Mi primer video porno noche maravillosa

Mi primer video porno noche maravillosa
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Chapter Two "Oh God, I love riding you like this!" My beautiful fiance Isabella was seated on top of me, grinding her clit on my groin. Her big, beautiful brown eyes were boring into me. She was sitting up, rocking back and forth and up and down, covering me with her wetness.

"Am I wet enough for you baby?" I have the greatest woman in the world.

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And she's all mine. "God, yes." I did love how wet she got for me. She wasn't a squirter, like you see in pornos, but she did gush when she came.

A flood of her vaginal fluids would cover me and I would feel it drip down my ball sack and along the inside my thighs. Afterwards we would need a full size bath towel to clean up and the bed would be soaking wet. She told me that it had never happened before until we met. She reached up and ran her fingers through her thick blonde hair and then back down to her perfectly shaped C cup breasts.

Pinching her nipples and getting them even harder. "I love you baby. I never want to stop fucking you." She said, speeding up her gyrations. She is the perfect woman. Fulfils every sexual desire I could have. I was extremely lucky to have such a good woman in my bed wearing the ring I had given her. She gently slapped me in the face. "Tell me you love me." "You're the best baby. I love you." I loved the beginning of the trickle of juices that were coming out of her. The wet, sloppy sounds of our private parts slamming into each other.

Our headboard was rhythmically beating against the wall. She leaned over, her hair cascading around both our faces as she hungrily kissed me. I pulled her closer to me and her lips started kissing my neck. I was able to piston in and out of her better in this position.

She stopped grinding on me and let me fuck her as fast and hard as I could.


"Ohhhh. God, baby. I'm going to cum!!" This is when that trickle of fluids becomes more of a flood. I kept hammering her as her orgasm started to overtake her. Her breathing in my ear was getting heavier and more uneven. She let out a long cry as I felt the first wave of her juices start drenching me. I kept it up. Harder and faster into her from underneath. More juices, more wetness. Harder, faster … She collapsed a bit, exhausted.

It felt so incredible, feeling her soaking wet pussy clamped down on me as she ever so slowly started to recover from her orgasm. She started slowing moving her hips again.

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I She looked at me with her big, beautiful brown eyes, her mouth, which had been in an "O" shape turned into a beautiful smile. "Oh … you're so good. So, so good." She whispered as she gave me a devilish look. 'What do you want, baby? I want to make you cum …" "Just don't … stop." The feeling of her cumming all over me was bringing me to the brink.

I loved her dearly and just wanted to share all my cum with her. Isabella started moving up and down on my hard cock again. Her hands pressed into my chest for support. "Where do you want to cum? Are you going to cum in me? Give me your baby?" That was more of a role playing game we played. She was on birth control, but we both had fantasies of getting her pregnant. I shook my head as she started moving faster. "You want to cum on my tits? Is that what you like?" She had perfect fucking tits, and when she said this she used both hands to squeeze them together.

"I'm going to cum in your mouth." I told her, my own breathing becoming more ragged. At that, she closed her eyes and I could envision my throbbing cock going in between her lips and letting all my cum spurt out into her mouth.

"Fuck! Baby! I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum!" She scampered off my cock and immediately took it in her mouth. With her hand she started stroking me until I thrust into her and started to unleash my seed.

She pulled up a bit, keeping my cock tip in between her lips as I fired rope after rope of hot cum into her eager mouth. She moaned passionately on my dick. I fell back into the bed while she stayed in position, milking out every last drop of cum from my deflating and sensitive cock.

She looked up at me, with my dick still in her mouth before pulling off and showing me my cum in her mouth. In one swallow it was gone. God I love that woman. She was blissfully fulfilled as she cuddled up next to me. "Perfect way to start the day." "Better than wheaties." I replied, closing my eyes.

We laid there for a few minutes. Trying to sort through the post-coital bliss to focus on the upcoming day. It was a Sunday and a beautiful, if cold day at that. Just a few days before Christmas, this was the type of activity that was keeping our stress levels low and our relationship happy. Isabella kept me so completely sexually fulfilled, yet I often wondered (and fantasized) about Ronnie, that young girl I had met and deflowered over the course of a couple hours several months ago.

Who was that man who did that? What kind of beast lived inside of me?

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Would that darkness show up again? Slowly, my bride-to-be and I got up and took a shower together. Feeling our mixed bodily fluids wash off under the hot shower. I playfully slapped her ass, she kissed me and washed my back. When we got out we dressed. I was ready before her, of course. "Don't forget I'm having lunch with your mother today." She called from the bathroom as I sat on the bed waiting.

