Bigass POV babe banged by her boyfriend

Bigass POV babe banged by her boyfriend
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The full moon hung in the sky, and reminded Artemis of what tonight meant for Edwin, whom had left several hours prior. He would suffer, and kill, and come back in the morning a broken man. She shivered at the thought, and placed more wood on the fire, allowing the flames to dance higher, and scare away the chill of the thoughts. He was suffering right now, and she just sat here, doing nothing………she could do nothing. She sighed heavily, except perhaps turn in early this evening, so that she might find peace in dreams.

With that thought in place she stood up and as there was nobody else around for miles, began to undress from her day clothes. She quickly plucked up the top to her night clothes and pulled it on over herself, pausing only when she heard the distinct snap of a twig. All senses jumped to alert, and she wondered what it could be? Was it a hapless animal just making noise? Was it a pervert spying on an unsuspecting woman? Or was it something more dangerous that belonged to the night?

She grabbed up a log, the longest one she could find and held it at the ready for chucking. "Who's there?" she demanded evenly and tried to ignore the fact of how undressed she actually was at this point, oh how humiliating; if this was Fiorye back and spying, she'd chuck the log anyway!

He was enough of a pervert to do that! She waited with baited breath, listening for a response, her long, brown, tresses falling around her partially nude body, and violet eyes intensely watching the place where she'd heard the twig snap.

Edwin the werewolf tore across the ground, guided onward by the bloodlust that threatened to drive him mad. No humans anywhere, not even a faint smell of them on the wind or on the ground.

The animals had all gone into hiding, alerted into safety from his painful howls from sunset, when the moon claimed him for her own. He stopped dead in his tracks, sniffing the air. Such strong scent…human…close.

With a snarl of victory, he turned and bounded toward the east, reaching a campfire tended by a human. Mate…his mind informed him, and instantly his snarl stopped and his muscles loosened from their tense prowl. No wolf harmed one of his own, a golden rule that no one could fight.

He began to turn and find some other prey, but he stopped, his nose leashed to her. That smell…that wondrous scent…she was in heat. Slowly, silent, he approached her. He knew he was losing moonlight to hunt by, but he could not turn around and leave her.

She was partially exposed to the night, free of those confines that humans strangely preferred to their own skin. Moonlight bathed her in beauty, that lean and muscular body that enabled her to hunt, strong, wide hips to give him many a strong litter, slender legs that gave her a great speed to match his.

She was the ideal mate, and he was fortunate to have her. The bloodlust weakened as a new lust came upon him, meant to be satisfied before the moon had waned, giving control of the sky to the sun once more. He lusted for her, and he would claim his right as her mate tonight.

He did his best to appear docile before her, to show that he did not mean her harm, but he growled softly at times and laid his ears back. He wanted her and he would not take no for an answer. Her eyes widened in shock and surprise as the werewolf made his way out of the forest, looking like possibly the most docile one she'd ever seen! She recognized something about his eyes immediately, "Edwin?" she questioned uncertainly, what was he trying to do?

She jumped a little each time the werewolf growled softly at her and laid back his ears. "Edwin…&hellip.what are you doing here?" she asked and looked uncertainly at the log, should she keep it close?

Edwin or not he was still dangerous! If he woke to find himself bathed in her blood, he'd never forgive himself, for his own sake she couldn't put down her only weapon. "You aren't supposed to be here……now…&hellip.shooo!" she said and waved her hand trying to encourage him to about face and run away. He came closer, the gleam of his dark brown coat shining from the light of the flame, desire in his yellow eyes. His nose brought him to the source of the intoxicating scent and stuck it into the fabric, breathing deeply of her scent.

His tail wagged a moment in delight, growling contently. Artemis gapped openly when he didn't leave, and then squealed in surprise and fright when he stuck his nose against her panties, dropping the log. "EDWIN!" she exclaimed and leapt backwards nearly falling, as she stumbled for a moment. She didn't know what to feel about what he'd just done!

Had he any idea! This was SO WRONG! And yet, she had to admit sheepishly, very sheepishly, part of her was turned on. Maybe it was the very primal methods? Or something that was just sick and twisted, no, no! She would NOT do this sort of thing. Edwin wasn't in his own frame of mind; he would NEVER ask her to! "E…&hellip.Edwin&hellip.go……now" she ordered him evenly once she'd found her voice once more.

He shook his head slightly, placing a massive paw on her stomach and gently motioning for her to lie out on her back. He wouldn't harm her, no matter how strong his lust was, his actions would always be gentle. But if she continued to deny him, he had no choice, no matter how bad it would hurt him. No one ever disobeyed the pack leader. He pushed his nose deeper into her, narrowing his eyes at the fabric barrier. Her scent told him she wanted his actions, now to get her body to agree.

