Inviting woman demonstrates fucking skills

Inviting woman demonstrates fucking skills
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While most teenagers spend the weekends outside having fun with there friends or hanging out at the malls, here Stacy and I was in her house. Once again we worked our way to the living room couch where our adventures together first started. After our morning fun together we spent the rest of the morning, and part of the afternoon, snuggled on the couch just talking about anything and everything.

From time to time both of us even drifted off to sleep as we enjoyed our loving embrace. The TV was on but for the most part we didn't pay attention to it. It did however trigger our next interesting topic. Stacy saw a commercial that featured a bride in her wedding dress.

The next thing I know she asks a question. "Joe, will we ever get married?" She asked curiously and softly. Immediately I felt like a deer frozen in the headlights.

It was a question I didn't even think about since my young lover was just 14. "I. I don't know Stacy, Your just 14 you know" I stuttered as I responded. "I know, but I still would like for us to be" She commented back. "That's at least 4 years away legally. Lets not worry about it now" I again tried to be honest and right about the topic. "I wish I was older" She said somewhat angered and lowered her eyes. "You will be one day" I said back trying to comfort her. My hand tilted her head towards mine and I leaned inward and kissed her lips softly and lovingly.

"I love you so much Joe" She said as I broke the kiss. "I know, I love you too" I said back while looking into her eyes. Trying to change the subject, I asked a question she had avoided before. "So, When are you gonna talk about your first time?" I asked curiously and cautiously. She remained silent and her eyes looked away from mine.

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"Was you raped for you first?" I asked again curiously. This immediately made her eyes look into mine again as she answered. "Oh No! Not at all. I love my. . I love the guy that took it" She said while changing her sentence midway though it. "Well that is good. Your first should be a special one" I said in response and still curiously what else she might have meant by that. "Oh it was Joe. I don't regret it at all. well, maybe a little regret now" She again said and changed her mind halfway though.

"A little regret now?" I asked. "Yes, I would rather that guy have been you now Joe" She said while smiling slightly at me. "Aww, Stacy your so sweet. Don't regret it if you loved the other guy" I said back again trying to comfort her "I do love him alot, and always will" She said back sounding very positive about it. Her answer made me wonder just who this mystery man was, but I decided not to ask directly about it.

"Wow, that must be some guy if you still love him now, even after you developed strong feelings for me." I said back, fishing for answers. "I do love him, but in a different way that you." She again said while sounding positive about it. By now I didn't know how to pursue this topic without asking directly.

Instead I just did the only thing I could. I said nothing at all at kissed her passionately. When the passionate kiss was finally broken when both smiled wide, neither of us spoke. I turned my body around so that my face was next to her lovely feet as we lay there on the couch.

My own feet was right next her face as well. My hands began to stroke back and forth along the arch of her foot. She instantly loved the feeling and began to moan. "I'm glad we decided not to put any socks on when we dressed" she said while enjoying it.

"I totally agree" I said as my hands now rubbed over her heels in a circular motion. She meanwhile started kissing my toes. I showed my approval by wiggling them for her. She giggled as she enjoyed it. She missed kissing a toe a couple times because it was moving. I now began rubbing my hand up and down the arch of her foot, with my fingers sliding in-between her toes.

This made her gasp out in pleasure even more. "Oh god Joe! you feel so good! Your making me so wet!" She shouted and cooed. I grinned and then kissed each of her big toes. "I love making you feel good baby" I said back in response.


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Lets go up to my bedroom, I want you to fuck me again!" She said aggressively and seductively. "Oh my, I made you really horny didn't I" I said back teasingly "Yes. I want to feel you cock inside me again before it too late. You've only done that once since you've been here." She said in response. "Mmmm. your quite right. Would be nice to do that again" I said, loving the idea of fucking her brains out.

It was now early evening, Her parents was due to arrive home soon, but we didn't have a exact time. Still Stacy stood up and grabbed one of my arms, tugging at it till I stood up too.

"Come On! Lets go before its to late" She sexually commanded. "Your right of course, lets go!" I eager said back. As we headed upstairs, neither of us heard her parents car pull into the driveway. Maybe it was the noise from the squeaky steps, or maybe we just let our guard down from the arousal.

As we entered into Stacy's room, leaving the door wide open naturally, her parents came into the main door of the house. We still hadn't caught onto this because they didn't announce that they was home.

Mike was to busy helping his wife into the house to wonder what we was up too.

