Fastened up slave receives lusty satisfying her naughty twat

Fastened up slave receives lusty satisfying her naughty twat
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Part 2 of Daddy's lil whore. Hope you all enjoy. The next morning I awoke around 12pm with the taste of cum in my mouth and my ass a bit sore from the hardcore fucking that happened the night before.

I looked around for my dad, but he was not in the room. I got up out of bed and made my way to the living room, where I saw my father on the phone. "Alright, 5 o'clock sounds great, see you then." He said, and then hung up the phone.

"Who was that?" I asked. "Just a friend, He is gonna swing by later tonight." He replied. I shrugged my shoulders and thought nothing of it. Dad had on his boxers and I was still completely naked, with the makeup on my face from the night before. He stood up and dropped his boxers to the ground. His 11 inch cock was semi-hard, and I needed no prompting for what to do next.

He fell to my knees and engulfed his member in my warm mouth. I slowly worked my tongue over his man meat and took as much of it, probably about 8 inches, down my throat. Without warning, my dad grabbed the back of my head and shoved the rest down my throat. I could feel my throat stretching as his member violated my mouth and throat.

He proceeded to throat fuck me. I was able to control my gag reflex and could feel his pubic hair against my nose and his balls slapping against my chin.

The feeling was incredible and I'm sure it felt better for him since I could hear him moaning.

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"Take it all you fucking slut" he said to me. "You like my big cock down your slutty throat, don't you?" "mmmhmmm" was all I could say. He then pulled his cock out of my hungry mouth. He told me to lie on the couch with my legs over the top so that my head was hanging over the bottom part, upside down, at cock level. He inserted his cock back into my mouth and rammed it down my throat. "Oh god, you're a natural cock sucker baby" he said to me.

He was fucking my throat and his big balls were slapping against my forehead. I loved the way he used me and made me feel like the slut I was destined to be. He was holding onto my legs and pulled them to him so that I was almost folded in half. Then he licked two of his fingers and eased them into my ass. I let out a muffled moan as he penetrated my boy cunt with his thick fingers.

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I was beginning to gag on his cock, which he must have enjoyed since it made my throat contract. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to stand up. I did what I was told like the good slut that I am. He sat down on the couch and told me to take a seat. I knew where he wanted me to sit so I straddled him and placed my hungry cunt directly over his throbbing cock. I slowly lowered myself onto his tool. Even though he had fucked my brains out the night before, it was still a tight fit for him to get his cock into my hungry ass.

As his cock head went in past my sphincter, I let out a little squeak of pleasure. He placed his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down onto his cock. It felt so incredible to be filled by such a monster, let alone my father's monster. I was able to sit all the way down on his cock and I could feel it hitting my tail bone. I slowly began to rise up on his cock, letting it come almost all the way out before I lowered myself back down.

As my ass got more used to his girth, my pace picked up. I was soon bouncing up and down on my father's rock hard cock. He was just sitting there with his hands on my hips, each time I went down, he pushed me down as far as he could. Then he helped raise me up and our motions became fluid, as if we were one person. This continued for about ten minutes.

I could feel an orgasm building in me, as well as him. He started to moan and say, "Oh god baby, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum" "Me too daddy, don't stop! Harder, HARDER!" I said. He began to fuck me furiously. I felt his cum start to shoot deep inside my boy pussy, which sent me over the edge and I began to shoot stream after stream of cum onto his stomach and mine.

It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had, and I didn't even have to touch my cock. Our pace slowed down, and he began to go soft. I slumped onto him and rested my head on his shoulder. He whispered into my ear, "I wish your mom could fuck half as good as you can." "I hope she never learns how to" I said, "because then, I wouldn't get to do this with you from now on." He looked into my eyes and just smiled.

I slowly climbed off of his lap, and I felt his cock fall out of my ass. I could feel my asshole gaping wide as cum began to dribble out of it and down my leg. I looked at him and smiled and said that I should probably go shower. He winked and said that he would be right behind me.

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We went and showered together. While in there, I used my tongue to clean his cock, and he played with mine. We made out for a bit, and then got out. By now, it was 3 in the afternoon. We dried off and he went and got dressed. He decided to go without boxers today, and put on his denim jeans. Then he put on a t-shirt and told me that I should get ready. "Ready for what?" I asked with a perplexed look on my face.

"Just get ready for a fun night." He simply stated. He went over to my mom's dresser and pulled out some clothes for me. He pulled out some fishnet stockings, a red thong, a red lacy bra and a pair of red high heels.

Then he reached under his bed, on my mother's side, and pulled out a plaid skirt and a white dress shirt, this was obviously a school girl's uniform that my father had bought for my mother. "Your mother doesn't like to dress up, so consider this yours." He said to me.

I squealed like a little school girl and ran over to my dad and hugged him. I had a huge smile on my face. I took the clothes and went to my room. Over the next two hours, I prepared myself for my father.

