Sweetheart acquires wild doggystyle sex

Sweetheart acquires wild doggystyle sex
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It had been about a month since Jan and I had been in the park at the men's room. I had a feeling that she was getting antsy. She would start sucking my cock when it was soft and after I had came a couple of times in her pussy. "I think I need to get some replacements for you to have sex with before you kill me," I told her.

Jan looked at me as she sucked my soft tired cock," Do you mean that we can go dogging again.ohhh I just hate that word." "Yes but you love what it means," I said. "If you mean that I can fuck some other men and not have to worry about it being one of our friends then you're right, Jan came up and kissed me. Her kiss tasted like my cock which I liked. I think I would have liked it better if it had been a strangers cock like the last time.

I said that Friday night that we would see what we could find. "Look Jan." I said, I got the impression that you liked the nameless sex with strangers.did you or were you just trying to make me feel good?" "No honey I liked it.and what woman wouldn't like to have more cocks to suck and fuck." Jan looked at me and smiled. "Are we going to the same park as before.I liked that place," she said. "You liked the cock we found there," I told her and kissed her back. When Friday night came we left the house dressed for fucking.

Jan had on a wrap around dress on with no panties of bra to get in the way. I wore a zippered front jump suit with nothing on underneath. Like Jan's wrap around I had only to unzip and let the jump suit fall around my feet and I was ready for anything. Jan had simply to pull at a velcro fastener and zip she was naked .All that was necessary was for her to zip the wrap off her shoulders which was easy. We drove to the park and decided to scout around in the clearings that were hidden behind some bushes.

A lot of them had a picnic table with benches in them. We had just walked into one clearing and we saw a man sitting on one of the benches, His pants were around his feet and he was sucking the cock of another man who was standing before him also with his pants around his feet.I noticed in the light from a street light around the pathway that the guy being sucked had a nice long cock.

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The young boy, I had taken a better look and saw that the man doing the sucking was only thirteen or fourteen years old, was fisting a firm fat cock that was about eight inches. I undid Jan's wrap and let the front of it open, exposing her breast and hairy cunt. I reached around to finger her and I guess she moaned because two pairs of eyes turned and stared at us. The boy had the cock in his hand as he looked.

It was a lot longer than when the boy had it in his mouth. I nudged Jan, "That looks like two nice cocks to play with.if the guy's are willing.are you?" "Yes honey I am willing.I know that you just are using me to get you cocks to suck but I love you anyway," Jan said smiling at me. "Oh and here I thought it was the other way around.that you only have me here to put other cocks in your hot little cunt?" "I love it when you put cocks in me.and it's not so little either," She said with mock anger.

She looked at me and then at the two guys that seemed to be infected with the same ailment that I was, the inability to speak. "Well if no one else is going to start things off then I will," Jan said and walked the short distance to where the two men were. She let her dress completely drop from her shoulders and she was naked except for her pumps.

She bent over and took the boy's cock in her hand." wow this is a nice one.go on and suck him some more but I think my mouth will feel better than your hand." She took his hand away and bent to his cock. She opened, wide since he was thick, and let the cock enter her mouth.

I watched her as she sucked him. The sight of my wife with another man's cock in her never fails to get to me. My cock hardened and I unzipped the front of my suit.

It fell to my knees and I held it up while I walked over to the three. My cock was hard and sticking straight out. The man that had been being sucked was still standing there. Jan reached and took his hard cock in her hand, "Do you like a woman doing this to you or do you prefer men only." The man finally got his voice and it crackled when he tried to speak.

"No.I like women," he said. She held his large balls in her hands and I went and sank down to my knees besides my wife. She took the cock shaft again and pointed it at me and I swallowed it. Yeah it was that simple. I just swallowed it down. I tasted a little cum on the cock tip and sucked at his large pee hole hoping for more. I bobbed on his cock a few times and asked if he would like to fuck my wife from behind while she blew the boy.

I felt someone at my side and I looked real quick to see that another man had crept into our little circle. This man was in his sixties, judging by his sparse white hair, and was slender built.

I pulled my cock way back, well as far back as I could without dislodging it, and let him get a good look at me fucking Jan. He fumbled with the front of his pants and let them fall along with his boxer shorts. I wasn't prepared for what sprang out. His cock was not like him at all and should have been on a three hundred pound longshoreman with a big belly.

It was huge, actually larger than the one on the boy that my wife was trying to suck.

I looked and he stepped forward and I reached for it. My large hand couldn't fit around it. I withdrew my cock from Jan's cunt and pulled him, by his cock naturally, behind Jan's butt. I went to my knees and found when I tried to suck it that even my mouth was stretched to the limit as I tried to suck it.

