Inked brunette teen toys pussy on web masturbate tattooed

Inked brunette teen toys pussy on web masturbate tattooed
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Back in 5th grade, I had begun exploring my sexuality and my own body. I finally learned to masturbate in 3rd grade and did it almost every night up to 5th grade.

I would have different fantasies about my favourite cartoon characters. My absolute favourite was Bambi, such a hot little deer. I would love to put my penis into his tight little asshole. I had a girlfriend named Jenny. I shared my fantasies about cartoon characters coming alive and letting me have my way with them. She did not like the fantasies I was having, so she broke up with me.


She was the only person that had ever been willing to date me, so I was at a loss after she dumped me. I continued to explore myself and came up with even more fantasies, like fucking every one of SpongeBob's holes and filling them with my hot seed as he begged for mercy.

Every day I would come home from school and pleasure myself with thoughts of other cartoons, like Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop. Disappointingly, one day my grandmother caught me masturbating and told me I was grounded. Being grounded by Gammy really only meant being confined to my room for a couple of days with nothing but my stuffed animals. I realized how vulnerable I was from Jenny dumping me, and I began to heavily weep.

I noticed my stuffed Bambi looking so comforting and inviting. I threw off the covers revealing my young, already rock-hard member. I started stroking myself sensually while looking into Bambi's deep, caring doe eyes.

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After staring at him for well over an hour, the idea finally came to me what I could do with all of my stuffed animals. I could fuck any of these plush toys ANY time I wanted to! I was overcome with joy and almost came at the thought of it. I grabbed Bambi by his hot little furry ass. Considering this would be my first time with a stuffed animal, or any type of anything for that matter, I figured I would do this right.

I walked towards my computer. My internet was shut off after Gammy caught me playing with myself, but I could still play CD's. I grabbed a Billy Idol album from my collection and started playing the first track, which was "White Wedding".

I stood two feet from Bambi. He was watching me touch myself. I thought about how I would do this. Bambi is a puppet so I could fuck his ass and his face.

I moaned a little; the ecstasy in the room was almost tangible. I knew he felt it too. I leaned over and kissed his nose, tonguing it a little.

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I wasn't sure if that was considered sexy, it being my first time and all, but he looked at me like he loved it. I laid on top of him, kissing him on the mouth this time and tonguing it a lot. I looked at the gaping hole in his ass. It was tempting, but I thought I should take things slowly.

I brought my penis up to his mouth, and I bent over and spit in it three times, lubricating his soft tongue and the roof of it. I put my penis into his plush little mouth. It felt so nice, and turned me on so much, that I came after three thrusts all over Bambi's cute face.

I brought his front left hoof up to my balls and had him stroke them until I came again, this time on his underbelly. Now it was time to put it in his tight butt. I decided to make it interesting and grabbed my ball of yarn.

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I cut two lengths of the colorful string and tied both of his front hooves to my bed post so he would not be able to get away. "Are you ready for this?" I asked him.


I got no response, but his silence said it all. I positioned my body over him, my penis already hard again at the thought of putting it inside Bambi. I knew it would be easier with a little lube, so I spit three times into his puppet ass, because he could not get wet on his own. I brought my pelvis closer and closer to his body until my penis was at his entrance. I slowly slid in to increase suspense. I gasped loudly at how great it felt when I entered him. I started thrusting to the beat of the music, and this seemed to really turn Bambi on.

With every thrust, his head flew back and his mouth was open wide. I leaned down to kiss him while thrusting into him continually.

I could taste my semen on his tongue. It was salty but not so bad. It was so hot and I was on the verge of climax so I picked up the pace until I released my hot cum inside of him.

I groaned and collapsed in exhaustion, crushing his little body with my significantly bigger one. I was so happy about finally getting to live out one of my fantasies that I didn't even care about being grounded anymore. I stood up and walked to my computer and turned the music off. I hope I wasn't so loud that Gammy heard me. If she did, it wouldn't matter that much anyways. What's done is done. The worst she could have done was take away my stuffed animals, but I fulfilled my dreams already.

I calmed down after about three minutes or so. My breathing had come back to normal and Bambi was just lying there, covered in my semen. Then I had realized poor little Bambi didn't have the chance to climax! So without a second thought I leaped back upon the bed and started tonguing Bambi's little hole. The taste of my hot seed was inebriating. After three or four minutes I felt Bambi cum all over my face.

He didn't make any noise but I knew he was satisfied with my rim job.


I then started spooning with my little Bambi. "I love you, Bambi, my dear, sweet, naïve little prince of a furry boy." He didn't say anything back, but I could tell that he loved me too by looking into his big brown eyes. We fucked every night until he fell to pieces.

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I just don't think his little seams could take it anymore. I soon replaced my little Bambi with a SpongeBob puppet complete with all the crevices and holes.

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He's great in the sack, but he will never take the place of my sweet little Bambi. Bambi 1999 - 2004