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I went to the bathroom and shaved again. I put on some mascara, eyeliner, rouge, and red lipstick. I sprayed some of my mother's perfume onto my silky smooth skin so that I would smell as good as I looked.

I went to my room and began to get dressed. First I put on the red thong that went right up my boy pussy. The feel of it began to get me hard, but I knew that I should wait until later to touch myself. I rolled on the fishnet stockings and pulled up the plaid skirt. I put on the bra and placed my fake tits in the cups. Then I put on the dress shirt and tied the front around my slim waist so that my mid section was exposed. I put my wig on and adjusted it so that it was on right.

I decided to go with an even more innocent look so I put my hair into pigtails. I slid on my red heels and looked at myself in the full length mirror that was in my room. I thought that I looked amazing, but I hoped that my father would agree.

I walked out of my room around 5:30pm and into the living room. I stopped in my tracks as I entered the living room. My father was sitting in there with three other men.

They were talking as I walked in, but immediately stopped when they saw me enter the room. Dad looked at me and then to the guys and said, "Well, here she is, as promised.

Doesn't she look like such a dirty whore?" He asked them. The first man, who I later found out was nicknamed Ray, gave out a wolf whistle and said "Hell yes she does, she is just begging to be fucked, looking like that." The other two agreed and stood up. All three of them were in relatively good shape. Ray had short black hair and a beard and was probably around 6 feet tall. The other two, Chris and Steven were roughly the same height and weight. Chris had brown hair and a sweet smile, and Steven had blonde hair, a muscular build and was definitely the cutest of the three.

My dad got up and walked over to me. He came up next to me and whispered in my ear "I took some pictures of you while you were asleep then put them on craigslist. These guys all wanted to have a go at you." He looked me in the eyes and winked.

I got a big grin on my face, like a kid in a candy store. Chris, Ray, Steven and Dad all dropped their pants. I was in heaven. Standing before me were 4 good looking older men.

Dad definitely had the biggest cock. Ray's was probably the second biggest at about 8 inches, and very thick. Steven's was probably about 7 inches, with a big head on it, and Chris's was about 6 inches, but the fattest one of them all. I sank to my knees and gobbled up Steven's cock. I engulfed it and used my tongue to swirl around his head and lick the underside of his cock.

I worked my way down to his balls and sucked on both of them at the same time. By this time, all the men were standing around me with their cocks getting harder by the second.

I was still sucking on Steven's cock as I grabbed Rays and Chris's cocks and began to jerk them off. I began to deep throat Steven and was bumping his ball sack on my chin with each bob. He grabbed the side of my head and began to fuck my mouth with great ferocity. He did this for about a minute until my dad told him "Don't waste all your energy on his pretty mouth, his ass is very tight and just begging to be fucked." I looked up at Steven and he smiled as he saw my pretty eyes looking up obediently like the slut I am.

I removed my mouth from his cock and began to work on Chris's fat cock. It was so fat that I could barely get my mouth around it. It felt almost as if I was trying to suck a soda can down my throat. I was really enjoying this feeling of being used and being treated like a slut.

By this time, Steven had made his way around back of me, bent me over and had lifted up my skirt. He pulled my thong to the side and began to lick at my boy pussy through the holes in the fishnet. It felt incredible to have my ass rimmed by an older man, while I had a fat cock in my mouth and two men standing on the side of me with their cocks in my hand.

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"Look how much she loves this." Chris had said to my father. "You have a great slut here." He complimented my dad. Steven stopped licking at my asshole and asked my father whether or not he needed to use protection. My dad looked down at me, then to Steven and said "Nah, fill this little slut up with as much cum as possible. I want her to be sore for a week." Steven grinned and placed his 8 inch cock at my entrance.

It was still a bit wet from me sucking him, and my asshole was just begging to be fucked. He began to push his cock into my hungry boy pussy and soon had it all the way in. I must have been a sight to see.

I was dressed as a slutty school girl. I had a fat cock in my mouth, and one now completely buried in my ass, while simultaneously jerking off two men on my side. I felt whole, I felt complete. This felt&hellip.right. Steven began to slowly fuck my ass, all the while saying "Oh god is this slut tight.

She is so lucky to have a sharing father like you. You love this don't you bitch?" I mumbled "mmmhmmm" with Chris's cock still in my mouth. Chris Pulled his cock out and slapped it on my cheek, making a "thwack" sound every time. He moved aside so that Ray and my dad could use my mouth. Instead of them taking turns, they got side by side and put both their cocks into my mouth at the same time. It was incredible.

I slurped and sucked happily on the two big cocks ravaging my mouth. They then fucked my mouth. As one would pull out, the other would push in. It was an amazing feeling.


