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Esposa ecuatoriana infiel en motel c aacute_mara esp iacute_a tetotas y culazo
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====================================Extended Into==================================== Ok guys I finished part two.

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I can't wait to hear what you think I want as much feedback as possible. All criticism welcome as long as it is constructive criticism.

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For those who don't already know this series is not a sex story with vampires in it. This is a vampire story with sex in it.

Parts one and two follow the same format in that there is a lot of story that ends with a sex scene so if you are just reading for the sex you might want to skip to the end or better yet just read a different story. I wouldn't read this without first reading part one so if you haven't read it yet I would.

Thanks for any and all feedback in advance. I did my best to use paragraphs better in this one but I am not perfect so I double spaced it to increase readability. Enjoy =================================================================================== Mike woke up in an unfamiliar bed yawning. He noticed that it was dark outside. His memory of the previous night was somewhat foggy.

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He had initially thought it might have all been a dream. Then he looked beside him and saw her. The beautiful Irina lying next to him still asleep. He couldn't believe everything had really happened, but it had. He decided to explore the house and let Irina rest.

The house had several bedrooms. It was two stories with a beautiful view of the moonlit beach. Mike felt kind of hungry, forgetting that he know fed on human blood, he ventured into the kitchen. He opened the fridge, and what he found reminded him. It was stocked with what looked like bags of blood one would see in a hospital used for transfusions.

He took one out hesitating at the thought of what he was about to drink, but then he remembered how good blood tasted now that he had become a vampire. He decided to take a seat on the couch in the living room and watch TV while enjoying his snack until Irina woke up. He had only drank about half of the blood when he heard Irina's beautiful and seductive voice say, "good evening, I see you have made yourself at home." Mike began trying to apologize, kind of flustered.

Irina stopped him and said, "don't worry I was only joking your family now what is mine is yours." Mike replied, "While we are on the topic of family I have a couple of questions. First of all, where are the rest of the vampires in our blood-line?

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And second if we are family doesn't that make it kind of wrong what we did last night?" Irina explained that they were the only ones left in there blood-line. She explained that her age of around five hundred years was young, because in this time very few vampires were willing to turn humans, and blood-lines are kept relatively small. She told him that most vampire's have pride and trust issues, and either refuse to create new vampires or kill their relatives once they no longer have control over them.

Mike's expression turned to one of shock and fear. Irina said, "Oh don't worry I am not going to kill you. Its just most vampires have the few members of their blood-line they have been with for centuries that they trust, and they do not wish to add to that list.

It is really rather foolish. Our kind becomes closer and closer to extinction all the time." Mike was relieved. Irina continued, "on the topic of what happened last night.

It is not like with humans. What we did is not like two related humans having incestuous relations.

In fact its quite the opposite with vampires. First of all we don't have offspring, we turn humans. Second, relations between vampires is greatly frowned upon if they are not from the same blood-line. Its almost considered traitorous to your own blood-line. You see while most blood-lines are not hostile towards each-other as long as certain territorial rules are followed we still pretty much keep to ourselves.

There have been times when things worked somewhat differently, but ever since I was turned vampire society is non-existent. As I said many Vampires are not even trusting of those in their blood-line let alone outsiders. Some even seek to destroy the others in there blood-line, they believe by doing so they will become more powerful." Mike said, "wow this is all very different from what I would have expected, although I hadn't really put much thought into what being a vampire would be like since I did not think they really existed until last night." Irina laughed and said, "okay we have a lot to do tonight and you have a lot to learn your still have blood all over you from last night go take a shower and we can get started." Mike walked into the bathroom, which was pretty big with a really nice shower.

Mike looked at himself in the mirror. He had always been a decent looking guy. Being tall with straight brown hair that became dirty blonde when he spent a lot of time in the sun, which he did living in Florida. He was not fat, but he hadn't been athletic since he was a little kid on the swim team, and was by no means in shape, and while it wasn't the worst problem he had always had moderately bad acne.

What surprised him was when he looked at himself in the mirror. First he looked at his face amazed. While it was covered in dried blood he noticed there was absolutely no sign of any acne. He then looked at the rest of his body. He wasn't all full of muscles, which was a relief to him as he didn't want that look, but his stomach was completely flat.