She sputtered a moment, as he told her no and tried to push her backward onto her back! She shook her head, "Ed………" she cut off when she felt his nose bury itself deeper, her underwear the only thing keeping him from what he wanted. "Oh" she moaned and then shook her head, "NO!" she objected finding herself once more.

No matter how much she wanted Edwin, she did NOT want this werewolf or his intrusions! She had dropped the log somewhere along the way, and with both hands she shoved his face back. "I said NO!" she chided him, "No means NO!" He growled menacingly and rose on his hind legs, towering over her by a head.

He put his forepaws on her shoulders and pushed her to the ground, covering her body with his own, ensuring that she could not escape. He smiled as best as a wolf can, she was his and she could not escape his wish. He placed his wolf lips against hers for a moment before moving down and nuzzling her cheek, neck, and shoulder. He licked the corner where the neck met the shoulders before slowly lowering his body onto hers and continuing to nuzzle.

His growing and hardening cock pressed against her leg, moving slightly up and down on her as he continued to nuzzle her. Artemis watched in surprise as he stood on his hind legs and then pushed her backwards to the ground. No sooner had she hit, then he was on top of her, pinning her successfully to the ground, with no way of escaping. Then he gave her that weird wolf grin, and pressed his 'lips' against hers, before trailing a very cold and wet nose down from her cheek to her neck and shoulder.

She shivered and moaned, squirming in discomfort, and yet totally turned on. "Edwin……please…&hellip.let me up? Please?" she tried to get his human mind snapped into perspective if possible; maybe he would stop this from happening. He continued to nuzzle her and his body lowered fully upon her, and that was when she felt his cock against her leg, and the movement of up and down that he made while he nuzzled her.

She moaned again, uncertain of what to make of this situation, she couldn't be doing this! With only her arms between her and him, she decided this was her only real chance to have any possibility to escape, and so she shoved against his chest, trying to force him off.

He could feel her arms push him an inch or so away, but his great strength and weight was too much for her to completely throw him off of her.

He knew she was aroused; she had given him too much evidence to deny it, so why did she fight him? He was strong and healthy; their pups would grow to rule the forest. He stopped nuzzling her and met her eyes as he whimpered softly. He wanted her, couldn't she see that?

She wasn't in any danger, he would always be loyal to her, and their pups would grow with wisdom and strength, great hunters to protect the other forest animals from outside danger and weed out the sick and weak so everyone would grow strong and mighty.

She looked at him as he fixed her with the biggest set of puppy eyes she'd ever seen and whimpered. "Don't you look at me like that! That's not fair" she told him looking at him hopelessly. "Its nothing personal&hellip.I promise" she tried to reason with him, and shook her head hopelessly.

She couldn't say no, and she couldn't say yes! What was she supposed to do?! She loved Edwin, but she had NEVER imagined this kind of situation to come up ever! "Please get off me?" He shook his head and moved his hips against her legs, dragging his large cock up her leg, along her thigh, and close to her pussy. Base instincts could not be denied or fought, and she especially seemed to like it when he teased her like this.

He backed up his and gently grabbed the edge of her shirt in his jaws. He pulled it up until her breasts were exposed to the cool air of the night. Letting go of the fabric, he nuzzled her breasts and gave each of them a long and slow lick, making sure to catch the nipple in his wake.

When he began to move his large cock up her leg, and over her thigh, she moaned again and without consideration for the situation her legs started to part ever so slightly, before she realized it.

Then to her surprise he figured out how to remove the shirt, and pulled it up baring her breasts to the cool air, before nuzzling them and causing her to gasp in surprise, her body arching towards him, as he licked each breast, her moans were louder as desire overtook her thought.

She shouldn't do this, but…&hellip.she wanted to, did that make her a horrible person? "E……Edwin……oh&hellip." she moaned his name, and instead of waiting for him to try and figure it out, she finished removing her shirt and threw it away from them.

She wanted him so badly it hurt, and still two sides of her mind conflicted with each other, was she a horrible person for wanting this? For being turned on by it? He growled contently as she finally gave in to her desires. His tongue and muzzle took turns in pleasuring her breasts, eager to hear moans of approval and lust. Her pussy had to be completely soaked before he entered her, and he wasn't sure how long he would last before he snapped and claimed her outright.