Mike placed his wife at the living room couch and laid her down to rest. "I'm going to go see where Stacy and Joe are Honey. You just lay here and take it easy ok?" Mike said to his wife while she just nodded in response.

Meanwhile upstairs Stacy and I was locked in a passionate kiss, standing together at the side of her bed. "I Love you so much Joe. TAKE ME!" She said after our kiss was broken. "That might be difficult with all our cloths still on" I said back teasing with a chuckle.

She tugged at my shirt and I lifted my hands into the air so she could pull it off. Her hands then rubbed over my chest as I moaned softly. As Mike was coming up the stairs to the room, He heard Stacy say "Take me". This caused him to slow down his movements so he could sneak up on us.

I was still enjoying Stacy hands rubbing over my chest. That's when Mike first peeked into Stacy's room. Stacy was taking off her own shirt now, and pressing her chest against my own. She didn't bother to put on a bra. Felling her young tits against my chest felt so good. I was lost in my own sensations so, eventhough I was the one facing the door, I didn't see Mike yet.

"Oh god, I love feeling your nude body against mine, I Love it! Lets get the rest of this off of you" She lovingly and seductively said. She then unbuttoned and slid off my pants. My Cock was hard and my underwear was clearly showing a bulge to her. She grinned and rubbed the bulge with her small young hands.

"Oh Stacy! You do feel so good. Mmmm" I moaned out as she rubbed it. "I gotta make sure my Stud is ready to fuck me good" She said in such a sexy voice. She then squatted down to put her face directly over the bulge in my underwear. She slowly licked over it with her tongue before finally sliding off my underwear. She felt so good that I had my eyes closed, moaning softly for her. Then as I opened my eyes I could clearly see Mike peeking into Stacy's room.

Rather than freaking out and trying to cover myself I froze. Just standing there with my young lover taking the underwear off of my feet. Once she stood back up again, she slid off her own shorts and then her panties. At this point I was still frozen and wasn't sure what I should do next. "What position do you want to fuck me in Joe? We should figure that out before we get into bed" She said once more in a seductive voice and a slight giggle at the end.

"I. I. I don't know" I said with a stutter, not sure what to say or do with her father, and my friend at the door. As I kept waiting for him to come in and yell, I become more suprised that he hadn't. We was clearly about ready to fuck each other senseless and yet he wasn't going to stop it? Or was he just waiting for his daughter to see him at the door? It was then Mike finally entered into her room and immediately spoke in a somewhat harsh voice "STACY!

What did I tell you about having sex?" He said to her. Stacy was instantly suprised as she discovered we was busted.

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Her eyes went wide as she looked into mine. I could see a bit of fear in her eyes, but I was suprised it wasn't a extreme shock look. She turned around to face her father totally nude, and now rubbing her ass against my cock teasingly.

"That if I needed to feel a cock in me that badly, that you would give it to me" She said in a soft voice back to him. I was immediately stunned once more by her answer to him. My mouth dropped in total suprise. "STACY. What the hell. You don't say that to anyone!" He suprisingly said back. "Well, It was the true answer to the question Daddy." She again said while her hand reached back to hold mine.

I wasn't sure if it was to comfort me or reassure herself with my support. I didn't believe any of this at first, but it did start to make since with some of the things she said earlier to me. Mike looked to me with a slight scared look on his face now. "Its not exactly what your thinking Joe, Its not incest. I don't cum in my daughter" He said somewhat concerned.

"You did the first time Daddy" Stacy said as she giggled to him "STACY! Stop saying this stuff with Joe in the room." He immediately said to her with an authoritative tone of voice. He looked to me again still a bit scared. "She wanted to be a woman. It was the only way she would accept becoming one" He said somewhat unconvinced by his own words. Stacy smiled at him and giggled some more. "It wasn't his Idea Joe, it was mine. Daddy was in my room one day and he told me how concerned he was that some horny teen might be my first.

I understood every word he said. Then he told me my first should be with someone I truly love. The only man that I truly loved then was Daddy, so I asked him to make me a woman." She explained to both of us. All of this had me completely stunned and baffled. Even as Stacy finished speaking, I couldn't respond, I stayed there complete awestruck.

Mike then smiled at his daughter somewhat proud of what she said. "Its true, when she asked me that. I couldn't find a way to say no. She insisted that I make her a woman properly. Once she has her mind set on something she usually gets it" He commented. "I know what you mean Mike" I finally spoke as I knew that she had that effect on me as well. "My little girl enjoyed feeling a cock that night.