I did manage to get three inches in before I took it out. Jan realized that I had stopped fucking her and turned around to the side to see what had happened. Her eyes got wide as she saw me with my mouth stuffed full of the largest cock she had ever dreamed existed. "Do you want him to try and fuck you," I asked? "No.I don't think I can get that one in but I think I can manage this one," she then said to the boy she was sucking, " Can you lie down on the bench and I can straddle you." There was some movement and then the lad was laying on his back.

I never really appreciated how large his cock was till I saw it standing upright. Jan duck walked till her cunt was right over his cock head. I reached out and took the thick shaft and guided it into her as she sat and impaled herself on it.

Still his cock only sunk abut halfway and then lodged in her. She began to rise and fall to fuck the large cock. I puled the old man, Shit I should be old like him with his cock, and stood him in front of my wife. I licked the head and then Jan started to lick it with me.


We did this for a while as she rose and fell on the boy's large cock. "Oh god honey I really love fucking this strangers cock.just if we hadn't come out looking for sex we never would have met him." The guy had found his voice quite well by now and he told us that he didn't know about a strange woman coming up and sucking his cock but he was sure glad she did.

Since Jan couldn't fit the other cock into her mouth she contented herself with licking and taking little nips all over it. I took the cock out of my mouth, whatever I could cram in and said, "Jan I hope you realize by now that a strangers cock is just as good as someone you know well or even work with.

"I really do honey.slurp slush ," she slurped all over the massive cock with her wet slick tongue, "Remember to let me have some of his sperm when he cums.damn I want to taste it bad baby.I mean real bad." " Here sweet lick out the pee hole with the tip of your tongue.it's leaking real fast," I told her as I swiped my tongue into the deep cleft and drew out a long viscous rope of precum. I held the giant cock head over to her mouth and she rammed her rolled up tongue in the hole.

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She sucked up the goo by using her rolled up tongue as a soda straw. Jan said that she would never want a regular milkshake again, not if she could have a cum milkshake. She slurped and it seemed that the more she sucked the greater the amount of sperm that bubbled from his cock. It was precum and not regular cum. I got a gob and tasted it real well. It was sticky and almost translucent and tasted real sweet.

Jan was loving it and she slurped down all the man gave her.

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her cunt had managed to swallow all of the massive cock of the cock sucking boy and he was hunching up in powerful strokes and pounding her cunt. They made wet fleshy slapping sounds. Jan was licking all over the cock of the old man and I was sucking him, well at least trying to, that is. A cell phone rang and the old man looked apologetically and said that he had to answer it.

He pulled away and walked around a tree to talk. Jan didn't stop fucking the boy. She was sitting well down on his cock and she reached and took mine in her mouth, "Hey dog.why don't you let the slut have some real cock," it was a black man. He had pants on the hung down oh the very bottom of his hips and an over sized sweat shirt.

He had about a nine inch cock sticking from his fly and he pushed me out of the way. My cock popped from Jan's mouth. I hadn't expected the move and it took me by surprise. " Yo.white motherfucker.let the whore get a real cock." He was unprepared for what happened next. Jan took one look at his cock and laughed. He looked stunned as this had never happened before. White women were supposed to by mesmerized by a black cock.

Al white women, to his way of thinking, wanted his black cock. "First of all my name isn't slut and I'm not a whore.as far as that puny dick you have.look at this She lifted herself off the boy's massive cock and the black guy took a look and his own cock shriveled up.

About that time the old man came back from around the tree. He had heard everything. He took out his cock and the black guy started to talking with himself and walked away." God damned.what's the world coming when a honkey motherfucker has a cock bigger than a brother," he was mumbling to himself. " Sorry about that.I might have enjoyed a black cock but that man needs to learn some manners, " She started to lick the old man's cock again and sank down on the boy's cock again.

In a few minutes the bot slammed a giant load of cum in her cunt and her face was suddenly covered by sperm that boiled from the old man's cock like a volcano. We got both men's phone numbers and they left totally satisfied. I asked Jan if she wanted to go home yet. The encounter had only taken about a half hour. She said that she was really interested in seeing me with another woman. I thought about and liked the idea, but to find a woman out in the park was a rare thing.

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We were walking, actually looking, when we heard some voices. It was a woman moaning in the throes of sex. We headed for the sound and came upon another clearing that had a table with benches set in the ground. There was a young couple there and the male had his head between the woman's thighs and sucking away. "Do you like this," I heard him ask," Do you like it in the park here where we can be discovered.do you," he asked her as he took his mouth off her cunt?

