each other while being as private with our lovemaking as ever.

We also took to sleeping -- that's sleeping, not necessarily having sex, together. Scott accepted it as normal pretty quickly, but we heard his bed creaking as he jerked off frequently. It made us smile, and one night I whispered to her, "You really should let him fuck you some time. It may relieve some of the sexual tension seeing you in that practically transparent nightgown is causing him." "I'm waiting for him to ask me.", whispered in my ear.

"Slut!" "You got that right!", and we kissed, fondled each other for a short time, and fell asleep. ****************************************** 6 *********************************** Hank finally got back from Portland and things settled down to a more normal level. He did, however, notice us being more openly affectionate toward each other, but kept it to himself.

Several times we went out as a family for some target shooting, took long horse rides, and generally spent more time doing things together. In short, we were closer than we had been for a long time. One beautiful Thursday dad announced over breakfast the he and mom were heading to Bend to take care of some business and visit some friends in the area for a long weekend.

"I'm trusting you three to behave yourselves and keep up the house. Hank will be here if you need anything, but otherwise have a nice four days without us. I put a sheet on the fridge with phone numbers if you need to reach us." We had a round of "have a good time" hugs and pecks, and they packed up the car and headed out. The first day was nicely lazy, and that night, a particularly hot one, Sue said, "It's too hot!

If you guys don't mind …", faced us, sensuously did a striptease, stretched and yawned right in front of us and climbed into bed in the nude.

Scott's mouth dropped open, and he couldn't take his eyes off of her. She laid down, ran her hands over her stomach and up to her breasts, squeezed them, and picked up the sheet, inviting me into bed with her. Looking up at Scott with a big smile on my face I stripped off my usual underwear and tee shirt, revealing a very hard penis, climbed into bed with her, and ran my hands over her body as she slowly pulled the sheet over us while I French kissed her. Soon I had my cock in her, and we slowly fucked to keep the noise down, though I am quite sure he knew what we were doing: his bed was quite noisy that night!

I emptied my balls in her pussy first, shortly followed by her orgasm as I planted my mouth on hers, pinched her nose shut, and inhaled, emptying the air from her lungs, to quiet her moans and gasps. We heard, "Thanks guys. Good night." from Scott's bed, and we all fell asleep. The next day we packed a lunch and all went out for a horseback ride to the homestead cabin, and spent most of the day just enjoying each other's company. Friday went about the same, On a humid Saturday night, Sue, worn out from a long horse ride with me and a couple of hours of having sex at our picnic spot, finished dinner, took a shower earlier than usual and told us she was going to bed early, "You two can clean up the kitchen.

After all, I did make dinner so it's your turn to clean up. Have a nice evening. I'll be asleep when you come in.", and took off for the bunkhouse. Soon after Hank came in, "I'm through for the day.

Need anything?" "No, we're doing fine. Sue went to bed, and Mark is picking us up in about half an hour to head into town for a movie. Have a good night." "Trust me, I will.", with a look on his face we couldn't quite figure out. We heard him climb into his truck and drive away. Five minutes later we got a phone call. "Hello? Hey Mark, what's up? &hellip. Really?

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Bummer. Well, I guess we'll see you tomorrow. Good luck. Yeah, I know. Bye." "Don't tell me he flaked on us." "He didn't, his truck did. Alternator took a squat." "Darn.

Looks like we're on our own tonight." I turned the radio on to listen to some music while Scott spread out a towel on the dining room table to clean his pistol after doing some target shooting that day. He had just finished oiling it up and seating a fresh clip in it when we heard a thump from the direction of the bunkhouse. I turned my head, "What was that?" "Don't know." "I'll take a look." "You don't fool me for a second.

You just want to fuck Sue some more, don't you? At least I saw her naked, and I'd appreciate it if you would thank her for me." I tossed a pillow at him and went to check it out. Quietly opening the bunkhouse door, I immediately knew something wasn't right -- Sue was not in her bed, and I couldn't see her anywhere.

I walked further in, heard, "Fucking your brother? Slut! I'll show you what it feels like to have a real man in you!" "Sue? Are you all right?", and heard a muffled "Rog … AGGhhhh.". Breaking into a run, I saw Hank kneeling behind the desk with Sue underneath him, her legs kicking and his hand squeezing her neck., "You bastard!

Let go of her!" He turned around without letting go of her neck as I approached, trying to get him off her. He laughed at my feeble effort to protect her and swung his free arm around, "Oh goody, your fucking brother." as his huge fist caught me squarely in the Solar Plexus, sending me flying back into a bunk bed support post, hitting it with my head hard enough to see a bright flash, then falling to the floor in a heap.