"I know sweetie. Let me know if she drops any hints for what she would want for Christmas." I said. "You haven't gotten her anything yet?" "No. I'm missing quite a few gifts for the family.

Just need something suitable and not … horrible." "Like the 'neck massager' you got your niece last year?" She said, laughing from the bathroom. I groaned. The vibrator jokes started from my family immediately upon my 15 year old niece opening it and we had both just turned red out of embarrassment.

"Yeah. Bad decision on my part." I called back to her Once we were ready, we got into our separate cars and drove to the local mall. Needless say it was extremely packed, even at 10am on. Sunday morning. It took me a few minutes to park and then a few minutes more to find Isabella. We shopped for a while, stopped for a coffee and a Chinese massage. After a while, it was time for Isabella to leave. We were walking to the exit so I could escort her to her car while I remained at the mall to finish shopping.

That's when I heard it. "Jim! JIM!!" I didn't turn around, as my name wasn't Jim, but I recognized the voice. It was the voice of the demon inside me who reminded me of my poor decisions.

"Uncle Jim?" Isabella and I turned together, and sure enough, there was Ronnie. Cute as ever. Not even 5 feet tall, dressed in a short skirt with tall boots and a white button down blouse. Her brown hair tied up in a ponytail that was draped around her shoulder. "Uncle Jim!" She said again, leaping into my arms. I was stunned. I looked over at Isabella who had a bemused look on her face. I didn't know what to say. Ronnie broke the embrace and looked over at Isabella.

"Uh … Ronnie … this is my fiancee, Isabella." I said carefully. Ronnie extended her hand cheerfully. "Isabella, this is Ronnie … she's … a friend … of Jaime's." Jaime is my 15 year old niece.

Isabella is extraordinarily charming and took Ronnie's hand and complimented her on her boots and style. Ronnie thanked her before playfully slapping me on the arm, "I didn't know you were getting married!" "Yeah …!" I smiled, but my insides were doing somersaults, my face was getting hot and my brain was moving a thousand miles a minute.

"You simply must come to the wedding! Give 'Uncle Jim' your address and we'll send you an invitation!" Typical Isabella. Our $25,000 wedding budget had already been doubled and she was intent on everyone being there -- regardless of the connection to the bride and groom.

Ronnie squealed. "I'd love that! I love weddings!" She did a small jump. "Well I must be going. I can walk myself to the car, dear. You two catch up. I'll see you at the house." Isabella kissed me and walked out the door, leaving me … utterly confused.

"Ugh! I can't believe you're getting married!" Ronnie was still smiling.


"Ronnie … I … what are you doing here?" "Probably the same thing you are -- Shopping." She rolled her eyes a bit, but she seemed genuinely glad to see me. "Yeah. Um … Great to see you!" I gave her a sideways hug. "I didn't think I would ever see you again and here you are. I'm so happy!" She parried my sideways hug with a full embrace.

Mall consumers were glancing at us before resuming their frantic shopping. "Should we get coffee?" "Coffee?" I asked, as if I had no idea what that was. My brain was failing me. "Yes. Coffee. Catch up.

How you been?" She grabbed my hand and started walking me towards … somewhere. "Good. Good." I wasn't sure what we would catch up on, exactly. "You're getting married! Gosh!" "Yep." I'm usually more articulate than this. "Have you been to the Daily Grind? They have the best coffee here." "Um, sure.

Yeah." Ronnie was jibber jabbering about the mall and shopping while we waited in line and I paid for our coffees. She ordered chocolate something or other with just a splash of coffee. Something a teenager would drink just to seem like more of an adult. We sat down at the only available table in the crowded shop.

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I sat next to her in case people overheard anything. "So … I got to tell you. When we met …" Ronnie started, before looking around to make sure we weren't overheard.

"That was so … so … hot." "You … you're okay with everything that happened?" I was stunned. "Oh my god, yes. Weren't you?" What a loaded question. I didn't know how to answer it. A yes meant that I wanted to do it again … "Yes." Her smile grew even bigger and mine mirrored hers.

I couldn't control myself around this girl. Her face was so innocent, her body was so small and tight and her attitude … I just loved it. Just as fast as that smile grew, it faded. "But you left me." I was feeling her feelings. I felt like an asshole. "I know. I don't know what to say.