"Well yes I do like it George but I'd like it at home," she responded. "You have to get over this thing about strangers being dirty Luann" he told her as he went back to suck her cunt. "Oh and if one of those strangers comes along and wants to fuck me then I guess you'll expect me to fuck him," she said while she moaned and he really seemed to be getting to her. "Well Luann at least you'll have the chance to say if you want to fuck him or not. You have talked about having two cocks for a long time and I'm going to let you have them." "But.but a stranger.he might me dangerous or something." she said.

"Oh Luann had you rather fuck one of our friends," he said, "well had you.how about John.he works with me.do you want to fuck him and then have him always wanting more.is that what you want?" George was on a roll now," How about my boss.he's no stranger and he wants to fuck you real bad too." " Nooo.no I just want two cocks.I want your cock and another one." "Then it's going to have to be a strangers cock," the man said, "Now what do you want Luann.tell me?" "Ohhh I want another cock.I want two cocks in me," she said in passion.

Jan heard her plea and got my hard cock out. I still hadn't cum yet. When a man comes he's like a dog. He just wants to go in the corner and lick his own dick. Well you get the idea except for licking his own dick. Jan and I crept up to the young couple trying not to spook them.

" Here's your other cock," Jan said to her, " I'd really like to see him fuck you." The couple stopped what they were doing and the woman started to get up but her husband made her stay still. In pulling his head from her cunt we could clearly see in at the junction of her alabaster legs.

God it looked delicious. It was dark like Jan's and was slippery wet with her husband's saliva. " Get in between her leg's and fuck her," he told me and I didn't need any other instructions. He got up and stood at her head. His hard cock was much smaller than mine but he shoved it in her mouth just as I seated my cock in her wet cunt.

He shoved and I did too. She moaned real loud and I could feel her leg's clamp onto my body as if to keep me from escaping.

I wasn't about to. Then I saw her mouth began to suck her husband. Jan got down next to her face and started to lick the cock with her. Luann saw her doing this and took her mouth off of the cock and held it for Jan to suck.

"Suck my baby's cock.please suck it," Jan did and Luann watched as I fucked deep into her. She screamed as she felt the unfamiliar size spread her apart. I can imagine what she felt. Jan had told me that when the big cock of the boy entered her that she was in heaven. She said that to a woman a larger cock was about the ultimate she could hope for. The husband couldn't control himself and the sight of his wife being fucked by a strange cock, mine, made him blow in just a couple of minutes.

It was a large load and Jan quickly shared it with Luann. Both women ended up kissing deeply and licking the sperm from the insides of the others mouth. I let Luann have the last inch of my cock and she screamed again. She broke away from Jan's lips to kiss me. "Oh.ohhh.I love you," she said as she kissed me," I love you.I love you." Damn she said it in a way that I really believed that she meant it.

Later she told us that I was only the second cock she had ever had and she was always taught that sex was for the one you loved. She was a little sheepish as she said this. Jan and I both kissed her and said that we loved her too.

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I lasted as long as I could and them filled her cunt. Jan pushed me aside and got in between her leg's and began to suck my cum from her. She looked up at Tom, the husband and pulled him down with her in between his wife's widely spread thighs. "Suck his cum out of her with me sweetheart.my husband's cum is the first besides yours to fill her so suck it out too.

" Jan told him and made room for him. Luann had a wide crotch so it was easy. Both my wife and her husband sucked my cum from her. I saw that Luann had a very satisfied look on her face as her husband sucked my cum from her. She looked at me and smiled and I bent down and kissed her passionately as Jan and her husband sucked like starving kittens.

I pushed my tongue into her and she responded with her wet soft tongue in my mouth. I had to break the kiss because it was making me dizzy. That's a good kind of dizzy. I looked down at her and whispered that I loved her. Her smile was real big and bright as she whispered back that she loved me. "Can you fuck me again.I loved it when you did it to me." I told her that I had to recuperate first that she had drained me. She grinned and asked me if she had really done me in.

She seemed glad to find that she could do that to a man. Jan got up and pulled him up with her and sat down. She opened up her leg's and showed her pussy. Her cunt lips were open and ready. She literally pulled Tom's cock into her. he didn't plow her the way she was used to and she stopped him and made some adjustments with her hands under them.

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When he shoved forward I saw Jan wince for just a second and knew that she had placed his cock in her anus. Now she had just the right sized cock in her there.

Tom fucked into Jan's tight anal passage till he finally tightened up and shot his load into her ass. This time Luann was there as Tom vacated my wife's asshole. She mashed her mouth to Jan's wrinkled hole and sucked out the sperm that Tom had shot in there. "Hey can we get in on this or is this a private party," the person that had spoken was young, in his early twenties or so as were his three friends.

