Booty babe gets fuck by lazy guy

Booty babe gets fuck by lazy guy
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"Amy wake up". Three loud knocks on the door. "Amy are you in there"? The knocking continued. "time to go to class". If there is something I hate it's waking up in a rush. "I'm up Jenny, I'm up, god can you be any louder"?

I heard giggles from outside my bedroom door. "Today is my birthday so you have to be nice sweetie" she said still giggling as she walked away.

That was my roommate Jenny and today is her 22nd birthday. My name is Amy, I'm 21 and a sophomore at a very prestigious college near New York. We live in a five bedrooms house near school with three other girls. I grew up in California so this is as far away from home as one can be. Yesterday was the first day of school and last night, for some odd reason, someone thought it would be a good idea to have the mother of all parties to commemorate the event.

My head felt like it's in a vice and I was very nauseous, damn it I drank too much. again. I really hope a good long shower would cure my headache. I didn't want to start the new year like that. I've always been a good student, straight A's all through high school. It's not that I was a nerd or anything, I had plenty of friends, involved in student council and played volleyball for our high school team.

It's just that I was always in focus, I knew I had to apply myself in order to get into a good school, get a good job and make something of myself, plus I had a lot of support from my family. My dad is a lawyer at a big law firm and my mom is an elementary school teacher. They always pushed me to be the best and gave me everything I needed, even a new car on my sweet sixteen birthday. My boyfriend's name is Michael.

We are the same age and met during freshman year of high school. We love each other very much and we'll probably marry once we both graduate. He is going to a school in Boston on a basketball scholarship. We try to see each other every other weekend.

It's hard but we're making it work. I managed to pick my self up and stumbled on to the shower. I took my clothes off and looked in the bathroom mirror. My eyes were bloody red and looked very tired. I entered the shower, turned on the faucet and stood under the warm stream of water for at least 10 minutes. After the shower I felt much better, I stepped out and looked at my naked body in the mirror.

If I had to describe myself I'd say I'm very good looking, even beautiful. I'm 5'6" 110 lbs, long straight blond hair, blue eyes and full sensual lips. As I lowered my eyes I looked at my 36C perky young breasts, and my flat stomach, the product of long hours at the gym. I turned around and looked at my perfect round not too big and not too small butt.

It was tight and I loved it. Michael said it's his favorite part of me and I can understand why. I got out of the bathroom with just a towel around me and rushed to my room. I guess I didn't watch where I was going because I bumped into Jenny's date from last night, Rob. I don't know where she find these guys, all grungy looking, unshaved and reek of cigarettes.

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She is so pretty and can do much better I thought to myself. "Well hello there Amy, too bad I didn't know you were taking a shower, I would have joined you" he chuckled while checking me out from top to bottom. "yea you wish Rob" I said as I rushed by him on my way to my room. "leave her alone Rob, get in here and finish what you started" I heard jenny yell from her bedroom.

They were having loud sex all night and kept me up almost half of it, adding to my already aching head. I closed the door behind me and checked my phone for the time. I'm so late. I got dressed quickly, putting on a pair of tight jeans, spaghetti strap tank top and a jacket. Combed my hair put a little makeup and went downstairs for a quick snack. My other three roommates were already having breakfast.

Sitting by the table were Dana and Becky. They are two years older then me and this is their final year of school. Standing by the kitchen counter was Lisa, she is only 19 and it's her first year of college.

I only knew Lisa for a couple of weeks but she is my favorite. I don't know what it is about her, maybe it's because she is a freshman and very naive, so I feel protective, kinda like a big sister. She looks very young, if I didn't know I'd say she looks 14 or 15 years old. She is 5'4" probably around 100 lbs, long blond hair, big blue eyes, the kind of eyes that when she looks at you, you just melt from how cute she is.

In deep contrast her natural breasts are very big, I'd say D cup for sure. Almost disproportionate to her slim young figure. "Good morning Amy" Lisa said with her soft high voice. Even her voice is cute and childlike I thought. "Good morning Lisa, how did you sleep?" I asked already knowing the answer after a night of hot loud sex that Jenny had with Rob.

"not very good as you probably know" she said as if she was reading my mind. "Yea, I know sweetie, I think we should sound proof her room as a birthday present" I chuckled.

