Bootylicious blonde rides on a bbc interracial and creampie

Bootylicious blonde rides on a bbc interracial and creampie
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I believe in freedom of speech that means I say or write what I want. Why I write is just for the enjoyable of it.

What I write is fiction. It's not real; the characters on real, the real age started less than a few months ago. There still just characters in a story. I'll certainly I'm not the most hard-core author here.

But I still would not recommend any of my writings for persons under eighteen. Actions and events in my stories are not recommended for real life, they're fiction. Hope you enjoy the story. My hand reaches out touching her breasts her hard nipples are under my thumbs; her back is arched pressing her breasts firmly into my hands.

Moans of pure bliss feel my ears. My eyes are locked into her gaze, her green eyes sparkle with love and excitement. Her red hair is blown softly about by the summer's breeze. She is setting on my lap with my harden cock fully within her; she grinds her hips and raises and then slowly drops, it won't be long before she is having another orgasm. I love her with all my heart; and love giving her this pleasure.

Although we had slowed our lovemaking her climax hits sending pleasurable spasms through her entire body, which triggers my own, too late to remove myself so I hold her tightly. I am pumping my sperm deep within her, the head of my cock is pressed into her cervix as I orgasm hard spraying my seed into her womb. When we both come down from our mutual sexual high, kissing passionately while clinging to each other, we break and she states. "That was awesome, but I think I'm just got pregnant." My heart soars with joy at her words.

Six months pass, and Jewels definitely is pregnant. Two sets of babies' feet can be seen as they both kick. Twins we're having twins! I jerk awake as that dream world fades to be replaced by my eyes opening onto my bedroom. Although it's been over fourteen years since Janet told me of Jewels passing during childbirth.

Always after that dream made it felt like yesterday. I again weep for my loss. They're not in my life; I would give up every dime I ever had just to hold them. I hate when my day starts like this, always seems to bring bad things. Janet started her story with this every time. "My sister died giving birth to your bastard child." I never believed Janet wholly do to the fact she said child and not twins. I knew it had to be a lie.

About Jewels' death how and when or about it being twins, this doubt always haunts me. I made Janet tell me the story several times, looking for any inconsistency but she never had any. It felt too rehearsed. Or was I just in denial of Jewels loss. It took a long time but I begin to think clearly about everything.

I realized she was not trying to hide the fact I lost two children, by then she didn't care enough about me to spare me any pain.

She didn't know about the twins. The whole Jewels dying in childbirth had to be a lie. Janet had told me, Jewels and her child died in childbirth.

Janet had repeated the lie which had been told her. Her stepfather was a two bit con man looking for a big score. He had a scheme to extort money from me. During that scheme maybe something went terribly wrong? Jewels still could be dead. I haven't seen her since Sara's first birthday party, about three months before she was to deliver. Nine months after Jewels was to deliver, Janet's stepfather and mother died in an automobile accident.

Part of me knew Jewels is gone, either from my life forever or this world I didn't know. Still a part had not given up all hope. If Jewels had gotten away, she may have gone into hiding, but why so long now. Am I crazy for holding on for so long? Fourteen years, nearly fifteen years now, is a very long time to grasp at hope that she still alive.

Janet had lied but about what. I still didn't have Jewels in my life. Days like this made me miss her all the more. As always I filled my day with work, I traded stock in the morning, researched the market, and went over investment opportunities until late in the afternoon.

By early evening I found myself again in memory contemplating my past. It Sara had been around I may have avoided this painful trek.

The last light from the setting sun fully occupies the office at my home, I sat there lonely. The sky at sun set would be one to remember, a real beautiful day all together. Even though I hated how today started, when my day start like that I always feel lonely. Oh how I wish I still had Jewels, how a sunset like this had set her red hair off, made her look even more beautiful.

Setting sun's light gave Jewels' hair the look of a halo atop an angel. I missed her playfulness how she made everything more fun, at her age then of fifteen. She looks and acted like she could be older and could pass for twenty-one easily; she was nearly fully mature in mind and body.

I had fallen head over heels in love with her. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever known. We had taken a trip to Colorado; it was to be for a month but stretched into three. Sara was only four months old when we left. Everywhere we went people saw how Jewels was with Sara, carrying Sara everyone assumed she was her mother.

The fact that Jewels was more affectionate to Sara than her mother was and was constantly with her, other than when she was in school. When Sara just had started to talk she began calling Jewels mommy, I didn't find it surprising. By this time Jewels had become a permit fixture in my household.

We left on that trip as friends and returned as lovers, even though I was married to her sister, Sara's mother, and had been for just over a year and half.

Just then Sara came in a rush, her leg was bleeding badly. "What happen?" I ask running to her. Sara weakly fell to the floor, her eyes dull, and a cold sweat covers her skin.