Everywhere he looked on his body any slight flaw he had had was gone. It was as if his body had been tailored to look exactly the way he wanted it to. He looked at his face again and all the blood, and he thought about what he and Irina had done the night before, and all the wonderful sensations he had felt, and before he knew it he had caused his fangs to emerge.

He admired them in the mirror for a little while. He then decided to try and make them retract. He did his best to calm his mind and rid himself of any intense emotions, and again as if like magic his teeth returned to their normal state. He was very pleased with himself, his first lesson as a vampire he had managed to teach himself.

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Mike washed himself thoroughly as the hot water slid down his now cold body. His mind kept racing not knowing what was next in his knew life. Also worrying about all he had probably left behind having decided to become a vampire, but then he realized he would have lost it all if he had chosen death so he tried not to think about it.

He got out of the shower and dried himself with a nearby towel and put on a bathrobe that was hanging on the door as his clothes were pretty dirty and went back to the living room.

He asked, "Hey Irina you got anything for me to wear? My clothes are pretty messy." Irina had him follow her into one of the bedrooms and had him put on a black t-shirt, thin dark gray sweatpants and a black hoodie. She told him that these clothes were made from a special material and once they were bound to him they would become like an extension of him.

That he would be able to use his energy to repair them, or even to cause them to disappear or re-appear on his body, which could come in handy if he got caught out in strong sunlight. She then performed a ritual to bind the outfit to his life force.

It consisted of muttering an incantation from an unfamiliar, but Slavic sounding language. She then took his hand and made a huge gash in it with a knife.

Much to his amazement, it was rather painful, but it did not hurt nearly as much as he had expected. She drew an odd symbol on each of the pieces of clothing and finished up with another incantation and all the blood on the clothes slowly disappeared. Irina then looked at Mike and said, "when you are wounded and bleeding you are losing energy.


The more blood you lose the weaker you become, but you can use your energy to make your wounds heal themselves. At first it will be difficult, but before you know it it will become second nature.

Kind of like riding a bike. Now since I can control you still I could command you to heal yourself, but you need to learn how to do it.

I want you to focus hard, and imagine your wound closing up. Imagine your body is filled with spiritual energy and that you are causing that energy to flow to the points at which you are wounded. If you are not too weakened your wound will close." Mike did as she directed, and slowly but surely the gash on Mike's hand slowly closed, but he felt kind of tired afterward. Irina clapped her hands together in delight, "oh you are learning fast you are going to make a great vampire.

Now know that if you don't have the energy to heal drinking blood will cause you to heal without all the effort, but you won't always be in a position where you can just bite someone." "The other fundamental thing I must teach you is to control your fangs, we will occasionally be hiding in plain sight so to speak, and you need to be able to have full control over weather or not your fangs are out." Irina told Mike. Mike smiled at her. He opened his mouth and thought back to their sexual encounter, and with a slicing sound of sorts out came his fangs.

A few moments later he calmed himself down and retracted them. Irina stared at him in amazement. She was flabbergasted. "I am so impressed it took me weeks to learn that, and I had quite the teacher." Irina's face became somewhat sad as she mentioned her mentor.

Mike asked her about her mentor. She decided now was as good a time as ever to explain. She said, "All blood-line's begin somewhere. Ours began in Romania, which is where I am from. I was the first and only surviving vampire that our source-blood ever turned." Mike stopped her, "source-blood?" She explained, "as I was saying all blood-line's begin somewhere.

They start with a source-blood, a very powerful vampire whose blood is not diluted with any human blood. While source-bloods have all been born from humans, for some reasons that are still a mystery to us, they are pure blooded vampires. While all vampires grow stronger with time, including source-bloods, those that are not source-bloods begin considerably weaker the further away from the source-blood they are in the blood-line.

Therefore even though I am still young, and you are probably the youngest vampire in existence by a long shot, we are both considerably more powerful than many of the very old vampires as our blood-line is so short and our blood is so pure.

