A pica chega a puxar o couro da buceta

A pica chega a puxar o couro da buceta
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SPH III: The Return of Santa's Perverted Helper For the third time that cold December afternoon I tried to adjust the digital binoculars on the house across the street but I was unable to focus them. That was because my young assistant had succeeded in removing my yule log from its confinement and she was doing her best to grow it to its full holiday dimensions with her small, warm hands. "Susie, if you keep that up then we'll never be able to accomplish this mission," I told her, hoping it would stop her from what she was doing though I was greatly enjoying the feeling, truth be told.

"But Santa's helper, I'm trying to get it up first so then we can keep it up," she answered me with a giggle while meeting my gaze with her beautiful blue eyes which revealed equal parts naughtiness and niceness.

"I know we have a job to do but maybe it can wait a little while. I'm so horny. Please." I understood where she was coming from. Though we had spent hours together that Saturday we hadn't yet exchanged a kiss which was unusual for us, to say the least.

Normally we were all over each other since reuniting after our year- long separation but we'd been too busy spreading a little holiday cheer at the old folks home where Susie generously volunteered her time.

If you could have only seen the joy reflected on the prune faces of the aged residents it would have warmed your heart, even if like Mr. Grinch it was undersized for your body. The geezers, though outnumbered greatly by the biddies, were even more enthusiastic. Of course that may have had something to do with the way Susie was dressed as a sexy, little elf.

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With her blond braids, short, jagged, green skirt and candy cane tights she was a sight for any dirty old man's eyes. Many of them took improper liberties with her as she handed out the presents and I feared her delicate skin would be marred by black and blue marks where their gnarled, claw like hands had grabbed her. Despite this she hadn't gotten angry at all for Susie felt sorry for them she confided to me.

"It's so sad Santa's helper, how they have to live. They have no privacy and many of them still have working parts, if you understand me? More than once when I'm volunteering they've exposed themselves to me and some have even asked me to touch them there. I never do but I don't have the heart to report them to Nurse Ratchit either. I know she'd up their meds to control their perverted desires, as she puts it, but that isn't right.

They've lived a long time and should be treated with some respect, not like they're barely human." Despite my agreeing with her sentiment, things did get a little out of hand and I had to step in and rescue Susie a couple of times. One fellow even managed to wedge his cane between her legs and was forcing it up toward her specially wrapped present when I took him by the elbow and 'helped' him back to his seat, none too gently I confess. Still the overall mission was a success and we left a lot of happy residents in our wake who were filled with the proper Christmas spirit.

But due to time constraints we had to fly without benefit of magic reindeer to the well-off section of town as fast as my van could take us so we could continue our surveillance for this year's special mission.

During the ride she had stared at me with undisguised lust and when her hand slipped under her tights to begin stroking her kitty I almost drove off the road before managing to regain control. So by the time we arrived I was as hot under my fur collar as she was but I still tried to maintain discipline. After removing the case dossier from my pocket I began to set up my audio device and digital binoculars but Susie had other ideas.

No sooner had I parked then she unfastened her seatbelt and slid to the carpeted van floor on her knees. Her hand started rubbing my leg and in no time I was throbbing with desire though I tried to ignore it.

However once my hardening member was out in the open winter air with Susie stroking it there was no way that was going to happen. "All right, you win Susie. There's no way I can turn you down after looking into your eyes anyway," I replied as my white gloved hand caressed her rosy cheek.

"Yay! We get to be naughty," she exclaimed right before parting her lips wide and taking my swollen head between them. I let out a groan which increased in volume as her nimble tongue ran around my red crown and while she did this her small hand continued to stroke my thick shaft. For such a petite girl she could swallow a lot of hard cock and soon most of my shaft was coated with her slippery saliva as she inhaled my erection.

As I watched in amazement Susie's mouth slid down and didn't stop until her ruby lips pressed against the flesh by its base. She paused a moment, keeping me buried and I saw a merry twinkle in her blue eyes as she looked up at me. Not being able to keep me there longer her head moved up until with a gasp she released me while spitting a gob of saliva all over me.

