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Carolina hermosa latina de cali se masturba por webcam
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I laid back on the floor, closed my eyes and sighed. Tom was still leaning on the back of the couch and was smiling, he'd enjoyed the show, with Bill sucking me off and swallowing my load. Frank and Bill knelt down on either side of me, reached across and grabbed each other's tools.

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I opened my eyes and saw them smiling at each other, then they leaned in and started kissing each other. I noticed that Tom was getting hard again, so I had a view of all three of them at once.

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Tom, medium build, with the shortish but very fat uncut cock that I'd sucked off. Bill, a little chubby but not fat, with a thin little 3-4 incher, cut, perfectly proportioned, kinda dwarfed by his big balls.

And Frank, the tall runner I'd met on my run, with his 8+ inch skinny cut cock and balls that hung way down, swaying with his motion.

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Short and thin, short and fat, long and thin. I guess my longish, thickish meat filled out the company.


I pondered that for a second, then thought, whatthefuck? I'd seen these guys before! I'm a member on a dick picture sharing site, I could swear that I'd seen a group picture of them.

I haven't looked there lately, but I'm pretty sure I've seen them. I made a note to look for them on the site. The thought of it made my crotch tingle. Tom got up from his leaning position and went over behind Frank.

He was pretty close to full erection now, and he knelt down and reached for Frank's ass. Tom began kneading it with one hand, and reached around to pinch Frank's nipple with the other. There it was, three handsome sexy packages, all within my reach. I stretched out my hands to Tom, behind Frank on my right, and Bill on my left.


Handling two hard cocks at once was hot. Frank spoke up. "You having fun with Bill's dick?" "Hell yes," I answered. "It's beautiful." I slid down so that my head was even with the two guys' cocks. I turned my head and lifted it up a little so I could lick his cock head. "Damn, I want you Pete," he said. I slid the rest of the way out from under them and stood Bill up, then sat in front of him.

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I told him, "Bill, my mouth is yours. I want that hard cock in me." Bill stepped in and put his dick head to my mouth; I opened up and he stuck it in me. I hummed and he started to slide in and out of my mouth.

I could feel his dick sliding across my tongue. Tom was still behind Frank, but he reached around with both hands and stroked Frank's meat. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Frank was humping his friend's hand. While Bill moved in and out of my mouth, I reached back and ran my hand up and down Frank's leg. I think these guys had the same idea, or maybe it was something they'd done before, but the all moved off and sat down on the couch.

"Come on over, Pete, and check this out." I followed to where they were sitting, three guys with hard cocks sticking up. Tom said, "Here you go, Pete, take your pick." Fuck, who first? I couldn't decide, so I just went left to right.

That had me going down on Bill first. I knelt and handled his meat, then moved in and took it in my mouth. I didn't waste any time, I slobbered up and took it in balls deep.

His fat cock filled my mouth pretty much, and I moved my head up and down on him.


I put my left hand on his balls and rolled them around, and reached for Frank's long pole with my right. I sucked on Bill for a few minutes, then said, "Next cock to do!".

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I moved over to right in front of Frank, and put both hands on his long pole. He began to throb and some pre-cum started dripping out of his piss slit. I used it to lube his dick a bit, then licked off the next drop. Such a long cock, how much of this could I take in? I've got a big mouth, had no trouble taking Tom's fat dick in, but this baby was over eight inches long.

Well, only one way to find out. I opened wide and started sliding down on him. He groand, "Uhhh, nice. I've wanted you since we stripped." He put his hands on my head and gently guided me onto his cock. When I had about half of him in my mouth, I thought I was done, but Tom coached me: "Tilt your head down a little and try that." I did so and immediately was able to go farther on.

I had about seven of his eight inches in, and it was wonderful. I was getting hard again, this was so hot. Bill said, "Damn none of us can get that much of him in ." He started stroking his little cock and rubbing my shoulders, as I began to bob up and down on Frank's cock. Now I reached over to Tom on my right, and ran my hand over his belly and down to his cock.

So fat, so hot, and still cummy from my blowjob. I kept after Frank for a few minutes and the other guys started stroking themselves faster. They all started breathing harder, and I was getting tingly all over. My hard cock was pointing straight out, despite not being touched, I was throbbing too. Then Tom got up and went around to Bill and started to suck on him. First Frank started to moan and hump up into my mouth, then Bill did the same to Tom. Frank told me, "Fuck… close." I began to suck harder and he started to hump faster, banging his long dong into the back of my mouth and I sucked hard on him.

He groaned, "Ummmhhhhhh… Ummaaaaa… AHHH!

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and drove up into my mouth, then "uh, uh, uh" as he shot his load into me. Fuck, two loads of cum today, I kept it in my mouth and slid off his cock, stood up and leaned in to kiss Frank and shared his cum with him.

He eagerly sucked it out of my mouth, and reached for my cock. I was so turned on, he only had to make eight or ten motions and wham, I started to shoot my second load all over his crotch. Then I heard Bill groaning, and Tom went all the way down and Bill grunted, three times, with three humps up into Tom's mouth. I leaned back and grabbed Tom's cock and pumped it.

Tom started to hump my fist, I reached between his legs and grabbed his balls, then he grunted too, as I felt my hand fill up with his jism. We all just kind of collapsed where we were, Tom and I sprawled over Bill and Frank.

After a minute, Frank said, "Mother of Christ, that was good." We just kind of sighed in agreement. After a bit, we got up and made ourselves another drink. Bill got stiff again and jerked off on Tom's cock, and Tom scooped up the lube to jerk Frank off. I was done, but I enjoyed the show. They all took turns thanking me for coming, and asked me to return next week. I wouldn't miss it.