Big bottom Gal Moka Mora Gets Deep Anal

Big bottom Gal Moka Mora Gets Deep Anal
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The Resort Part 3 - This story takes a slightly different turn from Part One and Two. It deals more with the aftermath on how Rachel's husband Tim deals with finding out the truth of what has gone on with his wife, along with a plot twist for future installments.

To better understand I recommend reading both parts one and two before this installment. Tim watched in silence still hidden in the nearby closet as both Steve and Rob finished getting dressed before exiting the room one behind the other. He could hear them laughing and involved in cheerful banter as they left his earshot. He then looked over at his well used wife who was laying there still trying to catch her breath.

She then began come to life before lifting her unsteady frame off the bed and scurrying around the room trying to gather her clothes together. His immediate thought was to storm out of the closet and confront her right there and then but decided against it for the moment.

This was too big of an issue, and he would need some time to think about what he was going to say or do. "Shit, shit, shit.where is my top?" Rachel whispered out loud as she looked under the tussled sheets on the bed trying to locate her bikini top. Her large tits clearly showed the red marks from being thoroughly mauled. She clumsily held all of her other garments with one arm against her naked flesh as she ripped the covers and sheets from the bed with a heightened sense of urgency.

She soon located the missing bathing suit top and placed it with her other clothes in a heap in front of her on the bed. She sat down on its edge and began to quickly get dressed not knowing that only a few feet away Tim sat intently watching her as his blood boiled. "Fuck.what am I going to say to him?" She spoke out loud while quickly pulling up her bikini bottoms over her round hips. Tim sat watching and wondering if she was going to lie about what he just witnessed.

He was very curious about what her demeanor would be when she finally saw him, and wondered if she would play it off as if nothing happened. One thing he did know was that all of his trust in her was now completely gone. He saw how easily she just betrayed him, and wondered if he ever could forgive her or even wanted too.

Rachel finished getting dressed and took a quick look in the mirror that hung on a nearby wall. She ran her fingers through her hair which was a tangled mess, and did her best to try and comb it out with her fingers, having little success. "Shit, I look like hell." She stated in a frustrated voice.

"Oh fuck!" She said as she suddenly froze in place for a moment while feeling something spill out from between her legs soaking her bikini bottoms. "Dam it!" She said in a frustrated tone as she placed her thumb between her legs pulling the cloth covering her mound to one side as if trying to stop anything more from wetting the material.

She scanned the room for a towel and saw none so she awkwardly walked back over to the bed still pulling the fabric to one side before grabbing a handful of the sheet and crumbling it up in her fist. She positioned one leg angled high up on the bed and pushed the sheet under her bathing suit bottoms which she now regretted having put on so fast.

She dug the cloth deep into her pussy and then up the crack of her ass to wipe away the sticky seaman that was now dripping out from both of her well used holes. Tim sat motionless in disbelief.

It took every ounce of strength he had to stay silent and not charge out of the cramped space to confront her. He couldn't help think what a whore she now looked like, and it made him sick to his stomach to think he was actually married to her. He watched as Rachel pulled the material of the bikini top over her large mounds before reaching around awkwardly to tie it. She then got up off the bed and stepped into her sarong before making her way toward the door while holding her sandals in one hand.

She gently began pushing the door open and stuck her head into the hallway to see if the coast was clear, before quietly leaving the room in hopes nobody would see her. Tim then stood up and exited the closet. He tried to stretch out his legs which were slightly numb from squatting all that time.

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He took in a deep breath but immediately smelled the stench of sex which in this instance sickened him. He began to survey the room before walking over to the bed where his wife had just willingly taken two men at the same time. Looking down in a dejected manner he saw the sheets soaked with what was either Rachel's pussy juice or the male spunk she had just taken. He then angrily picked up the mattress and flipped it onto the floor.

"Fucking bitch!!!" He yelled out trying to relieve his pent up anger but to no avail. He then walked toward the door and angrily flung it open before stepping outside not caring who might be on the other side. Rachel walked down to the second floor desperately looking for the nearest bathroom. She put her head down as she passed party goers trying her best to not be noticed. She opened up one of the bedroom doors and saw it was unoccupied so she stepped inside locking it behind her as she scanned the room for a bathroom.

She wondered why she did not just use the one in the room she had just left, but thought it better to get as far away from the scene of the crime as possible. "You better get it together fast girl." She stated to herself. She then entered the bathroom again and stripped off all of her clothing. She took a washcloth and ran it under the cold water before cleaning the sweat and dried cum off her body. She then took her soiled bikini bottoms and scrubbed the thick cum that had noticeably accumulated, along with trying to clean her well used pussy as best she could.

She was happy that this bathroom had a similar set up to the one in the spa where she had her earlier massage. It also contained a new toothbrush and mouthwash which she made heavy use of. She looked over her entire body and noticed multiple red marks on her neck, breasts and ass, with the latter appearing to have a perfect imprint of a large hand.

"Oh fuck, my ass is beat red!" She got herself dressed again and ran a brush through her tangled hair. She then took a last look at herself and felt that she was at least presentable, but no longer the makeover queen she had been when this night started.