I'm sorry." "You should be! You had just …" She leaned closer. "You had just taken my virginity, you know." "I don't know what to say Ronnie. You deserve better than that." I looked down and my feelings of guilt came roaring back. She didn't say anything for a moment.

We both thought back to the pool and the last few minutes we had spent together -- me cumming in her and then deciding that I had gone too far and leaving her there alone. "I'm sorry too." I lifted my head to look at her.

"Sorry for what?" "I …" She looked as if she was about to cry. "I don't know why I did it, but I took your money." I knew she had, of course. But I figured I would never see her again and it was a small price to pay for what had happened. "Oh … that. Don't worry about that." "Do you want me to pay you back?" "No … no. It was … a gift." It wasn't a gift at all, the little thief took it. I smiled. "A $400 gift." "$324, actually.

I feel bad. I want to pay you back." She looked absolutely adorable when she was remorseful. "Ronnie, really. Don't worry about it." I waved her off. Another moment of silence while we sipped our drinks. "Your fiance is very pretty." This was awkward. "Yes. Thank you." "Does she … do things for you?" The implication was clear. "Yes … we … have a very healthy … sex life." She grinned her goofy grin. "Better than ours?" I laughed nervously.

"You and I don't have one." "Ouch, Jim. Ouch." She feigned to be hurt, her hand going to her heart. My eyes went to her breasts. I had gotten away with cheating on my perfect fiance with an underage girl once … by the grace of God. What was I doing tempting fates again?

But Ronnie was so .sexy. She was mature for her age … I think … or was I justifying to myself why I should do this again? I wanted her again.

And again after that. I wanted to taste her, kiss her, show her the world. The question was out of my mouth before I really considered the implications. "How old are you, Ronnie?" "Me?

I'm 16 … how old did you think I was?" At once, I felt relieved and guilty again. I had thought Ronnie was closer to 13 than 16. But it also confirmed that which I already knew -- that she wasn't 18. "20, 22." I smiled. "Is my age going to be a problem for us?" Again, she implied this was something … more.

Scary. "No, of course not." "Good." Her smile was infectious. She had so much energy. "What should we do next?" We got up, and again Ronnie took my hand and took the lead. I loved watching her hips sway in her short skirt and the boots made her a good 3 inches taller.

Every so often she would look back at me and smile and I would melt a little more. We stopped in front of Forever 21 and she was positively giddy, telling me what a great store it was and how much she loved it.

We went inside and she immediately started browsing and asking my opinion on every article of clothing she held up to herself. She wanted … everything. There was one jacket that she absolutely loved.

It was $200. "Will you buy it for me?" She asked in a joking manner. "Of course." I blurted. I told you I couldn't control myself with her. She thought I was joking, but I wasn't. She insisted it was too much, I insisted on buying it. I took it from her and marched to the checkout.

We exited together and Ronnie leaned up and kissed me full on the lips. "Thank you!" My dick had never been harder. Maybe I felt guilty about how I took her virginity from her -- the circumstances and the manner. Maybe I was trying to assuage my own guilt about the situation. But that's how our afternoon went. We went to stores and she would pick out a few things that she "loved" and I would buy it for her.

It was our own "Pretty Woman" moment. The mall closes at 6, but at 5 we were still shopping. She would take a bunch of clothes into the dressing room and come out and model for me.

It was great. At one point Ronnie started dancing and gyrating like she was a stipper, even flipping up her skirt to show me her pink panties. She also tried to graze my dick when she could. Acting like she was reaching for one of her bags, but it was just an excuse. Every time she did it, she would look at me with her brilliant smile to gauge my reaction. The sexual palpitation was through the roof. I wanted her even more than I did at the pool.

I had to have her and she knew it. She loved teasing me. I forget which store we were at, but it was a bit quieter than the others. I was sitting down outside the dressing room while she took her time getting dressed and modeling for me. She poked her head out. "Jim, can you come in here for a minute?" I was out of my seat in a hot second.

I looked for an associate in the store, and after not seeing one walked into the dressing room with her. "What do you think?" She was wearing a gorgeous red dress that hung on one shoulder. Her small breasts were nearly spilling out of the front and it curved her body perfectly. It ended at a short slant, showing off her thin, perfect legs.

"It's beautiful. I … love it. You should definitely get that." She looked at me with pure sex in her eyes. She sauntered over to me and kissed me on the lips. I took her small body and pulled her closer to me, kissing her harder. The whole day of sexual frustrations with her were coming to a peak.

