Shy asian gf loves her new big toy

Shy asian gf loves her new big toy
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The Bimbo Formula Chapter 7: Spanking the Bimbo Wife's Hot Ass by mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Alice I smiled at my husband as I sat up in the bath, the soapy water cascading off my big, wonderful, soft titties. My husband had a stern look on his face as he stood in the door of the bathroom. He was handsome, if a little nerdy, but I loved him so much. He was the bestest husband in the world because he invented the bimbo serum.

"Do I need to be punished?" I asked. I had been so naughty. I fucked so many Black police officers today.

But they all needed my help. My sexy, bimbo body made those men's cocks so hard, and it was a woman's job to relieve a man of the pain she caused. And it was so much fun relieving their pain. I had been fucked over and over by big, Black dicks. I had their thick dicks in all my holes. By the end, I was drenched in cum. It covered my skin and hair like I had been showered in it. That was why I was in the bath. Ryan, Janet's wimpified ex-husband, washed me clean.

He was such a pathetic guy now, but also so cute and kittenish. "Partly," Frank, my husband, answered. My eyes flicked to the syringe in his hand. "Is that that super smart serum?" Frank nodded. I sighed. I didn't want to be super smart. I loved being a bimbo. My thoughts were covered in a warm, marshmallowy embrace that made the world seem so wonderful and magical. I was happy all the time, and so horny. Just looking at my husband made my pussy wet.

Ryan's touch did nothing for me, he wasn't really a man any longer, but Frank's mere presence did. He was my husband. And a wife should be wet for her husband. "Come out, Alice," Frank said, his voice stern.

A wife should also be obedient. It must be important if Frank wanted to talk to the super smart sciency part of me. "Yes, dear," I answered as I stood up, the water cascading off my sexy, curvy body. Ryan, his eyes downcast, grabbed a towel and dried my body as Frank watched. Behind Frank stood Officer Nicole Tyson, the sexy, busty, bimbofied cop that helped Frank track me down at the undercover house Officer Jim, the Black cop, took me to this afternoon.

She was so cute. I wondered if she would be one of Frank's wives. My forehead furrowed. It seemed like Frank could only have three wives. And that was me, his chief wife, my bestest friend Janet, and the young and sexy Becca, his bang-wife-secretary. Polgummy was so complicated. As soon as I was dry, Frank turned me around.

His right hand squeezed my bubbly ass. I giggled and wiggled my hips. My pussy clenched at his touch while my boobies shook and jiggled. I squeezed them, pinching my hard nipples and letting out a moan. My moan turned into a gasp as Frank injected my ass with the serum. A cool liquid flowed into my butt-cheek then spread through my blood. I shivered as the cool serum pumped through my veins towards my head and then. The cloying fog on my mind vanished.

I turned around and glanced at the bimbo cop with a vapid grin on her face. "I suppose there was no helping turning the cop into Officer Bimbo Slut." "No," my husband said, taking my hand. His face was still stern. I swallowed. Was he angry? I had enjoyed being gangbanged by those Black men. Their lies were so obvious now that I could think normally again. None of them were cops. I didn't know how many of them fucked me. Over twenty. And it had been wonderful. Such big, thick cocks. The gangbang was my most secret fantasy played out.

But was Frank angry. I bit my lip and didn't resist as he led me to our bedroom. Officer Bimbo Slut followed behind us. Her tits stretched out the front of her beige uniform, the buttons barely holding her top close. Her pants seemed loose, about to fall off her now slender hips. Like every bimbo, she had a gorgeous face, lush lips, and her brown hair almost shimmered with its glossy beauty.

"What are we doing with her?" I asked my husband. "No idea," Frank said as he pulled me to our bed. He sat down then patted his lap. I frowned, then went to sit on his lap. Frank shook his head. "You need to be punished." My cheeks reddened. "You want to spank me while I'm not a bimbo?" Frank smiled, "Yes." My pussy clenched.