A big grin came over her face as she turned up toward me. "How was that, did you like it?" she asked with feigned ignorance. "Almost as much as Christmas itself Susie," I truthfully replied, "it seems you get better every day with your cock-sucking skills." "Well, I do enjoy it Santa's helper and it helps that yours is so tasty and has such a rich, creamy filling.

Speaking of which, I have the feeling that if I keep doing this much longer then I'll be sampling your cream. Not that I don't want to but there are other things I want to happen first. So…" No sooner had Susie said this then she stood although her body stayed bent at the waist due to the height of the van interior.

Her hand reached into her jacket pocket which sat on her seat and emerged holding a thin, oval, red strap. The sound of Velcro separating came to my ears as she pulled the ends apart before deftly wrapping it around my cock and balls.

"Careful there Susie," I told her as she fastened it snugly around the base, a little too snug for my liking. "Oh stop being such a baby Santa's helper. It has to be tight to prevent you from cumming too fast and you know I'm right," she said while again kneeling down.

"Maybe you're right, I just uhhnn," my words turned into a groan as once the strap was secure she again took my swollen head into her hot mouth and sucked on it. For a minute I was unable to move as the pleasurable sensation paralyzed me but as she continued my body adjusted and then it was my turn to go to work.

My gloved left hand pulled her skirt up to her waist exposing her shapely little ass. It was covered by her red and white striped tights and I could plainly see a wet spot by where her tight, little pussy was hidden. "Naughty girl," I told her as I peeled down her tights revealing her wet and succulent lips, "you're already soaked and I haven't even touched you yet." She ignored me and instead continued to suck and stroke me feverishly but that wouldn't last long I felt with what I had planned for her.

I pulled the glove off my right hand for there were some tasks where only bare flesh would suffice. My hand rose in the air before swiftly coming down and smacking her upturned, waiting tush. Her body moved just a little but she continued her oral ministrations even as I repeatedly spanked her ass.

Soon it was red and white matching both of our outfits though it was more red than white as my large hand managed to cover almost every inch of her pert little bottom. Knowing Susie as well as I did I knew that every smack further inflamed her naughty side and made her pussy that much wetter.

Just the thought of being inside my little helper's tight Christmas box caused my heart to race and my erection to throb even more. Once I was satisfied with the spanking I'd given her my hand traveled a little further until it reached her soft, silky kitty.

When I began to pet her there Susie began squirming in an attempt to escape the attention but due to the position of her body she was unsuccessful. After stroking her for a minute I slid a finger into her wet and yielding pussy.

She let out a muffled moan as I sank my digit to its full length inside her though she single mindedly continued to suck my yule log. Hoping to slow Susie down some I worked a second finger inside her package but this had no discernable effect. In fact if anything Susie increased the tempo of her mouth's movement pushing me that much closer to the brink of holiday joy. If things continued the way they were headed it would have been a short race to see which one of us crossed the climatic finish line first when as often is the case during this blessed season fate intervened.

I was breathing hard while driving my fingers to their limit when I was startled by the sound of metal rapping against the window next to me. Turning to the left I found myself staring into the face of a police officer an attractive, statuesque policewoman holding a flashlight in her hand. For a moment I froze like a reindeer in the headlights until she gestured for me to roll down the window. No sooner had I done so then the officer illuminated Susie on her knees doing her best to make my yule log disappear into her mouth but neither the bright glare of the flashlight nor the frosty, winter air let into the van distracted my assistant from her task.

The officer raised an eyebrow and gave me a questioning look but all I could do was shrug my shoulders helplessly in response. "All right, that's enough you two. Stop what you're doing now and I'm going to need some information from you. We'll start with your license and insurance sir," she told me in a clear, no nonsense voice. I reluctantly withdrew my fingers from Susie's tight present prompting a disappointed whimper from her but also allowing me to reach into my pant pocket to produce my wallet.

