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Cops arrest and fuck bottom boys gay porn Fucking the white cop with
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This is a very long story and this is not the chapter to start with. You can, but you'll be a little lost because many things have already happened. If you aren't interested in a long incestuous family drama, turn back now.

For those of you who only read my stories on this site, I hope you understand that once a chapter is written, proofed and posted elsewhere, I have to turn the document into plain text, add a blank line between each paragraph, add HTML format code and go through the whole story again to make sure it's not going to be rejected.

That means there is a greater risk of formatting errors. Please leave comments, let me know about errors or things you think I should do differently. Potential by Bistander Chapter 9: A Force to be Reckoned With Please read this!!!

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Chapter 6 was rejected twice, and I have determine that I cannot change it enough to get it through on this site without hurting the story. However, chapter 6 is critical to the plot and you'll be scratching your head later if you don't know what happens at the end of Chapter 6. Unless you're reading for the sex only, I urge you to find Chapter 6. PM me or leave a comment if you need help. Memorial Day was supposed to be a holiday, but Evan was at Miss Tonya's working.

He wished he could have started yesterday after the creek, but that was a day of rest. His dad was such an asshole; he didn't even go to church, yet he insisted Evan follow the rules. What bullshit, he thought. He couldn't work, but the haughty Christians didn't have a problem going to the stores or restaurants and being served by the people who had to work.

Working yesterday would have given him a better shot at finishing before Wednesday, and it would have been one day closer to Saturday, the day Miss Tonya tried to seduce him.

He hoped she was still in the mood. With the confidence he'd gained at Jason's house, he was prepared to get fucked. Doing his mom's best friend would make him stop thinking about the other thing, and it would be less complicated than sex with Rebecca or Becky. Miss Tonya would have to keep it a secret. Man, that would be a confidence boost that would make his next year at school the best ever. The sandy, red clay could have easily been turned with a pitchfork, but Evan used a pickax with granite cracking swings.

Sweat ran down his chest and over his abs, darkening the waist of his blue jeans. He stopped swinging and looked over the three foot wide path of upheaval. It should have given him that feeling of pride and satisfaction that came with hard labor, but his mind jumped back.

Maybe I'm OCD, he thought. No matter how many detours he gave his brain, it kept finding its way back to the things he didn't want to think about. If he hadn't seen Deana's teammate getting her brains fucked out at the creek, maybe he would have been able to forget the wet pussy on his dick thing? The rest of Sunday, he had done everything possible to avoid Deana. When he'd had to see her she had acted like her normal self, not like a girl who had intentionally sat on his erection.

His mother had seemed normal, too, after he touched her tits, pressed his erection on her back and shot a load in her red panties. He bet Becky would be her normal self when he saw her again.

Jeez, it's Groundhog Day; nobody knows what happened. The only thing normal in his life was his father. He gave him shit about sleeping half the day away. It was good to be at Miss Tonya's working. Time and distance would put things in perspective. Evan huffed and grabbed one of the bags of topsoil that needed to be mixed in with the native earth.

He tore it open and flipped it over. Keep moving and stop thinking, he told himself, and emptied all the bags in piles along the path of overturned earth. When all the rich, black dirt was mixed in and leveled out, it was a nice reddish-brown. Evan wiped his forehead on his arm. It looked good and it felt good. "Hi, Evan." Evan knew the voice was Jayda's and it disappointed him. He was still holding on to the hope that her mother would give him a second chance.

He started turning and said, "Hi, Ja—"he stared for a second, then found the rest of her name—"yda." It wasn't just that she was in a bathing suit and not the softball uniform he was used to seeing her in that caused him to pause. It was because her bathing suit would have been considered skimpy when it fit, and that was two sizes ago.

Obviously, softball uniforms weren't formfitting. He continued to stare at the blue triangle. She either has a big bush or a huge mound of pussy. Could one of Gloria's friends actually have that much? Jayda picked up a bottle of something and said, "Could you do my back?" "Huh?" "This—"she held the bottle out—"do my back with this, but wash your hands first." He didn't like one of Gloria's friends telling him what to do, but he wanted to touch her, so he walked over to the hose.

He couldn't see if Jayda was watching him, but he was glad he wasn't going to make an ass of himself again with the retarded nozzle. After washing his hands, he turned around and saw Jayda face down on the chair with her chin on her hands, smiling at him.

He walked over, pretending not to notice that more of her ass wasn't covered by her bottoms than was. "Which end should I start on?" he said, trying to sound annoyed. "Don't matter, as long as you get everywhere," she said, and reached behind her back. The bow came apart and the strings dropped to her sides. Her breasts immediately squeezed out from under her body.

"I hate tan lines." She's Gloria's friend, he reminded himself, yet still stood over her, looking down at her ass. "Make room," he said, and sat down. Jayda opened her legs and his butt settled between them. He realized he was in the same situation he'd been in when he massaged Deana, except worse. Jayda wasn't his sister, and the blue fabric between her legs was stretched like Saran wrap over her pussy.

It was a lot more pussy than he imagined she should have. If she opened her legs a speck too far, that thing would swallow her bikini like her mother's ass had consumed her shorts. He couldn't help picturing it on some girl's face, or his own. "Here goes," he announced with fake confidence. He squirted a line across her shoulder blades, then down her spine to her exposed ass crack.

The tanning lotion was actually baby oil. When his hands were on her body, the oil conducted an erotic energy up his arms and straight down to his groin. He spread the oil across her shoulders, down her back and up the slope to her ass.

It was a nice ass and he wanted to squeeze it to see if it felt as good as it looked. "Mm, keep doing that.please," she said. The way she purred out the word please made him eager to work on the small of her back.


His cock had formed a ridge up the front of his pants. He could have easily leaned forward and made it the meat in an ass-cheek sandwich. He imagined she was naked, her ass oiled up and he was sliding his erection between her cheeks. "I'm gonna have to start charging for this," he said. Jayda said, "I don't have much, but you can have all of it.

I hurt my back and that feels soo goood." She has a lot more than she thinks. He wished he didn't know what she did behind the dirt pile.