Just because I had my intelligence temporarily back, didn't change the fact I had a bimbo's horny body and I loved being spanked. It would be a new experience to try it out when I wasn't befuddled. "Okay," I purred as I stretched across his lap, my butt shaking. "I was a naughty wife today." "Very naughty," he grinned, his cock hard through his slacks. "You scared me today." "Sorry," I whispered.

"When I'm a bimbo, I can't help it. I really thought they were cops and that they needed my help." I laughed. "I really thought I had to suck their cocks to make them feel better." "It scared me because I wasn't sure I could find you," Frank said. "What if someone lures you off and keeps you? What if I lose you and can't find you?" I shivered and swallowed. "Well, there are RFID chips used in pets and I hear some parents tag their children with them. It seems terrible to put a GPS chip in your wife, but, given my limitations, it would be prudent." "Wives," Frank corrected.

"I wouldn't want Becca or Janet to get lost either." "No," I smiled, wiggling my hips, then I glanced at Officer Bimbo Slut. She was cute. "Officer Nicole, Dr. Frank and I need to visually inspect your breasts. And since we're both Doctors, you have to do what we say. It's for your health." "Oh, no," gasped Nicole in that vapid, bimbo way that made my pussy wet. She rapidly unbuttoned her uniform. Her large, firm tits spilled out. They were gorgeous and perfectly sculpted mounds of flesh topped with hard, pink nipples.

"Are they okay?" "They look perfect," I purred as Frank stroked my ass. "What do you think, Dr. Frank?" "Flawless," groaned Frank.

His hand tightened on my butt. "I suppose we can keep her." I wiggled on Frank's cock. "Polygamy now allows you to have four wives. No more." "It wasn't my intention," Frank admitted. "I know," I purred, "but she makes me wet. She's a cop that does what we tell her. I guess we can use her for security. I have an idea for a modified intelligence serum.

Maybe make her not so gullible as the rest of us." "Yes, yes," Frank nodded, excitement in his voice. "If we add proply-butanate and methly-dioxide it just might do the trick." "We should experiment once we have some money," I grinned. "But first, I have to be disciplined." "Yes," Frank groaned, then he smacked his hand down hard on my ass. "One," I gasped, the pain shooting through my body.

My pussy clenched. It made me feel so submissive to Frank. I was bad and he was disciplining me. It was sexy. Crack! "Two," I groaned, the heat spreading through my butt-cheeks. Crack! "Three!" My voice grew breathier. My pussy clenched. My juices stained my thighs as my excitement increased. I was Frank's naughty wife.

I had to be spanked. Crack! "Four!" The pain grew. My ass stung. Crack! "Five!" It came out as a moan. I shuddered on Frank's lap. His cock was so hard beneath my stomach. Crack! "Six!" I bit my lip as the pain increased. I trembled, my eyes watering.

My nipples ached as they rasped on the bedspread. Crack! "Seven!" His hand landed on my upper thigh. There was less padding. The pain was sharper. I drank it in. I was a bad wife. Crack! "Eight!" Agony burned through my ass. Each cheek was on fire. A tear trickled down my cheek. But I embraced the pain. I deserved it. And the agony warmed my pussy. It made me itch. Crack! "Nine!" I panted, my head tossing. My butt-clenched and relaxed. Another tear fell.

"You've been so bad," Frank groaned. His hand stroked my burning butt-cheeks. "I was," I moaned. "Keep disciplining me." I loved it. I was glad I had my full faculties so I could savor every bit of my spanking. His hand was so strong. My husband had been a nerd, but ever since the bimbo serum, he had become confident.

And that only made him sexier. Crack! "Ten!" I gasped, my body bucking. He spanked me hard. The smack resounded through the room. "Doesn't that hurt?" gasped Officer Bimbo Slut, her hips shifting. "Are you getting wet watching me being spanked?" I moaned.

"Yes, Dr. Alice." Crack! "Eleven!" The pain overwhelmed me for a moment. I let out gasps and moans. More tears fell. My pussy burned.

Beyond Officer Bimbo Slut, Janet and Becca watched from the hallway, naked and holding each other. They were so beautiful. Cute, blonde Becca's pillowy tits pressed into raven-haired Janet's impressive bosom.