Meanwhile Susie had pulled her mouth off my erection and looked up though she continued stroking me with her warm hand. "I said to stop what you're doing and that also applies to you Goldilocks," the officer barked out while taking my ID from me.

"Ok, fine, whatever," Susie replied as she released me after giving one final squeeze to my engorged member.

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The officer continued to shine the light on my now neglected cock and I was surprised how she appeared to be staring at it in an almost transfixed manner. For at least thirty seconds silence reigned until finally she shook off her inertia and spoke. "Your turn now blondie, let's see some ID." Susie had twisted her nubile body around and was reaching for her jacket when she was interrupted by the officer's voice. "Stop right there Miss and don't move a muscle." "But you told me to get my ID and it's in my jacket.

What am I supposed to do? Jeez, make up your mind." "You're right, I did tell you to get it but I want to make sure that everything goes safely with no problems so I'll tell you what we're going to do.

To start with, sir I need your left hand now." Once I raised my left arm the officer clamped a handcuff around my wrist before attaching the other end to the steering wheel with a metallic click. "Stay put sir. Ok Miss, now I want you to unlock and open the passenger side door.

Can you handle that?" "Of course," Susie replied with a hint of annoyance in her melodic voice. By the time she'd complied the officer had walked around to the other side of the van and was waiting for her. "Step out of the van Miss and no sudden moves," she ordered with her hand resting on the handle of her gun. No sooner had Susie done so then the officer spun her around and pushed her against the van. She then frisked my scantily clad assistant and when the cop's hand reached under Susie's jagged skirt my assistant let out a loud squeal.

"Sorry, but your hand is so cold Officer…uh…" "Officer Bush, Miss, and that's what happens when you don't wear panties. Now you can get me your ID." Susie reached into the van and as she removed her ID she gave me a wink before turning back to the cop and handing over her license.

"All right Miss Walker, please come with me. I need you to answer some questions. First of all is what's happening here of your own freewill or are you being compelled?" "Do you mean you feeling me up Officer Bush?" I had to suppress a chuckle at her reply but I saw no point in antagonizing the police especially with the surveillance equipment and mission dossier sitting in plain sight.

"No, that isn't what I meant Miss Walker and for your information I wasn't feeling you up, as you put it, but making sure you had no concealed weapons on you." "Don't you mean in me?" Susie said with a giggle.

"And if you hadn't interrupted us I might have something big and hard in me by now. Is this going to take long because I'm really looking forward to it." Officer Bush shook her head in seeming disbelief as she led Susie toward the police cruiser parked directly behind the van.

It was amusing to watch in the side view mirror for with her striped tights rolled down to mid-thigh she had to shuffle and I could only imagine how the frigid air felt on her bare skin. Suddenly I realized that this was a golden opportunity to conceal the evidence of our mission while Susie was being questioned and I'd been left alone.

The task was made more difficult by me being cuffed to the wheel plus I didn't want to be seen moving by Officer Bush but with luck I was able to hide everything inside my bag amongst some undelivered presents. After that I closed my window to prevent any more cold air getting in while I waited. And waited. It seemed to be taking an awful long time to ask a few questions and run a check.

I knew that nothing criminal would turn up on either one of us and the van certainly had no outstanding violations so I couldn't figure it out. Officer Bush had sat in the car for a couple of minutes while Susie stood outside shivering and after that she'd gotten out of the car and I saw her hand Susie back her license. But still neither made a move toward the van.

Instead they stood there talking and on more than one occasion Officer Bush directed her gaze at the van. The thing that struck me the most as I observed them was the physical contrast between the two. While both were clearly attractive women there were many differences. My dear Susie barely reached five feet in height and tipped the scales at just over one hundred naughty and nice pounds.

Meanwhile the officer had at least six inches on her if not more. And while both had curves in all the right places Officer Bush had a much more voluptuous figure than Susie's petite one. It was hard to tell with her coat on but I'd be surprised if she wasn't at least a C cup if not bigger and her ass and thighs were thick in the best sense of the word. So with nothing else to do I stroked my erection which had remained rock hard in anticipation of Susie's return.