Lisa and the other girls giggled. "Hey, what do you girls think we should do for her birthday?" Dana asked and added "do you want to go out to a bar in the city?" "that sounds like fun" Becky agreed with her. After last night, alcohol was the least thing on my mind.

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"ugh, after last nights party I promised myself never again and what about Lisa? you know they won't let her in, she gets carded at R rated movies let alone bars" "Yea I forgot about baby Lisa" Dana said with a smirk. "maybe she can cover her face, you know her tits look old enough" she added and we all laughed, except for Lisa who probably didn't get the joke.

God she is so naive. "Lets just have it here" Becky said with disappointment on her face. "we'll invite some of the girls from her class." "Fine" Dana summarized, "so it's decided, we'll have it here tomorrow night.

Now what should we get her for a present? Clothes? Jewelry?" "I have a better idea" Becky said with an evil grin on her face. "after her last night's sex marathon, how about we get her a basket of sex toys and dirty magazines as a gag. You know, so next time she'll know we can hear her and she'll keep it down." We all laughed at the thought of seeing Jenny's face when she opens her present of dildos and dirty magazines.

We checked the internet for the closest adult bookstore, the closest one was in a very bad part of the city, about 40 minutes drive from our house. "Now we need to decide which one of us should go and buy the damn things, I say Becky because it's her idea" Dana said with a smirk on her face. Becky looked at her with anger and said "Oh I'm not going.

I say we send Lisa since it's her fault we can't go to a bar". Lisa looked at her with horror and said "I'm not going anywhere near those kind of places, think again Becky". Seeing that we couldn't decide who should go I suggested we draw straws and who ever comes up has to go.

The girls agreed and I got four straws, broke one of them, and held them in my hand. Becky and Dana drew first and both got the long straws. It was down to me and Lisa. I held my breath while Lisa drew hers, and bad luck for her, she drew the short one.

She looked at me with those big blue eyes and without saying anything I just caved in. "Fine Lisa I'll go with you" I could see she was relieved, "Thank you Amy, you're the best".

Lisa and I decided that we'll meet at the house after school, change clothes and take my car to buy Jenny's present. I already missed the first class, and had an uneventful day. It was 06:00 pm when I got home. Lisa was already there and ready to go. She was wearing a black skirt with white polka dots. It was made from a satin or silk type material.

A white turtleneck sweater with a white bra just barely noticeable underneath. her big succulent breasts stretched the thin material. Her attempt to cover them up is useless I thought. I went upstairs and picked out a light blue sun dress showing just a little bit of my ample breasts.

It had thin straps that went over my shoulders. I put some red lipstick on and very little makeup. Combed my long blond hair and I was ready to go. We got into my car and began the drive toward NYC. The drive was fairly quiet. I could tell Lisa was nervous, I mean we both had never been to one of these stores but I thought how bad could it be. About half way there my phone rang.

It was Michael. "hey babe" Michaels voice sounded over the speakers. "hi sweetie, how are you?" I replied. "doing good. I miss you and can't wait to see you this weekend. So what are you up to?" he asked. I definitely wasn't going to tell him where I was going so just said "oh nothing much, I'm in the car with Lisa, we are driving to the library, I have a paper due by the end of the week and Lisa needs to study too." I could hear Lisa gasping and trying not to laugh.

I looked at her and put my finger on my lips, signaling her to be quiet. "thats nice. hi Lisa how are you?" "I'm fine Michael thanks for asking" Lisa answered trying to hold in her laughter. If he only knew I'm sure he would freak out, so I had I to end the conversation ASAP. "sweetie, we're here at the library and we need to get in. I'll talk to you tonight. I miss you baby". "OK babe, love you and talk to you later". As soon as he hung up we both burst into laughter.

Once we got close to the City I entered the address of the store into the car's navigation system. I definitely didn't want to get lost, especially in this part of town. The system guided me through the streets and the closer we got, the dirtier and rougher the streets become. The buildings were old and gray from pollution, homeless people pushing shopping carts and I think I saw a hooker on a street corner, but I'm not sure if she was a real hooker or just dressed like one.

Most of the businesses on the street were already closed. It was dark outside and now I begin to understand why Lisa was so nervous. Finally we got there. Like the rest of the stores and businesses on the street, it too was located in a dirty run down building with its windows boarded up.