Really, he wished she wasn't Gloria's friend. It was bad enough that he fucked Jason's sister. Their friendship would survive that if Becky turned out to be a typical girl and blabbed, but Gloria wouldn't get over him fooling around with Jayda. "If you wanted a massage you should have just asked for one," he said. He didn't have to fake his annoyance. This planet he had been transported to was fucking with his mind. "Um, no, I really do need that spread.the oil, it makes me tan faster, but my back does hurt," she said.

All he heard was, "that spread," because his eyes had gone to the strip of fabric that now dug in and formed a definitive line separating the two sides of her pussy lips. He added too much oil on her lower back and watched it run down her sides. Fuck it, it's Groundhog Day, he thought, and grabbed her love handles.

They were warm and squishy. His hands rotated around her waist, poking his finger tips under her stomach. His palms cupped the knobs of her hip bones and bumped her bikini lower. "Mm, Gloria was right." The sound of his sister's name made him stop. "What did she tell you?" Like a bolt of lightning the thought hit him.

Gloria could have talked about what happened. Jayda might know he had a wet dream on his sister's leg. "Nothing. She only said you give good massages. I shouldn't have said that," Jayda said. "Please don't tell her, and please don't stop." "Jeez." She probably didn't know, but on the off chance that she did, or that she would tell Gloria he massaged her, he said, "We might be able to work something out." "Anything," Jayda said.

He doubted it. "How about you tell me what you do behind the dirt pile?" He felt her body tighten under his hands. Her head spun and she strained to look at him without exposing her chest. "What, ah, what do you mean?" "I mean the dirt pile at the ballpark," he said. "I saw you coming from over there and I know we used to go back there to do things we didn't want anyone to know about." "Oh, um, I can't tell.tell you that," she said.

"That's okay, I'll get it out of Gloria." "No, there's noway she'll tell," Jayda said. "It's a girls only thing, she'll never tell." His speech was temporarily suspended while his brain maxed its CPU trying to process Jayda's words. There was the potential that Gloria not only knew what happened behind the dirt pile, but also—No, that's not possible.

He rejected the thought. Gloria was his little sister, and he wouldn't let his mind go there. But if she did know, and she knew about Laffy-Taffy, then she could have known what happened on her leg. He decided to fold his hand and get out of the game while he was still had his shirt, even though he wasn't wearing a shirt.

"You didn't get my legs," Jayda whined. The glare made it impossible to tell if Miss Tonya was on the other side of that sliding glass door. His pulse quickened. He didn't have a shirt on and he was straddling Jayda with a huge boner about to pop out the top of his jeans, spreading oil on her flesh.

He wouldn't ever be able to explain the feeling, except that it was like the one he got when he faced Jason's mother. He imagined fucking Jayda doggy style while Miss Tonya watched from behind the glass.

It felt evil, and good at the same time. He wasn't thinking about any of his other issues anymore. Her short legs were appealing. "I don't think your mother would like me, um, touching you.rubbing you when I'm supposed to be working," he said.

He was actually done because the delivery hadn't come yet, so there wasn't anything to plant. "She doesn't care," Jayda said, "but she might want you to do her, too." Evan made zigzag lines of oil down her thighs while replaying her words, ".do her too." He watched the lines break and drool down the reddened flesh towards her inner thighs.

Her mother probably would let him do her too, but she wouldn't want him doing Jayda at all, he imagined. When the oil was about to drip from the swells of her pudgy thighs, he placed a hand on each leg. They were hotter than he'd expected and his heart rate increased more.

He glanced at the house while his fingers swept up the inside of her legs. He looked down in time to see he was dangerously close to that blue strip of material. It had caved in further and threatened to give up its hold at the outer edges of her pussy lips. One nudge from a passing finger and he might be seeing more than Jayda had planned to let him see.

She was obviously a tease, playing a game when she was safe with her mother inside. More obvious was his propensity for awkward situations that tested his morals.

He placed his hands just above the back of her knees. His thumbs pressed into the insides of her legs. His fingers grabbed the outsides, and he shoved up in the direction of her bulging ass-cheeks. The webbing between thumbs and index fingers squeegeed the oil up her thighs.

It collected at the cusp of legs and ass, then started running down the grooves that divided legs and crotch. He watched it soak in, and darken the blue fabric. Jayda's shallow breathing and the chirping birds were the only sounds. He filled his lungs and reversed the direction of his hands. Jayda's legs didn't feel like Deana's.

Maybe they did, but they didn't make him feel the same. The fear he had was different, and so was his desire. He had been terrified when his hands touched the edge of Deana's butt. He was only nervous about touching Jayda's ass. He had wanted to touch Deana. He wanted to go further under her shorts and feel the heat of her crotch on his fingers, but not because he was horny or because he wanted to teach her a lesson.

He wanted her, wanted all of her and didn't want anybody else to have her. Wasn't there a small part of him that was glad his father didn't let her date? When he reached the place Jayda's cheeks folded onto her thighs, he paused and waited for some reaction. He was horny and he did want to teach Jayda a lesson. Sex with Becky and watching Rhina only made him want sex more.

It had been the perfect mind altering solution for his problem. He had completely forgotten how much trouble he was in every time he went home. He rotated his hands. The exposed swells at the bottom of her butt tightened when his thumbs drove deep into the void between her parted legs. He was testing the edges of her leg openings, and testing her. He wanted to know if he could touch her pussy. Was there anything sane about desire, lust and youth?

He listened to the approving sounds of Jayda's purring groans and nudged the rims of her bikini. The crease deepened and virgin, pale flesh emerged. It probably was the same texture as the skin that had been under his thumbs a second earlier, but it felt completely different to him.

His brain sputtered and his cock throbbed. If he sucked in his stomach he was sure his dick head would push out the top of his jeans. What would Jayda think if she saw that? "Mmmm," Jayda moaned. "Ah, I bet Gloria loves your massages even more than she said." She hunched and flexed her ass muscles. "Mmmmm." The hunch caused his thumbs to veer inward and the flex made more of her bikini disappear into the valley of her ass. He slicked up the new real estate he'd acquired, and said, "She doesn't get massages like this." He was a little annoyed she'd brought Gloria into this, again.

"She'd love it—Ahhh—Really love it." He grabbed both legs and the bottom of each cheek, and squeezed.