She moaned several times as he continued to lick and nuzzle her breasts, and though nervous of the idea, she reached out and ran her free hands through his fur. He was well muscled, and obviously aroused, as she could still feel his cock pressed just short of her pussy. She knew that she was more then a little turned on by his assertion and primal actions, somehow it was arousing? Her hands went from his chest, down over his stomach, but never came close to his throbbing wolf cock.

She wasn't that entirely bold, this was stretching it as it was. She knew he was going to mate with her tonight; this was not in any form making love, as everything about it was based on lust and primal need. He paused a moment as he felt her hands touch his body, and stroke him in admiration of his great strength all down his chest and stomach, his entire body going rigid as she stopped far from where he needed it most.

He nuzzled her harder, taking a step closer to her so her hand could easily reach him. He wagged his tail, knowing quite how ridiculous he looked, a noble wolf acting like a domestic mutt, but humans seemed to know that a dog was happy when his tail wagged. She realized this was his way of telling her he wanted her hands down there, touching his cock, stroking it as she had just done his stomach. She moaned as he continued to nuzzle her breasts, and through blind lust and need she reached out and wrapped her hands around it.

Gently running them down over it, taking in his size, and wondering just how it was possible for Edwin to out do his own cock?! Her underwear weren't just driving him crazy anymore, now she wished the infernal things weren't there.

She noticed his tail wagging and couldn't help but chuckle huskily at him, "My you must be happy" she mused as her body arched again under his precise, expert attentions. His tail wagged harder, its movements soon a blur from the speed. He almost purred from the great pleasure her hands gave him, his nose blinded from her enticing scent.

Now it was his turn to give the same to her. Giving each breast one last farewell lick, he moved down her waist, his tongue and nose making a wet and distinct trail.

Feeling the waistline of the fabric, he very gently took it within his teeth and pulled it down and over her ass as she lifted it. Careful not to hurt her, he continued to drag it down her long, enticing legs and off of her feet.

He licked his lips in delight as her legs were parted, revealing her wet pussy, her scent so strong and desirable, it was enough to drive him wild. Tame as a housedog, he laid down before her, his muzzle just at the entrance into her, into paradise.

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Tentively, his tongue parted her folds and licked her, her juices so good and sweet on his rough tongue. She watched him as he moved down her stomach, leaving a wet trail, and a heated desire within her. Then he began to remove her underwear and she made it easier by lifting her ass off the ground as she watched him, completely entranced by the entire procession. Then he moved back to her and lay down in between her legs, his muzzle stopping just short of her wet pussy. She watched him curiously, wondering what he would do.

Then tentively his tongue parted her folds, and found her pussy wet and waiting. She gasped and moaned, louder this time then she'd ever intended to, both shock and surprise at just how wonderful it felt to have him down there. She had always loved it when she and Edwin had made love, but this was sex on a whole different level now, and even she couldn't believe this was happening.

She'd have thought this was some sort of twisted dream if it weren't for the overwhelming build of pleasure, her legs parted more, making him know he was more then welcome in her pussy, and she moaned again without caring how loudly she might do so, nobody was around and if they were, they needed to mind their own business!

He crawled closer to her, giving his tongue more distance to go inside of her. Every stroke rewarded him with another fresh wave of juice, but his thirst was strong, he wanted her to cum for him, give him a feast to drink.

His lips were sure to cover his fangs at all times, not wanting to accidentally scratch her while he drank of her ambrosia. Artemis gasped and moaned louder her breathing picking up in pace, as he continued to lick her pussy, his tongue entering her and sent fresh waves of pleasure through her. She felt it building within her, and though she'd only had sex a handful of time with Edwin, she knew she was about to cum.

A loud moan tore from her lips as her body tensed and a fresh flow of cum covered her pussy. He laid his ears back in contentment as she came, filling his mouth with her delicious taste. Like a dog with a bone, he lovingly cleaned her, leaving a thin layer of liquid to cover her walls. She would need all the lubricant she had to handle his size.

He stood up and smiled as best he could at her, a glob of cum covering his nose, his tail wagging a mile a minute, and his cock hanging heavily, filled with his seed, ready to spread it into Artemis. She could die right now and not care, she watched him in confusion as he stood up smiled down at her.

What was he doing? She smirked noticing the glob of cum on his nose, and wondered how he'd managed to miss that? Then she took in his still wagging tail, though her eyes quickly roved over his cock, and her mouth opened in surprise as she finally saw its size. She couldn't do this! He'd never fit! Her violet eyes widened in surprise, and then filled with concern, didn't he understand that? She shut her mouth and swallowed hard, before moving her attentions back to the glob of cum on his nose.