And her virgin pussy was so tight, I enjoyed it as well." He said while reflecting on that night. "And many nights since then Daddy!" She giggled as she commented again. "I have pleasured my daughter when she needed it. Better from me than some horny teenagers that could get her pregnant accidentally." He said while trying to justify his actions. He then moved into the room, right up to Stacy. Just inches away from her body and mine.

"But after all those nights, It would seem my daughter is fucking another man afterall?" He questioned her in a suttle voice.

"Yes Daddy" She said in response softly "But I love him!" She then tried to explain. "Do you? Or do you just enjoy feeling his cock inside you?" He questioned. "No Daddy! Its not like that at all. Its not just sex." She replied. By this time I remember our first night together. That day was just about sex.

But she was right, it had become more since then. Mike then unbuttoned and slide off his pants. Then his underwear followed. His own cock was hard and just inches away from pressing against Stacy's bare tummy. "You remember my cock don't you? You said it felt so good inside of you. You know it felt so good because it wasn't just sex, its because Daddy loves you too" He said while explaining to her.

Once again I became silent, not sure what was coming next. "I do Love you and your cock inside of me Daddy. It always felt great!" She said while her eyes was looking down at his cock. "Oh really? Maybe you need to remember what it felt like to have in inside you." He suggested to her. "I remember Daddy.

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Really!. I." She tried to explain before being cut off. "If you love getting fucked by Daddy, you'll get on your bed now and let Daddy fill you up?" He again suggested to her" She hesitated for a moment and then did as he asked. She laid down on her back in the bed and spread open her legs. "I do love you and your cock Daddy, I do!" She said to him. At this point I wasn't sure how willing Stacy was to let her Dad inside of her, especially with me here.

I was a little jealous about all of this, but she wasn't official my girlfriend so I didn't know if I had the right to stop there sexual acts if they both was willing. Mike removed his shirt and climbed into bed. He laid down on top of Stacy, pressing their chests together. He then kissed her lips passionately just as if they was lovers. "I do love you Stacy" He said to her while breaking the kiss.

His hand was rubbing over her pussy, which immediately began to get wet from her pussy's juices. "Oh my, You've never been this wet without me licking your pussy first. What is making you extra aroused?" He questioned her while still playing with her pussy. Her eyes then glanced over to me. I was still standing, but I'd backed away from the bed now by a few steps. Mike saw her eyes move in my direction and knew that was her answer. "Oh? Is it because he is watching us?" He questioned her.

She shock her head to answer him no without speaking. "Well, its already wet, so lets see if you remember how good it felt." He said as his manhood entered into his daughters wet pussy. She instantly gasped and moaned from the sensations.

"Oh yeah, Still the tight pussy Daddy remembers" He said to her while he started to thrust. "Oh Daddy! It still feels great just like before!" She said excitedly back to him.

With that answer I was convinced she wasn't being raped before my eyes. I did the only thing I could and watched as his cock began to work her over. Somewhat ashamed by my own body, my cock remained very hard as I watched him pound into her over and over.

Stacy's eyes also kept looking over to me. I think she was starting to miss my cock eventhough she was enjoying her fathers actions.


"Oh Daddy! Oh good. Fuck me Daddy!" She said as he continued to pound her pussy. "Oh yeah baby, You do love daddy cock don't you." He seductively said back to her. "Yes Daddy! Yes, Yes!" She said in response to him. "You love Daddy's cock so much you cant wait to cum on it?" He questioned her as his thrusts became very fast.

So fast even her young breasts was bouncing slightly from the extreme thrusts. "Yes Daddy! Oh Daddy I am so close to cumming on it." She moaned and shouted out. "Mmmm. then show your Daddy how much you love him and cum for him" He commanded her. Her eyes again was showing a reluctance to cum as she keep looking at me.

I knew she didn't want to give in with me just standing there. I moved down to the foot of the bed and sat down. Then I leaned down towards her feet. I had a perfect center stage view of Mike's cock going directly into his daughter as he pounded her like mad. As much as I wanted to keep watching, I remembered my main purpose. I leaned down the rest of the way to put her foot right in my face. I began my kissing her toes and then licking my tongue in-between them. Mike didn't pay much attention as he was focused only on pounding her.

"Why is my daughter not cumming on my cock yet? You do want to?" Mike question her again. "OH YES!! I DO. OH god!" She said as she moaned loudly enjoying my footplay along with his poundings.