They rubbed each other's pussies as they watched. Crack! "Twelve!" I gasped, turning my attention to Officer Bimbo Slut. "You're our wife, did you know that?" "I am," Officer Bimbo Slut gasped, her eyes going wide.

"When did that happen?" "Just now," I groaned. "We're doctors, which means you have to obey us, right?" "Of course, Dr.

Alice." Frank groaned, "So we're telling you that you're our wife and we'll love you and take care of you." "Oh, that's so wonderful," the cop gasped, clapping her hands with exuberant glee. "I always wanted to get married, but no one ever wanted me before." "You're our wife," cheered Becca, hugging Officer Bimbo slut from behind, the girl's hands sliding around to squeeze the cop's big tits." "Damn," groaned Frank.

"You are an amazing wife, Alice." "I know," I panted, my ass on fire. "But my punishment isn't over." Crack! I yelped and bucked. Frank grinned down at me as I cried in pain. It hurt so much, I couldn't even say the count. The pain shot right to my pussy. Frank cracked his hand down again. I shuddered, drinking in the pain. Over and over his hand fell, the smacks echoing through the room while our three wives watched in their shared embrace.

"Last one," Frank growled. "Okay," I croaked, my cheeks stained with tears. Frank slapped down right on my pussy. I gasped and bucked, my body shuddering as the pain exploded across my pussy. It was so intense. I couldn't believe how much having my pussy spanked hurt. Or how much I loved it. I cried out in agony and rapture. My orgasm burst through my body in powerful waves that sent me into convulsions.

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My pussy juices flooded out, squirting into Frank's hand as he rubbed at my bruised labia and clit. I bucked and squirmed and loved every minute of the pleasure drowning my senses. "Oh, yes, Frank, I was so bad.

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So very bad. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you for disciplining me. Thank you for loving me." "Always, Alice," groaned Frank as he stroked my pussy lips. His cock was so hard beneath my stomach. He needed something special to repay him. "Officer Nicole," I gasped. "Get your handcuffs out then strip naked." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank "What are you up to?" I smiled as my wife slipped off the bed. Her ass was as red as her coppery hair. Her big boobs jiggled. All four of the women in the room were gorgeous, but Alice edged them out.

She was my real wife. The other three were really just concubines. I was fond of Janet and Becca, and I was sure I would grow fond of Nicole, but Alice was the one I really loved. And she had a naughty glint in her green eyes.

It was fun when she had her intelligence back. I liked both versions of my wife. I enjoyed different parts of each. Nicole wiggled out of her pants and panties. She pulled her handcuffs from her belt and held them out.

"Here you are Dr. Wife Alice." "Thank you." Then Alice leaned in and kissed Nicole right on the lips. My dick throbbed harder. "You aren't naked," Janet gasped, rushing to my side. "Everyone else is. It's not fair." "Not fair, husband," agreed Becca as she joined my other side. "No, it's not," I grinned at them both.

Janet's mature beauty on one side, Becca's youthful passion on the other. "I guess you two should do something about it." "What?" Becca asked, her eyes wide. "Strip me," I said, shaking my head.

"Oh, right. I can be so silly sometimes," giggled Becca. "But so sexy, right, husband," beamed Janet.


"Right," I nodded. The two bimbos stripped me naked, their hands pulling off my shirt then working down my pants. They both grinned when my cock came out. Their lips attacked it, licking and sucking as their hands massaged my balls. "We made you hard," Janet moaned. "Don't worry. We'll help you relax." "Good," Alice purred. "You're both such good wives. Good wives please their husbands and fellow wives." "Oh, okay," Nicole nodded, licking her lips as Alice led the cop to the bed.

"Should I please you know, Dr. Wife, or should I please Dr. Husband." Alice grinned. "Just lie down on the bed, Officer Bimbo Slut Wife." Nicole giggled at her name. She stretched out behind me, her big tits jiggling, her body undulating. My cock throbbed between Janet and Becca's hungry assault.

Their tongues licked up and down my shaft, meeting at the crown. They moaned as they pleasured me, almost kissing each other about my dick. It was hot.