Finally they seemed to come to some kind of understanding and they began to head toward the van with my young assistant leading the way.

No sooner did I release my cock then Susie clambered into the van with a big grin on her pretty, elfin face and to my surprise Officer Bush followed right behind her. "Oh cool, you waited for me Santa's helper," Susie said as she resumed the position she'd been in before we were interrupted while Officer Bush pulled the door shut then tossed her cap to the floor revealing her chestnut colored tresses piled up high on her head.

I let out a groan as Susie's nimble tongue began licking my mushroom head like an ice cream cone while her hand encircled my shaft. To say I was speechless at what happened next was the understatement of the century.

As if it was prearranged Susie pulled her mouth away while at the same time she angled my cock toward Officer Bush who swooped in like a bird of prey and without saying a word took me between her full, red lips.

She slid her mouth down my shaft and only stopped when my swollen head reached the entrance to her throat.


After that she began bobbing her head up and down driving me crazy with lust. All during this Susie looked up at me with a mischievous twinkle in her blue eyes while maintaining a firm grip on my shaft. This continued for a minute or two until Officer Bush' mouth pulled off me and without missing a beat Susie resumed licking my swollen member. They soon switched again and this time as Holly licked all around my turgid tool Susie sucked one of my balls into her mouth and swirled it around, heightening the sensation even more.

This seemed to inspire Holly who began taking me deep into her mouth again but whether it was due to the angle of her head or just her technique she gagged when my mushroom head tried to tickle her tonsils. That caused her to pull back while she caught her breath giving Susie a clear path to lick her way up to my crown.

Things got even hotter when Officer Bush knelt next to Susie and began to lick me as well. It was like Christmas came early watching them run their tongues the full length of my cock and I nearly ejaculated when they met at the top. That's because they started kissing each other with my swollen cockhead wedged in between their hot lips as their tongues wriggled and entwined like two serpents. Even with all my willpower, as well as picturing old Mrs.

Claus nude, it almost wasn't enough to stop from cumming but luckily Susie broke their kiss just in the nick of time. "So wasn't I right Officer, about how tasty his candy cane is?" Susie asked our new friend.

"Mmm, yes you're right. It's yummy Miss Walker." "Call me Susie and just wait til you sample the cream filling. Around this time of year it has a hint of cranberries and eggnog." "Oh really. That I'd like to taste and since this is no longer official business my name is Holly." "Well Holly, why don't you keep on keeping on while I help get you ready." Susie's hand released my cock but before I had a chance to miss it Holly wrapped both of hers around me then took me back into her warm, wet mouth.

I had noticed a gold band on her left ring finger but under the circumstances I wasn't going to worry about it, at least for the moment. If what she was doing caused her to wind up on the boss' naughty list then so be it.

Being how I was handcuffed to the steering wheel I couldn't be blamed or at least that's how I chose to see it. Besides her mouth felt too good to ask her to stop, quite the contrary. My free hand grabbed her head and pushed it down making her swallow more of my thick, pulsing cock. Holly didn't miss a beat taking me deeper while at the same time stroking the part that didn't fit into her mouth. Her saliva ran down my shaft making it wet and helping her hands glide easily over my skin.

While this was taking place Susie moved her body back a little before reaching underneath Holly where she unfastened her uniform pants and started to tug at them. Holly shifted her body some which allowed Susie to slide both pants and panties down to her knees and that was all the opening she required. She next wriggled onto her back and managed to work her head in between Holly's ample thighs and wrap her arms around them. Within seconds Holly was moaning though the sound was muffled by my cock in her mouth but as time went on she had to pull off me though she didn't release me.

Instead she continued jerking my yule log while also rubbing it against her lips and face. I took this opportunity to unfasten her hairclip which caused her silky, reddish-brown hair to cascade down to her shoulders. Holly looked up at me with a wanton expression on her pretty face and I found myself lost for a moment in her big, brown eyes.

