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Stephanie age 21 took a deep breath through her lightly glossed red lips as she reaches her hand to push the button for the elevator. The doorman informed her that Mr. Malone is waiting for her at the top floor. She is very excited about dinner. She never thought she would ever meet a business tycoon and be asked to come to a penthouse.

She stepped nervously into the elevator and pressed the top button and waited for the doors to close. At first, she can't believe she had met me having lunch at the Cotton Patch where she worked as a waitress; then have me ask her to come see me. As the elevator begins its ascent, she quickly checks herself over carefully to make sure everything is properly in place.

She quickly opens a compact mirror to check her make-up. She took care to keep it light--only enough to accentuate her soft facial features. After a quick dab of powder to cover a shiny spot, she quickly closed the mirror and put it away and continued her spot inspection.

The predator that is about to enter Stephanie's life is John Malone age 55, Billionre lawyer and business tycoon. Divorced six times, always on the prowl for attractive women between the ages of 20 to 45 and on rare occassion a woman over age 45. I'm all that Stephanie is not; I'm tall, 6'6", very big, broad shoulders with big arms and tree trunks for legs.

My hair is gray. My skin is tanned. My features are rugged. Together they didn't balance out. My smile is feral, as if I'm always hunting. Stephanie is 21 never married, is attractive petite slender young woman, is 5' 4" tall, shoulder length blonde hair, 32 B breasts and nice firm round ass.

I met Stephanie Wednesday afternoon at the Cotton Patch restaurant in Allen. I went there for lunch and she was my waitress. Everything about her called out to me. To me she is like a gazelle to a lion. I struck up a conversation with her, asking her for suggestions for lunch. I managed to parlay that into inviting her to join me for dinner at my penthouse in Dallas.

I sent my car to pick her up. Once Stephanie is in my penthouse, I reverted to form. I stalked her into the living room, as soon as she had entered the room, I struck. I stalked forward, pushing her back as I did, stopping only when her back hit the wall. With hands around her chest, under her small breasts, I picked her up and kissed her deeply and fiercely.

I nipped at her lower lip before trailing kisses over to her ear. I bit down on her ear lobe before whispering ominously, " nice small tits. I just know you are gonna give me one hell of a ride. I'm in love with your sexy ass." " No! Please! No! I'm not.I've never. Please I've never been with a older man. God please stop." Stephanie had no clue how this had ended up so very wrong.

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She'd thought she had met someone to further her career. Just looking at me had made her feel special. Now as my hands are groping her ass and my lips once more cover hers in a harsh kiss, she is fearful.

She hoped that she could get herself out of this mess. " You've never been with a mature man? Never been fucked like you really need? Or wait never been fucked at all?" I wanted to know for myself. So I bunched her skirt up and under one of my hands, with my other I ripped off her sun dotted white panties. I used my legs to force hers apart; my large hand trailed up her thigh, savoring her silky skin. My fingers find the thick lips of her vagina, and Stephanie's secret vanity.

She shaved her groin, legs, and underarms obsessively. " That's really fucking sexy. Some women I know have a bush, I can't see the forest for the trees. But not you. I may have to eat your pussy." But I brought myself back to my purpose. I shove one thick finger into the tight semi wet heat of Stephanie's cunt. When my finger butted against her maidenhead, I smiled voraciously.

" Fuck baby, you really are a virgin.


I haven't had a virgin recently. Oh I'm not only gonna fuck you. I'm gonna keep you. You are perfect for me. Petite, cute as hell.lips that should remain wrapped round my dick, an ass that's begging to get fucked, plus you're a virgin. Yes you are mine." Stephanie continued struggling.

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But her wriggling serving to make me much more aroused. In her attempts to pull away, Stephanie is pressing her small breasts into my chest. Her nipples pulled tight in fear, mimicking arousal. Her hips are grinding forward, heaving, and bucking.

Trying to dislodge herself from the wall, so she might run. All she succeeded in doing is stimulate my cock even more. " The harder you fight, the more I want to fuck you. The harder I want to fuck you. Keep fighting, you're really turning me on." I warned her, my voice is a low dangerous growl. Despite my warning, Stephanie finds herself unable to stop. She keeps fighting, denying that her body is responding to my words and my kisses. As she fought, I managed to strip her completely.

I stood back and let her feet slide to the floor. Despite her nudity she tried to slip past me and make a run for the door. I reached out a hand and grabbed her flying hair.