"You two are such good wives," I panted as I ran my fingers through their hairs. "Mmm, you are making me feel so much better. I'll be giving you both so much yummy cum to enjoy. I bet you can't wait." "No," moaned Becca around the tip of my cock. Her tongue dug into my slit, gathering up my precum. "We want it now," moaned Janet. "We need our medicine." Handcuffs ratcheted behind me. I glanced over my shoulder. Alice had cuffed the cop's hands to our bed's headboard.

Both Nicole's arms were stretched over her head. Alice then reached to the floor and pulled out the cop's nightstick. My dick throbbed as Alice straddled Nicole's face and shoved the nightstick deep into Nicole's pussy. Nicole's moans were muffled by Alice's pussy. My redheaded wife writhed on Nicole's hungry mouth, sliding her pussy up and down, gasping and groaning in obvious delight.

"That's it," moaned Alice. "Lick my pussy while I get your cunt ready for our husband's dick." My fingers tightened in Becca and Janet's hair as I watched the thick, black metal of the nightstick ream into Nicole's pussy. Red flushed her bare vulva as her body spasmed, pleasure coursing through the bimbo cop. "Fuck her cunt," I groaned. "Get her ready for me, Alice." My wife smiled at me.

"She loves it. She's licking so hard at my pussy. The slut wants to make sure I cum." "Good," I panted. "Nicole, make Alice cum hard. She's the chief wife. It's your duty to please her as much as me." "Yes, Dr.

Husband Frank," groaned Nicole. Her body shuddered. "Oh, I love pleasing her. Her pussy taste the bestest in the world. It's all drippy and sticky, like the bestest honey. Mmm, I love it." Janet's mouth licked down to my balls. She sucked them in her mouth as I watched Alice and Janet. Becca's hungry mouth engulfed the head of my cock. She sucked hard as she bobbed up and down, her tongue swirling about my crown and shaft.

The noisy sucks made my dick ache almost as much as her warm, sweet mouth. "That's it, sluts," I groaned. "Worship my cock. You're such good wives. Just like Nicole." "The best wives," moaned Alice. "Oh, yes. We have the best sexy, slutty, bimbo wives." Her back arched. Her heavy tits thrust forward. My balls ached as I watched.

The pressure at the tip of my cock grew. Alice jammed the nightstick deep into Nicole's pussy as pleasure crossed my wife's face. "Yes, you naughty slut," gasped Alice.

"Oh, yes, being spanked was so hot. I can't help it. I'm cumming. Drink it all down, slut. All my juices. They're so important. You love pussy juices, Officer Bimbo Slut Wife." "I do," moaned Nicole as she shuddered and drank down my wife's juices. My wife's orgasmic moans sent me over the edge. "Fuck," I groaned, my hand holding Becca's mouth over my cock as my balls erupted. Janet's massaging mouth worked the cum out of my balls and shot it straight up my dick into Becca's hungry mouth.

"That's it. Don't drink it all. Share with your wives." My back arched at the pleasure flooding through me. Every pulse of my cock flooding cum into Becca's mouth sent powerful shudders through my body. I groaned with each blast of cum. The pleasure was so sweet as my bimbo wife swallowed my cum. "Fuck," I panted when the last squirt flooded Becca's mouth. She popped off and seized Janet's cheeks, pulling Janet from my balls. The two women kissed, their tongues swapping my cum back and forth.

It was such a hot sight.

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Even if I hadn't had my cock improved by Alice's dick-enhancement formula, I would have stayed hard. Two women snowballing your cum with obvious enjoyment was the hottest thing in the world. "Yes," moaned Nicole. She spasmed on the bed, the handcuffs rattling as she writhed. Her big tits shook as her orgasm rippled through her. Alice shoved the nightstick deep into the bimbo slut's cunt, a satisfied grin on Alice's face.

"That's right, cum, slut," groaned Alice. "Your pussy needs to be nice and wet for Frank's cock. He's going to fuck you so hard." "Yes, yes, yes," gasped Nicole. My dick throbbed as Alice pulled out the nightstick and winked at me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice Frank groaned as I licked Nicole's tangy pussy juices off the nightstick. It was so depraved, something I never would have done before becoming a bimbo. Even now, at my full intelligence, I couldn't contain the deprave desires I had experienced.

