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Gay porn blboys big dick snapchat Keith wants a job but Preston has
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I had no idea what time it was, it was not the alarm clock that woke meit was my wife, she was shaking menot really roughly but vigorously enough to rouse me from a deep sleep. She was as naked as she had been before I went to bed, so at first I thought it was still evening and that she had changed her mind about me sleeping alone.

Once I came to my senses, sort of catching up with what was going on, I managed to understand that she was quietly saying " Come on sleepy head, time to get up, rise and shine &hellip. The early bird get the worm" then she continued on " We need your services this morning" pausing to let that sink in she added " I know it is much earlier than you are used to, but this is special and then you can go to work" I tried hard to understand all that she was spitting out, my mind was not quite up to a whole lot of verbalization, especially just as I woke.

Since however, she had removed the sheets covering my body, I rolled over on to my backletting my morning cock spring to life and stand at attention.


My wife kept pulling at my arms, so I reluctantly moved from my so warm and cozy position to a standing one as I continued to listen to what she was saying. She went on to tell me that I had just what was needed as she placed her fingers around my throbbing rod and pulled me towards her. My wife planted a warm fresh mint tasting kiss on my lipsthen told me to go wash the sleep from my face, but not to do any thing else, as she needed me like I was. Groggy as I was, I moseyed off to the bathroomwiped the night sleep from my face and took a few minutes to freshened my teeth and hence my breathe.

I could still taste the residue of cigar mixed with the sweet sex of Mary Jane. My wife was waiting for me when I came out of the bathroomtaking me by the hand, directing me downstairs through the kitchen and out on to the deck. At this point I was better able to determine the time, it looked like the sun had just rolled out of bed also, I gave it about five in the early morning, two and a half hours before my normal wake up time.

My wife, did not allow me to venture too far from the patio doors, so at first I thought we were all alone and she was going to have me her for her own amusement before Mary Jane came around. To my total surprise, and I mean surprise, my wife held me firmly by my two arms and began talking, nothing more. She explained that Mary Jane and she had spend much of the night together enjoying one another's complete and utter company.

There had been some serious discussion of several topics, one of them leading to the need to have me up so early in the morning. My wife figured that the opportunity would be lost if they waited. Mary Jane was in the right mood, primedready to take things further, it had to be now and not later.

Iafter allcould certainly manage to recuperate the time and get to work without any difficulty, if they woke me early enough and yes it was five o'clock in the morning. My wife having hold of my armsthen directed me a bit further out on to the patio deck, into a more sunny spot, a spot that was now enveloped in the sun's bright warm rays, a spot that was closer to the furthest edge of the deck.

As I arrived near the edge I noticed movement, so I squinted my eyes trying to focus in the direction of the movement. What I saw took my breath away, I know I let out a loud gasp, for my wife interjected immediately, saying that she figured that this was worth being wakened much earlier than usual. Mary Jane was there, kneeling on the deck, still stark naked, exposed in all her glory, as the sun's rays illuminated her lovely young body. Once my eyes had become accustomed to the early morning light, I was able to see the whole set up with better vision.

Mary Jane's legs were spread wide, there appeared to be an orange object in her little butt hole and a large greenish object protruding from her love tunnel. Black straps of some sort, criss-crossed her lower legs seemingly running down under the boards of the deck and back up and around her legs, holding her very firmly in place indeed.

She appeared to be wearing the gardening knee pads that we used when we did the weeding, and were kneeling for a long period of time. Upon further verification I could see that her arms from her elbows to her writs were attached in a similar fashion, holding her in a fixed position on the open air deck.

It was easy to tell that the girls had been playing, perhaps not for how long they had been playing, but is was sure that they had been playing, The wood of the deck was a light treated color and when it was dry it was almost beigeall around Mary Jane the wood was dry beige, however between her legs it was a darker color, a color that the wood turned only when it got soaking wet, not just a little wet.

A good amount of liquid would have had settled on the deck wood to get it to turn that dark a shade. For certain I knew that Mary Jane had been leaking body fluids, whether it was waste fluids, or love juices I was unable to tell, but the area had definitely been soaked with fluids.

Once again I realized my wife was talking to me, she must have found it impolite of me to not be following her conversations that morning, perhaps she figured that it was still too early in the morning for me, I do not know.

