Outdoor fucking and creampie mess

Outdoor fucking and creampie mess
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A SPECIAL BOND Long Weekend at the Lake ___________________________________ This is a work of fiction. Of fantasy. It's called 'My Right of Free Speech.' If you do not approve of youngsters engaged in various sexual acts. . or if you live in one of the God-forsaken States that bans possessing/reading such material.

. then please, PLEASE, go someplace else. This is not some 4 page fuck/suck story. This story consists of almost 30 chapters! It has the main story, the back story, lots of detail, enough sex to satisfy almost everyone and some humor.

It will be posted in multiple segments.

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Lastly, 'A Special Bond' is a Trilogy. 'Long Weekend at the Lake' is the second part and will be followed by the Prequel and finally by The Later Years. I've spell-checked and re-read the chapters multiple times. Yet I am sure there are spelling errors, grammatical problems and incorrect words. I don't have an editor! Just read and enjoy. Characters: Kathy Evans Age 31 Rob Evans Age 36 RJ Evans Age 16 Kayla Evans Age 15 Aunt Karla Peters Age 36 Uncle Tom Peters Age 37 Ken Peters Age 17 Candace Peters Age 14 Chapter 5 of 29 RJ awoke as he heard the sound of a car engine and the garage door opening.


Through bleary eyes he could see his alarm clock read 5:50. He had set it for 6AM, but had beaten the alarm. He looked out the window and saw his mother and father backing out of the driveway. He went to the bathroom and took his morning leak, willing his 'morning wood' to go down so he could pee properly.

He then washed his hands and splashed water in his face. He went down the hall to his sister's room and entered through the closed door. Carelessly, as he crept into Kayla room, he left the door ajar behind him. Kayla lay on her back with the sheet midway between her waist and her chin, leaving her breast exposed. RJ stood and marveled at his sister's tits. Kayla had now gotten up to a 'C cup, "usually" as she had told RJ.

Her breasts were firm and stood out from her 15 year old frame nicely. As was the case with many redheads and strawberry blonds, her areolas were light pink in color with much darker nipples.

Kayla had extremely sensitive nipples and sometimes RJ could just about make her climax just by playing with her nipples. The problem was that Kayla became so aroused from nipple-play, that she would just about rape RJ. Kayla became very aggressive when she was highly aroused. So RJ had never actually gotten his sister off from nipple-play alone, because she always insisted on fucking at that point!

The fact that Kayla was naked on the top, meant she was also naked on under the covers, as she usually liked to sleep nude.

RJ's cock had already started to swell to its full length, just under 9 inches, as he looked at Kayla tits and thought about what he was about to do.

Slowly he approached the foot of Kayla's bed and carefully lifter the covers up. Kneeling, he snaked his way up under the covers and found Kayla had her legs slightly spread already. RJ wanted to surprise his sister by pleasuring her before she awoke.

Moving higher RJ nudged his sister's thighs and she spread them further automatically. Her breathing told RJ that she was still asleep however. RJ lightly placed a kiss on the top of Kayla's mons and stuck his tongue out to probe the top of her folds just above her clit.

This elicited a moan from his sleeping sister. RJ carefully moved his tongue lower and licked upwards along the length of her teen slit, touching her clit for the first time. A much louder moan escaped Kayla's lips and she shifted slightly in bed. RJ thought he'd awoken her, but she breathed deeply still in the fog of slumber. RJ zeroed in on her now engorging clit and started swirling his tongue around her sensitive spot, alternately swiping his tongue into her outer lips which were getting wetter by the second.

As RJ again probed her clit Kayla said "oh. . OH. . aahhh" and grabbed the side of RJs head thrusting it harder against her cunt. "What a pleasant surprise" Kayla panted. "Glad you like it" RJ mumbled with his face buried in his sister's crotch. Now he spread her lips wide apart with his hands and began tonguing the inner folds of Kayla's snatch in earnest. Kayla flailed about and moaned loudly. After only a minute or so Kayla pushed her brother's head away while simultaneously bucking her hips against his face.

Shuddering in bliss Kayla said "Get up here and fuck me now!" RJ raised his head and said, "Not a chance K!" I told you this was going to be special this morning.

