Assfucked stud banging maids wet pussy

Assfucked stud banging maids wet pussy
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Please Rate and comment Prior: Missing Mom Prior: Missing Mom Hard Breeding Ricky has kidnapped Jolene and has her at home with his girlfriend Kendra. Ricky had already fucker hoer once "Please leave me alone now, please I can't take any more." "Oh the little bitchy witchy can't take anymore." Kendra slapped Jolene's blazing red thigh and Ricky the other one.

"AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Jolene let out a howl trying to pull her legs away but the sadists held on. "They slapped the already red bitch meat laughing as Jolene screamed." There was a morbid fascination watch the red meat giggle and listening to Jolene's screams. Kendra was especially brutal taking a half dozen slaps at Jolene's brutalized pussy. Ricky put his face next to Jolene.


"Honey, do you want to smoke some more?" Jolene shook her head begging. "Ok then, you better cooperate, do you hear me." "Yes, Yes." "Kendra, untied the whore's hands. Jolene's hands free, Ricky turned her around on her stomach.

"Up on your hands and knees, head down, ass up in the air." Shaking, trembling Jolene knelt on the bed sticking her butt up toward Ricky. "AGGGHHHHHHHH" Jolene cried out as Ricky slapped her ass meat.

"Keep that pig ass up in the air." Helpless, at Ricky's mercy, Jolene suffered a relentless brutal fucking for over a half hour. He pushed his cock deep as he penetrated her as hard and deep as he could. Kendra kept taunting the helpless MILF, screaming in her face, screaming at Ricky. "NO More.

Please don't. How can you do this." While she begged, Kendra taunted her. "Bitch, you cunt is going to be raw meat after this." Kendra pulled her hair. "Scream, Beg, stupid PIG." Ricky stopped for a moment to catch his breath. He was red in the face and breathing hard. He finished up his beer and started again.

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"I am going to breed your pig belly." "Ricky fuck that worthless piece of cunt meat." "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Jolene screamed as finally Ricky unloaded inside her cunt. Ricky held himself in tight unloading every last drop inside her. Ricky high-fived Kendra.

"Way to go Ricky." "Let's put the bitch away." Kendra grabbed the cable still locked to the leather collar around Jolene's neck. "Crawl on all four's like a dog." Yelled Kendra. Kendra led the hapless MILF from the bedroom back to the kitchen. "Get your ass in the dog crate." "No don't lock me in there." Ricky pushed her ass with his foot and Jolene crawled into the dog crate. There was nothing in the crate but a dirty old blanket and a pillow.

Ricky filled up a dog dish with water. "Drink out of that but don't you dare pick it up, drink like a dog.

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Ricky opened a cabinet and brought out a box of dog biscuits and dropped a few in the cage. Kendra took out a frozen pizza and threw it in the oven.

As the pizza heated up, Ricky and Kendra downed another beer. "Hey, eat your biscuits bitch, you better get used to it." Jolene lay in the crate, looking at the dog biscuits and the bowl of water. "Bitch you better eat or I might feel like another fuck, maybe some ass fucking this time, your cunt is full." Two Weeks Later: Jolene stood at the side of the kitchen table while Ricky and Kendra ate breakfast.

Jolene had made the breakfast and now had to wait for scraps. Her only clothes were a tattered t-shirt and a worn out pair of shorts. Around her neck she had a custom dog collar, thick leather with a half dozen metal loops. Her wrists and ankles also had cuffs with metal loops. "More coffee!" yelled Kendra. Jolene grabbed the two coffee cups, filled them and poured milk for the coffee. "Lean over the table." Jolene bent over the table, her mom tits hanging down loosely in the ripped top.

Kendra reached out and squeezed a nipple and twisted.

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Jolene squealed and started to pull back only to have Ricky grab her hair. "Don't fucking move COW." Ricky grabbed the other tit, squeezing it like he was milking. "Better get used to it." "Ricky, I think she is going to be a good Milker." Laughed Kendra. "When you are knocked up we will get our cream milking you jugs." Ricky picked up his mostly empty cereal bowl, holding it up to Jolene's mouth. Jolene stuck her head in the bowl licking up what Ricky had left.

Next she got to clean Kendra's bowl.

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Still leaning over the table she had to clean the bowl with her tongue. "The bitch really likes her people food." Laughed Kendra.

"Get the paper." Barked Ricky. Jolene brought Ricky his daily paper and then she crawled under the table. Jolene didn't have to be told, Ricky liked his dick sucked while he read the paper. Jolene took his cock in her mouth slowly sucking on the head, the licking the shaft with her tongue.

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She knew exactly how Ricky liked it and she was careful to do exactly what he wanted. Kendra and Ricky made small talk while he read the paper and Jolene sucked his cock. "Get your slut ass up." Yelled Ricky. Time for your morning Breeding." Jolene climbed up off the floor. Ricky grabbed her and kissed her.


"Tell me what you want." "I want to have your baby, I want you to fuck me." Kendra clipped a dog leash on Jolene's neck collar. "Get down on all fours." "Heel Bitch." Kendra led the helpless bitch around the kitchen walking on on her hands and knees.

Kendra pulled down her own shorts and sat on a chair, pulling Jolene's head to her crotch. "Suck on that Pussy." Jolene knew the routine, she pushed her mouth into Kendra's cunt just like she had been taught.


Ricky knelt between her legs, pulling off Jolene's shorts, fingering Jolene's cunt. Grabbing her ass with both hands he pushed his cock inside her.

Kendra held Jolene's head in her crotch while Ricky leaned over her humping her hard and fast, doggy style. Jolene almost collapsed as Ricky put his weight on her. With faster and faster violent thrusts he unloaded his seed inside Jolene. Kendra took a big black dildo and wiped it over Ricky's cock cleaning thecum remnants off. Ricky pushed Jolene to her back on the floor while Kendra jammed the black dong inside the helpless bitch.

"We want to make sure you get it all. As Kendra brutalized her with the dildo, Jolene felt Rick's warm piss covering her face.

Kendra done, pulled Jolene to her knees with the dog leash. "Open your stupid mouth." Kendra pissed in Jolene's mouth. ""Fucking drink it." "Pig, look at this mess you made on the floor.

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" "Get the bucket sponge and clean it up. Kendra and Ricky sat at the table watching Jolene clean up the piss mess.

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"Hurry Up!" "You got more chores before you lunch breeding." "Jolene didn't dare look up." "How long could this go on?" "How much could she take?" She wanted a drink of water to get the piss taste out of her mouth. She felt faint but didn't dare take a break." "What was going to happen when she was pregnant?" (To Be Continued)