"Ok I have to find Tim. Maybe he is still sleeping." She said out loud but then quickly remembered she did not see him on the couch where she had left him when she exited the Suite. This immediately brought anxiety to her because she did not know what he may have seen in addition to her little make out session with Steve on the coach.

"Hopefully he doesn't remember much." Rachel then took a deep breath in and nervously began to walk through the giant house scanning the patrons for him. She did not have any plan on what she would say but hoped it would come to her in the moment. "Lady Rachel, are you ok?" Rachel heard a voice from behind her say. "Ms. Leona! Have you seen Tim? I seem to have lost him." Rachel asked feeling a bit of relief at seeing the familiar face of the elder mistress.

"Why yes, Lady Rachel, I have. I saw him just a few minutes ago walking into the yard." She said with a questioning tone to her voice as if she got the feeling something was amiss. "Thank you. I need to go find him" Rachel said as she hurried toward the entrance to the yard while waving back before quickly disappearing into the crowd. Rachel scanned the partygoers who were scattered throughout. Most were milling around talking with others.

Some people were dancing or swimming in the pool but no Tim in sight. She began feeling frustrated at not being able to locate him and another feeling of worry started to come over her. She was eager to get the initial contact with him over with no matter how bad it might be Rachel walked past the pool area going deeper into the large property when she saw a young couple come from between some trees that seemed to be a natural path of some sort.

"Excuse me, can you tell me where this leads too?" She questioned both who were giggling softly to each other, obviously having a good time. "The beach!!!" The male enthusiastically replied before turning his attention back to his female companion.

"Thanks!" Rachel made her way down the curvy path. She could hear waves crashing nearby as she let her hands brush up against the bushes that lined the passage as a way of guiding herself in the dark.

She looked ahead and saw moonlight streaming into the opening and hurried toward the light. When she stepped out of the foliage she saw various couples cuddling and walking together holding hands but no Tim. She walked further down staying close to the palm trees that lined the sand when she noticed a man standing alone in the distance.

He stood in the water ankle deep and seemed to be staring out into the surf. He was semi-illuminated by the moonlight dancing over the waves but it was still too dark to completely make him out.


"That's got to be him!" She took a step toward him but then noticed a woman appear so she ducked back into the shadows. "Sir is everything alright?" Tim was slightly startled to hear a female voice coming from just behind him. "What? He replied without turning to face her. "I said is everything alright?

You look a bit troubled." "No, everything is not alright!" He curtly replied while still staring out into the rough surf. "I am Julie, a club hostess. I was going to ask you if you wanted me to bring you a drink, but if there is something wrong maybe I can be of assistance." Tim still didn't look directly at the petite blonde female now standing next to him and continued to stare forward.

He was too preoccupied in his thoughts to really care or talk to anyone. Rachel then positioned herself further back into the tree line so she could not be seen. She could not make out what was being said but now was sure this was Tim and a strange woman talking. Julie raised her hand and gently placed it on Tim's shoulder as if sensing he was upset. She angled herself in front of him and looked up at his face with a sympathetic expression as if asking what was wrong without actually saying anything.

"I could just stay here with you if you like?" Tim then looked directly at the woman for the first time. He immediately sensed her kind energy and spoke. "Do you want to know what's bothering me Julie? "Sure, tell me." "Ok I will! I just watched your boss and his friend fuck the shit out of my wife, that's what's bothering me!" "Oh I see" She said in a sympathetic tone as she let her hand drift down holding the back of his arm and giving it a slight squeeze.

"What is your name?" The woman softly asked in a concerned tone. "Tim" He said with a small hint of sadness evident in his voice. "Well Tim, can I tell you I completely understand how you feel." "You do huh!" He replied as if he did not believe she had any clue how he felt.

"When I came to this Island three years ago, something similar happened to me and my husband." "Oh yeh, then why are you still here?" "That's a complicated question. I have an idea; here, come with me." Julie reached for Tim's left hand and started to lead him up the beach.

He walked a step behind her as if in tow but kept his gaze to his right out onto the water which seemed to give him some peace. He was being led by this stranger but had little care or thought as to where she may be taking him, and followed her toward another path where they both disappeared into the foliage. Rachel stayed hidden for a few seconds longer, and then emerged back onto the sand trying to adjust her eyes in the dark to see where the two were headed.

She could not hear what they had said but intended to try and follow from behind without being seen. She felt a sense of relief having located Tim, but was confused by this new turn of events regarding the woman. "Who the hell is that?" She questioned out loud in an annoyed tone.

She quickly realized she had lost sight of them in the dark and began to walk quicker trying to catch up. The tree line was very deceptive at night and she couldn't see the opening where they must have entered. She started to feel a slight panic come over her. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts on what she was going to say that she never considered the sudden turn of events of Tim leaving with an unknown woman.

"Where the hell did he go?" She walked a good hundred yards down the beach and realized she was no longer near the property. She started to get scared when she saw some native islanders who were obviously not part of the party crowd.

She quickly turned around and ran back to the yard. "Fuck this; I'm going back to our villa. I'm sure he will be back in a short while." Tim was on auto pilot now and followed Julie who was still walking in front and holding him by the hand. He felt lost in his thoughts with a constant feeling of misery filling his brain. Images of Rachel getting fucked and loving it were flooding his mind, and he had little care about what was next for him or where he was headed.