She could only worry about so much, he must have realized she was too small for him, and that was why he'd moved. Reaching out with her finger she took the cum from his nose and held it out for him to lick off. His large tongue reached out and wrapped itself around her finger, covering it entirely. It unwrapped itself in a second, leaving her finger clean.

He moved forward and licked her face, snuggling up to her as best he could. She made him so happy, and thankfully she was smart enough to give in to her own desires before he hurt her. He knew she was afraid of consummation, of the pain his massive cock would give her, but he would enter as slowly as possible, and he wouldn't completely bury himself within her if she couldn't handle it. He actually considered himself lucky if she could fit about 75% of him within her.

Artemis giggled as he licked her face and wrapped an arm around his furry body, he was adorable. She'd never known a werewolf could be this docile, "Edwin&hellip." she sighed his name contently, she wouldn't be fully satisfied of course until he was human, as there was no chance in any world that she could let him enter her tonight, he was much too big.

"I love you" she said kissing his wolfish muzzle.

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At least she was safe around him, somehow, she didn't think the werewolf in Edwin would ever harm her. His eyes relayed the same emotion back to her, but time was running out. He had to sate the lust within him before the bloodlust came back and forced his hand. He put his paws on her shoulders, lifting up his body until his head was at the entrance of her pussy.

He did his best to tell her with his eyes that he wouldn't harm her, but he needed this. He would take care of her, but he needed this before her blood was required. Artemis's eyes widened uncertainly as he put his paws on her shoulders and lifted himself so that his head was at her pussy entrance.

She couldn't say she really knew a lot about sex, but she had NEVER seen a dog have sex like this! Not that she'd watched! But she had seen some…&hellip.of it in her times traveling. She could see the need in his eyes, and decided it was best that she comply now, instead of torturing him like this.

She nodded and moved him from her, before getting on all fours and greeting him as an equal. She might be scared, but this was still Edwin, he wouldn't try to hurt her, and as much as he needed her now, she needed him, even in this form. His tail was a blur as she nodded in agreement to his request. He approached her from behind, covering her body with his as he climbed over her, the shaft of his cock pressed against her.

He pulled back slightly and positioned himself so his head brushed her outer lips. Nuzzling the side of her neck one last time, he slowly entered her, giving her a chance to breathe and get accustomed to him before entering her half an inch more. If ever he became too much for her, he would stop and began to thrust into her, being careful all the while not to enter her past her comfort level. It felt awkward at first, as he climbed on top of her, and the shaft of his cock pressed against her, she felt him pull back and adjust himself.

His head now brushed her outer lips, and she was aware, though the cloud of need and lust, of his nuzzle. Then she felt his cock enter her pussy, and she held her breath, in surprise at how far her pussy walls managed to stretch. She released the breath in a moan, and tried her best to get accustomed to him within her like this. It was surreal, and she was enjoying every moment of it! She took a deep breath as he entered her further, and soon began to thrust within her.

Her thoughts were washed away, and she continued to moan with each thrust of him, thankful that he did seem to understand that she might not fit all of him, and yet wishing he would thrust deeply and fully within her, claiming her fully.

His ears were sharply pointed as he concentrated on not hurting her yet pleasuring her all at the same time. She felt so good wrapped around him, it alone drove him close to cumming. Her moans of joy and the feeling of her body signaled him to go deeper, but he was unsure. Granted she had already taken in more then 75% of him, he couldn't forget how far her eyes widened when she saw him fully erect.

Could she handle him? "Edwin&hellip.ohhhhh…&hellip.more……ple&hellip.please?" she moaned the plea for him to continue, she had sensed his hesitation, and knew he feared going too far, but she needed all of him within her, thrusting deeply and quickly, she wanted them to cum together. She could handle him, he assured himself, and entered her deeper, two inches at a time because of their speed, until she was completely buried to his base.

He slowed their speed for a while, wanting her to adjust and forget the pain before he resumed their previous speed.

She moaned repeatedly, her whole body consumed with lust and desire, and pain, and pleasure all of them drowning her senses, as he entered her fully. Every nerve felt alive, and she was certain he'd slowed down to spare her, but she didn't want to be spared now.

"F……faster" she stammered and moaned again, her hips moving in time with his thrusts, encouraging him to pick up the speed; to drive them both over the edge of ecstasy.

He obeyed her immediately, confident that she wouldn't be harmed, and quickly moved within her at an unearthly speed. Her body was slick with sweat, but his fur absorbed it.

He could feel her arch her body closer to his, her panting breaths as she moaned his name, her hips moving in perfect rhythm with his, all of it driving him close to the edge.