Her ass was soft and chubby compared to Gloria's firm bubble-butt. Why would he compare their butts? He didn't want to think about Gloria's ass as a firm bubble-butt. But it is, he thought, and that made the placement of his hands on Gloria's best friend's ass even more disturbing. "She's never going to know how this feels or that it happened at all," he said.

"Is she?" He was frustrated that she hadn't backed down yet or that he couldn't do what he really wanted to do. "I'll never long as you finish," she said. Oh great, he thought, "finish", that could mean many things. Did she want him to finish coating her exposed skin, finish her off or do what he wanted to do to her?

She wiggled and shimmied, and he took it as a hint. He circled each pudgy thigh with his hands, dug in firmly and pushed up her legs.

She whimpered when he reached her ass, and he kept going. He wasn't sure how far she'd let him take this game, but he was going to challenge her limits like her bikini was being challenged to contain her pussy.

Which would give up first, he mused. Miss Tonya wished she was a birdwatcher. She'd get her binoculars and see if that really was a ridge up the front of Evan's jeans, filled with his hard teenage cock. She stepped closer to the sliding glass door. She knew from being outside on a sunny day that Evan couldn't see her, even though he kept looking right at her. She liked that he was looking, thinking she didn't know what he was doing.

Tonya was young enough to remember those days when a younger girl would tease and test an older boy. Evan was sure to be outdone by Jayda.

Tonya had come home one day and found her daughter with her legs wide open and her hands on the head of one of her friends, pulling her face into Jayda's crotch. It seemed like normal exploration to Tonya because she'd done the same thing, and they were both old enough. Instead of screaming and acting like an uptight mom, she stood outside the bedroom door and peeked in, watching until her daughter got off.

Then she went back to the front door, opened it quietly and closed it hard. Jayda was dressed, acting normal when she got to her room the second time, but she didn't realize it was impossible to hide the glow of a good orgasm. Tonya never said anything. Any of the mothers Tonya knew would be horrified about what was happening outside. That was stupid to her because they all knew their daughters were old enough to have sex, and probably had, so why flip out if you happen to see it happen? Imagine what they'd think about this, Tonya thought, and opened the front of her pants.

She was going to play with her pussy while Evan rub lotion on her daughter. They'd run her out of town for that. Well, not all of them. Tonya suspected Candy would want to watch, too. Of course, she'd never admit it. Candy was her only friend who knew all of her secrets, and didn't judge her. Tonya wanted to know all of Candy's secrets, too, but she wasn't telling.

Tonya had divulged more and more, hoping to gain Candy's confidence, and unlock her closets. Tonya thought about the look on Candy's face when she told her that she let her husband catch her blowing the guy who cut their grass. Sure, there had been shock on Candy's face, but there was intrigue, also.

Candy wanted to know all about it, but she didn't ask. It was embarrassing, but Tonya offered the information, unprompted. "Nine or ten times," she said. "I had to do it nine or ten times before I got caught." Candy had flushed and her nipples plumped, but she pretended to be shocked, like she was making herself think, what if it was her own son? She said, "My God, Tonya, how could you?

Why would you do that?" The painful shame of divorce had faded by then and Tonya told Candy the whole story. The affairs, the fights and the final straw.

Candy's bright red cheeks turned white when she said, "I caught that pig tea bagging the woman who babysat for us." Candy went silent and had to sit down.

Tonya hadn't thought she was going to strike a chord that practically made Candy faint, and she felt bad about it, but she also wanted to know why. It was obvious there were some serious skeletons in Candy's closet, and Tonya wanted to know about all of them.

Not because she was nosy, but because she really liked Candy and wanted to help her.

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Confession was good, when you told someone who wouldn't judge you. Evan stared hard at her and she pushed her pants and underwear down, daring him to see her. He turned back to Jayda's ass and grabbed it with both hands. How far would her daughter actually let it go? Considering that Evan hadn't made a move on Candy yet, although Tonya knew he wanted to; and he hadn't fallen for the wet T-shirt thing, she didn't think she'd have to worry about throwing a bucket of water on them before he came in her daughter.

It would be fun to watch and see how it played out. Jayda's bikini was losing the fight. Evan's finger tips reached around the outsides of her legs while his thumbs held insides. He watched her flesh bubble up in front of his hand as he squeezed and moved them up. He was on course to shove his thumbs between her ass-cheeks and under her bikini.

How deep into her ass cleavage would she let him go? "Mm, I wish I didn't have to wear those," she said. Evan looked at the bikini strings lying at her sides and knew she had to be talking about her bottoms. He had practically uncover most of each cheek and his thumbs were stuffed between them, yet he still wished she didn't have to wear them, too.

"Why are you?" he challenged. "Because you're here," she said. He kept on massaging her butt and said, "Afraid?" "Nah, mom doesn't let me when somebody is here.

She thinks people would think bad of her. What's the big deal, we're old enough to go to a nude beach, why not get naked in the back yard." "So, um, if I wasn't here, you wouldn't have them on?" "Yup," she said. "Whatever," he said. If she was naked, what difference would that make? He was about to touch her pussy lips anyway. "It's true," she said. "Come back tomorrow when she's not here and you'll see." "And if I were to come, what would you want me to do?" What the fuck was he hoping to get out of this?

He couldn't fuck Jayda even if she begged him. She'd tell Gloria, Gloria would be heart broken and eventually their mother would find out.

Sex with your sister's best friend just wouldn't turn out well. The thought caught him off guard. What if Deana actually knew how he felt, and that was why she'd been acting so crazy?

He couldn't fuck Rebecca if Deana felt the same way he did, and now he was pretty sure she did. Hadn't he seen that after the kiss in the bathroom? No, he'd felt it in his heart, she loved him and wanted him. He was fucked. "You'll have to come and find out," she said.

There was a mocking tone in her voice and it signaled his defeat. "Whatever," he said. "I have to clean up and get going. Don't get burned." Like he had just been burned by a girl three years younger than him.

Evan got home from Miss Tonya's, and avoided making eye contact with Gloria because he didn't want to imagine her sitting on Jayda's face, plus he felt guilty. His mother said hello, and he pictured Miss Tonya calling on the phone, "Candy, Evan practically fingered Jayda in the backyard." Was he stupid, crazy, or on another planet?

Evan had no idea what was going on, but he did know that the dirt cemented to his skin with dry sweat itched, so he headed for the shower. It had been a long, hot day. When he was done showering, he went to his room and got in bed.