I loved being a slut. Nicole's juices were delicious, mixing with the metallic zest of the steel. I reached the top of her nightstick and sucked on it like a cock as I squirmed on Nicole's mouth. She kept tonguing my pussy, stirring me to another orgasm. I popped the nightstick out of my mouth.

"What are you waiting on, honey?" I grinned. "The slut's not going to fuck herself." "Alice," he groaned, his dick so hard. He pushed up his glasses before he crawled across the bed. He had a muscular body. He always managed to keep in good shape.

Before the injection, I had tried to stop being overweight, but I just couldn't seem to shed the pounds. "Mmm," I purred, running my hands over his muscular chest as he settled between Nicole's thighs. My right hand slid across his stomach and grasped his dick. "Let me help you." Frank's cock throbbed in my hand as I brought it to the bimbo slut's pussy. This morning, the cop would never have done any of this.

But she was a bimbo now. She would do whatever we suggested and be so happy doing it. Being a bimbo was so wonderful. I rubbed Frank's dick on Nicole's pussy. "Fuck Officer Bimbo Slut Wife." "Yes," Frank groaned and obeyed. Nicole moaned into my pussy as Frank's cock slammed into her cunt. She bucked and gasped, her big tits bouncing. Her tongue thrust deep into my depths, stirring through me as Frank held her by the knees and fucked her hard. My pussy clenched and relaxed on Nicole's hungry mouth.

I leaned forward, resting my hands on Frank's shoulders, and stared into his eyes. His dick made such a wet squelch every time he buried into her pussy. Her juices dripped out, lubing the way with her excitement. "Fuck our bimbo wife," I moaned, grinding my pussy on Nicole's hungry mouth.

I was eager for another orgasm on the slut's lips. "Pound her. Make her cum so hard, then dump all your jizz into her pussy." Frank grinned at me. His balls made meaty thwunks as he buried into Nicole's pussy. Pleasure crossed his face. The slut pleased him. That made me happy. My fingernails bit into his shoulders as I moaned in delight. "Work that cock in and out of her cunt," I moaned. "Fuck her. She moans into my pussy. I love it." "Yes," growled Frank.

"Her pussy is so tight and wet.

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You got her nice and juicy for me." "I'm a good wife," I smiled. "Mostly." My ass burned as my cheeks clenched. Nicole's tongue grazed my clit, sparking such wicked delight through my body. I groaned and gasped, my body shuddering as the pleasure swelled through me. Her sucking lips made my clit ache. "Keep doing that, whore," I moaned.

"Keep sucking my clit. You're going to make me cum so hard, slut. I'm going to cream that naughty mouth of yours. Oh, yes. I'm going to drown you in my juices." "Do it," panted Frank.

"Cream her mouth. I love watching you cum, baby." I smiled at my husband. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. My tongue met his. I shuddered and squeezed my eyes shut as the pleasure built through me. My back arched as another spasm of wicked delight shot through my body. My fingernails clenched again on Frank's shoulders as my orgasm burst through me. I shuddered on Nicole's mouth. My pussy squirted juices into her face. I broke the kiss with Frank to moan and gasp as the pleasure rippled through my body.

"That's so hot," groaned Frank. He fucked the slut faster. She moaned into my pussy, her excitement stirring me up, shooting more bliss through me. I gasped and groaned as I spasmed on her mouth. "Cum on her face, baby." "Yes, yes, yes," I panted. I spasmed as the pleasure reached its peak through me. Her tongue was so wonderful. I rode the high of my orgasm, clutching to the bliss. And then another wave crashed through me.

Nicole tongued me faster and faster, gasping and moaning, keeping me cumming. "Oh, god, Frank, she's driving me wild." "Keep cumming, baby," groaned Frank.

"Keep cumming on the slut." My hand shot down. I rubbed at Nicole's clit, my fingers brushing Frank's shaft as it reamed her depths. Nicole bucked beneath me. She moaned into my pussy. A long, unbroken cry of passion escaped her lips as her orgasm burst through her.