The red neon light outside just said "adults only" with another flashing neon of a naked woman. I stopped the car and asked Lisa what she thinks. She looked at me with her big blue eyes and said "I don't think its safe to go out" I knew I had to be brave for both of us and noticed a parking sign about a block ahead. "The parking garage isn't that far. It will only take a couple of minutes to get to the store and once we're there we'll be fine".

A dirty old homeless man walked on the curb near us yelling random words at nobody in particular. Lisa locked the car in a hurry and said "well if you say so I trust you." Her bravery surprised me.

I parked the car and we quickly made our way to the store. We walked just a few steps when we heard a voice of a drunken men behind us. "Hey baby are you lost?" slurring the words as only drunk homeless men do. "come here and bring your friend.

Do you want to party? I have money." I held Lisa's hand and we started running toward the store. We heard him laughing in the distance as we made it. We rushed in and shut the door behind us. We weren't surprised by what we found inside. The same dirty, skid row ambiance from the outside continued on the inside. It was dark with reddish light. The foul smell was a mixture of sweat, stale smoke and god knows what else. As soon as we walked in all heads in the room turned to us.

We could tell they were puzzled as to what in the world are we doing here. I never felt so out of place. The store had about half a doesn male customers. Old middle aged guys. They looked dirty as if life just crapped on their heads.

After the initial shock their heads turned back to what they were doing but we could tell they were still checking us out, like a clan of Hyena's checking the newly borne guzzelle. Licking their lips and adjusting their crotch. The store was surprisingly big. In the middle was the movies section. Dvd boxes stacked on shelves with photos of naked men and women doing everything imaginable.

One caught my eye, a woman on her knees with sperm plastered on her face, a penis deep in her mouth and the guy's hand grabbing her hair. I've never seen that before and I felt a mixture of disgust and surprisingly a little excitement. The walls looked like a scene from a horror movie with all types of plastic body parts imaginable: Hands, penises, vaginas in all shapes and sizes. I looked down at Lisa and she was clearly in shock. At the counter sat, who must have been the owner of this establishment.

He was big, fat, hairy man in his fifties. Wearing a stained wife beater shirt and a pair of dirty jeans. "May I help you?" the owner asked with a deep chain smoking voice and a heavy Russian accent. "No thanks just looking" I replied. "If you don't buy you outside" he answered in broken English, his impatience noticeable. "trust me, we are not here for the decor, we buy" I answered hoping he won't catch the sarcasm.

He just mumbled a few words and sat back down. Lisa and I looked at the wall of toys and started to gather some that we thought were funny enough for our gag gift. With our back to the rest of the store we didn't notice one of the middle aged perverts getting closer to Lisa. From the corner of my eye I saw him standing very close behind her with his hand moving in his pocket. Undoubtedly rubbing his cock. I immediately grabbed her hand and moved her away.

A few minutes later we decided we had enough, went to the counter and payed. We couldn't get out of there fast enough. I opened the door and was heading out. As soon as I stepped out I saw the drunk who yelled at us earlier. Before I could do anything, he grabbed my hand and pulled it towards his pants forcing me to touch him.

"come on baby you want it don't you, do you feel how big it is?" I was so lost for words I didn't know what to do until I felt Lisa pull me back to the store. "You're back" the owner said. I looked at him and said "yes there is a man outside your store who tried to force himself on me.

We'll stay here for a few minutes until he leaves if you don't mind." "Fine" he said to my relief "but you buy something or you go." This was very frustrating, a man outside just tried to rape me and he didn't even care. Just as I was thinking about my reply I noticed a sign over a door at the back of the store that said "video booths" I had an idea.

"OK, we'll go in the booths and wait there". We paid him the minimal charge of ten dollars in tokens and made our way through the door. It was so dark inside that we could barely see. It was a long corridor all painted in black.

The booths were on each side. each booth had a red or green light. We figured the green light meant the booth is vacant, So we stepped into the first one we saw which was about half way to the end. Inside, it was almost completely dark. Once our eyes got used to the dark we could make out a TV that was hanging on the wall which was turned off. Below it was the slit where you put the tokens.

Lisa suggested we put a token in to turn on the TV so we could see better. I did and the TV came to life. In front of the TV was a plastic chair, in the corner was a basket filled with disgusting used tissue and toilet paper. The floor was very sticky from various bodily fluids I presume and scattered cigarette butts.