Artemis moaned in pleasure and delight as he picked up speed, her moaning continued, but was beyond any control of her own, as she wasn't even aware of the fact that she was moaning. All she could concentrate on was the feeling of him within her, the way that he moved, and the powerful build of a climax as it built its way up, and sent her crashing with a loud moan, and a gasping scream she came.

He howled loudly as he came, holding it as he spilled everything he had into her. Off in the far distance, he could hear the returning howls of his fellow wolves, sharing in his heavenly pleasure of the night. He held himself up as his cock continued to spasm; he refused to give into his waning strength and fall on top of Artemis.

Carefully and slowly, he removed his still dripping and now limp cock out of her, satisfied beyond anything he had ever felt. The lust was sated and he was a normal wolf until the light of dawn restored his human body. He stepped away from her and lay down at her side, panting wildly, but with a distinct smile on his face. Artemis' legs shook as he came within her and she wondered if she might topple over, then he removed himself and she watched as he lay down at her side.

She sighed and let herself fall limply to the ground, rolling over and trying to catch her breath. Of all the things she'd done in her life, that had been perhaps the most unusual, and yet&hellip.she'd gotten such satisfaction out of it. At least nobody knew…&hellip.then they couldn't think less of her, she wasn't a common whore, and she didn't want people thinking she was.

Lazily she reached over and stroked Edwin's damp fur coat. She really needed to find a river to bathe in, or she was going to smell and feel horrible by morning, as she was covered in both of their cum, but oh……she didn't want to move.

He laid his ears back in contentment as she petted him, her warm hand feeling good against his damp coat. When he felt that he could move again, he unsteadily got to his feet and once more lay between her legs, lazily cleaning her pussy of cum. Their two distinct tastes swirled together in the heat of lust tasted wonderfully on his tongue.

He licked her dry, and then trailed his tongue over her stomach to concentrate on her breasts once more. She smiled gratefully when he moved and then lay down between her legs, lazily cleaning her drenched pussy. She'd still need a good bath later, but this would suffice for now, she thought to herself, closing her eyes as she enjoyed each stroke of his tongue.

Her eyes opened quickly as he finished cleaning her pussy and then trailed his tongue up over her stomach, she arched up in delight and moaned as he began to once more nuzzle and lick her breasts. Wasn't he the least bit tired? He had seemed ready to faint, and yet here he was, building back up, repeating, he was insatiable, and he was going to drive her mad with pleasure by the end of the evening, it wasn't as though he hadn't already succeeded at that. Encouraged by her moan, he continued to lick all over her breast, paying close attention to the nipples.

He wanted to please her all throughout the night, though he didn't think she had the strength to consummate again. She tasted better then anything he had ever had, and he wanted to keep her busy until dawn stole him away. She moaned and looked at him as he continued to play his tongue over her breasts and paid close attention to her nipples. If he thought he was the only one who was going to drive anyone crazy with pleasure, he was damn well wrong!

"Wait…&hellip.Edwin……I want&hellip.hold still" she told him and pushed him away from her breasts, before climbing under him, and laid down on her back. Reaching up she gently stroked his now limp cock, gently rubbing his fur covered balls. In invitation she left her legs open should he decide he wanted to tease her back.

He obeyed her as she pushed him off of her, looking at her with his head cocked in confusion as she moved underneath him. His eyes widened in surprise as he emitted a whine of pleasure as she touched his cock and balls. He leaned down and licked her inner thigh, asking her to continue and never stop. Growing bolder by the signs of his obvious appreciation, she began to stroke him with more confidence.

She shivered in delight as he licked her inner thigh, and wished that he would continue his ministrations, they were wonderful. Now that she had gotten over the initial shock, and the fears of mating with him, she felt more bold, daring, and her desire for him was only growing, again. He whimpered louder this time, her hand exciting him as he grew in length and hardness. His whole body shivered with delight under her talented hands, his tongue now on her opposite thigh, lapping up the small stream of juice that escape her pussy.

She watched him grow, and leaning up carefully she kissed the tip of his cock, as she gently continued to stroke his balls. Her lips parted and slowly took him in, as her tongue ran along his cock, pleasuring him in a way she knew he'd appreciate. He stopped mid-lick as she kissed his cock and then took him into her warm mouth. He howled in joy and pleasure, then plunged his tongue into her pussy, gently yet roughly eating her out. He pulled his tongue back in for a moment, brushing past a strange bump of skin before plunging back into her.