She wiggled her toes at me as I kept sucking them. I think it was her way to signal me that she loved it. With me assisting, her orgasm didn't take her much longer. "OOOOHHHHH!!! DAAAADDDDYYYY!!! YEESSSS. IM CUMMMMMMINNNGGGGG!! OH GOD!!!!!" she moaned and yelled as she climaxed for him. "Oh yeah, Cum for your Daddy." He said while enjoying her tight wall around his cock.

Even from my toe sucking angle I could see her pussy hugging his cock tightly. I kept sucking on her toes and he kept thrusting. She started to settle down but then immediately her breath picked back up. Neither of us stopped pleasuring her after she started to cool down.

"OH SHIT!!! IM. Cumming Again!! Oh GOOOODDDD!! DAAAADDDDDYYY!!!!" She yelled out while her toes cringed up from the extreme pleasure. I made sure to keep kissing them eventhough I could no longer lick in-between them while they was curled up. "Holy shit baby, your cumming back to back" he yelled out to her. Just as she finished up he pulled his cock out of her and shot his load all over her tummy. "Oh yeah!!! Watch your Daddy Cum. Oh fuck!" He said as he started covering her tummy with his cum.

She watched and spread it out over her tummy with her hands. Then she looked back at me still playing with her foot. Mike now noticed too and turned his head back to see for himself. "You was licking her foot while she did that?" Mike as me.

"Yes. she needed it with me in the room" I replied. He turned his head back to look at Stacy. "You still like his cock better than mine?" He asked his daughter. "I Love them both Daddy! But for different reasons" She started to explain.

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"What?" Mike said to her. I'd heard part of this reason early so I didn't have much to say. "Your cock makes me feel really good and loved Daddy. But Joe's Cock feels even better because I love him too and he's just a guy." She explained further. I wasn't sure how to take that "just a guy" line at first, but I think she meant to say it wasn't family love and just regular love.

"You'd rather feel his cock inside of you right now?" He asked her curiously. "Yes Daddy, I cant get enough of his cock" She said to him. I was suprised by how direct she spoke. He then moved off of her and sat up on the edge of the bed. "Joe!" He said somewhat forcefully to me "Yes?" I responded not sure how to take it. "Fuck my Daughter now!" He again forcefully said. She giggled and wiggle her toes at me. "Yes Joe! Take me please!!" She encouraged me as well. I wasn't sure what to say with him there, but also was rock hard and been wanting to fuck her all night long.

I wondered if I should take her in a different position, but the missionary was perfect to suck her toes. So I too climbed on top of her and pressed my chest against her. I loved the feeling of her young breast squashed against my chest as I kissed her passionately. "I love you Joe!" she said as she broke the kiss. "I love you too Stacy" I said softly back trying not to be so loud. "TAKE HER ALREADY JOE!!" Mike forcefully said while watching us. I then slide my own cock into my wonderful young lover.

We both moaned loudly as it slid all the way inside. "His cock feels better?" Mike asked to his Daughter" "Yes Daddy, I love it!" She said and she moaned and cooed. I started to thrust her slowly. Each thrust going all the way into her love canal. I kissed her neck and then sucked on her nipples as I continued to thrust.

Her back ached in pleasure. "OH JOE!! Your so incredible. Mmmmm" She moaned out while enjoying everything. Mike's own cock started to get hard as he watched me take his daughter. He began to stroke it while we continued. My own trusts started becoming faster as her breathing quickened.

"His cock feels that good does yet?" He asked her yet again "Yesss. Oh god!" Stacy said while her pussy was enjoying every thrust into her.

"You love it so much you can cum on his cock already?" He questioned. "Mmmm. Yes Daddy! I'm just making it last!" She answered back. "Prove it. Cum all over his cock right night!" He commanded" "Oh. Oh. " Stacy started to speak. I continued pounding my love. After hearing Mike's command, I began to pound her pussy very hard and fast.

"Go ahead my sexy little slut. Cum all over my cock as your Dad instructed. You know I cant wait to feel it all over me" I seductive said to her. "OH GOD!!! OHHHHHH GOOOD! I can't hold it. I'm CUUUUUMMMMINNNGGGGG AGAIN!!! OH FUCK!!!" she shouted out in pleasure as I felt her hot juices flowing out and all over my shaft.

"Oh yeah baby, cum for me. yes. that so good!" I said encouragingly. "OH JOEEEEE!!! I LOVE You!! Oh god, its so good!" She replied as she started to catch her breath from that climax. My thrusts slowed down a little, but continued non stop. Mike looked somewhat disappointed that Stacy was enjoying me more than him, but he was also still stroking his shaft and enjoying the action. "I cant believe you can cum like that for him" Mike said to his daughter.