That was the safest place for him to be. Jayda was now on his list of people to avoid, but like all the other people on that list, avoiding her would be difficult. At least she doesn't live here, he thought, but it didn't help because he still had to go back to Miss Tonya's.

Deana's teammate had sex outside and Gloria's friend sat on another girl's face at the ball park, and let him touch her inappropriately when her mother could have been watching, yet he thought both of his sisters were different.

Deana put her wet pussy on your dick, wake up! Despite the obvious, Evan continued to believe his horny porn brain was making something out of nothing.

He closed his eyes and forced his pornographic mind to visit the tumbler's bedroom. That was better than playing the tapes of what he imagined might happen tomorrow with a naked face-sitter. Becky stood in front of her magic mirror and turned in a circle, her head twisting so she could watch her ass. The black, stretchy skirt was the same as the one Darlene wore on the school bus.

The material hugged her butt and wrapped under her cheeks, lifting her ass so it looked even sexier, according to Darlene. That made Becky feel good. At the mall, she had waited nervously behind the change booth curtain. After counting to three, she flung the curtain open. Darlene's eyes lit up, and Becky knew she looked as good as she felt. She did her best slutty runway model walk over to where Darlene was standing.

Darlene turned her around and said, "Damn, that thing makes your ass even sexier." Becky grinned. "I know it makes me feel sexy, and the way it's hugging my butt is getting me horny. It's gonna be hard to not show my ass." Darlene smiled, glanced at the store employee who was watching them like she knew they were planning on stealing something, then she reached between Becky's legs.

"I knew you wouldn't have panties on," she said. "If that lady wasn't watching I'd—" "She can't see us from the chest down, go ahead, do it." Becky desperately wanted to get fingered right there behind the clothes rack while someone was watching.

"She already thinks we're going to try and walk out of here without paying for that," Darlene said. "What do you think she'd do if she thought we were lesbians playing with each other?" "What do you think she'd do if she knew I was doing this?" Becky knew how wrong and how dangerous what she was going to do was, but she was pissed off now. She'd done the most incredible thing that morning, finally gotten Evan to stop seeing her as Jason's sister, and had the most amazing sex of her life, but Darlene didn't even want to talk about it.

Now some middle age lady was keeping her from fulfilling a major fantasy. Becky pushed the dresses on the round clothing rack apart, arched back and pulled up her skirt. Her pee hitting the carpet under the rack was louder than she expected, but she couldn't make herself stop. "You, ah, shit, Becky," Darlene said in a low, yet excited voice. "Oh my god, you're a freak." The sound of her friend's voice made the flow stop abruptly. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that.

I just—" "Just get your stuff and let's go pay for that before she realizes you pissed on the floor. I can't believe you did that." "Are you mad?" Darlene shoved the dresses back in place and said, "No, but I'm too excited to stay here." It was too bad that Darlene had to catch her bus because Becky was pretty sure if they had more time, she could have gotten Darlene on one of those beds in Dillard's.

She hoped Evan and Jason would also be awestruck by the new skirt. She wanted to model it at dinner, but their mother could never see that part of her wardrobe. The dinner table was set and Gloria was having a conversation with his father.

Evan sat down and Deana smiled at him. It finally hit him, she knew he jerked off in the bathroom. All the embarrassment he would have felt, if she hadn't sat on him, made his cheeks warm. He wished he could eat in his room. Gloria sounded disappointed that his dad was going to miss her next game, but Evan didn't think she really cared. He thought she played the role of good daughter to make her mother happy.

She probably wanted to know who her real father was, but nobody ever talked about that. Evan listened to the conversation carefully, but not because he cared. All he wanted to hear was when his father was leaving for China, and how long he would be gone. He couldn't ask because that would seem suspicious. A guilty conscience sucked.


His father looked at him and said, "You got a job yet?" Dammit, he had hoped that wouldn't come up. "I got some good prospects," he said, hoping that was the right word. "Lots of applications filled out and an interview lined up, soon." He actually did have something in the works through somebody that knew someone else, that Miss Tonya knew, but nothing solid, and no applications had been filled out.

"That's good." His father sipped his wine. "Your mother said you got some odd jobs." His heart raced. What had Miss Tonya told his mom? The thought made him want to vomit. "Ah—" he glanced at his mom, she smiled and he went on, "I guess, lawns, landscape, maybe some painting, stuff like that." "That's fine, but keep looking for a steady job.

Don't want you to end up being somebody's lawn boy." Evan hated his father again. He started eating quickly, so he could get the hell out of there.

He didn't look at his mother because she would know something was up. Becky watched Jason Stuff his mouth, then turned towards their mother. She was also enjoying the meatloaf and mash potatoes she had prepared. Becky smiled, stabbed some string beans and placed her other hand between her legs. She could feel the heat through her jeans. It was a good thing she wasn't wearing a skirt because she was wet and might not be able to resist.

She'd been hot and wet all day with anticipation. Jason had been avoiding her, but she hadn't been pursuing him. She was patient, she'd waited three years already, but now that it was so close, the wait was brutal. Confessing something you'd planned to take to your grave, lightened your load, even when your confidant couldn't relate or couldn't imagine doing the same thing, but telling Darlene her dirty little secret about Jason was like telling another pyromaniac you have gasoline. Darlene confessed things about herself that were shocking and exciting.

That was hard to do because there weren't many things about sex that Becky hadn't already imagined. Darlene proved to be a fine teacher of seduction, and a great partner, working towards emptying their sexual bucket lists. Tonight, if everything went according to plan, Becky's bucket would be lighter. That night, Evan put on workout clothes and went down to the playroom, but all he did was sit on the couch.

The shit his father gave him about finding a job pissed him off, but sitting next to Gloria, watching her and listening to her made him ashamed of what he'd done with her friend. Really, it was the things he wanted to do and the things he imagined doing if she was really naked in the backyard tomorrow.

He closed his eyes and saw Jayda's ass squeezing out of her bathing suit. She wanted him to massage her butt just like Deana had, but that didn't mean they were telling him he could dip his finger between their pussy lips and search for their clit. What if he'd gotten Jayda off right under her mother's nose? His dick responded to the thought and he knew he needed serious psychiatric help. Hadn't he heard somewhere that every bad action started with a bad thought? He opened his eyes.