Your first orgasm is going to be on the tip of my tongue. I want you to lay back, concentrate on the special spot between your legs and think about the gallon of cum I am going to dump into you next!" Kayla flopped back and closed her eyes as RJ again started lapping at her swollen pussy lips.

He started tracing a 'figure 8' around her clit button which caused Kayla to buck and squeal. Kayla was already racing towards the abyss. Not having any sex while her father was home during the weekends just made her that much more wanton and out of control.

RJ was fucking in and out of her pussy hole with his tongue and alternately sucking on her well distended clit. Kayla's head flopped from side to side with the sensations driving her wild.

She started grunting and almost crying as her pace of humping back at her brother's tongue increased. RJ sensed that she was very closed to sexual release and it was at this moment that he extended his arms up so that he could reach Kayla's nipples while continuing to eat out her pussy.

Kayla humped furiously as RJ played with her nipples. Simultaneously RJ squeezed both nipples between his thumb and forefingers and nipped down on key clit. Kayla saw stars manufactured from both the unexpected pain of the bite, and the exotic pleasure it brought on. Suddenly her whole body arched and became stiff and she started to shudder rapidly and let out a very loud scream.

While the scream was still in her throat, RJ released her clit and started swirling his tongue around it again. All of a sudden he felt it against his lips; Kayla was convulsing and ejaculating liquid all over his mouth which continued to suck on his sister's engorged girl parts!

Kayla convulsed out of control and kept making what could only be described as a humming sound. Suddenly she collapsed down on the bed and was panting like a race horse. RJ had heard his buddies talk about girls 'cuming liquid' but he always thought it was a fairy tale. Kayla pulled at her brother's head and said "Fuck me quick RJ" RJ laughed and flopped on his back beside her. "Nope, you fuck me sis. Ride me cowgirl style." In the blink of an eye Kayla scrambled over her brother's prone body, grasped his rigid cock and placed the now purple head against the saturated lips of her cunt.

In one bold motion she plunged down onto his member and said only "Oomph!" Kayla started rocking her pelvis back and forth on her brother, making sure to rub her clit against his public bone, and scissoring as much of his 9 inches in and out of her as possible.

Kathy had returned home from the train station after dropping Rob off and was ascending the stairs when she heard a loud scream from upstairs. Kathy hurried up at first thinking Kayla had been hurt. The noises she heard from Kayla's room soon became clear what the real source was.

Kathy found Kayla's bedroom door standing open about 25% of the way. She cautiously peered around the door and saw her daughter squatting over her son and just beginning to place RJs huge erection into her vagina. As Kayla pushed downward suddenly Kathy heard her let out an "oomph" sound. Kathy stood mesmerized as she watched her daughter rock back on forth on her son's erection.

It was obvious that Kayla was quite excited and she practically 'mewed' as she rode RJ faster and faster. Kathy thought she was about to witness her daughter have an orgasm, but all of a sudden Kayla stopped and repositioned her feet.

Placing her feet beside her brother's hips, Kayla was now in a true squat over her brother. Kathy had not seen RJ naked in a long time. Kayla had mentioned that her brother had a large penis, but Kathy was taken aback. Kayla was squatted over her brother and had at least 6 inched of his cock-shaft exposed not in her vagina.

Yet there was still some of RJ buried inside his sister. She heard Kayla say "RJ I'm very close. . I want you to concentrate on dumping a really big load in your little sister's cunt! I should be able to cum again when I feel you cumming in me." With that Kayla started riding up and down on RJs shaft by flexing her thigh muscles and haunches.

Kathy watched her daughter slide very slowly all the way down RJs cock shaft till their public bones touched, only to raise herself back up until only the tip of his monster cock was still with her. Twice she rose too high and RJ slipped out of her. Immediately Kayla would grab his slippery member and place it back at the entrance of her hole. Kathy was amazed to see the size of RJs penis and in length it rivaled his fathers, with a fiery head that was now almost purple, but perhaps not quite as thick around as Rob's.

Suddenly Kayla started riding up and down faster and faster. RJ had his hands on his sister's tits and was playing with her nipples again.