Now due to the position of Holly's body leaning towards me I couldn't actually see Susie's head but going by the reaction from Holly I could assume that her mad oral skills extended to women as well.

In fact Holly's moans were becoming louder and closer together and as I looked at her I also noticed her face was getting flushed and sweaty. Then without warning she let go of my cock and arched her back as she let out a loud wail.

Her left hand covered her mouth a second too late to silence it while her right reached down between her legs and pressed against Susie's head. I could see Holly's body was trembling from the intensity of her orgasm and her eyes were clamped shut as well.

After a minute she began to recover with her eyes opening first followed by her hands moving back to her sides. "Okay, that's enough Susie. That was great but what I need now is a big, hard dick and we all know where I can get one." My assistant disentangled herself from Holly and rolled away which allowed the officer to scramble up and onto the passenger seat. Once sitting there she fully removed her uniform pants followed by her jacket after which she unbuckled her gun belt and placed it on the van floor.

Not wasting another second she moved toward me and put herself into position with her back to me and her legs spaced wide apart and outside mine. She then grasped my throbbing erection as she lowered herself until my head was rubbing on the outside of her sopping pussy. "Ooh, that's what I want," Holly grunted as I thrust up parting her lips while at the same time she was descending further. She continued to lower her body until almost my full length was buried in her wet pussy with just the part she was holding not inside her molten furnace.

While maintaining a firm grip on the base of my thick yule log Holly rotated her hips slowly for a minute as she stretched herself to accommodate me. Once she was used to its size Holly let it go and rested her hand on my knee to steady herself. After that she began to ride me like a champ, moving up until only my mushroom head was ensconced in her womanly folds before driving herself down and swallowing every thick inch.

Because of her position all I could see of her was her shirt covered back but this also gave me a great view of her wide derriere as it bounced up and down. Unable to help myself I swatted it playfully and this seemed to spur Holly to increase her speed which in turn caused me to smack her big ass harder. "Oh yes! Spank me, I've been a bad girl Santa!" Holly exclaimed loudly. "I'm not Santa," I protested, "just a trusted helper but I have no problem spanking you young lady." Putting my words into action I increased the speed of my hand until her ass was as red as Rudolph's nose.

Things got even better when I felt a warm tongue licking my holiday balls while Holly continued riding me for all she was worth. Obviously Susie feeling neglected had wished to make her presence (and tongue) felt. After a minute she stopped licking me and a few seconds later Holly gasped and stopped moving her hips.

"Oh my God Susie!


You have such a talented tongue," Holly exclaimed and now I understood why Susie had stopped licking me. This gave me an opportunity to begin jamming my cock into Holly and I took full advantage of the situation. My free arm wrapped around her waist to keep her in place as I drove up as hard as I could, burying my full length with each thrust of my hips. "Oh yes, oh my God!

Don't stop, please! I'm cumming," Holly cried out as we worked her over, me from the inside, Susie from the outside. Her body collapsed against mine as the big O hit her and this gave me the chance to nuzzle her neck with my hungry lips. She sighed contentedly but instead of resting on her laurels Holly stood and quick as a flash she spun around and faced me.

My erection was still pointing straight up and raring to go and Holly didn't keep it waiting long. She moved forward until she was right over me then put her hands on top of my shoulders before lowering herself straight down onto my cock causing us both to moan with pleasure.

She sank all the way down until my yule log was fully inside her tight channel after which Holly began rocking her hips back and forth and from side to side. Her position allowed my eyes to feast on her fair face and I could see the pleasure she was experiencing clearly reflected there as well. I also couldn't help noticing her ample bosom straining against the material of her uniform shirt as she rode me igniting a desire in me to see them in all their naked glory.

The fingers on my free hand began to fumble at the buttons of her shirt and as soon as Holly realized what I was up to she started to assist me while continuing to grind her pelvis against mine.