For reasons we still don't understand, a source-blood has not been born since the legendary Dracula, or Vlad Tepes. The thing with source-bloods is while they are born vampires their powers lay dormant until some dark event awakens them. In Vlad the Impaler's case, the act of him drinking the blood of his fallen comrades on the battlefield. Which he did because he believed god had forsaken him, much like in Brahms Stoker's Novel.

Really one of the only things that was incorrect was that instead of being the first vampire he was the last, at least the last source-blood to date.

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Anyway I can tell you more vampire history later. Back to my story. I was a teenage girl in a small Romanian town in Transylvania now known as Braşov." Mike stopped her there, "You must be kidding me, That's where I was adopted from." Her eyes lit up, "that is probably why you are such a natural, we are both native to the birth-place of our source-blood.

That combined with the fact that we are so close to him in our blood-line, and that his death causes us to inherit much of his power makes us very powerful. It also makes us targets. Vampires and other supernaturals fear what we might do with our power, and they make us their enemy. It is why Mihail is no longer here, and it why if it weren't for you our blood-line would be no more." Mike spent a minute taking all this in. "So, am I right in assuming Mihail was our source-blood?" Irina nodded, a tear forming in her eye.

"Mihail taught me everything about what it means to be a vampire. It had just been me and him ever since we moved to this country three hundred years ago. You see not many vampires live in America most live in the different parts of Europe.

Its not something I know from first hand experience, but it has been said that if a vampire drinks the blood of the last remaining vampire in a blood-line that that vampire will gain all of that blood-line's powers.

Many power hungry blood-line's were after the power of the blue flame. The ability I used to incinerate any evidence of a body last night. It is one of the most unique and powerful abilities a vampire has ever controlled. Mihail, myself, and the other five vampires in our blood-line were attacked at day-break by a small army of several different power hungry blood-line's. They ambushed us with every dirty trick in the book.

Our brothers and sisters sacrificed themselves so that Mihail and myself could escape. We allowed the enemy to think we had died with our brothers and left for America. Mihail was so torn up by the loss of our brethren that he vowed never to turn another human for fear of losing them. As the centuries past without attack we began to let our guard down It seemed there were no vampires nearby, and if there were they were not hostile.

That finally brings me to last night. Mihail and I were on the beach. We had been racing up and down the beach. After we had exhausted most of our energy we decided to go for a hunt something we rarely did. You saw the blood in the fridge. We try to keep the amount of humans we kill to a minimum so that the humans aren't constantly looking for us, but there is nothing like a fresh meal, and even if we decided not to drink a fatal amount of blood from a victim we can't risk someone investigating what caused fang marks." Mike was heavily engaged in Irina's tale and asked her to continue.

"As I was saying we were tired and low on energy despite the full moon. Out of nowhere we were attacked by what most vampires would consider our greatest enemies, and also the only creature that is practically invincible under the light of a full moon, a werewolf." Mike's face was amazed, "werewolves exist too?" Irina replied, "yes and normally they aren't very much concern to us as they are usually much weaker than us.

There are not too many of them either, but one attacked us. It mauled me putting me in the state you found me in, before Mihail was able to force it off of me. Even with the mastery of the blue flames at his disposal it would have been quite the fight for him at full power. He probably didn't stand a chance in his condition. He assured me he would be okay and that I was to find a human to feed off of and to bring him back one for him to feed off so that he could end the vicious werewolf's existence.

He promised me he would be able to hold the dam wolf off until I could get back. I was on my way to that gas station we stopped at to get a human for us to feed from, but I couldn't make it and right before you arrived, I felt Mihail's life force leave this world, and I had given up all hope. I expected the wolf to pick up my scent and rip what was left of me into pieces, and he may very well have tried and succeeded if you hadn't saved me.

Anyway now that it's no longer the full moon we do not need to worry about the damn werewolf for now." Irina wiped several more tears from her face as she finished her story. Mike put his arms around her in a compassionate and understanding way as if to try and tell her everything was going to be okay. She began to cry, "you must promise me your going to train hard and become the strongest vampire you can be despite your young age. And you can never let your guard completely down except when we are in this house.

Powerful magic protects this house, and it can be considered at safe-haven. If I lose you I don't know what I would do.