"Shit! Deana, holy shit." His sister's face was half an inch from his. "What were you doing, trying to kiss me?" "No," Deana said.

"Didn't you hear me coming down the stairs?" "No. If I had heard you you wouldn't have scared me. Your face was right there when I opened my eyes. I might have crapped myself." "Sorry, next time I'll throw something at you from across the room." His sister was standing directly in front of him, her legs touching his knees.

She was wearing the same type of gray sweatpants he had on, except hers were tight. "Or you could send a message into my mind and tell me you're there." "What makes you think I can do that?" "Can't you?" he asked. "You always seem to know what I'm thinking." "Actually, that's not true," Deana said. "I've been trying to figure out if you're upset about yesterday or something.

You've been avoiding me." Which part of yesterday was she talking about? Maybe he could avoid some embarrassment by telling Deana what Gloria's friends did? No, that could make her uncomfortable because she might do that to Rebecca.

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Damn it, he didn't want to think about Deana sitting on Rebecca's face or having sex in the creek. How could he not? "I'm not, not upset, I've been thinking about stuff, that's all," he said. "You've been acting weird since— I'm sorry if I embarrassed you." Yeah, she had accused him of jerking off on her magazine, then put her pussy on his dick.

"No, I mean yes, I was embarrassed, but I'm not upset, just embarrassed." Deana's smile was hard to read. "Is there anything else?" she said, and put a knee on the couch next to his leg.

Before he could answer, his sister put her other knee on the couch. "Huh?" he said, as her knees moved down to his hips and her butt came to rest on his legs. Was she reminding him of what happened yesterday?

He wished he hadn't seen her teammate getting fucked. Deana said, "I don't know, you don't seem like yourself. Maybe since I kissed you in the bathroom. Did I make things wrong between us?" Her folded legs tightened, squeezing his hips and thighs. It seemed too intimate. We're twins, he told himself, it wasn't unusual for her to sit on his lap. It was only his porn brain that was making him uncomfortable. His sister wasn't trying to seduce him. "It's not that," he said. "It's not you, it's me.

Things are changing and I have to get a job. Dee, are you sure mom isn't acting weird?" She put her hands on his shoulders and her outstretched arms increased the lumps under her shirt. "I'm glad it's not because of me, and I still haven't noticed anything." "You sure?" "Yeah," she said.

"Maybe it's you.

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Stacy's been gone for a while so maybe—" "Dee, what are you talking about?" "Dah, you know, maybe you're horny. You know mom is hot, so maybe you're just seeing her different. I mean, look what happened with my magazine." "Stop, stop, it's not like that. It wasn't like you think. I wasn't even looking at your magazine. I wasn't even near it. I was in front of the sink. I didn't even know it happened and I'm not horny, not for mom.

Why would you say something like that? She's our mother." She was reading his mind. "She's our stepmother, and she's gorgeous. Got a body like one of those women in music videos," she said. "Jeez, I know you think I'm a pervert, but really, you think I'm hot for our mother, stepmother, same thing?" "I'm just saying, it might be you because I haven't seen anything different about her," she said.

"Back to the other thing, are you saying you were standing at the sink and, whatever, all the way to where the magazines are? What were you thinking about if it wasn't the magazine?" "Deana, this isn't a conversation I'm gonna have with my sister.or anyone." Especially since I had Gloria's panties pressed to my face when I shot my load on that magazine.

"I know mom looks great, she always has, but she normally wears loose mom clothes, not, um, how can I say this, Candy clothes." "I haven't seen it, really," she said. "Back up, though, to that other thing. How far does it go? "Deana!" "I'm just curious. Oh, and if it wasn't supposed to go on the magazines, where do you normally, ah, whatever you call it, squirt?" Fuck, another no good answer situation.

If he told her the truth, in your panties, he'd be a creepy incestuous brother, but if he admitted to blasting the mirror and the counter, she'd think, that's where I put my toothbrush. "I catch it," he said. "That's what I try to do, so it doesn't get on anything." "What are you catching it with?" The all knowing look on her face scared him.

"How would you feel if I was asking you a bunch of questions about how you do it?" "Girls don't do that," she said. "I do enjoy watching you sweat, though." "Thanks!" "You're welcome," she said. "So, are you going to start teaching me? You promised." "What?" "To do the kicking stuff. You promised to teach me how to fight." "Oh, that" he said, with a sigh of relief. "Defend yourself, I said, defend yourself." "Whatever," she said.

"I got my workout clothes on." He glanced down at the gray material stretched over her body. "You sure do," he said. "I gotta warn you, it's gonna be hard." He thought he saw his sister's eyes shift towards his crotch before she said, "That doesn't scare me. Let's do it." Jeez, did every single thing he heard have to sound sexual? "Okay, you asked for it, but don't blame me if you're sore tomorrow." Once they were standing up, Evan turned Deana around and put his hands on her shoulders.

His brain released the words, then he filtered them and pulled the emergency break, but they were already at his tongue, "Bend over." "What!" "Stretch, you have to stretch first," he said. "Touch your toes." Deana folded at the waist and his hands moved down her back to her hips as she reached for her toes. "Wow, you're a lot more limber than I expected." He made the mistake of looking down.

This is going to be hard, he thought, and swore he wouldn't watch porn anymore. Upstairs in their parents' room, Candy took a deep breath and said, "John, I think the kids want to know about Sandra and—" "What makes you think that?" John asked.

"Stuff, you know stuff I pick up on. It's natural to want to know about your mother. They have some memories, but they don't know what happened, really.

They don't even have pictures to look at. Can't they at least see pictures?" "She died," he said. "They know that. You're their mother now, so why confuse them with the past?

Let it lie." "I don't agree." John stepped closer. "You don't?" "No, I don't." She straightened her back. "I think it's important to them and I think you could lighten up a little on Evan, it's his last summ" Her head snapped back and her scalp burned where the roots of her hair threatened to tear out.

"You're hurting me!" "Then maybe you should find something better to do with your mouth than talk back." He used the handful of hair as a reign and sent her to her knees.