Seeing the wound up close I know it was bad. "Oh Dad it hurts. I fail, when I got up my leg was bleeding. I quickly returned home. When I was nearby I felt something still in my leg, and then pulled it out. Now it's bleeding worse." I ran into the kitchen to find the first aid kit. Returned place three pads over the deep cut, and quickly bandaged it. Picked Sara up and carried her to my SUV to drive to the hospital. On the way she passes out, I pull over, take my belt off and make a tourniquet, cursing myself for not doing it sooner.

Just before I'm finishing the tourniquet, a cop pulls in front of my SUV. He gets out of his patrol car, once he seeing the aid I'm giving to Sara and the condition of my front seat. He shouts "Follow me to the hospital". I'm on his bumper up to 95 miles per hour. The officer clears away right to the ER. I break hard to a stop, slam the SUV in park and jump out open Sara's door, and carry her into the ER, a Doctor and Nurse meet me at the door.

The officer must have called ahead. Sara is getting immediate attention. In moments they had gotten an I.V. Started and it's running full open, her blood pressure in so low it's barely readable. They were frantic, gotten blood for cross matching they added more pressure dressing.

A second I.V. was started to give blood replacing some she lost they start with a unit of type O blood not waiting for cross match. Soon her blood pressure was on the rise very low still.

The Doctors told me they be taking her to surgery to repair the damage to her leg, as soon as they had her stabilized. I pace the halls outside of Sara's room; they don't need me in the way.

A mature nurse shoves paperwork for me to complete, part of his insurance forms which I toss. I have the paperwork back to her; she asked what happened to the insurance form.

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I simply hand her my Express card and say. "Charge it." In ten minutes the nurse comes back with my Express card, the look on her face is priceless. "That's the first time that I had a vice president from a credit card company call us. There's no problem with any expense charge to this card. He asked for you to call, if there's anything that they can do for you, Mr. Winfield?" I shook my head no. The Doctor tells me that Sara is now stable and being taken to the operating room for surgery.

Stopping at the front desk, I let them know that had to move my SUV and then I would be right back. On my way out I meet the officer that came here ahead of me, who had escorted me thru traffic. I stopped, wanting to thank him, told him the Doctors said if I had been a minute later it would have been too late.

"That's what we're here for, isn't it." He handed me a warning ticket for 110 mph, and jokingly said. "don't do that again." "I didn't know my SUV was that fast." We laughed and he wishes me the best, then left.

I moved the SUV from the ER area to hospital parking lot. When I got in the smell of blood filled my nostrils. On exiting I got my first look at the amount of blood across from me, made my hart sick. That's when it hit me hard, my little girl just about died.

I start to shake, could barely walk back into the ER. If it had been my blood, I think I could've dealt with it. It was Sara's, and she's my reason for living. Seeing how badly I'm shaking and all the blood on me they must think I was hurt too, by the looks I was getting.

Then it all goes black. I come to, it about dawn; I'm in a bed, too small for mine. Then it all came back to me in a rush, all but why my head hurts.

I find the call button and call the nurse. My heart is racing faster than if I ran 5 miles in a sprint. An attractive nurse comes in. "Well look who's up early." "How is my Daughter?" I asked. I'm in a near panic not knowing. My mind is solely on Sara. "Shhh keep your voice down or you'll wake her." As she opens the curtains across from me to show a sleeping girl, my heart rate and blood pressure both drops.

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"The Doctor said that would happen." as she walks back to get a print out to show the changes on a tape. I try to rise up, but I'm feeling very dizzy, forcing me to lie back to my pillow. "Hey, don't try that. You got a good knock on your head last night, you went into shock. We got to keep you for about twelve hours, for your daughter another day maybe." There's concern in her voice. What do you remember about last night?

She asked while studying my face. I only glanced at her when she asked the question, then look back to Sara. Sara came home bleeding badly. I did my best to slow it down, but God it was bad. I should have put the tourniquet on at home. When I stopped to put it on, a cop pulled over then led me here, never would've got here in time without him.

After I got here they started working on her. Soon ER staff had her blood pressure up and taking her to the operating room. I went to move my SUV. Its then I realized just how near death, Sara had been from all the blood lost.

I walked back into the ER then everything went black. "That bad?" The nurse asked. "She scared me to death. The SUV is a mess. I don't want to see it again." I'm trying not to picture it in my mind. I was grateful for not having breakfast yet, as my stomach turned, not being able to keep the image out of my head. "Here's a number for an auto detailer, there really good at that kind of a thing.

Give them a call and they will pick it up clean and drop it back here before you check out, maybe." I hadn't paid much attention to her; Sara was the only thing on my mind. "I don't have to clean it that sounds good to me.

I think that's what put me in shock." The nurse got me two more pillows then helped me elevate the head of the bed, so I could keep an eye on Sara. She smiled then left.

There's something about her, I just can't put my finger on, but it's hard to see her in this darkened room. I watched Sara sleep for some time. I thought how I had lost Jewels. How she was the near same age as Sara is today.