You are the first that I have turned and I never want to lose you." Mike replied, "I never want to lose you either." Irina lifted her head from mikes shoulder and gazed deeply into his eyes. She then locked lips with him, and began kissing him more passionately than he thought possible.

She was very dominating forcing him onto the couch and lying on top of him all the while their tongues deep in each others mouth. She sat up and closed her eyes in deep focus for a second and her clothes just started become transparent until they were no longer there.

She instructed him to do the same, "Just imagine them slowly fading away and they will. Mike did as he was told, despite how hard it was to focus with this beautiful naked girl on top of him. She went back to passionately kissing him and rubbed her already sopping wet vagina up and down his rapidly hardening cock. Mike though he was going to cum right then he was so excited, as he was still a virgin, and his dick had never been so close to a girl's snatch.

His fangs came out on their own almost nicking Irina's tongue. She broke off the kiss to reprimand him, "control yourself, you get to bite me when I say so and not before." she said forcefully. Then almost as if she was punishing him she drew her fangs and bit down hard on his neck. For some reason that Mike did not understand she was able to make her bite more painful than it had been the night before, but the added pain only fueled Mike's lust, and he tried to slip his cock inside of her desperate to feel himself inside her warm walls.

To his disappointment she stopped him and almost as if she was punishing him again caused her bite to inflict several waves of pain through his body. She withdrew from her bite, her mouth covered in fresh blood, and said, "I told you to control yourself. Don't make me punish you because you cant follow instructions." She then began to tease and scare Mike all at once.

She started by slowly massaging his manhood with her hand very slowly using a combination of blood and her vaginal juices to keep it very slippery. Then making sure he saw she brought out her fangs again and began to lick slowly up and down his cock.

She then began to suck it very slowly going all the way down and then back up at an excruciatingly slow pace as if to dare Mike to force her head down with his hand, but he feared he might get bitten in a very unpleasant place her fangs already being too close to his cock for comfort. Mike could tell that Irina was all about having control and power during sex and that turned him on he just wished that he hadn't angered her into teasing him so badly.

Irina stopped completely and asked, "so are you ready to behave now?" Mike replied, "yes Ma'am." Irina continued to pause in a pensive state as if wondering what to do next. Mike's dick was aching it was so hard. He wanted so badly to thrust deep inside of a woman for the first time. He had longed to do this for some time now, but never before had he been so close. Irina then asked him, "are you a virgin?" Astonished Mike asked how she knew.

"Well we are just so alike in many other ways: We were both turned at a young age, we both came from the same place originally, and It just occurred to me that you might have been a virgin when you were turned like I was." Mike responded very embarrassed, "well I am." Irina smiled in an evil menacing way, "I'm not just gonna give up the goods, you gotta earn it." Mike's face showed concern for he feared he would not be able to accomplish whatever it was she wanted him to do to earn entrance to her beautiful snatch.

"Okay no more pleasure for you until you manage to give me an orgasm without me biting you. I'll warn you it's been over one-hundred years since I have climaxed without biting or being bitten." Mike almost smirked and said, "well you only said I had to make you cum without you biting me, so I can still bite you to get you there." Irina said in her most seductive voice, "ah ah ah I said no pleasure for you until you make me cum.

Now get to work." She sat up on the couch next to him with her legs spread. Mike was so turned on by how authoritative she was. He stopped for a moment to admire her beautiful body. His blood had dripped down from her chin and there was droplets on her chest. His first instinct was to start to go down on her right away, but then he thought for a second. He remembered reading or hearing somewhere that, while men get more sexually stimulated from direct acts of sex women are more stimulated by starting slowly with gentle foreplay that works its way up to the bigger stuff.

He couldn't remember for the life of him where he knew this from but he figured it wouldn't hurt to try it. Mike slowly brought his lips to Irina's and parted them, and began to slowly make out with her. She followed suit and their tongues danced between each others mouths slowly for what seemed like an eternity. Mike slowly began massaging her left breast with his right hand. He would occasionally break the kiss to clean his blood off of her face with his tongue.

As he massaged her breast harder he felt her moan into his mouth. He lowered his left hand down between her legs and rubbed her warm wetness from top to bottom excruciatingly slowly. He could barely stand how slowly he was going but he could tell it was working. Irina was moving her hips slightly as if begging him to go faster.