Once her shirt was unbuttoned she shrugged it off her shoulders and let it fall and now only her black, lacy bra remained between me and her large breasts. That didn't last long for once her shirt was off Holly reached a hand back to unfasten her brassiere and I quickly yanked it away once it was free.

For a moment I held my breath as I stared at her big chest in all its spectacular glory but Holly wanted me to be more than just an observer. She put her hand on the back of my head and pushed me forward until my mouth came into contact with her plentiful breast flesh. I eagerly began sucking on her creamy tit as my hand found her other breast and squeezed it. You could tell Holly was a true daughter of the Midwest by her full figure and milk fed bosom and I was determined to get my fill until I was satiated.

My teeth found her erect nipple and I gently bit it prompting a gasp from her in response and during all this Holly had continued the rhythmic moving of her hips. There's no way of knowing how much longer I would have lasted before cumming if things had continued like this when I felt a small, warm hand take hold of my full, holiday balls and caress and squeeze them followed by the voice of my dear Susie whispering into my ear.

"Come on Santa's helper, it's time to give Holly her gift. You know you want to so go ahead and do it." That added encouragement was all it took to push me over the edge and into the full joy of the holiday season. My body tensed and seconds later I unleashed a veritable blizzard of cum deep inside Holly's welcoming pussy. When I finally discharged every last drop my mouth released her breast and my head sank back into the seat with a sigh.

"Thank you Santa's helper, that was wonderful," Holly informed me before leaning in and kissing me softly on the mouth, "and now I think I need a little break." Slowly she stood until my still hard cock slipped out of her after which she collapsed into the passenger seat behind her.

Susie was still right next to me and she wasted no time in wrapping her hand around my yule log and stroking it causing me to groan, for after just cumming it was still extremely sensitive. She appeared ready to climb onto me herself when Holly spoke and interrupted her plans. "I see you want to go next Susie and I don't blame you. You've been waiting far longer than you expected because of me but I have a suggestion if you don't mind.

It would be really hot if he did you doggy style, I think." "So it would," I replied, "though we prefer to call it reindeer style. However the only problem with your idea is with me handcuffed to the wheel it might be a bit difficult to achieve at the moment." "I know that silly, which is why I'm giving Susie the key to the handcuffs." Putting her words into action Holly leaned down and removed the said key from a pouch on her belt and handed it to my assistant who wasted no time in freeing my hand.

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She then pulled her elf costume up over her head and tossed it aside before rolling her striped tights all the way down and stepping out of them. Once she'd done that Susie assumed the position on her hands and knees by my feet while looking back at me expectantly when Holly spoke again.

"Hmm, what would be even hotter would be you moving over here and eating my pussy while he fucks you, don't you think?" "Holly you're a woman after my own heart, that is if my heart wasn't already taken," I replied as Susie nodded enthusiastically at her suggestion. As Susie crawled into position I smacked her upturned ass before kneeling right behind her. She wiggled her small, shapely butt in invitation not that I needed the encouragement by this time.

Grabbing her hip with one hand I guided my yule log to her special package with the other though I refrained from inserting it for the moment. Instead I rubbed it on the outside of her wet lips, teasing her and forcing her into taking matters into her own hands. Literally. "Oh no you don't Santa's helper," she said while reaching back between her legs and taking hold of me, "I've earned this present and nothings stopping me from getting it." With that she pushed her hips backward and impaled herself on my waiting erection.

I then pushed forward burying myself to the hilt in her sweet, teen pussy. Holly who was sprawled on the seat with her legs spread wide seized Susie by her braids and pulled her face forward until it was buried in her sticky snatch.

"Ooh, be a good girl Susie and use that wonderful tongue of yours on my hot pussy," Holly purred. From my vantage point it was clear that Susie did just that, using her agile tongue to great effect. In no time Holly was moaning like a five dollar whore while maintaining a firm grip on Susie's golden braids. Now while I was watching Susie licking Holly's bush I was also sliding my full length in and out of her tight kitty at a nice slow pace. Since I'd just cum I was in no rush but Susie seemed to have other ideas.