Kayla grasped RJs biceps for balance as she could not afford to let him slip out now. RJ was moaning loudly and Kayla's hips were now a blur bouncing up and down on him. Suddenly RJ cried "Sis.

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. cum. . " and that was all he got out. He arched his pelvis so high that he lifted Kayla off the bed impaled on his cock. He started spewing potent baby juice into his sister as rope after rope of his cum entered her.

The sensation set Kayla over the edge and her own orgasm struck like a sledge hammer. "OH. . Fuck, oh FUCK!. yes. . yes. .

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YES!" She screamed. RJ collapsed back onto the bed and his sister shuddered on top of him for many more seconds. Kathy realized she had been rubbing her own pussy through her slacks, even though Rob had just fucked her brains out an hour earlier. Kathy slowly backed away from her daughter's door making sure not to make any noise.

She turned and went into her bedroom and in a few minutes heard the shower running. She was fairly certain her children were in the shower together!   Chapter 6 of 29 Monday was a busy day. Kathy took her daughter to shop, not only for the things that Kayla had put on her lists, but Kathy had decided that the curtains in the 'Hut' part of the Party Hut Pontoon Boat needed to be changed, as they were now badly sun-faded.

As Kenny and Candace were coming down for the weekend, Kathy wanted nice, brand new, beach-towels, bath towels and sheets on the boat also.

Mother and daughter made their way to the mall. While Kathy went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for the towels and sheets, Kayla drifted away down the aisle-way after extracting some cash from her mother. Kayla went into Frederick's of Hollywood and went to a specially marked bathing suit rack to see if they still had a bikini she had seen and had her eye on for a couple of weeks. A 20-something clerk asked if she could help the teen girl, but Kayla said she knew what she was looking for, as she looked through the racks of Bikinis.

"Damn, it's gone" Kayla muttered. "If you tell me what you had your eye on, I may be able to see if we have one in stock in the back" the sales-girl said. Kayla explained in detail what she remembered of the white Bikini.

She explained the functional sting ties at the side, the brass ring between the two bra components of the top and the fact that it had a single small rose embroidered off-center along the waist band.

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"I think I know the suit you are talking about" said the clerk. "What it your size" the young woman wanted to know. Kayla told the attractive sales clerk that she was a 34 'C', but depending on the bra, she sometimes fit into a 'B' cup and other times a 'C' cup. The sales clerk said to the teen, "well it depends if you are going for maximum cover-up, or maximum display of your cleavage" "Umm let's try the 'B' cup Bikini, if you still have one," the teen replied to the clerk.

After several minutes of waiting the clerk reappeared with a positive grin on her face. "You are in luck we actually had two still in the back that we hadn't placed on the rack yet." "Do you want to try it on" the sales clerk asked.

Kayla held the bottoms up in front of her, and stretched the waistband out to make sure it would fit her hips. She then looked at the top. The two triangles of fabric looked like they wouldn't cover much of her boobs. If she were going to be on a public beach, she would have worried if the fabric was going to cover her areolas or not, but that wasn't a concern on the boat.

The fact that the two triangles of cloth were joined between the cups with a brass 'D'-shaped ring meant there was no adjustment to the top. What you saw was what you got. "Umm, no I'm not going to try this on; I don't have on the right underwear. And I know you have rules about trying on a suit without them" Kayla said. The clerk smiled knowingly. "Do you want to see the one with the larger top" the clerk questioned. "No, I'm going to take this one" the teen grinned.

"There's one other thing about this suit that I want to make sure you understand, before you buy it" The clerk said cautiously. Kayla just looked at her unsure of what she wanted to say. "This suit is one of our 'Rose' brands. . and those suits are made of a special fabric that . . .well when it gets wet, it becomes pretty transparent. The bottoms have a tri-cot layer in the crotch, so that doesn't show," at this the 20ish clerk actually blushed, "but your top and your butt will show through the white suit pretty clearly.