The whole time he never broke there kiss except to occasionally continue to clean her face further with his tongue. She was moaning louder and more often. He found her clitoris with his fingers and rubbed it fairly slowly.

He knew he was now the one teasing her, and she was loving it. Her snatch was soaking the couch with juices. This whole time Mike had been focusing his hardest to keep his fangs in for while he could force them out, it took a hell of a lot of concentration to keep them in during such an intense experience. He assumed that with time he would be able to have full control no matter the situation.

Mike decided it was time to go to the next level. He broke the kiss and began kissing his way down Irina's neck cleaning any of his blood that still remained as he went. He could practically feel his fangs ache as his mouth as he reached her neck, but he used everything he had to prevent himself from biting for he knew Irina would formulate some kind of twisted punishment for breaking her rules. The whole time continuing to play with her clit, he moved his mouth and began to suck on one of her nipples.

He began softly, but quickly began to suck rather hard. He nibbled on it ever so lightly but was careful not to bite. He then continued downward kissing down her stomach as he went. Before he knew it his face was looking straight at her vagina.

He had gone down on her the night before, but everything had been in the heat of the moment, and it still felt like it had been more of a dream than reality. Now he was getting his first good look at a vagina up close in person, and not on the internet.

He gazed for a moment at this beautiful flower in front of him. He began working. With one hand he began to move one finger in and out slowly reaching deep within her folds. With the other he began rubbing her clit. She began to moan uncontrollably. He then added a second finger inside of her, and placed his mouth where the fingers of his other hand had been vigorously licking and sucking at her clit.

He then moved his hands away and darted his tongue in and out of her as deep and as fast as he could tasting her divine nectar as he did. He decided that her juices were the only thing that tasted better than blood. He decided to pull back a little to try teasing her a little more, but she wouldn't have it. With an incredible amount of force she slammed his face deep into her crotch with her hands, and begun to thrust her hips up into his face.

He thought she might be close and he might just pass her test so he began to give it everything he had.

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He was relieved he no longer needed to breath because a human probably would have suffocated, but he went on strong and her moans turned into screams of pleasure. "Oh, I am so close keep going, faster, faster, don't stop!" Before he knew it her cunt was squirting fluids onto his face and into his mouth, as she yelled out, "oh my god I'm cumming, I am cumming so hard!" After over a minute straight of Irina bucking her hip into Mike's face screaming out in pleasure, she finally began to loosen her grip on his head, and Mike sat next to her on the couch and kissed her passionately.

Irina broke the kiss to say, "My god I didn't think you were actually going to be able to do that. At least not on your first try." Mike replied, "It must be another thing I have a natural talent for." Irina went back to her deeply seductive voice and said, "Well you are going to be rewarded well." All the attention he had given her had distracted him so much he had become flaccid again. She looked at it disappointed, "well we have to fix this." She said seductively.

She began stroking him and started to go down on him until he was rock hard again. She then positioned herself so that her wet love tunnel was directly above his manhood. Her back was to him and she turned her head to him and asked, "are you ready?" Mike quickly respond, "oh am I ever." Irina added, "when you want to magnify the experience just dig your fang deep in my neck." Then in one quick motion she impaled herself on his aching cock.

He felt the incredibly tight warm, wet walls of her vagina massaging his manhood. The feeling was unlike anything he had experienced.

Irina moaned loudly as she went down and after sitting for a second allowing herself to adjust to Mike being inside of her she began going up and down.

Mike began meeting her up and down motions with thrusts, but before he knew it he was about to climax. He remembered her telling him to bite her to greatly intensify the experience. His fangs had been out since penetration, and he wasted no time sinking them deep into the flesh of her neck right as began to flood her with his seed.

He sucked hard taking big gulps of her blood as each spurt of semen left his cock. The orgasm was so intense that as it was ending He passed out. Irina then lay down with him and put his arms around her, and was asleep herself before too long. Hope everyone enjoyed it. Part three coming as soon as i can write it.

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Just curious do I have any female readers and if so what are your thoughts? I would really like feedback from both genders.