She did not get angry even though you could tell she was a bit frustrated with my aloofness. Mind you it was her who put me in this situation, waking me out of a sound sleep and bringing me out to face the naked posterior of Mary Jane which appeared to be wiggling in front of me. This time however she took hold of my still piss hard cock and squeezed, getting my full attention. My wife explained, how after I had gone to bed, once Mary Jane had recovered a bit, they continued to play with each other.

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Mary Jane had begun asking questions about how it felt to fucked up the ass. She had commented on the fact that she had enjoyed the sensation of having my fingers up her back hole that afternoon, and was wondering if the situation of having something bigger pushed up her bottom would be the same.

My wife went on to explain that the had begun slowly, with her having Mary Jane first use her own fingers, sending them her own little hole and working them in different ways. Once she had become accustom to that then my wife used her fingers and frigged Mary Jane to a series of small climaxes.

As the evening proceeded, between periods allowing Mary Jane to recuperate, she was treated to several different articles being pushed into her bottom, some just a bit, some much further in. Things were pushed and pulled, twisted and turned, extracting both pleasure and pain. Mary Jane was kept in an almost constant mode of climaxing. To enhance Mary Jane's situation even further my wife began to finger her cunt while she shoved an intimate object up Mary Jane's bum providing her with the experiences of double entry.

Apparently Mary Jane was making all kinds of noises, while she was being treated to these experiences, several times my wife thought either the neighbours were going to look out to see what was going on or I was going to wake and drop down upon their scene of debauchery.

As the night developed into morning, Mary Jane, while hesitating some what, asked her aunt, if it might be possible to convince me, her Uncle to take her this way.

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To push my rod up her little back hole and provide her with the pleasure of having it done properly. This was, as my wife continued why I had been roused from my sleep so early this morning. My wife had no intention of letting Mary Jane change her mind. She continued, telling me that she had gotten Mary Jane to agree to being hog tied, so that there would be no opportunity for her to abort the event.

This is why Mary Jane's legs and arms were tied down firmly fixed to the floor boards of the deck, there was no possibility for her to get out of the way of a good corn holing. The reason my wife did not want me to loose my morning piss hard, was to make sure that once I entered Mary JaneI would not shoot off immediately and spoil the feeling of having a good hard cock up her little ass.


I must say my cock had already appeared to have lost it's interest in pissing, and was as hard and springy as it had ever been, as I contemplated the idea of pushing it past the little wringed anus ring and into that sweet hole of hers. Not very much time was lost, even though all this written word seems to have taken forever to get straight. My wife prepared my rod for it's journey in to the unknown, she coated it with a good thickness of K-Y gel.

I was she told to align myself for the trip, as she pulled a fairly good sized carrot from Mary Jane's ass hole. Once again taking the K-Y gel she smeared the inside of Mary Jane, in preparation of penetration. Perhaps thinking out loud my wife said that it would be better if Mary Jane had just one hole filled at the moment and pulled a long English cucumber from her cunt, drawing with it a large amount of Mary Jane's juices which dripped down on the wooden deck.

A I knelt and took aim placing the now throbbing head of my cock at the entrance to Mary Jane's little hole, my wife knelt beside her and began to rub the lower portion of her back. I was told to be gentle, to be careful and take it slow, we did not want to injure Mary Jane in any way. This was not to be a rape of a young girl's assbut rather an introduction to another sensual part of love making, something Mary Jane would want to share later on in life.

Mary Jane was whimpering as I eased the head of my cock past her opening, stopping there allowing her to adjust to the situation. My wife continued rubbing her back with simple sooth strokes, all the while talking to her, telling her to relax, to breath to loosen her muscles. Mind you it was a good thing Mary Jane was hog tied as I could sense her wanting to buck, to escape the intruding cock.

Several minutes passed and I eased forward a bit more, pushing half of my rod up into her warm innards, then I halted things, waiting for her adjustments, which were jerky in coming, but finally relaxed themselves to receive more.

When my wife saw that I was ready to proceed to send the last of my rod into the depths of her ass, she began playing with Mary Jane's cunt, and her tits, seeking I was sure to create a sensual diversion that would have Mary Jane's mind wondering just what and where the real pleasure points were.

When I bottomed out, I made sure to press the whole of my body up against Mary Jane's spread thighs, I wanted her to know that we were coupled to the hilt, to feel the heat of my body searing against hers.