He was fully consumed with feelings of jealously and inadequacy. With each step he took he could hear the sounds of her moans echo through his mind which was slowly driving him mad. He was still heavily buzzed from the weed and drink, but no longer incapacitated or out of control. He could think of no peace except death at this point. "We are almost there." Julie said while giving his hand a tighter squeeze that for some unknown reason gave him a bit of comfort.

They came upon an opening in the trees and the two of them exited the path to a row of ten or so huts. Julie walked in the direction of one toward the end. The huts looked to be grassy from the outside and were evenly spaced apart. They had enough distance between them to offer a decent amount of privacy, with each having a small picnic table and benches in front.

"This is my quarters. Why don't you come in and sit down for a minute so we can talk." Julie said softly while pushing the door open. Tim followed her inside without saying anything. He felt good not to be alone, but still couldn't shake the feeling of utter sadness that was consuming his mind.

He longed to be as far away from this place as possible, but knew that was not immediately going to happen which worsened his mood. Once they were fully inside Tim began to look around. He was surprised at how nice a set up it was.

While it appeared astatically correct for an island bungalow on the outside with its Grassy Hutt look, inside was surprisingly modern. Like everything else on the island it was well furnished and had a high end feel. The quarters was modest in size only consisting of one large room with a separate bathroom, but appeared to have everything one would need to live comfortably. There was a large couch on one wall that was positioned in front of a hanging flat screen television, and what looked to be a queen size bed positioned on the opposite wall.

The room had a fully equipped kitchenette and a small round dining table for two tucked away nicely in the corner. "Excuse me for a second. I need to make a phone call." Julie said while letting his hand gently slide from hers for the first time since the beach, and then picking up the phone on the nearby nightstand next to the bed.

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She punched in a four digit code and waited patiently with the phone to her ear. "Ms. Leona, this is Julie." She paused while listening into the phone for her response. "I went back to my Hutt to go to the bathroom because I was feeling ill. I was wondering if I can have the rest of the night off. I feel like I might be coming down with something." She said in a low tone as if trying to act the part.

"Ok thanks. I'll call the doctor in the morning if I still feel the same. Thanks again, I really appreciate it." Julie put the phone down and walked over to a kitchen draw. She opened it up and pulled out a portable lighter. She then walked around to each wall and lit a candle that was hanging on a wall sconce to add some gentle lighting to the room.

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A strong reflection from the moon also filtered into the room, which along with the candles brought a soothing flickering glow throughout the space. For the first time Tim got a clear look at the woman who appeared like an angel out of nowhere to him on the beach only moments earlier. She was about his age of thirty or so; maybe a bit younger. Her skin appeared to be a golden color from time spent in the sun, with her shapely body being on the petite side. He estimated her to be just over five feet tall, and thought she had very well defined legs and a round ass for a smaller size woman.

She wore a more conservative outfit then most guests with form fitting khaki shorts and a white button shirt with the resorts emblem embroiled on the front. Nevertheless, this garb still showed off her sexy figure which he thought was not unintentional for this swanky vacation spot. Looking at her face up close for the first time, he saw just how beautiful she really was. She had long blonde hair that was naturally bleached by the sun and wrapped up in a high pony tail, to go along Perky breasts, big blue eyes and full pouty lips.

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Tim began to notice his thoughts weren't being suffocated by the earlier events, and he felt grateful to be in her feminine presence. He thought that at the very least this situation would keep him preoccupied and he started to feel a sense of calm come over him. "Why are you being so nice to me?" He asked with a skeptical but quiet tone to his voice. "Because I know how you feel." "Why do you keep saying that? How can you know how I feel?" "Because I am assuming that we have experienced something very similar, let's just put it that way." "What do you mean?" "You and I; and I'm sure others like us, are just pawns in Mr.

Henry's sick game. He seduces people with all of the trappings of luxury and talks them in to selling their soul for an easy life. In the end we are his to do with what he wishes." Julie said as if filled with regret. "What are you talking about? He doesn't own me!" Tim said as if very annoyed. "Tim, please do me a favor, will you? We have plenty of time to talk about all of that stuff, and I promise to tell you all I know. But for now can we just forget about this place and feel normal for a night.

I know you're upset. But you have tomorrow to deal with whatever it is you will have to go through. Just for a few hours try and put it out of your mind if that's possible" She said in a pleading tone. Tim took in a deep breath not really sure where this was going or what she was talking about; but he nodded his head in agreement.

He seemed to sense something about her and thought that maybe this woman was the one who actually needed comforting instead of him. He noticed a degree of sadness to her demeanor, and felt a certain kinship with her at the moment that he could not explain.

Julie walked over to the couch and stood before him. "Is it all right if I sit down?" "Sure, do whatever you like." Tim said while still slightly annoyed from the way the conversation had just went. Julie sat down close to him leaning her body into him. She pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her own arms around her legs and pulled them close as if hugging herself.

She then surprised Tim by nuzzling up close and resting her head on his shoulder. "You feel good" She said in a low hushed tone as she took in a deep breath.