Are you sure you wanted to get this one" the clerk asked, sensing Kayla's age and not sure she would want to show off her body. "OH-Yea, I'm quite sure" Kayla said with a mischievous grin, "that's why I picked this suit." A short time later, Kayla found her mother with arms full of packages. "What did you find dear," her mother asked. "Oh I got a new bikini, it's just a plain white one" was all the teen beauty said to her mom.

Kayla grabbed some of the packages and somehow the subject got changed, so there was no further questioning about the new bathing suit. The girls shopped some more and then Kathy went to Big 5 Sporting Goods. Once there, Kathy bought a new large tow-tube, quite large enough for two people to sit in.

"I remember that you kids liked to use this when you were smaller and used to have a blast. I thought that maybe you guys will enjoy getting towed behind the boat when you move from place-to-place" her mother said matter-of-factly.

By Monday noon, RJ found that he did not like the feel of the boat's steering. He disconnected the steering knuckle from the engine, and it still felt very stiff to him. He decided to call his father in Washington D.C. to ask him about it. His father listened and told RJ that this was a 'good catch' and that probably there was corrosion building in the steering cable sheath.

His father explained to RJ how to first elevate the cable that he had already removed, and the multiple steps involved in clearing the corrosion and then putting a lubricant in the cable sheath.

It wasn't hard, but it was time consuming. When the girls returned home, they found RJ sitting in the captain's seat, slowing the turning the steering wheel from full left to full right. As the girls approached the boat, Kathy asked her son "What are you doing up there RJ?" "The steering cable was corroded so Dad told me how to lubricate it so it won't be so tight" RJ responded.

"Why didn't you just put K-Y Jelly on it" Kayla said to her brother, "That always works!" Kayla laughed at her double-entendre. "What do you know about KY Jelly, young lady" her mother retorted! "I know the tube in your night-stand is almost empty. . so I had to buy my own" Kayla laughed out loud. Kathy turned red, and took off running towards Kayla, packages akimbo.

"When I catch you young lady, I'm gonna put you across my knee" her mother grinned. Kayla beat-feet for the house, dropping one of the packages along the way, and laughing hilariously. RJ just shook his head at the silly things those two ladies did from time to time. RJ also kept exercising the steering cable which felt much freer than earlier.

RJ finished and reassembled the steering. The girls started packing, and repacking the dry goods they had purchased. They also started to assemble the clothes that RJ and Kayla had put on their lists. Kathy set aside 3 plastic bins for Kenny and Candace to put their tings into on the boat. Later that afternoon while the girls folded laundry, Kathy said to Kayla "There's something I want to discuss with you sweetheart." Kayla could tell from her mother's tone that she was serious, and not playing around.

"Shoot Mom. What's on your mind?" Kayla responded. "I'm pretty sure I know why you were against inviting Kenny and Candace with you guys" Her mother paused. "I know that you thought you and RJ could have 4 days, away from the parents and over a weekend, where you could have non-stop sex" her mother concluded. "OK. Go on" the teen said cautiously to her mother. "Look Kayla, you and RJ can control yourself for a few days. We haven't seen Kenny and Candy for 3 years. We don't know what they are like these days, but you don't need to have any public displays of affection between your brother and yourself.

Candy is younger than you, and I don't think she's as mature as you were at 14.

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. . so just cool it. OK?" "What makes you think she's so naive? When I was 14, RJ and I fooled around, and you knew about it" Kayla responded. "Well Aunt Karla hasn't seen any evidence of Ken and Candy showing any interest in each other" Kathy told her daughter. Kayla though 'oh right. Mom and Aunt Karla talk about everything no matter how private!

Kayla wondered if her Aunt knew about her and RJ.' Then she realized that her mother had probably had long discussions with her aunt, about her and RJs sexuality. Her mom would have asked her aunt if her kids fooled around too, Kayla realized, that's how she knew the Kenny and Candace didn't. "Mom, you know how I feel about RJ! You can't expect me to keep my hands off of him for 4 days" Kayla lamented. "That is exactly what I expect Kayla" her mother replied.

And I want you to be more careful around the house too." "What are you talking about" the teen wanted to know. "Like this morning when I got back from taking your father to the train station.

I came up the stairs and was greeted by quite a show" Kayla's mother retorted. "It would seem that someone forgot to close your bedroom door, when they came in to do your usual morning routine." Kayla was now embarrassed.

