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Tow Friends fuck a pornstar Kagney Kagney Karter hot milf pornstar gangbang
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This story is entirely fiction and the characters used are in no way real persons.


This story contains underage sex and is only intended for entertainment purposes. If you have a problem with under age sex then please do not read this story. This is my first time posting a story on here. I am very proud of it and I hope you guys and girls like it. =) Chapter One It was late in the afternoon when I had finally woken up.

Around 3:30 actually, as I walked out of my room and down the hall way that lead to the kitchen to get something to eat. I noticed a note on the fridge that my mother had left me. The note said "Mrs. Thompson called she needs you to baby sit Jackie again. She will be here at 6:00" Mrs. Thompson was our neighbor that had lived here for only about three years now. She has a daughter named Jackie, who I sometimes baby sit. Mrs. Thompson is a single parent of 16 years her "fiancé" left her when he found out that she was pregnant with Jackie.

They just moved here and were very nice to us when we first met them. They would always come over and swim in our pool in the summer, and sit in front of a bon fire in our back yard during the winter. My name is Jake I am 18 years old, and I am the son of a higher upper class family whose father was fortunate to make some wise investment decisions in his early career.

He died about 4 years ago and left everything to me and my mother. Being that I am now eighteen, my mom wants me to find my own job so that I can "feel good" about myself. Meanwhile we all know that it wouldn't do any good. I don't need a job because I don't want anything.

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I have never in my life wanted anything, everything that I have and everything that I get is just handed to me.

I am five foot ten inches with blonde hair and neon blue eyes. I am pretty athletic and played a lot of different sports in high school. I honestly look like a good old fashion surfer dude Dark tan, raggedy hair, tight abs, and long legs.

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Mrs. Thompson's daughter Jackie is 16 years old this year and although I have known her for only two years now. I have seen her grow up quite fast. It seems that our neighborhood was just the thing that she needed to start growing up.

She is about five foot eight with long blonde hair that reached to the middle of her back.


She has dark skin that she got from her father, who was Latino. She has a slender young body and is always outside doing something athletic with the neighborhood kids. She weighs about 110 pounds soaking wet and and has C cup tits. I remember when I first noticed her body. At the time she was around the age of 14, her and her mother had come over one summer to go swimming. Jackie was wearing a new bathing suit when I opened the door that I had never seen her in.

It was a two piece one that was white with blue horizontal stripes. Since Jackie already had her bathing suit on when they arrived at our front door, they came right in and Jackie headed right to the pool and dove in.

When I first got into the pool Jackie was leaning against the side of the pool her arms on the side and her butt firmly on the concrete side. I didn't figure this out until later but Jackie had her ass pressed to one of the jets that were on the side of the pool. She was letting the water that was being forced out of the jet hit her pussy.

It was massaging her tiny clit and was spraying directly on her ass hole, the water massaging her ass and some of it actually going inside her. She was close to cumming, but when I got in she stopped because she didn't want to get caught.

I didn't realize what was going on, and she moved from the side and swam around a little bit. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but knowing what I know now I wish I would have figured it out then. After swimming for a while I noticed that every time that Jackie would get out of the pool to jump back in her bathing suit bottoms seemed loose on her.

I finally came to the conclusion that, her mother knowing that she would be growing in future bought a bathing suit that was just a little big on her.

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This way she would not have to buy her another one for a while. Every time that Jackie would get out of the pool her suit bottoms would get bunched up on one side of her crotch. Numerous times they would get so bad that they almost looked like a g- string on her.

Every time she would get out I was able to see her butt crack or even the fresh hairless lips of her young cunt. Before I realized it, I had a raging hard on at the sight of her and before I knew it I was asking her to get out of the pool and show me one of her tricks or her dives just so that I could catch a glimpse of her pussy and bare ass.

As I realized that she must not know that she was showing me all of her goods, I came up with a plan to see more or ever closer. Our pool had the kind of steps that were built into the bottom under the water and were made out of concrete.

I figured I would just go sit on the steps so that when she got out she would have to walk past me. I hurried and put my plan into motion. Sitting on the steps I once again asked Jackie if she could show me her trick where, she does a split in the air. At this point I didn't even realize what trick I was asking her to do.

As Jackie made her way over to the steps I could see through the water to her crotch and I could tell that her bathing suit had once again slipped to the side of her pussy and she was fully exposed. Glancing up at her face for one second I noticed that she was staring right at me. She had caught me looking and I knew it, only because of the huge smile and her face turning a beat red color almost as if she had been in the sun to long. Embarrassed for being caught and turning red myself I laid back on the stairs so that I could avoid her eyes.

I could feel Jackie getting close to me, as she started to get out of the pool I realized that she was walking up the steps with each of her feet on either side of my body.

