En cuatro por el culo ecuatoriana

En cuatro por el culo ecuatoriana
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Travis left his dorm that morning after a long hot shower. In his mind he could still hear his roommate fucking his new slave violently. They had finished some time before dawn, and she had emerged from the room sweating, and smiling, blood and cum dripping down her legs from her abused and swollen pussy lips.

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Travis had smiled at her but she barely noticed and she wandered into the boys shower, as she had been instructed. Travis wandered down the street, still thinking of her bruised nipples, and those red pussy lips he would have given anything to have fucked. As he thought about her, he passed his intended store, "The slave trade and buy Co." He smiled to himself, seeing the naked girls in the window tied to mannequin stands, before stepping threw the doors.

The room was large and had doors leading off it.

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There were slaves in different areas of the room, in different positions, some male some female. Each slave was in a position or area that had to do with what they wanted, or what they were good at. A petite female slave watched him from her place on the floor, a black collar on a thick chain forcing her to stay sitting on the floor, while a bar between her feet forced her legs apart by ankle straps.

He smiled to her, but continued to gaze around the room. A man came up to him in a business suit, smiling widely as he approached Travis. "Hello sir!

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I see you have interest in buying a slave. no? and what is it you're looking for today?" he asked cheerily. Travis looked down at the man, who was considerably shorter then him, with a small frame. "I'm not sure, it doesn't really matter what she looks like I guess, as long as she's hot." Travis thought again of Andys slave "Oh, and anything goes. She has to be untrained.

I want to do that myself" he finished, the small man took it all in before leading Travis to the back wall and one of the oak doors that stood there. "I believe this, is what you'll want then" the man said, pushing Travis into the dark room behind the door, before leaving to attend to another customer. Taking a second to adjust his eyes, Travis gazed around the room.

Which was more of a hallway then anything, along the walls were girls.

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Each was bound, gagged and blindfolded. Some chained to the floor, had stumps from buttplugs in their anus's, others had small vibrators fastened tightly to their nipples.

Each had a light above their heads, and prices painted on their stomachs. Travis walked down the hall, and stopped at a small one, she was un-blindfolded unlike the rest, and her big blue eyes pleaded up at him from her place on the floor, she was bound with her legs spread, her ass barely touching the floor, forced tightly between her pussy lips was a vibrator, the floor around the vibrator was soaking, and small whimpering noises came from the back of her throat and around the gag tied between her pretty little lips.

Travis smiled looking at her, then looked at her information posted on the wall next to her.

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This one had been trained. 'No good' Travis thought to himself, before turning and continuing down the hallway. Then he saw her, she was of average height, her slim waist flared out into nicely rounded hips, and was complimented by medium sized perky breasts.

There were nipple vibrators fastened to her light pink nipples, and she was bound, her arms in straps held behind her back and straps holding her legs together.

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Her bald pussy was dripping beneath the straps. Travis walked over to her, and pulled off her blindfold, large green eyes took him in, her black hair fell around her face in waves, and down her back, he ran his hands up her stomach and ribs over her olive skin.

He glanced momentarily at the information next to him, only to assure she was untrained, before going out to the sales person to make his purchase.

The salesman didn't seem at all surprised when Travis asked for her, and walked into the back room telling Travis to stay where he was a moment. He appeared in the front of the store sometime later, the girl in tow.

She had been dressed the same way Andys had been, with black tape around her nipples and the mesh shirt on.


Instead of a delicate collar though, a black leather collar encircled her small throat, a thicker chain that she was lead by was attached to the collars loop. Her arms remained strapped behind her back, however her legs ahd been released to allow her to walk. The gag remained firmly in her mouth and her wide eyes took everything and everyone in. The salesman handed Travis the leash and accepted his credit card. Soon the exchange was over, and Travis had his brand new slave.

He tugged on her leash and she obediantly followed him, he stopped outside the store, and immediatly went about undressing her. Her eyes widened as he pulled the mesh shirt off her, and tore off the tape around her nipples.

She whimpered slightly, and received a loud slap to her now exposed ass cheek.

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Lastly he removed the thin white thong holding in her wet pussy lips. "You are to be naked, always. Unless otherwise told" Travis instructed. Her cheeks flared a little red with slight embarrasment, but she had no choice.

She nodded in acknowledgement, and followed after him as he walked away. He pulled her down the street, until they came to a busy intersection, he found a bench and ordered her to sit on the back of it and spread her legs wide. Passersby watched, and whispered, but what Travis was doing was completely legal, just frowned upon.


A couple men walking by took good looks at the naked girl exposing herself to them, and Travis walked up and grabbed one. "Would you like to try her?" he asked the man, who took in her naked form hungrily, the girls eyes widened as she realized what was going to happen. "Oh yes I would" the man said licking his lips, eyeing her bald and leaking pussy. "Go ahead, have a taste" Travis said casually, and he was upon her.

She could feel his tongue and teeth biting and sucking and licking her soaking pussy. Her cheeks were a bright red from the humiliation, but she sat unmoving taking it as she knew she had to. His tongue burned her sensitive pussy, and she leaned hed head back. Another man came up behind her, and started twisting and teasing her nipples with large rough hands. Travis stood and watched the spectacle, as did several other men and some women.

Loud whimpers and moans came from behind her gag as pleasure coarsed through her, the mans tongue wildy lapped at her clit and cunt, and the other man twisted and pulled hard on her little nipples. A violent but muffled scream came from her small form as an orgasm forced itself upon her, spreading her legs farther, she arched her back as the man greedily licked up all the juices he had made her produce.

The other mans large finger was rubbing her clit violently and just as she thought she would cum again, Travis pulled both men off.

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They smiled and thanked him, still eyeing her as they walked off, she sat watching her new master, panting hard, the sweat on her skin was making her cold, and her nipples stood hard and erect, slightly red from all the pinching.

She felt otherwise amazing, eyeing her master, begging him with her eyes to come and finish her with his own cock. Instead, he pulled on her leash, dragging her tired form off the bench and towards the building she knew to be the training facility.

Travis looked back at her with a malicious glint in his eye, and for the first time. She felt sexual fear.