I meditated in silence listening to my heart not finding any answers. I watched Sara sleep, till I fell back to sleep myself. "Dad. Daddy wake up." Sara's voice sounds small and scared the kind that a protective father jumps when hearing. "Sara, oh baby it's good to hear your voice again.

" Joy fills my voice as I awake to Sara's call. Sara giggles. "Daddy you worry too much." "How's the leg baby girl? " I want her to just take it easy for the rest of the day. "Hurts a little, but I still got it." She pushes back the blanket to look at her bandage leg.

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She pulled the blanket over her leg again. Then nervously flips through the channels on her TV. "Dad, when do I get out of here?" I would say Sara is board, finding nothing on TV she likes, but I knew better she hated hospitals.

A friend of hers was very sick when she was just in the second grade, we came to visit often. She hated her friend being stuck there in pain and from then on she's always hated hospitals.


Even after her friend had gotten healthy, went home and had a very happy life so far. "Dad why are you here, are you sick?" Now worry touches Sara's voice. "No baby girl I worry too much, it makes my head hurt." We both giggle then moan from pain. "I had moved the SUV last night, when I came in I fell. They're going to keep me for another 12 hours. But you know how tough my head is." I give her a wink.

And she responds with another giggle. "I got to make a call. I get SUV is all set up to get cleaned." I just don't want to see it again like that, and I surely would not ever let Sara see it.

Afterword Sara and I talked mainly about nothing in particular. I tell a joke or two getting groans from Sara because of my bad jokes, which usually turn to giggles at my frustration. I will do anything to make time pass faster for Sara. Doctor Maris comes in.

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"Good to hear you doing better." He's holding two charts open the top one. "Sara, let me see your leg please?" The doctor moves the blanket down off her legs to see the sight of the cut. "You took 42 stiches and two pints of O blood, seven pints of B blood, and four intravenous saline solutions. Better thank your Daddy he got you here just in time, five more minutes, I wouldn't have the honor of meeting you." Sara eyes go wide as big as saucers.

"Really Doctor?" "Sara I wouldn't lie to you." Doctor Maris replies. "Yes Sara I did drive real fast last night." I wonder what happen to that warning ticket. "You did a great job on Sara's leg with your first aid." The doctor talks to both of us as he is pulling the dressing back for her leg. "Well looks like we got that closed up fine.

You're will have a scar but it will be thin a little more than a line." Doctor Maris had pulled her left leg and lifted her knee to the edge of her bed, as reflex her right leg copied the left. As I looked at what Doctor Maris was doing I couldn't help but see Sara's labia.

I wanted to see what was going on, so I looked, trying not to focus on her sex, but it had been a long time since I've seen a woman aroused. There Sara was obviously aroused the outer lips had parted, while the inner lips had swollen and glistened with wetness. The position Sara was in was very sexy, not like normal.

Normally she shows no sign of arousal near me. Sara glanced at me and smiled, as Doctor examined her leg, feeling the pulse at her ankle. I've seen Sara nude almost every day since she was eight, but I try never to look at her down there. My heart was racing. The heart monitor showing the fact of my excitement; I had been denying that truth to myself.

I feel my manhood had stiffened. I had to look away, to bring my pulse back to normal, to lessen my excitement. Now with my pulse back to near normal, I looked back to Doctor Maris standing at Sara's bed side. Where he was reading my chart, but hadn't pulled the sheets back in place and Sara had not moved.

My pulse is accelerating again. All I could do was give her a little smile and look out the window again. I looked out the window, I closed my eyes for just a moment, as I do memories of my little girl came back flooding my mind, holding her on her birthday age 3 minutes, yes I was there, taking her home, changed that little ass, bathing her, her first word "Dada", giggles and tickles, crawling, walking, running, cut, scrapes and bruises, kissing booboos, Mom leaving, dolls and bikes, butterfly kiss, first day of pre-school, first day of school, first dance, plays, first period and then her first tampon.

She has grown so fast, now she looks more woman than girl. My little girl isn't little anymore. Now that Sara has grown into a beautiful young woman, she reminded me of Jewels in so many ways. She wondered sometimes why turned and left the room without a word.

After Sara's 14th birthday I begin to wonder if I had begun to transfer my feelings from Jewels to Sara. Sara had been my whole life, my only reason to live, since a loss of Jewels.

Now that she's older her body is so sexy. There she was nearly sixteen, looking sexier every day, did I just think that, no shit I did. Well at 5 foot 5 inches, she has 34B cups breast, 22 inch waist, 34 inch hips on a toned body. Green eyes, that burn like fire when she was mad, sparkle when she was happy. With fire red hair in the sunlight, her carpet matched the drapes. Smooth skin and a milky tone, with all the Sun she gets you would think she would tan; instead she has a million freckles.

She has taken to teasing me lately too, she's always been playful. Now it seems a little different not like her younger playful self. Oh shit my heart rate is rising as is my dick; I try to pull more of the blankets to my crouch hiding it from my girl, the way the bed is made up doesn't allow for the blankets to move.

