Wild drilling with aged coach

Wild drilling with aged coach
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After my night with Niki and Pogo, I knew my place. I was to do what I was told and when I was told. I was her bitch to be used and serve her however she wished. Niki loved to be creative with how she would use me.

Some times she'd get a dildo and I would have to stick it in my pussy while I was at work. She said I was to leave it in unless I used the bathroom. I would do as she wanted and all day I was thrilled to be being a good bitch. After I came home she would have me strip down and squat so the toy slid out my wet pussy. Niki made sure Pogo got a piece of me too. I was to take his dick and please him.

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I was hooked on them both and just wanted to please. When our roommate moved out, Niki's games were increased and so were my rules. I was to not wear clothing and if I had to, it had to be picked out by Niki. If she wanted to cum, it was my job to make sure she did. And if Pogo came near me, I was to stand there with my legs spread until he was done with me. Niki went out and got all kinds of toys and things to use on me.

She loved using me for her entertainment. One evening she came home from work to me leaning against the wall, Pogo licking my pussy deep and fast. I was humping and gasping. My pussy tender from the assault Pogo was giving me. I was loving his long tongue licking my cream. She tossed her things on the couch and told him to go lay down. I moaned softly as he walked away. My clit throbbed and I felt like I was soaking wet.

But I wasn't allowed to touch myself unless told to. Niki pulled her skirt off and I stared at her thong cover mound. Her fat lips pressing out the sides. I wanted to run my tongue over her lips and take her mound in my mouth. I wanted her to tell me to come to her. I wanted to be her good girl. As she walked over to me, I looked down at the floor. " Have you been a good bitch today? ", she said stroking my head. "Yes I was." I tilted my head a little towards her hand.

"Good. We'll be having company tonight and you will be my show for them. You will do what I say, right?" I glance at her and nod my head. "Because you know what I will do if you don't, right?" I nodded my head again and feel curious. "Niki?", I bravely ask, "Who is coming?" She stops petting me, "That's not for you to worry about. All you have to do is be the same nasty bitch you've been.

Understand?" I nodded my head and apologized. I was a little confused but more scared. We had never involved others in this and Niki seemed to want to use me for other people's entertainment. Niki smiles and pushes my head down, I drop to my knees.

"Now show me how much you have missed me." I moan softly and start sucking on her thong, right over her clit. I loved rubbing my tongue and mouth over her bare fat pussy. It was puffy and tasted so good. I stuck my nose right against her and sniffed deeply. She grabbed my head a rubbed on my nose as I took in her musky scent. She stepped back and grabbed my hair in her fist.

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As she walked to the couch, I had no choice but to crawl beside her. At the couch, she pulled her thong down and laid down. I sat on my feet watching her and getting wet with excitement. She put one leg on the back of the couch and let the other hang off. She patted her pussy, "Get up here but don't touch." I quickly get on the couch and she opens her lips. I stare at her hole and just want to stick my tongue in her. Its glistening and ready and I know I should have my face buried in it. "You look hungry bitch." I nod my head and lick my lips.

"Well be a good girl and start eating." A leaned forward, pressing my mouth against her sweet hole. My tongue was deep in her. In and out, in and out. Every time she would moan I just wanted more. I moved my mouth up some and started sucking her clit, knowing it would drive her over her edge. Within a minute she had grabbed my hair and was grinding my face.

I couldn't help smiling as her hips jerked, "You dirty bitch! Fuck!" She came and I drove my tongue deep as I could. She rode out her waves jerking and holding my mouth to her by my hair. I wiggled my tongue in her warm hole as I licked for more.

She finally pushed me away and got up, "Well, time to get ready. And I'll even let you wear clothes. So while I pick out you outfit, you go shower and clean up. I expect you to look your best." I nod my head and go shower. As I get out and walk to my room, I see the outfit she picked out and my heart pounds nervously.

On my bed is a small plaid skirt and a black collar. No shirt, no panties, no bra. With company coming, I was completely exposed. Niki walks in behind me and I look back at her shocked. She looks amazing. Shes already changed and dressed in a short, tight red dress. It perfectly ended just under her ass and it made her look like a sex goddess. Once I was dressed, she made her changes to my outfit. "Your collar is too loose," she sighed and tightened roughly, "and you skirt is pulled down too low." She raised it up and I could feel my ass showing.

I blushed and looked at the floor. When she was done, she pulled my hair up in a ponytail and started going through her rules for the night. "You will not get off your hands and knees unless you are told to. You're to crawl. You will not speak unless asked a question directly. You will do as you are told when you are told. And if you talk or disobey, you will be punished. Understand?" I nodded my head.

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She snaps her fingers and points to the ground, "Then get on the floor." I go on all fours and follow her downstairs.

As I crawl, I feel my ass bounce and my tits sway a little. We stop in the living room and I see two guys sitting on the couch. Niki walks over greets them. I have frozen in the hall and she has noticed. She glares back at me and snaps her fingers, "Come!" I'm terrified and embarrassed but I quickly crawl over.

Niki sits in the chair across from the guys and I sit on my feet beside her. As they talk, I figure out that the guys names are Greg and Justin. They work with Niki and already know everything we have been doing. Niki starts petting my head and I look up at her. The more built guy, Greg, moves to the edge of the couch and smiles at me. "You should get over here." I remember what Niki told me and I crawl over. As I sit between the guys.

They both start grabbing my tits and ass. I whine a little and glance at Niki.

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She's smiling and I can tell this pleases her. As Greg continues to squeeze and rub my tits, Justin pulls out his already hard dick. I can't help looking at it. It was 6-7 inches of thick meat.


