Those girls love nothing greater amount

Those girls love nothing greater amount
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(Chapters in the story can either be connected or not. Will state if so) Chapter 1:Catelyn Tully/Stark It wouldn't be a lie to say that the inhabitants of Winterfell would ever know who pushed Bran down the tower and killed him. And though Catelyn Tully would forever have her suspicions, she would not voice them. Not with her husband dead and the realms in the hands of the tyrant Joffrey Lannister. She only thanked the old gods and the new that Ned had refused King Robert's betrothal arrangements and refused to take Sansa and Arya with him to the capital when all Hell had broken loose.

Her husband had lost his head, King Robert was dead and a Lannister Dynasty had began it's establishment. The brave Men of the North had been forced to Join the new realms standing army as decreed and her son, Robb, amidst holding back the greatest of rages hot enough to melt the frozen wall, had been forced to bend the knee, KING Joffrey grudgingly letting the stark Heir retain wardenship of the vast North as per advice from his Grandfather Tywin and mother Cersei.

He, to his Mother's great sorrow, would die 7 months after, putting down a Bolton rebellion, though leaving instructions that his forces were to make a repeat of the rains of Castamere and decimate House Bolton to nothing in vengeance of his passing.

It was done with Grim pleasure by his remaining bannermen. Now all rested on her last son, Rickon.


He was too young however and thus the controls and wardenship of the North fell to her. But the north cared for its own and as the north had suffered with the loss of Ned, Robb and most of it's sons to a No doubt Lannister led Army, those of the north came together and stood strong. The North Remembers.

The Lannisters would know the meaning of those words one day soon. If anything was a consolation, it was how the rest of the seven kingdoms treated this new dynasty that held some joy for Catelyn. Tywin Lannister had seen his Family name in his dreams, having established holds in each of the kingdoms through marriage alliances with the Lannister royalty.

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He was in for a rude Shock. All of the kingdoms high born seemed to withdraw from court seemingly overnight, leaving swiftly for their homes while those who remained in the capital shunned the court, leaving the Lannisters be.

Even Stannis and Renly, Joffrey's own "Uncles" seemed to not want to even bother contesting the iron thrown nor even making an appearance. They had come to the capital and bent the knee on one day and then left the capital as soon as possible the next day before Joffrey could try and get them to agree to positions on his small council as per his grandfather's instructions. As for marriage arrangements well&hellip.Catelyn took sordid pleasure in refusing, politely of course, any proposals for Sansa or even Arya's hand from the crown.

Sansa had actually agreed on this move, stories of Joffrey and his cruelty reaching them and making Catelyn's daughter rethink her position on prince's real quick. Catelyn could only watch sadly as Sansa's innocence faded with her father's death and the cold calculating mind of her mother and steel of her father finally awoke within her at the age of 16.

A tragedy for sure. Catelyn's tactics were repeated in each of the kingdoms, any with female or Male heirs to Great and sometimes even small Houses refusing, politely of course, the great honour of being Joffrey's wife. In the end, some distant cousins from their own house were engaged to the royal children, Joffrey's betrothed suffering beatings every week as per his childish rages.

It was when her late husband's baseborn son returned from the wall, having refused the oath of the watch, that things changed at Winterfell. ###################################### She had been lonely. Being a widow at 37, her bed empty of another body to warm it as Ned had had made her eyes stray. Stray onto the only thing of Ned's except her own children that she could use to warm her bed and her body. Jon snow. She was also desperate for children. After losing her two sons she wanted the assurance of a child growing inside her to make her fears rest and fill her days as her remaining children grew and became their own people.

It only took a crook of her finger after dinner for Jon to follow her when she had made sure both Arya and Sansa were asleep. He had followed her into her bedchamber and closed the door behind them. She did not know truly what she had been getting into.

Nothing at all. The next morning, Sansa had noted that her mother had a particular satisfied glow around her and that Jon looked relaxed, even in lady Stark's presence. He must have had a good night sleep was what she thought.

It wasn't far from true. It was he had done before he slept that had relaxed him more. There had been nothing as satisfying to Jon Snow as when he had fucked Catelyn Tully's pussy for a hard 2 hours as she her muffled screams of pleasure filled the room and he poured his seed inside her.

And knowing lady Catelyn's needs he knew it was just the beginning. #################################### She called him the next night in the same way. The room was lit only by a roaring fireplace in the rooms hearth. The fire reflected off of lady Catelyn's hair, giving it a shine more than usual. He watched as she fiddled with her dress before she let it and her fur cloak fall to the ground in a heap. Her mature body lay open to his scrutiny as it was yesterday and Jon's eyes raked over his father's widow, making her shiver as his eyes took in every part of her from her face to feet like a young wolf would.

