Kompoz me girls vs girls

Kompoz me girls vs girls
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Heather Moore 34 married fired from Phoenix anchor job after five years.

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My son's ex-girlfriend a meteorologist at the same tv station called me about Heather. Heather focused on me as I sat behind the desk. She knew who this man was. She had never met me, but she knew exactly who I was. My name is John Malone and I'm the biggest Billionaire Business Tycoon Phoenix has ever known.

People spoke of me in hushed tones and fear gripped business leaders each time a deal was made. I had connections, the type of connections that made me the most powerful and feared man in the city and state.

As terrifying as my reputation was, it was the memory of a particular society page article that made her heart skip a beat.

According to article, I had recently been seen with beautiful divorced and married women at social and charity events around the city. That I can make or break a career in broadcasting around the country, the shock of her discovery made her fingers lose their stiffness.

The glass slipped from her hand and crashed to the floor. She expected it to shatter, but it simply clattered to the floor and rolled under the desk. The sight of my grim expression acted like an electroshock, igniting a flurry of memories that made her heart race with fear. Heather is forcefully pulled away by me towards the door of my private elevator. She struggles to keep pace in her high heels as I swiftly move to the door. While waiting for it to arrive, she is startled by my mouth suddenly locking upon hers.

This is no chaste kiss, my lips mash against hers and my tongue slips inside. It feels like a violation, having never kissed this way before, she moves her head backwards to be stopped by my hand holding her firm. My large hand holding her neck with my fingers laced in her hair, it hurts as I pull her in even deeper.

Responding in a way she hopes will please me, she gives over to the kiss hoping it will stop as soon as the elevator arrives. However, as the doors open, I keep possession of her lips and move them inside.

Once there and the door closes, I press the executive button to the top floor and push her back against the wall. Never once do I break my hold or even seem to lose concentration with my exploration of her mouth.


Alone, pushed up against the mirrored wall, Heather starts to panic slightly. If a simple kiss is hard to bare what would their meeting be like?

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With me this close to her, she feels the threatening bulge in my pants, she can even feel it throbbing as I continue to kiss her fiercely.

Unsure of what to do with her hands she keeps them limply by her sides, thus allowing me free access to her body. Unreservedly, I move to grasp her tits through her blouse. Finally overcome with emotions, her hand comes up and slaps my face with as much force as she can. The sound echoes around the elevator and the realization of what she has done hits her with the reverberation.

Slowly, looking into my eyes confirms her thoughts. She has just made the worst mistake of her life. " Quite the swing, Heather! However that is no way to treat your new boss. I think it's time you learn your new role in life. From now on you belong to me, this is no 'partnership', You're mine to do with as I see fit. I own this city. One more outburst like that and I'll have you blackballed from broadcasting. Which, coincidentally, I own many tv stations around the country.

Now, I don't want to hear a sound out of you unless I ask, you'll do everything I want and you'll smile and be polite. You need a job, I'd hate for you to disappoint your husband!" Standing dumb from disbelief, she is unable to react as I take her flimsy blouse in both hands and rips it down the front. Two pert tits fall freely out as the blouse provided all the support she needed and now that had been removed. The air conditioning in the elevator causes her nipples to harden making them look enticingly edible.

Taking one in each hand, I proceed to pinch them both mercilessly while resuming my attack on her mouth with my tongue. Having never felt a man touch her this way, she is shocked by how much her body is reacting. Never did she think her breasts would be so sensitive, each pinch sending waves of pain through her body but also tiny shimmers of something that causes something deep inside of her to warm and tingle.

Inside my head is an array of sexual possibilities, at 55 divorced six times, having had many sexual partners, not all of them willing, and lived out many of my fantasies. Ripping her skirt further down her body, I take a step back and look at my new toy. Watching Heather shake as her clothes lay around her feet while being observed, causes my cock to grow even harder. Perfect 10 with tits to die for. Callously, I order her to do a little turn for me.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for me, the elevator grinds to a halt and the doors open. Heather grabs for her clothes to once again be stopped by me. Wrenching the garments from her body, I hurl them away and pull her semi-naked into the room. Standing only in her silky white panties with garters holding up stockings and high heels, she can see in the mirror the picture she makes.

With nipples red and erect from my pinching she looks like a wanton slut. Ashamed, she tries to cover herself the best she can with her arms. " Don't you dare hide my property!

I own that stunning body of yours and I don't want it covered up. With a light swat, she does as she is instructed, wiggling her ass as much as she can. She knows my earlier threat is true, she knew I own several businesses including tv stations.

One look in my eyes and she knows that one serious mistake from her could be her undoing. Nervously, Heather enters the foyer to find that my room is the only one on the floor.

That means I have a pent house for the night. I'm admiring the view, coming up behind her, picking her up and throwing her into a fireman's lift. Opening the door I carry her straight to the bedroom. Here I unceremoniously dump her face down on the Emperor sized, four poster bed and strips off my clothes. Heather lies silently as I disrobe, she has only seen her husband's cock and after only feeling it through my trousers she knows this one is ready for action.

Once naked, I take no time in dragging her by her legs to the end of the bed, bending her over the edge. With no warm up I shove my cock straight into her dry cunt and Heather cries out in shock. OMG! It's so thick. so hot. She thought as her dry cunt is stretched open in a few thrusts and my hard cock lodged itself inside her.

I feel her muscles tighten around my shaft as I buried it fully with a final thrust. " Anhh.


anhh. anhh.ANHHH. AAAANHHHHH.Stop.I can't take it any more!" Heather screamed. With a grunt, I push past her tightness planting myself to the hilt. Holding still I look down at her and smile. So she is very tight? I feel her stretch and love the tightness of her cunt. Pleased that I'd at least got what I wanted, I slowly pull out to the tip.