I have to settle for folding over as much as I can. Sara has all ways bend the trickster. Just pulled small pranks most of the time, me being her favorite target. Like the time when she was Eight, Sara made a snake from her old play doe, painted it, and then hidden it in my underwear. Sara got up before me to watch me, getting ready for my day I picked up the top pair to find a nearly real looking snake.

I jump knowing she put it there, and I wanted to make a show of it, just to hear her laugh. Laugh, hell she rolled in the floor, till I scooped her up threw her on my bed and tickled her to get even. I still find that snake from time to time, with much the same thing every time.

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That made me smile. Doctor Maris brings me back to the here and now. "Robert how is your hearing? Robert did you hear me?" Sorry Doc I was just remembering, about how an eight year old girl got one on me. So I tell the Doctor the story, He and Sara laugh. Well your memory is good. Then he checks my eyes, has me squeeze his fingers, good responses, and test reflexes. He says "Then if you can make it to the bathroom I'll let you go." "Good I've needed to go." I get up slowly, move my legs over the edge place my feet under me.

Then walk into the bathroom, to giggles from Sara. I was nude under the hospital robe, it short on me at 6 foot 4 inches 220 pounds well-muscled body, I'm not ripped with less than 10% body fat, but I don't have a spare tire too. Less fair skinned than Sara, blond hair, a little stubble from missing shaving today.

The man in the mirror looks good, but I hope I'm not being vain. I close the door; lift the robe only a few inches to go. Oh shit was I showing as I stood there. No wander Sara acted like that, no way had she missed it; its nine inches from base to tip and thick too.


Now the man in the mirror is red faced. I finish, flush, and wash my hands. Pull the robe down as far as it goes, open the door. I move back to the bed, and notice the nurse has reentered the room. Doctor Maris is talking to Sara. "Lucky your Father knows about first aid, or we wouldn't be talking." Sara wide eyed. "So my Dad did save my life again." Doctor Maris confirms.

"Yes he did. What again, how did he safe you the first time?" He hadn't realized Sara had said again, until he was talking. Sara looks the Doctor in the eyes. "In the summer when I was eight years old, I was walking in a meadow in Colorado. On the far side of the meadow a grizzly bear came out of the trees charging at me. I turn and ran towards our cabin. I didn't know how fast my dad was until that day. He ran two hundred yards sprint in, I think better than world record time.

He ran closing the distance between him and the bear faster, than I did between me and the cabin. He ran past me, and then Dad kicked the bear so hard, the bear fell dead. He had broken three vertebrae in its neck. We have the bear's autopsy and rug to prove it. The Doctor's face shows his disbelief, but doesn't say so. "I'll get the discharge paperwork done in a few hours, and Mr. Winfield can go home soon." A disappointed look is on Sara's face.

I ask. "Dr. Maris when can Sara be discharged?" The Doctor answered. "We need to keep her for about 24 more hours to ensure no reactions to the transfusions she had." Sara asked the nurse to help her to the rest room. She responded. "Sure Sara, now just lean on me." Soon after Sara return to bed, the Doctor and nurse leaves, we're all by our self's they all so closed the door to the room.

After we're been there for a few minutes, Sara looks at me still holding the blankets up to her neck. "Dad, we're nude under the robe." Her face is a red like only a redhead can get, not used to being nude away from home, or around anyone other than me.

"That's not news to me now." I can feel myself go red. "Dad did you see me down there?" Her eyes are wide. "It's ok Baby girl, you didn't know you were showing." "That's not what I asked." Sara forces the point. I need to know it was me that gave Dad the erection. Seeing no way out, I just told the truth.

"Yes I did." I know I'm very red faced. Sara is a little redder than before, but still said. "Dad I saw you too. Was it because of me?" "Oh Sara, can we talk when we get home?" I was hoping we could finish it there. Sara gets a devilish look to her face, I know by that look she's up to something I'll regret.

She though the blanket off. Pulls the robe up over her hips, spreads her legs and then moves her hips. My pulse jumps doubling what have been displayed moments before. "Sara please don't do that, we will talk about this when we get home." If it had been any other circumstance I may have enjoyed the show, but not here and now.

Sara giggles "I know now anyway, if you're not mad at me." "Oh I'm mad now. You shouldn't be doing that." I tried to look angry, by the look on her face, I know I failed miserably. Lots more hip movement.

"Oh I don't think you're mad." She stops her hips. Her eyes are going wide as her attention is locked to my lap; a tent is forming there, my dick having a mind of its own shows its approval to Sara show. I turn to my side, to look out the window, sad look on my face.

I look back to her. "Yeah you did, and now what?" I turn back to the window. "Dad I'm sorry. I don't want to make you sad, or mad." WOW I did give him a hard on. I like the fact that I can turn Dad on. It makes me tingle so much seeing him like that. "Baby it's Ok for now, but we'll have a long talk when we get home." I didn't take my eyes from the window. She play I'm sorry before. She's a better actor than I am. "Dad, turn over." "Why baby?" "Your but is showing.