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I waited again until I felt things loosen up a bit, I had no intention of pulling her innards back out with my rod when I began to fuck her, I wanted her as comfortable as possible. It was Mary Jane who beat me to the punch however, she began to rock back and forth not that her restraints provided her with much room, but she started before me that was sure.

Once I felt thisI tapped my wife on the shoulder and gave her the thumbs up sign, from here on every thing was a go. I began to meet Mary Jane's movements with thrusts of my own, short sharp ones, not exactly moving my cock very much at all. Then gradually as I felt less frictionI increased the lengths of my strokes, bringing my cock part waythen half way back out and slipping it, not forcing it back into to her chute.

The rhythm started, my wife stopped playing with Mary Jane, and moved around in front of her. I again increased my stokes, almost letting the head of my cock slip out from inside, my movements were quicker, more expedient, a bit more forceful.

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I watched as my wife slipped herself under Mary Jane's mouth, easing her legs between her tied armspushing them out to her sides. My wife wiggled her ass on the deck so that her cunt was forced up against Mary Jane's mouth. I heard her cry out once contact was made, so I knew Mary Jane was ready to ride the rails. I picked up my tempo, stroking my piss hard cock into a cum filled piston.

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My wife had been right, the fact that she had kept me from pissing early this morning, had indeed allowed me to keep my rod hard as a rock much longer that it would have stayed once I had entered Mary Jane's little back hole. We had been going at this for at least an hour, the sun was way up in the sky, its rays sending a greater heat down upon the three of us fucking like crazy people out on the backyard deck early in the morning.

Life was just great. The sensation of young Mary Jane's intestinal muscles, the knowledge that I was fucking my niece, the fact that we were out there exposed for any one to see, the delight in having had my lovely wife arrange all this, finally got to me and I yelled out that I was not going to be able to hold of much longer.

I grabbed hold of Mary Jane's luscious rear end and began to bang away at her ass without regard for her discomfort, I needed to get off, and wanted it to be sensational.

Bang her I did, I banged and banged and banged until I felt the inevitable, I felt the pressure of my spunk riseI felt it surge, I felt it explode way down deep into Mary Jane's bowels. I felt her shake as it exited my rod and hit the walls of her intestines, I felt her shudder as I pushed in as far and as hard as I could, I felt exhilarated having spent myself in my niece, then I fell forward exhausted onto her back side, crushing her down on to my wife.

It must have been very uncomfortable for poor little Mary Jane, to have a big oaf like my pressing onto her body, while she was attached in the position she wasbut I could not help myself, the moment of my crescendo sapped all my energy, I was unable to control any of my muscles. To her benefit I will say Mary Jane, said not one word, but remained screwed upon my cock until I came round and concerned myself with straightening up my body.

Reluctantly, unfortunately, the redressing of my position caused my cock to pop from her bottom, uncoupling our union.

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Mary Jane managed to set her body back on its knees, holding the position she had at the beginning of this morning event, my wife well she appeared to be more than satisfied with every thing as she extracted herself from below Mary Jane's mouth and came to hold me in a very tight loving hug.

Telling me to wait where I was, she went and retrieved a bowl of warm water and a cloth, then set about cleaning my limp dick of a mixture of K-Y gel and what every Mary Jane's intestines had released from the ordeal. Now my wife could be a devil when she set her mind about it and this morning was like no other time.

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As she carefully and delicately cleaned my manhood, she played with the whole apparatus, causing my need for a good piss to rise to the forefront. Once she was satisfied that indeed things were just about ready to go, she again turned me towards Mary Jane, this time however she took charge of the hose, aiming it precisely at Mary Jane's wide spread sex.

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My wife shoved a finger up my ass and made certain that the stream of liquid that I expulsed, hit the mark. She covered Mary Jane's ass, and her cunt with my hot morning piss then aimed my cock hose upwards, allowing the arc of the ejaculation to curve up so that the stream of piss began hitting Mary Jane's back splashing right up to the back of her head.

Once I began to dribble, my wife wiped the remaining residue from the end of my cock and planted a warm kiss on the still throbbing head. She then lifted her mouth to mine and placed another of her wonderfully wet kisses on my lips. She thanked me very much for going along with her plans, without complaining about the early hours, telling me to go get ready for work and that perhaps I should freshen up in the shower.