I pressed one of the buttons bellow the TV and a movie began. It was of a white lady on her knees, around her were about six or eight black guys rubbing their cocks. one of the men placed his cock inside the woman's mouth and she started to suck him off. To light up the mood I turned to Lisa and said "I'm going to kill Dana and Becky once we get home" Lisa looked at me and faked a little smile. I could tell she was nervous. Neither of us wanted to sit on that dirty plastic chair so we just stood there in quiet watching the movie.

"Wow look at her go" Lisa said with surprise as the woman in the movie sucked the black guy deeper and deeper. He thrusted his dick in and out her mouth while she jerked off two of his friends. She was moaning and clearly enjoying herself.

I've never watched porn before and it's safe to say that neither did Lisa. It's like she was hypnotized by what she saw. I suddenly noticed her nipples getting hard, poking through the thin white material of her turtleneck. She was aroused. No doubt about it. Her big blue eyes were wide open and I could tell she had trouble standing. "take a seat sweetie" I whispered in her ear, not wanting to interfere with what ever went through her mind. She sat on the dirty chair while keeping her eyes fixed on the screen.

The woman on the screen was now positioned on all four, one of the guys behind her spread her ass cheeks and penetrated her with his enormous cock. I looked down at Lisa and noticed her legs were spread a little, her hands clutching the arm rests of the chair and her mouth open from heavy breathing. The site of this sweet innocent teen, turned on by a dirty movie was very arousing and I felt warm all over, especially between my legs.

I felt an uncontrollable urge to rub my pussy and the thought of doing it while Lisa is so close by made me even more wet. I started to grind my legs together to relieve some of the tension. It only made it worst.

My legs began to tremble so I backed up to the wall for some support. The fucking on the TV continued until suddenly one of the guys grabbed the woman by her hair and ejaculated all over her face. She was soaking wet and seems to like it. Lisa looked at me for approval.

I nodded to let her know it's OK if she want to play with herself. God knows I do.

She spread her legs and puled up her silky skirt, reviling white cotton panties with a pink bow on top. A damp spot reveled how wet she was. She began to rub her clit slowly and gently. This was too much for me and my legs began to feel weak. With my back still against the wall I grabbed it for support and as I was feeling around I noticed there was a hole in there, about three feet from the floor and 6 inches in diameter.

I stuck my fingers inside and immediately pulled them out as fast as I could. I touched something. someone. Suddenly a hand appeared through the hole rubbing my thigh over my dress. I didn't say anything to Lisa, I don't know why, maybe I was in shock, like when the guy outside the store grabbed me.

Maybe I was so horny I couldn't speak. I muffled a moan praying that Lisa didn't hear me. My back was pressed against the wall and the hole to my side, I felt his hand groping me harder and harder going up and down over my dress.

I started to breath harder as he squeezed my breast soft at first and a little rougher as he picked up the pace. He pinched my nipples so hard I had to cover my mouth not to scream. The pain was surprisingly pleasurable. He then grabbed my dress pulling me sideways to position me with the hole between my legs. I looked at Lisa to check if she notice my predicament. by now she rubbing her clit faster with her eyes closed. His hand began to rub my lower thigh under my dress.

I felt his rough hand and fingers inching their way up my dress. He obviously knew what he was doing and he was pushing all the right buttons. I've never been so horny in my life. Not even with Michael my one and only sexual partner. With perfect timing he moved my panties aside and began to rub my clit. I was fighting myself not to scream with pleasure. I moved my pelvis area to counter his rubbing while keeping my firm ass pressed to the wall. Suddenly and without warning he penetrated me with two fingers, In a swift and sharp motion.

I was taken by such a surprise that I couldn't hold it in any more, my legs almost buckled under me and I let out a loud moan. I was cumming hard, my juiced run down my thighs. It was incredible. Lisa jumped out of her chair to the sound of my scream. At first she didn't understand what happened because my dress was covering his hand. I lifted my dress to reveal his two fingers fucking me hard and fast, and saw on her face she was completely turned on.

"wha.wh.what .wh.whoo is he?" she whispered. "I don't know" I moaned back. Lisa moved closer and lowered her head to catch more of the action. His fingers finally slowed down and as he took them out of my pussy I let a sigh of relief. "Did you like it honey?" I heard him for the first time. He sounded older yet not in a creepy grandpa kinda way.