She continued to suck on his cock, moving her tongue around it, and running her free hand over his stomach. She smiled as he howled, and then it was her turn to moan as he plunged his tongue into her pussy once more, in a gentle yet rough manner. But her ultimate moment of pleasure when his tongue brushed past her clit, her whole body jumped in delight and she let go of his cock, gasping and moaning his name.

He stopped, did he do something wrong? He already missed her warm mouth encasing his cock but relaxed as she moaned his name with the utmost pleasure. What did he do to please her so? There was the strange bump close to her entrance, perhaps that was the key. He licked it again experimentally, long and slow, impatiently waiting for her reaction. She realized suddenly that this was the first time that the werewolf realized what a clit was, and he seemed to be experimenting by licking it, which caused her to moan loudly and arch up, "Yes…&hellip.Edwin&hellip.oh&hellip.please?" she moaned the request, watching him with half lidded eyes.

He smiled a wolfish grin and focused on the tiny nub, flicking it back and forth and all around with his tongue, all the while making sounds of contentment and pleasure. He lowered his hips so his cock bumped gently against her face. The message was clear: he would lick her bump for the rest of the night if she pleasured his cock with her mouth. Artemis took him in her mouth once more, gently sucking his cock at first, and then picking up in speed and passion she began a more firm pleasuring.

Enjoying each stroke of his wondrous tongue as it pleasured her and made her grow wetter and wetter with need. The way he was teasing her she knew she would cum…&hellip.soon enough. He whimpered loudly as his hips began to rock back and forth, she knew just how to please him. He attacked her nub with fervor, feeling her release coming soon, his right behind hers. His growl took on new dimension as lust and pleasure began to overtake his senses.

As best as he could, he moaned her name. She moaned against his cock as it began to move in her mouth, with the new motions from his hips. Then he attacked her clit with such fervor her whole body tensed with delight and arched, her breathing was coming in ragged breaths, and yet she refused to let go of his cock again.

She moaned and gasped against the piece of flesh as she continued to pleasure him, knowing that her climax was happening now, and she knew in a moment she would find her release. His growls were only turning her on more, their primal message sending shivers throughout her body, and when she did cum; her whole lower half lifted off the ground slightly, causing his nose to enter her. He eagerly drank of her juice as it came rushing from her, given a better angle thanks to Artemis arching herself closer to him.

With his nose buried within her pussy, his tongue reached farther then ever within her. He shook with delight as she continuously moaned against his cock, feeling the vibrations travel up the shaft to settle at his base. His mouth left her pussy as he howled in lustful pleasure as he came, showering her mouth with his seed. Artemis swallowed quickly as he filled her mouth with his seed, but found that she could not swallow fast enough without choking on it as it overfilled her mouth.

However, she did her best, and swallowed a good majority of it. Once he was done cumming she released his cock and took a deep breath, trying to steady herself even though she was still laying on the ground.

She blushed brightly when she realized that more of his seed had spilled out then she'd thought, covering her lips, chin, neck, and even parts of her breasts. He cleaned her pussy of excess cum, once again leaving her a layer of lubricant on her vaginal walls.

He couldn't predict what would happen before the moon waned, but he wouldn't leave anything to chance. He slowly and carefully backed himself up so he was face to face with her once more. Shooting her a wolfish smirk, his tongue cleaned her lips of his mess before slowly moving to thoroughly clean her of his seed, teasing her in the process.

She smiled back at him just before he licked his seed from her lips, and then proceeded to clean her off, making sure to tease her. Moaning as he licked at her breasts once more she arched towards his wonderful tongue, she wanted more again, she wanted him within her, filling her thoroughly with all of himself, and pumping in and out of her quickly.

She could still feel him from his first entrance, if she just thought about it, although she was mildly sore down there, as any woman would be after sex. She rolled over without a word and stood on all fours, shooting him a devious smile over her shoulder, and shamelessly leaving herself exposed for him.


If he didn't take the hint he was a dunder head, it was obvious that she needed him, that she wanted him. He wagged his tail wildly as she boldly motioned for him to take her, this time she was without fear, replacing it with lust and desire.

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Her sly smile made him fully erect once more as he moved closer to her and assumed the position to enter her. He started out slow, this time entering an inch at a time, but always giving her a few seconds to relax before going in further. He knew she was sore from their last time and his size was still much larger then she was used to, but this time she was able to take his 13 inches completely from the start.

Growling contently, proud of his mate for taking him in entirely, he began a slow and steady pace, thrusting in and out of her, picking up speed as they went along.

