Beauty tears up during torment

Beauty tears up during torment
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The taste of my bosses cum was still on my tongue when I knocked on his door, I could hear movement inside, scurrying feet across tiles then silence.

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7:55pm, I was 5 minutes early, didn't wanna be late and lose my job, you gotta do what you gotta do right? My boss opened the door and ordered me inside, I walked in behind him.

He was wearing a bathrobe he led me to a large family room with a leather sofa and a coffee table. Looks like I was gonna suck him off again, I thought to myself, but why call it an audition I wondered.

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He ordered me again as he sat on the sofa to suck his cock, I undid the knot on his bathrobe and his cock flopped out, almost hitting my eye, and stood at full attention. I noticed his cock had a piece of fabric around it, I removed it and placed into his side as I sucked his cock. He told me to stop and used the fabric to blind fold me.

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"Keep your dirty slut mouth shut or you'll be in the line for unemployment" I stayed on my knees as I felt him moving around, "take off your clothes" I complied.

He pushed me down onto all fours and I felt him moving around the coffee table to right beside me.

I was now in between the sofa and coffee table. This was getting a little odd for me but I couldn't ask why or I'd get fired, my cock was hard and he noticed. "You won't be needing that boner boy, not until we are done with you." He said sadistically an began to chuckle. He moved my hands and legs apart and then I felt him tying my legs and hands to the legs of the sofa and coffee table, I was now bound in the doggy position, bare ass exposed for fucking.

He slapped my ass hard four or five times, then violently jammed a finger inside my unexpecting asshole. I yelped in pain while hearing him laugh at his handy work.


"ALRIGHT EVERYONE, line up! $50 a fuck, blow your load and move on, use his holes however you like, this bitch is yours for the fucking" I froze in fear hoping this as a joke, my fears became reality when I heard those same scurrying footsteps begin to move around me, laughing, cheering and shouting.


A whole bunch of men. "I'm first naturally, I'm gonna fuck his whore asshole, who wants his mouth?" My boss said from behind me, I felt him spit on my asshole while someone cheered "I'll fuck his mouth while I wait for you" another man said.

My boss jammed his cock violently inside me and thrust away, not concerning himself with the pain I was in momentarily. The man in front of me violently forced my mouth upon and put his erect member inside my forcibly opened mouth.

They both thrusted in to me fucking my holes while the others cheered and laughed. The blindfold was removed as I looked up into the eyes of my violator. A chubby man with a silly grin on his bloated face.

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I took a moment to look around me, there was at least 18 guys looking at me getting fucked not including the two fucking me silly.

I felt my boss slap my ass and begin to jam his cock as far in as possible until he Collapsed forward cock twitching inside me, filling me with a load.

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The man fucking my mouth moved around to take his place in my asshole while another man put his cock into my mouth. I was being used and abused like a cheap Thai hooker while they cheered and laughed, I would've cried had it not been for the fact I enjoyed every second of my forced anal penetration, they all took turns this way. Fucking my mouth to get their cocks wet and waiting for whoever was plowing my asshole to blow inside me then taking that mans spot.

My knees went numb, my arms grew weak, my cock raged on harder and harder with each forced entry.

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My asshole was now used to the abuse, accepting cocks easily and being filled with more and more cum. They slapped my assmy face and teased my cock with some one off strokesone by one the people around me finished, zipped up, payed my boss and left. Finally my last fucker was going to town on my asshole while collapsed to the ground keeping my ass up, presenting myself to him whilst exhausted.


I lay there in a mixture of agony and pleasure, the man fucking me tensed up and blew the last load of cum into my rectum. He zipped up, payed my boss an left.


My boss came to my side and began to count his money whilst laughing "You're formerly tight little asshole and whore mouth have earned me a thousand dollars tonight, how does it feel huh?

Knowing there are 20 loads of hot cum inside your gaping asshole right now, 20 different cocks. All for $50 each, you're the cheapest fuck around. A two bit whore and I know you loved every second of it. This is how you're gonna keep your job, every weekend this is what will happen. Think of it as guarantee that those photos won't get leaked and you'll keep your job." I finally completely collapsed, rolled over and looked at the ceiling.

He's right, I'm the cheapest piece of cunt around, I'm a little whore and used for others enjoyment for cheap and I loved every single second of my abuse today.

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My boss stood beside meput a foot onto my lower abdomen and pushed down, 20 loads of cum that was barely in place came gushing out of my barely closed ass, I was literally sitting in a pool of cum and sweat, humiliated beyond belief. I may have enjoyed my punishment but I was going to get revenge on my boss for this, I turned my head to the side about to pass out when I saw it, a photo of my boss and his wife, bingo.

The plot for revenge was in motion.