"Right?" Candy's rage was burning hot, but she did what she'd seen Evan do many times, she held back the truth and said, "Yes, sir," then she serviced her husband. An hour later, Evan knew two things. The first, Deana was far more athletic than he thought. The second, there was no way Jason could see Deana in those painted on sweatpants.

It wasn't as bodacious as Rhina's ass, but even as a brother, he had to admit her butt gave new meaning to bootilicious. He stood behind her and said, "Lean back on me and lift your leg. Pull your knee back towards your chest." "Like this?" "Yes, good," he said. "Now kick straight out, pull back and kick again. That's it, kick, kick, kick. Don't stop until you think your leg is gonna fall off." He was surprised how quickly his sister learned and executed the kick.

"Why.why so many times?" "Because you kick like a girl," he said. "I am a girl." "You sure are, but if you wanna do any damage you gotta get some power behind that foot. Put your ass into it." He knew what he meant, but it still sounded creepy. "I mean use all of your leg muscles." Deana delivered her foot full force into the heavy bag and sent it swinging, then her leg went limp.

He said, "Use your other leg." She huffed. "I'm leg is rubber." "If it makes you feel any better, you lasted longer than I thought you would." His sister turned around and hung on him. "I'm not sure that makes me or my sore ass feel any better, but thanks." "Sorry." He put his arms around her narrow waist and helped support her. "You need me to carry you to the couch?" "Naah, but you could—" Instead of finishing, she lifted up on her toes.

If her lips had pulled away after a second, it would have been an appreciative sibling kiss. They didn't. He didn't know if he had started it or if she had, but one thing was for sure, kissing her changed everything.

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He should have known that from the first kiss or the second or the third and definitely the fourth. Unlike their four previous kisses, the fifth didn't have a flimsy thread to hang an explanation on. They were kissing because—He had no idea why they were kissing, but it was terrifying. The physical change his body underwent, the overriding of logical thought and the lack of any self-control were all terrifying, but he had no intention of making it stop.

His hands were on autopilot, doing what they would have done if he was kissing Stacey, they groped Deana's body. The tight muscles of her back and the hot, sweat-moistened flesh caused him to pant into the frantic kiss. His finger tips poked at the string stretched across the hollow of her back.

Deana grabbed his bottom lip with her teeth. He opened his eyes and they met hers. He couldn't read her, but she sucked in her stomach and released his lip. His fingers slid inside the back of her sweatpants. He closed his eyes and started kissing her again.

The groove between her cheeks got deeper and the skin under his finger tips changed. Skin wasn't skin, and the flesh he was touching enraged his desire. He stuffed both hands inside her sweatpants and she released his lip with a long, hot sigh. That thing he had been watching during the work out, that he had touched in the school parking lot and massaged, was a force to be reckoned with.

The swells of her bubble-butt caressed the palms of his hands and his fingers sank into the cushion. His mind was drowning in a passion cocktail that made him too drunk to distinguish between flesh and blood relationship.

His fingers rounded the high crests of each bubble and dove in, heading for that dangerous place in the valley of her ass cleavage. The slippery, wet skin set off an alarm that should have frightened him and made him retreat, but Deana's lips circled his tongue.

She sucked it and pulled it into her mouth. Her eyes met his and something happened to his heart. Deana's ass muscles flexed, then turned solid in his grip. He lifted and her thigh swept across his hip. She tried again and it caught.

He pulled up on her ass and both her legs wrapped around him. Their kissing became more heated, almost violent in its lust. The steel rod of his erection was under the center of her pubic bone.

Deana's stomach, back and legs worked in rhythm with his arms. He lifted and she shoved down. His grip tightened on her bare ass and pumped her, up, down, up and down against his boner. They were lost in a dirty dance, a vertical dry humping, pounding her clit against his cock. He knew it was happening, he could feel it, but to prevent it would require him to stop simulating sex with his sister.

Fuck it! He let her crotch pull his sweats down and pretended his throbbing dick wasn't exposed. Deana's fingers tightened on his neck and her heels dug into his thighs. "I ah.Ahhhh, shit," she cried out. Then her upper body fell backwards, and only her legs around his waist and his hands on her hips kept her stiff body hanging in mid air.

"Oh, god, Evan," she said. "Shit, I'm sorry." His sister's black, penetrating eyes didn't show the remorse and shame he felt. They shined and her smooth, Mediterranean face glowed.

He had watched her orgasm happen, felt it, and it was amazing. "No," he said. It had been his hands on her naked ass, driving her crotch up and down, oblivious to the reality of who she was.

"I'm sorry." The friction burn on his skin made him look down. The gray material pressed into the groove that his dick rested in was wet. He could smell his own body, but it didn't overpower the familiar scent of his sister's sex. It was like having her panties pressed to his face. Deana's legs uncoiled and slid down, but her arms still held onto him. She looked into his eyes and said, "It was me, I started it.I'm horrible, a horrible person." He put his hand on the back of her head and pressed her face into the crook of his neck.

"You're not horrible," he said. It was my evil prick that caused it. "It wasn't horrible, was it?" "I guess that depends on how you look at it," she said. "I just got off rubbing on you, and I pulled your pants down and saw you. I saw it, my brother's—Does that make me horrible?" "No, no, not at all," he said. "It just happened. It was an accident." Like the kind of accident you have driving too fast in the rain. "What if I liked it, seeing it, does that make me horrible?" "No, that's normal.normal curiosity," he lied.

"Probably not anything normal about my curiosity," Deana said. "What if it was my pants that fell down? Would you have looked, gotten excited?" He would have looked, gotten excited and probably done something that would have changed their lives forever. "Yeah, I would have." "Good," she whispered and kissed his neck.

A tingle raced down his spine and reminded him how much he loved her. "You want to?" What had his sister just asked him?

Was she offering to show him her pussy or was she asking him if he wanted to have sex? "No," he said. "I mean, I would, but no, I can't.I couldn't. I better go." His sister didn't say anything, but she didn't have to. It was like old times, he knew she knew what he was thinking, and he knew what she was feeling.

She was confused and hurt, and she wanted more than he could give her. Why didn't she understand that they could never love each other that way? It would never work, and sex with your own sister was— He fixed his pants on the way up the stairs. When the boards overhead stopped creaking, Deana dropped in a heap on the old, stained rug, feeling so alone. Her brother had left and he hadn't come back. Shouldn't she be relieved? It was just a thought when she was sitting on Evan's dick, then it became a fantasy that she visualized in her mind.