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He wanted to be reckless and wild, taking her at a devil-may-care speed, but he refused to hurt her and waited for her signal of approval. Artemis moaned as he entered her, and again as he began to thrust deeply in and out of her, his pace was still cautious, she realized this because of the hesitation there seemed to be.

"Edwin&hellip.I trust you…&hellip." she moaned, and hoped that would wipe away his fears of hurting her, she wanted no hesitations, just pure passion and lust, so that both of them would be fulfilled. Her body was slick with sweat, and her pleasure was rising high as he continued to plunge into her. She was moaning and panting, but she wanted more, she wouldn't weaken and cum before he gave her that. Though, how she would keep from cumming was beyond her, she didn't have some kind of iron vice on it!

He nuzzled the side of her face and neck, grateful and happy that she trusted him so much. If he was human, he would probably be moved to tears, but wolves didn't have tear ducts.

He fearlessly plunged into her harder and faster then ever before, pulling out until he was barely inside of her before thrusting with such force. He repeated the motion several times, his tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth as he drove them both crazy with pleasure.

He could tell by the mingling of her pants and moans that she would soon cum. Determined to never let her forget this night, he threw his entire body into the strength of his thrusts, every muscle in his body working to give her the ultimate release. She moaned long and loud as he picked up his pace, throwing everything he had into his thrusts. Everything in the world slipped away but the motion of their bodies as her hips rocked in time with his thrusts. She felt the wonderful build up of pleasure, and knew that she was about to cum, and wondered exactly how hard she would cum.

Her moans mixed with her gasping breaths, and many other sounds of pleasure that spurted from her mouth, mingling with his own sounds. "Edwin!" she exclaimed and moaned his name, crying out loudly as she came. He moved harder and faster within her, meeting her wild speed with his own, pounding into her for all he was worth.

This would be his largest load of the night, and it would drain him of energy and strength, yet it was completely worth it. Her moan was unabashed and brazen, almost as loud as his own howl that pierced the night air as he released his load, a tidal wave of cum rushed from his cock and into her wet chamber, spilling out of her and dripping down both of their legs.

He removed his still dripping cock from her warm and wet pussy and stood above her, panting wildly. Another round of sex would have to wait after a rest period.

Never had be been so drained and yet completely satisfied and happy. She felt him cum and felt his seed covering them both, dripping out of her exhausted pussy and down her legs, mingling in with his fur. She moaned his name again as he slipped out of her, and took deep breaths trying to gather her senses.

It had been wonderful, so wonderful, and yet she was so exhausted from the pleasure and mating that she could barely think straight. He still stood over her, and seemed to be catching his own breath, her legs and arms trembled, and she wondered how much longer she'd remain upright on all fours. Tentively she moved crawling out from under him, and laying down on the ground before rolling over on her back to look up at him. She beckoned him to join her, to lie beside her, so that they might both rest in peace for a few moments.

Should they choose to continue…&hellip.they would need their strength…&hellip.would they continue? She didn't know really if she had the energy left, and he seemed drained as well, but then again he'd seemed that way earlier as well. He slowly eased his body down to the ground beside her, snuggling up close.

He wanted to rest for a moment, but he needed to be with her, he would never let her go. His yellow eyes shone brightly with love for her, his head resting on her breasts, the softest and the warmest pillow he had ever slept on. Giving her one last wolfish grin, his eyes closed and his breath became slow and deep as sweet sleep took over his exhausted body. She watched him wearily as he lay down beside her and smiled ever so slightly when he rested his head on her breasts taking in their comfort.

Lazily she watched him smiled wolfishly at her before drifting off, and then she was aware of her own eyelids slipping shut, and sleep at last claiming her weary body. Edwin slowly opened his eyes as the musical cry of birds filled the morning air.

He sighed wearily as he ran his tongue over his teeth, expecting to find blood from last night's kill. His whole body froze in shock as he found the sweet taste of Artemis's juice instead of the metallic taste of blood. He didn't… he couldn't!! He shot up from the ground into a sitting position, seeing a naked and still Artemis beneath him.

Did he…did he kill her?! HOW?! How could this have happened?!

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Artemis couldn't be dead, he couldn't live without her! He had committed the ultimate sin and was surely damned to hell without any hope of redemption! He shook his head wildly, she had to be alive! He placed a hand over her heart and breathed deeply with joy and relief as her warm body responded with a deep and steady heartbeat. She was alive, thank God. Recovering slowly from his shock, his eyes roamed over her body, looking for any wounds or injured areas.