"Can I ask you a favor?" "Sure" Tim responded while being genuinely surprised at her sudden forwardness, but also starting to warm up to his new friend. "I promise I will explain everything to you in due time. But for the moment can we pretend we are here together.

I'm not trying to seduce you or anything like that, but I have felt so lonely and just want to forget this place for a night." Julie said while leaning her body in tighter to Tim with her cheek still lying on his shoulder. Tim didn't answer right away.

His thoughts about her were going in different directions. This was all very strange the way she was acting. He thought about his trust in Rob Henry and where that had got him and he felt he should proceed cautiously.

"I guess." He quietly responded while putting his arm around her and pulling her closer to him. Tim couldn't help but feeling grateful for Julie at the moment. He wasn't sure what was going on but couldn't help but notice she seemed to be the perfect cure for his newly ailing broken heart. Her sweet feminine energy mixed with her seemingly needing him brought on an instant protective type attraction for her.

This attraction wasn't sexual, but more of the early sparks of feelings one has for someone when they are in a new relationship. He knew it made no sense being she was a complete stranger and that he had barley said but a few words to her. But here they were in what seemed like a mutual kind of kinship. He began to understand what she meant by her saying she understood what he was going through.

For some unforeseen reason, and for this moment in time, she seemed to know what he needed and him knowing the same about her. The two of them sat side by side while saying nothing. The ocean breeze filtered through the intimate space with the sound of waves breaking clearly heard in the distance. Tim pulled her even closer with one hand wrapped around her shoulders and his other now around her legs that were still pulled up to her chest as he cradled her. He felt a sense of warmth and good nature at her receptiveness.

She turned her head slightly toward him and he could feel her soft breath on his neck as she lay still in his arms. "Thanks for being here." She whispered as she laid a gentle kiss on his neck in appreciation. Tim squeezed her tightly and heard what he thought was a slight sniffling as if she might be crying.

"I got you Julie. You don't have to worry about anything tonight; neither of us do. Like you said we will imagine that we are here together. I have nothing to go back to anyway." He said as he gently kissed the top of her head. For the first time in a long while Julie felt normal.

It had been a long time that a man held her tenderly and not just wanted to use her as a sex object. She knew she had nobody to blame but herself regarding her present situation, but did not realize until now how lonely and depressed she had become. "Tim, I know we just met, and it's definitely understandable if you say no, but do you think you might kiss me?" Tim did not answer immediately trying to process this unlikely request. He then tilted his head toward her and looked into her seemingly pleading eyes.

He leaned forward and put a gentle closed mouth kiss on her soft lips. He held it for a moment and listened to her let out a calming exhale as if this was all she needed; a simple kiss. He pulled his head back and looked into her eyes again. He meant for the look to indicate a sense of understanding and protection that she seemed to pick up on. She returned his stare gratefully with a smile that seemed to convey certain sadness.

She then brought her small hand up to his cheek and gently stroked it in a loving manner while looking into his eyes. Tim leaned forward again and kissed her as before, this time exerting slightly more pressure but still keeping his lips closed as he gently dragged his over hers at they felt each other's softness.

Julie let out soft sigh as she lifted her other hand and gently ran it through Tim's hair. She slightly parted her lips further, again gently exhaling as she tilted her head back as if inviting another kiss.

The two of them continued on with this lip touching for a few minutes. They slowly explored one another's mouths while pulling one another closer. Tim let his hands roam up and down her sides using a wide grip to pull her into him. She responded letting both of her small hands run through his hair as they continued to kiss softly. Julie then straightened her legs out from the cradled position they were still in. She slowly lifted one over his lap and glided her body upward in a sensual motion letting her weight press into him as she moved.

She still held her lips firmly against his, never letting go of their kiss before finally settling directly on his lap while facing him. A slight moan left her mouth as she spread her legs wider letting her full body weight fall directly onto him. She then released their kiss and pulled her head back to look lovingly into his eyes. Taking both of her small hands, she clasped them behind his neck and spoke. "Tim, are you a nice guy? Tell me you're not like the rest of them here." Tim took a moment to look back at her as his hands held her steadily in place by her small waist.

"I am Julie. I won't hurt you." He then let his arms glide up her smooth back, before tightly pulling her into him; letting his lips again find hers as his tongue entered her mouth, kissing her deeply. This brought another soft feminine moan from Julie as she responded by letting her lips eagerly return his advances.

She then slid her pink tongue deep into his mouth as they eagerly licked and tasted each other. The intensity of their movements quickened, with each eagerly exploring the other's willing mouths.

The sweet sounds of Julie gasping for air and their passionate kissing filled the room. "Oh yes!" She said as she tilted her head back completely offering him her neck which he began to kiss and lick enthusiastically, letting his wet tongue taste her salty skin. Tim let his hands run over and under the light fabric of Julie's shirt.

He could feel the soft skin of her smooth back as she arched it fully leaning her plump round breasts into him. He loved the feeling of her lightness as she straddled him, and how he easily could manipulate her petite frame.

Julie began to respond to his advances by spreading her legs even wider as she buried her pink tongue deeply into his mouth. Her limber body squirmed on top of him as she let her weight press down hard on his now growing bulge. She began to feel his cock hardening through the thin fabric of their clothing as it pressed into her folds causing her juices to freely flow as she let out soft whimpers.