I watch as he strokes it slowly. He reaches over and grabs my hair, pulling me around so my head is facing him and my ass is to Greg. He gets on his knees in front of me and starts patting my cheek with his cock's head.

Greg reaches under and cups my pussy in his hand, squeezing and rubbing. I moan a little and spread my legs wider for him.

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Niki laughs, "Told you she was a horny little bitch." The guys agree and laugh at me too. Justin grabs my jaw, forcing my mouth to open, and slides his throbbing cock in my mouth. I wrap my lips around him and suck hard. Working my mouth up and down him.

He starts to grunt and I am getting more and more turned on. As I bob my head on Justin's dick, Greg get on his knees behind me.


I feel his cock rubbing my pussy lips. I grind against him and moan loudly. Justin grabs my hair and starts fucking my mouth. I gag as he forces all himself in my mouth, "Fuck she can suck a dick!" Greg smacks my ass and puts his head against my pussy hole. He grabs my hips and slams in completely. Justin's cock muffles my yell of shock, I hadn't seen Greg's cock but I could feel him filling me with his size. Greg slams in again and groans, "She's wet too!" I can feel myself being rocked back and forth with each time he pounds it in me.

They are perfectly timing this so when one pulls out the other pushes in. I can feel my orgasm coming. I start sucking and grinding out of control. I just want to keep fucking. Justin pulls out my mouth and smacks his wet cock on my face.

I moan louder and louder as my pussy starts to throb as I began to cum. Greg grabs my hair, yanking my head back, "Cum you filthy bitch! Cum on my dick!" I'm gasp and moan as I cum. Justin stands up, "Lets get her up and do what we planned, Greg. You got the lube, Niki?" I'd almost forgot she was in the room.

I looked at her and she smiled wicked at me, "Of course. Just picked it up today." She grabs her purse and pulls out a small bottle. I gasp and freeze. Anal lube. I try to move away but Greg grabs me around my stomach. Niki glares at me and walks over, fire in her eyes. She grabs my mouth and forces me to look directly at her, "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" I start to tear up, "Please Nik. Not my ass. I don't like it.

Please." I can see her temper rise. She smacks my face hard twice and grabs my mouth again. "That's two of the rules you have broken. You best start listening bitch." I nod my head and look down. Greg stands up, pulling me with him, and turns me to face him. As he picks me up under my knees, Justin gets behind me.

I feel him rub lube over my ass hole. I bite my lip and close my eyes. As I feel him pushing in his head my eyes open wide. Its stretching me and I feel him going deep. Greg takes his turn and starts sliding in my pussy. I gasp at the sheer fullness I feel in both holes. They both start fucking me, getting faster and faster. I am gasping now and I can't help wanting more. Justin moans and Greg grunts loudly.

Niki walks over and rubs their balls, "Cum in my little bitch. She's needs to be full of it." They both start pounding me faster. After a few minutes they cum in both my holes. First Greg and then Justin.

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Greg sets me back to the floor and I lay there panting. Niki nudges me with her foot, "Get up. You're not done yet." I don't disobey and get back on all fours. She pets my head, "Have you forgotten Pogo? He still needs to get some too." I look up and can't believe it.

Can't she see I'm used and exhausted? She walks away and I hear a door open, followed by the patter of his paws. He immediately goes straight to my exposed ass and pussy. I moan loudly as he starts licking me at each hole.

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I cant help spreading my legs so he can slide his tongue deep in my pussy. Everyone is watching me get tongue fucked by Pogo. Watching me as a moan and gasp. Watching me want him like a bitch in heat. After a bit, Pogo is climbing on me and attempting to fuck my hole.

I wait for it as I feel him probe around. Finally he gets it in my pussy. I gasp and pant as he pounds me fast. Niki comes over, "Put your fingers over his dick in a v. He cant knot with you tonight." I do as she says, keeping his hard knot from getting stuck in me. I moan, "I'm going to cum!" Niki laughs and sits on the couch between the guys. As they watch, I cum. Screaming my release. After a few seconds I feel doggie cum squirting in me.

Pogo is done and he leaves me there.

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Niki grabs my collar and pulls me over. "Do you know what I want?", she asks smiling at me. Before I can answer she pulls her dress up spreads her legs. Shes wearing no panties and her mounds looks soaking wet. She must have enjoyed the show tonight. "Clean my pussy bitch." I quickly start licking the outside of her lips. From top to bottom. Making sure I get all her mess. She moans and grabs the guys hard dicks. As I'm clean she starts jerking them both off. "When your ready to cum just say so and my cum bitch will swallow it all." The guys nod and grunt a little.

I slide my tongue between her lips, up and down. I have to make sure she is clean. Niki jerks the guys faster. Once her lips and gash is clean, I stuff my tongue in her hole. It must get cleaned too.

She moans louder. As I tongue her I rub my nose over her clit. She screams and I feel her hole tighten up on my tongue some. Shes giving me my favorite snack and I swallow eagerly.

The guys are now grunting and trying to keep from humping Niki's hands. Greg groans, "Get your whore mouth over here. I'm gonna bust!" I crawl over and suck his head while Niki jerks his shaft. Soon warm streams of cum are shooting in my mouth.

I swallow his salty load and lick his tip until he's limp and every last drop is out. Justin groans and I quickly wrap my lips around his cock's head. Just as I get there he blows. He cums much more then Greg did and I have to swallow to keep from spilling it. I give him the same treatment as Greg.

Niki pets my head, "Well this little bitch needs her sleep now." I know she's pleased with me. She tells me to go to bed after a clean off. I'm happy I pleased her and deep down, I hope she'll let me do this again.