Even though she and her mother talked about everything, the fact that Kathy had watched them 'in the act' somehow bothered Kayla. "How much did you see, mom" Kayla asked. "Oh I got to see pretty much all the exciting stuff.

. .including my daughter having an excruciating orgasm" Kathy said as sternly as she could muster. "I'm sorry mom" Kayla said, "I'll remind RJ we need to be more careful" "Kayla, I just don't want your cousins to see any fooling around between you and RJ.

They may not understand, and they may not share our attitude about this subject. So you and RJ need to get all your sex done and out of the way before your cousins arrive Thursday evening!" "Yes Ma'am" was all that Kayla could think of saying now. She was going to kill RJ later for not closing her bedroom door this morning!

The rest of the week flew by. Everyone was busy, but things had pretty much gotten wrapped up by Tuesday night as far as the preparations were concerned. Aside from the Igloo coolers and their cousin's clothes, everything else was on the Party Hut. Kathy tried to give her kids some space also, particularly on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Kathy made an excuse to go and 'run some errands'.

She knew that Kayla and RJ would have non-stop sex while she was gone. She hoped that would help sate their high sex drives, while their cousins were in town. By Thursday noon RJ and Kayla had finished the last of three marathon fuck-sessions. Kayla had to admit, that the final orgasm was one of the best RJ had ever provided her! Kayla and RJ were fidgety and somewhat apprehensive about the arrival of their cousins. Kathy gathered up the pair and they went off to a supermarket that actually sold Dry Ice.

Kathy asked the kids if there was anything else they needed, while they were at the store. Kayla replied that she wasn't sure they could fit another single thing onto the boat! When they arrived home, Kathy showed the kids how to rig the dry ice in Tupperware containers, so the water from melting ice could not get to it.

Kathy then showed Kayla how to stack things that needed to stay frozen directly on top of the Tupperware. Sodas and other things that needed to be kept cold were then loaded around the Tupperware and eventually all the voids in the Igloos filled with ice cubes.

  Chapter 7 of 29 It was only 5 PM and they were just closing the last Igloo lid, when a car drove up. Moments later the doorbell rang.

As Kathy answered the door, Kayla and RJ stood back expectantly. Kathy let out a squeal and said "KIDS I'm SO glad you could come down. And look how much you've grown!" Kathy was blocking the view so Kayla and RJ could not yet see their cousins. Kathy stepped back to allow the two new teens to pass and called "Kids, Candace and Kenny are her." First through the door was a vision that should have been in Playboy, or some glamour magazine.

Candace was in white short-shorts and a halter top with a floral scheme. She stood 5'7", taller than Kayla, and had almost white-blond hair that hung to her waist and was bundled in a pony tail.

Her teeth were like pearls and were straight beyond belief. Her completion was 'peaches and cream', very fair and she obviously hadn't done much in the way of tanning so far this summer. Her eyes were striking, in that they were a bright green.

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Her final attribute was her breasts. They were probably an 'A' cup just striving to become a 'B' cup but they stood high and pronounced on her chest and on a very slender frame. RJ almost didn't notice, but she had a small 'button nose' with a very slight upturn, and a very easy smile.

Kayla was slightly behind RJ and poked him in the ribs as she moved forward to greet her girl cousin. "Hey?" RJ said lightly so that no one could hear. "Stop drooling on her dummy" Kayla whispered, and she moved forward to give Candy a hug. Next through the door was Kenny. As he came careening through the screen door, he had armloads of bags, all but one of which belonged to Candy. He gently sat the bags on the carpet, and stuck out his hand for RJ.


"Hi RJ, remember me" Kenny quipped? RJ gripped his cousin's hand and received not only a firm response, but Kenny's hand was massive. RJ felt like he was shaking the hand of a bear! "Of course I remember you Kenny, but I don't remember you being this tall" RJ responded.

As Kayla turned from Candy, her mouth dropped open. There stood her 17 year old cousin Kenny. All 6'2 inches of him. He had on a muscle shirt which showed shoulders that looked like a linebacker. His jaw was square and his hair was jet black, like his Father's, their Uncle Tom, and was cut very neatly for a teen boy. His waist was slim, but his muscles rippled as he moved.