Julie began to continuously moan softly with delightful tingles now running up and down her spine. She loved the feeling of his hands exploring her as he alternated from pushing down hard on her small waist, to feeling up and down her back. "Push me down harder onto your cock" She whispered in his ear in a sultry voice.

Tim brought his hands back down over her curvy waist and opened his fingers wide around her hips. He took control of her motions and forcefully pushed her down onto his ever hardening bulge.

He slowly rocked her hips back and forth using her small body to rub his cock through his shorts causing him to become rigid. "Ohhh that's nice. Keep doing that." Tim loved the feeling of how different Julie felt in comparison to Rachel. It had been nearly a decade since he last held another woman in his arms besides his wife, and he had forgotten the thrill of how unique and different each girl felt.

He then let his hands drift up the sides of her toned body with his fingers completely outstretched around the sides of her stomach. He was turned on with them almost being able to meet as he explored her petite frame. He continued to rock her slender body from side to side as she spread her legs even wider while working herself over his now rock hard manhood. "Is this ok Tim? I know you were upset but I just really like you." "Are you kidding me this is great, and you're beautiful.

Remember, for tonight this moment is ours" "Oh yes, it's ours!" She responded in a hushed tone while arching her breasts forward offering herself more to him. She then leaned forward to allow his head to bury itself between the thin fabric covering her round breasts.

Her eyes were tightly shut as thoughts rushed through her mind. She knew this was crazy, but for the first time in years she felt really wanted. She wasn't sure if she was creating a story in her head that wasn't true, but didn't care at this point. In her mind this was a man that could love her if given the chance, and she wanted more of this feeling she had lost.

Julie then sat up a bit and looked down into Tim's eyes. She smiled slightly and then brought up one hand and slowly started to unclasped the buttons on her uniform top one by one exposing the lacey white bra underneath. She then reached behind with one hand and undid the clasp on her bra and pulled it from under her shirt, throwing it on the floor. She then took one of Tim's hands and brought it up under the open blouse to her exposed breast; offering it to him by placing his hand directly over the soft flesh.

Tim quickly obliged the invitation and began to softly squeeze her beautiful tits. He brought his other hand up and took hold of the other mound while gently alternating from pulling each hardening nub to squeezing her round flesh. Julie threw her head backwards and thrust her chest forward.

She now was rhythmically grinding her hips down in a steady back and forth motion as if she was fucking him, even though their clothes still separated what they both now badly wanted. "Take these off." Tim whispered in her ear in a confident tone as he tugged at her shorts. Julie responded quickly and leaned forward placing a passionate kiss on his lips giving him a nonverbal ok.

She then pivoted her body in a sultry manner and glided herself off his lap before standing up before him. She gave him a playful wink and smile, then gently started to rock her hips in a back and forth motion as she unbuttoned the clasp on her shorts. She placed her thumbs on each side of the waistband and then slid them down her legs, all the while never taking her eyes from him.

She then slowly ran her hands back up over her curvy hips and playfully tugged at the elastic in on her tight panties. She continued to move her hips slowly as if in a sensual dance before slowly gliding them down her smooth legs before raising each foot to step out of them. She then brought her hands slowly up her legs feeling her body the entire way until they reached her half open shirt.

She then pulled one arm at a time out of each sleeve while sexily hiding herself behind the fabric, before letting it drop to the floor completely exposing her firm round breasts. Julie now stood before Tim completely naked.

She looked down at him with a sultry look on her face while reaching her hands up to undue her pony which caused her platinum blonde hair to fall sexily over her toned shoulders.

Tim sat still for a moment taking in her famine beauty. He marveled at her perky breasts and very swollen pink areoles which seemed to bubble out from her fleshy mounds. Both were beautifully topped off with a stiff half inch hardened nub that almost begged to be chewed on. Looking at her toned body his eyes drifted over her flat stomach to her curvy hips. He couldn't help but admire her neatly trimmed blond bush that settled perfectly over her now swollen pink clit.

He continued to look as he watched her hands slowly slide up and down her thighs as she gently caressed herself while slowly rocking her round hips. She playfully ran her hand through her soft blonde pubic hair and then over her stomach and then back up to her perfect round tits.

"Do you like me?" She asked in an alluring tone as she presented herself before him. Tim did not say anything for a second as he continued to take her in. He took a deep breath before he spoke. "You are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen." Julie's face lit up. She was expecting the normal kid of comment she had grown accustomed too by the crude men she had been with since her time on the island.

Things like, "You're a hot bitch," was one that came to mind? "Do you mean it?" She blushed. Tim smiled at her while shaking his head yes. He reached his hand out motioning for her to come closer. She took his hand and moved a step forward before falling to her knees kneeling before him nestled between his parted legs. She leaned forward and tugged at his shirt exposing his flat stomach.

She gently placed a few sensual kisses on the skin before pulling it upward over his head. She then placed both of her hands flat on his toned chest and leaned in to kiss him on his lips lovingly. Tim returned the kiss as his hands lightly roamed over the curves of her lower back and over her small round ass letting it his fingers gently slide into the beautiful crevice between her cheeks.