As she reached the top of the steps where my head was, she paused only for a split second with her crotch directly over my face. In this position standing directly over my face legs spread to either side of my body I could see her puffy hairless pussy lips in all their glory. Her lips were spread open ever so slightly to give me a peak at her tiny clit standing out proud like a little love button just aching to be pushed.

I could see the pinkness of her tight fuck hole. I could tell just from the look of it that she was a virgin. Farther down I could see her super tight, hairless ass hole, puckered tightly just begging me for attention. After she got out of the pool she pulled her bathing suit back over her hairless cunt. Concealing it from my lustful eyes, and headed over to her mother. As she walked toward her mother I suddenly felt very uneasy. I was getting more scared the closer she got, for fear that she was going to tell her that I was looking at her.

I wasn't sure however if this would get me in trouble or not, after all I am a guy. As she got to her mother I heard her say that she was ready to go. Hearing this I was relieved that she had not said anything about me looking at her.

They packed up their things and headed home. To this day I still am not sure what all that was about, I just know that I had to see more. Jackie and her mother still came over after that all the time. Although after that one time in the pool she had never wore that same bathing suit again. I was sure that she was disgusted by what had happened that day.

That night I decided that I was going to see if I could see more of Jackie. Being that we lived right next door, her house was not far to walk to. I crept out of my house after my mother had gone to sleep. Walking around the fence that was between our yards I unlatched the gate that lead to theirs.

Jackie's room was on the side closest to our house. Walking up to her window I could tell that there was a light on and that she was in her room. I could see her shadow on the blinds. I crept up to the blinds and started peeking in through the tiny holes that are in the blinds where the string goes through them.

Although I have never been in Jackie's room I knew how it was set up. She had her TV on the wall right next to the window and her bed was directly in front of it. While she lay there I noticed that she was wearing a pair of Sofie shorts. I could see her crotch from my vantage point because she had her feet up by her butt and had her legs spread while laying down watching TV.

I couldn't really see anything but just seeing her lying there like that gave me a huge hard on.

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I un-zipped my pants and let my fully hard cock spring from my pants. I started to stroke my cock, watching her just lay there. Then all of a sudden she placed her hand on her crotch.

At first I just thought that she was adjusting herself. She pulled her shorts to the side and I got a sight of her perfect pussy. Her hand returned to her face, because I couldn't see her face from where I was.

I wasn't sure what she was doing.

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Her hand then returned to her crotch and I realized that she was starting to masturbate. She must have licked her fingers so she could easily slide them around her pussy.

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I started to really stroke my cock now. The sight of this young girl masturbating in front of me was amazing. I thought to myself "What were the chances of something like this happening to me at this moment?" It was almost like she knew that I was watching, and wanted to give me a good show.

I could see her rubbing her pussy just on the lips at first, then she spread her perfect lips and started massaging her tiny clit. From where I was standing I could see perfectly into her pussy. She was soaking wet. She moved her fingers down and slowly stuck her middle finger into her virgin fuck hole.

She pulled out her finger and moved it to her face again. My only thought was that she was now sucking off her own pussy juices. She placed her hand back on her pussy and spread her lips wide open with two fingers and was just rubbing all around her lips. She then put two fingers in her pussy and started moving them in and out slowly.

She was arching her back and was now massaging her tits through her shirt. Standing there dick in hand and mouth hanging open from shock at my luck I started to beat the crap out of my dick. I could feel my balls tightening up as I was getting close to cumming. Jackie was moaning something that I could barely understand at the moment but as I got quiet and listened I heard her saying. "Oh yes fuck my pussy" "Oh my god Jake I love when you fuck me real hard like that" I couldn't believe my ears.

This young little bitch was masturbating and fantasizing about me the whole time. My cum was getting closer and fast.

"Oh my god Jake im gonna cum" "Oh yes Jake im gonna cum all over your hard cock" Pounding her fingers into her pussy as fast as she could, she arched her back ripped her fingers from her pussy and I glorious stream of cum sprayed from her little fuck hole.

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This bitch was a squirter! I lost it all right there. My cum came rushing from my balls into my piss hole, and rope after rope of cum started splattering on the wall of her house in front of me. I continued to watch her, she was coming down from her huge orgasm her hand was only resting on her pussy and every time she would move her fingers she would jump. She moved her shorts back over her pussy and rolled over.

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She pulled the blanket over her body and I knew that she was going to sleep. Going back to my house and into my room I lay on the bed and thought about what just happened.

Was I crazy? Did I really hear her say "Oh my god Jake" or was that just what I hoped I heard? Was she masturbating because of what happened that day at the pool?


Was she horny because she knew that I had seen her pussy? I wasn't sure at this point all I knew was that I would have to get some more of that, and soon. If you liked my story and would like to read more please let me know. I do have more chapters that are already complete. If there are people who like it I will post the rest of them for your enjoyment. Please leave me feedback or any ideas that you have and I will try to put them in the story.