Kayla moved forward and Kenny literally scooped her up and gave her a huge hug. While Kayla's breasts were mashed against Kenny's chest, she swore her knees became weak. "Kayla, you are even more beautiful than I remember you. Your hair has gotten a lot longer I see, but you still have those little freckles on your nose that I used to love so much." Kayla caught his scent, mixed with delightful cologne she could not place.

"Let me show you to our rooms, so you two can freshen up from your drive" RJ said. With that, he picked up all of Candy's bags, smiled at her and said "after you, yours is the first door on the right that's Kayla's room." As Candy started up the stairs, RJ could not take his eyes off of his cousin's ass. The white short-shorts swayed with a rhythm while she climbed, and RJ got a very tiny glimpse of the pink panties she wore as the top rose slightly above the band of her shorts.

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RJ showed Candy to Kayla's room and carefully set down the bags. "If there's anything you need just holler at me" RJ said and almost stammered.

RJ could not take his eyes off his cousin and tried in vain not to stare at her breast which were perched prominently high on her chest, even though they were not huge. Candy smiled sweetly at RJ and said "thank you so much.

I'll be down in a few minutes." RJ found Kenny and his sister still chatting warmly downstairs. When Kayla saw her brother she said "RJ, why don't you show Kenny to your messy room so he can freshen up." RJ showed Kenny upstairs and Kenny put his bag down. "Cool room Cuz" he said to RJ. "I see you play football also?" Kenny was looking at the various Team photos RJ had framed on the walls.

"Yes, next year I am Varsity starting Tight End" RJ replied. They chatted briefly and RJ left after pointing out the bathroom door to Kenny.

RJ came back down stairs and found Kayla in the Family Room. As he walked up to her, Kayla punched him in the bicep without warning.

"OW! What the hell was that for" RJ cried. "That's for leaving 'droolie-marks all over Candy! And Geeze you were practically sniffing her butt as you followed her up the stairs" Kayla exclaimed. "I was NOT" RJ proclaimed as he rubbed his arm to get feeling back in it. Besides, it's not like you weren't down hear batting your eyes at Kenny and getting damp panties" RJ shot back. Kayla arched her brow and moved toward RJ, who was too quick and took off running before she could grab him!

Eventually RJ 'let' Kayla catch him in the kitchen. He pulled her close and gave her a quick but warm kiss. "Jealous are we K?" "Damn right I'm jealous. That girl is gorgeous! She is way hotter than me, and she's a year younger! I can't blame you for drooling over her heck I am drooling over Candy myself" Kayla proclaimed.

"Kayla, you are still more beautiful" and with that RJ gave her another peck. "That was the right answer, RJ" Kayla said with a huge grin.   Chapter 8 of 29 Kayla was still in her brother's arms and RJ hands had now slid down to his sister's butt. Just then Kathy turned the corner to the Kitchen and saw them.

"Knock it off you two! I told you no displays of affection in front of your cousins!" "We know mom" RJ responded. "Kenny and Candy are upstairs. This was our last hug for a while" RJ grinned. "I meant what I said you two" Kathy said, not amused. A brief time later Kenny and Candy came bounding down the stairs. "Boy, something smells good Aunt Kathy, what is that" Kenny wanted to know.

"It's brats and sauerkraut" Kathy replied to her nephew. "We'll have a salad to go with them also and whatever you guys want to drink." Kayla turned to look at Candy and noticed she was beat red as if blushing.

"You alright Candy?" "Yes. Fine," the girl said. "She's just a little shocked" Kenny chortled. "You guys didn't tell us the bathroom was shared between your two bedrooms. . .I was standing there going to the bathroom and Candy burst in from her room without realizing I was in there!" Kathy walked over to her niece and put her arm around her shoulders, drawing her to her side.

"Way to go kids! You might have thought to explain the adjoining bathroom to your cousins . . not everyone is as lackadaisical about their modesty as you two. Sorry about that Candy" the girl's Aunt said to her and gave her a little hug.