"Mmmmm I loved the way you touch me" She whispered with her eyes shut. She then dragged her open mouth down to his neck and placed soft kisses on the skin before letting her wet tongue lick deep inside his ear. Tim looked up toward the ceiling giving her better access as he stretched his body out. He felt as if she was crawling all over him as she leaned her nakedness against him.

He was mentally taking it all in, and loved all of her sensual movements, smells, touches and sounds. She slowly traveled further down his fit chest and pulled her head back to look at him. She liked that fact that he was in shape and muscular, but more so with the body that resembled an avid runner or swimmer which she herself was, and this turned her on even more. She then leaned back into his chest and dragged her soft lips further down his body licking and kissing his tight skin as she descended further.

As she past his belly button she penetrated it with her wet tongue in a sensual manner stopping for a minute to lick the inside deeply.

She then dragged her tongue out never letting it leave his skin until she reached the top of his shorts. She playfully bit at the waistband and looked at him with a smile.

"Let's get these off!" "Mmmmmmm, yeh" Tim said in a hushed tone. She then pulled at the waist band as he lifted his butt slightly off the couch before she pulled the lose fabric down past his ankles and tossed them to the floor. She looked back up and saw his fully erect hard cock that was now standing straight up before her. Reaching for it, she took it in her small hand and gripped its steely hardness. "Ohhh, you have such a nice hard cock." She whispered happily looking up at him.

Julie gazed admiringly at the stiff rod in her small hand as she started to pull and squeeze it in an up and down motion. Looking down at it with a sultry look on her face, she bit her bottom lip in happy anticipation as she continued to pull and stroke his stiff member.

She then leaned in and opened her mouth, wrapping her plump lips around its base just over his swollen balls. She opened her mouth wide and let her slippery tongue rest on the side of his hard shaft while keeping wet suction, then glided her mouth up and down the steely member as if licking the side of an ice pop.

She cupped his heavy balls with one hand and gently scratched its underside as she continued to glide her soft lips up and down motion stopping just short of taking the head into her wet mouth.

"Mmmmmmm you taste nice. You're so hard. I can't wait to feel you inside me" She said while continuing to lick up and down his hard meat. "You're driving me crazy. Suck me Julie! Take me in your sweet mouth." "You want me to suck your cock?" Julie playfully asked will letting her tongue lick the underside of his balls.

"Oh yes baby. Suck my cock." He said as he placed his hands on both sides of her head coxing her upward. Julie slowly guided her mouth up his entire shaft dragging her wet tongue the whole way. She reached the top and licked and kissed around its swollen head. Tim could not wait a second further.

He used more strength and held her head over each ear with a firmer grip while positioning her mouth directly over his fully erect manhood.

Julie then opened her mouth and slowly took his cock into her wet mouth moaning out loud. She closed her full lips around his manhood with tight suction, while slowly descending down its entire length as Tim used moderate pressure helping to guide her head down on his hard meat.

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Tim then rested his head back on the couch looking upwards toward the ceiling as he experienced his cock bottom out in the back of her throat. His eyes rolled back in his head as he thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of Julie trying but failing to take his entire length. He could feel her wet mouth working aggressively as her tongue twisted and curled around his cock as her pace quickened. "That's it Julie, suck my cock. You feel so fucking good." "Oh yes, I love it." As she lifted her head for a moment to speak while taking in a gulp of air, and then eagerly returned to swallowing his pole deep into her wet mouth.

"I can taste your salty pre cum&hellip.mmmmm. Give me more." She said while looking up at him with a smile while replacing her mouth with her hand as she jerked his cock roughly. Julie again opened her mouth wide and took his rod between her plump lips as she eagerly sucked down hard on his stiff member.

She drew out some of Tim's sticky nectar and swallowed it down into her hungry mouth. She then licked down his entire shaft to his swollen balls, taking in one and then another while resting their fullness on her tongue.

"I got to have you baby." Tim said while pulling her head gently upward from his cock using his hands that still had a handful of her sun bleached blonde hair. Julie released Tim's balls from the suction of her plump lips and began to stand up. Once standing, Tim also stood up in front of her and then aggressively pulled her body into him and brought his lips to hers kissing her passionately.

He then gently laid her body down on her back on the coach, as he eyed her petite figure up and down while slowly stroking his rock hard dick. "Are you going to put that inside me?" Julie playfully whispered as she slightly parted her legs while sexily raising a finger to touch her lips trying to look innocent. Tim stared intently at the beautiful blonde laying before him but did not respond. He just looked into her eyes with a focused look, as he continued to stroke his hard meat. He then knelt on the couch between her legs while raising his hand to push them further apart completely exposing her sex.

He had one leg bent at the knee resting on the cushion with the other foot firmly planted on the floor with his body in an upright position. Tim stopped for a moment as his mind drifted to thoughts of Rachel. He found it interesting that he no longer felt sad about what she had done, but instead was filled with lust and want for Julie. His mood was one of justifiable payback and aggression. He was going to take all of his frustrations out of this beautiful creature lying in front of him, and he felt no guilt at the thought of betraying his wife.

