Busty fitness blonde exercise her pussy on the cock

Busty fitness blonde exercise her pussy on the cock
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I'm standing next to you in a kitchen listening to music and talking to you. You are wearing a pretty brown tank and a medium length white skirt looking very sexy. Goo Goo Dolls' Slide starts to play and we instinctively start moving with the music and coming close together. Hands on your hips and yours on my shoulders I look into your eyes and we both smile. We keep moving slowly with you muttering the lyrics. Moving even closer our heads touch as we are nearly hugging but still swaying.

I feel your right hand drift down feeling across my neck and down to my arm. I separate a little and move my left hand up your waist and past your torso. My hand comes to rest holding the side of your neck rubbing my thumb lightly on your skin.


I feel your hand reach down and grab my shirt and pull ever so slightly. I lean forward as I pull your head gently towards me. I stop when I can feel your breath on my lips to enjoy the moment. Parting my lips slightly, I let them touch yours. It is gentle but filled with electricity we both grab a little tighter but keep the kiss soft. Breaking apart, we lean our foreheads together and breath a little heavier. My chest is pounding as I look at you again.

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I pull you in tight, this time kissing hungrily. Your response matches mine and I feel your hand slip under my shirt touching my skin sending a shock wave through my body. We part our lips together and let our tongues explore as our hands begin to roam.

My hands are back on your torso but this time touching your skin. Yours have both made there way up to my face and neck. Kissing deeper I push you hard into the counter and you moan into my mouth. I slide my hands down feeling your legs. They come to rest just under your ass and quickly lift straight up. You gasp and break the kiss only for a moment. I place you on the counter and see you smile one last time before we attack yet again. Now at equal height, our bodies press together.

Being so close only ignites the flame even further. My hand travels down to your bare skin of your thighs. Slowly moving up, I slip under your skirt and feel the long, smooth, muscular legs tense slightly.

I bring my hand back out even slower letting you feel me linger. As I remove my hand I feel you scratching lightly at my skin under my shirt. Both my hands shoot up to grab your wrists. I stop kissing as I pin your wrists against the cabinets and look straight into your eyes. You give a mischievous smile and lean forward only to pull back swiftly when I respond.

"Oh no you don't," I say. My hands flash down giving your ass a tight squeeze while pulling you forward to lift you up. Holding you up I kiss your neck making you giggle and then moan.

Moving to the next room I continue to kiss your neck while enjoying your hands rubbing all over my arms, shoulders, and back. We stop only when I push you up against the wall. Your hands move to my face and we kiss again while I let you slide slowly down. I make sure our bodies rub as you move down.

This makes your top lift up allowing my hands to find your slim bare waist. You respond emphatically and your hands grab my collar pulling tight kissing me even harder. I keep my hands moving up higher taking your shirt with them. You release your grip and allow your arms to rise as I slip your shirt over your head.

I look at your amazing body accented by the sexy black fabric covering up what remains. It only lasts a second as I pull you back into my arms needing to touch you. You reach down and start scrambling to pull my shirt off.

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I break the kiss to help you and let our bodies truly touch for the first time. Your skin against mine tingles at every point of contact. Overcome with the sensations I fling you down to a nearby couch and immediately follow, lying on top of you. Not being surprised you lean forward our mouths crush together.

It is no longer sweet and passionate, but a lusty war that can only come from two young adults. I grab your wrists and pin them above your head as I attack your neck again.

I place one leg in between yours and start kissing down your naked shoulder to your collarbone. Your moans fill my head as you press your groin against my thigh. I continue kissing down feeling your chest rise and fall as you try to catch your breath. I move down dragging my lips over your body. I move quickly past your chest and reach your flat stomach.

I take my time, lightly kissing everywhere making you squirm in a mix of tickle and pleasure. I stop only to look up and see you staring back at me. I rush back up and you lean up for another exploding kiss. You are now rising towards me pushing me back. We switch positions and now your beautiful body is pressing down on top of me.

You take your turn on my neck sending shivers throughout my body. I moan your name loudly as my hands begin to grab at your body rougher than before. Just at this point you pull away still sitting on me.


My hands find your legs and run up to your hips. You close your eyes feeling my touch and I let my hands run higher.

I move quickly up and with both hands begin to gently fondle both breasts. A faint smile plays across your lips and your head tilts back slightly. You come back down and give a good kiss before hopping off the couch. I watch you go and turn off the light plunging the room into darkness. As my eyes adjust I use the moonlight from the window to try and see your beauty.

Gradually, I see your body come into view. You have shed your skirt and stand in the moonlight with the dark remains of clothes hugging your shining body. This sight is almost too much for me and I quickly rise to be near you.

We kiss tenderly again.


The feeling is amazing, but not enough. The flames are rising and I must have more. One hand tightly holding your head the other is pawing different parts of your body.

I feel your hands travel down and hear my belt coming undone. We kiss harder and faster as you continue, finally letting my pants fall to the floor. Your hand does not take long to feel me for the first time. We both moan through our kiss and I pick you up yet again and carry you towards the bedroom. I lay you down softly and immediately begin kissing your long smooth leg. Just touching your skin is still exciting me beyond anything I've felt in a long time.