And I stopped." I roll back over and face her again. She covered herself again just to her lap. There is a knock at the door, it opens and the nurse from this morning came in. "Your doctor is working your release now, but you're going to need something to ware out of here. I'll get you some scrubs to ware home, if you bring them back on her next appointment." I noticed her name is Jill by her name tag.

"Sure that shouldn't be a problem. Jill thank you." "Ok I'll get the scrubs" she took my size, looked me up and down and when to find me some. I still had a tent, her eyes stayed on it for a time with the distant look in her eyes like memories flooding back.

I called the auto detailers, asked if the SUV was ready. Sorry sir but the passenger seat has some much blood in it. It will be better if we replace it. You wouldn't want it anyway because. I cut him off. "No she is fine now, but it was close." "Holy shit that's great. Ah, that she is fine." The detailer is a little impressed. "Better to replace the seat. We'll never be able to make it like new." "Ok how long will it be before it's ready?" I am hoping not long.


"I'm sorry but it will be about three days." His reply is not too unexpected. I hang up the room phone. Then I looked for the number for a rental car. I get that all set-up, the car will be here in thirty minutes. A knock at the door, Jill returns with a set of scrubs put them on my bed.

"Sara do you need anything?" Jill asked kindly. "No thanks, Jill." Sara replied warmly. I dress in the scrubs after Jill left. I walk over to Sara, set on the edge of her bed, turn to hug her. "Luv you Baby." I say to Sara as I hold her. She hugs me back.

"Dad I love you too. Dad thanks." "For what Baby?" Like I didn't know it's for saving her life. "You saved my life." The smile on her face can melt icebergs.

"I would be all by myself, if I didn't have you around." As I pull her tighter to me. "Besides who is going to make breakfast for the two weeks after the Doc gives you the Ok to be up and walking." "Ok Dad, I will make you breakfast. But Dad you will have to show me how.

You know I haven't cooked much." I think it's about time that she learn how to cook breakfast, in less than three months she will be sixteen. Sara is thinking as she sat there looking up at her Dad's face. I'm been so lucky to have him as my Dad. He is so good looking, and so strong. I didn't know I was showing him my body, my pussy, but he got turn on by me. That hasn't happened before. We skinny-dip all the time but he has never gotten excited by me till now.

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I got so wet when I saw his erection. I was so excited to see it. I ache for his touch on my body, not just that, I want sex. I want to feel his huge cock inside me. Now when he hugs me I am getting excited to. I just want to be alone with him so bad. When I get home I'll do what I have to be his girl. No, that's not right, I want be his girlfriend, his woman. I'll do what it takes to be his lover.

"Dad I can't wait to get home." If he knew what I am planning would he be as excited as I am? "Me too, sweet heart, I'll bring you back anything you want from home for tonight." Sara gets a devilish grin. "Okay you, just come back and be with me." I try to keep my face as normal as possible but her double play with her words is not lost on me. Knock at the door again. Jill came in leading the rent-a-car person. Paper work signed, card charged, and the keys handed over. He's out the door as Jill Steps back in.

"Looking better I see." The nurse said as she looks me over again. "Oh yes, Doctor Maris wanted to speak to you in his office, if you would follow me please." "Wait here sweetheart I'll be back soon." I tell Sara and then I kiss her on the forehead. I hop off the bed and follow Jill out into the hospital. I follow as she walks just ahead of me, she has a great swing to her walk, and one most men could not help but to watch. I take two fast steps to walk beside her.

"I couldn't help but notice that you seem to like my look?" She giggles like a young girl. "I do, I do like to look. I can look, but I bend taken, sorry." I say "Well, no harm in looking. Your man is a lucky one." I can't help but think I should know her, she seems so familiar. Like a friend from high school, that I haven't seen in a long time. I almost asked. "Who said it was a man." She says looking at my face to get my reaction.

My face goes hot, and then she laughs. "Got you." She stops in front of a door knocks for me, then opens the door. "I'll wait here." Dr. Maris is contemplating as he sits alone in his office. How do I use the information that I have. I have seen how the two of them had gotten turn on this morning. I will know soon if they're having sex, if I can prove he's having sex with her.

His thoughts are interrupted as a knock sounds at his door, and it opens. "Hi Doctor Maris." I come in and take a seat. "I take it I need to sign some paper work." I really can't get this over fast enough.

I just wish Sara could come home today too. Doctor Maris looks up with a smile. "That girl of yours is sure something." "Thanks Doc." "I have three orders for you. "Drive slower, keep her off her feet for two weeks, and get her on birth control." If she isn't already, he will agree to that in a heartbeat.