I used it as a tether to drag her back into my arms. " On second thought I think I like you just as feisty as you are." My mouth latched onto her neck, sucking, marking her. An act of possession. I forced Stephanie to the floor of the living room. My hand moving back between her legs as my mouth focused on her small firm breasts. I roughly fingered her tight, nominally moist pussy. I bit my way around the tops of her tits before I finally begin to lick and suck and bite her, long pink nipples.

Stephanie lay trapped; she still squirms and wiggles trying to get free. Each time I thrust a thick finger into her dampening cunt; she squeals in a most exciting way.

" Oh, oh eeee!" Perversely I did not intend to allow her to get fully wet.

I just wanted her moist enough to get my cock in. the thought of fucking her dry tight pussy and making her made my cock get even harder. Moving my hand from the apex of her thighs, I raised up a bit, pulling cruelly on the nipple I had clasped between my teeth, and unzipped my pants. I work my 9x4 inch cock free. I again force her legs apart, leaving finger shaped bruises.


Kneeling between her thighs, I line the head of my cock up with her tiny opening. Giving her a leering smile, she looked down terrified seeing my monster cock homed inevitably in on her jumping and throbbing with anticipation. The tip of my cock pressing against the soft folds of her pussy.

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I pushed forward and she screamed in pain. I'm bigger than the average guy, her terror proves insufficient to lubricate her. The dry taut skin of my cock dragging against her lips that refuse to part, twice more, before I lean back.

" Damn frigid cunt! You'd think you would be I'd slide in." I reach down massaging my cock when Stephanie begins to sob. Stephanie can't see what I had grabbed, between her legs and the tears clouding her eyes. A flash of glass suggested a bottle of some sort, a moment before a torrent of liquid splashed across her dry folds.

She screamed louder, when I forced my cock into her barely damp pussy. I growled and grunted as I used my weight to push myself deeper. With every millimeter I progressed, the fires followed as my girth came into contact with tender thick flesh. Every muscle in her body tensing when she feels my hips grind against hers. My grin revealed no pain on my part but the savagery proved it failed to deter my enjoyment. Her hair whipped futilely around her face, it only served to remind her how thoroughly I had already violated her.

Each fresh thrust came no easier to handle than the one before. Stephanie feels as if her body is on fire and being blasted with gravel. Her muscles burning from the useless struggling until she barely feels them.

Her breath came in ragged gasps between sobs that has become as dry as between her legs. Pushing forward, then retreating half a length, and again forward. Until finally I'm balls deep in the tightest cunt my cock has had the pleasure of knowing today.

I realized I'm out of cock, I noted that she is out of vagina as well. The tip of my cock brushing teasingly against her cervix. " See it's a perfect fit. You've got just enough cunt for my cock. And damn your pussy is fucking tight. Fuck. I'm definitely keeping your sexy little ass. Shit." I wanted to go slow, work Stephanie from victim to slut. But her body feels so good writhing under me; Stephanie's mind focused sharply on the sudden, burst of pain deep inside of her.

What already is scraped and torn as she suddenly feels my cock swelling and feeling as if it will rip her open. The sudden throbbing that followed, along with my erratic rhythm, warning her what is about to happen.

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Her whimpered pleas took on fresh urgency. Stephanie is getting wet as she is getting fucked. Her nipples are so hard that every time they press against my chest they send a sharp thrill through her, straight to her clit; an organ which is doing a fair amount of rubbing itself. I'm pulling almost all the way out leaving only about half the head of my cock in side her. Then I'm plunging back in, grinding my pelvis into hers stimulating her clit internally and externally.

Suddenly something so surprising and amazing washed over her. She is shaking and screaming as her first ever orgasm surged through her nervous system with such intensity it causes her body to seize and arch. Her torso twisting, dragging her nipples across my chest that drew out her orgasm even more.

" Shit yes, come on you little slut. Cum on my cock.

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You are mine now. No one will ever make you feel like this again. Damn I'm gonna blow. Fuck I hope I don't knock you up.

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Shit, we'll have to do this again and again. Then again we're gonna do this over and over anyway." " Please! Don't. Not that. Not inside!" I didn't try to stop my orgasm from rocking through me. I had done what I set out to accomplish. Stephanie had come first and had a teeth rattling orgasm.

Her brain is too scattered to remember if she is on birth control or not, or whether it is near enough her time of the month. All that burned through her shame and humiliation is that it is one more proof of her complete powerlessness.

My crotch slammed against her so hard that her body rocked and caused her head to slam into the sofa. My back arched. My head flew back and a growl of pure contentment roared from me.