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I kiss up your thigh now. Passing your leg to your bony hips, smooth stomach, alert breasts, and sensitive neck, I allow our lips to play once again. We roll slightly onto our side.

I take the opportunity to reach back and unclasp the bra. I move my hand up to your shoulder and gently push the strap to the side. Guiding you onto your back, I slide the other strap over and kiss right above what is still covered.

You let out a moan and remove the remaining fabric yourself. I stare at your bare breasts, watching them rise and fall with your breathing. They are alert and begging to be touched. My hands find them and gently squeeze. I watch you gasp and roll your head back before I bring my head down and continue our lustful kissing. The kiss is broken as I drop down and take an already semi-erect nipple into my mouth.

Sucking and flicking at it with my tongue it grows hard. Even before I can switch to the other, I see it standing at attention from anticipation. I give it a quick bath with my tongue and look up at you smiling. I gently slide and position my body in between your legs. As I start kissing you again, my right hand runs straight down from your head, past your neck, over your naked breast, across your smooth stomach, and all along your slender leg.

I bring my hand back up and making my way behind your leg. It comes to rest on your amazing ass and I give a nice firm squeeze. You thrust up slightly at this and press against my hardness. Your hands travel down my body, rubbing my chest and feeling my stomach. I feel your hand reach its destination and grasp lightly. I am forced to stop kissing you or I will forget to breath as I feel your amazing touch. I realize my hand is now holding on to the final barrier separating us.

I look directly in your eyes as I pull them down. I take a look up and down your body, loving how the moon bounces off your skin making it look even more enticing. My hands travel back up your body to hold your face as I kiss you very softly.

I tilt my head towards your ear and whisper, "close your eyes." You obey and I lie next to you. "Just relax baby," I say faintly.

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My hand begins to move up and away from your face. I leave only the slightest trace of a fingertip on your skin, lightly traveling down your cheek. Past your chin, running small circles along your neck. Slowly sweeping back and forth across the length of your chest. Moving down slightly, I run a faint circle around your nipple and move slowly over to treat the other the same.

From there, that finger glides across your perfect skin to your smooth stomach, this time zigzagging while traveling. I voyage farther down to your hip and past to your legs. Here my finger moves randomly around before venturing to your inner thigh. Your legs begin to part allowing me to journey closer.

I am so near I can feel the heat from you. "Open your eyes," I tell you softly.

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I see your eyes stare at me almost begging. I pass slowly over your groin to the source of the heat. I lean forward and plant a small kiss on your lips before looking at you as I delicately slide my finger inside.

I watch as your mouth opens just from relief of needing to be pleased. I begin moving in and out slowly, letting you finally enjoy the feeling. You bite your lower lip looking amazingly sexy. I keep a pleasant, steady pace as we start enjoying a little tongue play.

It doesn't take long for me to feel your hips thrusting back at me trying to get a little more. I increase my speed and am rewarded when your hand grasps me tight. We both speed our hands up, trying to give as much pleasure as possible.

We make eye contact only for a second just before you let out a loud grunt and your body goes stiff. Your body relaxes as you catch your breath and my hands begin caressing your body. You open your eyes and slowly push me onto my back. Lying on top of me, you begin placing light kisses on my chest before kneeling above me. I feel myself just at your entrance.

My body aches to just thrust up into you but I wait for you to be ready. Your eyes close as you begin to lower yourself. The feeling of your warmth begins to overwhelm me. Both of our lips let a moan escape and your hands fall to my chest, leaning on me. You stop halfway and my hands find your hips trying to urge you on. Opening your eyes, you allow yourself to swallow me whole.

As I take a sharp breath in you let one out before you start rising again. I look in your eyes as you fall. There is no smile or playfulness present anymore. There is now a hunger present that makes you even sexier than ever before.

You continue moving up and down, leaning away from me, balancing yourself. I watch as your eyes close and your hand rubs your own neck, followed by your breast. You pick up speed, and start making audible moans, increasing in volume.

Now you are rocking forward and back after you fall. Faster and faster you ride, as I begin to thrust up to meet you. This seems to do the trick as the first words escape you. "Oh god," you moan. Watching you is no longer enough. I grab your waist and quickly roll over staying inside you. My lips crush to yours as I begin thrusting into you.

The kiss is short as you let out a high pitch noise of pleasure. I push my body away and balance on my hands. I let my hips rise far away from you, remaining inside you only just barely. In one quick move I thrust my entire length into you hard.

Before you can even react I am out again and slamming down once again. I continue this only picking up speed. The room is filled with the noise of our bodies making contact. Your legs wrap tightly around me trying to pull me harder. You begin to get loud, encouraging me on. Your hands find my back gripping tight.

Your moans have turned into screams. "Oh god. Faster, faster," you scream. Hearing your voice say these things sends me into a frenzy. I begin moving my hips as fast and as hard as possible. The all to familiar feeling begins to build inside me. I hold it off but your screams in my ears are only making things worse. " Oh FUCK," you scream and I feel you squeeze me inside you. Your screams stop but your mouth remains open as your nails begin to grip and scratch my back.

I keep thrusting as I feel your wetness grow and in one final hard thrust, we both let out a loud moan of completion.