European MILF Masturbates And Gives A Blowjob

European MILF Masturbates And Gives A Blowjob
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Within a grand chamber of ivory in the depths of a pearly white palace nestled gently atop a sea of clouds was a most regal of beds, and on top of this bed rested the monolithic form of the creator of men. Adored in white cloth trimmed in a lustrous gold, his mighty beard billowing like a cloud across his upper body, the titan of men found himself surrounded by the nude figures of countless beautiful men and women.

Of these many lovers they were all unspeakably gorgeous and wrapped in the shimmering white feathers of their own wings, their every feature a perfect work of art that would dazzle any mortal. Each of the angelic servants eagerly praised their lord's colossal body with their own, kissing and massaging every inch; one with a particularly voluptuous figure straddling the tremedous girth of his throbbing manhood, pressing her large breasts against it as her groin began to grind her swollen vulva up and down.

Each of the deity's balls were cradled and given loving full body massages, their gorgeous forms squeezing them in rhythm with one another to make him moan with pleasure, "We must. create. life!" The enormous shaft throbbed heavily, its length pulsing and thickening as his many children pleased him, and soon a grand stream of white ascended from his tip into the sky, pouring down into the clouds below.

Beneath the heavens was a most voluptuous of women, her massive body thick and wildly curvy, her gigantic breasts entire mountains undo themselves while her exposed vulva created a most grand of canyons between a pair of luscious thighs; her rich brown skin had become dry and sensitive from an endless heat that had spawned inside her and now raged across her surface to ignite a perpetual inferno as her aura.

As the clouds filtered the father's seed a mighty downpour was created, showering thick and pearly rain across the heated titan's buxom figure to meld with her and soak into her flesh, soothing her fiery desires and softening her skin.

Large hands slid across the cooling form of the lustful colossus, thoroughly coating every last bit of her with the fertile semen; two of her fingers gathered an excess of the prized fluid upon them, and slid deep within her blazing chasm. Moans were drowned out by the cosmos as the mother to be pleasured herself with her father's sperm, her fingers vigorously working her womanhood and finally achieving relief of great measure with a thunderous cry of bliss.

Falling back into a deep slumber, the once insatiable woman curled up into a ball and allowed life to begin. Across the grand expanse of a sleeping mother's body could be found the thinning remnants of the father's ejaculate, pooled into great puddles that continuously nourished the surface and the emerald blades of grass beginning to take root.

Great brown eggs nestled just beneath the soil's surface began to fertilize and hatch into thick roots that burrowed deep into their mother's body, soon emerging from below to extend skyward towards the soothing warmth of the sun. All throughout the land could be seen small yet sturdy saplings soon to grow mighty, and that is the first time they saw one another. Two slender saplings gazed upon one another, each entranced by the other's unparalleled beauty and longing to grow closer.


Every day the two saplings would become a little larger and stronger, their roots eagerly crawling closer and closer as the gap between them grew smaller. Soon each of them would be close enough to embrace the other, but their longing grew so immense it made every moment an eternity.

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It would not be long before the lovers' arms would grow long enough, their thin digits reaching out with all their might in hopes that soon their hardwood could merge in bliss. Then, in a cracking fury the ground split between them, fracturing their mother's flesh in a deep gash that forced the two lovers apart before their hands could finally meet for their first touch.

Sap poured from either of them in great sorrow as each watched the other being helplessly carried further away until a mighty divide rested between; surely this would be the end of their passion. Love has a strange way of never fading for some, and in all the eons that rushed by the two mighty oaks never stopped longing for one another, gazing across the great chasm in fond and agonized memory of how close they had once come.

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Countless small creatures resembling apes had come and gone in all this time, changing the landscape and changing themselves from the most primal to standing as erect as the woods themselves, but in all the transformations their environment had endured not once did anything bring the lovers closer together. Suddenly a great roar drowned out all other sound from the world, cracking the surface and tearing it apart; the small ape creatures screamed and fled as a great heated flood devoured all in its path as its blinding glow expanded across the soil.

The two lovers were fortunate to have been spared by the gluttonous fluid which now cooled beneath a soothing rain, and as the surface weakened the valley separating them began to collapse inward from its withering.

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A horrific display of rushing and crashing all but uprooted the oaks, but after all had grown calm they found themselves resting only a short distance from one another. Finally, the two of them could reach out and feel the other's mighty wood, and each of them took it upon themselves to further their reach until their dream closed what little distance stood in their way.

Years went by as the two loving oaks stretched their lower branches towards the other in longing desperation, no longer content with the mere idea of their arms touching as that fated moment was within days of its arrival. The land had grown tranquil and beautiful once more, so long recovered that the terror of their mother's fury had all but been forgotten and the ape like creatures had returned. The primates seemed more complicated and colorful than ever, adorned in a great assortment of unnatural hues and patterns; many of their actions seemed bizarre and illogical, some simply stopping and staring at the mighty trees as if they were unaware of their immense mutual lust.

Soon another great rain came and darkness swallowed the skies that filled with furious crackling and blinding flashes of light.


There had been many storms in the times of these oaks, but few as violent as this; with a sickening crash a bolt of lightning struck down into one of the reaching lovers, and in an instant his agonizingly hardened branch rested smoldering upon the grass below.

Each of them mourned their lost love and the oak's severed wood as thick sap poured down their trunks, and a profound silence eclipsed the night.

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The next day, as the raging skies had calmed and the rains had finally ceased, the ape like creatures returned to live out their perplexing lives as if no tragedy had ever taken place.

Off only a short distance two of them embraced one another, a strange chittering shared between them as they continually eyed the ground between the two trees.

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Of the two apes the larger one made its way to the base of the wounded tree with a grand smile across his visage and lifted the severed appendage from the grass, swiping it through the air a few times before eagerly making his way back to the other one who waited in the bushes. Turning around the curvy figure of the female bent over and pulled down the coverings of her lower body to expose herself and the male, branch firmly in hand, swiped the wood across his lover's tender ass.

Again and again the male ape spanked the female causing her to moan and gasp, her nectar dripping hot from her swelling mound as she gazed back over her shoulder seductively at her mate. With an excited grin the male ape carelessly snapped the branch in two, tossing the halves behind him as he began to withdraw his thick manhood from its covering and press the tip against his lover's entrance, a faint amount of the branch's fluids coating his fingers and now his penis.

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With a firm thrust the two ape-like creatures merged their lower bodies together, the man's thick cock spreading the woman's tight hole as it squeezed his girth within, and with loud moans they aggressively began to fuck. The mighty oak lovers watched in horror at the crude display, and unable to handle the immense sorrow in his heart the broken one snapped himself at the base and collapsed upon the two apes, the three of them dying together as the surviving lover sobbed in horror.

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