Gay boy sex spanking whip How can a gig between Kyler Moss and Elijah

Gay boy sex spanking whip How can a gig between Kyler Moss and Elijah
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In my last story I was forced to suck off two big muscular guys and then told to return in two days or else pictures of me sucking them would show up where I did not want them. I had no plans on showing up but about two hours before I was supposed to be there I got a text message from them that said I had better be there or I would be sorry.

I thought about it for a little while and decided it would probably be better for me to show up. I drove out to where I was to meet them and just waited and they drove up exactly when they said they would. They walked to my car and told me to get out. They said we were going to walk out a little further so there would be no chance of being caught. As we walked along a trail they told me to start to take off my clothes but not all at once.

They wanted me to leave my clothes along the trail. So ever few hundred feet I was forced to remove one piece of clothing and place it beside the trail.

I did this till I was naked except for my shoes. At that point they make me walk naked for a while longer till they found a spot they felt was safe. It was then I was forced to remove my shoes and forced to my knees. It was a very warm day so both of them already had their shirts off.

The first guy walked up to me and told me I was to remove the rest of his clothes. I undid his pants but before I could remove them I took off his shoes. I then pulled his pants down then off. He now stood naked in front of me.


I was then he told to do the same to his friend. I did as I was told and striped his friend. They both stood naked in front of me with their cock as hard as could be. Then as I did the first time I was told to jerk one and suck the other. I alternated between then for about 15 minutes when the first started moaning and I knew he was about to cum. He grabbed my head and held it firm and shot his cum into my mouth and held it tight till I swallowed it all.

His friend then shoved his cock into my mouth and grabbed my head and started to just fuck my mouth. When he was ready to cum he jammed all the way in and shot his load down my throat. I was very surprised but they both began to get dressed. I grabbed for my shoes so I could walk back down the trail and pick up my clothes and go to my car.

They grabbed my shoes and told me they would leave them by my car. Since it was probably a mile down the trail to my car I told them it would take a very long time to get back without my shoes. They both started laughing and said that they had told three of their friends about me and that they had me leave my clothes along the trail so there friends could find me. I was told that if I could get my clothes and get to my car before they found me I was free to go but if they found me first I would have a pretty long day ahead of me.

They turned and walked away leaving me there completely naked. It was a rough trail and very hard walking barefooted. I hadn't walked very far when I heard voices in the distance but I was in a part of the trail where there was no place to hide. It was just a few seconds later when three guys walked around a corner and found me standing there naked.

These three guys were older than the two that just left.


They all had big smiles on their faces and the first guy looked at me and said he had heard I was a pretty good cocksucker. I did not answer and I guess that's not what he wanted.

He then very sternly asked me if I was a good cocksucker. I said that I guess I was pretty good. They all laughed again and said they were about to find out.

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I was told to turn around. As I was standing there with my back to them they started taking turns slapping my ass. I was slapped by these three very strong men very hard about thirty times. It really hurt I had tears coming down my cheeks. When they saw this they all started slapping me again another thirty or forty times. I actually lost count.

The tears were flowing down my cheeks but these guys just laughed at me. They told me I was going to suck them all and would probably get my ass slapped a lot more and even harder because that is how faggots should be treated and if I cried or asked them to stop I would get it even worst. It was then that the first guy shoved his cock into my mouth. He fucked my mouth while the other two continued to slap my ass and the back of my legs.

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He was fucking my mouth while the tears continued to flow down my face. I have always liked sucking cock but I was not enjoying this at all but these guys did not care. The guy fucking my mouth finally shoved his cock all the way in and held it there while he filled my throat with cum. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and could see that I was actually crying.

He called me a fucking faggot and told me I was really going to get now. The second guy shoved his cock into my mouth and fucked my mouth ever harder than the first guy. The other two were slapping my ass so hard they could hear me crying even as my mouth was being fucked. They kept telling me they would not stop till I stopped crying but I could not it hurt so much so they kept slapping.

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The second guy finally dumped his load down my throat. The third guy took over fucking my mouth just as hard as the second guy.

The other two continued slapping my ass and the back of my legs. When this guy was ready to cum he pulled back some and shoot his cum into my mouth and told me to swallow all of it which I did.

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He pulled his cock out of my mouth and the other two stopped slapping me. I was kneeling there naked in front of these three guys crying and tears running down my face. They had zipped up by now and just stood there laughing at me. The first guy told me that they had a great time and wanted to do it again sometime. They asked me if I wanted to do it again and of course I told them that I did not. He then walked over to me and showed me video on his phone. I was not aware of it but they videoed most of what they did to me.

He also told me that I had forgotten to lock my car so they found my cell phone and downloaded all my contacts. He showed me a file in his phone that was in fact my contacts. He told me I was to be back there in exactly one week. I was told to park in the same spot and strip naked including my shoes.

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I was then told I was to walk that mile back up that trail barefooted. He told me since I was going to walk all the way to my car barefooted today I had better make note of how long it takes because if I was even one minute late or did not show up they would send that video to all of my contacts.

As they walked away he turned and told me that next week he was bringing one more person so if I thought I was sore today just wait till next week. As I slowly walked back to my car barefooted and naked I could only think that I could not possibly do that again but if I did not show up all my family and friends would get that video. I guess this should be an easy decision.