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after me and harvey had stopped kissing but my head was still spinning i looked round to see the whole park lot staring at us. i thought we going to get some shit from everyone but refreshingly we didnt after about 5 minutes the crowed walked off talking about that they had just seen.


i went to my first lesson and im guessing everyone had been talking about what they have seen because when i walked in the class was completely silent. i went to my set with everyone watching me. harvey walked into class a few seconds later and im guessing he was enjoying all the attention because he had that sexy smile on his face.

harvey walked up to me and told the person in the seat next to me to move (of course being football capitain the guy moved straight away) harvey held out his hand and i took it being a bit scare to do so.


my teacher walked in sore me and harvey holding hands and smiled (i always liked miss townsent she helped me with coming out) he asked who was presenting today and i said i was. she smiled again and told me to come upto the front.

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without question i got out of my seat let go of harveys hand (having to walk a few seconds for him to let go of mine) i walked up to the front of the class i read out my title "why war has to happen" but i could tell the class wasnt intrested about my paper so i put my paper on miss townsent and said "yes im fucking harvey the football captian anyone wanna say anything do it now" a little suprized that miss townsent had allow me to say that but no one in the class spoke apart from britney she said "yeah all ya'll wish you was harvery right now".

brit must of upset some guy because he said "your a dirty fag that needs to die" brit got invovled again and said "o hell no ya'll better no of just disrespected my boy" i smiled when brit said that it reminded of a word i came across when i was in england (chav) and thought she kinda is one.

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before the guy had chance to reply harvey said "say that to my boyfriend again and im gonna make sure you fell so real pain" the boy shut up and the class continued with me reading my paper out the bell rang and we all left the class harvey having hold of my hand again. everyone in the corridor kept smiling at us apart from some guys but i really didnt care.

school went on and it was time to eat lunch i met my friends on the field like i always do we sat and started to eat (however i needed a ciggarette before i ate) we wasnt alone on the field the was about 50 other people.

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me and my friend was just chatting along when harvey came behind me and hugged me i was shocked when someone put there arms around me harvey kissed the back of my neck he said "hey babe can we join you and your friends?" i turned round blowing smoke out my mouth i said "sure but why does the football team wanna eat lunch with us?" one of the guy (i now know to be called jake) said "beacuse we dont care that you are gay or that your in a relationship with harvey.

you came out (saying that to harvey) so you a leon deserve the respect from the football team" i smiled and said "thanks man" the football team sat down and jake asked me "how do you get your teeth so white?" i laughed and said "that one of the thing harvey said to me in the begining. i have my teeth whitened once a month" "how much is that to have done" "its $300 a time" so lunch continued and i noticed brit was staring at dean.

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i remembered the time we was in my car on the way to football match and she said she liked him. so i decided to get invovled and said "hey dean this is britney" "birtney huh your kinda hot" he said to her brit replied and said "everyone calls me brit" "brit how about you come to the next fotball match its tomorrow and we can hang out after" harvey wispered in my ear "well done" i turned to face him and he smiled at me it was nice to see he liked me so much i loved them gorgous brown eyes that just made me melt, lunch had finised and we made are way back to class.

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brit come upto me and said "thanks babes" i said "for what" acting like i didnt know she said "for hocking me up with dean" i smiled and said "i hope things go well for you" she looked confussed and said "you not going to watch the match with me tomorrow" i smiled and said "nope i have a new boyfriend to keep happy and trust me i want him really happy" brit laughed at me and said "hold on to him leon because he doesnt look like he wants anyone else but you and that a special love to be had" i smiled at brit and said "since when was you so insightfull" brit laughed and said "i may not act like im some kinda like a bitch to everyone but i care about there feeling too" "i know you do babes" i said after that we walked to lesson me and harvet took are seats one again holding hand but in this lesson the whole class was happy for us saying stuff like well done, im happy for you both and they hope we are together for a long time i smiled at harvey and he smiled back at me i could tell he as well as me wanted to be together forever to be continued