Kurzen Quickie auf der Straße

Kurzen Quickie auf der Straße
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Nerdy and square, Adam had not had any luck with girls at school or college and was still a virgin. As a horny, sexually frustrated 19 year old guy back home from college for the summer without a job to occupy himself, Adam spent most of his time scouring the internet for porn and searching for possible meetings with random people to fulfil his desires.

After trawling a number of posts on craigslist Adam decided he would try his luck and reply to a few in the hope of getting lucky. Of those to which he replied the one which appealed most was a 42 year old housewife who needed a good fucking by a younger guy.

Adam had a big fetish for mature women, they were his major turn on and the experience they had to offer was just what Adam needed.

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The next day Adam checked his emails and he had gotten a reply from the mature housewife with photos of her large but slightly sagging tits, her still fit body, round ass and hairy pussy.

As he continued to read the email she was very keen to meet up with Adam and insisted it be sooner rather than later.


She left her number and instructed him to call soon. Adam obliged, ringing her straight away whilst sat there with a raging hard on. A silky soft voice answered the phone and after a brief conversation a meeting was agreed. Her place tomorrow at 2pm. Nothing else entered Adam's mind for the rest of the day, with constant visions and dreams swirling around his head, imagining how this meeting would play out.

He must have came at least 4 times jerking off to those fantasies. Adam woke the next morning with a racing heart, knowing that today he was going to finally lose his virginity.

Freshly showered, Adam jumped into his car and began the drive to Helen's house. Pulling up at her large suburban house, he took a few seconds to compose himself and gather his thoughts before going in. The sight which greeted him the front door opened nearly blew Adam away.

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Helen was even more stunningly beautiful than the photos she sent depicted, flowing blond locks complemented a warmth which irradiated from her glowingly, welcoming smile. However, as Adam stepped inside there was something rather unexpected. Helen's husband John strolled over, planting a kiss on her neck whilst reaching around her waist. Adam was surprised and a little overwhelmed as he thought that it was just going to be him and Helen. How wrong he was. Little did he know when awoke that morning he would be about to take part in a wild threesome with a horny mature couple, despite the prolonged fantasising since the arrangement.

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The couple beckoned Adam towards the stairs, leading him up to the bedroom. Helen asked with her soft tone 'I hope you don't mind my husband joining us?' Adam's voice wavered a little as he responded with 'uhhh no, not at all'.

He thought that he had come this far and was not about to pass up on the opportunity now.


The three of them all began to undress, Helen revealing her sumptuous body for which Adam longed to hold and caress. His eyes were fixated on her wonderful assets before he caught a glimpse of her husband, John; drop his pants to show his thick cock within a forest of hair.

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Adam continued to remove all of his clothes leaving him naked as well, displaying his 6 inch erection. Helen approached Adam wrapping her arms around his neck and passionately kissing him.

His hard cock throbbed slightly as it was pressed up against Helen's flat stomach. He felt his body temperature rocket as he felt around grabbing her ass, slowly massaging it.

John began to jerk off as he watched his own wife get off with a younger guy. Helen broke off and proceeded to plant a trail of kisses down Adam's chest until she reached his circumcised hard on. He had only ever dreamed of a woman sucking his cock and as he felt Helen's warm lips slide along his penis for the first time he nearly exploded.

It was the best feeling of his life so far, but this was only the beginning.

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After blowing his cock for a few minutes she got up and pulled her husband across, kneeling between the two and alternating her attentions. Lying on the bed, Helen pulled Adam up between her spread legs and leaned up to kiss him before rolling a condom on to his cock. She guided his raging dick into her wet pussy and Adam slowly pushed forward until he was balls deep in Helen's soft, warm vagina. Only a minute after losing his virginity to this horny housewife Adam could not contain it any longer and blew his load, thrusting deep with his pulsating cock and moaning loudly as he experienced what could only be described as heaven.

Adam withdrew his still hard cock and Helen pulled of the cum-filled condom. Squeezing the milky cum into her mouth she leaned over to John and began making out with a young guys cum swilling between their mouths.

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Adam was so turned on he wanted more and more. Helen was now bouncing up and down on John's thick cock, letting out moans of pleasure as she bounced faster. Watching on Adam was stroking his dick again at the sight of this mature couple having hard sex. They could both see he wanted more so John told him to come over. Adam was shocked when John reached out and took hold of his cock and started jerking him. As a straight guy Adam had never had any thoughts about sexual experiences with a guy but felt comfortable with the situation.

John, now fucking Helen doggystyle on the floor, took Adam's cock in his mouth taking it deep and slow.

It took him a few moments to get used to the idea of another guy blowing his cock but began to enjoy it. John gave just as good a blowjob as Helen. Adam was nearing the edge as John worked his cock with skill.


He thrust down John's throat who took his entire length while he spurted hot cum in stream after stream. John took every last drop and this drove him to orgasm, pumping jizz deep into Helens hairy pussy as she screamed clamping around his cock.

After the elation of simultaneous orgasms Adam went down on Helen lapping up her husband's cum. It was his first taste of pussy and cum, he loved both. He had just experienced the most remarkable first time, and after years of fantasising he could never have dreamed of such a wild and wonderful way to lose his virginity. Adam will never forget that day and there were many more memorable times had between Adam, Helen and John exploring almost every fetish and desire.

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