Then I know sooner or later I'll be able to find proof of her being sexually active with him. "What Doc?" I'm a little taken aback, but given Sara's recent actions, now with her flirting with me. I'm thinking it's probably a good idea.

If she keeps it up more than likely I'll give her what she's asking for. Any man without ice water for blood would. "Yes, it hit me like that too, when my wife told me our girls needed to be on the pill." Doctor Maris says knowingly. "I have never thought about it.

Yes, Sara is at that age when girl start being boy crazy." I half lie, not wanting to confess my thoughts from this morning to him. We talk for a minute or two more. I sign all the paper work needed for my check out.

He gives me four prescriptions, for pain, anti-infection, a cream to help heal the cut, and the pill. He hands me a small bag containing my wallet, keys, and cell phone. "Start her on the Meds as soon as possible, as soon as you're home tomorrow, the pill in the morning and it till her next cycle to become effective. Have her back in two weeks from tomorrow, if any sign of infection or bleeding bring her in immediately." I ask.

"By the way, what's the name of the red head nurse outside." If I can get her full name I can look her up. Find out more about her and maybe answer that nagging question in the back of my head. "I see you like red heads. It's Jill, Jill Maris." He states slightly amused. "Oh sorry, is she your wife?" I hadn't seen a ring.

"Yes, she keeps me on my toes like this." "It must be a red head thing." We both laugh. When Jill is walking me back to Sara's room, I ask. "So you and the Doc?" "Yeah he won me over about six years ago." She doesn't seem excited or happy at the memory. "You two sound like you have a lot of fun together." I'm just trying to make conversation.

"We keep each other happy." But that statement doesn't ring fully true to me. "That's good." I don't want to be rude. I keep my suspicions hidden. I told Sara. I'll be going home to get her some things and should be back in a couple of hours. Twenty minutes later I'm at a local drug store dropping off the prescriptions, they will be ready in an hour. I get some of the magazines that I know Sara reads. I'll come back in an hour to pick up the medications, on my way back to visit with Sara.

I drive home, when I get there a trail of Sara's blood, which follows her path. I get the garden hose and wash it away. In the entry hall there is more blood, I call one of the house cleaners I use from time to time. She agrees to come and take care of any bloodstains this evening. Now I can concentrate on getting what Sara needs today.

I get overnight bag and packet was of Sara's underwear, a sundress, and deck shoes. Get a couple of her favorite DVDs, her cell phone and laptop. I put one of her favorite movies in the DVD player of the laptop, so we can watch it later. I will take a quick shower, and then return to the hospital to be with Sara.

In the shower I run the water over my head and face, closing my eyes the image of Sara's sex flashes before me. I step back shaking my head trying to empty the image to no luck.

The spray now covers most of my body. My cock again hardening tingles as the spray stimulates it. It's just a fantasy this is not going to hurt anyone, as my hand wraps around my cock. Closing my eyes again Sara sex is therefore me, her lips are red and extended, wet with her juices. Sara parts her legs and moves her hips, no longer on the hospital bed but my bed. Sara's voice is so sexy, as she beckons me closer. Our lips touch, our bodies melt together, I am pumping my hand rapidly over my cock.

I was so turned on by her this morning. I wanted to ravage her so badly. I need this release to control myself. I feel my balls tighten, and then I explode into orgasm. I watch rope after rope of cum arches through the air to land a foot in front of me. My breathing is rapid as I lean heavily against the shower wall, the last of my semen flows from my cock.

I cleaned myself again. Dress and leave, stop at the pharmacy on the way there pick up her medications. It's still visiting hours, so I go to the hospital, heading back towards the room I shared with Sara. The doors open and I hear voices talking and laughing from inside.

Not wanting to ease drop I walk up and knock on the door. Sara's voice says come in. She lights up as I enter the room. "Dad, I'm glad you came back." Sara says happily. "I couldn't do without my best girl." I smile back. I noticed Jill is setting with Sara, and she must been whom Sara was talking with before I came in.

"Hello Jill, nice to see you." I still can't get over the fact that somehow I know her from long ago. I just can't place it. I guess it doesn't matter much she's married, and that's one line I'll never cross again. It turned out to be the worst thing I have ever done.

If I had divorced Janet then courted Jewels things may have been totally different. My marriage with Janet was terrible for both of us. Sara is there anything you need before I go? Jill asked. "Thank you Jill. I don't need anything." Sara says warmly to Jill. "I'll look in on you tonight when I come on shift." Jill tells Sara. Then she is out the door without looking back. I realize she stayed long after her shift to talk to Sara.

I place her bag on the bedside table. Handing her a pair of her panties, she takes them with a giggle. "Thanks Dad." She pulls them on without hesitation. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking and watching her movies. Sara has me to get in bed beside her so I can see her laptop as well.

During the second movie she is cuddled to my chest and falls asleep. I stopped the movie after I realize I'm the only one watching it. With Sara resting on my chest I realize that fantasy in my shower hasn't helped much, it may have hurt because now with her lying beside me I can't get it out of my head.