"it was amazing" I manged to answer while out of breath. "would you like to return a favor?" I didn't know what he had in mind so I nervously asked "in what way?" "don't worry" he replied in a comforting voice "I'm not a freak, just get on your knees, open your sweet mouth and I guess you know where this is going" A million thoughts run through my head, what about Michael, he thinks I'm at the library, what about my parents, they didn't raise me this way.

I looked at Lisa and silently sign the words with my mouth "what do I do?" Lisa silently did the same "I don't know" … "tell him you want to see it first, see if he is clean" I nodded to her and whispered OK. "ahham, sir" I asked nervously " can I see it first?" his reply was short and to the point.

"I'll meet you half way sweetie. Get down on your knees so I can look at you and if I like what I see I'll stick it out, how does that sound?" his brash almost rude reply surprised me, who the hell does he think he is. It also made me very curious, can he be that good? His fingers sure were. I turned around and slowly began the descent to my knees. On my way down I could hear him say "thats it. good girl.

don't be scared". Finally my knees met the sticky dirty floor, I was sitting on my ankles and my hands by my sides. My mouth was at the same level as the hole but I kept it closed, just in case he tries something funny. Being at that level allowed me to better hear what was going on in his booth. It was dark in there so I couldn't see, but I could hear a sloshing sound.

I realized the pervert is jerking off and for some reason I felt my pussy getting warm again. "ooohh you have a beautiful face, look at me honey, thats it, look at the hole with your beautiful blue eyes.

Mmmm lovely big lips, I bet my cock would feel very good between them" as he said that he reached with his hand through the hole and pet my head, it felt strange, it was like petting a dog or a cat, yet his warm rough hand felt good. He then moved his hand to my cheek rubbing it as well "ooohhh yes very nice. smile for me honey, you have a beautiful smile." I managed to pull a nervous smile, unsure where this is going.

"yeaaa thats it beautiful smile, we're heaving fun aren't we?" I nodded and he kept going "now let's see those beautiful lips, he ran two fingers on my red luscious lips rubbing them back and forth "ooohhh beautiful lips sweetheart" the sound of him jerking off grew faster and I could hear him breath heavily "open your mouth for me sweetie, show me your tongue, come on stick it out!".

Remembering our original deal I said "you need to hold your end of the bargain, show me your cock first" the sound of him jerking off suddenly stopped, his hand moved from my lips to the back of my head gently playing with my hair. Suddenly he grabbed a fist full of my hair and with a swift fierce motion jerked my head back and pulled me just inches from the hole. It took me by surprise and I almost lost my balance. It was so intense I was immediately overwhelmed with emotions, I couldn't believe but I loved being taken like that.

"Ooooh you like it don't you cunt, I can see it in your eyes" he released his grasp so I could go back to my original position and collect my thoughts. The jerking off sound resumed and his fingers back on my lips. "smile baby. yees show me that beautiful smile. that's it, good girl. Now where were we? Oh yeees open your mouth for me sweetheart, as wide as you can, I want to look inside you, show me that beautiful virgin throat of yours" my pussy at this point was soaking wet, I was so full of excitement it hurt.


I slowly opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. It felt awkward so I didn't open it all the way.

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"come on honey, you can do better then that, I know you can." Using his fingers he gently yet forcefully opened my mouth wider. "Yea very nice, now keep it open and keep your tongue out. Mmm. look at me, look at hole!" The last sentence he said in an ordering tone.

His hand moved lower to my neck grabbing it, squeezing it until it was hard for me to breath. I was getting a little scared, he noticed it and released his hold "Don't worry honey I will never harm you. You need to trust me. Nod if you trust me!" He said in the same ordering tone. I nodded. "Good girl." Now let's see what we have here." he moved the straps of my dress sideways until they fell.

Now there is nothing to hold my dress up except my breasts. In one swift hard motion he pulled down the top of my dress causing me to almost lose my balance. "Oohhh nice tits, very nice young fresh tities. Do you like your tits?. yea I'm sure you do. You can close your mouth now darling. What is your friends name?" With all the excitement I forgot she was there. "Lisa" I said "Hi Lisa, can you help us sweetie?, come here don't be scared, I need you to take your friends bra off.

do you think you can do that for me?" "yes sir" Lisa said with her sweet soft voice. She approached behind me and I felt her fingers open my bra. She removed it, exposing my now naked breasts.