Digging my fingers into her hips I use them like handles to violently pull them backwards onto me as I thrust forward. Heather screams again as my cock is forced back inside her repeatedly, feeling my balls bouncing off her ass as I bury myself deep with each stroke.

It seems forever until my grunts get deeper and I suddenly stop. " I have no intention of getting you pregnant.

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I don't want some rug rat getting in the way of having some fun with my new plaything. Also, there is another cherry I'd like to take later today." With an evil laugh, I pull my rock hard cock out of her aching cunt. I lean forward, pressing my hairy stomach to her back. My breath tickling her neck as my lips neared her ear. " Calm down," I whispered. I didn't say it in a menacing way, I'm simply stating a fact. This would go a lot smoother if she just let it happen.

As much as she hated to admit it, I was right. She slumped down onto the bed. After the longest three seconds of her life, she again feels my cock head make contact with her labia.

One thrust and I'm again buried inside her. She hoped I would take things slow. I didn't.

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I jerked forward with all my might. Just like that, she is again impaled. " Fuck!" She yelled. Every last inch of my cock is now inside her again. She had been pleasuring herself regularly since her husband is rarely home, she has never felt this full.

Her pussy is stretched to its limit. It is so tight around my cock that she feared it would leave her ruined for life. Pain knocking at the door of her cervix, begging to get in.

Tears filled her eyes, but not a single one rolled down her cheek. Every muscle in her body is tight with fear. Then I pull out and all hell broke loose. I start fucking her. Each one of my thrusts sent a pained cry flying past her lips. Each time my balls smacked against her skin, a tear rolled down her cheek. Each time I grunted from the effort, another wave of pain washed over her.

I dominated her like she had never been dominated before. I slammed into her like a savage beast. What little hope she had once harbored that I was in fact a nice guy is gone. All she now feels for me is hatred. She hated the manner in which my cock fucked her. She despised the grunts that escaped me each time I forced myself into her. She can't stand the feel of my hands on her, yet there is nothing she can do about it. She lay there and took it. There is nothing she can do to stop me.

Fighting is useless. Her only option is to retreat into herself and hope her torment would soon end. She went to her happy place. The perfect little world she had built for herself is invaded every time my cock penetrated her, but it is the best she could hope for. She eventually forgot about the pain that crippled her. The humiliation also faded.

Only the anger remained. But there is something else there. It took a while before she managed to identify it. When she finally did, her reprieve came to an abrupt end. She emerged from her happy place, only to discover quite a lot had changed.

She is no longer crippled with pain. In fact, the pain is all but gone. Her tears had also stopped. Even the whimpers had ceased. But the most shocking part of all this is the one thing that was not there before. Arousal. She refused to believe it at first, but the harder I rode her, the more of it there was. Before long, it became impossible for her to deny. As much as she hated herself for it, she was enjoying herself.

Somehow this situation had mutated into something far worse. It had become. consensual. She tries to fight the sexual hunger that gnawed at her, but no matter how hard she tries, each one of my thrusts lured more arousal from her.

There is nothing she can do about it.

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But that didn't keep her from trying. She fought for as long as she could. But when moans start flowing past her lips, she is forced to accept defeat. She still feels guilty for enjoying what should have been the single worst moment of her life, yet she loves every second of it. She welcomed my cock with a lustful moan. A groan of despair followed each one of my withdrawals. She is hooked and only one thing can put an end to her infatuation. Orgasm.


The thought repulsed her, yet it is inevitable. She can already feel the orgasm growing within her. It is only a matter of time before it overpowered her. And once that happened, all hope of coming out of this with her pride intact would be gone. On the plus side, giving in to her sexual hunger would turn a horrific ordeal into an enjoyable—or at least bearable—experience.

Since the choice was not hers to make, she decided to accept her fate and make the most of it. As freaked out as she was, she gave in to her sexual cravings. She moaned. She begged for more. She writhed in delight. In response, I savagely fucked her, my grunts filling the air each time I entered her. Every so often I would slap her ass, but the pain is only temporary.

She is enjoying it. She had not been so aroused, she is ashamed of such a realization.

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After what feels like an eternity, it finally happens. She climaxed. It hit her with such force she almost lost consciousness. It took every last shred of willpower she had, but she continued moaning at the top of her lungs as the orgasm tore through her.

Her body begins to shudder. Her head is thrust back by the sheer ecstasy of the fucking. Her eyes rolled back in her head. her back arched to such an extent that her breasts left off the bed. Then something unexpected happened. She starts to squirt. She had climaxed hundreds of times in her life, yet not once had she squirted. Until now. She doesn't know if it is the perversity of the situation. Or the fact that she is being ridden by a complete stranger.

All she knew for sure is that she had never been this happy. She wailed at the top of her lungs as her hot nectar gushed out of her. It splashed onto me and ran down her thighs.

Her orgasm has grown so intense she blacked out. The last thing she thought is, I'm coming.

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But she wasn't meant to enjoy the feel of my hot semen filling her up, because the world around her faded moments after my first load was released. Then just like that, she is swallowed by darkness. When she came to, her head is spinning. Thankfully, a few deep breaths took care of that. She is very weak, but she is able to open her eyes and look around. This brought her to her next realization. Instead, she lay on the bed.

I stood before her. I'm still panting heavily, which told her, she wasn't out for long. I'm stroking my half-erect member.