"Fuck." Frank's face twisted. "She's cumming. Damn, that's so good. The slut wants my cum." "I do, Dr. Husband Frank," gasped Nicole. "Please, please, pretty please, cum in me." "Cum in her," I moaned as I rode the bliss of my orgasm. Frank grunted as he buried his cock into her pussy. Nicole let out a happy squeal into my pussy as Frank flooded her cunt. My husband groaned, his body twitching with every blast of his cum that flooded out into the slut's cunt.

"Damn, Nicole, you have a great cunt," Frank praised. "Thank you," moaned a happy Nicole. Frank pulled out. His cum leaked out Nicole's freshly fucked hole. I leaned down and tongued her, gathering up her tangy pussy and Frank's salty cum. It was so wonderful. My body shuddered and warm, fuzzy delight rippled across my mind.

I loved licking Frank's cum out of a woman's pussy. It was the bestest feeling in the world. I giggled between licks, loving his salty treat. I dug my tongue everywhere. I had to taste it all. My salty treat for being a good wife. Salty, yummy treat.

"Damn, that's hot," Frank groaned. I looked up at him, a big smile across my lips. "You have the bestest cum. Cum, cum, cum. It's my favorite word." Frank laughed as I buried my face back into Nicole's pussy. I was happy and satiated. Warm, fuzzy, marshmallowy bliss smothered my mind again as I happily lapped up my husband's cum from our new wife's pussy.

It turned out I was wrong about how many wives Frank could have. It was four. Polgummy was so complicated. But tasty. So tasty. I bet it would be great to lick gummy bears out of her pussy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank "All the cameras are recording, sir," Ryan reported, his head still bowed. A week had passed since Alice had injected him with the emasculation serum, and the cheating, alpha male asshole was still a whipped, harmless puppy dog.

He did whatever we told him. It was satisfying knowing this asshole's wife loved me know and fucked me all the time, even in front of him. "Good," I told him. "Go wait at the house. Make sure all the injections are ready to go." "I will, sir," Ryan nodded.

He headed out the front door of my house. Everything was ready for the bimbo party. Ten women were coming. Each had paid a thousand dollars to receive the serum. It was the seed money for our company. Already orders went out for the chemicals we needed to start making it in bulk. It would be labor intensive without the highly specialized machinery only large companies could afford. One day we would get there. The living room of my house, and Ryan's, were decked with GoPro cameras, each recording the events.

Alice and I had worked out the set-up yesterday when I gave her another injection of the intelligence serum. I liked being able to turn my bimbo wife back into a sexy, smart chemist for an hour.

Alice was a wicked soul. I had been married to her for so long and never knew what lurked beneath the surface. Of course, I had no idea what lurked beneath my surface either. "Are they here yet?" Alice asked as she flounced down the stairs wearing a sexy negligee. A picture hung around her neck that showed off what she looked like before she became a bimbo.

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Behind her came Becca, Janet, and Nicole, all looking gorgeous tonight, their hair done, their faces enhanced with subtle makeup, and their bodies draped with silk and lace. "Damn," I groaned, my cock growing hard. "Oh, no, do we need to satisfy you," asked Nicole when she saw my bulge. "Are you in pain, husband?" "No, no, our new patients will need as much of my medicine as they can get," I smiled at my wives.

"I'll be fine." Nicole clapped her hands together. "Oh, goodie." The last week had been exciting. Four bimbo women were insatiable. My enhanced cock could barely keep up.

Twice I had to use the RFID chips to hunt one down who had been lured off by a man that realized just how gullible they were. I would find them dripping with cum. Nicole had quit her job and worked as security for us. We were still working on the serum to make her a little less gullible, but we had run into a snag. It would be a priority once we finished up the party tonight and moved forward with distribution of our serum. A thousand dollars was too cheap for our product, so the ladies tonight were lucky.

Once we were manufacturing, we would charge so much more. Women, and their men, would pay. The world would soon change as more and more beautiful bimbos inhabited it.