He didn't waste any time and began to squeeze and grope my breast, soft at first then more rough, my pink nipples turned rock hard.

"nice tities, nothing like the 5$ whores that I usually see here, you are much better then them. Aren't you slut?" he asked it while twisting my nipple hard.

I let out a whimper and the pain showed on my face. "Okay, I think you are ready. Stand up and take off your dress and panties! You can keep your shoes if you want." Lisa helped me up and I began to undress. Suddenly I heard a voice from the opposite side of the room. There was another hole just like this one. "Having fun Frank?" that's the first time I learned my guy's name is Frank.

"Never better Jack" Frank answered. "I see you have some fine A class pussy in there, who is she?" "Don't know, don't care" Frank answered, both of them laughed like it was the funniest joke in the world.

I guess Jack didn't notice Lisa until then because he said, "hey you got two of them you old fart. Hey girls how is it to fuck a guy that can be your grandpa?" again they both were cracking up. "Yea look who's talking Jack, you're a year older then me you bastard" "Say ehh Frank, how about sending some young pussy my way, what do you say girl?" He asked Lisa, "Would you like to give them some privacy and make an old man happy?" Lisa looked at him nervously.

It was one thing to watch me, it was a whole other thing to go to a different booth with an old pervert. "Come here baby let me take a good look at you" Lisa approached the second hole. Jack reached out with one hand under her silk skirt.

I guess he stuck his fingers in her pussy and caught her by surprise because she let out a loud moan while she was lifted to her toes. I could see the agony on her face. "Ohhh she is soaking wet this one and tight as hell" He pulled out his hand and waved it too frank "Look how wet this little tight cunt is." Frank just snickered, "You old perv".

Jack wasn't done yet. "Come here darling lets try something." He grabbed her skirt and pulled her toward him again reaching under her dress with his hand. Her dress covered her pussy but I could see by the fast thrusts of Jacks hand that he had penetrated her.

"Oh my god Frank she took three fingers up her cunt!!! this girl is ready." He then turned to Lisa and asked, "what do you say sweetheart, would you like to come over?" Lisa looked at me, unsure what to do. I asked the men to give us some privacy.


Which they did, and I walked over to her. "so do you want to go over to Jack's booth?" I asked. "I don't know she smiled, I'm horny as hell but I'm a little scared, he seems a little rough." I looked into those big blue eyes and said "listen.

I'm not to comfortable with Frank either, lets say that if any one of us is in trouble she should scream and the other will come to her aid. You have your phone with you?" Lisa nodded with a smile. Oh so cute, she is so excited she can't even speak I thought to myself. Lisa exited the booth and I heard the booth next door open. At the same time I heard Frank's voice from his own booth.

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"Okay my dear, its the moment you've been waiting for, I'm putting my favorite movie so get in here" "Oh I don't know about that Frank" "what's the matter? Are you scared? Lisa sure wasn't, she is having the time of her life and so will you, now come on I don't got all day!" I was amazed how fast he turned me from the A student, over achiever that I was to a complete slut. By now I was so horny I didn't care. Still naked I gathered my things and quickly entered his booth. He looked nothing like I imagined.

He was fat and hairy, and the little hair that he had on his head was greasy and combed over. He looked like he is in his sixties, maybe more, the kind of guy I would never go for in a million years. Yet I was there, naked, wet and very horny. He was sitting in a chair with his dirty pants around his ankles holding his huge cock in his hand. It was easily 7 inches long and very thick. Much bigger then Michaels. Was this a mistake? I had little time to think as Frank started to feel me up.

On the screen was a scene where a girl about my age, maybe younger, on all fours being fucked hard from behind by an older gentleman. She had her panties around her ankles. The old man fucked her hard thrusting his cock in and out while holding her waist in place with both hands. That scene was hot and I needed to be fucked right then and there. No matter who.


All I cared for was a cock. "I see you like it too sweetheart" frank said with a perverted green on his face. He was jerking his cock while still fondling me. The familiar sound of his oily rub gave me mixed feelings of disgust and excitement. "Why don't you stand over here honey, with me behind you and bent over so I can watch my movie. Come on kneel down and face the screen" I did as I was told. The floor was disgusting but I had no choice.