He came forward and as their eyes met, Catelyn could see in his eyes what was coming. With Ned gone and her new requests to him, Jon held power over the Tully beauty. And after all of those years of Snide and hateful comments to his person over his birth, Jon was ready to punish her with interest. A sweet punishment of pleasure but a punishment none the less. By the time he was done with her, he'd own her very spirit as if he was her own husband.

For a fraction, her blue eyes wavered but Jon wouldn't let her come out of this. Not now. Within moment he was kissing Catelyn Hard and with passion as his hands came up to grope her firm breasts, making her groan with need and lust. His tongue sought hers as they kissed, his fingers slipping into her warm and wet cunt as he conquered her lips.


They parted their embrace as he pushed her onto her bed, his fingers beginning to slip in and out of her as she mewled like a lustful whore, her face going red with shame at her sounds.

"Such a slut you are, aren't you Lady Catelyn?" He whispered into her ears, making her flush even more as his name calling. He withdrew his fingers and sucked on the mature juices of the Tully lady before him, her blue eyes on him as he did so.

He licked his lips and she watched as he began removing his clothes and leather armor, dropping them to the floor. Her eyes fell upon his thick 7 inch cock, her heartbeat rising at the sight of it, the tool of her pleasure. Here she was, her husband's bastard son now her lover. A lover she could now never discard as he would give her the pleasure she sought.

The warmth to her bed on lonely winter nights and the children in her womb that she needed and he knew it. Knew that she needed him. But before this night was done, he would make her his bitch, bring this mature redhead beauty to heel like a common whore he now saw her as.

He said nothing as he climbed into bed with her. A bed she used to share with Ned and now where his own bastard son would make her his. Jon pushed her onto her back as he rubbed his cock on her wet opening for several minutes, watching the mature redhead slither beneath him, biting on her lip with need. She grabbed her knees and pulled them to her chest and spread them as far as she could, knowing what was coming.

"You even spread your legs for me and its only the second night of our coupling lady Tully. Is this how a daughter of the Riverlands acts?" He asked as Catelyn was quiet. She was acting like a slut for the bastard she had hated and she knew it.

But her pussy needed this, her body demanding to be taken by the young man in front of her. Jon appreciated the curves of her body, her age seemingly refining her beauty only and making Jon more eager to take her. The slut who had made his life hell since his coming to winterfell and make her his. He could wait no longer; he slid his cock further down, feeling the heat and moisture of Catelyn's pussy.

He rubbed the head of his cock against her vulva, lubricating it before holding his cock with both hands and beginning to push it into her, the thick head pressing against her pink delicate lips.

The pressure grew and the very tip of Jon's cock began to slip slightly into her. She moaned loudly and whorishly and her body tensed. Jon continued to push his cock past her pussy lips, his head pushing to enter her tight cunt as he took his time. Slowly, the massive head began to slide into her. Jon pushed deeper and deeper into her, Catelyn moaning loudly as he went into her tight passage before he growled in triumph and was balls deep within the redhead. He placed his hands on the bed just above her shoulders and slowly withdrew all but the head, showing a thick, wet, cock, glistening in the firelight.

His huge round balls hung from the base of his thick cock, swinging heavily and no doubt filled with his potent sperm. He looked into her eyes, and with a long powerful thrust, he slid his monstrous, rock hard cock out before thrusting back hard into her tight, moist pussy, making the lady of Winterfell nearly scream her lungs out with pleasure as he hit her cervix. He lay motionless inside her, savoring the tight, soft passage of Catelyn's pussy.

Her lust caused Winterfell's lady's pussy to spasm and grab at his thick cock. The long smooth legs of the Tully Daughter came to rest across his massive legs unconsciously as she caught her breath. Her heavy breasts draped to the sides, flushed pink with passion as Jon began to caress her soft, full breasts with his hands.

The pure power of the wolf that was jon snow was making her wet beyond belief. "You're mine, you tully Slut. I'm going to ruin you for any other man by the time I'm done with you. I wonder what your kin in the Riverlands would say if they saw you now.

Prim and proper Catelyn Tully, Naked with her legs around a bastards waist with his cock in her noble Cunt, ready to bear his bastard. By the time I'm done you'll be regretting everything you've ever done to me." he growled to her in a low, animalistic voice. He fucked her slowly with his cock for several minutes while she moaned like a slut and rocked her hips beneath him.

Her large tits rocked back and forth with each thrust. He withdrew further, leaving only the thick head of his cock inside her. He remained still for a few seconds, looking down at his cock, only the head and shoulders of it buried in her and over 7 inches of thick meat waiting for the final powerful thrust.

Jon leaned forward, gripped tightly at Catelyn's shoulder and neck, holding her firmly as he thrust his cock deeply and forcefully into her pussy once more, penetrating her to the hilt.

