Nerdy Asian Cum on Tits

Nerdy Asian Cum on Tits
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Since the weather was getting warmer my parents decided it was a good time for a barbecue. They invited the neighbours on both sides of us and a few others from across the street. One of our neighbours was an older man in his mid forties who is unmarried.

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As everyone came over, my dad started up the barbecue. I was running in and out of the house setting things up. I walked by our neighbour Bill and bent over to put a salad on the table.

I knew I just gave him a good view of my butt and I knew he liked it. I continued to set things up and noticed that he didn't stop looking at me. Whether it was at my chest or at my butt. I was starting to feel very violated so I tried to stay away from him. As the night went on, we ate our food and the adults started to drink. They soon got drunk and very loud.

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I was left cleaning things up. As I walked by Bill to get into my house I felt him grab my butt. I looked at him and he just winked. When I finally got inside I shudder from the grope. I went back outside to check how everyone was doing. Seeing that everything was running smoothly, I sat down.

I noticed that all of the adults were chatting loudly with each other. That was, of course, except one. Bill was alone in a chair. During this time his eyes were fixed on my chest. I knew you could see my cleavage since I was only wearing a tank top and I'm about a 36 C cup. I then felt the need to get out of there. So I went inside and headed up stairs to the bathroom.

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Little did I know that Bill was following me to the bathroom. When I went in the door I felt him push me then close and lock the door.

I turned around to look at who was there and was face to face with him. He smiled at me and reached his hand out to cup my breast. I pushed his hand away and asked him what he was doing. He told me not to worry and that he would make sure I enjoyed it. He started to remove my shirt. I asked him to stop and he just told me to be quiet.


He slid my shirt over my head and threw it to the floor. He then began to remove my bra, he reached his hands behind my back and unclasped it. He slid it off of my shoulders and threw it on the floor.

He then stepped back to get a good look at my chest. I tried to cover my breasts with my arms but he pulled them apart and told me to be a good girl. I didn't want to admit this, but at the time I kind of wanted it to happen. He told me I had beautiful breasts as he raised his hand and took my right nipple between his fingers. He started to rub my nipple which made me moan. He seemed to like this since he smiled and said that he told me I would enjoy it.

He took his other hand and did the same to my left nipple. I closed my eyes and moaned a little louder this time. He told me that I was beautiful and that he couldn't wait to fuck my pussy. I looked at him and he asked me if I was a virgin. I responded with a yes and he said great. He told me that he loved virgin pussy and that he had been waiting to fill me with his cock for months. I looked at him with a shocked expression since I've never heard any one use these kinds of words.

He smiled at my expression and told me that he was going to make me into his fuck slut. He said anytime he wanted some pussy he was going to come to me for it. I told him I didn't want this and he said "of course you do, baby. Why else would you be moaning at my touch." He then bent down and began to unbutton my pants.

He pulled the zipper down then slid them down my legs. He looked up at me and told me to step out of them and I obeyed. He then began to rub my pussy through my panties. I let out a gasp of surprise. He laughed then pulled them down. He once again looked up at me and told me to step out of them and I obeyed again. He opened my slit with his two index fingers to get a good look at my clit.

He said that is was beautiful and that he wanted to taste me. I didn't understand what he meant by this until he stuck his tongue out and licked up my slit. I shuddered in surprise and moaned loudly. He laughed loudly and continued to lick my pussy. He stuck one of his fingers in my hole while he sucked on my clit with his mouth. He started pumping his finger faster in my pussy and sucked harder on my clit.


I continued to moan and shudder from the pleasure I was getting. It felt so wrong, but it also felt so good. Suddenly, this big jolt went through my body and I started having convulsions. He said that I was having an orgasm and continued to lick my pussy. I moaned so loudly I was sure someone would have heard us, but no one did. He licked up all my juices and said that I tasted just as good as he suspected. He looked at me and said that is was his turn to have some pleasure.

He began taking off his pants followed by his boxers. He then sat on the toilet seat and started rubbing his cock. He looked at me and told me to straddle him. I said that we shouldn't be doing this and he told me to shut up and get on. So I did.

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I sat down on his lap facing him and could feel his hands on my butt. He lifted me up slightly then put his cock in me. I slid down slowly onto his cock. I told him that it hurt but he assured me that it would feel better soon. He slowly began lifting me off his cock and pulling me back down.

While he was doing this he started sucking on my nipples. The feeling of his tongue swirling around my erect nipples made the pain go away. And I started lifting myself up and down his cock. He starting thrusting his hips upward to meet with me. I couldn't help but moan at the pleasure I was receiving.

He started calling me a dirty slut and said how I must love riding his big cock. Hearing these things made me start thrusting harder onto his cock.

And he started thrusting harder to match mine. I started groaning loudly. It was the best feeling I have ever felt. And then soon it happened again.


My body went through another orgasm. Except this one was much more powerful than the first. I started screaming and shuddering very violently. He had to hold me by my waist to keep me on his cock. And then I felt it. I felt him unload his seed into me. With one last quick thrust it erupted inside me. I had never felt anything like that before.

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I slowly started coming down from my climax. He lifted my off of his cock and put my back on my feet. He told me that I was a great fuck and couldn't wait to get in me again. He started putting his clothes back on and told me to do the same. He gave me one last slap on my butt and left the bathroom.

While I was getting dressed, I went through everything that just happened. My old neighbour just fucked me in my bathroom and I couldn't wait until he fucked me again.