"I'll deal with you as soon as I finish doing her.", and turned back to rape Sue. While I did not lose consciousness, it felt like my brain had been disconnected from my body, the breath was knocked out of me and my head was spinning from the impact, but I had a perfect view of what he was doing to her without being able to do anything about it.

He went back to strangling Sue and began pulling down his pants. A few seconds later I head a noise at the door -- the sound of a pistol bolt being pulled back to load a bullet in the chamber, then Scott's voice, "Let go of her or you're dead!" Surprised, Hank turned, "What a cute little peashooter!

It couldn't hurt a fly." POP! And I saw a red spot appear on Hank's shirt just above his belt and heard a hollow metallic drum sound of a spent cartridge case hitting the wooden floor. "YOU SON OF A BITCH! GET OFF HER NOW!" "YOU'RE DEAD LITTLE MAN!", as he let go of Sue and turned toward Scott.

POP! POP! Two more red spots and spent cases appeared, and Hank grunted as the bullets hit him. He started to stride toward Scott, I heard three more shots and he slowed but did not stop advancing. One more shot and he crumpled to the floor with his face turned toward me. There was a hole right between his eyes bleeding copiously. His eyes looked into mine, I then saw Scott's slippered feet walk to him, the muzzle of the Woodsman held about a foot from his head, and heard three more shots, then a click.

Blood spattered the floor and my face, and Hanks pupils dilated in death. Just before he died I found enough strength to raise my hand and give him the finger. I am quite sure that was the last thing he saw, and frankly I was glad it was! Scott turned toward me, but in a barely audible voice, "Look after Sue.

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I'll be all right.", while not being at all sure that I actually would. He ran to her, grabbed a blanket to cover her, and the first aid training dad insisted we all take kicked in. "Sue? Talk to me!" She cried out and reached to him, embracing him and sobbing. "You're going to be all right. I'll take care of you." By then I had regained my breath and a modicum of control over my body, painfully struggled to my feet, and instantly regretted it.

My head was splitting with a massive headache, the room was spinning and I almost fell down, gripping the bedpost for support. Scott heard me, looked over, "Whoa, brother!" and within a second I felt his hands under my arms guiding me to a chair. "Don't get ahead of yourself. You have a pretty good gash in your head and have lost a lot of blood." Looking down, I saw a huge pool of my blood slowly expanding across the floor and started to feel woozy.

He applied pressure against my bleeding head with a towel while looking at Sue, "Sis, could you come over here and help with Roger?" I saw what he was doing: distracting her from her trauma by focusing her on mine.

She seemed to snap back to reality and holding the blanket she was wrapped in rushed to my side, recognized what needed doing, and got to it, replacing Scott's hand with hers. "Get to the phone and call doc Henderson.

Get him over here right away!" I had to smile at her sudden change from traumatized victim to taking charge, and Scott took off at a dead run. Sue leaned down and gave me a long sensuous kiss as the blanket slipped away from her breasts.

Despite my condition, I reached up and felt one. She pulled back, made sure the towel was still properly positioned on my head, smiled, and came back in for more kissing. The next three hours were a blur of doctors, police, the first ambulance ride I'd ever had, several people asking the same questions time and again, and finally a nice warm bed with an IV plugged into my arm, something beeping somewhere behind me and my parents standing over me looking concerned.

"Mom, dad, I'm all right. The headache that was … well, the mother and father of all headaches … no, the great grandmother … oh hell, the Adam and Eve of all headaches is largely gone, and the little owie on my head just aches a little.

I'll be fine! How is Sue doing?" "She's doing better than expected considering what she went through. As to the little owie, it took eleven stitches to close, you have a mild concussion, and will have to be monitored for at least the next twelve hours. Oh, and", dad looked me right in the eye, "Absolutely no strenuous activity for the next two days -- and that includes you know what with you know who." "Damn!

Where the hell is Hank?" They both looked very shocked, obviously thinking I had brain damage, "I want to kill him again!" They looked relieved, then burst out in laughter. Scott walked in in the company of the police officer who had taken his statement at the station, and he immediately went to Sue in the bed next to mine and took her hand, "How you doing sis?", while the officer talked to our parents out of earshot.

"Better, thanks to you. I have a great couple of brothers!" "T'warnt nothing, I just did what needed doing." "You're too modest. Come here -- I want to kiss you.", he leaned down, she gently took his head in her hands and gave him a kiss that could not be classified as 'sisterly' in any way, shape, or form.

Whispering in his ear, "Anything you want from me, and I mean anything, tell me and it's yours. You saved my life. Kiss me!" She and Scott kissed deeply again while keeping half an eye on the adults, not wanting them to get the wrong, uh actually the right, idea. The officer walked over to Scott and while shaking his hand, "You are a hero in every sense of the word. It is a genuine honor to meet you.