They looked like gang members but them I remembered that all young men dressed like that today. Jan looked up and asked," What have you got for me that I would want to party with you?" The boy grinned and moved his hands to the front of his jeans.

He undid the snap there and his jeans puddled around his feet. He wasn't wearing shorts. A nice cock about eight inches and thick came into view and stood up from his flat chiseled belly. It was just a little larger, well thicker, than mine. He looked at his friends and with a nod from him they all dropped their pants.


We were looking at four nice cocks. One boy that looked as if he had a lot of Italian in his blood, had a thicker cock than the rest. It was almost twice as thick as mine. " Do you want to have these boys Luann," Tom asked her and she sucked in her breath through her teeth, " I think you want to fuck these boys honey." Luann looked up at her husband and said that she really did.

"Well there's your answer boys, I said, " I think both our wives want to get fucked by those nice cocks.only I think you two with the thickest cocks will have to go last or the others won't get any tight cunt." Tom was looking intently at the boy's cocks, "I don't know about you Luann but if you don't want these cocks then I do" Luann laughed and told her husband that he would have to wait till she was through with them. One boy shook his large cock and said that if us husbands wanted a taste of their cocks that was fine with them.

He said that they had it from guys a lot of times. " Hey.a mouths a mouth no matter if it's a woman's or a man's," then he added," Or an asshole either one." I got rigid hearing that.

They were pretty good looking boys and I knew that Tom and I would lke them as much as the wives did. " I got an idea hon," I said to Jan," Why not fuck one guy and I'll fuck another." Jan was eager for the boy to fuck her. This would be the second time in one night that she was able to fuck a young eighteen year old boy. She sat on the bench towards the center.

Luann sat next to her. They both shoved their asses almost to the edge of the bench. Their leg's were spread and their cunts wide open just like Tom and I had left them. Full of cum and ready for a new cock. I sat on the bench just on one side of Jan and Tom sat on the other side next to his wife.

Our pants were both off and we spread our legs. The four boys walked up to us and the one to fuck my wife just shoved his fat cock into her wet cunt.

Jan moaned and almost at once I had a hard naked body between my legs. I moaned as his cock sunk home in my anus. I threw my arms around him and drew him to me in a deep kiss. I had never really kissed a man but this one was just a boy and I felt his soft lips on mine as he thrust his tongue in my mouth.

Luann had taken one nice cock in her cunt and was whispering that she loved him. He fucked her like crazy when he heard those words.

Tom was bitting into the neck of the boy that was ploughing his ass. It was a few minutes before I felt my fucker swell up and his hot cum sprayed my rectum.

It felt so good I cried out blending my voice with that of Jan's as she felt hot sperm shoot into her well fucked cunt. Her guy was fucking her so hard that his cock made squelching sounds as cum sprayed from her cunt.

She had so much cum in her that his cock displaced it and with no other place to go had splattered all over the insided of her thighs. The scene was being played out with the other couple as Luann held tightly to her guy and kissed him over and over while telling him that she loved him. Tom lay there with the boy that had just fucked him. He held the lithe hot body tightly to him. Tom was surprised when his boy, like mine, gave him a deep tonguing kiss.

The boy's cock was still swollen and still embedded in Tom's rectum. Tom was whispering to the boy as he kissed him but I couldn't hear what was said. Luann was basking in the afterglow of a tremendous orgasm and was holding her young guy to her sweaty body. "Oh yes I love you.I love you," she was saying over and over to him. The boy kissed her. She had been one hot fuck but this " I love you" that she kept saying bothered him. He was used to fucking a woman and forgetting about her but he couldn't with this one.

His friend that had just fucked Tom had heard what Luann said to his friend," Do you love me too," he asked Tom. Tom was still kissing his neck and generally feeling the warm young body," I suppose you can say that I do.you gave me one helluva fuck," he caressed the boy's buttocks," But love is something else.let's just say that I like you.I live you very much, and this fat cock of yours." He leaned over to Luann and asked her if she had changed her mind about strangers.

She laughed and told him that as far as she was concerned now was that a stranger was just a friend that you just met. Tom laughed. I heard all this between Tom and Luann and their fuckers.

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I told Jan, "It looks like these two are committed to fucking strangers now." She told me that they sure did and they would find out like they did that strangers have some of the nicest cocks. " Hey you two are strangers to me too and I'm sure glad that we met," Jan's guy said.

"I think you have some of the best pussy I've ever had." "You have a very talented ass to man," my young man told me," I mean I've fucked guys before but it was almost like fucking a woman with you.I mean you really liked it." Tom let his fucker pull his cock from his anus," Well I don't know about you all but I'm sure Jan and I would love to change up and fuck some more." Number three is coming up and it gets better.