She was perfectly fine, but he could see the telltale paths of cum around her pussy and down her thighs. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?! "Artemis&hellip.Artemis!" He shook her shoulders, trying to wake her. He had to know exactly what happened. She moaned in her sleep and slapped at his hands, what the hell was going on? She was too tired to wake up, go away……go&hellip.away. She shook her head, "no……I don't wanna wake up………Edwin…&hellip.too tired" she mumbled, "Not again……I need ……sleep" she muttered and rolled over curling up against him.

His hands recoiled off of her as she weakly slapped at him. Did the werewolf attack her? But neither of them was wounded, whatever injuries he might obtain as a werewolf stayed with him as he transformed back. How could she fight a standoff with him for an entire night and prevent them both from being injured? He knew he was a monster as a werewolf; Amelia had been mutilated beyond imagining his first full moon, so how did Artemis remain unscathed? He couldn't wait for his answers; he had to have them now.

"What happened last night, Artemis?" He asked urgently, cradling her body against his.


"How did you survive, my angel? Tell me, please! Artemis!!" Artemis finally opened her eyes and looked up at Edwin, realizing that he was human once more.


"Edwin? How…&hellip.did I survive what?" she asked looking utterly baffled. The night's memories were a bit hazy and every time she tried to focus on them, she felt excitement and an acute awareness came to her. She had mated with Edwin as a werewolf, he thought he'd hurt her? She looked at him in confusion, did he not remember? "Edwin…& didn't hurt me…&hellip.I was& ready…&hellip.uhm&hellip.for bed" she explained and hesitated, "Then……I heard a snap of a twig………you came out in werewolf form…&…&hellip.and uhm&hellip." she trailed of, how was she supposed to tell him that she'd mated with him in wolf form?!

He'd think her a disgusting whore! "We&hellip.m&hellip.mated&hellip." she managed at last looking sheepishly at him. "Mated?" He repeated her word carefully as things clicked together.

Waking up in her arms, tasting her sweet juice in his mouth, the cum around her pussy and down her legs…the bloodlust of a werewolf could be satisfied with sex? "Artemis, I…" To save the life of a human she had sex with him as a werewolf?

"I'm sorry&hellip.that you had to do that. I never remember anything when I am the beast, but I am grateful to you…doing that…to save someone's life." She probably felt so violated and filthy; could he ever show her how thankful he was?

"I owe you my life for bearing it." Artemis gapped at him, "I didn't do it to save anyone's life……& first……I didn't want to…&hellip.but I did&hellip.but I knew it must be wrong…………you don't think less of me for enjoying it?" she asked uncertainly, still recalling the wonderful way their bodies had melded together, the forceful thrusts, the wonderful slice of pleasure consuming them both as they consummated.

She had sex with the wolf out of love? He was touched at how deeply she loved him, but he could never think any less of her no matter what she did.

If anything, he loved her that much more now. "No…" He said reassuringly, "No, of course not. The werewolf is&hellip.a part of me…as much as I would like to deny it. I could never think any less of you. If anything…I love you more now. I know it must have seemed so odd to do it, but I'm glad that you found a way to keep me sane on that heinous night." He smiled brightly at her, his chestnut eyes dancing with love and adoration.

"You seemed so exhausted when I first tried to wake you…tell me…how was I last night?" Artemis smiled with relief, and then laughed, "You were amazing……though I prefer making love to you as a human…&hellip.I can't deny that I enjoyed every moment of our time together with you as a werewolf. Even if at first I was utterly afraid of the unknown" she mused, "WE came at least three times…&hellip.mated twice&hellip." she informed him and smirked at him, "You were wonderful." He smiled widely, laughing as he thought of her with him as a wolf, yet pleased and proud that he was able to satisfy her so completely in another form.

"How big was I?" He asked with a smirk. She thought a moment and shrugged, "I don't know exactly& were definitely bigger though" she mused. "By a couple inches or more" she surmised, "I can't believe you're asking me this…&'s not like you'd let me even check if I wanted to!" she exclaimed and laughed. She was still sore from last night, but it was a good kind of sore, the kind that left you feeling wonderful. He laughed and hugged her closer; he had never been so happy the morning after a full moon.

He had little hope in finding a cure or a remedy to stop him from killing people every full moon, but once again Artemis had stepped in and gave him back his humanity, acting the part of an angel. "I love you so much," He whispered as he kissed her forehead, feeling a bolt of desire rush through him.

For the first time he realized her naked body was touching his, her breasts were pressed against his chest, and he was well rested and ready for another round. He knew she must be sore, the werewolf sounded massive in size and he wouldn't be surprised if he was rough with her, but he found sex to be quite relaxing and able to massage away her pain.