I must have planned it, she thought, but I never expected it to happen. Did I? Deana knew Evan wanted to, but she also knew he would fight it. He was terrified of what might happen to them after, and in the afterlife. He loved her too much. She loved him the same way, except she was more afraid of something else.

It was her father's fault she wanted the only boy she ever loved to be the one to take her virginity, soon. Evan had stared out his window into the dark tree tops, sat at his desk, paced, then threw himself on the bed. Nothing worked, he couldn't stop thinking about Deana. He hated leaving her when she needed him. He had felt it, saw it on her face, but didn't understand.

They were always there for each other, and he left her hurting, scared and alone. It was too dangerous to go back down there. He had kissed enough girls to know all kisses weren't equal. Sometimes it was just something you did to get to the next base, and sometimes a kiss caused a physical reaction, maybe chemical too.

Becky's lips and tongue had done that to him. They caused him to have a momentary lapse of reason, and made him want to do bad things to her, regardless. Deana's kisses were that, and more.

As soon as they started, their hearts joined together in some cosmic love centrifuge. Their love became so pure and so powerful that they couldn't resist each other. But it was still a forbidden, taboo love. He could never kiss her again, unless he was prepared to do the most forbidden thing, and have his heart broken in the end. If he thought about how beautiful she looked when she climaxed and how much love he felt in his heart when their eyes met, it seemed worth any price to let it happen.

He got off his bed. Becky got the two things she needed and started for her door. If she ran into her mother, she would be too busy yelling about her being naked to notice what she was carrying. Being naked, that was nothing new.

She'd blame it on her impulse control problem and promise not to let it happen again. Of course, in her mind, she didn't have a problem with impulse control. If she had trouble controlling her impulses, her mother would really be upset because there were plenty of things she didn't do that she wanted to do.

Her only real problem was her demanding pussy. If a guy could be led around by his dick, why couldn't her pussy call the shots? It was always demanding attention, and she would satisfy its demands, even if she wasn't in an appropriate setting, like the mall, school, the bus or at the dinner table while her mother and Jason ate.

By the time she reached Jason's door, her pussy lips were wet, sliding across each other. The plan she'd been working out was finally going to bear fruit, and her longstanding desire would be fulfilled. She opened his door and thought, he must have known I was coming. Her brother wasn't under the covers, and he wasn't wearing anything. She closed his door, crossed the room and gently lowered herself onto his bed.

She didn't want to wake him, not yet. He'd been pretending for three years, but she knew he was just like her or worse. Becky placed the camera between her brother's thighs and turned it on. His giant balls were on the mattress in their long, drawn out sack. She bit her lower lip and sucked air through her teeth, remembering how they felt in her mouth. That gave her all the power and she would suck them so hard while he moaned and groaned.

He was afraid she'd hurt him, but never told her to stop sucking on them. Most of the boys she'd been with wouldn't give her that power over them, but Jason did.

She put her nose close to his crotch, sniffed and the aroma took her back to that first time they messed around.

It had been her idea, so she couldn't chicken out, but it was still terrifying for a little girl to kiss her brother's penis. It had jumped and scared her, but she didn't move away. The smell and taste didn't fall into any category that she knew, and it had left a stain on her brain.

She liked it, and from that day forward, the smell of balls always made her wet. Jason's turn came next, and when his mouth pressed against her bald pussy lips, she fell in love with the feeling.

Her own fingers would never quite do the trick anymore, and she needed Jason. She became obsessed with pleasure. How many different ways had they tried to satisfy her? The only thing they weren't able to do was sex, penetration. If they only knew about lubrication they would have fucked so many times and regardless of what their mother had said to Jason, they would have kept on fucking.

Sex was like that, once you had it, you had to have more. She would have been Jason's heroin. Becky flipped the cap on the container she brought with her, Sensual Ease, courtesy of Darlene.

She squeezed a line of the clear fluid along Jason's dick. It twitched and she smiled, happy to see it would grow while he slept. Jason slept like a corpse, she knew that from years of trying to wake him up, but would he sleep long enough.

He couldn't say no if he was already inside her. That was her plan, her fantasy, the thing she'd imagined for three years.

She wanted to see the look on her brother's face when he woke up and realized he was fucking her. Once they fucked, the door would be wide open for all the things she imagined, the stuff in porn that consumed her mind everyday. She wanted two dicks at the same time and she wanted to sixty-nine with a girl while a dick slid in and out of the other girl's pussy. She wanted to be so close to someone getting fucked that she could smell it and have balls hitting her forehead and nose.

Oh yeah, she was so ready to live out her fantasies. She was a freak, and she had no qualms about it. First things first, she thought, and put both of her hands on the slippery, growing log of flesh. She lifted it, amazed by how heavy it felt.

She poked her finger-tip inside the foreskin and circled the dense bulb. She trembled at the thought of it snapping through her tight pussy opening and plunging inside her body. Would she be deep enough to take all of him? She kneaded the cock with two fists, pulled down and exposed the dome, squeezing more girth into the top half. He seemed even bigger now that she was going to put him inside her.

She held him straight up and pictured her crotch hovering over his dick, ready to be impaled. She'd put plenty of things up her pussy, but none of them as long or as thick as her brother's cock.

It was getting solid, stiff and ready to penetrate her. Becky got on her knees over Jason's body, reached behind her and pushed the record button, then lowered her crotch. She pressed her brother's dick against her groin and stomach.

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It was scary seeing how much of her body it covered. She lifted up, grabbed his cock and pushed it under her crotch. The silky dome skidded across her inflamed labia and pressed into the groove. She trembled when his dick head smashed the smooth swells of her pussy lips and pressed into the tight ring of her opening.

She could feel the bulb of his dick-head prying into her. It stung. She squirted some lube on her fingers, then stroked the channel between her lips and fingered herself with two, then three fingers. She had a big cunt for a tiny girl, that's what Darlene told her.

Jason moved, turned his head and she knew he wouldn't stay asleep while getting fucked. With a new urgency, she squeezed his shaft and bounced. Jason's eyes popped open, as a spike of pain tore through her. How much had she taken, she didn't know, but her cunt had never felt so full. "Holy shit," Jason said.

