Old hairy men gay sex At my prompt Anthony reached over and grasped

Old hairy men gay sex At my prompt  Anthony reached over and grasped
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It was a steamy, humid, summer night.


We had been together for two years. it was our anniversary, and we were to be celebrating our own special way. We donned our best attire. He in black dress slacks, with black silk boxers underneath, a grey button down silk shirt, and a dapper vest. He slipped on his black leather loafers, as I stepped into a short, black velvet corset dress that hung down to mid thigh, and black lace panties.

We both added eyeliner, and our matching black denim trenchcoats. I have to say that for 32 years old, I am bangin'. Not to have an ego, but thats what snagging a man 9 years younger than me can do to a woman. He completed his look with a suave tophat that accentuated his mid-back length black hair that flowed down his back.

I pulled on my knee high black shiny boots, and we were off. We strolled up the street with our cd player, we used a splitter so we could listen to the same flowing music that allowed us to move with stealth through the night.

Hand in hand, we walked up to the stone pillars that was the entrance to our graveyard. We as creatures of the night visited here often. Enjoying the peaceful serenity the long forgotten residents had to offer. He held me close as we approached our special spot. A secluded clearing in the back, with a picnick table, where we often ejoyed a beer or smoked herbs.

But we always enjoyed eachother's company here. In this place, no one ever bothered us. We could count the stars and make endless wishes. But tonight was to be the most special. When we reached our table, the night took over for us. We held eachother tight, and let the music take us into our souls.

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We looked at eachother, our souls in heat, and kissed deeply, letting our tongues play in the dark. He slowly slipped my coat off my shoulders, as I did the same for him.

I unbuttoned and removed his vest and shirt, and removed his tophat so his hair could fall around him. He laid a kiss in my shoulder as he slid the strap off exposing my small pert AA breasts. I let the dress hang there and he lay me down on the table and felt my thigh~running his hand up to my lace clad pussy, he cupped my mound in his hand and added slight pressure, feeling the warm wetness that he drew out of me. I pulled him to me and kissed him again.

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I reached down and started to unzip his pants. I rubbed his throbing cock through those silk boxers, savoring the hardness he had to share with me. I stood, and switched places, so that he was now laying on the table. I slipped off his loafers and pulled down the pants exposing his manhood to the night. I lay next to him and felt his heat. My hands were on fire, all over his hot body. He rubbed me up and down, both being careful so as to not roll off the table.

I bent down and took his cock into my mouth swallowing him to the hilt.

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He moaned as I took my time, holding him by the base of his shaft with one hand as I gently squeezed his balls with the other. He rose his ass off the table and I slid my hand under him to feel the strong muscles of his buttocks contract with the plasure my mouth was giving him.

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I felt the tip of his cock at the back of my throat, not quite long enough to choke me, but filling just the same. I sucked slowly while running my tongue up and down him. He moaned out his pleasure and ran his hands through my hair. I could tell he wasn't going to last long if I kept this up, so I decided to make the night last longer by getting him off first with my mouth, then that way, we'd have all night to explore eachother further.

I continued to suck his cock and rub his balls, soon I felt him start to breathe quicker. I heard him moan, and then his cock stiffened in my mouth and I soon felt his warm jiz coat the inside.

I swallowed every drop of his gratitude. I stopped and held him in my mouth while the wave of passion subsided.

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I crawled up to him and lay across his chest as he held me close. He kissed me passionately, and then rolled me onto my back. He knelt down between my legs and felt is way up to my waiting pussy. He felt the warmness through the lace, and started to slowly tug at the material.


When he had removed them, he lowered his face to my wetness and inhaled my scent. He softly licked me from asshole to clit and then down again. He dove his tongue into my hot pussy nad fucked me with his mouth. I could feel my juices flowing into him, and he licked and sucked my clit.

My orgasm was emense. I cried out with extasy. I grabbed his hair and pulled him up to kiss me. I could smell my juices on his face and taste myself on his tongue and he explored my mouth with it.

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I held him to me and whispered my passion to him. He lay back on the table and I went down and put his cock in my mouth again.

I sucked him till his erection tickled my tonsils. Then I knew he was ready. Ready for the moment we had both waited two years to complete. I climbed on his lap and lowered my hot, wet pussy onto his hardness.


Slowly, inch by inch to savor all of it. His 8 inches filled me completely. I could feel him throb against the walls of my insides. He squeezed my breasts and licked my nipples as I felt the tip of his hot rod tickle my cervix. I was in extasy! "OH MY GOD!!" I whispered into his ear as he lifted me higher and higher so that just he tip was nestled softly beween my nether lips. I held on tightly to his shoulders as he then grabbed my hips and slammmed me down with all his might onto the stiff meat between my legs.

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"YEEEEEEE" I cried out into the night. Our sweat mingled in the twisted flesh of our thighs as we proclaimed the Dark Night as ours. No other soul could understand the passion and pride that flowed through our union that night. The Night was ours for the taking, and that is when I felt the most intense tingle in my sex.

The fire welled up from deep inside as I felt my hot walls close tight around his throbbing cock. As my climax reached it's peak, I felt him freeze up and he pulled me to him close and tight.

I felt his cock throb and he pushed deeper yet, as the hot juice spurted and filled every crevice of my pussy. I held him tightly, and then I buried my head on his sweat glistened shoulder and cried for the pleasure I had just received.

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There will never be another to take me to those hights. For as long as I live, His cock will forever fit perfectly into my waiting wetness.