He did not know if these feelings were the result of the pot and drink still coursing through his body but didn't care at the moment. He could not remember being this filled with want for a woman in his entire life, with nothing seeming to matter to him except pleasing his newfound friend. Tim thoughts then returned entirely back to Julie. He took his steely member in one hand and brought it to her pouting pink pussy lips that seemed to open fully in anticipation of receiving his hard cock.

He then dragged the tip of its head up and down the flowering entrance causing her to slightly squirm in anticipation. He looked up at her beautiful face before slightly pushing forward as he started to ease himself into her. He watched as she wantonly approved his advances by slightly shake her head yes as she let her fingers softly touch her lips. Then using strong leverage from his leg that was still firmly planted on the floor he began to steadily push his hard dick forward into her beautiful pink pussy.

"Ahhhh, you're so stiff." Julie gasped as she opened her legs wider allowing him to sink in deeper. "Oh my god I love your cock. It's perfect." She uttered as she rested both hands on his toned chest while letting out a gasp as her womanhood grasped his hard invader as it slowly descended into her debts. Tim became still for a moment while savoring the new feeling of being bottomed out inside a different pussy then Rachel's for the first time in years.

He then slowly slid his cock completely out except for the head which rested neatly between her wet folds, before slowly pushing his hard dick back deep inside her again until reaching the back wall of her pussy.

He loved the feeling of the soft flesh straining around his cock as she let out a satisfying moan. Tim repeated this movement several times as he formed a steady rhythm of long strokes, the whole time intently watching Julie squirm in delight beneath him. He picked up his speed and power as he continued to pull his cock entirely out of her dripping wet slit, and then is a swift motion driving it back into the hilt. He then placed both of his arms into a push up position while pinning her flexible legs back toward her head.

He laid his body weight into her and she lay helplessly beneath him, willingly taking his now relentless pounding as his deep penetration continued. Julie instantly responded by pulling his head down close to hers and then slipping her pink tongue into his wet mouth as her moaning grew more intense. Tim responded by kissing her deeply while at the same time rolling his hips.

He pressed his pelvis firmly into her letting his hardness grind deep into her sopping wet slit as her breath quickened. "Oh my god you feel so stiff inside me! I think I am going to cum. I can't believe it you are going to make me cum already! Ahhh.Ahhh.Ahhh.Ahhh.Ahhh" Julie gasped through her words as her hips bucked in delight. Tim seized the moment and really began to quicken his pace. He alternated from firmly grinding his hips to driving his cock deep into her in a forceful matter.

He loved the feeling of her sopping wet pussy drenching his cock with her womanly fluids which sound could clearly be heard throughout the room. He released the grip on her legs that were still pinned back by her head, and let her wrap them around his waist. Her small hands immediately grabbed his butt in an attempt to pull him deeper inside. He began to feel pussy spasm hard around his cock as her hips continued to buck wildly beneath him.

"Oh my god im cumming so hard!!!" She screamed out loud. "Aghhh, Aghhh, Aghhh.Oh my godddd!!!!!" She gasped while still holding on to his ass for dear life as he pounded her soft muff with continues hard strokes.

"Aghhh, Aghhh, Ohhh, Oghhh." She continuously moaned as wave after pleasurable wave ran throughout her body before slowly subsiding. "Oh.thank you Tim. That was. you are.I came." She stammered to complete each sentence but was unable to finish the words as the last of pleasurable waves finally came to an end.

Tim slid his cock out of Julie who laid totally spent beneath him. "I want to taste that sweet pussy now." He whispered with hot breath in her ear before lowering his head between her still outstretched legs. He then took in a deep breath before letting the tip of his nose settle in between her sopping wet pink folds; filling his lungs with her sweet feminine smells. He savored the energy it seemed to give him before letting the tip of his tongue gently lick clean the puddle that had formed neatly in her slick entrance.

"Mmmmmmm" Julie moaned as she felt his soft tongue dip inside her for a taste. Tim then began slowly lap her clean while allowing more of his tongue to expertly enter her with each lick. He was sure to not exert too much pressure at the moment due to her most likely being overly sensitive from the crushing orgasm she just experienced.

He lightly let his tongue lap between her folds, slowly drinking in her sweet feminine juices. She continued to encourage him with soft mewing sounds and by fully opening her legs to grant him easier access. "Mmmmm, that's so nice Tim. You are doing it just the way I like it." Tim licked further upward letting his tongue stiffen as he gently flicked it across her swollen nub.

This caused Julie to let out a soft squeal as she guided his head with her hands forcing into her exposed sheath. Tim then took hold of her fully engorged clit using his lips as suction as he perfectly sucked it into his mouth. He firmly let his tongue and lips rhythmically suck on it as he drank in the juices she was now freely producing.

He repeated this action over and over as he listened to her start to moan with more intensity. Julie squirmed with delight as his wet mouth sucked and nibbled at her swollen clit as wet sounds filled the air as he drank in more and more of her womanly juices. "You're going to make me cum again baby. You better stop." Julie said while simultaneously lifting her legs higher and grinding herself against Tim's eager mouth in contrary to her feeble request.