I needed to be fucked. With his free hand he started to rub my ass, he squeezed my ass cheeks hard.

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"Damn that's a beautiful ass you have there. Round and tight just like men like it. Now I only have one hand so I'll need your help for this part. Put your face on the floor, reach around with both hands and spread your cheeks. I want to look at your asshole".

I reached for my dress to lay down so I wouldn't put my face on the dirty floor when suddenly I felt a sharp pain. WHACK, frank smacked my ass hard "where the hell are you going whore?, I thought I told you, to put your face on the floor." I tried to protest but couldn't make a sound. My ass was stinging and I felt so humiliated. Yet it came so unexpectedly I was again overwhelmed with feelings and the warmth in my pussy started to spread.

Still in the doggie position I lowered my head supporting my weight on the floor. "Good girl now spread your cheeks so I can have a look at your beautiful asshole" I did as I was told and felt his fingers rubbing the entrance to my ass. "Ooohhh that's nice, so pink and tight.

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You see baby it's not so bad oohhh that's nice, smile for me honey, yeees just like that, good girl." While still rubbing my asshole and pussy Frank asked "Tell me sweetheart, do you have a boyfriend?

I'm sure a beautiful flower like you do" I don't know why I told him the truth but I said "yes and his name is Michael." "That's nice, I bet you love Michael and he loves you" as he was talking I heard a bottle of some sort open and soon after a flow of warm oil run down my ass cheeks. He rubbed the oil all over my ass. I couldn't see which kind but I figured it was the same stuff he was using for his cock.

It actually smelled nice maybe coconut. "And tell me my love, has Michael ever stuck his fingers in your ass" and as soon as he finished that sentence he forcefully shoved his hole index finger in my asshole.

I wasn't expecting that and the pain shot right up my spine, I let out a scream, to which he quickly reached behind me and covered my mouth. "Shhhh. my dear, someone can hear you and rush in. and we don't want to stop do we? So tell me cunt, do you let Michael finger your ass? I shook my head for no. Again he shoved his finger hard and strong, muffled my scream with his hand.

"Don't worry he whispered in my ear with his foul breath, you'll soon get used to it. Just relax your sphincter, are you ready for one more?" With tears of pain running down my face I nodded yes, He shoved again, this time with two fingers. I screamed again but no sound came out. "Oh I'm sorry" he chuckled, "silly me I should have told you about the extra finger. I'm actually doing you a favor. Michael would love that new trick I showed you, you stupid cunt" his voice suddenly changed and was full of hate and anger.

He started to finger fuck my ass fast and hard keeping his hand on my mouth so I couldn't scream. Breath cunt! breath through you nose!" He fingered my ass for about a minute until he pulled it out completely any pushed me to the floor with his dirty shoe.

"Congratulations. You are now an official anal whore, how does it feel?" he laughed and went back to his usual jerking off.

With his other hand he leaned forward and grabbed a fistful of my blond hair from the back of my head and lifted my head off the floor. He brought my face close to his cock "Hands behind your back! open your mouth bitch! Now you'll learn how to properly suck a cock." He forced my mouth open with his hands and I could taste the coconut oil on his fingers he used for his cock. "Relax your throat and what ever you do don't pull out!

You hear me?" I nodded and as soon as I did I felt both his hand forcing my head down while lifting his pelvis up from the chair, shoving his 7 inch cock in my throat. I gagged as soon as his cock entered my mouth and I was now convulsing. "Oh god your throat is so tight and warm, I'm gonna make a good cocksucker out of you, yes I will" he pulled my hair up and lowered his cock half way so I can take a breath. "Now hold still and keep your fucking mouth open, this one's called face fucking" He began to fuck my mouth with ruthless thrusts.

I was helpless and all I could do was keep my mouth open. I gagged and rivers of saliva flowed out of my mouth down to his hairy nut sack "Oohh this feels great, watch the teeth sweetie, open wider. He stuck his dirty thumb between my upper jaw and his cock forcing my mouth open and as a buffer from my teeth at the same time and kept fucking my mouth. "Ooohh yes that's better" Being used like that, sent shivers down my spine to my soaking pussy.