"That's OK Aunt Kathy; I was just a little surprised. Dinner smells great, when do we eat" the girl said, changing the subject. The kids all ate and talked with their Aunt Kathy non-stop, catching up on family developments and changes. Aunt Kathy reminisced about holidays spent together when they were much younger children. RJ sat entranced by Candy and she would constantly flash him her easy smile. Dinner was finished and Kathy told all the kids that she was going to go up to her room and that she didn't want them to stay up late and get plenty of rest, as they had a long driver ahead in the morning.

Candace and Kenny bid their aunt good night, and thanked her for the dinner. Afterwards the four teens sat around the Family Room and visited.

The two boys talked mostly about Football, while the girls talked about everything from movies to their favorite music. About 9:30 RJ said "You know we better be getting some shut-eye.

I want to get on the road by 6 AM as it's a long way to the lake and will be slow going towing the Party Hut. That means we'll have to be up by about 5 AM to get ready." "What are the sleeping arrangements" Kenny wanted to know. "We thought that you and Candace would take our rooms, and Kayla and I would crash here in the family room" RJ replied. "That doesn't seem fair" Kenny said, "and besides there's only one sofa in here, and it isn't large enough for two people to sleep." RJ laughed, "Fortunately that is a problem that has been solved already.

When we have friends over, we use these really cool full size blow-up mattresses. Just throw some sheets and a couple of blankets on em, and your good to go." "OK, but why don't Candy and I take the blow-ups and you guys can still have your bedrooms?" "Yea, that seems like a better idea" Candy chimed in. What Kayla wanted to say, and was thinking was; 'If you two slept together like RJ and I do, there are two perfectly good beds upstairs just dying for some action.' However, what she actually said was "Instead of arguing about it, why don't we all just crash down here on the blow-up mattresses.

They are huge, and that way, we won't be waking mom up in the morning banging around in our rooms and if we hurry, the 4 of us can all use the one bathroom down here in the morning." "That sounds like fun" Candy said "it will be just like when we were kids and all slept together in Grandma's big bed at Christmas time!" Kenny and Candy went upstairs to get their night things out of their bags while Kayla and RJ pulled out the mattresses, plugged in the self filling air compressors and inflated the beds.

While this was going on, they got out sheets and top blankets and 4 pillows from the closet. By the time Candy and Kenny had brushed their teeth and changed into their sleepwear, there were two double beds in the center of the Family Room.

"Uuhhha, what is the arrangement here who goes where" Kenny asked. "Me and Candy in the middle, you guys on the outsides, and RJ behind me and Kenny you behind Candy, Kayla replied. We'd put you guys in one bed and us the other, but we're concerned you 'jocks' might try some of that Homo stuff!". Kayla laughed at her own joke, but Candy laughed uproariously and the thought of her brother with another guy. Kenny was way too macho for any of that kind of stuff she thought.

As the 4 teens snuggled in, it took some jostling to get everyone situated. Kayla went to the center first. She had on one of RJs football jerseys and panties to sleep in.


As she crawled up to the middle of the mattresses, the jersey rode up and both Candy and Kenny were treated to a glimpse of her panty clad crotch. RJ paid no attention as he'd seen it a hundred times, and it wasn't Kayla's PANTIES he wanted to be looking at! Next in was Candy and she too was in a tee shirt with frilly sleep pants. While the sleep pants were modest enough, RJ could not pry his eyes off of his cousin's rounded ass as it swayed while she crawled up the center of the mattress.

The tee shirt she wore was thin and RJ could plainly see the curve of her small breasts and her nipples poking into the material. Her nipples seemed erect and RJ loved the sight. As soon as the two girls were situated the boys slid in from the sides. RJ took the remote control and turned out the room lights.

Everyone jostled to get comfortable and fix their pillows. "G'nite everyone. 5 AM is gonna come awfully early. It's already after 10 PM" Kayla said. "And, you boys be sure to keep your hands to yourself tonight" Kayla joked. Candy giggle at the inference. Secretly Kayla hoped the two boys would ravish them at any second! In less than 15 minutes the 4 teens had all drifted off to their own dreams.