"I Love him. That is why Daddy!" she tried to explain while still enjoying my every thrust. "Want to see how fast I can make her cum twice Mike?" I said to him with a grin "Sure, lets see" Mike said with a smirk. Stacy wasn't sure what to expect next, but she figured it out once I moved her foot in front of my chest and laid it on my shoulder. "Your daughter has some great fetishes, one of them I have as well.

Watch this" I said to him again. This time he didn't speak as I put her sexy foot into my mouth and sucked on her foot. I was again in heaven, feeling the soft skin of her toes in my mouth. My tongue licking between her toes.


"Oh god Joe! Suck them! Yes. Oh god. YES!!!" She shouted in ecstasy. My thrusts also picked up its pace once more, I pounded her hard and deep each time.

I pulled her foot out of my mouth and licked my tongue all along the arch of her foot. She squirmed and moaned from all the intense pleasure. I knew she was getting very close. "Go ahead Stacy and cum again, you know you cant resist it. it feels so good doesn't it" I said. "YES YES. I LOVE YOU AND FEET!! OH GOD!! I'm There, I'm CUMMMMMINNNNGGG!" She said and then shouted as she started to cum.

"MMmmm. yes cover my cock in cum again baby. Oh yes! I love making you cum!" I again encouraged her. "I told you Mike. She really enjoys herself with me" I tried to say while still enjoying my own sensations building from our love making. I think if Mike wasn't in the room, I would've shot my own load into her by now. Feeling her love muscles contract on my cock twice now was a incredible feeling, not to mention the footplay. Mike also stopped stroking his cock during her sexy climax.

I think seeing her cum was about to make him shoot off again too. "You really love him that much Stacy?" He asked once more. "Yes Daddy!" She said as I pounded her pussy still. "You want to fuck him daily?" He asked. "OH YES!! If not more!" she excitingly said. "You want to marry him?" He said as his questions continued. "YES, I would right now if I could" She again excitingly said.

I could swear she was building up to a orgasm just from answering his questions. I continued to pound away into her love canal quitely as they kept talking. "You want to have his baby?" He asked once more. "YES OH YES!!! I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE HIS BABY!!. Oh shit I'm CUMMINGGG AGAIN!!!" "Oh Damn Stacy, You little slut you, I feel your cum on my cock again I didn't even do anything!" I said to her while her warm juices coated my manhood yet again.

"I think its because she loved the idea of having your baby Joe." Mike explained. "YES, I want to have your baby Joe!" She shouted out in pleasure. Mike started to look a little disappointed. I think Stacy noticed this too. "Come here Daddy, I want you too! Move up here and cum on my Tits" She said to her father. I was totally suprised but continued fucking my young lover. My own climax had become to much to avoid and nothing was going to stop the finish.

Stacy started stoking his cock as soon as he positioned it over her breasts. "See that Joe, she wants my cum on her tits even as she enjoys your cock in her pussy." He said to me somewhat braggingly. "I Love you both! Just differently" She again said. "Yes, you want Joe's cum in your pussy so you can have his baby?" Mike said to his daughter.

"I Love feeling his cum in me, And yes! I don't care if it gets me pregnant" She shouted in pleasure. "You hear that Joe, she wants you to make her pregnant" Mike said to me as his own moans started.

"Oh Stacy!! Oh shit you have me so close now" I said to her. "YES JOE!! I can feel your close!" She said as she moved her foot in front of us again and rubbed her toes over my left nipple. "Oh shit Stacy, I'm ready. Oh god I love you so much!" I shouted out in ecstasy to her "Do it JOE!

Cum in my pussy! I love feeling your cum inside me. I only want your cum! I want your baby. Fill me, cum please my sexy foot lover!" She said commandingly. "Make her pregnant Joe, Fill her pussy up NOW!" Mike said commandingly too. "Oh god Stacy. IM CUMMING BABY!!! OH FUCK, I LOVE YOU!" I said as my cum started shooting out into her despite Mike words about making her pregnant.

"Yes Joe, I feel it, Oh god I love that hot cum in my pussy!" Once she felt it inside of her, I felt her walls tighten up as she began to cum yet again with me.

"Oh. Oh . OOH FUCK!!" Mike shouted out as he shot another load onto her young breasts. All 3 of us was now cumming at the same time, each in pure ecstasy and enjoying every last rope of cum. As my last rope shot into her, my hands grabbed her foot that was rubbing over my nipple and pulled it up to my face.