Perhaps it was because she'd already watched me fuck Holly to orgasm while she was cooling her heels but she seemed desperate to make up for lost time. While continuing to eat Holly she started rocking her hips back and forth as fast as she could at the same time. Not for the first time I marveled at how tight and wet her Christmas box was and the way it squeezed me like a velvet vise made me realize that I was the luckiest man in the whole world to have won her affection.

So in order to please my angel I increased the speed of my thrusting and also moved my hands to where I could pinch her rock hard nipples. That caused Susie to switch into an even higher gear and now her ass was like a blur as it pushed into me with each movement she made.

Her arm brushed against mine as her hand reached back between her thighs and frantically rubbed her clit. My hands roughly squeezed her small, tender breasts and I somehow managed to drive my hips even faster until my heart was pounding in my chest from the effort. "Oh fuck me hard Santa's helper! Please don't stop, I'm so close. Don't stoooop!" she wailed as pleasure washed over her tight little body from head to toe.

I could feel her shaking as I continued to pound her pink package with all my might pushing her into a wave of orgasms that left her weak and trembling. If not for Holly holding her head and my hands on her breasts I think she would have toppled over to the van floor from ecstasy. As it was all she could do was gasp and whimper for the next minute as she recovered a bit.

"Well I think Susie liked that," Holly said with a wicked smile, "but maybe she needs a little rest.

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I on the other hand am ready for round two if you're interested." "I believe you might be right about Susie though her tolerance for pleasure is off the charts.

So here's what I'm thinking. First let's get Susie into a better position for what I have planned." It was with reluctance that I pulled out of Susie's box after which I helped her to lie flat on her back on the van floor.

Being the minx she was she managed to move her head up and lick my swollen cockhead briefly before resting it back on the floor. Next I took Holly's hand and helped her off the seat and positioned her on her knees straddling Susie's head. Moving my body behind hers I reached around and fondled her large breast while my cock pushed between her thighs and rubbed on the outside of her wet pussy. "No put it in me. I want your big dick in me," she pleaded while at the same time reaching down and squeezing my mushroom head.

"All right Holly if you insist," I replied, "but then I want you down on all fours like an animal." She wasted no time in complying with my request but quickly bent at the waist so she was parallel to the floor with her elbows supporting her. Once Holly had assumed the position Susie roused herself and reaching up she took hold of my throbbing member and quick as a flash she guided me unerringly to Holly's waiting pussy where I sank deep into its welcoming depths. Taking hold of her wide hips I began to work my cock in and out of her as Holly bucked and moaned like a doe in heat.

While I was doing this Susie kept busy by rubbing Holly's berrylike clit with her fingers further heightening the police officer's pleasure.

On a couple of occasions I accidentally slipped from Holly's wet pussy and each time Susie was waiting to grab my cock. She'd then angle it downward allowing her to suck on it for a minute, sliding her mouth up its length until it reached her throat before pulling off me and returning my yule log back to Holly's waiting pussy.

Not to be outdone Holly proved that she was the perfect match for us in perversion. While being fucked she managed to retrieve her nightstick from her belt and as I watched with mouth agape she began to rub it along the furrow of Susie's sweet pussy making sure to hit her clit with each pass. Things got even more interesting when Holly adjusted the angle of her hand and slipped an end into Susie's little box.

My trusted assistant let out a surprised gasp when Holly did that and it turned into a moan of pleasure as the nightstick slid deeper. "Oh you like that I see," Holly said, "and I bet you want more in your tight pussy, don't you?" "Yes! Yes! Give it to me! I'm a naughty girl and I need to be fucked!" Susie cried out. And that's just what Holly did. She worked Susie over with that nightstick good, jamming it in and out until Susie grabbed her wrist in the throes of passion as her legs writhed on the floor.

But give Susie credit even as she came she continued rubbing Holly's clit vigorously. All this debauchery inspired me to take it up a notch as well so I climbed off my knees and into a crouching position while remaining inside Holly.