Becky heard her brother's voice like it was someone speaking to her in a dream, it was far away. His face had all the shock and amazement she'd imagined, and more. He was fucking her and there was nothing he could do about it. She followed his gaze and it was fascinating to see something so big stuffed up into her body.

He was stretching her like she had never been stretched before. It hurt more than she'd expected. "Becky, what the fuck!" She lowered herself another inch. "You're fucking me with that huge cock." Her pussy felt full all the way to her diaphragm, making it hard to breathe.

"You, ah, shit, you can't—" "Shut up," she said. "You're the one who started this by eating me out." "That's different," he said. "I didn't fuck you." "You wanted to," she said.

Her brother's face showed he agreed and he reached for her hips, helping her take more of him. She was still seeing stars, but the sharpness of the pain was fading. He was deep in her body and his cock was tearing open the mouth of her pussy.

She held her position and let her brother slowly push in and pull out. Her juices were flowing, lubricating her fuck hole. She imagined it spilling out and running down his shaft, covering his balls. When they finished, she wanted to suck them clean. "Shit, you're, ahhh, yeah, you're gonna make me cum," he said. Becky was disappointed because she still hadn't achieved the rhythm she needed to get off. She just didn't trust that sponge thing enough to let Jason blow his load in her.

She didn't want anyone to shoot a baby inside her, but if it happened, it wasn't going to be her brother. That would ruin her plans for sure. She plunged down until she was stretched painfully, then she tightened her pussy on her brother's girth, holding him.

Her clitoris was bulging from her opened labia and she flicked it vigorously. "Oh, big brother, you, you're making me cum." While her orgasm was still twisting her insides, she reluctantly lifted her body.

Her convulsing pussy hole squeezed Jason's massive log of flesh out of her, and instantly there was a great void. She had been opened so wide and deep; and she would need to be filled again, soon and often. Her brother's erect cock fell, slapped his stomach and rebounded. Knowing that throbbing dick had been inside her skinny body thrilled her. She sat between his legs and scooted forward until her sore cunt was touching his balls, then she wrapped both hands around the vein bulging dick.

It was wet and slippery with her cum and she started stroking it. His balls danced with each tug and taunted her pubic mound.

"Oh, yeah, Big Brother, cum for me." Ohhhh, ooh, I'm gonna.gonna cum. Oh, yes, yes, here it comes." The first burst flew straight up and fell back to his groin, then she pressed the bloated dick to her body and continued rubbing her hands up and down, letting his boiling cum coat her chest and belly.

It was heaven. She spread the hot, slippery cream down her stomach and between her legs until she came again, then she fell forward onto her brother. "Finally." Evan listened to the sound of the shower with his hand on the doorknob. He would be relieved if it wouldn't turn, but fear kept him from trying to turn it. He removed his hand and turned back towards his door. His accelerated heart rate spiked as he turned back to the bathroom door. The doorknob turned and he opened the door.

Steam drifted over the top of the shower curtain. The mirror was fogging. Deana's clothes were scattered on the floor. He locked the door. "Dee," he said, and peeled the edge of the shower curtain away from the tile. "You forgot to lock the door." "No, no I didn't forget," Deana said. His sister stopped lathering her hair and faced him. The water was hitting her back. He had heard Jason say it a thousand times and heard other people saying it at school, and now he knew it.

He fully comprehended how beautiful Deana was. He didn't say anything and neither did she, but they were communicating. He took off his clothes without taking his eyes off her. She watched him without moving. Soap slid down her smooth, olive flesh. It collected in the funnel between her hips and dripped from her crotch. Her legs seemed too long and her hard, dark nipples seemed bigger than he'd imagined them.

Her breasts were small and firm and the perfect shape. "Need help?" he asked. A shiver ran through him. "You could wash my back, and maybe massage it a little." Deana turned around.

"You hurt me." He knew he had, but he wasn't sure which hurt she was referring to. "I might be able to do that." His hands trembled as they inched closer to her shoulders.

Her ass looked more wonderful than it had felt earlier. "You feel nice," he said. Deana shivered under his grasp. "Are you scared?" "Ah, yes and no." "Should I go?" He gripped the top of her shoulders and worked his thumbs up to the base of her neck. His penis had gotten hard before he knew it was growing. It was only inches away from touching her. She leaned harder on his hands.

"No, don't go." It wasn't Groundhog Day and tomorrow neither of them would have forgotten this happened, so he had to make sure they wouldn't regret it. His hands work down her back, tenderly kneading every muscle, while his eyes watched her ass. "How do you do that?" "What?" she asked. "Curve your back so it makes your ass look even more incredible?" Before she answered, he grabbed each side of her bubble-butt and squeezed.

It was slippery and hard to sink his fingers in. "Oh, Evan." She tightened her muscles. Her body was crushed against his, his arms tight around her waist. Her cheeks surrounded his cock. He spoke next to her ear, "Dee?" His voice was pleading, but he didn't know what for. Did he want her to make him stop, or tell him it was okay?

One hand was on her tit and the other slid down her stomach. His fingers turned the rounded corner of her pubic bone and reached between her legs.

The palm of his hand cupped her mound. He pulled her harder onto him. "You shave?' "No, no I don't. I did, I did it once," she said, "but.never mind." She exhaled heavily. "Okay," he said, knowing she regretted doing it, but not understanding why. He kissed her ear, and she shoved her pelvis forward.

The wet channel that surrounded his finger was hotter than the shower. He was out of his mind. She had to stop him. The groove between her ass cheeks was deep enough to completely encase all of Evan's cock.

He dipped down, pulled back on her body and hunched. The head of his dick ground through the valley. Deana groaned and undulated. He dipped and hunched again. This time the bulbous knob plowed through her vaginal trough.

They both froze. He had almost gone inside her. "Oh, jeez, Dee, I'm sorry." "Evan," she said and her legs squeezed together. "It's big." The uncertainty in her voice was clear. "You're shaking," he said, and tightened his arms around her torso. "I'm going to go. We can't let this happen. We'll regret it later." Releasing his sister was the hardest thing he'd ever done.

They were both shaking now. She faced him, her arm came up, then fell back to her side. "Okay," was all she said. Hadn't he come downstairs to console her? She looked hurt again as he got out of the shower.