At 4 PM the nurse comes in with medications for Sara. The nurse gives me a look as if to say that's cute if she was eight years old. Waking Sara to take her medication, she then ushers me off of the bed. The nurse told Sara go back to sleep till dinner at 6 PM. Tells me that visiting hours start again at 7 PM and I should not be back till then, practically pushes me from the room.

I call to Sara be back at seven. At seven that night we watch one more movie together. I wish her good night and I'll be back first thing in the morning to bring her home. The medications are making her sleepy anyway. When I get home the house seems so empty without Sara there. I decide to go straight to bed so I can get up very early. At about 2:30 in the morning I wake from a nightmare where I had not gotten Sara to the hospital in time.

After that I just couldn't get back to sleep. At three in the morning I'm still looking at the ceiling of my bedroom.

Just then the house phone rings its Sara. "Hey what are you doing up so late?" "I had a bad dream Dad. I really needed to hear your voice. " She's talking quietly; I hear some stress in her voice. "I'm glad to hear your voice too, Sara. This house is very lonely without you.

I miss you." "I miss you too, when are they going to let me out of here?" Sara asked hoping I'll just come get her. "Nine in the morning." I can almost feel her disappointment coming through the phone. "Do you think Jill would let me sneak in your room. Just so I can be with you?" Giggling now Sara says.

"Who do you think got my cell phone from the bag for me? By the way Dad I lost a bet.

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Jill bet me hundred bucks that you would come if I called you even at three in the morning." "Okay you can owe me the hundred. I'll be there in an hour. Love you baby girl." "Love you too Dad." I sneak in the hospital at 3:45 AM walking in Sara's room she is there talking with Jill, it seems as though she and Sara had found the beginnings of a friendship.

I walk over and hand Sara the hundred. Sara hands it to Jill. Jill giggles. "I'll put this into my girls' college fund." Sara takes my hand to get my attention. "Dad, Jill wants to take me to shop for some new outfits.

You know how you hate to shop for clothing. I thought me and Jill could spend some time together. " "Sure I don't have a problem with that." Actually I was happy that Sara was socializing. "Okay when Sara is able to walk around the mall, we'll go shopping together." Jill smile is warm and affectionate to Sara.

Jill is turning to leave again. "I got to go check on the other patients." She's out the door quickly. I set down beside Sara, and hold her hand. "So baby girl do you want tell me about that bad dream." "Don't want to think about it again." Sara says shaking her head and squeezing my hand. I let it drop. "Do you want to watch that movie again, or do you want me to cuddle with you so you can go back to sleep?" I'm hoping she wants to cuddle, I probably need that more than she does after the dream I had.

Sara makes room for me on her bed, and then said. "Please Dad come cuddle with me. That makes me feel safe in your arms." I climb into the bed beside Sara cuddling to her. I feel her relax as soon has her head rests on my chest.

In just moments Sara's breathing is regular and slow. It didn't take her 30 seconds to fall asleep, and I wonder if she had slept any tonight. Had that dream awoken her too soon after she had fallen asleep earlier tonight? Holding her and feeling her warm breath on my chest relaxed me as well, washed away all worry my nightmare had caused. Even though I tried to fight sleep it took me quickly as well. "Wake up you two." A hand on my shoulder shakes me awake.

I hear a familiar voice. "Okay Jewels, I'm awake." Sara still sleeps on my chest. As my eyes adjust to the light in the room and realization of where I'm at fills my brain.

I raise my head and there's Jill with a curious smile a crossed her face. "Robert, you need to get up. The doctors will be making the rounds soon." She turns and walks from the room.

I slide out of bed gently as I can, but still wake Sara. "The doctors will come around soon, I'll be back I just need to get fresh clothing on." Kissing her on the forehead I leave for home. At home get changed after showering, check the work my housekeeper like always very well done.

I decide to get breakfast on the way back to the hospital. I leave the rental car and take my Jaguar; Sara always enjoyed riding in it better. At 10:45 Sara and I pull off the highway back onto our long drive way. I pull up to the front door, to let Sara have an easier time going in the house. "Sara, I'll help you out, let me get your door." As I round the car, Sara is moving in her seat. I open and hold the door of the car for Sara. I've lost sight of Sara, as I opened the door, so I am totally surprised as a pair of gorgeous nude legs comes out of the car, followed by the rest of this beautiful nude teen.

I'm frozen in place, like a dear in high beams, and yes she had them on high, both nipples hard and erect. Using the door and me to help her stand up, she giggles as she saw the shock on my face.

"Dad hand me my crutches please." I've seen her so many times as a child but here is a young woman, fair skinned worked well with her red hair. Her 34 B cup breast alone is a marvel by themselves mounts of creamy milky whiteness topped areolas color of pink roses topped with deeper pink nipples. "Daddy you like, you must you're staring." How can I missed her changes seeing her every day, skinny-dipping with her, I guess I was so used to seeing her I didn't notice.