Please keep in touch." "I will.", Scott said while shaking his hand, and the officer left. Dad got our attention, putting his hand on Scott's shoulder, "I was told there were three rapes and murders in Portland last week. They had fingerprints, but could not match them to any in their records -- until they compared then to Hank's.

They matched. Scott, you saved Susan's, and probably Roger's, lives!" Mom gave Scott a big hug while softly crying, "My hero!", as dad joined in the hug. Hearing a commotion outside, dad went to the door and saw a huge crowd of reporters, camera crews, and photographers shouting and pushing to get into the room.

Dad held out his hand and in his best command voice, "EVERYONE! Shut up!" The sudden silence was astounding. He has that profound an effect on people when he needs to. "I'll allow only one reporter and camera crew in, but only if all of you behave yourselves!", scanning his eyes across the crowd. Pointing toward one reporter, "You, and your crew. Everyone else … I don't want to hear one sound. Got it?" Grumbling, they complied. Closing the door behind the news crew, they started interviewing Scott.

He was, after all, the hero of the moment. One question, "What are you going to do with the money?", stopped him short. "Uh, what money?" "You don't know?" "Obviously not. Again, what money?" "One of the victim's fathers is a wealthy businessman in Portland. He put up a reward of two hundred fifty thousand dollars to the person responsible for the apprehension of the perpetrator. That's you!" "My god, I had no idea. All I can think of now is to use part of it for funeral expenses for Hank's victims.

Can I think it over and get back to you tomorrow?" Looking very happy at his response, "All right.', then after finishing interviewing the rest of us, "Mr. Cartham, can we come by in the next couple of days to follow up?" "Of course, but call first.

As for now the interview is over" "Thank you.", shaking dad's hand. "You have one hell of a family." "Trust me, I know. I'm one very proud father!" Things settled down, and the doctor came in to check on Sue, "How are you feeling?" "Better. Still shaky, but the pain in my throat has subsided." "Good.

The bruising is minimal and should be gone within a week or so. Past that, I'd say your brothers intervened before he could do any significant damage. I'd say we can discharge you tomorrow, but if you wish to speak with a counselor we could extend it for a day." "I think I have enough support from my family. Thanks for your care, but I think Roger needs your attention more than I do." "Agreed.

Take care!", Walking over to me, "And you? Any new pains or concerns?", While checking my papillary response with a small flashlight, nodding to what he saw. "Not really, the headache has all but disappeared, and spot on the back of my head just aches a little." "Good. The X-rays didn't show any damage to your skull." while he moved my head carefully from side to side, "Any soreness at all in your neck when I do this?" "Nope." "From what I see here you'll be fine.

I'll give you parents a guide on what to look for, but past that I see no reason why you can't go home tomorrow. I'll have a nurse remove your IV." "Thanks doc." "You're welcome." Turning to mom and dad, "Sorry, but visiting hours are long past, you'll have to go for now. Please see me before you leave and I'll give you comprehensive care instructions for the sutures." Shaking his hand, dad thanked him, and after he left looked at both of us, "You two have a good sleep and we'll see you tomorrow morning.

Love you both!" They said their goodbyes, gave us forehead kisses, and left.

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About five minutes later a nurse came in to remove the EKG leads and the IV from my arm, "Good night.", turned and left. Sue turned to me, "Alone at last! If you feel up to it I'd like to sleep with you tonight." "Up to it? You couldn't keep me away!"while I got out of bed, untied the back of her hospital gown, pulled it aside to reveal her beautiful body, hiked my gown up, and climbed in with her, pulling the blanket over both of us.

Spooning against her, I reached around and took her right breast in my hand, felt my penis start to grow, and gently inserted it halfway into her vagina. "Remember what the doctor said -- no strenuous activity, but, Hmmmm, it feels so good to have you inside my body, especially after what happened today." "I just want to fall asleep while I'm inside you. I love you. Good night." "Love you too." And astoundingly, we fell asleep.

At the nurse's station, "Helen, you've got to see this. Come with me.", They quietly opened the door to our room and just stood there for a long time watching Sue and I spooned together, sound asleep. Whispering, "Look at him -- even asleep, he's got a big grin on his face, and if I didn't know better from their position I'd swear they're making love.

See! He just moved his hips toward her." Helen pulled her away from the door, "Considering what they've been through today I'd say they deserve some comfort. Leave them be &hellip.

On the other hand, we should check up on him for, um, medical reasons every hour. He has, after all, had a concussion." And no, I was not still in there when we woke up the next morning. Soon thereafter, however …… *********************************** To be continued. **************************