I couldn't believe. I like it. I started to moan and reached for my pussy. "What do we have here he chuckled, the dumb cunt is rubbing herself, too stupid to know it's all about my pleasure, not hers. Go ahead, I don't give a fuck." He continued to fuck my mouth for a few more minutes until I felt his body starting to shake. He quickly puled my head off his cock, pulled my hair and jerked my head back.

He quickly stood up and yelled "OPEN YOUR MOUTH WHHOOORE!!" As I did I felt his white gooey spray all over my face and mouth. He tightened his grip on the hair from the back of my head keeping me in place. It was disgusting and I started to cough and tried to move away "HOLD STILL CUNT THERE IS MORE, DON'T YOU FUCKING MOVE!!" and a second huge load of cum landed all over my face, on my forehead, eyes and inside my mouth.

The stench of cum filled the room as he shoved his huge cock deep in my mouth and released a third load down my throat. He moaned as his entire fat, sweaty and disgusting body trembled with pleasure. He stayed in my mouth for what seemed like forever, finally he pulled out his soft cock and released his grip from me. He quickly pulled his pants up while I was lying on the floor all sticky with cum on my facehair and tits.

As he opened the booth door he reached out into is pocked took out a 10$ bill and threw it in my direction. "you did good whore, I hope you'll come back" and left. I stayed on the floor for a few more minutes, collecting my thoughts. I had to check on Lisa so I forced my self up, still dizzy I wiped most of the cum with the roll of toilet paper that was there.

It was everywhere, my nose, ears, hair and of course my mouth. I decided to go to our previous booth and look through the hole. I didn't know who would be at Jacks booth and didn't want to take the chance. As I got closer I heard Lisa's faint moans and a lot of slapping. I was scared from what I will see. If Jack is only half as bad as frank I don't think Lisa can take it. My eyes adjusted to the darkness, the scene that reveled to me was shocking yet extremely arousing.

Jack's booth wasn't really a booth. It was a small room that the owner used for storage. Lisa was tied face up on a bench with her legs spread open. each leg was tied to an invisible point in the room. Her hands were tied behind her back and her mouth was gagged with her own cum soaked white cotton panties.

Jack wasn't the only pervert in the room. The fat owner of the store was lying on top of her, fucking her rough and holding her head by her throat so she can't move. Jack was molesting her breasts pinching hard and biting on her nipples. It reminded me of a scene of a lions pride feasting on their pray.

Lisa was screaming but no one could hear the poor thing due to the panties gag. "Ooohhhh nice pussy, nice pussy, come on bitch look at me open your eyes" the owner was rough. suddenly he lifted himself up and slapped her face hard. "Yea thats it cry bitch, it makes it better." I felt a rush of warm tingling in my pussy and couldn't hold it any longer I stuck two fingers in my pussy and fucked my self to an amazing orgasm while poor Lisa was being fucked By a 300 lbs sadistic Russian pervert.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming he yelled as he pulled out of Lisa and jacked him self off all over her pretty face. He came hard and a lot. Those balls must have been full for a long time. Next Jack straddled over her and squeezed both her milky white big tits. He fucked her tits while using the back of her head for leverage forcing her to watch her own huge tits being fucked. He leaned forward and screamed into her ear: "THOSE ARE MY TITS NOW CUNT!!" A couple of minutes later he came as well on her now drenched cum soaked face.

As a last fer well, the Russian grabbed her hair pulled her head towards him and spat on her face.

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"Thats my gift to you bitch!" he said as they both laughed and left the room. As soon as they left I rushed to the room. And untied Lisa, ungagged her and gathered her things. She quickly got dressed with what ever that was left from her skirt. Apparently Jack ripped it off as soon as she entered the room, covering her mouth with his hand so she couldn't scream for help.

We ran outside to the sound of Jack and the owner's laughing. "Bye bye whores, come again" we quickly got into my car and I drove home as fast as I can.

On the way home we decided to never speak of this day again. Luckily our roommates were out so we took a shower and went straight to bed. Sex with Michael hasn't been the same since then. He makes sweet gentle love to me and I'm always looking for more. I cheat on him from time to time, hooking up with random men in bars and clubs to satisfy my hunger for raw sex. I guess this is what I am now.

A complete slut. .