His massive balls clopped hard and heavily against her ass as she screamed at the top of her lungs as the head of his cock slammed against her cervix again. She felt the cock rip into her so deeply, she though it had skewered her entire body and the feeling of his heavy balls smacking her ass were enough to remind her of the thick and virile load ready to get her with a bastard wolf child. Her legs were thrown wide and she grabbed as tightly as she could onto his wrists. Thank the old gods for the heavy walls or all of Winterfell would have woken.

Grabbing her tightly, jon started thrusting into her pussy. He was growling his triumph as he withdrew to the tip and slammed back into her to the root of his cock. Thrust after powerful thrust rocked her beautiful mature body. His cock slid in and out of her, creating a wet, sloppy sound that filled the room and she could feel his cock pump into her with power and rage. Rage he had built up for her over the years. She felt his massive, heavy balls slap against her firm behind repeatedly as he fucked her.

Over 7 thick inches of hard cock thrust and pumped into her delicate little pussy mercilessly. The room was soon filled with the musky scent of sex and the sound of wet fucking. Catelyn was screaming and moaning and begging to be fucked harder.

Her hips gyrated and rocked faster and harder to meet his forceful thrusts as orgasms began to rip through her again and again. "Take it you little Riverland Slut. Fucking Fish Whores like you were meant to be fucked and bred. Lets hope you're womb is still as fertile as ever." He roared in pleasure. Without mercy or caring, jon began to fuck her like a wild beast. His heavy balls swung from under his dominating cock and slapped hard against ass.

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He growled deeply as he slammed into her cunt over and over again. For over ten full minutes he pumped his cock into her tight body.

Pounding, forcing, thrusting, slapping. He pulled her by her beautiful auburn hair and kissed her hard, grabbing hard on her ass cheeks as he mated her, reaching to clutch her firm breasts in his hands. "I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum inside you you Red haired fish mongers daughter.

I'm going to breed you with my child. Breed you with my heir. It'll be nice to send you for a visit to your relatives with the gift of my seed. Seed you'll nurture in your whore womb." He said as Catelyn moaned with the vision of bearing a bastard child, her womb nurturing another Red or raven haired babe as her belly grew with a baseborn child.

He forced is cock deeply into Catelyn's body and slammed into her with all his might, the head of his cock pressing hard against her cervix.

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He threw his head back and with a groan, he shot a hot, powerful torrent of cum deep into her womb. Catelyn screamed when she felt the first mighty spurt of her lovers semen slam into the back of her pussy. "OH BY THE OLD GODS! I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING IN ME!" Catelyn screamed. Jon let out a triumphant groan of satisfaction as Jet after jet of semen spurted against the back wall of Catelyn's hot pussy.

The hot fertile fluid forced its way past her cervix and into the deepest regions of her uterus. His cum was spurting over and over again. He ejaculated long and powerful jets of cum into the the mature Tully daughter and his cock throbbed and pulsated as he ejaculated his cum over and over again. His hands held her hips and ass tightly against him with his cock buried to the hilt. His massive balls twitch and writhed against the back of her thighs.

His mouth found hers as he came again and again, kissing her passionately and possessively as he seeded her womb with child. Several minutes later, jon slowly began to withdraw his thick cock, inch by inch. Catelyn felt his cock retreating, causing her cum filled uterus to contract.

As he withdrew the head of his cock, they both heard the loud "slurp" from the suction followed by torrents of his piping hot semen. He ejaculated so much cum into her that seemingly endless thick seed flowed out of her pussy, down the insides of her thighs and onto the bed and furs.

Catelyn collapsed on the mattress, exhausted, her pussy still pulsing and twitching from the fucking she received.

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As if by unspoken command, she spread legs in the air, knees pulled to her chest. Jon could only smirk triumphantly as he looked down at the redhead beauty. Her full breasts, long sexy legs, wide hips, flat belly and his cum oozing from her pussy made him feel as if he had just her conquered her. It was a direct slap at House Tully, one of their daughters, a widow of a great lord no less, bearing the seed of a bastard.

She was no doubt pregnant with his seed and he could only hold onto the redhead lady possessively at the thought as covered them in the thick warm furs. She was his now. ##################################### Over the following days, Jon snow did not leave her pregnancy to chance, fucking her at every opportunity.

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Even a couple of minutes alone were enough to make him give her a quick fuck and let her walk Winterfell with his seed in her womb and dripping thickly down her thighs. Indeed soon, her belly began to swell and lady Catelyn confessed to a dalliance of comfort with a nobody during her mourning so as to avoid suspicions.

"You had better give me a healthy heir, Slut." He said as he climaxed into her on one of their nights, kissing her passionately as he rubbed her growing belly possessively. All would have gone to plan and their meetings of lust would have continued unchanged…if not for dear Sansa finding out. To be continued&hellip.