"Okay, my lovely wives," I grinned, "do you remember what we talked about?" "We're supposed to keep the men happy," giggled Alice. "So they don't know what you're doing with their wives." "That's right," I smiled at my wife. "And remember, you'll all be in so much trouble if you tell them what's happening.

No sex for a week." Becca's eyes widened. "We won't tell. We'll be good wives." "I know you will," I smiled. The customers began to arrive. I had Becca greet them at the door. Her bubbly laughs echoed as she ushered the couples into the living room. The husbands all had big grins on their faces and their wives burned with envy. They had all heard the boasts we made.

Each woman looked at Alice and the other bimbos, imagining themselves looking hot and attractive. The women were not all ugly. A few were even cute, but they all had issues with their weight the hadn't been able to solve.

While most were overweight, two were skinny with all most no breasts or curves. Nine of them brought a husband or boyfriend. The tenth woman was alone.

I had seen the name on the application. I didn't expect it to be the same Donna Wilson that had made my wife Alice's life a living hell at BT Chemical. My wife and I both used to work for BT. I had been fired for researching the bimbo serum, the company had no faith in my idea, and my wife, several months later, for helping with my company. Donna Wilson probably ratted her out.

She was a bitch. A bitch that was about to be bimbofied. I gave her a smile. Her eyes were wary, studying me, seeing how I would react. "Look, Alice," I said, "it's your old boss." My wife flounced over.

"Donna?" she said, her eyes wide. "Why are you here?" "We're going to enhance her, honey," I told her. "She paid like everyone else." "Yeah, sorry," squirmed the wide woman.

She had a sallow face and framed by short, black hair that look particularly unflattering on her. She was a troll. "But I had no idea you had such promising research. When I found out, I wanted to get in as an investor." "We welcome your money," I grinned. "Right, honey?" "We do?" Alice asked, her eyes wide. "If you say so, honey." "Okay, everyone," I said. Various drinks—beer, wine, iced tea, or lemonade—had been served to the nineteen people crowding our living room.

"Let's get started with the presentation. I am Dr. Frank Jackman, and with my lovely wife, Dr. Alice Jackman, I came up with a revolutionizing beauty product. With your $1000, you will each benefit greatly from this product and be in on the ground floor that will make us all rich." Greed was such a wonderful motivator. I went into the explanation while my busty wives proudly held up their old pictures, letting everyone see the truth I promised.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice "Okay, boys," I giggled. "While my husband administers the treatment to your wives and girlfriends, we're going to keep you entertained." "How?" grinned a fit man sipping a beer. "I thought we'd do a little dance. Would you like to see us dance?" More than a few of the men whistled. My pussy grew so wet as my hips undulated. Becca turned the music on. Thudding base washed through the room. It was time to model. Frank had the cameras recording.

This footage would be edited and sold to the porn sites. We would be stars. My pussy clenched as I seized my bestest friend and favoritest wife Janet. I pulled her to me, our hips moving, our tits pressed together. The music guided our dancing. The men clapped, watching us with hungry gazes. Their cocks swelled with their excitement.

A hot flush ran through me. Soon, we would be such wicked wives and help these men with their painful bulges. My hands slid up and down her waist as we danced closer and closer to each other. Our hips undulated, rubbing our crotches together. My nipples tingled in the satin of my lingerie. My hard nubs pressed into the silky fabric covering Janet's soft boobs.

I pushed my hands around her waist and squeezed her ass. "Damn," a guy groaned. "What is this?" "I thought this would be some boring Tupperware party where I'd get a hot wife at the end.

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Fuck, this is hot." "Do you like watching us dance?" I moaned, my pussy on fire. My hands squeezed Janet's ass through her lingerie. "I bet you'd love it if we did this." I fell to my knees and pulled Janet's panties down her thighs. Becca and Nicole put on a similar display. I pulled down Janet's panties. Juices stained the teal crotch of her panties. I brought them to my nose and inhaled. "Mmm, she's so wet and excited. I bet that makes you boys so hard," I purred.

The men groaned, many of them rubbing their crotches. Their eyes were wide like little boys. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. I pressed the panties to my lips, savoring Janet's tart flavor, then I threw the panties to the men.