Here she is standing for me her signs of obvious arousal screamed to my body. Sorry Baby but there is no way you're walking around the house like that. "Aaah Daddy. I know you like it." She touches the tent in my pants.

"Come on Dad let me see it up close." "Get to your room now and put something on or I'll spank your nude ass." I try to be firm, no pun. "Aaaw Daddy you want to put your hands on my ass." She teased. I look at her and say in a hard tone. "Don't tease till you're ready to please." "What?" Sara is confused by my statement I don't give her time to figure it out "Go to your room and think about it, as you put something on." But the thought going on in my head is if she doesn't put something on I'll fuck her brains out, how long can I hold out.

She is so God Damn beautiful, so tempting if she wasn't my daughter that pussy would be holding my dick right now, or maybe my cum. Forgive me I want her so much, more than any woman before. I love her; all is holding me back not wanting to hurt her. She turns to go, realizing I'm not giving in, yet. Sara plans, I'll make him give in to me; I can see that his body wants to, that hard on is huge. He will give in soon. I'll go to his bed.

I'll go nude he likes it, even if he says he don't. He so turned on. I'll make him spank me but I wouldn't stop; at least I feel his hand on my ass. Now see what I can think to make him stay near me as I'm nude, I use the leg to make him help me.

"Ouch Dad, my leg is hurting bad." "Your pain killers are wearing off. I have them in my room." "Daddy, help me to my bed first please." "Ok, I put your crutches in your room later. You can hold to my neck." I gently pick her up holding under her knees and back, her arm is around my neck. Walking and carrying her this way she can use one arm to open the doors for me. Lifting her to my chest is like picking up a feather, she feels so light in my arms.

Her arm circles my neck; I feel her warm body through my shirt. I'm so turned on at this point my dick hurts from need; my balls feel heavier than she does. As I walked through our home I pass the couch, I want to throw her down on it spread those gorgeous legs to my shoulders and drive in her till my head of my dick hits bottom, not just touch but hit her cervix. I know this can drive a girl into orgasm but not at first, a light touch can be painful to some girls, till she is near her own climax.

I sure she still has her Hymen, the thin vaginal membrane, so painful to break, not a good idea with all her stitches. That's the idea of her death, to ease my lust, but it kills my lust. If it kills mine, it should work on her as well.

By the time I reach her bedroom out the back hall. Sara has her head on my shoulder; her hot breath is steady and slow. I look down and she is asleep. Thank god her door is open. Her bed is unmade so I will have no problem laying her down and tucking her in.

I move slower now to her bed, lowering her to her bed, her ass touches the sheets, her hills of her feet my arm is no longer supporting her lower body. I bent to lower her upper body to her bed. Halfway down and both her arms now hold me tight to her, her lips move to mine so fast but gentle, she is kissing me; I don't stop myself from returning it.

The kiss started soft and sweet now is becoming hot and passionate. One of her hand sliding in to my pants, she moved hand through my pubic hair then right to the base of my now soft dick. Her eyes shot open. "Baby what is wrong?" after we break our kiss. She has a questioning look on her beautiful face. "I was going to ask you that." Sara is all most hurt by what her hand has found.

She pulls her hand free.

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"Sara, we can't now." She starts to object but I don't let her by putting a finger to her lips. "If we make love your stitches would open up, at best you would have a nasty scar, but there is a big chance you would die. I'll not let that happen never. So for now I want you to stop trying for this, because if you want too after those stitches are out.

After you're better I will be willing too." Her eyes are passionate, as she takes it all in, how I looked, and talked to her. "Dad it is ok if you want to now. I want it too. Don't you want me to be your lover?" I smile back and talk in my voice she has never heard from me, my lover's voice.

"Sara, yes more than I want to breathe, but never if you are hurt by it in any way. So no, we can wait." She pulls me into a kiss, that I willing move into. We kiss for a long time.

"Sara I Love You. I need to go get your Meds. I'll be back as fast as I can." "Ok Dad. I'll wait for you." I get the package of medications I picked up from the pharmacy. Get a glass of water from the kitchen, and walked back to Sara's room. I open the bag and pull out her medications first the cream is to help heal the cut so there'll be very little scar.

There are antibiotics so you will not have an infection. Your pain killers and last but not least her birth control pills. Sara has no reaction until I pullout a round 28 day container of birth control pills. Her eyes light up with excitement upon recognizing what they are. "You weren't kidding you have planned this haven't you?" "Surprised? I told you I will do anything to keep you from being hurt." I open the painkiller and antibiotic to give Sara recommended dose to take.

"Sara read on the birth control pills and find out when you got to take them." I know they will not be effective during this cycle but after, during her next cycles we should be safe. "Ok I'll do anything for you. And I do mean anything." Sara has a devilish grin. "Love alright when you're better, just not now." I say this before she gets sex back on her mind.