I then grabbed a fistful of her chestnut hair and pulled back until her neck was taut and her head raised high after which I rested my other hand on her big ass. Now in the perfect driving position I resumed my thrusting, going balls deep each time.

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Our flesh collided with a slapping sound as I gave her every thick inch I had. The pressure started to build inside me and I wasn't sure how much longer I could last when dear Susie settled the matter for all concerned. With no warning she ripped the Velcro apart on the cockstrap freeing my cock and balls while at the same time she sucked my ball into her hot little mouth.

As I exploded deep inside Holly my big body collapsed on top of hers which in turn caused her to do the same onto poor Susie leaving us a sweaty, tangled mound of flesh.

Thankfully none of us were hurt when this happened and as soon as I recovered a modicum of my wits I moved off of them and sat on the floor. Holly then rolled off Susie and my little angel showed no ill effects from being buried but instead she got to her knees and crawled to me where she started to suck on my slimy cock. Seconds later Holly joined her and after thoroughly cleaning me they exchanged a tender kiss warming my heart more than a roasted chestnut.

"Oh my God that was incredible but I'm still on duty. I've got to get dressed before anyone realizes what I've been doing," Holly said as she scrambled to gather up her clothes. Susie snuggled up against me and I wrapped my arm around my assistant's naked body and held her close as we watched Holly dress. Susie in turn wrapped her hand around my rapidly dwindling cock but even her soft touch wasn't enough to stop its shrinkage for the moment.

When Holly was finished she knelt before us and kissed us each in turn before moving to the passenger door and opening it. "I have to go but I wanted to thank you both first and just suggest that maybe the next time you need to show your affection you park in a more secluded location.

Not everyone on the force would handle it the way I did," Holly said with a big smile as she climbed from the van. "Well good luck," Susie replied, "and if things don't happen the way I expect right away then be sure to contact us." "I will and maybe I'll contact you even if they do. Just to thank you.

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Good bye." "Good bye and Merry Christmas Holly," I said to her. Once she'd closed the door I looked down at Susie with a puzzled expression. "So what was that about, what you two were saying?" I asked her.

"Oh nothing, just earlier by the car we'd been talking and Holly had told me about a little problem she and her husband were having. Hopefully it will be solved now with your help." "Huh," I said, now even more confused. "Well Santa's helper, the thing of it is that she and her husband have been trying to have a baby for a while with no luck.

They both were tested and it seems he has sluggish sperm. I mean they work but they just can't seem to go where needed and I know from experience that your sperm is far from sluggish. So I volunteered you to help out, you could say, and if everything works out how I expect then by next Christmas they'll have the most wonderful present of all." "That was so sweet of you to do Susie, helping out someone in need," I told her before kissing her forehead and now it all made sense.

Like most things that happened around this time of the year there was a special purpose and what had seemed random and possibly naughty was anything but. "Well duh Santa's helper, what did you think? I hope you know better than to think I'd just share you with some random bimbo. This was like a special mission to spread the proper holiday spirit to a deserving person. The fact that we all had a great time was just the star on top of the tree." Ah my Susie was wise beyond her eighteen years and not for the first time I silently thanked the boss for guiding me when I met her.

With such a thoughtful and compassionate helper I was able to accomplish so much more than I ever could alone. And that reminded me that we still had another mission to take care of. Though it felt like the wonderful interlude with Holly had gone on forever in truth it had been just over an hour in actual time. That meant with luck we'd be able to do what we'd set out to do that cold winter afternoon.

"Susie, why don't you get dressed just in case anyone else stops by. While you do that I'll set up our surveillance equipment and after we're done here for the day what do you say to me taking you out to dinner wherever you like, my treat." "Okay but you better save some room for dessert," she told me as she guided my hand to her wet, little pussy, "because I ate Holly's dessert plenty but no one ate mine." "Nothing would please me more Susie than to sample your holiday pudding," I told her before laughing until my big belly shook like a bowl full of jelly.

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