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Bbc dp for sexy milf interracial big dick
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I had fallen in love with Manuela Arbeleaz the first time I saw her on the price is right. She is a beautiful Columbian goddess standing five foot seven inches.

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Her skin is softsmoothclear and the color of coffee with just a dollop of cream to lighten it. She stands on petite dainty feet well formed usually with dark red shiny polish on her toenails and this polish is also on her fingernails. Manuela's legs are longstrongand toned her vagina is clean shaven smooth and her nether lips are usually open like the petals of a blooming flower bearing the slight wetness of morning dew hiding her near constant state of arousal. Her physically fit body shows through her flat toned abdomen displaying an almost six pack.

Her breasts are perfect not too large and not too small being at the far end of b-cup size that are firm and are topped by dark half dollar sized aureoles and dark eraser sized nipples. Her long smooth neck holds up an oval shaped face with a rounded pointed chinfullkissable lips usually bearing a dark red wet looking lipstick.


A small nose sits in the center of her face that matches her nicely rounded ears. She has black oval eyes with perfectly maintained thin eyebrows and long eyelashes. Finally her silkystraightblack hair frames her face and cascaded down her back to hang just above her ass which itself is nicely rounded and firm.

Manuela's voice is soft and melodious and when I surprisingly had the chance to meet her I grabbed that chance with both hands.

The price is right held a contest that I entered never expecting to win but as the lottery says "you have to be in it to win it" so I took a chance. The prize was a weekend with Manuela Arbeleaz at a place of my choice plus ten thousand dollars.

I almost forgot about it but then I received a letter in the mail that I had won and asking where I wanted them to send Manuela and I. I mailed back my response and where to deposit my prize money. I told them I wanted to go to a small little known island that was part of the Hawaiian islands and arranged for three quarters of the money to go to taxes and used the rest for what I might need during my fantasy weekend.

I finally received the tickets and info on going to my chosen island and traveled there arriving at the hotel on the island on a Friday afternoon settling into the assigned suite. That night my dream girl arrived and settled into the suite with meseparate rooms of course. We had a nice dinner that night and got to know each other.

That night a horrible severe storm hit all of the Hawaiian islands we stayed together in my room comforting each other as the storm ripped apart the islands buildings. Thinking we were going to die we started kissing passionately and our hands moved over our bodies exploring them searching out all of their secrets. Perhaps now would be a good time to describe myself so you can understand why I believed this to be a once in a lifetime miracle.


I'm a fifty eight year old male six foot four inches that had a large frame weighing in at around four hundred twenty five pounds and health issues too numerous to list. Not handsome but not ugly I had spent my life in the friend zone with women and now here I was making out with who I considered one of the world's most beautiful women. Slowly we moved from base to base I waited for her to make that move and finally we arrived at the home plate as I removed her last piece of clothing slipping her red silk panties down her legs to pool around her feet I looked on heaven as her pussy was exposed to my eyes.

I lay back on my back and told her she was in the driver's seat and she straddled my lower torso placing my hardened and stiff eight inch cock at the entrance to her pussy and sliding down onto my shaft she took my cherry gently at first.

As she moved up and down on my dick as I reached up and began to run my hands over her breastspinching her nipples pulling on them as if I was milking her breasts surprisingly milk squirted out and Manuela sobbednow you know my secret I'm pregnant and no husband the father ran as soon as he found out.

I pulled her down into my embrace and saidfoolish girl if you need someone to be your husband and your child's father I would happily take that position if you would have me. Yes of course she yelled and with he worries relieved me made madwildpassionate love for that entire weekend.

When the workers arrived to rescue us from the storms wreckage we announced our betrothal to the world. I moved out to her home in Hollywood and settled in to a quiet life then one night I found her crying and she asked me if I really loved her I told her yes what makes her doubt my devotion.

I found out today that I lost the baby so you don't have to marry me now.

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She looked at my face and cowered back from meI told her to strip naked and she did then I told her to lay across my lapsobbing fearfully she did. I started spanking her bared ass emphasizing each word with a sharp slap to her rump slowly turning it a bright red. Girl I never had to marry you I was doing it because I love you if you ever doubt my love again you won't be able to sit for a month do you understand me finishing with a final slap delivered on her cunt as I flipped her over on my lap.

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Crying openly now she said I understand and love you too. Now who told you you lost the babyno one I had my period this morning. Foolish girl go get checked out at the hospital.

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Manuela did and she came back overjoyed explaining that it was nothing she was still pregnant with twin girls.

There never jump to conclusions do you see what it gained youyes she said an extremely sore butt. We spent the next couple of months experimenting with sex until the doctors told us to stop. The first thing we did was find a teenaged girl and had her slide her small hand into Manuela's vagina and making a fist masturbated Manuela to a climax driving her fist rapidly into her cunt.

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After that Manuela wanted to try something unusual so I stripped her and tied her up over an ottoman and brought in a young male and female mastiffs enticing the male to mount her and then getting the female to lie down under Manuela's face and spreading her back legs allowing Manuela to lick her exposed cunt to an orgasm.

When the male dog was knotted from her I shifted him so he fucked her up the anus even though she begged me not to she had never done anal but after a bit she loved the anal fucking by the dog.

During this time I enjoyed her oral attention she gave my penis as she would take me into her mouth and bring me to an ejaculation swallowing every drop of my cum. We knew that we couldn't do to much or go too far publically due to her fame but one quiet weekend I dressed her in a short black silk skirt and a sheer white silk blouse and we went to the local mall where I had her walk into the malls arcade and she started playing a video gamebent over the machine her dress attracted the attention of a group of teenagers.

The fourteen year old boys and girls moved in on her two girls stood on either side of her grabbing her wrists and holding her there placed their legs in a position to force her legs apart and pulling up her skirt and tucking it into her waistband exposing her pussy and anus to those people in the arcade. Manuela sobbed in humiliation as one boy moved up behind her reaching around and unbuttoning her blouse pulling it open exposing her tits and tucking her shirt into her waistband and the pulling out his cock jammed it into her cunt fucking her unmercifully to an orgasm.


They took turns until all eight boys had been satisfied and they left her to straighten herself up and she left the mall with cum leaking from her abused gaping pussy and down her legs into her shoes.

Getting back to the home I got out the garden hose and turning on the water pushed the nozzle into her pussy spreading her lips and filling her abdomen with water and then pushing it into her anus cleaning out her bowels as the water and shit poured from her. Many more sexual adventures were had by us but we finally had to stop or risk the babies. We spent our lives happily in love and enjoying each others bodies.