One guy caught it and rubbed it against his crotch. "Mmm, I bet you boys want to watch me lick Janet's pussy." "Fuck, yes," a Black guy groaned. I wondered if he had a big cock. "Good," I purred. "We're going to make sure the time flies while your wives are given the treatment. But don't worry, they're in the good hands of Dr. Frank." Janet smiled down at me as I pushed up her teal lingerie and revealed her sleek thighs and shaved pussy. Her juices trickled down her thighs, a glistening line just begging to be licked up.

So I ran my tongue up her leg, gathering the delicious, tart juices. "Mmm, she tastes wonderful." I stood up, my hands pulling up her slip and exposing her big boobs.


"Soon, your wives will be as hot as us." I threw the lingerie on the floor and squeezed her big titties. "Aren't these the bestest, cutest boobies you've ever seen?" The men all groaned, "Yes." I giggled. I was so glad we were modeling for these men. As Janet slipped to her knees to pull of my panties, I knew we would have one wild time. My pussy was wet and eager to help as many men with their hard, painful erections that I could. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank "Why do we have to go to a different house?" a woman named Natalie asked.

She was frumpy and wearing jeans that were too tight for her. A muffin top spilled over the waistband. "There's just not enough room in my house," I answered. "Your husbands will be entertained." "Yeah," Kimberly muttered darkly. "I'm not sure I like them alone with those bimbos." "Oh, relax," Margarete laughed. "It's no different than the strip club. Besides, after the injection, our men will be panting after us." "They will, ladies," I told them as we walked into Ryan's house.

"Now, the injection has to go in your buttocks. So you don't need to take off your panties or anything, but I will need you all to bend over and expose me enough cheek for the treatment." "And this will really work?" Kimberly asked. "It will," I said. "When you leave this house, you will be changed women." "That's what I'm hoping for," Donna said, a greedy smile on her lips.

I had a feeling I knew how Donna paid to be in here. Ms. Beigh, the bitch who ran BT Chemicals, must have learned about the serum. The cunt would covet it. Donna had always been Ms. Beigh's ass-kisser I often imagined Donna's lips were glued to Ms. Beigh's bony ass. I couldn't wait to inject the bimbo serum into both women. I ushered the women into the living room. Ryan, wearing a lab coat like me, held a tray with ten syringes prefilled with the bimbo serum.

The living room had been cleared of any furniture, though there were plenty of pillows on the ground. "There are cameras," complained Kimberly. "It's for the promo videos," I told her. "You all are about to be investors. Don't you want other women to see proof that it works?" Kimberly frowned, glancing at the cameras. "I don't know. This wasn't in the pitch." "I'll be happy to refund the money," I said. "And you can that." Kimberly flushed. She had a blotchy face, a skin condition that left pale patches staining her cheek and neck.

I bet it was worse around her body. But the bimbo serum would fix her up. She swallowed, then sighed. "Fine. Let's do this." "Okay, ladies, bend over and show me some cheek," I grinned.

The women did, pushing aside their panties to expose a bit of their butt-cheeks. Kimberly, surprisingly, wore a thong, her pussy shaved and pressed right against the scrap of red cloth she wore. I grabbed the first syringe and worked quickly. Each woman gasped when the serum was injected into their ass. I worked down the line, injecting then grabbing the next syringe. By the time I reached Donna at the end, Kimberly at the front was already giggling and complaining about the room being too hot.

I stuck the syringe in Donna's ass. She gasped as I depressed the plunger. "I'm going to enjoy fucking your ass," I told her, my voice low as I pulled out the needle. "What?" she gasped as she spun around. "You made my wife miserable," I grinned at her, a new idea popping into my head—a shortcut to get the machinery we needed for true mass production.

"So it'll be satisfying to fuck your ass, slut. Then you'll help us take over BT Chemicals. I know your Ms.

Beigh's spy. How stupid did you think I was?" Her face went red with anger, and then the first giggle escaped her lips. The transformation set in. Ten women were about to blossom into beautiful, sexy bimbos right before my eyes.

To be continued.