Our tongues danced, our lips crushed against each others and our bodies tried desperately to get ever closer to one another. She jumped into my arms, climbing me almost. Her head was over mine and she took my face in her hands slobbered her kisses on me. I turned her around and pinned her against the wall. I could feel the heat from her pussy on me. She bit my lip and I turned her and pinned her against the other wall.

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She brings out such passion from me. Passion I never felt before. Lust on a scale that you can't imagine. It wasn't her age, or her small lithe body.

It was her. Her smile, her scent, her laugh and her attitude. I needed her right then. My hand moved underneath her butt and I started to lift her higher.

I think she got the idea, because her leg swung over my shoulder. I lifted her from the other side and her panties were right in front of my face.

She reached down and grabbed the back of my head and moved me even closer to her snatch. I started breathing heavily on her panties, using my nose to nudge her clit. Ronnie was soaking wet. She kept her grip on the back of my head and balanced herself so she could use her other hand to push her panties to the side. I couldn't see much as my head was under the dress that we hadn't paid for yet, but I smelled her perfect teenage pussy.

I extended my tongue and tasted her for the first time. She tasted so sweet, so pure and perfect. It took all of my willpower not to overwhelm her by clamping my mouth on her pussy. I did my best to tease her.

I licked along one side, then the other. I used the very tip of my tongue to lick from her burning hot vagina to her clit. She moaned loudly and I reached up and gave her a quick slap to shut her up before she attracted unwanted attention to our dressing stall. I plunged my tongue into her. Her pussy was almost too tight. I could barely get my tongue more than an inch in her. I felt her grip on my head tighten considerably. Her whole body tensed and I could hear her ragged breathing and quiet whimpering.

What a perfect pussy. I absolutely devoured it, I savored it. I reached up and managed to get part of my middle finger into her and she let out a squeal. I slapped her thigh again to shush her. I couldn't breath, but I didn't care. My fingers were in this beautiful girl and my tongue was giving her pleasure. I flicked my tongue on her clit and felt her legs pull me even closer into her. Ronnie's small body was quivering and shaking. Her orgasm was just starting as I pressed into her with renewed vigor.

I was licking her clit like a boxer on a speed bag and her body seemed to get tenser and tenser. She finally exploded and cried out. Her grip on my head loosened and she started to push my head away from her thighs. She was breathing heavily as I started to set her down, with a quick kiss on her way back to the floor. My face was covered in her wetness. I was in absolute heaven and was as horny as I have ever been in my life. She straightened her dress a bit and started fixing her hair in the mirror.

"So you like the dress?" She asked, nonchalantly, tucking her hair behind her ear. I even loved her ears. I had an agonizing boner in my pants. "I love it." "You think I should wear it on our date?" "Date?" I was confused, and … oh so horny.

"Yes." She continued, as she turned to face me. She undid her zipper and let the dress fall to the ground, exposing herself in front of me for the first time. "You want to go on a date?" I was surprised my brain worked while I soaked in every morsel of her body. "That's what couples do.

They go out to dinners and movies. You know. Dates." She picked up her blouse and skirt and started putting them back on. "Yeah. Of course. We can go on a date." I would say anything to this girl.

Absolutely anything. She looked at me and beamed. She did her little jump and kissed me on the lips. "Oh yay!" She left, leaving me with the pile of clothes, a red dress on the ground and a ridiculous hard on that was very quickly leading to blue balls.

I got up, and stepped outside the dressing room to see Ronnie back to shopping like nothing had happened. I collected our purchases and went to the register to pay. I didn't know if any of the associates could smell the sex on me, or heard us in the dressing room. So I kept quiet and just gave my credit card.

Ronnie came back up to me as I was signing my name. I covered my signature, I didn't want her to know my name wasn't Jim. She took the customer copy and wrote her phone number on it in front of the cashier. She even put a little heart over her "i". She folded it up and handed to me with a knowing smile before turning away and walking out of the store. I picked up our bags and followed her.

We said our goodbyes, it turns out she had been at the mall with some friends who she abandoned when she saw me and Isabella walking around and was now going to meet back up with them to go home. The damage was close to $1000 and worth every penny. I left and went home and fucked the shit out of Isabella. I pinned her to the wall and fucked her from behind. I left her with my cum dripping out of her pussy as I hit the bed after a whirlwind day. I thought of Ronnie and what my plans were with her.

I couldn't really keep chasing and fucking her, could I? I got away with it once … why would I risk it again? Sleep came peacefully despite my racing mind and I dreamed of Ronnie and her perfect lips on mine .