Tim ignored her words knowing she wanted more of his attention, and let his now stiff tongue descend deeper into her pussy as he licked clean the sopping space from the inside. This put Julie over the edge. She lifted her legs high as her hips again bucked wildly. Her ass raised off the couch to press hard against his eager mouth that was now wildly devouring her pink treasure.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming! Oh my god you are so fuckin good. Please don't stop. Oh my god yes!!! Oh my god.Ahhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhh, Aghhhhhh.yes.yes. yes" Julie screamed and gasped while completely spreading her legs wide. She opened herself up to his invading tongue while spreading her legs wide with her toes pointing straight out as if doing a split to get as much of his mouth on her pussy as possible. Tim feverishly lapped his beautiful partner's sopping wet pussy as pulsating pools of womanly fluids came rushing out of her and into his mouth and on his face.

He leaned in forcefully and drove his tongue deeper into her body as he forcefully grabbed her hips to hold her squirming body as he continued to eat her. "Oh my god you made me squirt!

I never have felt anything like that in my life. Oh my god I can't believe it." Julie gasped through her words as the intense waves subsided. Tim then pulled his head up and took in a deep breath of fresh island air. He reached down on the floor and picked up her work shirt that she had previously discarded. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and then dried his face that was a mix of sweat and orgasm juices.

He looked down at the beautiful blond laying spent before him and smiled as she caught his gaze. "Holy shit Tim. I have never cum like that. You are incredible" Julie said as her full chest continued to heave as she tried to steady her breath. "We're not done Julie.

I have to have more of you. Come over to the bed." Julie lifted herself off the coach as Tim reached for her hand to guide her over to the bed. Her legs appeared shaky and she leaned on him for support.

Before letting her lay down he tore the covers back exposing the clean sheet below. "Lay on your stomach and put this underneath you." Tim said as he handed her a pillow to place under her mid section.

Julie moved took the pillow from him and in a very sensual manner crawled onto the bed. She climbed into position like a sultry cat, and folded the pillow in half placing it directly under her round hips. She then gently laid her outstretched body with her legs together and positioned straight out. She then arched her back and hiked her small round bubble ass high in the air.

"Like this?" She questioned in a sexy tone as she looked back at him while smiling. "Wow!" is all Tim said as he slid his body upward over her outstretched legs letting his hard cock drag against her as he moved his tone body over her.

Without using his hands his fully erect cock found its way to her still slippery gash, and in one motion he let his hard dick slide into her tight space. Julies head immediately shot upward, surprised by him swiftly entering her sweet space with little warning.

She let out a strong gasp as he laid his weight into her as his cock settled deeply into her shallow pussy. Tim finished by laying his body completely over her as he reached one hand under her pelvis finding her swollen nub as he pulled her body close.

He began to firmly rub her clit in a strong circular motion as he pressed their bodies together. He used his other hand and reached under her chest pulling her firmly against him by her tits, as he began to fondle her soft mounds and lightly pinch her swollen nipples.

Tim then began to grind his cock deep in and out of her wet snatch. He loved the feeling as she seemed to raise her hips higher off the mattress to take him in even deeper. He began to hump her beautiful pussy as he clenched his own ass tight on each trust, as his legs spread out wide dropping his weight into her. Over and over he fucked, pinched, and caressed her beautiful body in various ways, giving her multiple stimulations and sensations. "I want to cum inside you Julie" He whispered with hot breath before driving his wet tongue deep in her ear.

"Oh yes! Lets cum together." She gasped!


Just then Tim began to trust harder. With each pump he would lean his weight into her, holding his cock firmly implanted once he bottomed out for a few seconds; before repeating the motion again and again. He could feel another orgasm building in her and began to grind his hips with my power, forcing his cock deeper inside her.

Julie began to shake violently under his tight grasp. Her body began to shudder in delight as Tim felt an explosion of liquid began to flood onto his cock and out onto his fingers that were still furiously working over her pink clit. "Aghhhhhh.You're making me cum agaiiiiin!!!" Julie screamed as he body began to quake beneath him. "Oh my godddddd!!!.Ahhh.Ohhhhh.Ahhhh.Ohhhh" "You want my seed baby? Tell me, do you want me to fill your pussy up!" "Yeeeees Please!" Was all Julie could muster through her gasps of air.

"Here it comes baby. Here it comes.Ughhhhhh, Ughhhhh, Ughhhhh, Ughhhhh" Tim yelled in a deep raspy voice as his cock spasmed and pulsated while unloading his sticky semen deep into her beautiful body. "I can feel you cuming inside me!!!" Julie yelled as she felt her tight pussy contract eagerly around his dick, milking every last drop from his heavy balls.

Tim grinded his hips into her as his cock released spurt after spurt of his man seed. His body seemed to fully envelop hers as if he was climbing inside her. He drained the contents of his swollen balls deep into her quivering pussy, as her body fully accepted all he could give her. "Fuck Julie, you're so fuckin hot. Holy shit that was great." Tim said as he slowly removed his dripping wet cock from her now spent sheath.

He then laid himself back on the bed next to her and looked toward the ceiling. "Thanks Julie, you have really helped me tonight." "Tim I don't want this to end. Is there no way you can stay?" "I don't see how?" "I have an idea. Hear me out before you make a decision.

I told you I have a lot to tell you about this place. I have a plan for both of us" "Honey, if you have an idea where we can continue this I am all ears."