All the while, Steven was still behind me, fucking my ass. His pace increased as he watched my dad and Ray fuck my mouth. Chris was standing on the side of me and jerking his cock. I took my right hand and pushed his hand aside. I began to jerk him, I couldn't even get my hand around his fat cock. I could feel Steven thrusting even harder and deeper. All of a sudden I felt him explode deep into my ass as he let out a loud moan.

His pace slowed down and he pulled his cock out of me. He shot so much that I could feel his cum dripping down my leg. As he moved from behind me, Chris took his place.

He lay down on his back and gently pulled me on top of him. I was now hovering above Chris's pole while my dad and Ray face fucked me. Chris guided my ass down onto his fat cock.

I had to focus on my breathing since his cock was so big it felt like he was splitting me. Ray pulled his cock out and I focused on dads, but only for a moment because it was replaced with Stevens.


I could taste his come and my ass on his cock, but I happily cleaned him up. I was so horny, I would have let anyone do anything they wanted to me. Chris had pulled my down to the base of his cock and was helping to raise me up so that I was riding his cock and sucking two at the same time, while now jerking Ray on the side.

Chris did not last as long as Steven, probably because he had fucked my mouth the longest. I could feel his cock grow bigger, then burst with his seed. He was not very long, but god damn, he shot a lot of cum. It must have been about 10 or 11 spurts of hot, sticky, thick cum. His cock began to get soft and I stood up, allowing him to slide out from underneath my gaping asshole.

Because I stood up, the cum literally flowed out of my gaping pussy. He was quickly replaced by my father, which is who I was looking forward to having fucked me the most. My dad Slid underneath my crouching ass and positioned his 11 inch cock right at the entrance of my gaping pussy. He pulled me down without warning and impaled me on his massive member. I let out a loud "Yelp" as he hit my tail bone with his gigantic cock.

He pulled me back so that my back was on his stomach. He bent his legs and with it, lifted my legs into the air, draped over his knees. Ray then stood in between our legs and lifted my legs completely into the air and spread them. I looked Ray in the eyes and gave him a slight nod with a smile on my face.

My ass was already filled with my dad's big cock, but now Ray wanted to slide his good sized man meat into my sore, but hungry, ass.

He positioned his cock head right above my dad's cock and slowly began to push. At first it was not easy, and he had to smear a little of the cum that had run down my leg, onto my ass to give it more lubrication. He positioned his cock again at the entrance and began to push, this time a bit harder. I braced myself on the ground and tried to push my sphincter out so as to allow him easier access.

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This did help, and he was able to push his cock head in my pussy. Once he got the head in, he was able to push the rest of his cock into me. I was so fucking horny! I now had two big cocks deep into my ass, one of my longtime fantasies, while there were two other men jerking their cocks at the sight of me being split in two by these two men. Once he was completely inside me, he and my father began a sawing rhythm and worked my asshole so well that I never wanted this to end. My dad began to kiss and bit on my collar bone which drove me wild.

I started to use my abs to rock my ass back and forth and fuck their cocks. Chris came over, tilted my head back and put his now thick cock back into my mouth so that his balls were on my forehead. Steven wasn't one to be left out and came over and placed his cock in my mouth as well. I was now being face fucked by two well endowed men, while at the same time, my asshole was being violated by two big men. They continued sawing at my asshole. They must have been hitting my prostate because I erupted with an intense orgasm unlike none I have ever experienced before.

I felt my dad and Ray pick up their pace. My dad began to spasm, and dig his fingers into my waist and bite my collarbone. He shuddered and moaned as he filled up my ass with more cum than I had expected.

Ray fucked my ass furiously and he too came in my ass. Because Ray was fucking my ass so furiously, he was making my whole body go up and down, which meant that I was throat fucking Chris and Steven. They both pulled their cocks out of my mouth and began to jack. I thought they were gonna cum on my face, but once Steven was close to cumming, he grabbed the sides of my head and shoved his cock down my throat.

I couldn't help but gag, and this sent him over the edge. He shot his second load straight down my throat and into my stomach. I milked his cock with my throat muscles until he pulled out and let Chris replace his cock. He too put his cock down my throat and came with such force that I gagged and almost passed out.

Dad and ray pulled out of my ass. I was so weak from the intense fucking that I couldn't even move. I just laid there as the men got dressed and asked when they could do it again. My dad looked down at me, then said "How about next weekend, his mom will be out of town again.

See if you can get anyone else to come with you." The men all agreed and soon they were gone. As I lay there in a sex and cum induced daze/coma, I saw my dad walk over to the T.V. stand. I looked at what he was grabbing at and my jaw dropped. He had recorded the whole thing! I wasn't sure if I was angry or turned on.

Not like it mattered though. Dad had the final say in what happened to me.

Dad scooped me up and carried me into his room. He closed the door with his foot and laid me down on the bed. I just laid there, unable to move&hellip. To be continued……