I sucked on her sexy big toe as I enjoyed the afterglow. Mike watched me suck her toes while Stacy was still milking her Father cock. He was done cumming, but Stacy continued anyway.

I think she was also trying to savor the moment.

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Mike then smiled and was the first to speak. "Oh baby, That was wonderful. You and Joe must really love each other afterall if you let him do that to you" Mike commented while looking at both of us, but mainly towards his daughter. "I Do Daddy!

I so do!" She smiled happily while her hands began to smear her fathers cum all over her breasts. Mike then looked over to me and I stopped sucking on Stacy's toes while looking back at him. "Joe, I don't know how many times you've filled up my daughter so far, but you better be ready to be a father if you keep that up." Mike said to me with a very serious look on his face.

This had me wondering if Stacy was on the Pill like she first stated when we first met. "I. I. thought she was on the pill?" I stuttered slightly while looking at Mike and then down to my sexy young lover. "Pill? She is just 14 and those things aint cheep. I told her maybe at 16 just so you can get into the habit." Mike said while laughing a little at me.

Stacy now looked at me with a slight concern on her face. "I'm sorry Joe, I really wanted to you feel you cum in me. I love it! And I really want to have your baby some day" She said in a loving and slightly worried tone of voice. I slid my cock out of her pussy and looked at her somewhat disgusted. "Your 14! Your to young to have a baby with me." I said to her. "I know, but maybe you wont make me pregnant yet?" She said trying to comfort me. "Joe, Just promise you'll be a responsible father if it does happen, That's all I need to hear" Mike then said to me once Stacy finished speaking.

"Sure, Of course. I do love her afterall" I said somewhat bothered by the fact I could have made my young lover pregnant and that she lied to me. "You did love cumming inside me didn't you Joe?

It felt good for you too?" She questioned me. "Of course I loved it. There no better way to climax than inside the girl you love." I said in response. She smiled and sat up on the bed, moving in to kiss me.

I slowly backed away from her lips, since I was still pissed a bit. Mike by now knew the show was over and started putting his cloths back on.

"I'm heading downstairs to check up on the wife." Mike said while moving away from the bed. As Mike started heading towards the door he patted me on the back.

"I'm glad you finally found a girlfriend Joe. But wrap things up and get out of here. This isn't your new home." Mike said and then left the room. Stacy meanwhile was still suprised that I didn't kiss her lips. "Your mad that I lied?" Stacy said to me.

"Yes I'm MAD! I should've been told. I don't want to have a baby like this" I said angrily to her. Her eyes lowered and she started to cry.

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"I Just wanted you to be as happy as you could be." She tried to explain. "That's still not a good reason to hide the truth from me." I said as I stood up and started to get dressed.

"Please Joe, Don't hate me. I'm Sorry!" Stacy begged. "I need to go. As for you and us, it all depends on how your pregnancy tests turns out." I said to her in a slightly cold voice. She fell back into the bed and burst out into some serious tears. I just shook my head and left the room, since there was nothing else left to say.

I left the house right away, not even saying goodbye to Mike or to collect my babysitter check. My emotions was hurt, my thoughts was confused. The only thing to do was to get out of there and reflect on all of this.

Meanwhile, Mike returns to check up on his daughter. He finds her in the bed still crying her eyes out. He stands next to the bed and feels sorry for her. "Stacy Honey, Are you and Joe Ok?" He said to her. "I don't know Daddy, I don't KNOW!" She said whining and crying still.

"Its Ok, Daddy will always be here for you." He said trying to comfort her. "What if I'm pregnant Daddy?" She said to him. "If you are then you have a few months where Daddy can cum in your pussy too" He said to her while trying to comfort her. "I. I think, I would like that Daddy. But I still want Joe's!" She said while her tears started to slow. "I know baby, I know.

You'll always have me. And if its meant to be, you'll have Joe too" He said still comforting her. "Stacy sits up in the bed, still nude, and hugs her father's chest.

Mike wraps his arms around her and holds her tight. "It will be ok Stacy, It will be ok" He calmly and softly says to her. As for me, I avoided Mike at work as much as possible while my mind tried to figure things out. At least I knew I wouldn't go to Jail now. Both Mike and I have both done illegal things with Stacy.

So neither of us was going to say a word about it to anyone. As with everything in life, just when you think you started to get a handle on it, something else unexpected happens. And as my luck would have it, that's exactly what happened before I even knew how to handle my relationship with Stacy. Life stinks.