Fresh tears streamed from her eyes, where she thought herself used up. The world swam uncertain and her frenzied hair begins to sway dizzily. I staggered back. Stephanie finally feels empty but what should have been relief only burned all the more harshly with shame. A silky warm trickle of my cum began to seep from her and travel down the crack of her ass. I forced Stephanie to her knees. She is shaky and riddled with aftershocks, when I commanded her to suck me back to hardness.

The newly deflowered virgin has no experience, but I enjoyed that. Teaching her through my words and my hand wrapped in her hair directing her path and speed how to please me. Stephanie pleasured me with her mouth for over half an hour, before I allowed her to pull away. I had returned to full hardness, before I began another assault. I opened tube quickly and poured some gel over my cock.

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Grabbing Stephanie by her hips I positioned her on all fours in front of me. " Now baby, now comes being mounted like bitch in heat." With my hands I forced her legs apart--she hadn't realized that she had closed them--pointing my huge cock at her again.

She looked over her shoulder noticing a big glob of precum already at the eye of my cock. I lean forward resting my chest on her back, I reach down between us positioning my cock at her slit.

I wrap my arms around her grabbing her breasts for leverage. I push, she pushes back. She feels the sore bruised tissues of her pelvis caving in. I keep pushing and she knew I would soon be buried deep inside her again.

She didn't see how I could ever make it and it is hurting. She screams, as my big cock moved a little. The tip cleared her sore opening, her cunt lips spreading to the side, the pressure increasing as my thick shaft slips in slowly.

Her vagina is again resisting me, fighting me as an intruder, but she is trying to relax. I'm still pushing hard, bearing down, slowly moving further inside by fractions of an inch. She fees herself stretching and stretching, then staying stretched at a frightening size as my tree trunk pushes into her again. Stephanie broke out in a sweat. She had never imagined feeling so filled two times in her life.

Finally, I paused. " That was hard," she whispered. " Yes. Now I do the rest." I start pushing again. Stephaine screamed, with the sudden force of my rapid thrusting hips pushing the thick shaft deeper into her. " Oh my god," she screamed.

Her eyes wide open, she is gasping for a breath, she feels like she is being torn apart by my massive cock for the second time. The searing pain rushing through her like a tidal wave, the feeling of being impaled on my shaft slowly turns the pain into pleasure, she has never experienced. My thrusts are hard, fast and deep, the massive cock is moving forward for what seems like an eternity. She feels a fullness in her. Then I hit bottom again. She thought, that is as far as I can go.

Not so, to her horror she feels me again hitting her cervix and feels her cunt expanding until it feels like there is nothing left in her pelvis but my monster cock. The first thing that flashes through her thoughts is how hot my cock is, then she feels my seeping hot cum entering the depths of her again.

As I continue to fuck her with force, the pain turns to intense pleasure, and she drifts into the world of pure lust. She never knew such pleasure existed, and she found herself pushing back against my cock.

No longer aware of the things around her, her beautiful face is marred again with pain, and tears trickling down her cheeks. The pressure of my cum filling her again became over whelming. The mere thought of her cum mixing with mine again brought on her orgasm.

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I made an effort to pull back, but my effort tugged her body toward me. The pressure of my girth against the inside opening of her pussy is now very painful, but at the same time she drew pleasure from it. Now she feels she has become a woman and one with me, and I'm in complete control, and she is my bitch who has to endure whatever I demand. Stephanie became submissive, and did not move. I stood with my thick cock holding her in place. She lowered her head down on her arms and closed her eyes in an effort to gather her thoughts and to calm her body from the intense fucking I'm giving her.

Her pussy feeling numb, bruised and sore, the constant pain pulsating through her. No idea when my thick cock will go down, she remains still and thought about her ordeal with me. My cock and cum is hotter than she every thought it would be, her first experience has been like a roller coaster.

Rising with intense pain, dropping to pure pleasure then rising to searing pain. My thrusts are faster and harder then she imagined they would be. She is over whelmed with massive orgasms; as her whole world has exploded. Stephanie has lost track of time, and with one brutal lunge by me, my cock slips from her, and the sudden gush of my cum mixed with blood rushing from her pussy and down her thighs. The sudden rip of pain from the thick cock brought a scream from her.

She never imagined how good being taken by older man would be, losing her virginity and being fucked against her will, would bring her to womanhood. when my finger found and begin to tease and pinch her nipples, Stephanie again found herself adrift in a sea of all consuming pleasure.

Then I shoved myself back into her bruised sore cunt. Stephanie screamed then she came over and over til finally beginning to come down when she feels the wash of my cum splashing against her sugar walls. It is so hot and feels so good she lost her self again to the waves of pleasure that I so enjoyed bringing her.

She screamed out my name, and they both knew she is now mine.